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2018.12.27 14:01 TurbanatorUK While everyone seems to love Tamamo-No-Mae, how can we forget her horrid past in China?

Since someone mentioned in another thread she was also called Dakki, my mind went back to an old manga I loved, Houshin Engi.
Basically, it talked about a fight between the Zhou dynasty and supernatural beings, in a nutshell.
However, the main antagonist was Dakki, a brutal girl who revelled in torturing others and seeing their pain. She was a fox demon who possessed the original girl, Dakki, and used her 'nobel phantasm' (in the Houshin Engi world), Veil of Temptation to make the emperor of China her puppet. Later she became the favoured courtesan of Emperor Toba in Japan.
While the manga Dakki was fictional, it was loosely based on the real woman, Daji.
Like the manga, though the person was changed, Daji did several things, like create the 'Shuchi Nikurin', a pool of sake next to a forest of meat, where tigers ate humans.
Doesn't that name sound familiar?
When a concubine of King Zhou objected to this, he had her executed and then her father was ground in pieces and his flesh fed to King Zhou's vassals.
How do you feel about Tamamo-Cat preparing and feeding you meals now? (true, in this scene in the Houshin Engi manga, this was another ruler, who then starved himself to death after eating his son)
Other things that Daji did were: - After seeing a farmer walking barefoot on ice, she ordered his feet cut off so she could study them and figure out why they were so resistant to low temperatures. - Had a pregnant woman's belly cut open so it satisfied her curiosity to find out what happened inside. - To verify an ancient saying that "a good man's heart has seven apertures", she even had the heart of the minister Bi Gan (King Zhou's uncle) dug out and subjected to her scrutiny. - Invented a torture method known as Paolao (炮烙). A bronze cylinder covered with oil was heated like a furnace with charcoal beneath until its sides became extremely hot. The victim was made to walk on top of the slowly heating cylinder and he was forced to shift his feet to avoid the burning. The oily surface made it difficult for the victim to maintain his position and balance. If the victim fell into the charcoal below, he would be burnt to death.
While all Heroic Spirits aren't exactly virtuous, coughSiegfriedcough, it's interesting how even the most brutal of people could be waifu-ed.
Any other Servants you know of, aside from the obvious ones like Vlad, who are hiding some horrible deeds in their past?
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