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Daily Wordle #652 - Sunday, 2 Apr. 2023

2023.04.01 12:01 Scoredle Daily Wordle #652 - Sunday, 2 Apr. 2023

How were your Wordle guesses today?
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2023.04.01 11:40 AutoModerator [Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

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The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process

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The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With Your Offer

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Module 5 reveals everything.
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Module 6

How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism

Our next topic is about Unique Mechanisms…
Which are essential in today’s world of “high-market sophistication” audiences.
During this module, you’ll discover:
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Module 7

Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked

Next up, Storytelling on STEROIDS! (which I like to call “StorySelling”)
In this module, you’ll discover:
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  • The 4 “pillars” of highly effective StorySelling almost no one talks about
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Module 8

How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It

Once you have your “Big Idea”, Headline, Lead, Golden Thread, Unique Mechanism, and Stories…
It’s time to finally create an offer they can’t refuse!
So in Module 8, you’ll discover:
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Module 9

From “Master Structure” to Breakthrough Copy

In this strategic overview session, we’ll revisit the most important 80/20 principles of key topics like:
  • The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting
  • The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking
  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked
  • How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It
  • The Breakthrough Copy Development Process (with Real-Life Example!)
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2023.04.01 10:55 swagNextTuber Today's Wordle #651 Answer and Hints for Saturday, April 1 Brainteaser

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2023.04.01 10:41 RedFistCannon In a time-travel scenario where Volume 9 Jaune is transported back to the Beacon days, how do you believe he'll behave now with the new info we have on him?

Unless today's episode disproves me, but I feel like, unlike most of the fics we had, canon Jaune will not be as hyper confident/focused/skilled as the fanon one.
And the reason for that is simple: his weak mental state. It has been implied by both CC and Jaune's first statement that he might have issues with hallucinations. Add to that the riddiculous amount of guilt he has for his past actions and I feel this is a bit more of how a time travelling Jaune would act:
-He will try to undermine Cinder's operation. But I imagine he'd take a more indirect approach, kind of similar to Coeur's in his White Fang fic. He'd scout out possible locations for their bases, drop hints to Ozpin and co, etc.
Some more comedic add-ons: dad jokes (which would make Yang incredibly happy) and the occasional 'old man behavior' (I'm too old for this/come Ruby, tell your troubles to Uncle Jaune).
This is just something I thought up. I might end up writing a one shot for it, but eh. Let's see the rest of the volume.
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2023.04.01 10:26 Milleuros My research has been put under indefinite embargo and is likely to never be credited to me. What are my options?

Six years ago I joined an international collaboration, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As picked by my professor, the goal of my PhD was to develop some analysis which I'll call "E".
Shortly after the beginning of my PhD, a first version of E was published and it became our most influential paper: Nature, >500 citations. Since I had just started, it did not include my work. E was considered ground-breaking despite us only confirming what another experiment had seen hints of. And there were some controversial features, such that the community at large began asking us for an update of E.
That was my doctoral work.
After a while, I had a new version of E: five times more statistics, an order of magnitude higher purity, extension to a range that no one ever explored and that we are the only ones able to. The controversial features were gone (statistical fluctuations) and most importantly, I had a new feature.
This feature reached a significance of 3.8 sigmas and was predicted in 20 years old paper. It would be an answer to a question that was asked almost a century ago. I'm already saying a bit too much, but the point being is that this would have been almost newsworthy.
My professor and immediate colleagues were ecstatic. We write a paper together. We submit it to the collaboration, and surprise: we are not allowed to publish it. We are also not allowed to have other people know about it, including funding agencies, and we are not allowed to present it to international conferences. My doctoral thesis is put under embargo and secrecy. The reasons are unclear: vague arguments that are not backed up by e.g. figures or any other scientific proof of said arguments. Chinese culture kicks-in: the PI said No, therefore it is No. We suspect that politics, either within sciences or from higher up are at play.
I then spend two years as a postdoc to run all the possible cross-checks and keep updating E, which remained stable. Every so often I'd show it again to the collaboration and the answer remained. Eventually, my contract expires. I leave that collaboration and academia, today.

Job hunting, I realise the impact of this embargo. I can hardly write a proposal to a funding agency, as I am not allowed to talk about the result of my doctoral thesis and my postdoc. Getting another postdoc or fellowship is hard: my postdoc had no publications. For an academic career, one can ask the consequences of being corresponding author on a Nature or PRL paper. Reversely, what is the image of someone who after 6 years has never had a talk at a conference.
Outside of academia, research institutes ask for people with high-impact papers. In industry, recruiters who know about academia want a profile with high-impact papers (e.g. for highly paid jobs such as quant, consultant, data scientist) and recruiters who do not need to be told about your results and why they were important. Yet I have nothing to justify six years of work. Not even my thesis is public.
Basically: if there was no embargo, I would have much better opportunities than I have now.
From a scientific point of view, the result of E would massively affect the ongoing R&D of other experiments and provide strong arguments to funding agencies.
E will eventually be published, but at that point I will not be the main author of the paper and likely it will not be my own work anymore, rather someone redoing it from scratch in China. Henceforth I will be forgotten.

What are my options here?
I thought of just going "screw it" and putting it on the arXiv but chances are that it would affect negatively the career of my supervisor and of the PhD students under him. Which would be very egoistical from me.
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2023.04.01 09:30 tonnie_taller Today’s Wordle Review

Our columnist reviews the day’s puzzle. Warning: contains spoilers!. Gameplay
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2023.04.01 08:59 RoboticOperatingBudd On This Day in Nintendo History: Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shōjo; Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside; Picross NP Vol. 2; Animal Crossing Clock; Mario Clock and more

On this day (April 8) in Nintendo history...

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.
(I am a bot. I think that I'm posting Nintendo events from this day in history, but if I've made a mistake or omission please leave a comment tagging KetchupTheDuck).
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2023.04.01 08:42 MemeZKage Minecraft Diary

I wasn't quite sure of what primarily to do today. Nothing's ever planned. And it ain't by any purpose behind it. I'm just somewhat of a sloth. So many chests, or unsorted chests rather. I squander time every once I need something. Opening tens of chests in search of a bucket is a distinguished venture. I could sort them, and that would probably be worth a lot of saved time and mess. For some very divine reason, I choose not to. And that reason in itself is a void. Being lazy actually accounts to me doing the quite opposite of lazy. I could sort the chests once, and be liberated of my searches. But instead I have to search numerous and numerous wooden boxes, with many a times also ending the hunt futile. Where's my silk touch pickaxe? I think it should be in the chest neighbor to the enchanting table. Yes, I find it a most accountable sense. It isn't here. Then perhaps in my ender chest? It isn't here either. Wait, you require silk touch to break and obtain ender chests. Then why would it be in there? Wouldn't it be quite like locking the key in the car itself? And the search continues. Minecraft does if often to remind me of my lazy endeavors. I would carry the full bag each day to school. It would be really heavy. Some of my peers found it fantastical that my timid frail body could bear that much of a load, everyday. No, I can't set my bag every day according to the time table. And I also am not a great enjoyer of punishments. I'll carry everything, even if that remarks my responsible shoulders a martyrdom. I have scoliosis now. The exact reason of its cause is unknown. But holy blocks! Alright, this is my world, my new empire. Just wandering around my territory is such a solace. At least there's something important to me. There's my dog, my axolotl, and my many tenants. My villagers are incredible. Anything even feebly radiant seems heavenly to the ignorant. I should have studied Economics in school. They keep robbing me of my fortunes, and I keep stayed ignorant of my ignorance. Anyways, I'm rich. Such insignificant barters don't concern me. I beseech iron. There are five of the villagers, and do summon iron golems when gossiping. That isn't enough. I need to terrify them. As is greatly said, fear is the greatest motivator. I remember how all of my behind attempts have yielded. I've lost four nametags, all for this one motive. Every zombie I trap somehow has severe depression. They just fancy the sun and its wrath. I'm trying to bring them to the right spot, and they by some not known of power find a way to the open. And they burn to death. At least return my name tag. But wait, I'm rich. Quite so rich that even dirt occurs expensive to me. That librarian sells me name tags for twenty emeralds. No wonder those illagers keep raiding. They know these villagers well, and that of their nihilist earnings. I have this one name tag. I must not fail. One zombie and a dream. I affirm the spot I need the zombie to be. But the problem's no different. If I go in, I need to come out. And in doing that, I need to break some blocks. Not surprisingly enough, the zombie mistakes my departure for his escape. No, I am not as fast to place the blocks back before he manages to outdo my ingenious designs. This instance, however, intelligence struck me. It happens seldom. Zombies can't climb ladders, contrarily, I can. I'll lead him to a hole, and ladder out of it. That is something big brain. I wonder why humans at school didn't recognize my talents. I wonder why. It's night time; I lure a zombie there, and it works. I had never been of grace to such success before. I give him his rightful name, also that was given to his flammable predecessors; Perfidious. Do not betray me, Perfidious. Be wary to stay remote of your name. Morning time, and yes, how can I be of grace to such success? Humans at school were right, I cannot. No, the zombie is fine, he's doing quite splendidly. It's them perfidious villagers. They aren't panicking, the zombie has not an effect on them. I've spolit them defending them for so long. I think they've bid fear adieu. Alright, okay, okay. Why did I think humans in Minecraft would be any different from humans at school? And, I'm wandering again. I not yet have the nerve to fight the wither again. He's there reigning in the west where I had summoned him. My heart trembles only with some steps in that direction. I remember my defeat and my many deaths at his skulls. I need potions. Potions! It's a painful tale. Valiance laughs at my fight, and martyrdom mocks my demise. It were the dark times. I had returned from the nether, this once, alive. I was happy. I had obtained all the nether wart, every single one of them. That one lone nether fortress I had found upon my timid luck was finally fully looted. There's a lava farm I built. It serves as great fuel. I didn't have much dripstone, so there's only eight cauldrons collecting lava. Now, once a cauldron is full, it needs to be emptied to accommodate for more lava. So I had made a pit to store all of it. I would take the lava from the cauldron, and pour it there. Yes, I fell into this same lava pit, with all of the nether wart. I am beyond help. I should have put something of the kind of fences or blocks at least. But no, this is destiny, and mine is quite doomed. Lay emphasis on the lone nether fortress, and all the nether wart. So basically, I am left quite deprived of nether wart. Which means I can't brew potions. It's been an onerous decision to completely ignore the potion part of the game. I need them. And today's the day. I require finding a new nether fortress. The nether is hostile in its every caress. Golden helmet, diamond armor and tools. And all of it enchanted. Tons of food, and right with me, two totems of undying. There's no stopping the triumph of my endeavor. Omens? No, fearful glimpses should be fearing me instead. That dream, of me watching my empire burn helpless. I decide to overlook it. No foreshadowing intended. The hoglins, they run from warped fungi, and I have them in plenty. It needs to planted, however. They have poor eyesight perhaps. They can't quite see it in my hand, and so I need to plant it to ward them off. No trouble thus far. The fungi are working optimally. I've taken a different, a new way, for I need to find a new nether fortress. I have all these blocks abundant, and I keep placing them on my trail. I won't get lost such way. A fortress! A fortress! It's the same one. Different ways lead to the same destiny, and mine is doomed. I don't know how I'm here when I was walking a different path. I don't know. Anyways, I'm taking the free bone blocks. I've been taking all the glowy blocks on my way too. The glowy blocks in the trees. I forgot what they're called. Hostilities surround me, there's a ghast. I wield an infinity bow. No ghast escapes my sight undead. I'm mighty. I kill the ghast, and also any skeletons that had dare aim me an arrow. The hunt continues. I bridge my way over depressions and lava. There's a piglin here. He's companion to me, I wear a golden helmet, he won't hurt me. Then what's the damage? Something's attacking me! It's a hoglin, no, a whole herd of hoglins. Where's my warped fungus? It's here in my hand. I just need of its placing, and they'll leave me serenity. I can't place it. I keep clicking, but I can't place it; my mouse is crying. Apparently, you can't place it on bare netherrack. All flooring around me is bare netherrack. I've lost enough hearts in getting to this discovery. No, I am not using a shield. There's a totem of undying in my off hand. You can only have one. So, as all available options tribute me their unavailability. I have only one option, run. I'm running, and, the totem's gone, I died once. They're chasing, and I'm running. No, I'm not as fast to wield a shield or the other totem in my off hand whilst running. I lack the cool to think. I'm running. And verily safe, I reach a forest, and plant the fungus. I survived, barely. I equip my valiant person the second and also the last totem. I travel across the lands, searching far and wide. Bridging over great lava lakes, navigating dense forests, the wastelands, in my most noble hunt. The nether looks so beautiful. Just having my gaze rest amidst its vastness and color; I see a writer scribbling an inkless pen. There's only death awaiting me in that beauty, no one wishes staying long here, no one wishes to read the writer's fury. It had been very of a time my venture. I had been going for so long, without hint of the fortress. I had been collecting the bone blocks, and the glowy blocks. They are the only yields of my hardships yet. I shouldn't be reckless. There's so plenty to fear. But I'm parkouring. And I fall. Not to worry, I was parkouring on top of the trees, the fall wasn't fatal. And that's the only good part. I fell on an enderman. He's angry. I think I made eye contact, perhaps even hit him once. It was accidental, totally. He doesn't listen. My genius goes into hiding. Usually, I would fight endermen with a shield. But no shield this time around, only totem. Even with all the enchanted armor and axe, I fail to kill him before he kills me once. The totem's gone. I get afraid, and my hands start trembling; happens all the time. I can barely grip the mouse. My anxiety needs a pill overdose. I do manage to kill him, but I'm quite devasted, emotionally. I would so wish I had brought obsidian with me. I just wanted to portal out. The nether fortress can find another finder. But I don't have the obsidian. Going back is a long way. I decide to keep going. What's that? A fortress? The sight is enthralling; did I finally win? I near the structure running exhilarated. Those don't look like nether bricks. No, they aren't nether bricks. And that is no fortress. It's a bastion. I know of the piglin brutes. It is said no amounts of gold can buy their fidelity. They are most hostile. They will attack you nevertheless. And I am ready to attack them first. I'm going to plunder this bastion. Any being who opposes will face death. The plunder may result a genocide, I don't much care. I am reckless, careless, but for this one instance, I decide to safeguard my obtained treasures. They're just bone blocks and glowy blocks, but they're of my procuring. I keep them in my ender chest, and begin with the invasion. There's a piglin brute, and there a piglins too. I can use my shield now, I ran out of totems. The brutes have axes, and yes, my shield can be disabled now. O notch, there's too many of them. A jester come to rescue! Mercy! Mercy! I'm running, fast and worried with only so little health left. It is MLG time. I decide to jump over to an other side separated by a rift. It is parkour again. This time, it is far worse. I have nothing to MLG with. There's a boat, but I'm not fast enough to use my inventory. There's nothing in my hotbar of help. No totems, nothing. I knew I was dead before I died. A realization, a most oblivious embracing of death. I knew I was going to die. I did not have the time to think about the death. I could only know. My feather falling boots can't be saviours either. The jump is too great. I hit the ground too hard. The only findings of my agony, bone blocks and glowy blocks. I will blow that bastion to smithereens.
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2023.04.01 08:23 NoContact1040 i promised my crush that ill confess to my crush and she knows shes my crush and she has a crush on me too but im a p****

Both F high school students. Social anxietys gonna make me explode 😭😭
I’ve been having a crush on this girl in my grade for a month. Weve texted a LOT this week but havent talked much irl. We both kinda know were eachothers crush through hinting or whatever
Last night I asked her about how to confess to crushes and together decided that im gonna do it sometime today. I even said something like making Mar 31 special (which I rly regret)
And I didnt confess anything today bc of both social anxiety and feeling like i should talk (irl) to her more before doing anything serious
I sent her msgs saying I think i need to know my crush better before confessing but she didnt reply to them (she did for other msgs tho)
What do I do 😭😭😭 (definitely not confessing online)
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2023.04.01 08:05 thefahad Are game's puzzles getting easiers, or are we getting older?

Purely for discussion, not for single answer. How do you feel about this?
Context: I am 35 years old. And since PS1 days, we (my family) played our share of puzzle games.
I finish (usually platinum) a game a month. So I play alot. I have a calender of games to beat and markers to indicate progress... Etc. Lately I felt that games dont offer puzzle challege anymore, and i usually figuer it out within seconds of the explanation.
Most games solve the puzzle for you with vocal hints (see god of war, horizon) or puzzles are so easy you dont have to think (see resident evil remakes)...I certainly remember (before internet) the days we get stuck somehwere and ask around... Or try everyday hoping we solve the puzzle and move forward. Now, that doesnt happen anymore.
Were old games (90s, early 2000s) games easy but we were young that it was challenging for us at the time? Or were they truely hard?
I remember all family memebers gather around the 20 inch tv playing silent hill trying to solve the piano puzzle.
Today nothing is that hard anymore.
So, what do you think? Were games really dumbed down recently ? Or were they always like this?
P.S are there challenging puzzle games to consider for my age?
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 06:40 GamingNews01 Wordle hint and answer today: Let's solve #651, April 1 https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/Kpk2kvGhurFqEY6q22TuQ4-1200-80.jpg

Wordle hint and answer today: Let's solve #651, April 1 https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/Kpk2kvGhurFqEY6q22TuQ4-1200-80.jpg submitted by GamingNews01 to gamingnews01_daily [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 06:40 GamingNews01 Wordle hint and answer today: Let's solve #651, April 1 https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/Kpk2kvGhurFqEY6q22TuQ4-1200-80.jpg

Wordle hint and answer today: Let's solve #651, April 1 https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/Kpk2kvGhurFqEY6q22TuQ4-1200-80.jpg submitted by GamingNews01 to pcgames_news [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 05:12 NetRiff I told an AI (GPT-3) to write a wubby biography

Early Life
PayMoneyWubby, also known as Wubby, was born on November 14, 1994. He grew up in Southern California and was homeschooled until high school. Wubby was a smart kid and excelled academically. However, he was always interested in gaming, and spent most of his free time playing video games.
Career in Content Creation
After high school, Wubby decided to pursue content creation full-time. He started off as a YouTuber, making funny videos and commentary on various topics. It wasn't until he discovered live-streaming on Twitch that he found his true passion. He quickly gained a following for his hilarious and entertaining streams.
The Wubby Community
One thing that sets Wubby apart from other content creators is his devoted community of fans. The Wubby Army, as they call themselves, are some of the most loyal and supportive fans in the streaming world. They've raised thousands of dollars for various charities and always show up in droves to support Wubby.
Like any popular figure, Wubby has had his fair share of controversies. In 2020, he was banned from Twitch for showing inappropriate content on stream. While it was a setback for his career, Wubby bounced back and continued to create content on YouTube.
Personal Life
Wubby is notoriously private about his personal life, but he has shared that he is married and has two cats. He often incorporates his spouse and pets into his content, and fans love to see them make guest appearances on his streams. Despite the challenges of being a full-time content creator, Wubby has managed to maintain a work-life balance that allows him to spend quality time with his loved ones.
Future Plans
As for what's next for PayMoneyWubby, only time will tell. He's hinted at possibly branching out into other forms of entertainment, such as stand-up comedy. However, one thing is for sure: the Wubby Army will be there to support him every step of the way. Whether he continues to create content on Twitch or ventures into new territories, his fans will always be there to cheer him on.
The Rise of PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby might have started off as a hobby, but it has become a serious career. Today, he is one of the most successful streamers in the world. However, his beginnings were humble. He started streaming on Twitch from his living room, using his laptop and a cheap microphone.
The Wubby Magic
Despite his less-than-ideal setup, PayMoneyWubby quickly built up a dedicated following. There was something special about his streams. It wasn't just his humor and commentary that made him stand out. It was the way he engaged with his audience. PayMoneyWubby would regularly interact with his chat, making everyone feel like they were part of the show.
The Road to Success
As his popularity grew, PayMoneyWubby started to invest in better equipment and improve the quality of his streams. He also expanded his content, playing a variety of games and introducing new segments. But no matter how much he evolved, he never lost sight of what made his streams special: the personal connection he had with his viewers.
A Beacon of Positivity
The Wubby Army is drawn to PayMoneyWubby not just for his humor, but for his positivity. He has created a community that is welcoming and inclusive. He regularly promotes mental health awareness and encourages his viewers to support each other. In a world that can be dark and cynical, PayMoneyWubby is a beacon of optimism.
The Future
PayMoneyWubby's continued success is a testament to his talent and dedication. As he looks toward the future, he has a variety of options available to him. He could continue to build his brand on Twitch and YouTube, or he could branch out into other forms of entertainment. Whatever he decides, it's clear that the Wubby Army will be there to support him every step of the way. As the community continues to grow, so does PayMoneyWubby's influence on the world of streaming and content creation. He has become an inspiration for aspiring creators and a beloved figure for fans around the globe.
The Impact of PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby has had a significant impact on the world of content creation and streaming. He has paved the way for other creators to build personal connections with their audiences. He has also shown that it's possible to build a successful career while staying true to yourself.
The Power of Community
One of the key takeaways from PayMoneyWubby's success is the power of community. By fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment, he has created a group of fans who are passionate and loyal. The Wubby Army has become more than just a group of viewers - they are a family.
Breaking Barriers
PayMoneyWubby has also broken down barriers in the streaming world. He has shown that you don't need to fit into a specific mold to be successful. His content is unique and unapologetically authentic, and his success proves that there is a place for creators of all types.
Spreading Positivity
Perhaps one of the most significant impacts PayMoneyWubby has had is the way he spreads positivity. His streams are a source of joy for many people, and he has used his platform to promote mental health awareness and raise money for important causes. By sharing his own struggles and encouraging others to do the same, he has helped create a community that is supportive and compassionate.
A Role Model for Creators
PayMoneyWubby is more than just a streamer - he's a role model for creators everywhere. His dedication to his craft, his commitment to his community, and his positive influence on the world are qualities that all creators can strive for. As the world of content creation continues to evolve, it's clear that PayMoneyWubby will continue to have a significant impact. Whether he's inspiring others to start streaming or raising awareness for important causes, he has become a true force for good. As his career evolves and he continues to pursue new opportunities, one thing is for sure: PayMoneyWubby will always be a beloved figure in the world of streaming.
The Legacy of PayMoneyWubby
As PayMoneyWubby's career continues to thrive, his legacy is already cemented in the world of content creation. He has inspired countless creators to build personal connections with their audiences and showed that being authentic is the key to success.
Changing the Game
PayMoneyWubby has changed the game in many ways. He has proven that streaming can be more than just playing video games - it can be a platform for personal growth, community building, and positive change. He has also shown that creators don't need to rely on sponsorships or brand deals to make a living. By building a community that is passionate and supportive, he has created a sustainable career that allows him to pursue his passions.
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2023.04.01 04:38 Pratchettfan03 [HELP] Confused about some lines in Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “To a Friend Estranged From Me”

Technically not homework since this was over a year ago, but I did discover this poem through it. Also I’m asking for analysis help, so the help flair feels most appropriate. So you don’t have to look it up, it goes like so:
Now goes under, and I watch it go under, the sun That will not rise again. Today has seen the setting, in your eyes cold and senseless as the sea, Of friendship better than bread, and of bright charity That lifts a man a little above the beasts that run.
That this could be! That I should live to see Most vulgar Pride, that stale obstreperous clown, So fitted out with purple robe and crown To stand among his betters! Face to face With outraged me in this once holy place, Where Wisdom was a favoured guest and hunted Truth was harboured out of danger, He bulks enthroned, a lewd, an insupportable stranger!
I would have sworn, indeed I swore it: The hills may shift, the waters may decline, Winter may twist the stem from the twig that bore it, But never your love from me, your hand from mine.
Now goes under the sun, and I watch it go under. Farewell, sweet light, great wonder! You, too, farewell,-but fare not well enough to dream You have done wisely to invite the night before the darkness came.
Out of all the poems I analyzed for class, this one alone stuck with me, which is probably obvious from me posting this a year later. The overall theme of the end of a relationship, the subtler hints of the speaker’s feelings of dismay and betrayal, the progression of the speaker’s emotional state from shock, to anger and disbelief, to depression and them grim acceptance as the speaker quite literally grieves what once was, the sheer depth of analysis available off of that last line. There is so much depth, so many clues to the events that led up to the estrangement that you only uncover during later readings, and I love it.
But a few lines are lost on me, in particular “Where Wisdom was a favored guest and hunted/Truth was harbored out of danger”. I simply don’t really know how to interpret this. Wisdom is clearly no longer in the picture, and clearly was once central to the relationship, but what does it mean that Wisdom “hunted”? Was Truth harbored out of danger in the sense that Truth was removed from the relationship and thus protected, in the sense that even in the breakdown, Truth was still sacred for better or worse? Something else? I feel as though I am missing some context. I thought this context may have been the time it was written, but the author wrote this in 1928, not the literal middle ages the royal court symbolism brings to mind. Do any of you have an idea on the meaning of these lines?
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2023.04.01 04:08 best2daynew2 Wordle 651 answer for today: Here is the Wordle answer for April 1 - best2daynews

Wordle 651 answer for today: Here is the Wordle answer for April 1 - best2daynews
Wordle puzzle game gained a meteoric rise during the pandemic. Invented by software engineer Josh ( read more visit site => "best2daynews . com")


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2023.04.01 03:15 tonnie_taller Wordle today: Here’s the answer, hints for April 1

It’s Saturday! You made it! Celebrate with, you guessed it, today’s Wordle! If your brain’s a bit foggy at the end of a long week, don’t worry — we’re here with our daily hints and tips to help you figure out the solution. If you prefer to just be told the answer, you can scroll … Continue reading Wordle today: Here’s the answer, hints for April 1
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2023.04.01 02:42 Theumaz [Old School Review] 7.4KG CSSbuy Haul to The Netherlands - ONLYFANS, Essentials, Nike, Stone Island, Represent, Stussy & More random finds + Reviewing previous review

[Old School Review] 7.4KG CSSbuy Haul to The Netherlands - ONLYFANS, Essentials, Nike, Stone Island, Represent, Stussy & More random finds + Reviewing previous review


Welcome (back) everyone,
As some of you might remember; I recently posted my third haul and you guys LOVED it, and for that I am very grateful. I said there was another haul coming, and today is the day it arrived. If you are interested into my previous haul, please check it out HERE. I might be biased, but if you have some time it is definitely worth reading as I'll review my review a bit as well to set some things straight. You can find that in the comments.

I'd like to state that if anyone has any questions regarding the items, shipping, my CSSbuy experience, general feedback/tips or anything like that then please shoot me a question in this topic and not in DM, I will not respond to those. I'll try to get back to you ASAP. Just make sure you have read the entire thread so I don't repeat myself like 20 times.
You can also find me in a lot of the Rep discords: Spoontech#0001
About me
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 1.86 meters
  • Weight: 86KG
  • Build: I'd say muscular, but also pretty wide. Not skinny built, and I work out 4-6 times a week.
  • Retail top size: For almost everything I wear Large. I use that as a baseline and adjust to that.
  • Shoe size: 44


Just like the previous haul I used CSSbuy for this haul. Nothing really changed with my CSS experience so I'll just quote what I said last time about them.
One last thing that I'd like to add is that CSSbuy has a new share option that creates links similar to the dreaded Pandabuy links. I'm not sure how Pandabuy works with its cancerous links, but if someone makes a purchase through said links the person who shared the initial link will earn a couple of Yuan. Therefore I WILL INCLUDE these (optional) links in my haul if you'd like to give some small support to me.
I do these detailed reviews for free and I absolutely will continue doing that. The review will always be as brutally Dutch honest as I am and I will not hesitate to give something a negative review if I feel that this is deserved. If you like any of the stuff I included in my haul and want to buy it I would feel honored if you could use said CSSbuy link I provide. This (sort of I guess) helps me building next hauls for this community to enjoy. If you just want to use the regular W2C I will not care and I will appreciate you just as much as someone who did use the link.
Edit: I'm currently writing my review and notice the first three/four items have a pretty high grade in my overall grading. This might be because I'm pretty picky when it comes to picking stuff price/quality ratio and that I'm already fairly satisfied with my items before they even arrived. I just wanted to write this as a disclaimer, do with it what you want to do.

This is the second package I have built with CSSbuy. I lost my rep virginity with WeGoBuy (which I think is one of the best for beginners, even if shipping is more expensive), but switched to CSSbuy since then since I feel like I got the hang of the game fairly quick. The overall prices of CSSbuy are amazing, but I also know that they can be a bit sloppy at times. QC pictures can be pretty bad, getting in touch with your agent can be a bit rough and the UI simply lacks behind competitors.
CSSbuy positives:
Livechat; The one time I used it I got an almost immediate response and the action I needed taken was near-instant as well.
Shipping prices. I don't need to say much about it. Their shipping is relatively quick, cheap and also offer a fuckton of shipping options. Do you want your package to do some sightseeing and travel across the Belt and Road Initiative along with a quick pit stop in Namibia? CSSbuy most likely has that option for you.
Service costs; For a very small fee you get unlimited QC pictures, you can ask them almost anything and they will do it for you. You may have to wait 1-2 days for action (European timezone is very unfavorable for reps in general, with Chinese working hours being basically deep in our nighttime until early in the afternoon).
Agents; While the responses may be a bit slow, they also take a lot of initiative. One example of that was that I requested certain items to be measured pretty specifically (you really need to show them what you want measured really), but the moment I did that all my QC pictures got said specific measurements. If a seller is slow, they'll contact you asking if you want to cancel or keep waiting, and other small things like that.
The app; The app isn't amazing (I wouldn't recommend buying items through your phone, it's just much more difficult) but simply having an app where you can quickly check status updates of your purchased items, rehearsal or whatever is very nice. I don't have to wait half a day for me to come home to check the status.
Website: Don't get me wrong, they can still fix a lot of the website to make it much more user-friendly. CSSbuy isn't very beginner-friendly. Some things are harder to find, especially if it is your first time with CSSbuy. The more you use it, the better you can navigate around the website and you'll notice how easy some things are there to find and how simplistic things are.
Customs: If I am correct, you don't have any import costs bullshit when the package arrives at your front door. I have used CSSbuy twice now, and both times I had no import costs even though I declared my package pretty fairly (around 6-8 euros per KG). CSS takes care of that before your package even leaves the warehouse I think.
Insurance: It's cheap so always worth it. You never know if your airplane crashes, a monsoon ravages your package or whatever.
Following instructions: Pretend your agent is a toddler. English is not their native language so also don't be harsh to them if they don't fully understand your wishes. They are here to help you, and if you give GOOD AND CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS they will do the absolute maximum to satisfy you.
CSSbuy negatives:
QC-pictures: Like I said, I basically treat CSSbuy QC-service operators like toddlers. You have to tell them everything, and be specific, especially if you're European otherwise you'll basically have to wait another day for when they wake up. Preferably show them pictures too of what you exactly want measured like in THIS picture.
Website: I don't think I need to say more about the UI than I already have. Besides that, I also notice the website is quite slow at times. It could be me, but I don't encounter such slow loading times often so I am fairly confident this is on CSS their end. The final negative is a personal one. I absolutely hate the fact that if you post a link to purchase, it opens a new tab. Again I don't know if this is a me-issue, but I'm willing to point towards CSS just being like that. This is just some personal problem of mine though, I don't want 500 CSSbuy tabs open when I decide to add like 10 items to my cart.
Security: I swear by having all my accounts as secure as possible. I randomize passwords and never use the same password twice. CSSbuy also allows you to connect 2FA to your account, which I think is massively underrated. You don't want your haul get shipped to hackerman.
If CSSbuy staff reads this:
Fix your horrible UI, website speed and make the app amazing. You'll be the #1 agent then for every freps user.
Standardize QC pictures. I am certain there are guidelines for taking QC pictures, but for consistency sake have some set camera positions and standardized measurements.

Shipping, Invoice & Parcel

Parcel stats

  • Count Weight: 7135.00g
  • Actual Weight: 7490g
  • Package Volume: 68800cm³
  • Actual Volume: 68800cm³
Parcel price and services:
  • Rehearsal: ¥15.00
  • Package: ¥10.00
  • Invoice: ¥1.00
  • Bubble Film: ¥4.00
  • Service: ¥55.76
  • Insurance: ¥56.88
  • Freight: ¥503
  • Priority Packagingfee: ¥20.00
  • Box Corner Protection: ¥20
  • VAT: ¥112.56
Total: ¥627.17

I was not home when this haul arrived and my curious family decided to open it already (I don't mind) so this is the only picture of the arrival I have unfortunately. Nevertheless the packaging looks just like how I would expect my package to be shipped. Good corner protection, tough to open, well wrapped and just well-protected overall. Good job CSSbuy and shipping lines for making sure everything arrived in good condition.
Shipping line used: SAL
Courier name: China EMS (ePacket)
Transit day: March 12, 2023 (Sun)
Delivery date: March 31, 2023 (Fri)
Total days in transit: 19
  • 2023-03-31 13:49 Netherlands, \Netherlands] is ready)
  • 2023-03-31 08:24 Netherlands, \Netherlands] arranges delivery)
  • 2023-03-31 07:56 Netherlands, \Netherlands] arranges delivery)
  • 2023-03-30 23:10 Netherlands, has arrived at the \Netherlands] delivery office)
  • 2023-03-30 23:09 Netherlands, leaving the country through transfers
  • 2023-03-30 23:08 Netherlands, arriving abroad via transfer
  • 2023-03-30 23:07 Netherlands, leaving the \Netherlands] processing center)
  • 2023-03-30 22:07 Netherlands, customs clearance for foreign imports
  • 2023-03-30 10:25 Netherlands, customs clearance for foreign imports
  • 2023-03-27 13:20 Overseas import customs hold pending inspection (pending submission to border agencies/security authorities)
  • 2023-03-27 13:08 Send to overseas import customs
  • 2023-03-27 13:07 Arrive at the drop-off processing center
  • 2023-03-27 13:05 Arrive at the place of delivery
  • 2023-03-23 22:32 Aircraft entering the port
  • 2023-03-23 21:06 Airline departure
  • 2023-03-22 18:47 Aircraft entering the port
  • 2023-03-22 17:45 Airline departure
  • 2023-03-22 09:54 Transfer station in transit
  • 2023-03-21 18:39 Aircraft entering the port
  • 2023-03-21 11:04 Airline departure
  • 2023-03-18 10:48 Airline receives
  • 2023-03-17 14:48 Shanghai, delivered to the carrier for transportation
  • 2023-03-17 07:46 Shanghai, Leave \Shanghai Delivery Division Aviation Center Goodman Package Workshop], next stop [Shanghai International Exchange Station] (via transfer))
  • 2023-03-17 06:32 Shanghai, Arrive at \Shanghai Delivery Division Aviation Center Goodman Package Workshop] (via transfer))
  • 2023-03-17 04:55 Shanghai, flight arrivals
  • 2023-03-17 03:01 Beijing, Leave \Beijing Aviation and Mail Terminal Transportation Workshop], next stop [Shanghai Delivery Division Aviation Center Goodman Package Workshop] (via transfer))
  • 2023-03-17 03:01 Beijing, flight departure
  • 2023-03-15 00:52 Beijing, \Beijing Wangjing International Exchange Bureau] has been exported directly sealed)
  • 2023-03-14 13:33 Beijing, Arrive at \Beijing Comprehensive Mail Processing Center Package Workshop] (via transfer))
  • 2023-03-13 22:54 Taiyuan City, Leave \Shanxi Province Delivery Division Taiyuan Postal District Center Package Workshop], the next stop【Beijing Comprehensive Mail Processing Center Package Workshop】)
  • 2023-03-12 20:02 Taiyuan City, Arrive at 【Shanxi Province Delivery Division Taiyuan City Post District Center Package Workshop】
  • 2023-03-12 19:08 Taiyuan City, leave \Taiyuan City Qianfeng North Road Investment Department], the next stop [Taiyuan International])
  • 2023-03-12 17:38 Taiyuan City, \Taiyuan City Qianfeng North Road Investment Department] has been received and sent, investment seeker: Li Jing, telephone: X)


Nothing special really. Less than $12/kg, so it definitely is possible. I never do $12/kg though.


Finally we get to the moment you've all been waiting for. The haul. If I am missing anything, or you have some knowledge that I don't have and want to give me some feedback on the quality of certain pieces, please do not hesitate. A lot of these pieces were first-timers, and therefore I cannot give the best QC check to you guys. I am happy with my haul, but there are always improvements to be made or pointed out, don't hesitate.\
The moment of truth is here: The haul. As I mentioned in my previous haul; I am not a good QC'er so don't treat me like one.
Represent 'Eagle-print' T-shirt White ¥ 76.00 Size M 274g
Review: I like this tee. The print feels good and not really cheap. I expected it to be a bit looser but I'm definitely not complaining. I sized down on this tee and as you can see it fits me perfectly. The material is somewhat thick (not too thick you can't wear it on a warm day) and the stitching is perfectly fine but only time and a couple washes will tell how it holds up. For ¥76 I didn't expect THAT much, and my current verdict is that it easily passes the first test.
I did notice a stain on the shirt on the (for me when I wear it) left side in the middle next to the eagle. It's in the washing machine's hands right now to fix this.
Final grade: 6.8/10. Definitely not bad, if you have some space left for this in your haul this is a cop without much thought.

Gallery Dept Car Drive Thru Tee Dark Grey ¥75.00 Size M 294g
Review: I've bought at Mystery seller before, and I am a happy Essentials customer of his. It's very cheap, but also pretty reliable (will get back at that later on). As I had a couple essentials pieces that were oversized I decided to size down on this one. Quite honestly this is probably the best for this product. It's pretty wide, while not being the longest. If I would've taken a Large I most likely would've drowned in this thing. The fleece is nice and warm. I do worry a bit about this color looking dirty quite quick, but only time will tell. Stitching is a bit of a mess, but there aren't a lot of loose hanging threads so I'm willing to turn a blind eye on that. The quarter zip goes pretty deep, but this is not a negative for me. I think it adds some character and allows for some nice styling.
Like the previous shirt, I downsized on this so it wouldn't be too boxy. Personally I think I made the correct choice as I love the fitting of this tee. Again, the print feels very good for the price I paid. The stitching is the thing that impressed me the most. There's virtually not a single loose thread to be found which really impresses me. I absolutely love the simplicity of the front and the eye-turning backprint that'll make you go like this. The dark grey color of the tee is very nice as well. From some angles it'll look like a very dark brown, and in some you can see the charcoal-like color it actually has.
Final grade: 7/10. When considering this tee was so little money, this is a must have as well if you're a fan of big and eyecatching backprints. Just like the previous one, definitely worth a spot in your next haul. One thing I did not like at first glance was the very 'Chinese factory'ish' smell this shirt had, so it's instantly thrown on the washing machine VIP list.

Onlyfans T-shirt White ¥65.00 Size L 408g
Review: I saw this shirt pop up in the Freps discord and I instantly loved it. It's tacky, it's funny, it's a nice nod and on top of that it was pretty cheap too. I instantly bought the shirt and it's not only a super funny shirt but apparently the fans on the shirt speeds up the shipping too as it was in my warehouse in no time. Just like the GD tee the stitching on this shirt is very good too. I bought it as an L and again it fitted me perfectly. It's a bit looser than the previous two shirts but that makes it also a great option to have something like a hoodie, shirt or vest over it.
Final grade: 9/10. A big part of this great grade is just because how much I like it because it's so damn hilarious, so the grade might (most likely is) be a bit skewed. The quality is very passable (I hesitate with using 'good' too much) though, but once again it has to face the washing machine test to find out about its true potential. Can't really go wrong for the price though.

Doves T-shirt (unknown brand) Black ¥39.90 Size XXL 314g
Review: What a fucking banger this tee is. The print is of a high quality and contrasts so damn much on the black background it's almost like it sheds a beacon of light. I think I found this seller on a post here somewhere and goddamn he sells so many great lesser known designs. I double sized up on this shirt (not sure why as I can't find a size chart on the post) and if you want a similar fitting I recommend you doing the same. The quality definitely passes the first impression test too but we all know the washing machine story at this point so I'm not going to continue repeating myself.
Final grade: 8/10. I'm in love with the print of this tee and it not really being a massively known brand (hell, I don't even know the brand) so it doesn't have potential to be super a super corny hypebeast tee.

Stussy Logo Cap White ¥18.00 Size N/A 95g
Review: It's a hat. It's Stussy. It fits my head. The stitching doesn't look like it'll fall apart any time soon. There isn't really much to say about this hat. If you like hats it can be a nice addition to your haul as it weights and costs next to nothing. One thing I'm not a massive (only)fan of is that you can't hide the strap. But hey, it's a fucking 18 yuan hat.
Final grade: 7/10. I am not gonna say a lot about it. It's a fucking hat, how good/bad can it get?

Essentials Crewneck Khaki/Tan ¥57.00 Size L 528g
Review: Some of you might remember I bought this exact item in my last haul but somehow Essentials has the weirdest fittings of all brands. Some items are TTS, some fit small and some fit large. I made the mistake of buying an M last time, and this time I made the correct choice: Large. I'm a big fan of the color and fleece materials as it'll definitely keep me warm during those cold rainy western-European days in the spring.
Final grade: 7/10. Last time I gave a 6/10 because of the annoying sizing (which was partially my fault), but this time it fits exactly how I like it. I can't promise I won't buy more of these.

Stone Island Sherpa Jacket/Vest (FANTASY) Cream (Off-white) & Green hints ¥128.00 Size L 770g
Review: I'm fairly sure the 'original' is a Carhartt sherpa but this one has SI tags and a (horrible) badge. Thankfully I am a very smart man who has some Topstoney badges to fix that. I am very impressed to say the least. The inner fleece is giga warm and the bottom/wrist has some elastic viber in it that stretches very easily and gets back into its original position too (reminder: I wore this thing for like 5 minutes at best and it is absolutely possible this 'good' elastic turns into a wet used condom that won't get back into its original shape if I wear it enough). Like I said before the SI badge is absolutely horrible so definitely get yourself a Topstoney badge if you want this item. I could have gone with a larger size I think but not every jacket of mine has to be oversized so I can absolutely live with the fact that it doesn't cover my tiny cock when wearing. The fleece part around the neck is a tiny bit tight for me, but I don't really plan on ever fully zipping it anyways so I don't mind.
Final grade: 6.5/10. I think it's too early to give a proper rating as I need to wear this outside to truly test its warmth and how easily it stains. I ordered another one too but the seller sent the wrong color and after returning it I couldn't bother ordering another one, so keep in mind the seller MIGHT also send you the wrong color.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Onyx ¥59 Size 45 715g
Review: I already have the 'Bone' colorway of these slides which I'm pretty sure are from the same seller. That gave me a nice baseline to compare as I wear those damn things in my house every day. The first thing I noticed was the smell of them that basically Chez Pierred my entire living room. There is a tiny problem with that though. I do love Chez Pierre perfumes (I own three, which I all love. You can ask me about them if you want), but I did not love the foul chemical smell of these slides. But that Yighury slave factory smell will wear off so it won't affect my grading too much. As with the Bone slides, they start off pretty stiff. Something I did not encounter with the real deal if I remember correctly. But alright, that's just the rep game init. One thing I did notice is that even though they're the same slides these feel a bit more snug than the bone variant. From what I've heard is that Adidas played a bit around with the slides so that could be an explaination. They're also definately smaller than my bone slides, but they we're like 1-2cm too long for me so that isn't excactly a negative. Keep that in mind though if you'd like to purchase these and have prior experience with rep Yeezy slides.
Final grade: 6.5/10. I'll wear them a lot. They're super cheap, they're (hopefully) gonna break in quick and give me as much comfort as the Bone slides have been doing. If that happens, easy 7/10. If you buy them, drop the damn box.

Nike Air Presto x Off-White 'The Ten' OWF Black ¥290.00 Size 44 1043g
Review: I had these in my warehouse already during the time of the previous haul. I wanted some good shoes that I could carelessly use as a beater which preferably was black (the only other 'black' pairs I got are a cheap rep Panda Dunk, Coconut Patta's (real), Mini Swoosh Bred's (real) and the NYC Chinatown's (real). Those last three will NOT be used as a beater, and those Panda reps are pretty meh comfort wise. Presto time it is. As far as I'm aware this is the best batch of them so I just yolo'd the trigger. Upon arrival I switched the laces to orange and I just wore them to the gym. They are indeed comfortable. I can totally understand this shoe isn't to everyone their liking though. I still have to get used to it a bit too and I am fully aware that with certain pants this shoe is gonna look like terrible if you care about that. On one of the orange laces the cringe "Shoelaces" part had a small scuff in the text, but I'm not cringe so I don't care about that.
Comfort wise I like this shoe, and it feels pretty breathable too. I am basically calling this a slightly less comfortable Yeezy 700 v1. I'm not sure about any potential flaws on this shoe so please point stuff out to me if you notice something.
Final grade: 6.5/10. I still have to get used to the silhouette. Feels good on the foot though.

Nike Air Jordan x Cactus Jack PK Reverse Mocha ¥430.00 Size 44 1433g
Review: If you loose lace you're a nonce. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. If you want comfort, don't get a Jordan 1 (low), but that's basically common knowledge nowadays. What isn't common knowledge is what the best batch for these is. I chose PK batch as there's a general consensus this is at least a top 3 reverse mocha batch on the market right now. I'm not going to nitpick every difference between the batches as I am A. Not someone who cares and B. Not knowledgeable enough. I really like the colors of this shoe (even though I wasn't a fan at first). These also came with a pretty overwhelming glue smell so I am airing these out as we speak. Near the sole you can spot some glue stains too. On the Travis Scott face on the back I can see a small scuff, so keep an eye out if you don't want that.
Final grade: 7/10. I'm not going to wear these every day, but to some occasions they might actually be very nice and I'm glad I got these.

Goyard 'Saint Sulpice' Card Holders Light Blue - Yellow - Blue ¥35 each Size N/A 300g (all)
Review: Most of the new people probably don't know about this absolute 2021 Fashionreps staple. If this wasn't in your haul, your haul was shit. I already have one of these in another colorway and I haven't used my regular wallet since. It's durable (enough), holds plenty of cards, can hold some cash and is tiny enough to fit in your pocket easily. Absolute gem of an item and a true Fashionreps icon. Now the rest of my family has one too that they can use.
Final grade: 9/10. I hate thick and bulky wallets (it's bulky because of all the money we 'save' by buying reps right?), and this thing simply is the perfect solution to that. You wouldn't ever want to get something else. Card holders are the GOAT.

Changes to previous haul review

In this chapter I will go a bit more into detail of some items I bought in my last haul. This way you guys can get a better and more true review, as things tend to change with time.

Essentials Quarter-Zip Fleece Sweater Charcoal ¥79.00 Size M 585g
Review: I've bought at Mystery seller before, and I am a happy Essentials customer of his. It's very cheap, but also pretty reliable (will get back at that later on. As I had a couple essentials pieces that were oversized I decided to size down on this one. Quite honestly this is probably the best for this product. It's pretty wide, while not being the longest. If I would've taken a Large I most likely would've drowned in this thing. The fleece is nice and warm. I do worry a bit about this color looking dirty quite quick, but only time will tell. Stitching is a bit of a mess, but there aren't a lot of loose hanging threads so I'm willing to turn a blind eye on that. The quarter zip goes pretty deep, but this is not a negative for me. I think it adds some character and allows for some nice styling.)
Bonus points for the seller being a pretty quick shipper.
What changed?
I feel like the material could've been a bit stretchier as it can sometimes feel a bit of a hassle to get it on/off, and I will definitely recommend going true to size.
Final grade: 7.2/10.

Supreme Nike Arc Corduroy Hooded Jacket Black ¥285.00 Size XL 1148g
Review: This is the item I was looking forward to the most. I was doubting about the sizing at first, but decided to go with an XL because I'd rather have a jacket be a teeny bit longer and more spacious in case I want to have some layers under it. This was ultimately the right choice. As seen on the pictures, the jacket fits very well, so I would definitely recommend a SIZE UP if you're planning to buy this.
As one of the more expensive pieces in this multiple-part haul I think it is fair to have high expectations of the piece. The padding inside the jacket actually surprised me with the amount of warmth it gives. This piece was intended as a good in between jacket for mild spring days, but if dressed according to the weather I think this will keep you warm at pretty 'warm' (let's say 5+ degrees Celcius winter days if you put some layers under it. The stitching also looks very fine (correct me if I'm wrong), and the zippers give me a good feeling at first glance too. Like with every zipped jacket you have to learn how to zip it correctly, which gave me some issues the first time I wore it. I think this is a me-issue though, but I might come back to that. The Supreme print also looks very good and accurate (to pictures I am checking during this review). Overall the quality definitely matches the expectations.)
I promised you guys a windproof test and here it is. When it's really cold, this jacket won't keep you THAT warm and you must consider that when picking layers underneath it. Since it's a corduroy the wind gets through somewhat easily and can catch you by surprise if you're not prepared. When wearing a good hoodie underneath the wind blowing through this jacket isn't a massive problem though.
Final grade: 8.2/10. Slightly in the middle of my previous grade. It's a very cool jacket and does the job perfectly.


This is my 2nd 'old school review' on Fashionreps and I have tried to write it was as much honesty and passion as I could. I'm very satisfied with this haul as it included some pieces that are perfect for the upcoming couple of seasons. I have a couple items laying in a Basetao warehouse which I will probably ship in a couple of months, but unless it's another big haul (or I get a lot of requests) I most likely will not post that one as the items I have got in that haul so far aren't super impressive.
I am most definitely happy with the result of this haul, especially the sleeper picks like the Onlyfans tee or the Doves tee. The price-quality ratio is definitely great and I feel these picks are pretty unique. CSS will remain the agent of my choice, but I am definitely willing to test out others like Basetao.
SAL was a bit slower than last time which surprised me, but 19 days is still solid enough for me to keep considering SAL. It could've been at least 3-4 days less if it wasn't 'stuck' in Dutch customs.
That's it for now. Up until next time.
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2023.04.01 02:41 tophattingtonn A Fun Little Prediction for Chapter 3 Based on the Newsletters

As all of you know, Toby's been slowly drip feeding us Chapter 3 info via newsletter installments. In the first installment last December, he had this to say:
"Since then, the development has been continuing as normal. The end is in sight for some of the content in Chapter 3. You see, Chapter 3 was going to have 4 somethings and 3 (6?) other somethings. But I've reduced the 4 somethings to 3.5 and refactored how the 3rd other something to be shorter and less something-like, while still maintaining the parenthetical (something, something)... or something. Anyway, I'm swearing off somethings now!"
Various people have speculated as to what the two groups of "somethings" are that Toby is referring to. As for what I think, I personally think that the first group is film sets, and the second group is minigames. Originally Toby had planned to have four film sets for us to explore and three different minigames for us to play, with there being two different instances of each type of minigame (hence why he wasnt sure whether to say there was 3 or 6 items in the second group).
But as of a few months ago, he's decided to reduce the amount of film sets down to three and a half, and reconfigured the third minigame to be shorter, likely having only one instance instead of two like the rest While doing so, he made sure to maintain the "parenthetical"—that is, each pair of film sets and minigames. I'm willing to bet that the remaining half of a film set is the secret boss location, since such an area wouldn't need to be as fleshed out as the other sets.
As for what the final and shortened minigame may be, I think it's most likely the shoot-out minigame Toby teased on the Spamton Sweepstakes website. If the name of the page is anything to go by, it seems as though that minigame would last a mere two minutes, which definitely seems shorter than normal. And when it comes to why this minigame is shortened, I think Toby may have teased us with the answer in today's newsletter installment:
"True maniacs know that there is some sort of extremely brief Cowboy Scene in Chapter 3. This was teased on the Spamton Sweepstakes website. However, this segment is in danger of being cancelled. Seriously, one of the only segments that we teased, may end up cancelled!? Well, that's how Cowboy Shows go, I guess..."
Instead of stating that the cowboy segment is at risk of being "cut", which is the phrasing typically used when it comes to game content, he states that it's at risk of being "cancelled," which is typically used in referencing to television programming. I believe that Toby is hinting at the cowboy show actually being cancelled in-game, likely by Tenna, who is heavily implied to be the one in charge.
(And if y’all think I’m looking too deep into this, keep in mind that he relegated this info to Truck Freak tier newsletter subscribing, so he knows that the people seeing this are already suffering from terminal lore brainrot. So him teasing something like this is entirely within the realm of plausibility.)
In light of all of this info, here's my extremely speculative prediction regarding the types film sets and minigames we'll encounter throughout Chapter 3, and in what order:

Film Set 1: ICE-E Movie (Based on the bathroom, where the ICE-E spray is located)
• Minigame 1: Cryptid Search (2 parts, teased by Spamton Sweepstakes)
Film Set 2: Cooking Program (Based on the kitchen, for obvious reasons)
• Game 2: Bake Off (2 parts, teased by TV near the end of Chapter 2)
Film Set 2.5: Empty Theater (Based on the couch, where the Dreemurr family once gathered)
• No minigame, secret boss fight
Film Set 3: Cowboy Show (Based on the living room, whose relative barrenness is akin to a desert)
• Minigame 3: Shoot Out (1 part, cut short by Tenna, teased by Spamton Sweepstakes).

Alright, that's about it. Let me know what you guys think.
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2023.04.01 02:38 New-Ladder-4379 Cinder Fall: A Questionable Villainy

Cinder Fall: A Questionable Villainy

𝓐 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓫𝓵𝓮 𝓥𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷𝔂

Don't you just love her evil smirks 🤤
Good afternoon guys! As you all know, I'm PropheT (or New-Ladder, whichever you prefer), THE KING OF CINDER STANS!! And today we are here in the royal courts once again to talk about my beloved queen. Recently, I've been thinking about Cinder (like I usually do), and no, they weren't ruminations of our future family life in the Caribbeans playing with our mini-prophets/cinders on the beach.....ignore that please.
After speaking with members of the community about this issue, I decided to make a short post about my feelings regarding Cinder Fall as a villain. Simping aside, I'm in agreement with the rest of the community when I say that Cinder isn't exactly the best written villain in the show, and a part of the reason why has to do with her backstory. But it may not be the reasons that you think. Alright, I'll stop beating around the bush and just say it--
Cinder shouldn't be a villain.
*Insert Gasp Here*
There I said it, she shouldn't be based on what we received in the show. Let's take a second and pick at Cinder's brain to explain on why I say this. So, in the earlier volumes, Cinder is shown to be a ruthless, efficient, and malevolent individual who clearly outlined what she desires in life, which are the following:
  1. She wants to be Powerful
  2. She wants to be Feared
  3. She wants to get Strong (even more power lol?)
These core desires make up her personality that we see in the Volumes, and we saw how driven she is to attain them. She works with the criminal underworld to put her larger schemes into motion, is under Salem's employ to get the Maiden powers, murders innocent civilians that are in her way, and orchestrated & followed through with two terrorist attacks (Beacon & Atlas) that in all likelihood caused massive causalities. With that rap sheet on our hands, its clear to me that she is on another level of evil here. With characters like these, there are only a few directions to go here to explain why she would ever think any of this is ok. First we can go down the path where she's just evil because she likes it (W Psychopathy), which is completely fine because there are other villains that are entertaining that way. It doesn't take much to do wrong really, and I don't want to go over why I think "one dimensional" villains are fine in stories again, so you can read this post for clarification. On the other hand, you can give a character like this a backstory that can make you sympathize with their position. Characters like Pain from Naruto are a clear example of this done right, because due to the wars he experienced as an orphan, he developed a strong philosophy around hatred and developed strategies on how to end the cycle of war that destroyed his friends. Backstories create a strong pathos and logos for the audience to attach themselves to and become more invested in that character's journey to reach their goals. So for a person like Cinder, what did she go through to make her believe working with Salem was the only way to accomplish her goals? Did she come to a realization about the awfulness of humanity all Chapter Black style and decide that in order to put order in the world she needed to be feared? Or was it something else entirely that made her go mad? With the possibilities being endless, I wonder, what did the writers come up with--
Nothing, why am I not surprised, ok. This origin being a blatant word for word copy of the Cinderella Wikipedia synopsis aside, it does very little to elucidate us as to why Cinder even turned out the way she did. Instead of presenting us with a character with the same tendencies as later Cinder, we get a completely different person with seemingly different hopes and dreams. For me, this is like if Hirohiko Araki when writing Phantom Blood decided to make Dio Brando a good brother to Jonathan only for him to do A COMPLETE 180 after being turned into a vampire; instead of the cold heartless child that invaded the safe atmosphere of his estate that later turned into the life draining monster he was on the inside. The "Cinder Fall" being presented here comes off as more of a character that can undergo a redemption arc or become a full fledged hero rather than the murderer we see in the show. Here she's a frightened little girl who's being abused by her Madame and her two daughters, and simply wants to be free from this life of servitude to them. And she tells us her motivations, which aren't power or fear related btw. She speaks to Idiot (sorry, Rhodes) saying,
"Like you? You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want." - "Cinder" (V8, Episode 6)
So... tiny "Cinder" wants the freedom to go wherever she wants, and to do whatever she wants without being chained by another influence as a huntress...let's recap guys and gals.
  1. She's a girl that was bullied at her orphanage by the older boys and got into fights all the time to protect herself; was never the one to initiate the bullying.
  2. She doesn't display the signs of being a smart person or planner; often fumbling her task accidentally at the Hotel for Atlas elites.
  3. She gets shocked into submission by the Madame for her failures and undergoes even more bullying at the hands of the sisters.
  4. She trains with Idiot to get enough power to liberate herself from her abusers, with no ambitions of attaining even greater levels strength being hinted at or even implied.
  5. She kills her abusers in a fashion that could be deemed as an act of self-defense depending on what happened before Idiot entered the room (since the abusers found "Cinder" with a weapon in her room, entering at 11:37PM and Idiot enters the hotel at 11:57PM, so we have no clue what happened during that time but its a safe bet she was attacked), and actually kills Idiot in self-defense on screen.
With the recap done, I have one question for you all...hehehe....



(Dramatic Music)
All her life she was abused, all her life she was surrounded by idiots too incompetent to help her out and you mean to tell me that this person who values freedom above anything else went on to become an individual seeking to subjugate and destroy? This isn't even a story where her values get corrupted and eroded over time either, this is straight up what she wants, which completely contradicts her actions later in the timeline where she gleefully kills people in pursuit of power. If anything, this Cinder should NOT be the type of person who takes well to authority or be the one to have orders barked at her by a superior. All she wants is to live her life in peace away from the suffering of her youth, which makes you question why she even goes out of her way to hurt people without a regard for their lives. Now you might be wondering, "well, the old adage of 'hurt people hurt people' could apply here", and for that argument I partially agree. I say partially since she could direct her hurt towards certain individuals/parties, which is more productive than taking it out on the whole of Remnant like we saw in every arc.
"You Atlas elites are all the same! You think hoarding power means you'll have it forever, but it just makes the rest of us hungrier. And I refuse to starve. " - Cinder (V7, Episode 13)
Here, she outright says that she hates the Atlesian elites for storing resources for themselves while people lower on the totem pole suffer without much (she cares about people, huh??). May I ask, with her backstory in mind how does this quote sound villainous? She has a (rightful) bone to pick with those in power for causing both her suffering and the suffering of others...but works with a demoness who wants to ensure that everyone on Remnant suffers and is under her chokehold. This lack of consistency in her character is a S I C K N E S S, O F T H E H I G H E S T O R D E R! Everything we read here today just proves to me that due to the lack of foresight by the writers, they didn't know what they were doing. Her story sounds like a literal hero (or anti-hero) in the making, which contradicts every facet of the character that was setup in prior volumes. It doesn't explain anything about Cinder's motives, but rather drops a new character on us with her name attached and expects us to believe this is the same person, y'all tripping.
Thanks for the smile Cindy, I appreciate it. I'm not angy anymore.
Rant over. Her backstory really destroyed any semblance of logic for her villainous behavior, it really did. By making her origin like this, they inadvertently crafted a new character with different objectives to that of her namesake. For all intents and purposes, if this is what they intended Cinder beginnings to be, then it would've been wiser to make her into a traveling heroine, a person who wants to do nothing more than to spread happiness and help those being abused like she was. Girl could've been the one to talk no-jutsu Emerald and Mercury into forming a hero team but instead she made a weird group of characters that don't treat each other like family despite having none of their own to turn to. All we are left a villain with a questionable villainy, and writers who have no intention of developing her further (trust me, that's the only background we're getting on Cinder).
As for me, I lost hope for this series a long time ago, so this was expected. Now, back to spending time with my Cinder body-pillow. Have a wonderful rest of your day my fellow Critics! This matter has been settled.

~May God's Love Shower You With Rainfall~
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2023.04.01 02:15 yuiphan What kind of bird is this?

What kind of bird is this?
Sorry for the poor lighting, the sun was up.
This bird makes a sound that goes like "oh-eh oh-eh oooowaow~".
It kind of looks like a magpie but seems mostly black with hints of white on the tail.
I've always heard this bird call and imitated for fun it but never knew what kind of bird it was. Watching YouTube for bird calls was fruitless as well.
Today I saw the actual bird whilst doing its call for the first time.
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2023.04.01 01:45 tonnie_taller ‘Quordle’ today: Here are the answers and hints for April 1

If Quordle is a little too challenging today, you’ve come to the right place for hints. There aren’t just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Either way, … Continue reading ‘Quordle’ today: Here are the answers and hints for April 1
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2023.04.01 01:36 Emoney12174795 Should I shoot my shot???

This girl that I like sits next to me in a few of our classes and we always have a good time (we play games on our computers etc.) I feel like she’s given me hints here and there ( asked if I wanted her number but I already had her snap so idk 🤷‍♂️) and she’s also done things that just SCREAM I like you she’s bitten me always playfully hits me and she falls on my shoulder when she laughs she asked for my coat to lay on to fall asleep she sends me random snaps of her doing funny faces she even smacked my ass today ( I don’t blame her my shit look like this but bigger 🍑) I’m playin but still should shoot my shot? also she already has a bf that she’s having relationship problems with rn also he’s in a diff grade then her I don’t think I’m in the friend zone now but I don’t want to lose my chance
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