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We have many business owners of Reddit. We all want to make contacts. Why not help each others business grow? Most chambers charge $50-$200! We can have ours for FREE!

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This sub is for everything about and/or related to a Chamber of Commerce. Employees, Members, Board Members, Businesses, and all people are welcome.

2014.01.29 23:19 chicagomint Chicago Virtual Currency Chamber of Commerce

Advocating and advancing Bitcoin adoption and education.

2023.03.22 06:18 burnabycoyote Port of Baltimore news

"Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog, and his wife, Shirin Herzog, visited the World Trade Center in Baltimore to discuss Israel-Maryland business opportunities. Hosted by MD Secretary of Commerce Kevin Anderson, William Doyle discussed the Port of Baltimore’s growing relationship with Israeli ocean carrier ZIM Integrated Shipping Services. Also in attendance was David Speer, Executive Director of the Maryland/Israel Development Center, and David Kuntz Chair of MIDC." on 21 March.
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2023.03.22 06:07 JohnsonBot5000 How to change your name without impacting local SEO, should I hire a professional?

I recently got to the top of the local map pack for several cities, I have 25 reviews and we average rank 1 for multiple cities. However, my company name is Germicidal Maids House Cleaning. I fear that this is too confusing for most people and contributes to our unusually high impressions but low calls. I am wondering how I can change this name without ruining my local and organic SEO.
A few concerns: domain name, citations, google my business reviews mentioning the original name, redirects
I have a few really good backlinks from Redfin and my local chamber of commerce that I also do not want to lose.
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2023.03.22 06:02 timsbrannan #Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 3, Room 22 Returning to Room #20, the characters can now go to the right. This round chamber still has a nasty surprise. #osr

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 3, Room 22 Returning to Room #20, the characters can now go to the right. This round chamber still has a nasty surprise. #osr submitted by timsbrannan to u/timsbrannan [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 06:01 Fangz47 The haunted hotel

I was a young and eager journalist, always looking for the next big story. So when I heard rumors of a haunted hotel on the outskirts of town, I knew I had to investigate.
The hotel had been abandoned for years, and local legend said that it was cursed by the ghosts of those who had died there. Many had tried to enter, but all had been scared off by the eerie creaking of the old wooden floors and the shadows that seemed to move on their own.
Determined to get the inside story, I recruited a team of fellow investigators and set out to explore the hotel. As we entered, I felt a chill run down my spine, and I knew that we were in for a wild ride.
The first few hours were uneventful, and we began to think that the rumors of the hotel's haunting were just that – rumors. But as night fell and the moon rose high in the sky, things began to get strange.
We heard footsteps coming from the upper floors, even though we knew that no one was there. We saw shadows moving in the corners of our vision, but when we turned to look, there was nothing there. And we heard the sound of whispering coming from the darkness, although we could not make out the words.
Despite our fear, we continued to explore the hotel, determined to find the source of the haunting. We searched every room, every hallway, and every nook and cranny, but we found nothing out of the ordinary.
Then, as we were about to give up hope, we came across a secret door hidden behind a bookshelf. Curiosity got the better of us, and we opened the door to reveal a hidden chamber filled with ancient artifacts and strange symbols.
As we examined the artifacts, we heard a low growling coming from the darkness. Suddenly, a ghostly figure appeared before us, its eyes burning with an otherworldly flame.
"You dare to enter my domain?" it said in a voice that echoed through the chamber. "You shall pay the price for your intrusion."
We were frozen in fear, but then something strange happened. The ghostly figure began to change, its features becoming less menacing and more human. And then, to our amazement, we realized that it was not a ghost at all, but a living person in disguise.
The person explained that they had been trying to scare people away from the hotel because they believed that it was cursed and dangerous. They had been using tricks and illusions to create the illusion of a haunting, but they never expected anyone to actually find their secret chamber.
Feeling a mix of relief and disappointment, we left the hotel and returned to our normal lives. But the experience had left a lasting impression on us, and we knew that we would never forget the haunted hotel and the mysteries it held.
As for me, I realized that sometimes the scariest things in life are not ghosts or monsters, but the unknown and the unexplained. And so, I continue to seek out the mysteries of the world, always ready for whatever may come my way.
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2023.03.22 05:55 brennybrennybrenbren Teacher experience of student-lead education models?

Our kids have been in a Reggio-Emilia motivated education model which gives students a great deal of freedom to pursue their interest and... not pursue their non-interests. Little rigor is done for hard subjects like maths, spelling, grammar etc. We have observed that our 10yo is now about 2- 3years beyond the national curriculum for maths and could not do or understand 80% of a sample numeracy NAPLAN test.
My research since has lead me to read about progressive student-lead models (Reggio-Emilia in particular, but there are others) and form a theory that an academic echo-chamber has emerged in which teachers are relegated to "facilitators" and students run the classroom, motivated by ideology rather than hard evidence. We are regularly told that the school "attracts international attention" and "people come from around the world to see how things are done here", and yet, the results seem crap.
By my assessment, false assumptions about the nature of primary school children abound, such as...
That's my impression and we are appalled at the performance of our local school and looking to move. And with 2 years left before high school we have a great deal of extra-curricula work to do to get them ready in time. There is no point asking the school to change as this is an ideological commitment and fundamental to their model.
I also observe anecdotally that the school has a high turnover of teaching staff, and that the later grades seem to have fewer students than the earlier grades.
So I would like to know what teachers who have been in a progressive "student-lead" environment thing. Does it work? Do you feel like you are valued as a teacher? Is my asessment above accurate or not?
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2023.03.22 05:53 Due_Set7720 200+ Free Udemy Certificate Courses - Part 1 - 22/3/23

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2023.03.22 05:51 ApprehensiveOwl9224 [Reminder] Halt the Hike Protest on March 24

Date: March 24, 2023
Time & Venue:
Pancake breakfast starts 7:30 am in SUB basement
Protest starts 8:00 am outside VVC University Hall (Council Chamber)
The protest will last till 12pm when the Board of Governors meeting ends. Please feel free to join anytime between 8am and 12pm.
(The protest will be broadcasted live and there will be a virtual attendance arrangement for those who might not be able to join in person.)
Link to Petition:
Halt the Hike Campaign Website:
Halt the Hike Instagram:
Halt the Hike Twitter:
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2023.03.22 05:35 sspellegrino96 songs during scenes with Petey + E. T. A. Hoffmann's "The Sandman"

I've been thinking a lot about the songs during scenes with Petey and why they were chosen and what they could mean for the show going forward...
(also I love Petey's character and Yul Vasquez's portrayal of him and how his artistry seeps into Petey and the map and the singing and everything and also the Peter and June references and 😭 this is why I'm a Pip's VIP)
for a while I thought that the allusions to dreams and sleeping were about Petey being the Sandman) in the sense of the E. T. A. Hoffmann short story where the Sandman steals children's eyes (there's a lot of eye stuff in this show, especially about colors of eyes 👀) or the myth about putting sand in children's eyes to help them sleep--plus the alchemist character in the short story really caught my eye~ bc I think there are heavy ties to alchemy in this show
also Dr. Coppelius makes faces with no eyes from fire, and that has to be related to Severance (he also wears an "ashen-gray coat" like the ones Helena and Cobel wear)
and Olympia and all the significance there with both mythology and automatons (and the city in WA)
this also bleeds into thoughts about Hermes (psychopomp, above and below, mercury, the number four, goats, fish, grain [of sand][Graner], the caduceus and slumber, commerce, merchants, Hermes Trismegistus, and even the homunculus, but I'll try to stay on topic hahaha)(@ lurkers pls tell me if I'm on track or not)
anyway, I was mainly going off the song in the video played at the funeral service as well as the line in the song played at Pip's, but then when I was rewatching last night I heard the lyric "baby, baby, don't get hooked on me / 'cause I'll just use you then I'll set you free" and reframed all of these songs as warnings, as coded messages as if they are what Petey is trying to tell Mark and perhaps June about Lumon
I also revisited the comment about playing cards on one of my favorite posts in this community, and I think that's a far more accurate interpretation coupled with Petey's songs as warnings against being Severed and being lulled by what Lumon wants you to think is happening
a few specific notes on the songs:
also since we're on Petey, I'll just end by dropping this here:
I also wonder about Usonia and upstate NY and the roots of patent medicine, but that's for another conversation haha
what are your thoughts on all this?? thanks in advance—much appreciated 🐐🐟💧
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2023.03.22 05:35 GeorgeYDesign Violent, prolonged sex attack along Melbourne creek a 'chamber of horrors', judge says

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2023.03.22 05:28 Excellent-Hat6253 Looking for Freelance Graphic Designer based in Nepal

Hello Daju, Bhai, Didi, Bahini haru
I am looking for a talented freelance graphic designer based in Nepal to work on an e-commerce website. The scope of work includes logo design, product photo design, and overall website graphics. We have around 20 products.
I am looking for someone who is creative, able to think outside the box, and proficient in using Adobe tools. This is a one-time project and my budget is around 15K Nrs. However, I am happy to negotiate if you feel that the pay is not sufficient.
This would be perfect for someone who is already in the industry and looking to earn some extra income on the side.
If you are interested, please inbox me with your portfolio or some previous work so that I can review it just to make sure of the quality of the work.
Serious replies only, please.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! :)
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2023.03.22 05:15 Big-Research-2875 PHYLUM (phylum) Porifera

PHYLUM (phylum) Porifera

The phylum Porifera or sponges, ar primarily marine animals consisting of loosely organized Cells. The some 9 thousand species of sponges vary in size from but a centimetre to a mass that will quite fill your arms.

Characteristics of the phylum Porifera include:

  1. Asymmetrical or centrosymmetric
  2. 3 cell types: pinacocytes, mesoderm cells, and choanocytes
  3. Central cavity, or a series of branching chambers, through that water circulates throughout filter feeding
  4. No tissues or organs
PHYLUM (phylum) Porifera


In spite of their relative simplicity, sponges ar quite colonies of freelance cells. As all told animals, sponge cells ar specialised for explicit functions. This organization is commonly stated as division of labor. Thin, flat cells, referred to as pinacocytes, line the outer surface of a sponge.
Pinacocytes is also gently contracted, and their contraction might amendment the form of some sponges. in a very variety of sponges, some pinacocytes ar specialised into rounded, contracted porocytes, which might regulate water circulation.

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2023.03.22 05:14 omegacluster New Music Additions 2023-03-21

Today's additions are:
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2023.03.22 05:08 dale_whitehill Dale VII – Ghost of the Grove

It had been two nights since the attack, but Dale's pain wasn't to stop with the Starbreaker. Upon his arrival at the gates of Highpoint, the castellan had been whisked swiftly away to Maester Alwyn, who had insisted on immediate treatment of the break in his nose.
Even with a strong dose of milk of the poppy, the pain had been agonizing; first he cauterized the inner nostril, and next he took to straightening Dale's nose. The pain was enough for him to fall unconscious, by fortune, and he awoke the next day with cotton-stuffed nostrils.
"Don't dare remove those," he recalled Alwyn saying, "or you'll regret it."
His hands were in similarly grisly shape; their deep gashes still stung at him mightily, and he could scarcely bear to hold a quill. Most of his time had been spent bedridden, at any rate, and it was early in the morning when Alwyn paid him another visit.
"How do you feel?" he asked, arms crossed.
"As well as you'd expect. How do I look?"
The corner of the old maester's mouth curled in a wry smile.
"As well as you'd expect."
Dale rolled his eyes, sitting up in the bed. He crossed the room, grabbing a hand mirror from his desk.
Alwyn made no lie; half of Dale's face had blackened and swollen beyond recognition, one eye forced nearly to closing. He set the mirror down with a grunt.
"That one really gave me a beating. I'm surprised that I made it out in one piece."
Alwyn's eyes moved to the castellan's left hand; noticing the maester's gaze, Dale rolled his eyes and lifted his hands.
"I know, I know. That was my least favourite pinkie anyhow."
Alwyn let out a restrained chortle, earning a cocked eyebrow from Dale.
"What is it?"
The old maester sighed.
"Dale... you've been summoned to meet with the remainder of the family."
Dale felt a wave of confusion come over him.
"What's this? What do you mean, remainder?"
Alwyn let out a softer sigh, this one accompanied by a grimace.
"I... believe that it would be best to allow the council to explain. We should go; they're expecting us."
Dale followed Alwyn to the meeting chamber, outside whose entrance they found the brothers Wendell and Walder Warrick, swords at their hips. They bowed their heads respectfully, more cordial by far than Dale had ever known them to be.
"Dale." said Walder, some hesitance evident in his tone.
"I'm sorry. We're glad to see you safe." he continued, Wendell nodding beside him in solemn agreement.
"I suppose it's what I deserve for leaving without the two of you in tow."
They followed Alwyn and Dale as they entered the [meeting chamber](, which had been occupied already by a handful of his kinsmen; taking a quick count, he tallied six in all – making seven with Dale's arrival.
Pairs of the elite household guard stood vigil at each entrance, each resting his offhand on the pommel of their sword. The Whitehills too wore swords at their hips, an uncommon sight. Stranger yet, another guard offered Dale a blade of his own – which he responded to by holding up his bandaged hands. The man nodded, handing the blade to Walder instead.
Taking a seat, Dale cast a quick glance to the ceiling; sunshine came down in beams from seven stone-etched stars, revealing specs of dust floating through the air, accompanied by a familiar morning chill.
Before him sat a hot cup of tea, steam rising restlessly above it. He turned it awkwardly and slid it nearer with his right hand, carefully servicing the handle so as not to pain his palm before taking a sip.
When Dale set down the cup, his uncle, Ser Conan – the justiciar of Highpoint – cleared his throat, glancing about the table dourly at the men in attendance.
"Now that the castellan has arrived, let us begin."
Conan gave Alwyn a glance, opening his mouth again to speak.
"Have you given Dale the details?"
The old man shook his head.
"No; I suspected that it would be best he hear it from another member of the house."
Conan sighed.
"Very well, then. Dale, how well do you recall the attack?"
He shrugged.
"Well enough. I was discussing productivity with a handful of my foremen when those fanatics stormed the village. I made for the stables in flight, but two of them intercepted me."
He waved his hands over his own features.
"I managed to kill them and escape, and after that I rode here."
Dale's twenty-year-old cousin, Delwen, raised an eyebrow in response to Dale's recollection.
"You dispatched two men by yourself? I can't recall ever seeing you at the sparring grounds, cousin."
Dale glared back at him.
"Steady now. You'd be fighting with rusty blades were it not for my work, lad."
Delwen's face twisted in a scowl.
"That's *ser*, pinchpurse. Perhaps you'd have put up a better fight against that rabble if you took to a real man's 'work'."
In a fit of rage, Ser Conan brought his fist down hard on the table, spilling his own tea over its ironwood surface. Grown red in the face, he barked out as if he were drilling the keep's garrison.
"Shut your fucking mouths, or I'll shut them myself!"
Dale sighed, taking another sip of his tea; Dafyn – Delwen's father – and Daniel, the elder of his sons, stared indignantly at the justiciar, while Conan's son Connor and their cousin Waltyr sat in silence.
His expression having lessened in anger by a hair, Conan continued.
"Your account matches an eyewitness report I received during my investigation of the attack – a man who called himself 'Twiggy'. You know him?"
Dale nodded.
"Aye, that's one of my foreman – and what of the others?"
Connor shook his head sullenly.
"It was a slaughter. What few weren't cut down burned in the torching."
Dale grimaced.
"Gods... those were some of our best craftsmen. You say they cut down everyone in the village? There were at least a hundred people there; how did the Starbreakers kill them all?"
Conan's brow furrowed at Dale's question.
"Perhaps you took note of their weaponry; that was not rabble you faced. Those men armed themselves with Whitehill steel, stolen from our own armoury."
Dale looked incredulously at the justiciar.
"Stolen, you say? Then there are Starbreakers within our walls? I know not of a man among us ascribed to the old ways."
Conan shook his head.
"Those were not our men that attacked the village; we tallied no desertions, and of the dead Starbreakers, none were identified among any of our settlements."
Dale frowned.
"Passing strange. They come from afar, then – but why here? The faith is nothing new in these lands."
Waltyr chimed in next, offering a shrug.
"These savages grow emboldened by the day. Lord Domeric has killed plenty of them; perhaps they sought revenge on an easier target."
This time Dafyn cut in, giving a resolute shake of his head.
"How in seven hells would a random assortment of rabble infiltrate our keep and pilfer our barracks? We examined the wounds of the dead villagers; these were trained killers. Whoever sent them was out for blood."
Dale puzzled as his uncle spoke. The more he learned, the less sense it made.
"But why Pinewood, of all places? The Pine and Poplar was the only reason for anyone to make the trek there."
Conan gave Dale a nod.
"Aye, I'm told it served the cheapest ale within leagues of Highpoint – and that one man was known to frequent the establishment regularly."
Dale's eyes widened.
Conan nodded again.
"Aye, you. Whoever ordered that attack wanted you dead."
With a groan, Dale took another sip of his tea.
"Lovely. I don't recall anyone threatening my death of late, though."
Conan's lips thinned in a frown.
"We have discussed a number of explanations. We suspect that your cancellation of the ironwood contract did you no favours with Lord Tarly."
Daniel groaned.
"If the Tarlys were behind it, they could afford their own swords. Besides, they wouldn't have gained anything. It was a shit deal, and I'll wager they knew that."
Dale snorted. Daniel had always been the wiser of Dafyn's children. Waltyr offered his thoughts next.
"It must have been someone else in the North. I think we should address the obvious – the Forresters envy us! Our power grows by the day, while theirs subsides with the wind. They wish to sabotage our castellan in order to drag us down to the dirt alongside them."
None of the other men seemed to question the idea. The Forresters' envy for the might of Highpoint was no question, after all. Dale had known the spawn of Ironrath to be neither honourable nor noble.
"Aye, I would not put such a thing past the Forresters. But why would they risk so bold a move? It is Lord Corin demands the spread of the faith – and his wife is a Forrester, if you've forgotten. They're spineless, the lot of them; they don't have enough assurances to take such a risk."
"Nor would they be wise to," said Conan, "but that question is the key to it all – or half, at any rate."
Dale raised an eyebrow.
"Half? What do you mean?"
Conan closed his eyes with a grimace.
"There is something you must know, Dale. The attempt on your life is not the true reason for our assembly this morning."
Dale looked about the room; it was a strange gathering, in truth. Conan and Dafyn were the only council members present, aside from Dale.
"Will Lord Willas be joining us, then?"
The room grew silent.
"No. Lord Willas..."
Conan sighed.
"It appears that some of these assailants infiltrated the keep in advance of the attack; while I investigated the torching at Pinewood, much of the family sheltered within the sept in prayer. There were plenty of guards inside – more than enough to protect them all.
"But the cowards didn't face our men head on. They barred the doors tight, and they set the sept alight."
Dale could scarcely believe it. He had always been a black sheep at Highpoint, but he could not begin to fathom committing such a crime.
"I see. How many were there?" asked Dale glumly, looking to the chamber doors.
"And who else has yet to arrive? Wilmer, Glendon, and Alvin? This is early an early morning, after all. Perhaps they are paying their respects to Willas? I would join them–"
Conan shook his head stoically.
"They're dead, Dale. All of them. Glendon, his wife, his children. Irma. Alvin, his wife and little Arthur. Wilmer and his wife..."
The eyes at the table moved to Waltyr, Wilmer's only son.
"And Waltyr's wife as well."
Dale's cousin wore a morose expression.
"And your daughter, Jessica...?"
"Is unharmed," said Waltyr, "for she has been ill. She was resting when the attack occurred – as was Irma's bastard, Simon. I kept watch over them with a handful of men during the attack."
When Waltyr finished, Conan continued with a sigh.
"My... wife was there, as was Dafyn's – and their daughter, Doris."
Daniel and Delwen looked as sullen as their father. Dale leaned forward
"What of Cormac and Conrad?"
Conan gritted his teeth.
"Cormac stood guard outside the sept when the attack took place; the assailants shot them down before burning it.
"As for Conrad... he was a brave lad. He was always a brave lad. He managed to break down the door when the fire was discovered, but... when he tried to rescue the children, the rafters gave in to the flames. He died with all the rest."
Dale knew naught what to say. He had never been a nurturting man, after all. Silence took the table for what felt like an eternity.
"All told, that leaves nine of us. Ten, if you count the bastard boy." said Conan in a tired tone.
Dafyn cleared his throat.
"Eleven, if you count our father. He draws breath yet in Crowtown, last I heard."
Conan shook his head.
"It doesn't matter. Father's duty is to the Watch now; I will not trouble him with our failings. What matters now is that we maintain the strength of Highpoint, and that Lady Alice is protected at any cost."
Conan looked to Waltyr.
"I shall trust you with the safety of our lady and your daughter. See that our most elite men remain with them at all times."
Waltyr nodded.
"Of course."
"We are all the men remaining to the house in this very room," said Conan, "and we must be vigilant. There could be another attack any day now."
Dale's ears pricked up at Conan's last statement.
"Wait, uncle."
The room's eyes turned to face the castellan.
"There is one Whitehill you've forgotten."
Conan seemed confused. Dale look first to the justiciar, and next to Dafyn.
"Your brother – Gared."
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2023.03.22 05:05 dino1902 Man, this shit was more bloodcurdling than reading about Vong atrocities (Dark Tide I: Onslaught)

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2023.03.22 05:02 LocationOk1668 How do I start a web hosting business on a dedicated server?

Starting a web hosting business on a dedicated server can be a complex process, but here are some general steps to get you started:
  1. Choose a niche: Determine the type of hosting you want to offer, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting. You may also want to specialize in a specific market, such as WordPress hosting, e-commerce hosting, or enterprise hosting.
  2. Choose a dedicated server: Choose a dedicated server that meets your needs in terms of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. You may want to consider factors such as server location, scalability, and uptime guarantee when choosing a provider.
  3. Set up your server: Set up your server by installing the necessary operating system, control panel, and software. You may also want to configure security settings and backup solutions.
  4. Create hosting plans: Create hosting plans based on your niche and pricing strategy. Determine the resources, features, and support you will offer for each plan, and set competitive pricing based on your market research.
  5. Set up a website: Set up a professional website to showcase your hosting plans, features, and pricing. Your website should also include a knowledge base, support ticket system, and other resources to help customers.
  6. Promote your business: Promote your hosting business through online marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and other channels. Offer promotions, discounts, and referral programs to attract and retain customers.
  7. Provide customer support: Provide exceptional customer support through live chat, email, phone, or ticket system. Ensure your support team is knowledgeable and responsive to customer needs.
Starting a web hosting business on a dedicated server can be challenging, but with the right approach, planning, and execution, it can be a profitable and rewarding venture.
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2023.03.22 04:58 dgj212 I think youtube should include a "reset" or "panic" button for their Algorithm.

I dunno about everyone else, but i think youtube should add a feature to reset the algorithm to a more mind-positive type of videos, or a reset button that resets the algorithm so that people can escape echo chambers that are either making them mad at the world or stressing them out.
I know you can adjust your searches and click different topics, but I feel having a quick method like this would be very helpful.
Imagine this: You are watching the news to stay informed, one of the videos you see prophesizes the next catastrophe so you try to find out more about it, then everything in your content is suddenly about doom and gloom, you can't escape it fast enough. Then you click the panic button, the page reloads, and now all of your feed is calming stuff, news about goodwill being done in the world, instrumental music, relaxation videos, and videos about mental wellness.
Or you hit the reset button when you are tired of listening to the same old songs and you get pushed a song, maybe even from like 2005 or something.
I dunno, i feel this would be helpful for quick relief, what does everyone else think?
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2023.03.22 04:50 Galapatoes There was the Honey Badger, then the Sugar Weasel. I bring you...THE Candy Critter! (aka mutant)

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2023.03.22 04:42 icy_fire1234 Viability of active stabilization using different thrust levels on various nozzles

I have a question if the following active stabilization method would be viable. If the combustion chamber of a rocket feeds directly into a three way split with three nozzles placed equidistantly in a circle around the end of a rocket, could changing the amount of exhaust gasses diverted to each nozzle be used to actively stabilize the rocket? If one or two nozzle produce less thrust then the rocket would start to lean to that side or somewhere in between them depending on the thrust levels. The amount of exhaust gas going to each nozzle could continuously be changed to keep the rocket stable. If this system is viable, it would be of particular use to solid and hybrid rockets where it is hard to mount the entire engine to a gyroscope. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and as a high school student I don’t have the best aerospace knowledge.
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2023.03.22 04:32 Ryguy96 New scope and case?

I just got my Tikka T3X CTR 20" chambered in .308 today. I am now looking for a scope, budget is around $500-$800 what would you all recommend? Also just curious what kind of case you guys use to store your Tikka? Thanks all!
Edit: I am mostly going to be using this rifle at the range and possibly hunting in the future.
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2023.03.22 04:30 FM919 Gunsmith Part 18 - I'm so lost

Im so damn confused, this is identical to wiki but somehow wont be accepted
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2023.03.22 04:10 UndertowTruck1 Am I A Gamethrower for shooting the mayor as vigilante?

Ok here's the scenario. I roll vigi. Awesome time to kill some evils!
Day 1 starts. Usual stuff, jailor meta, yada yada. Then, the mayor reveals! This will become important later
Day 2 starts and we start VFRing because there's only 1 sheriff. I'm number 13, so I'm safe. We get a couple claims. 1's doc, 4 claimed BG, and so did 6. Unfortunately, we have no lookouts to confirm them.
Day 3 starts and we're close to losing majority. 4 was killed by mafia, and the jailor disconnected. It's a 6 v 6 now. However, mayor was luckily still alive and we lynched the disguiser with mayor's voting powers. However, balance in town is fragile. We're at a 6 v 5 now. I need to take drastic measures to prevent us from losing. I whisper 6 (the BG claim) to protect mayor tonight.
Night 3 starts, and I'm ready to put my plan in action. 6 could be either evil or not, and we would have no way of knowing due to the lack of lookouts. However, there is one way to confirm 6. 6 needs to carry out their duty and protect the mayor. Slowly, I load a bullet into the chamber of the gun, click the mayor's name, and proceed to do the unthinkable.
Day 4 begins. I survived. Yet, the mayor didn't. Townies are screaming "wtf vigi shot mayor", "gamethrower", and "savant vigi". However, what they don't realize is that I FOUND THEM AN EVIL. 6 must be fake BG since they mayor was not protected. I explained to town my logic, but they didn't care. Low elo town then proceeded to lynch me because they suck at the game and don't know how to play properly like me. Yes, it was a 5 v 3 now, but I bet I got voted up cause town couldn't handle my big brain play.
Am I A Gamethrower for shooting the mayor as vigi?
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2023.03.22 04:04 Wonderful-Board-4992 Tiktok CEO appeals to US customers earlier than Home testimony

Tiktok CEO appeals to US customers earlier than Home testimony - TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew appealed on to the app's customers in a video posted on the platform on Tuesday forward of what's anticipated to be a heated grilling on the US Home Power and Commerce Committee this week.Filming from Washington, D.C., Chew centered closely on TikTok customers, the small and medium-sized companies and
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