2018 honda cr v exterior accessories

New Parents in New England - Looking for mini-SUV

2023.06.02 16:43 preggonerd New Parents in New England - Looking for mini-SUV

We realized it will be easier to own a car while having a child, so we started car shopping for a small SUV.
We want to decide on the model first before looking around at dealerships, carvana, etc, but hoping for a new or just a couple years old car.
We were initially deciding between a RAV4, CR-V, and Forester. I like that the RAV-4 and CR-V come in hybrid versions. We'd want AWD since we live in new england with a lot of snow around. We visited the three dealerships and I liked the interior of the 2023 CR-V, but felt like I could see the best in the Forester (but didn't feel impressed for some reason by that one). I'm a very short woman.
I also see that RAV4 is the most popular small SUV for a few years, so that seems promising, but I also see that the hybrid models are starting to fail after 2-3 years in the salt and snow?
I think we do like the idea of some of the more premium features, like blind spot detection, non-fabric seats, and power seating in the driver's seat. But we don't really feel married to them.
This week, we were thinking - well, if we're going to spend $35-7K on a new SUV, should we also consider spending $8K more and upgrading to a luxury brand, such as Audi or Lexus.
I see the Lexus NX350H also gets good consumer reports (and amazing gas mileage). Also, the BMW X3 and Audi Q3 seem to have good ratings as well.
Obviously, $8K isn't just nothing to sneeze at, but seems like a smaller amount in comparison to the new car price and it's something we could afford. Especially if the base model of these more luxury cars have all the premium features that we want, versus for Toyota for example, we'd have to add in packages to get those features.
I'm also wondering, I think the Honda or Toyota guy told us that new cars were still being sold above MSRP. I'm wondering if there's slightly less demand for the more luxury cars? That might not be true at all. We haven't visited those dealerships yet.
Looking for any advice on how to narrow down or what to choose. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 16:28 stalkthewizard 2023 CR-V only gets 19 mpg

What’s wrong with my new Honda CR-V? It’s only getting 19 mpg with the 1.5 turbo. And it sounds like a truck motor around town.
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2023.06.02 16:21 _Punko_ Open Forum Friday - June 2, 2023 - Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

Open Forum Friday - June 2, 2023 - Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

Right next to my copy of \"Boulevard of Broken Dreams\"
Projects. I was a project engineer for more than 3 decades. I brought countless projects to life, saw them to completion and closed them out. Projects start; projects end.
Work Projects that is. I also have countless personal projects, usually of a creative sort, that have never been completed, let alone closed out. I have a large graveyard of abandoned projects.
Generous folks have claimed it is because I am always in pursuit of perfection, but I know that it is due to many factors - most often a combination of dissatisfaction, change of heart, or loss of direction. Sometimes it is stumbling upon something else that seemed more exiting.
Projects all start the same: rush of an idea blooming, creative thoughts bouncing around like hailstones. Initial progress is rapid, first challenges smashed through without even a bump, each one an opportunity for creativity, imagination, and skills to shine. Glorious feelings lead to late nights, skipped meals, a real sense of accomplishment. Then a pause. A wait on materials, a missed opportunity, an emergency task, something trivial that pulls our attention away and we just don't ever seem to get back around to the project.
They'll sit waiting for us, pushed to the back of the desk, the bottom of the pile, or the garden shed. sometimes we do get back to them. Maybe a spark causes a second surge, but rarely does this happen a third time.
  • geodesic dome greenhouse for my mother. All the metal work was still stacked neatly in the garage when Dad sold the house a couple of years after my mother died (started in 1992)
  • my wood scale model of HMS Bounty sits on my bookcase, but noticeably missing her masts, standing rigging, and sails (started in 1989)
  • my 3D printed celestial dragon - fully articulated with working claws, limbs, and sinuous body - lies slumped with a spinal design problem next to a box of 100's of body pieces, discarded leg sections (started in 2020)
  • my custom inflatable exterior Halloween display - complete with it 8-foot diameter extra-dimensional wormhole and purple tentacles all sewn by me (Mrs. taught me how) lies in a large bag awaiting final assembly and testing (started in 2018)
  • My screenplay for a TV series about a near-lightspeed ship heading out of our solar system towards an exoplanet, where the A.I. seems to be becoming more unstable before ultimately revealed to be a human embedded in another part of the ship acting as the navigation system, kept awake and conscious for the hundreds of years necessary for the generational ship to reach its target. Just 3 episodes out of 15 outlined, with the pilot 50% drafted (started in 1997)
  • Far too many smaller projects to count.
So how about you? Do you have skeletons of uncompleted projects hanging out in your closet? Are there zombie projects waiting in a state of undeath?
This past week normalfreak gave us the weekly theme of "memorial" and we had several posts tagged with the weekly theme flair. My two favourites:
flowers are placed at a memorial outside Oslo by essen11 Something so simple can carry such a heavy message
War Memorial, Vácrátót, Hungary by LordJim11 Brilliant memorial design carrying a poignant message of loss
Also this week, a special call out to ecdolphins for his Member Essay post about total adblock and the scary dangers of zombie subscriptions.
For this week, I feel we should focus on the negative. You know, those things that everyone has had in their lives that they'd like to forget about and wish they never happened. No, not little sisters, but FAILURE ! There have been thousands of ways these things have been showcased from poor decision making, to sliding on the ice, to baseballs to the groin, if only to serve as warnings, but a literal army has been formed to highlight their awful majesty.
Please interpret this theme in any way you can and post them using the Weekly Theme flair. We always give additional credit to unusual approaches and for this week we're offering DOUBLE credit for interpretive dance.
So, see you in the comments!
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2023.06.02 16:15 1pastafarian Features not in the US?

I'm waiting impatiently for our 24' Touring xt so I've been watching way too many review videos, mostly of the '23 but my illness has few bounds. I saw a Australian review of a '23 where the reviewer mentioned the kick with foot to open rear hatch feature that the US version doesn't have, instead moving the sensor to the badge. I understand Subaru's reason to do the badge thing , but I'm curious if the do it differently elsewhere. Real or was he mistaken? I just saw a British '24 Touring review that showed a passenger side exterior mirror mounted camera for parking as well as headlight washer's. He mentioned these not as new features but more like 'this old thing'. Are these real but outside the us or are they new features I was unaware I'm getting? The headlight washer is a feature that looks good in theory, but I've had it on several cars and it's always near useless, more about making the front of the car look more dirty than improving vision, but a side mounted parking camera would be great and get a little closer to the 360 view this car solely lacks, along with the panoramic sunroof my wife desperately wants. Still, we awate the call from our dealer with the hope the electronics in our CR-V that have failed so badly in the past don't leave us stranded again.
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2023.06.02 14:04 Original_Lychee6088 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V
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Hello everyone! Back at it again with another reddit Dhgate Best Finds List! This one might be the biggest dhgate finds list I have ever made. NOTE: I have not bought all of the items on the list, but all of them are manually collected from positive reviews and from different dhgate hauls. (Check the reviews of each item or massage the seller for QC pictures before you buy.)
  1. Stone Island Hoodie
  2. Stone Island T-shirt
  3. Palm Angels Sprayed T-shirt
  4. Palm Angels Tracksuit
  5. The North Face Puffer Jacket
  6. Balmain T-shirts
  7. Canada Goose Vest
  8. Balenciaga BB Logo T-shirt
  9. Nike Tech Fleece
  10. Moncler T-shirt
  11. Gucci Spray Letters T-shirt
  12. LV Skeleton T-shirt
  13. Supreme x Kaws Box Logo T-shirt
  14. Moncler Maya
  15. Ralph Laurent Bear T-Shirt
  16. Ralph Laurent Polo T-shirt
  17. Off-White T-shirts
  18. Stussy Hoodie
  19. Burberry T-shirts
  20. Lacoste T-shirt
  21. Vlone Friends T-shirt
  22. Vlone Flames Logo T-shirt
  23. More Vlone T-shirts
  24. Vlone Hoodies
  25. Rhude T-shirt
  26. The North Face Vest
  27. The North Face x Brain Dead Jacket
  28. Moncler Vest
  29. Fendi Puffer Jacket
  30. Long Moncler Jacket
  31. Prada Zip Pocket T-shirt
  32. Prada Puffer Jacket
  33. Drew House Hoodie
  34. Louis Vuitton Patch T-shirt
  35. Louis Vuitton Stickers T-shirt
  36. Palm Angels Velvet Tracksuit
  37. Palm Angels Pattern Tracksuit
  38. Palm Angels Bear T-shirt
  39. Palm Angels Back Logo T-shirt
  40. Palm Angels Spray Heart T-shirt
  41. More Palm Angels T-shirts
  42. Juicy Couture Tracksuit
  43. Sp5der 555 Hoodie
  44. Sp5der T-shirt
  45. The North Face Light Jacket
  46. Moose Knuckles Jackets
  47. Ralph Lauren Zip Hoodie
  48. Polo Ralph Lauren Jumper
  49. Ralph Laurent Collared Shirts
  50. Lacoste Polo T-Shirt
  51. Balmain Sweatshirt
  52. Burberry Rider T-shirt
  53. Burberry Side Logo T-shirt
  54. Bottegga Veneta T-shirt
  55. Canada Goose Jacket
  56. Trapstar Irongate Jacket
  57. Trapstar Tracksuit Set
  58. Trapstar Black And Yellow Set
  59. Trapstar Shooters Tracksuit Set
  60. Trapstar Summer Set
  61. Gucci Tiger T-shirt
  62. Gucci Sweater
  63. Fendi T-shirts
  64. Bape Shark Hoodie
  65. Bape Camo Logo T-shirt
  66. Bape x Undefeated T-Shirt
  67. Bape x Heron Preston T-shirt
  68. Nike x Fear Of God T-shirt
  69. Fog Essentials Hoodie
  70. FOG Essentials T-shirt
  71. Gucci Snake Polo T-shirt
  72. Gucci Bear T-shirt
  73. Comme Des Garcons Hoodie
  74. Comme Des Garcons Sweatshirt
  75. Comme des Garçons T-shirt
  76. More cdg T-shirts
  77. Gap x Balenciaga Hoodie
  78. Balenciaga Sweater
  79. Balenciaga Hoodies
  80. Balenciaga Reflective Logo T-shirt
  81. Adidas x Balenciaga T-shirt
  82. Balenciaga Logo Hoodie
  83. Balenciaga Spray Logo T-shirt
  84. Balenciaga I Love Paris T-shirt
  85. More Balenciaga T-shirts
  86. Kenzo Tiger T-shirt
  87. Kenzo Flower T-shirt
  88. Boss T-shirt
  89. Celine Hoodie
  90. Chrome Hearts Dagger Hoodie
  91. Chrome Hearts Longsleeve
  92. Chrome Hearts T-shirt
  93. Gallery Dept T-shirt
  94. Gallery Dept Hoodie
  95. Stone Island Sweatshirt
  96. Stone Island Longsleeve
  97. Stone Island Zip Hoodie
  98. Stone Island Jacket
  99. Louis Vuitton Pattern Jacket
  100. Louis Vuitton T-shirts
  101. Louis Vuitton Camo Logo T-shirt
  102. Nocta Jacket
  103. Fendi Eyes T-shirt
  104. More Fendi T-shirts
  105. Rhude Racing Team T-shirt
  106. CPFM YE Must Be Born Again Hoodie
  107. Kids See Ghosts Hoodie
  108. Amiri T-shirts
  109. Amiri Crewneck
  110. Amiri Cupid Hoodie
  111. More Amiri T-shirts
  112. Moncler Polo T-shirt
  113. Moncler Sweatshirt
  114. Versace Robe
  115. Moncler Robe
  116. Tommy Hilfiger Collared Shirt
  117. Alexander McQueen T-shirt
  118. Alexander McQueen Sweatshirt
  119. Carhartt Hoodie
  120. Balmain Denim Jacket
  121. C.P Company Zip Up
  122. Represent T-shirt
  123. Fendi Sweater
  124. Gucci Hoodie
  125. Gucci Polo T-shirt
  126. Gucci T-shirt
  127. More Gucci T-shirts
  128. Kith T-shirts
  129. Prada Triangle Logo T-shirt
  130. Prada Sweater
  131. Prada Shirts
  132. Prada Vest
  133. More Moncler Jackets
  134. Astroworld T-shirts
  135. Gucci Pattern Polo T-shirt
  136. Another Ralph Laurent Hoodie
  137. Moschino Italy Bear T-shirt
  138. More VLONE T-shirts
  139. Christian Dior Atelier T-shirt
  140. CDG T-shirts
  141. Prada Puffer Jacket
  142. Louis Vuitton Puffer Jacket
  143. Louis Vuitton University Jackets
  144. Revenge Hoodie
  145. Revenge T-shirts
  146. Philip Plein T-shirts
  147. Nike x Fear Of God T-shirt
  148. ASSC T-shirt
  149. Louis Vuitton Knit T-shirt
  150. Drake Nocta Hoodie
  151. PSG Tracksuits
  152. The North Face x Gucci Jacket
  1. Louis Vuitton LV Belt With Box
  2. Rolex Watch With Box and Receipts
  3. Goyar Cardholder
  4. AP Watch With Box
  5. MCM Backpack
  6. Swatch x Omega Planets Watch
  7. Gucci Shoulder Bag
  8. Prada Shoulder Bag
  9. BB Simons Belt
  10. LV Gradient Belt
  11. LV Pattern Belt
  12. Yves Saint Laurent Wallet
  13. Yves Saint Laurent Cardholder
  14. YSL Bifold Wallet
  15. Trapstar Irongate Shoulder Bag
  16. PSD Boxers
  17. Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag
  18. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
  19. LV Wallets with box
  20. Hermes Wallet
  21. Louis Vuitton Cuban Link Bracelet With Box
  22. LV Women wallet with box
  23. LV Scarf And Beanie set
  24. Burberry Scarf
  25. Iced Out Cuban Link
  26. Goyard St. Louis Tote Bag
  27. Christian Dior Saddle Bag
  28. Gucci GG Belt
  29. Gucci Snake Belt
  30. Gucci Snake Printed Belt
  31. Gucci Ring
  32. Gucci Keychain
  33. Dior Pattern Belt
  34. MCM Pattern Belt
  35. Hermes Belt
  36. Versace Belt
  37. Nike Socks
  38. Supreme Backpack
  39. Louis Vuitton Backpack
  40. Alyx Backpack
  41. Supreme Shoulder Bag
  42. Supreme Face Mask
  43. Supreme Dice
  44. Air Pods Max
  45. Balenciaga Socks
  46. Prada Necklace
  47. Prada Bucket Hat
  48. Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag
  49. Chanel Flap Bag
  50. Louis Vuitton Card Holder
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  53. Louis Vuitton Chain Wallet
  54. Lv Purse
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  57. Hermes Blanket
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  61. Chanel Bath Towels
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  63. Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses
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  65. MCM Leather Hat
  66. ICON Hat
  67. Amiri Hat
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  72. Coach Tabby Pillow Bag
  73. Bottega Cassette Crossbody Bag
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  75. LV Millionaire Sunglasses
  76. LV Cyclone Sunglasses
  77. LV Ring
  78. LV Earrings
  79. LV Emilie Wallet
  80. Various LV Bags
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  83. Chanel Earrings
  84. Clear Cartier Glasses
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  86. UGG Gloves
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  89. Tiffany Solitaire Ring
  90. Tiffany Earrings
  91. C.P COMPANY Beanie
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  93. Prada Beanie
  94. Louis Vuitton Beanie
  95. Balenciaga Beanie
  96. Gucci Shocks
  97. Balenciaga Side Logo Hat
  1. Eric Emanuel EE Shorts
  2. Corteiz Cargo Pants
  3. Essentials Sweatpants
  4. Amiri Jeans
  5. Rhude Shorts
  6. Gallery Dept. Sweatpants
  7. Stone Island Cargo Pants
  8. Lululemon Yoga Pants
  9. Flower Jeans
  10. True Religion Jeans
  11. Gucci Shorts
  12. Essentials Shorts
  13. More Amiri
  14. Stone Island Sweatpants
  15. Stone Island Shorts
  16. Gucci Shorts
  17. Balmain Jeans
  18. DSQARED2 Jeans
  19. Amiri Jeans
  20. Amiri Angel Jeans
  21. Dsquared2 Jeans
  22. Bape Shorts
  23. Palm Angels Shorts
  1. Alexander McQueen
  2. Versace Chain Reaction
  3. MSCHF Big Red Boots
  4. More Alexander McQueens
  5. Selehe Bembury x Crocs
  6. Foam Runners
  7. Balenciaga Triple S
  8. Balenciaga Speed Runner
  9. Balenciaga Track
  10. Balenciaga Slides With Box
  11. Burberry REGIS
  12. Bapesta
  13. Bapesta Sk8
  14. Gucci Ace
  15. Gucci Rhython
  16. YSL Heels
  17. Rick Owens
  18. Dior Boots
  19. Hermes Sandals
  20. Chloe Sandals
  21. UGG Slippers
  22. Gucci Heels
  23. Prada Heels
  24. Valentino Shoes
  25. Louis Vuitton Trainer
  26. Louis Vuitton Slides
  27. Dior B22
  28. Dior B30
  29. Christian Louboutin
  30. Gucci Flashtrecks
  31. Gucci Slides
  32. Gucci Floral Slides
  33. Givenchy Slides With Box
  34. New Balance 550
  35. New Balance 2002R
  36. Birkenstocks
  37. Off-White Low Top Sneakers
  38. Nike x Nocta Hot Step
  39. Nike Dunk
  40. Fragment Lows
  41. Jordan 1
  42. Jordan 3
  43. Jordan 4
  44. More Jordan 4s
  45. Jordan 5
  46. Jordan 11
  47. Air Force 1
  48. Nike x Tiffany Air Force 1
  49. Skeleton Nike Air Force 1
  50. Air Force 1 Supreme
  51. Nike Air Max Plus
  52. Nike Air Max 97
  53. Nike Vapormax Plus
  54. Revenge x Storms
  55. Kobe 6
  56. Yeezy 350 v2
  57. Cheaper Yeezy 350
  58. Yeezy 350 v1
  59. Yeezy 700
  60. Yeezy 500
  61. Yeezy 380
  62. Yeezy Knit Runner
  63. Yeezy Slides
  64. Yeezy NSLTD Boots
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2023.06.02 08:34 mister-see identify this sound?

identify this sound?
2013 honda cr-v makes this buzzy/grinding sound at startup after sitting for a few hours. it does not make the sound if i turn it off and crank it up again within an hour or two. ideas?
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2023.06.02 04:32 rdmiyaw Salamat, Reddit. 💍♥️ Cheret lang! Napakahirap ibenta ng dalawang 'to. Isama ko na rin 'yong may-ari ng kamay. Lol.

Salamat, Reddit. 💍♥️ Cheret lang! Napakahirap ibenta ng dalawang 'to. Isama ko na rin 'yong may-ari ng kamay. Lol.
🌷 Pandora ring (size 50). 🌷 Honda CR-V 2016 model. 🌷 Iyong kumuha ng picture.
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2023.06.02 03:40 mihirshelar 2022 Honda CR-V EX - Flat back seats to sleep?

2022 Honda CR-V EX - Flat back seats to sleep? submitted by mihirshelar to crv [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 03:24 CinReds2024WSChamps Feel Overwhelmed/Need Advice

Essentially, if you were given a 30-35k budget and were told you had to buy and SUV want would you buy. I don’t know how to narrow is down and make a choice. I have sat in and test drove: Chevy: Equinox Honda: CR-V Hyundai: Tucson, Sante Fe Mazda: CX-30 Nissan: Rogue Subaru: Outback Toyota: Corolla Cross, RAV-4
I am not married to any of these cars and if there is something better I’d love to hear more about it.
I am a young male in good shape but I am 6’5 and had hip surgery due to getting t-boned so I want to be comfortable long term.
What is the best SUV to buy and why?
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2023.06.02 03:01 JewJitzutTed Hyundai Tucson hybrid vs Toyota Rav4 Hybrid vs Honda CR V hybrid

I would like to hear opinions on these cars. I would like a midsize hybrid SUV that can get to 200k miles. My wife would like a sunroof. One thing i disliked about the Tucson is it doesn’t have a shifter, and i like shifting like I’m in fast and the furious. I’m comfortable spending $40k on a car.
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2023.06.02 02:59 jbear0392 What's it worth?

What's it worth?
'02 Honda CR-V with a K24. It needs new motor mounts as it sat for a while. Good tread, fluids are flushed and new gas. New transmission as reverse was acting up beforehand. I'm new to the crv thing and unsure of overall value. It runs beautifully and shifts/ drives/ brakes smooth. Anything helps, thank you. No rust, Seattle car with 8/10 interior. No kids.
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2023.06.02 02:56 katherineswims Small SUV options

Thinking about saying goodbye to my 2017 Hyundai Tucson Limited (95K miles, absolutely guzzling oil, tired of small repairs and issues) and looking into another small SUV. I'm nearly in my 40s and this is only the second car I've ever owned, so it feels like a major event. My first car was a basic Corolla that served me well for nearly ten years. I work from home and use my Tucson mostly for short trips and the occasional, delightful hurricane evacuation or longer road trip.
Some things I'm looking for in my next vehicle: - SUV that seats 5 and has plenty of car seat room (I have a toddler) - Similar safety features to my Hyundai: rear cross traffic sensor, blind spot monitoring, forward collision mitigation - Push start, proximity key to open doors - Leather seats, ideally with heat/ventilation - More giddy up than my '07 Corolla had, ha - Reliability my '07 Corolla had - 5'11" person with very long legs, need great legroom and headroom, and comfortable seats a huge plus - Upper end of budget ~$40K, leaning used
So far, I've been looking at higher trim levels of the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and more basic trims of the Volvo XC40/XC60. I'm not interested in another Hyundai/Kia and am not crazy about Mazdas (didn't enjoy how my dad's drove), Subarus (don't enjoy driving/riding in them much; my parents and in-laws both drive one), or American cars in general.
Thoughts on these models and trim levels? What will balance reliability and safety with fun and maybe a splash of luxury for someone who's definitely entering their soccer mom era in the burbs? Anything I'm missing or should seriously consider? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 21:22 Mirai_Evergarden Motion sickness in an L320?

Hi all,
I’m thinking of getting a 2008 Sport, I’ve test driven it, it looks and runs great, and I’m waiting on a PPI to come back to make my final decision.
However, something I’d really like to consider is if its a car that is prone to giving motion sickness. I don’t think I can possibly emulate motion sickness in just a test drive so I’ll probably only find out if I end up buying it which is why I figured I’d ask the community about it.
I don’t experience car sickness in lower, non-suv cars but I do in the smaller Honda CR-V, and I attribute that to excessive body roll. I know that the L320 has some amount of body roll- that’s a given how high up the center of gravity is. But I’ve also heard that the air suspension makes it much less of an issue. Is this true?
Any personal experience with camotion sickness in this car?
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2023.06.01 21:01 DVNKLXRD 2001 RX300

So, I really want to know all the pros and cons of 1st gen RX300 awd.
I currently own a 1st gen Honda CR-V and would like to uprgade to a nicer SUV and I could get an RX300 for pretty cheap. It has timing belt just changed and with a pretty good history.
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2023.06.01 20:03 DVNKLXRD 2001 Lexus RX300

I know they're realiable as fuck, but how they handle off-road is my question. I currently own a 1998 Honda CR-V and would want to upgrade for a little nicer SUV, I don't want to take a 30K loan to get a straight axle 4x4 so these unibody AWD SUV's are on my budget.
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2023.06.01 16:20 thorshammer_132 Thursday morning thread brought to you by new cars

My wife and I found our replacement for her CR-V recently, and everything's being finalized today! We ended up getting a 2019 Subaru Forester, and even though it's only two years newer than the Honda, it's amazing how much more refinement and quietness has been built into it in that time.
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2023.06.01 14:41 sleepinsane1331 Solar trickle charger

Hey guys, I’m currently driving a 2008 Honda CR-V and this Intoxalock is constantly draining my battery and giving me issues. Is there a specific solar trickle charger that works best for my car? Thanks!
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2023.06.01 14:22 _The_Crow_ Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR In Depth - Season 181

Greetings, Reddit Ensemble!
The current season's Prestige Cup cars are the Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR's. The cars were initially introduced in season 117 (December 10, 2020 - December 24, 2020) (Update 2.17.0) as Crew Championship Season (Top 10)/Milestone (20M Crew RP Prize) cars.
The gold star Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR will need between 2 and 3 stage 6s (might be doable with 1 stage 6) in order to beat the Cup or you can get thru the Cup with all stage 6s, uncommon, rare fusions and 5-10 epics. Don't forget to claim your free Prestige Cup crates in Rare Imports.
The Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR is a decent T5 car. This time the Audi's are not part of the Championship ShowDown, but the Prestige Cup crates are every 48 hours instead of 72 hours.
Audi R8:
The Audi R8 is a mid-engine, 2-seater sports car which uses Audi's trademark quattro permanent all-wheel drive system. It was introduced by the German car manufacturer Audi AG in 2006.
The car is exclusively designed, developed, and manufactured by Audi AG's private subsidiary company manufacturing high performance automotive parts, Audi Sport GmbH (formerly known as quattro GmbH). The car is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo and presently the Huracán platform. The fundamental construction of the R8 is based on the Audi Space Frame and uses an aluminium monocoque which is built using space frame principles. The car is built by Audi Sport GmbH in a newly renovated factory at Audi's 'aluminium site' at Neckarsulm in Germany. It is also the first production car with full-LED headlamps.
First generation (2006–2015):
The Audi Le Mans quattro (Audi R8 concept car) first appeared at the 2003 International Geneva Motor Show and the 2003 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The R8 road car (model code: Type 42) was officially launched at the Paris Auto Show on 30 September 2006. There was some confusion with the name, which the car shares with the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning R8 Le Mans Prototype (LMP). Initial models included the R8 4.2 FSI coupé (with a V8 engine) and R8 5.2 FSI coupé (with a V10 engine). Convertible models, called the Spyder by the manufacturer, were introduced in 2008, followed by the high-performance GT model introduced in 2011. The Motorsport variants of the R8 were also subsequently introduced from 2008 onwards. An all-electric version called the e-Tron started development but would only reach production stage when the second generation model would be introduced.
The car received a facelift in 2012 and a new model called the V10 Plus was added to the range. Production of the first generation Audi R8 ended in August 2015.
Second generation (2015–present):
The second generation of the R8 (model code: Type 4S) was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and is based on the Modular Sports System platform shared with the Lamborghini Huracan. The development of the Type 4S commenced in late 2013 and was completed in late 2014 (2015 model year in Europe, 2017 model year in the US). Initial models included the all-electric e-Tron and the V10 5.2 FSI along with the V10 plus. Unlike its predecessor, there was no manual transmission available and the entry-level V8 trim was also dropped. In 2016, the convertible (Spyder) variant was added to the line up which was initially available in the base V10 trim. In mid-2017, the high performance V10 plus Spyder was added to the range. A rear-wheel drive model called the R8 RWS was introduced.
In 2018 (2020 model year in the US), the R8 received a mid-cycle refresh with mechanical and exterior changes. The newer and more aggressive design language carried over from famous Audi models of the past and its appearance is slightly more angular up front. The refreshed model had substantial performance improvements over its predecessor. The base R8 gets a power boost from 532 hp to 562 hp, while the V10 Plus was renamed V10 Performance Quattro and the engine saw a power increase by 10 hp (7 kW), now up to 612 hp.
The Audi R8 e-tron (2015) was an all-electric version of the second-generation R8. Unlike the earlier 2010 prototype based on the first-generation R8, it actually entered production, but only on a small scale, with less than 100 units sold. It featured a 92-kWh battery.
NEWING Japan is a modification and custom shop that specializes in aerodynamic body packages. The customization for the Alpil body kit includes an over fender body style and smoother wrap. This also includes a high percentage of carbon fibre, reducing weight and decreasing drag. The kit pieces include front spoiler, side diffuser, rear side diffuser, rear wing, switch kit, carbon cover, and carbon rear wing.
You can beat race #28 on stage 5s.
Prestige Cup Thresholds (Gold Star):
  • Speed Trap (Race #4) - 155 mph (249 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #10) - 188 mph (302 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #16) - 209 mph (336 km/h)
  • Speed Trap (Race #22) - 230 mph (370 km/h)
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #7): 5.109
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #13): 4.307
  • Sprint 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) (Race #19): 3.693
  • Stage 6 Race (Race #28): 10.417 (Gabriel with Porsche 911 RWB)
  • Final Race (Race #30): 9.619 (Mateusz with McLaren F1 LM)
Full fused stage 5 tunes, stage 6 effects, maxed tunes and shift patterns:
Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR (Gold Star):
  • Full S5s - dynos at 10.204 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 232/4.0
    • FD - 3.46
    • Tires - 53/47
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Tires 9.761 -0.443
Engine 9.881 -0.323
Nitrous 9.915 -0.289
Body 9.944 -0.260
Transmission 10.001 -0.203
Intake 10.019 -0.185
Turbo 10.039 -0.165
Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 1897
  • NOS - 298/6.3
  • FD - 2.64
  • Tires - 53/47
  • Dyno: 8.143
  • Test Run: 7.948
  • Shift Pattern (Right side good launch, instant shift into 2nd at 6 mph, shift into 3rd at around 4000 RPM, shift into 4th at around 4200 RPM and NOS, rest shifts at 9500 RPM)
Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR (Purple Star):
  • Full S5s - dynos at 10.102 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 237/4.7
    • FD - 3.40
    • Tires - 53/47
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Tires 9.638 -0.464
Body 9.715 -0.387
Nitrous 9.825 -0.277
Engine 9.829 -0.273
Transmission 9.908 -0.194
Intake 9.918 -0.184
Turbo 9.942 -0.160
Audi NEWING Alpil R8 RSR (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 1931
  • NOS - 314/6.5
  • FD - 2.62
  • Tires - 53/47
  • Dyno: 8.074
  • Test Run: 7.884
  • Shift Pattern (Right side good launch, instant shift into 2nd at 6 mph, shift into 3rd at around 4000 RPM, shift into 4th at around 4200 RPM and NOS, rest shifts at 9500 RPM)
  • Information about Update 4.5 via the data mine - click/press (Text Version) and click/press (Chart Version)
  • Information about Update 4.5 via the official CSR2 site - click/press
I've created a Ko-fi, because I don't want to limit the information that I provide with a pay wall. I'm thankful for all your support thru the years. I'll be more than happy if you can support me even further. Here's the link - click/press (Now you can use also Apple Pay and Google Pay).
Thank you for your support and time!
Happy racing and stay safe!
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2023.06.01 13:09 d00bsken First time car buyer - looking for used SUV recommendations under 15k

Hey guys
Looking at buying a used SUV as my first car. Budget is 10-15k, looking for a reliable automatic, ideally 4WD SUV for both suburban driving and regular camping/long haul driving purposes.
Through a bit of perusing of the used car market as well as some research i've found a few makes/models that are potentially suitable but wanted to get some more advice, so any insight on the following would be appreciated plus any additional ones I may have overlooked.
Most of the used cars in my price range have odometers sitting in the 120-180k range so if these candidates are/aren't dependable with that many K's on them that would also be good to know
- Toyota RAV4 or Kluger
- Subaru Forester or Outback
- Nissan X-Trail (however I heard the CVT on the automatic models are prone to shitting the bed)
- Honda CR-V
- Kia Sportage
- Hyundai i35
- Mitsubishi Outlander
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2023.06.01 07:41 J-Jupiter Car making noise like a slide whistle starting at about 20-25 MPH.

Car making noise like a slide whistle starting at about 20-25 MPH.
I've got a 2011 Honda CR-V with about 150K miles. Over the last few weeks, I began to notice a weird noise whenever I accelerated. Around 20/25/30 MPH, a hollow whistling noise starts up that disappears when I'm in neutral or when my foot is off the gas. The noise rises in pitch with MPH until it's too high to be hear anymore. My general maintenance mechanic (brakes, filters, etc) has checked it out twice and can't figure out what it is, but he suggested it might be transmission related.
Exhaust system checks out, temps are all normal, oil was changed less than 4K ago, starts fine, etc. The only thing that is somewhat concerning is my transmission fluid color, which is looking less like Unicorn Tears Magenta and more like Extremely Weak Soy Sauce, but I'm a bit wary of doing a change since I've been told that doing so on a high mileage car can end up making things worse (the whole "metal bits = traction, no metal bits = gears slipping" thing).
I'm probably gonna have to take it in to the transmission shop near me, but if anybody has any idea what's going on, I'd greatly appreciate the input.
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2023.06.01 04:34 AmazedCat26 Did I make a good purchase?

Did I make a good purchase?
I was in a lease with Honda for around a year and a half, when I decided to trade in my lease, since I still had equity in it, for a new car. Sadly, my only options were to trade/sell my car to a Honda, as they don't allow lease buyouts from third-party companies.
I knew I wanted a SUV/Hatchback, and I always heard that the CR-V's are really great cars. It was super competitive when I went to look though, as two of the cars I wanted to buy, eventually got bought (one guy bought the car as I was test driving it 🥴). Every car that I was looking at was pretty pricey, I even saw a used Chevy spark go for 19K 😭😭.
Anyways, I bought a 2014 CR-V LX with about 74 thousand miles on it.The price was a little less than 20K. It's super clean, and had only one previous owner. Did I make a bad purchase, or is this reasonable given the market currently?
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