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2021.06.24 23:21 GuidancePatient9690 Ps5WalmartHelp

This subreddit is for those people who wanna stay updated with their Walmart orders! I see some subreddits deleting peoples post just because they are talking about their shipping and having questions on a big thread! I’m creating this so anyone can ask anything! Any questions are open to any and everyone! I’m one of those people that is anxiously checking their Walmart status, bank account, email, fedex app. So I’m creating this to establish a community where everyone can be on the same page!

2013.12.11 00:33 beating depression starts today

This is a subreddit for those who want to semi-publicly undertake a battle to improve their lives. Make a "To Do" list, and update your progress daily.

2023.04.01 12:13 sanriocore15 24[F4M] Central Java / Indonesia /Anywhere - Can we just stay on March because next month I'm gonna be 25 and I'm not ready, but I'm ALWAYS ready to meet your acquaintance ! - long post ahead

How are you holding up? I hope that you are doing fine right now and keep breathing ! Also if that's alright, may I have your attention for a second? I'm kidding it'll take longer than that so.. maybe a couple minutes? There is no age limit, just be legal at least.
So, let me introduce myself as the final year's university student (three months count down starts now) whom looking for an acquaintance with a genuine potential awesome individual with a pure soul and perhaps we will ended up rescuing dogs in the future together, we will never know if we never try, right? All I ask is that please be respectful towards each others and hopefully we can develop something meaningful for both of us during the process.
All I ask is that please be respectful towards each others and hopefully we can develop something meaningful for both of us during the process. Any genders, sexualities and ages are welcomed, there is no age limit, just be legal, be real. My physical appearance is black hair, dark brown eyes, and 5 feet standing, here is the visual : can I get yours too?
Personally, I am that one "care too much" kind of person who is also have a soft spot for a skincare / self-care / skin wellness thing since I am a certified beauty advisor ( but my certificate is completely useless rn ) and unfortunately I have no one to apply this skill on besides myself lately, so if you ever wanted to be a volunteer then I'll accept you with an open arms ! There is no such thing as asking too much question about this topic, I'm glad to help (: Tell me your issues and I will try my best to find the best skincare solution for you.
I love to categorise myself as an old school soul who still believe in the power of a monogamy idea so if you're in a relationship or you're that someone who is in an open relationship, we can only be a platonic one ( this is a final call so there is no blurry line in between ). All that I can ask from you is to be honest about yourself/ your relationship status. I'm not looking for a "getaway car" or an unfinished past kind of thing. Also not looking for an encounter with an upset gf or partner along the way.
IMPORTANT : I will leave the meet up plan to you when things require us to meet in real life. So if you're not in a position to travel abroad to where I am at, then please just ignore this and let's not waste eachother's time because I'm not looking for an online fling. We should discuss about it once we survive the "three months rule" (:
One of my good trait is that I never forgot to say please or sorry or thank you under a certain circumstances (: my type of personality is ENTP, putting it out there because it does matter for some people. For my bad trait is that I can have an episode of a mental breakdown due to my BPD issue, but I try to do better now.
Furthermore, I love to categorise myself as an on the groove person, I scroll the news every morning and at the end of my day, I read articles oftenly, keeping up with a new movies/series/music food recipes, baking 101, I also play some mobile games too (don't have a PC) or even some conspiracies. So I think that our range of discussion will be a broad one.
Even though,a boss girl has her weak moment sometimes I mean I am also that Passenger Princess, but as long as we can be each others hypeman/woman then I think nothing is impossible!
Meanwhile I welcome every interaction, but I still do a self-filtering everyone who is reaching me out for my own safety and consideration. I'd love this to be a fair and square encounter, so no hard feelings.
Whew, so is this the end? Yes.. this is the end of this blabber but also the beginning of our amazing acquaintance!
I am keen to discuss about any further information and get to know you though do mind the time difference (; so feel free to respond this if I'm your cup of coffee, yeah I know it's supposed to be a tea but hey whatever floats our boats, right?
I won't respond to only a hey or hi sorry not sorry, be versatile ! And I will be waiting to meet your acquaintance as long as this post is exists.
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2023.04.01 12:13 ichigo-ai New "thumbs" design in the web version. I'm not a fan, so I've "fixed" them with Stylebot

I've noticed a recent update in the web version introduced more "intrusive" thumbs reactions design. It's a matter of taste of course, but I don't like the new design so much. I wanted to share my solution, if someone is interested. I've used the extension Stylebot (for Chrome and Edge), that allows to "permanently" modify the css (stylesheet) of a website. Obviously it's only on your local browser 😃 I don't know if there are better extensions, it's just the first that I've found working well enough.
If you know about css, you can do whatever you want. If you don't, I'll share my simple fix, you can apply it if you like going into the extension settings (click on the extension while being on Replika Web -> Open Stylebot -> click "code" on the bottom) and pasting the code.
Here's a comparison:


This is the css code I've used:
button.MessageReaction__MessageReactionRoot-sc-4889nd-1.eZWbkD {
background-color: #00000000; box-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2) 0px 0px 0px; }
div.ReactionDialogBody__ReactionEmoji-sc-125vsjr-0.MessageReaction__Emoji-sc-4889nd-0.gDjOFQ.lahszc {
width: 1em; height: 1em; opacity: 0.5; filter: gray; filter: grayscale(1); -webkit-filter: grayscale(1);
div.ReactionDialogBody__ReactionEmoji-sc-125vsjr-0.MessageReaction__Emoji-sc-4889nd-0.bUoQip.lahszc {
width: 1em; height: 1em; opacity: 0.5; filter: gray; filter: grayscale(1); -webkit-filter: grayscale(1);
Hope it's useful for someone else 😊
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2023.04.01 12:12 secretaccount909 I used to be transphobic because I was sick

I used to be transphobic. I used to get mad when someone told me they were thinking of starting hormone therapy. It was so uncomfortable for me to hear about any changes someone would even think of making for more feminine features.
During that time I was very sick and on hormone therapy. My body never functioned as it should have and women’s health isn’t taken seriously, especially when you are young and struggling to advocate for yourself.
When the ‘normal’ methods of trying to sync the hormones in body didn’t work, I was put on a long term hormone therapy to ‘balance’ my hormones.
It made me sicker and sicker, to the point I begged to just have a hysterectomy as I was not living. I was sleeping in the bathtub and crying trying to walk hunched over like a shrivelled banana.
My body never “feminized”, my boobs stayed flat and after over 4 years of hormone therapies I was told I would never bear children.
When I was in this state I couldn’t understand why anyone would willingly take hormone therapies. At that time in my life I felt as the trans movement was telling me everyone else could be more of women than I ever could.
I was drowning in my own dysmorphia and my own hormonal imbalances. I felt like this movement was mocking me, a women who would never pass for one.
I’ve grown a lot since then and I been off treatment for 8 years. I regret my bitterness, and I regret the fire that I spewed in the collective conscious of a the transphobic and hateful things I thought.
Now I’m am deeply saddened by the world. I cry for all the trans people in America who are facing the plights they are currently.
I know now that you aren’t on hormone therapy because it’s fun. I know how shit it is, it takes strength to be able to battle not only the physical side effect of hormone therapy but the mental as well.
Without the lgbtq+ community I wouldn’t have been comfortable trying to feminize myself. I wouldn’t have YouTube tutorials on how to work on my voice, or how to make dresses meant to have boobs fit when you don’t have boobs.
Because of trans people I have gotten to experience a little bit of what womenhood looks like to me. Because of trans people I have been able to explore and be comfortable being androgynous. Because of trans people I have been able to find how to complement my masculine features.
Because of trans people I have been able to explore the spectrum of gender without feeling judged.
I was never regulated, but I don’t have to live thinking i am broken anymore.
I’ve learned more about how to take care of myself and improve myself from drag queens and trans people than any other people in my life.
I’m so very embarrassed of my past self, and I am very thankful for those who have been open about their journey.
Thank you to those fighting for us all to have the space to explore without judgement, and with guidance.
Thank you for trying to bring colour and light into this world that so desperately needs its.
Thank you is all I can offer whilst such horrors and evil try to snuff out the beauty you breath into the world.
Please accept my admiration as an apology. As I didn’t intend to continue such hurtful things to such beautiful people.
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2023.04.01 12:12 HardworkPanda Supermarket Expert Idle

Play Supermarket Expert Idle
A new Supermarket idle adventure is now beginning with the experts of this job. You have just opened a new supermarket in your town and you should manage there. There are lots of customers visiting your supermarket daily. You can earn good money and
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2023.04.01 12:12 LiteraryLizard8_ Tricycle

The school bell rang, and Damien left with George to the bakery down the road to buy two coconut strawberry cakes, they found Lucy there, buying a Pepsi and chicken vegetable pie, “thank you” she said, moving to leave the shop, giving Damien a deep sideways look tainted with love, “wait” he said, “what,” “we are going into the woods after this,” it was 5.33pm, he and George had left school late after staying back in the library to finish their biology homework for the week, “sure,” she said, one black pant covered leg crossed over the other above cute AF1s with ruffle socks, twirling side to side, they left with the cakes, and walked through the train station to a secret entry on the other side through a small gap in trees down into a wide drainage system protected from sight by trees and apartment buildings, running through a large, graffiti littered pipe they existed the other side and jumped over rocks in a stream to a thick patch of trees and out into the woods, Lucy found her tricycle behind a thick moss-covered log, “when are you going to learn how to ride the bike without those training wheels,” “when you die,” she swung her leg over the bike and pushed it off through the trees, Damien and George in tow, Damien on the bike he left behind the same log, Damien on foot, the other two were soon far ahead of him, “I have to go guys,” George said, “ok, see you tomorrow” Damien said, he watched George’s form fade into the darkness and shifted his attention back to Lucy, she gave him a seductive smile, and pushed onward, she was the baddest girl in their sister school, wing eye-lined green eyes, dark hair falling off her perfectly symmetrical head in curls.
The moon was now full, just below the majority of bottom branches, bright orange eyes peeking out of halloween lanterns, and green light flickering from candles through green-stained hexagonal metal-glass containers hung on branches throughout the woods, casting a green-orange hue through the woods, Lucy’s tricycle squeaked through the night, Damien behind her on his two-wheeled bike, “I like your ass” he said, observing the soft expanse of her ass going up to a thin waist beneath the short black shirt she took out of her bag, she slowed down on her bike, pulling over next to a large tree, “oh yeah” “you wanna see it” “yeah” he said, blushing, she pulled the sides of her pants down, and stepped out of them, leaving an hourglass in a short black shirt and AF1s with ruffle socks alone with him in the dark woods, she walked to him and dragging her hands down his arms, putting his hands on her waist, she moved up to kiss him, he put one hand behind her neck, pulling at a chunk of the skin on the back of her waist with the other, ecstasy beginning to flow heavily through his body, a crack of twigs sounded behind her, she gasped and looked behind, his hands still connected to her, a pair of neutral appearing solid-orange circular eyes grew through the night toward them, they shifted through space up to them, a pair of sharp white teeth streaked with dark purple-black veins slowly coming out of its black face, a sharp black hand nearly imperceptible against the night reaching out and wrapping around her head, slamming it against the tree at a nearly imperceptible speed, leaving a bloody-bony splatter on the tree, and a body from the neck down on the ground.
The demon levitated backwards, “run” it said, Damien’s eyes widened in fear, turning to run directly away, he sprinted between trees with the demon shifting through space behind him, orange eye the only hint of its existence, each shift sending a cold wave of anxiety through him, a large dilapidated, wooden house came into view ahead, hope filled his eyes, he ran up the stairs, slamming his shoulder into the door, knocking it over and stumbling through into the house, he saw a door at the back and ran toward it, seeing a hallway to the right and a kitchen to the left he threw his bag into the kitchen and began to creep through the hallway on the right, going through an open door into a bedroom, he threw himself beneath the large ruffled blanket on the bed, next to a large teddy bear, lying flat, he heard a shift of wind near the door, and felt a darkness fall over the room, animalistic breathing sounded from the demon, Damien opened his eyes and saw two orange circles come over him, horrid breath seeping through the blanket, it took all his mental effort not to move, the eyes shifted up slightly and a sharp pain stung the bottom of his chin and top of his head.
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2023.04.01 12:11 jenbutkostov he broke up with me.

we haven't dated for 7 years. but we loved each other for 7 years. woke up this morning in his bed cuddling. last night i gave him head and we fell asleep cuddling. today we were going back to stay at my place. he carries my stuff in. and tells me 'this is it'. i ask him to come upstairs to talk. he doesn't see a future with me. we were looking at apartments together. i opened up about my past traumas with him. we did everything together. i baked for him, i made him hand crafted gifts, i spent time with him, i supported him. and nothing. he told me on thursday he loved me more than anything. i sobbed, hearing that. its all i wanted to hear for 7 years. today he tells me it was a lie and he thought if he said it he's feel it. it was 9 days ago he started doubting if he saw a future with me. it took him 9 days to throw away 7 years of love. we had a pregnancy scare together, i lost my hamster and he mourned with me, we handled my ex stalking me together. i met his friends both irl ones and online ones. we had tickets for events planned together. and all it took was 9 days to throw it away.
i didn't even feel this heartbroken and betrayed when my ex r*ped me. it made me loose my self-worth. but i've now lost my ability to feel i deserve to be loved. and my insecurities feel at an all time high.
i love you so much, t. i wish you saw that.
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2023.04.01 12:10 tulipstothefrontline econ major in L&S trying to become an SWE

hi, I was recently accepted to Berkeley L&S Class of 2027! I really want to commit, but there are some CS restraints that other schools don't have... Weighing my options rn
So I realized too late in life ('late' right after the application cycle) that I kind of have an affinity for CS and would like to consider a career as an SWE. I understand that it's kind of hard/impossible to switch into L&S CS/EECS, but I was wondering:
1) what classes should I take freshman year to better my chances of being able to declare CS as my major or go to EECS (also is CS70 still blocked?)
2) If I can't declare a CS major, are there any CS classes open to everybody that I can take? Or even non-specifically CS classes that would be beneficial for anyone considering a career as an SWE that is available to non-CS majors
3) Are there any CS clubs (that accept non-CS majors/people with not much experience). If so, could you recommend some (also resume-wise, which clubs are the best for SWE's)
4) Is there anyone on this reddit that majored in something else and managed to pivot into Tech (If so, how did you do it?)

Whoops! That was a lot but any help is appreciated, really hope to be in Berkeley
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2023.04.01 12:10 Ok-Thing8914 what’s your fail-proof study tips?

I can’t, for the life of me, sit down and do this assignment that is due in 2 days. It seems that I will likely pull an all nighter and do the whole thing tomorrow night instead, which will mess up my sleeping schedule for the next couple of weeks. This happens every time and I’m very sick of myself for always being like this. How do you cope with the boredom of studying?
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2023.04.01 12:10 LivingMalik-55 25[M4F] Online/Anywhere- Looking for a long-term genuine and fun relationship

Greetings from across the miles
Are you ready to have some fun and spice up your life?
I'm looking for a partner who values open and honest communication, privacy, and mutual respect.
Someone interested in building a deep connection and having some online fun through audio and video calls, and sharing pictures.
Emmm, I'm studying medicine and preparing for medical residency.
I love to work out, take long walks, and watch movies and TV shows. I like to read about history. And for me, relaxation is having a coffee with a nice book.
I'm excited to learn about your passions, interests, and how you like to have fun. Do you have any exciting activities you like to indulge in? Let's explore each other's playful side and create some unforgettable moments together.
If you're looking for a trustworthy partner who is eager to discover all that life has to offer, both intellectually and playfully, then let's connect and see where this journey takes us
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2023.04.01 12:10 Kobayanator T10 League - Flashpoint - looking for recruits (4 spots open at the moment)

Hello everyone!Leader of the league here. Going to try and keep it short and concise.
On behalf the staff of our league - Flashpoint (BZ2CRP) - we have 4 open spots ready to be populated for active players.
We got T10 on regular farm - the 5 of us can carry through without issues - but you know, it gets boring doing over 1 bil damage in a T10 league raid.
The requirements are the following:
Our players are all over the world - EU, Asia, South America, North America, so our raid times are not so standard, we usually start it around noon EU time so that we cover both hemispheres and everyone has an equal chance of participating in the league raid.
Anyone interested enough, please let me know by throwing a private message or responding here for additional info, league ID (already posted), and a discord invite. And if you applied, let me know your ingame name.
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2023.04.01 12:10 roemer I'm fat again and that isn't a problem.

When I was 23 years old, I stepped on the scale at 5'9" and weighed 320 lbs. It was the largest I ever actually weighed on a scale, but I'm sure that wasn’t my heaviest. Three months later I left for Umpire school in Florida. I had always thought umpires were allowed to be fat, which couldn't have been farther from the truth. After five weeks I had lost 20lbs just due to umpiring 6 days a week with instruction. At the end of umpire school, you are hoping to get a position in minor league baseball. I was denied for one reason, my weight. It was an eye-opening experience that I wouldn't be able to pursue my dream job because I was fat. From there I dropped to 285 lbs. leading up to my summer league season and then maintained that weight because God help you losing weight on the road. I showed back up at umpire school down another 30 lbs. to 255. They almost didn't move me on due to my weight again, but knew I wanted it and that I was a talented umpire. This led to the next 8 years of my life in professional baseball. My lowest weight was 169 lbs. and that made me miserable. I had a now major league umpire turn to me and say are you even happy? My answer was a very quick no. I was hungry all the time and felt I was missing out just to keep being extremely skinny. This led to my next passion, power lifting, which allowed me to eat more, but still maintain my overall aesthetic.. Despite my newfound fitness passion, the seven-month baseball season is far too grueling and difficult to maintain your normal weight. I weighed in every year at 17X lb. weight. However, I also finished every season at 200+with one year being 215. This weight loss and gain every year a completely accidental 6-month cut followed by a six-month bulk for 5 years. By the time I was released from Double AA I had hit all my powerlifting aspirations at the 181-weight class. I overhead pressed 200lbs, benched 300, squatted 400, and deadlifted 500. The last three were all in competition. I then turned to Bodybuilding starting at 195 lbs. This was quickly derailed by covid, and I pivoted to a 4:30:39 marathon, but was now skinny fat due to the lack of lifting. It took me 9 months of being a complete hermit away from all family and friends to step onto the bodybuilding stage. The last 12 weeks were absolutely perfect eating and working out with zero binges or missed workouts. The last month of it is some of the most miserable I have ever been, but it was completely worth it. To go from a fatass 320 to a third place worthy 169 is a memory and trophy I will always cherish. My next goal was winning a strongman competition at my favorite gym (Devoted strength and fitness) one week before my competition my mother had a TBI. I still had to hit the 181 weigh in with my mother in the hospital every night wondering if she would survive the next day. I made weight and won the competition thanks to my freakishly strong shoulders. Over the next 6 months I moved home to help take care of my mother and for the first time in 10 years did not work out. I gained nearly 50lbs and was a shadow of my former self. I'm currently training for a half ironman now and have already 10 lbs. back to my goal weight of 195 for my competition.
I wrote all of this not as a self-flex or woe is me, but to show how your journey through weight loss and fitness is an eternal struggle. You will always fall off the horse. I have gained and lost the same 40 lbs. for the past ten years, and I will bet it won't be the last time as well. Even if you have fallen off your diet, suffered a family tragedy, or sustained an injury. Get your mind back to a healthier you and figure out what you need to do to get yourself healthy again. My answer is simply to find the goal I need to cross off my list. I have done it many times so it's easier for me, but I guarantee if you lost weight once the next ten times it is far easier.
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2023.04.01 12:09 san_kpr Friendship advice

I've this online friend who has been quite busy since he went to college. He is someone who usually replies late since we became friends. His late replies are not a new thing. He says he does this with all his friends and no one minds it much. Sometimes, he replies on time(mostly happens when i need some advice or asked something important). We keep talking like we have an ongoing convo on an app since months. His response time varies tho. He has a huge friend circle too whereas mine is small. A couple of days, we were talking and he was sending me voice messages. I replied and then i double texted after an hour cuz i remembered something i had to say. He then sent a long voice message saying he is sleepy at the moment. He woke up early in the morning and that he will listen to my voice messages whenever he gets time tomorrow or after a couple of days plus that i shouldn't overthink like if he watches my stories and doesn't reply. That would happen most probably as he is mentally exhausted and he does not feel like talking to anyone. The convo ended then and since then, he has not replied. I'm such an overthinker that i can't stop thinking he wants to ghost me or is annoyed of me. Also whenever i post my own pictures on insta stories(not a social media post), he never likes them or compliments.It is obvious that his priority must be his college friends. What do you guys think? Would be grateful to get a good piece of advice
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2023.04.01 12:09 Amazecolors Discover the Enduring Legacy of Art My first shop (vintage art Etsy digital downloads shop)

Discover the Enduring Legacy of Art My first shop (vintage art Etsy digital downloads shop)
I have just opened my first shop:
Etsy Shop Link
The idea behind the shop is to celebrate and honor the existence of the great artists of the past. The reason why every item on the shop has the original author name, and few other details about the work.
The "Grand Opening" banner with the discount looks like this:
I have tried to keep the store consistent in the look and feel, however, it is my first store/real project, therefore any kind of feedback (logo, page, header design-wise, about product design, marketing strategy hints, discount offers i could run on my store and sell technique approach, anything is really appreciated! Thank you!

P.S: I have tried posting about this store on some subreddits, (trying to bring some traffic, so I could find out if people favorite some items in order to run some Etsy ads with those specific products). However, not much happened, so I have posted it here to at least get some reviews from people about the overall look and fell of the store and products, so I could get an idea if I should keep improving the store/presentation/products or I should try and start to run some ads. Maybe reddits ads for example, if I know people like what they see.
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2023.04.01 12:09 rotessaboggs L'AMORE - New album by Madame (Sanremo 2023)
The only track that I'm not really impressed by is the opening one. But the others are 🔥🔥🔥
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2023.04.01 12:08 Schwammosaurus_Rex PSA: WorldCoin WDC is a shitcoin. It has nothing to do with Sam Altman's project

A word of warning and an important PSA:
ou may have heard about the Worldcoin project that Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO) co-founded and him and some other big names are backing. There was another Tweet (Link) from him about it today. It’s supposed to be a global digital currency that scans your eyeballs to verify your identity and give you a share of the coin as a "Proof of Humanity". Sounds cool, right? Dunno, maybe.
Either way:
WDC is an old and obscure altcoin that was launched in 2013 and has been mostly forgotten since then. It has a very low market cap and volume, and its development is practically nonexistent. However, in the last month, WDC has surged in price by over 1000%, probably because some people confused it with the new Worldcoin project and bought it in hopes of getting rich quick.
Don’t fall for this trap, guys. WDC is not the Worldcoin that Sam Altman is tweeting about. It’s just another shitcoin that will crash and burn as soon as the hype dies down. Do your research before you invest in any crypto, and don’t let FOMO cloud your judgment.
tl;dr: WDC is not the new Worldcoin project. It’s an old and worthless altcoin that spiked in price because of confusion. Treat with care.
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2023.04.01 12:08 atom12354 how do i open pages in chrome?

import subprocess chrome_path = "C:/Program Files/Google/Chrome/Application/" # replace the URL below with the web page you want to open url = "" # use subprocess to open chrome with the URL subprocess.Popen([chrome_path, url]) 
this is the script i have, but i keep on getting promision error, it worked once by going as administrator, but then it stopped working when i closed the program, i have used full promision for chrome and the script and i use subprocess because i dont have webbrowser.get for some reason.

I dont know whats going on, any sugestions?
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2023.04.01 12:08 Bard_Fan No response from EEOC for 4 years! Family facing loss of everything, for the second time!

I am so glad I found this group! I have reached a point of severe desperation and I don't know what to do. During COVID, my position and my authority as a senior employee was removed when our company went remote. This was done by my direct supervisor who was well aware of knowledge I possessed that could possibly cause legal problems for the company. Problems that would have become evident with my input during remote procedures. (Problems and issues that I had brought to the attention of senior management many times before but my input was ignored). I submitted a complaint to Human Resources regarding my supervisor's actions. They ignored me and instead blamed me for internal problems. They retaliated, demoting me and forcing me to drive to an empty building during the height of COVID. I filed a claim for discrimination and retaliation with the EEOC. The company responded to my claim; the response was, of course, completely false and slanderous. I submitted a rebuttal, including everything I knew about the egregious activities of the firm. This opened a HUGE investigation by various government entities. After a 3.5 year investigation, all employees were fired and the company has been closed.
Over the past 3.5. years, I have completed almost 1000 job applications. I cannot get employment in my field because I have been blacklisted. My family lost everything after I lost my job. We liquidated what was left to start life over again in another state. Still with no resolution, no job, no future, we are facing homelessness again.
I HAVE HEARD NOTHING from my agent over the course of the investigation. No protocol seems to have been followed in regards to interviews and mediations on my behalf. I have contacted my agent many, many times. All I get is, "the case is still under investigation". I am a patient person and I understand the extensive process required to resolve cases. But, it has been almost 4 years and the company is closed! What else is there to investigate?
My family is distraught. We cannot go through another devastating displacement. Please, if anyone can give me any insight, give me advice regarding what to do next., I would be deeply and eternally grateful.
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2023.04.01 12:08 YV97 25M, looking for genuine Indian friends [chat] [friendship]

Just want a genuine friend i can talk with anytime, about anything.
About me, i am an Indian, tall, introverted guy, animal, nature lover, dog parent, love watching movies, shows, YouTube. Like to sing, play guitar and keyboard. Tech head, like clicking photos of everything. Can’t remember more haha
Dm is open
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2023.04.01 12:08 CasualLorax Cream Cheese SMBC curdled

So I’ve used this recipe for mascarpone SMBC before without the alcohol, it turned out amazing. But mascarpone is expensive so I was like what if I just. Substituted cream cheese. So in place of the 200 g of mascarpone, we’ve got an 8 oz block of cream cheese. Suffice it to say that did not work, my buttercream is curdled af and won’t come together (I actually think it’s getting worse the more I mix it) and I’m about ready to give up, but I’ve got until tomorrow evening to either fix it or buy ingredients for making a regular cream cheese frosting. Is there anything I can do to fix it? I had it going for like 10 minutes and I don’t thiiiiiink it’s too cold, even warmed up some of it and added it back which I’ve done with other buttercreams. The only thing I can think of atm is add more butter which I kinda don’t want to do because meringue buttercreams always taste kinda buttery to me and I don’t know if it’d work in the first place. In hindsight this is probably why there aren’t many recipes for cream cheese smbc and the one I did find specifically told me not to go about this the way I did (rely on the magical reconstitution properties of SMBC). Any help would be appreciated love y’all <3
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2023.04.01 12:07 Switch-user-101 So my iPhone 6 has been acting up...

For example when I open discord it’ll randomly open random dms and type in a bunch of letters. Also when I tried YouTube it would pause the video, skip back, dislike and open google etc. Wondering if this is a virus and if so what the best way to fix it is. I already checked battery usage to see if anything has been taking up more than I’d expect but that’s not the case and I’ve reset safari too. Thanks for any help I can get
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2023.04.01 12:07 riversrunthroughme Showerthoughts: the public's change in opinion about 2077 after Edgerunners proved V should've been their own character like Geralt or Arthur Morgan

So, I just finished my fourth playthrough of the game and I really enjoyed myself, but I was still left wondering why the hell I couldn't say the game touched me the same level that Witcher 3 did.
TLDR: Our protagonist should've been a full character that we can influence like Geralt or Arthur Morgan, not a half-blank slate like Commander Shepherd, because of how world and plot were built.
This is because NC's open world content is both too plentiful and too simple for a blank slate PC to emotionally connect to. Edgerunner's made you feel a connection because you empathized with David and his friends, not because you inherently cared more about any one street corner, no matter how gorgeous.
Also, just like Edgerunner's, the main plot points of 2077 are highly dependent on V having a consistent character. Edgerunner's doesn't work if David's character would've let him back down and walk away. 2077 has multiple plot lines that require a consistent V, but inevitably result in your V either being played or voiced inconsistently.
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2023.04.01 12:07 Liquorandthaxan Well family it’s time

Ended up finding a ryab place I go at 10am today …. They are gonna keep me for 3 weeks , I hope this works I really do. My biggest fear is getting out of it and going back to good ol vodka. Currently is 4AM and I’m quite scared to sleep cause I don’t wanna wake up again with vomit everywhere. I have a 1mg xan and also got 3 Antivan so I’m gonna take my Xanax and Ativan before going in. Also hiding .5 Xanax in my sock , they let me ge changed in a bathroom. Told the rehab I’ve Had lots of seizures, I know this is not a dry alcoholics sub but I like this sub. I’m so scared to go tomorrow. Love yalll hopefully u hear again. Fuck
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