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2023.04.01 13:59 xRetz Am I playing Reaper correctly? Where could I improve?

I've recently gotten into playing Reaper, he was never really a character I liked playing before, but I think that's because I was utilizing his abilities correctly. I'd always be in the frontlines and never flanked. Now I've started flanking a lot and have been having good success with him.
I've nearly managed to climb out of silver using him alone, which is something I found very difficult when playing other heroes, so I think I've found a character I actually understand. My whole playstyle has pretty much been > teleport behind enemy team > pick off one or two of them > wraith form out of there when I get low > repeat steps 1 through 3 or > harass enemy team from behind constantly so they're always looking behind them, which allows my team to pick them from the front
IGN: Retz Rank: Silver 1 Character: Reaper
My last 4 DPS matches:
D4MFTW - King's Row, Win 14S9ZR - Nepal, Loss 5GQC40 - New Queen Street, Win VWAAXM - Midtown, Win
I think I am playing him fairly well already, but I'm honestly not sure, I could be playing him completely wrong. If anybody could give me some pointers and advice that would be appreciated. With the Nepal loss specifically, I would like to know what I could have done differently to help my team win the game.
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2023.04.01 13:57 Soliddivinity I wish more people didn’t only care about having everything in common

I have a lot of friends of different backgrounds, religions, and identities. The main thing I consider with those who I truly consider my friends, even if they’re different than me, have the same values as I do. I still have at least two friends that we have nearly everything in common. Yet I still love different subjects and conversations, I have zero issues if my other friends and I only have one or two things in common outside of our values. Even as we get our education, we learn several pieces of new information on a daily basis. So why not bring that into the real world? I noticed lately trying to meet new people, many are just looking for commonality only, which isn’t terrible as it feels good to connect that way too.
I personally like to broaden my experiences with other people. Being introduced to new topics, perspectives, and doing the same with them. People don’t ask questions as much. I fell in love at an early age having an open mind and meeting new people of different backgrounds and cultures. Grew up with lots of traveling/family vacations since 6 years old. Even as far as Europe, the Middle East, and all across the Caribbean. I had been to 17 countries by the time I was 16, I grew up in the US, although I’m from the Caribbean. I have a large Caribbean family and we are very welcoming towards everyone.. we are all over the world and its funny at the family reunions everyone has a different accent.
Its just a little challenging trying to make new friends or finding a partner. Many people speak in generalizations or try too hard to find things in common. Probably as it’s harder as an adut in general. Even I went out with a new guy recently and before even getting to know me, he said he isn’t sure if its a red flag if I haven’t seen Harry Potter… lol
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2023.04.01 13:57 Dependent_Cost_315 Help with debunking as well as fact checking a creationist response.
The link is to a blog post where Johnathon wells responses this his critique in a long winded post. (I don't need to mention that he hasn't sent his book for peer review.)
I'm making this post for help with debunking the points made in his response.
Here some some quotes from his response (Note some of these might be made up since I can't find any of them online):
(He sees a single phylum and surmises correctly that Darwin’s theory predicts the initial appearance of one or a few species in that phylum, followed by diversification into many different species within the same phylum. The problem with the Cambrian explosion, however, is that more than a dozen phylum-level designations appear together at the outset. Where is the evidence that they evolved from a single ancestral phylum, as Darwin’s theory claims?)
(According to reviewer David Ussery, however, I failed to notice that “Miller himself describes his own more recent experiments under the conditions now believed to be those of the primitive atmosphere, where he found he could still generate many organic compounds.” (Ussery, p. 73) I would thank Ussery for setting me straight, except that the organic compounds that are produced in this fashion are not amino acids. Instead, when a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor is used in a Miller-Urey-type experiment, the reaction products tend to be toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and cyanide.)
(Sidney Fox and Klaus Dose reported in 1977 that no amino acids are produced by sparking a carbon dioxide-nitrogen-water vapor mixture. In 1983, Miller himself reported that he could produce no more than a small amount of the simplest amino acid (glycine) by sparking an atmosphere containing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and then only if free hydrogen was added. And Miller conceded that glycine was the best he could do in the absence of methane. In 1984, Heinrich Holland confirmed that mixtures of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor yield no amino acids at all. [3] Perhaps Ussery was ignorant of these facts.)
(Yet when animals first appear in the fossil record at the beginning of the geological period known as the Cambrian, most of the major differences — the basic body plans, or “phyla” — are already present. In the modern world, the phyla are represented by mollusks (e.g., snails and octopuses), arthropods (e.g., crabs and insects), echinoderms (e.g., starfish and sea urchins), chordates (e.g., fish and humans), and various kinds of worms, among others. These and many other phyla appeared in what is now known as the “Cambrian explosion” with an abruptness that is inconsistent with a branching-tree pattern. Darwin himself acknowledged it to be a serious problem for his theory. [7]
Note: I assume this is point is made up or it ignores pre Cambrian organisms.)
(But the three billion years to which Ussery refers show only single-celled organisms until just before the Cambrian explosion. Not single-celled organisms gradually becoming multicellular animals — just single-celled organisms. The animal eggs and embryos mentioned by Padian and Gishlick are sponges — one phylum that everyone agrees (and I point out in my book) was present before the Cambrian explosion. And the burrowing worms which presumably made trace fossils may have represented one more phylum that appeared just before the Cambrian. (Some experts think there may also have been jellyfish just before the Cambrian.) So not all animal phyla appeared suddenly in the Cambrian explosion — just most of them.
To put “gradual” and “sudden” in context here, imagine yourself standing at one end of a football field. Let the goal line where you are standing represent 3.8 billion years ago (when single-celled organisms are thought to have originated), and let the other end of the football field represent the present day. As you walk from one goal line to the other, you see only single-celled organisms as you pass the 25-yard line, then midfield, then the 75-yard line. Only as you approach the 84-yard line do you notice the first multicellular organisms — some sponges, and perhaps some worms and jellyfish. Then, in the space of a single stride, most of the other animal phyla appear, and most of these are still with you when you reach the other goal line.
This is not a branching tree pattern: no animals for 5/6 of the history of life, then most modern body plans in a flash. Some paleontologists have aptly compared this pattern to a “lawn” instead of a tree. [8]
Note:I'm assuming he doesn't know how long the Cambrian explosion lasted?)
(But Darwinian evolution needs a lot more than deformed molecules to explain the origin of new organs and body plans — it needs beneficial changes in anatomy.
Note:I'm not sure if this is true or not)
(As I pointed out in my book, developmental geneticists in the 1970s and 1980s used a technique known as “saturation mutagenesis” to screen for all possible mutations affecting embryo development in the fruit fly. Although this work shed considerable light on the role of genes in development (and led to some well-deserved Nobel Prizes), it also showed that mutations affecting axis formation and segmentation are invariably harmful, and indeed often fatal. [17] Such mutations cannot provide raw materials for evolution.)
(As I pointed out in Icons of Evolution, however, fruit flies with four normal-looking wings do not occur in nature; they must be engineered in a modern genetics laboratory. Furthermore, the extra wings have no muscles, so the mutant fly is a hopeless cripple that has great difficulty flying or mating. Outside the laboratory, natural selection would quickly eliminate it. Far from being raw material for evolution, the four-winged fruit fly is an evolutionary dead end. [16])
(but that proteins alone are insufficient to specify the body plan of an organism, just as building materials are insufficient to specify the floor plan of a house. Defective 2×4’s can produce a deformed house, and mutant proteins can produce a deformed organism. Mutant proteins might even explain how some organisms might have lost previously existing features. But they do not account for changes in body plans. When it comes to the evolution of new morphologies or body plans, the question remains: Where is the evidence that DNA mutations can alter anatomy in beneficial ways and thereby provide raw materials for evolution?)
(I would go further than Gee, and point out that a series of fossils is just as consistent with intelligent design as it is with Darwinian evolution. Even if we had a complete fossil record of all animals that lived before the advent of human beings, it would not establish that the latter evolved from the former through descent with modification).
Among the point are what I suspect to be misquotes, here are some.
(As British zoologist Adam Sedgwick wrote in 1894, the claim is “not in accordance with the facts of development.” Comparing a dogfish with a chicken, Sedgwick wrote: “There is no stage of development in which the unaided eye would fail to distinguish between them with ease.” It is “not necessary to emphasize further these embryonic differences,” Sedgwick continued, because “every embryologist knows that they exist and could bring forward innumerable instances of them. I need only say with regard to them that a species is distinct and distinguishable from its allies from the very earliest stages all through the development.”)
(Many other vertebrate embryologists have noted the same thing. In 1976, Dartmouth College embryologist William Ballard wrote that it is “only by semantic tricks and subjective selection of evidence,” by “bending the facts of nature,” that one can argue that the earliest stages of vertebrate embryos “are more similar than their adults.” And in 1987, Canadian embryologist Richard Elinson wrote that early developmental patterns in frogs, chicks and mice are “radically different.” [11])
(Henry Gee, chief science writer for Nature, wrote in 1999: “The intervals of time that separate fossils are so huge that we cannot say anything definite about their possible connection through ancestry and descent.” Although Gee is a believer in Darwin’s theory, he acknowledged that one must assume the truth of the theory when studying human origins, because by its very nature the fossil record cannot corroborate it. Gee concluded: “To take a line of fossils and claim that they represent a lineage is not a scientific hypothesis that can be tested, but an assertion that carries the same validity as a bedtime story — amusing, perhaps even instructive, but not scientific.” [18])
(Alan H. Linton wrote just recently: “Throughout 150 years of the science of bacteriology, there is no evidence that one species of bacteria has changed into another.” [24])
Note: Isn't this is how evolution is supposed to work?
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2023.04.01 13:56 ValkyrieG LF: Great, Nest, Repeat and Dusk Oshawott FT: Other Shop/Apri Oshawotts and my on hands

Looking to finish up my Oshawott collection in Shop balls since i finished my Apriball collection. Does not have to have HA just please let me know before hand if it does not. If i am not looking for it means i have it and am willing to breed it :)
Looking For:
-Great, Nest, Repeat and Dusk Oshawott
--Here is a link to my on hands incase there may be something there that interests you-
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2023.04.01 13:55 Admirable_Ad_2770 First thing I made

First thing I made
First thing I made in a cnc machine for personal use. 8 years ago today i made this for my super twin bike. I started working at the cnc shop my father was working for when i was still in school. When everyone else had Easter holiday the machine's were available for a week and me and my father made as many parts we could for our drag bike project. Some years later i ran 323 km/t and 7,23 at 1/4 mile with this part. I have sold the bike to be able to build a new, faster bike. My dad has made engine that has been 6,23 at 1/4 mile. So now the friend of mine that got me started drag racing, the one my father made engine for, and me are building two bikes with engine design changes. Can't wait to have the new setup dialed in, should be really fast. Starting this Monday again to make parts, everyone at work is gone and machine's just standing there.
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2023.04.01 13:55 LadySpaghettimonster To the sportive people of Cologne, can you point me towards a good shop that sells small workout tools?

Like gymnasic balls, skipping ropes, rubber bands, weights and such of good quality? I would love to stock up my workout room with stuff that does not break within a month.
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2023.04.01 13:55 Normal_Plantain_123 Is OI a type of fanfiction (we just aren't exposed to the original story)

Disclaimer I am not disparaging either. I think both fanfiction and OI are amazing. On to my theory
OI has a lot of tropes in common with fanfiction as listed below. Although some are more rofan than OI
1) Fan insert fic: Basically the fan finds themselves in the book/movie/show/game they were enjoying
Popular stories like "Fiancée’s Observation Log of the Self-Proclaimed Villainess" and "Miss not so sidekick"
2) Time travel AU(alternate Universe) or fix it fics: fanfiction where the character goes back in time to correct some perceived injustice.
Popular stories with this theme include "Fantasie of a stepmother" and "My in laws are obsessed with me"
3) Marriage of convience: While the fake dating aspect is fairly common in mainstream media as well, contract marriages aren't so common unlike both fanfiction and OI.
My in laws are obsessed with me" once again makes this list
4) Sympathetic villain or the "Draco in leather pants" trope: The villain character is seen in a more positive light
Antagonist's pet, our darling Mia from tearmoon empire and the lovely bakarina take this trope to new heights
5) Kid fic: Either the mc of the fanfiction raises kids(other main characters from the original story) or is a kid themselves
"I'll be the Matriarch " " Not sew wicked stepmother" are a few examples with this trope
6) Actually the good guys were bad or bashing fics: Fanfiction where the characters who were "good" in the original work are bashed and shown in a negative light. The white lotus trope or any story where the original gl is the antagonist. Usually goes with the Sympathetic villain trope.
7) There are tropes that play a minor role in OI like the mc owning a cafe/bakery being similar to a coffee/flower shop au or there is only one bed trope
Maybe these tropes are just common and I don't notice them in mainstream media
Maybe I read too much OI and fanfiction
What do you think?
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2023.04.01 13:55 someth1ngfromnoth1ng Advice on Japan shopping service

So I've bought 30+ lolita items from a Japanese shopping service, yesterday (Friday) I paid for an order via Paypal then I get a message saying they will purchase the item for me on Monday after the payment has cleared. I've never been told that it has to clear first, she has always ordered the item straight after I've paid the invoice via paypal. Does anyone know if something to do with paypal, or banks in japan has changed recently?
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2023.04.01 13:54 No_Local_2840 Columbia vs. WashU

Hi, I got accepted to a graduate program in both Columbia and WashU.
WashU offered me a scholarship that covers nearly 60% of their tuition.
Columbia’s acceptance letter I got didn’t say anything about scholarship so I plan on asking the school on Monday regarding this.
Personally, I want to live in New York compared to Missouri and Columbia has been my top choice. But the financial issue is a big factor.
What would be a better decision?
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2023.04.01 13:54 MW21976 34 [M4F] #RhodeIsland Searching for a local College girl to spoil and mentor

Hello, I’m 34 6’2 202 with a toned swimmer's body and blue eyes. I’m looking for a local college-aged woman to mentor and take care of. Someone that could use advice and guidance. Come to me with anything you want or need. Let’s explore the world together shopping, traveling, dinners etc etc. Let's build something together built on trust and devotion. If you’ve had a hard day at work or school I can have a nice warm bubble bath waiting for you. Sit back and relax with a nice glass of wine while I bathe you. After the bath, I’ll dry you off and carry you to the bed. I’ll light some candles and give you an amazing full-body oil massage. You deserve to be treated like a goddess. So if this sounds like we might be a good fit send me a message with a little about yourself. Hope to hear from you soon!!
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2023.04.01 13:54 praiseTMHalways Where can I find quality PC (hardware) repair - Oost Vlaanderen.

Looking to get my computer fixed up. Built it myself, ran fine the first few months. All parts are very new and recent, except for my old Gtx 1060. Suddenly the power button did not fire up the computer anymore. When flipping the power button on the psu, it starts sparking and making very uncomfortable noises. I figured the psu was faulty so I replaced it with an even more recent unit. Ran fine the first month until the same problem happened again. I can't find similar cases online.
I already asked reddit on a different account, tried all suggested solutions/approaches and got no further, so now I'm looking to take it to a specialist. Preferably one that delivers quality work for a price that isn't too over the top. I'm in the region of Oost-Vlaanderen.
Can anyone recommend me a business nearby? I have this vague feeling that if I take it to my local tech shop they'll just charge me way too much. Any pointers are appreciated!
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2023.04.01 13:53 jwbandiepw 25F - Its hard being lonely as a single mom sometimes [chat]

I want some new friends today
I am from united states and 25 year old anyway. If that matters lol. Well.. I am bored these days!
About me: I'm in business school and I work as a shop manager on the side. I like shopping, going out for dinner and drinks, reading, art, gaming a little, working out and game night with friends.
I don't care if our hobby's match, Lets go ahead and have some fun! We can start online with sharing our private photos and may be some cam calls? Lets see where it goes?
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2023.04.01 13:52 trustedgoldbuyerncr Instead Of Taking Loan Sell Gold Near Me

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2023.04.01 13:52 tcwags I discovered The Antique Shop about a month ago. I listen on my way in to work and when I'm headed home, which gives me about 4 episodes a day. I'm just up to #41 now. Fabulous!! Congratulations on earning your doctorate!!

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2023.04.01 13:51 Unusual_Jazz Sticker shop requests

Sticker shop requests
I am the assistant director for a park. We just got a BRAND NEW bike repair station and we are VERY excited for it. We want to STICKER THE HELL OUT IT or at least get the ball rolling and encourage residents to add stickers as well. We have rescue pigeons, turtles, snakes in our Nature Center. We are also beekeepers. We have a historic house museum on the property. Sound like a lot? It is. I wear a LOT of hats at my job, but I love it.
I WILL BE PURCHASING the stickers. I am NOT looking for freebies. However, I am hoping shops would comment here, or DM me based on this post- since it would be easier for everyone. I saw Some-Cauliflower-120 pigeon stickers and it gave me this idea! I hope it's ok!
I can DM the park socials if people want.
Thanks so much!
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2023.04.01 13:50 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Stirling Cooper Courses – Complete Bundle CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Also have some free courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Discord:PLIATSIK#0227

[I HAVE] Stirling Cooper Courses – Complete Bundle CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Also have some free courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Discord:PLIATSIK#0227
The Courses include:
  • Sexual Dominance Escalation Course
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  • How To Seal The Deal Book • Preventing Premature Ejaculation
  • 5 Subtle Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom and How To Fix Them
You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: PliatsikG).
50+ Vouches from clients
750+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.04.01 13:50 CIAHerpes Corpse lights have taken over the woods near my home. Something is living within them.

As I stood sipping a cup of green tea in the middle of the night, sitting on my porch and looking into the swamp beyond my house, sickly lights began to dance and flash in front of my eyes. I remembered my grandmother’s warning about the corpse lights.
“Teddie,” she said to me, sitting on the same porch twenty years earlier, smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of wine, “do you see those lights? The ones that stay close to the ground, change colors and disappear or reappear constantly?” My small five-year-old self nodded.
“Yes, Grammie,” I said. “They’re pretty.” She nodded at this, taking another long drag off of her cigarette.
“Yes, they sure are,” she said gravely. “They’re also dangerous. You should never go into those woods at night, but especially when those lights are there. Where I’m from, we call them corpse lights. It means the fae are nearby. They like to hide behind the lights.” I nodded quietly at this. She had told me about the fae, how they sometimes kidnapped children and took them to their underground lairs, never to be seen again. She didn’t tell me what the fae did to those children, or why they wanted children at all. She simply said they were not to be trusted and that I should always avoid areas where they frequented, especially at nighttime.
“There are lots of fae haunting grounds near here,” she said to me. “It has been that way since before the Europeans settled this land centuries ago. The Native Americans used to consider that swamp sacred ground.”
But now I was an adult, and moreover, I was curious. I had looked up the scientific explanations for these lights that appeared and disappeared in flashes all over the forest and swamp, showing up in blue, green, red or white flashes that shimmered and vibrated. Supposedly it had something to do with the decomposition of plant matter and the resulting gasses that appeared. People had been seeing them for thousands of years, calling them by many names.
As I sat there, thinking about Grammie Greylock, who had died just a few years earlier, the old-style TV on the porch changed from some sitcom with too much fake laughter into the nightly news. A pretty young reporter sat at a desk, staring into the camera.
“And we start with some breaking news: the latest victim of the Westland Ripper was found today. Police say a woman in her thirties was found sexually assaulted and tortured to death by her father, who later told police he hadn’t heard from her in a week. This latest murder brings the known number of victims up to twelve. With us, we have Special Agent Ellis of the FBI. What can you tell us about this serial killer and the investigations?” The nondescript agent appeared on the screen, speaking deadpan into the camera.
“Well, unlike most known serial killers, this suspect targets both males and females. He is an equal opportunity killer. And he is extremely organized, planning his crimes in meticulous detail before…” I shut the TV off, rising and stretching out my arms and back. The news was always so depressing, and the latest crime had happened only a twenty minute drive from where I live, which made it even worse. My attention returned to those floating lights behind my house.
I got up out of my chair, chugging the last of my green tea quickly, and went inside to grab a flashlight. Without a second thought, I walked out towards the trail that wound its way through the swamp and deep into the forest.
At first, it was just a beautiful night hike. The stars were bright overhead, as there was no light pollution for miles in any direction. The moon looked nearly full, and my light caught many bats flashing through the trees, hunting bugs and squeaking in their eerie way.
Then I heard something that didn’t sound like any animal I had ever heard. It was a deafening screaming noise, but it wasn’t a fox or a fisher cat. I knew the cries of both of those animals, having heard them frequently living out here in the country. This was a sound like a woman overcome by the deepest grief, like the wail of a mother who just lost her only child.
“Hello?” I called into the darkness. The corpse lights began to drift towards me, floating a few inches off the ground and shimmering with colors. I stopped, an eerie creeping feeling coming over me. I immediately turned around and tried to walk back home as fast as I could.
But within a few feet of walking, the corpse lights started to cover the trail, smaller ones seeming to congeal into larger bubbles of flashing light. I saw flashes within, as if tiny bolts of lightning were flicking across the clouds.
Hesitating, taking a deep breath in, I put my right hand into the corpse light, the white shimmering seeming to lessen for a moment as I touched its surface. And then I could see every vein, artery and capillary in my entire hand.
Shrieking, I pulled it back out, looking down. My skin was back and my hand seemed totally fine. But my heart was still beating fast, and I felt eyes all over me.
“What in the hell was that?” I whispered to myself, regretting ever stepping foot in the woods.
I stared deeper into the corpse lights, and realized the surface looked like it was zooming into itself- as if it were a fractal image. I saw the same sparks of lightning arranged in the same way over and over as it moved faster, the white light on the outside shimmering as it moved towards the center.
And then a naked, sickly-looking woman stepped out of it, breaking my hypnosis instantly. At least, I thought it was a woman, until I looked at her face.
Her face was melting off, like candle wax. It deformed, beads of skin dripping off her nose and chin constantly, but it constantly reformed itself. Her eyes would be covered by the constantly shifting skin and muscle, but then reappear again, shining silver in the moonlight.
The body of the thing was thin and emaciated, looking like a cancer patient in the last days of life. I could see every single rib, and her hip bones stuck out over legs that looked like twigs.
But her hair was somehow the most disturbing part. It was stringy, black, and clotted together with what looked like blood. Drips of black fluid and dozens of writhing maggots constantly fell off the ends of each clump of hair, which was so long it reached nearly to her knees, being the only covering on her diseased-looking body.
Time seemed to slow down, and in a moment, I flashed back to a conversation I had with my grandmother.
“Never run from a fae,” she said as we sat on the back porch in the afternoon sunlight. “They will tear you apart. When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me the same thing, and it saved my life. I accidentally stumbled into one as a teenager.” I tried to think of her as a teenager, but my mind failed completely. I had always known her as a sweet, old woman. “And like my grandmother told me, you grab it, hug it as tight as you can, and it will hug you back.” I giggled at this, thinking of hugging a fairy. She smiled down at me.
“It’s not like a real hug, though,” she continued. “It’s like you’re hugging it with your mind, and its mind hugs you back. And it will take you someplace else, and if you keep hugging it long enough, it will be under your power. The fae cannot lie. You can even tell it to come to you if you ever need it, though I don’t recommend it. When it comes, it won’t be under your power any longer- it will be free, and it will be angrier and stronger than ever.”
“Why can’t they lie, Grammie?” I asked, snuggling closer to her on the bench, feeling her warm, comforting presence next to me. She shrugged.
“They worship the truth, live in the truth,” she said. “It’s like their religion. They don’t worship God, but they worship power, life and death and sometimes, evil. All those things spring from the truth- they have existed since the beginning of time. The fae cannot think except through that which has always existed, so it limits them and their minds.”
I shuddered, my small, five-year-old mind trying to comprehend it- and failing. I just hoped I would never run into one.
Trembling, a sickly sweet sweat starting to pop out all over my body as my adrenaline soared, I ran forward, arms out. I grabbed the thing across the chest, but part of me knew I was not grabbing it with my physical body at all. It was more like my mind wrapped around its heart. Its mouth widened into an O that took over most of its melting face, its silver eyes widened, and then I was out of my body completely.
We were descending through the ground together. I smelled the grass and leaves as we rushed through them like ghosts, and then we entered the dirt underneath. The corpse lights had expanded to become the entire world around us as we sped faster, forever going straight downwards. It felt as if I were descending through some gas giant, Jupiter or Saturn maybe. Multi-colored, thick gasses swirled all around us, huge lightning bolts sending white light shooting out in all directions, yet making no sound.
The melting face of the woman grinned up at me, lengthening fangs showing underneath the waxy dripping of her skin. I smiled back, even though inside I was terrified, and even thought I might die of a heart attack if this went on too long. I tightened my mind around her, seeing it like a rope twisting around her bony, naked chest, and I saw her grin turn into a grimace. She did the same back at me, and I felt my chest tightening, a suffocating feeling overtaking me. I couldn’t breathe, but the more anxiety and fear I felt, the more I kept tightening my consciousness around her body.
“Stop that,” she said in my mind, speaking telepathically instead of physically, her real mouth now opened into a silent scream. “You’re hurting me. You’re killing me. Release me now.”
“No,” I grunted through the suffocating tightness. “Not until you give up.”
“Release me, or I will drop you down here,” she responded, now yelling in my mind, sending all other thoughts scattering like scared fish in a pond. The corpse lights had begun to clear, and we were in some horrific landscape, deep under the Earth.
All around us, massive leeches crawled, ten feet long. Tortured beings of all kinds tried to run, but their tormentors were too fast. Some had massive holes on their chests and back and faces, clotted gore running out, but they healed again, and new swarms of leeches slithered over and lunged at them in turn.
Out of the ponds and lakes all around us, black water hid eldritch monstrosities underneath. But tentacles flew out anytime anyone ran too close to the water, fanged suckers ripping through the victims’ flesh, dragging them upside down and plunging them into the water. The echoing of the screams and the splashing of the water resounded back and forth across the light brown stones of the caverns, soft light spilling out from the rocks themselves. I saw other fae like the woman standing here and there, some of them sleeping in small nooks dug out in the cave walls, others helping to torment the beings and laughing about it as they did so.
“You… cannot…” I said through gritted teeth. She could not drop me unless I let go first. I felt her will beginning to give.
“I’m dying,” her voice screamed in my mind. “You’re killing me!”
“Then give up,” I whispered, though I also felt close to death. My vision was beginning to turn black, my head bursting with pain.
“I release you,” her voice said, and the pain was gone instantly. I kept hold on her for a few more seconds.
“Do you promise to do what I ask if I let go?” I said.
“Yes!” her voice said in my head, and I released her. Floating, I fell back a few inches, taking in deep, sweet breaths, my vision returning to normal, my heart no longer so tight it felt like a fist was closing over it.
“First, what is your name?” I gasped.
“My name is Lilin,” she said, her face melting faster, her eyes blazing with hatred and fury. Out of nowhere, an idea came to me- a dangerous one, but my instincts told me to go with it.
“OK, Lilin. Mine is Teddie. When I say ‘Come to me now, Lilin’ in the future, you will come.” She nodded, her eyes seeming to smile now, the look of hatred receding from her face.
“Yes, when you say, ‘Come to me now, Lilin,’ I will come.” Her voice sounded so spiteful and full of hate that I flinched slightly when she sent this message out.
“Now bring me back up!” I said, feeling relieved to have survived and not gotten stuck in this underground Hell on Earth. I drew close to her again, wrapping my mind around hers, seeing my mind’s projection of arms wrap around her strange, sickly body, and within moments, we were back in the dark woods. I was standing in my body at the same spot that I had been when I first saw her, hyperventilating as I swayed unsteadily on my feet.
“Get out of these woods,” she whispered in a low, demonic voice, “and the next time I see you, I will kill you.”
I walked out of there, pouring myself a huge glass of whiskey when I got home. But I still didn’t sleep that night. I was afraid of what I would see if I did. My hands were trembling so badly that, when I poured myself the fourth glass of whiskey around dawn, I dropped the entire bottle, seeing it shatter all over the porch.
A few weeks passed, and I began to wonder whether I had imagined the entire thing, maybe while sleepwalking or during some strange, isolated seizure event. After all, every day that passed made the encounter seem more and more like a dream.
The night that I saw Lilin again, I had just gotten home from work. I felt exhausted. It was Friday, and I just wanted to lay down and catch up on my sleep. I fell down heavily on the bed, and I was out almost instantly.
My dream was bizarre. I kept seeing that fae woman from the forest, her face dripping off the bones. When all the flesh was gone and puddled on the floor at her feet, she smiled at me, just a skull, and pointed up at the sky.
I looked up and saw a symbol I had never seen before- it looked like a backwards silver-colored seven with a diagonal slash through it, surrounded by a glowing white circle.
“Soon, I will be free,” she said to me, her skull chattering out of sync with the words, yet her voice still coming through loudly and clearly. “That symbol will guarantee it. And I will never stop hunting you until we are even.”
A crash brought me back to waking life. I sat up in my bed, looking at the alarm clock. 11:47 AM.
I heard footsteps crunching on broken glass in the kitchen. A few seconds later, a man with an executioner’s hood over his head walked calmly into my bedroom. On his forehead, he had painted the same symbol I had seen in my dream- the backwards seven with the circle around it. In his hand, he had an old-looking revolver, which he pointed directly at my face.
“Freeze, maggot,” he said, a tone of mirth in his voice.
“Who are you? What do you want?” I asked, now wide awake and frozen in terror.
“Well, the news calls me the Westland Ripper,” he said, giggling an insane, high-pitched laugh. “I guess it is as good a name as any.”
“Get the fuck out of my house,” I said coldly. He pulled the gun back, pistol whipping me across the jaw. I felt something in it give, my mouth filling with the warm taste of blood. I spit out a tooth.
“Why? What are you going to do about it?
“Now you’re going to be a good boy,” he said, his voice now as emotionless as a robot’s. “I’m going to tie you up, unless you want me to shoot your dick off first. Try anything, and that will be the result.” He pointed the gun at my crotch to emphasize his point, and then proceeded to pull out a coil of thick rope from his back pocket.
Though I rarely watched TV, even I had heard about the Westland Ripper. He had injected corrosive acids into the flesh of some of his victims, burned others alive, and the FBI allegedly believed he had killed dozens of people above and beyond his official body count. Not only was he a serial killer, but an extremely sadistic torturer.
I knew if he got me tied up, that would be the end of me. I did the only thing I could think of.
“Come to me now, Lilin!” I screamed, my broken, swelling jaw muffling my words slightly. I spit out small droplets of blood as I yelled. The killer raised his gun to pistol-whip me across the face again, but he never got a chance to bring it down.
The entire room filled with the corpse lights in an instant. Flashes of light shone on the insane, melting face of Lilin as she materialized behind the intruder, grabbing his gun arm and forcing it up higher with her bony, claw-like fingers.
In a flash, her mouth opened wide, and she bit into his armpit. Shaking her head from side to side like a rabid dog, she ripped off a huge chunk of skin and muscle. He was screaming now, blood pouring down his all-black outfit.
As she ate him alive, I got out of bed, sprinting out to my car. The screams of the man followed me, growing more and more desperate. When I reached the threshold of the front door, Lilin’s voice echoed in my mind.
“Where are you going, friend?” she asked in a mirthful voice. “I’m not done with you yet. You can run, but you can’t hide.” I pulled my phone out to call 911 and report the armed intruder, driving out of that town well above the speed limit.
The police only found a mess of gore in my bedroom when they arrived, an eyeball in one corner, a finger under the bed, and so on. Most of the body was just gone.
I never returned to that town. I sold my grandmother’s house that I had inherited, using the money to leave the state entirely. But I don’t think that will keep me safe.
Lilin isn’t gone. Despite moving three hundred miles away, I just looked out the window.
Under the streetlight outside, I saw the silhouette of a naked, emaciated woman with long, black hair.
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2023.04.01 13:47 lizardandlark I got an apprenticeship!!!!

This must be kept under wraps until summer so I can’t tell anyone I know.
I’m in Louisiana. I’ve been looking for an apprenticeship here for yearssssss, but the most reputable piercer in my area was far too busy to take me on. I’ve only asked a million times… 😅
I’ve been managing a shop in town for a year and I went to the Fakir Basics class in January and I had the time of my life, but I wasn’t sure what my next step was when I got back.
Yesterday I met with a piercer and they agreed to mentor me! I could actually shit my pants. Please share in my new apprentice-baby excitement.
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2023.04.01 13:46 Mahugama Seller is wanting minimum 7600 for this 99 2 Door with 156’ on it. What do you guys think?

Seller is wanting minimum 7600 for this 99 2 Door with 156’ on it. What do you guys think?
Here is the description of the listing “Up for sale is my 1999 jeep cherokee sport. Has the 4.0l engine, aw4 automatic transmission, np231 transfer case. 4x4 with great tires. Ac and heat work well. Flares are a little faded, few dings here and there. Over all in good shape, no rust in floors or rockers.couod use a valve conver gasket and passenger side window switch. 3" lift with jk sport wheels with great tires.
Asking 8200.00”
Video quality is poor but if its truly not that bad and is worth close to asking, I’ll go see it in person.
I did chat it up with the seller a bit and he’s said he willing to do least 7600 cause he had bought it back from a friend after selling it to him 6 months ago for that much.
Photos and videos are up above. I’m hoping to find a good 2 door or 4 door with low rust around me, and I’m woundering if this would be a fair price.
Fenders and roof are faded has like 4-5 dents on the side that he showed me on video with. One tiny rust bubble near the windshield on the roof too.
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2023.04.01 13:46 colemanslawskieh Feet deformity since birth, MRI reveals bone growths and extra bones

24F, 5ft8, 170lbs, slavic, Austria
no other health issues and i dont smoke drink or do drugs
I take 50mg of Tramadol retard every morning.
Measures already taken: Quality supporting shoes, custom orthopedic insoles, manual therapy, weight loss
Diagnosed with flat feet at 8, orthopedic shoes and custom insoles have been used since to little sucess. I wasnt very active as a child and everyone thought I was lazy but I was simply avoiding movement due to the ever increasing pain with increasing activity.
I used to be quite poor so I only wore vans or converse for most of my life till my 20s, when I got into nursing school I had to drop out due to the insane burning pain around my ankle and heels, also wore cheap shoes till then.
I got diagnosed with chronic pain, hypermobility of all joints and flat/knick feet (not sure about the english term) during the first real orthopedic clinic exam i had when I dropped out from school.
I went from taking NSAIds going from the weakest to strongest to some anti rheumatism pills for many months with no effect, gabapetin/pregabalin and ended up with tramadol which helps slightly.
Ive been to physical rehabilitation where they taught me how to do physical therapy to strengthen my arches,stretch my calves and mobilise the entire sole and ankle. Lots of balancing movements like standing on one leg etc to strengthen my stabilising muscles. I was taught how to cope with the pain. Lots of walking, trying out different sports etc. While I did build some more confidence in my abilities I am still quite uncomfortable when doing mundane tasks such as shopping or going out with friends.

Now comes the interesting bit, the MRI scan done on each foot seperately.
Everything looks intact so no inflammation or torn ligaments or fragmented/fused bones.
However on the right foot I have "os trigulum" which is an accessory bone that is supposed to fuse into the ankle/heel bone during adolescence. Also there are small (4mm long) "beak-like" bone growths (spurs i suppose) between the Calcaneus ( heel bone ) and Os naviculare here is a visualisation of the bone spurs between the exact bones affected
On the left foot I have no spurs or extra bones. There is however a joint effusion in this part of the foot. Interestingly enough you cant see it looking at the soles so its rather minor.
I really want to be active and hike a lot, I am willing to work on my fallen arches and ankles for the rest of my life so that they can carry me through many adventures to come, however I am sometimes a bit lost on what to do. Ive been losing weight to combat the pressure on my heels and massage them daily.

This is where my question comes in place.
Do you think that a pain med injection in those sites would resolve my problem?
If all those meds including opiates barely help should I take the plunge and get the spurs operated?
Is it worth looking into if i have EDS?
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2023.04.01 13:46 LowkeyWonder Parasite in my tank? or disease?

Parasite in my tank? or disease?
Solve the murder mystery of my Cory dora detective!!😎
10 gallon planted community tank, fully cycled, weekly water change, filtered, heated, perimeters to the t. blah blah blah
current fish: 1 goofy male betta, 5 bug eyed neon tetras and 1 lonely Cory dora that has a dead divorced wife with no connection to children :( (new homies will be coming once my tank is not a crime sene)
basically… i got the neon tetras 2 months ago, after adding them all was well until i noticed my betta had a single black dot then 2 days later another then a few more came through out… near this time i also noticed a small white solid bump on my neon (neon #2, obviously got bigger since) i thought nothing of it i did make a post about my betta on a betta reddit page (not a single response 🙄) so i thought it was all fine… then maybe a month (i don’t even remember when at all) my now dead Cory seemed like he had swim bladder, swimming on his side, upside down, struggling to swim up… all of it, i cupped him like my neon to separate him and also bring him closer to the top for oxygen within the end of the day he just said f this I’m out…
I now am concerned on what’s going on since my neons look horrible by the day for all the arrows there is a white lump on the top of him and 2 white lumps/ balls on his tail and mouth
My bettas tail was growing wonderfully before all which has now stopped telling me that something is happening he does have a natural gold shine i think… which makes things harder to find out since i thought it was velvet… which is why my tank is currently blacked out fully and heat is higher then normal… now my question is what should i do and how do i do it?
all jokes aside i am worried and love my fish very much it is sad to think i could be doing something wrong and hope at least i can get one tip to the right direction!
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2023.04.01 13:45 Akon_and_young_gizzy Whyyyyyy 😩😩😩😩😭

Whyyyyyy 😩😩😩😩😭
You guys. I love Kane and Katelyn Brown soooo much! Why do they associate with these people? I know raelynn and summer have been Katelyn’s friends but they are nowhere near as bad as BA or JA. I was hoping they started separating themselves from them. This made me so sad to see for real for real 😭
PSA: weren’t they supposed to be in Turks???
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