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2023.06.02 18:17 Taylorgbb0 Was charged for an Insurance Rental

Pretty sure I'm SOL here, but just want to see if I had any option here.
So I got into a car accident in April in Atlanta. Very quick and easy claim, the person drove into the back of my car and they were deemed at fault less than an hour later.
Now their insurance covered my rental indefinitely, until the car was fixed. Which is great except it was fixed over a week ago and no one reached out to me. Here are the steps I've taken.
10 days ago I call the shop. The tell me car isn't ready and I tell them to alert me as soon as it's done. The at-fault parties insurance sends me a check for the repairs a few days prior to that.
3 days ago I call Enterprise. Tell them to let me know when the car is no longer covered. They said if it wasn't covered they would've called me.
Flash forward to today. Enterprise calls me and says the car hasn't been covered for a week. They charge me. I tell them that no one let me know and they said someone called me a week ago (definitely not).
So essentially that persons insurance was contacted by the auto shop to say the car was fixed. Insurance tells enterprise that the car is fixed and they are no longer covering it. No one reached out to me.
Is there anything I can do here? It's only $250 but that's money I feel I shouldn't have to pay.
So what can I do here?
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2023.06.02 18:16 PrizeAd4199 Review on a place I stayed at in Tampa (while rotating at Tampa General Hospital)

Hope this review will be helpful to those who'll be rotating at TGH. I remember being unable to find a good place (both safe and reasonably priced) to stay at a month ago, but the place I ended up staying at has far surpassed my expectations!
The host’s name is Monica Palumbo and this is her email address [email protected]. The location is 5350 Bridge Street, Tampa (Bainbridge at Westshore Marina gated community).
The positives: - Big room and a private bath - Located within a gated community (very safe) - Free 24/7 fitness centegym - Free access to a large swimming pool - The place itself is very scenic with a BEAUTIFUL lake! - The host and her fiancée are both professionals that work for international companies and they are very friendly and love meeting people from different cultures - No pets (this was a positive for me)
The negative: - 15 minute drive from TGH and had to take UbeLyft every day to and from TGH! If you have a cacan rent a car, you won’t have this problem. There’s a bus stop within a walking distance but then you’ll have to take two buses or take a bus to Britton Plaza Station and then an UbeLyft. Bear in mind that public transportation in Tampa, in general, is quite BAD!
Hope this helps those who’ll be rotating at TGH! Good luck!
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2023.06.02 18:16 itsnottiger Host damages 3 wheels. How to properly deal with a claim.

We’ve had many Guests who curb the wheels at which we charge the guest $200 per wheel to repair. Our cost is $145 per wheel, but we need to have the vehicle dropped off and picked up which is an additional $45. I had a guest that is refusing to pay the damage of 3 rims with proof as he filed the claim. We usually work with the guest and I charge them as a “Ticket” in a reimbursement so it’s easy as possible for the customer. This time, the guest refused to pay it, but Turo is now claiming they need a receipt for only the repair, which I have, but it doesn’t include destination fees that are part of another expense. How does this process usually go? Thanks I’m advance! Btw the vehicle is a Tesla Model Y.
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2023.06.02 18:15 triassicThespian Is colorimetric testing fine for an apartment pool?

It’s been recommended to me that I get a photometric test, specifically a Sensafe iDip X. It would definitely be more accurate and helpful regarding the measuring of CC, but it’s definitely pretty expensive (about 198) and I’m new to the job so I don’t want to make big demands. Is colorimetric testing enough to maintain ideal pool conditions?
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2023.06.02 18:15 TightEducation3511 A heartfelt rant about construction

I live a couple houses down from what used to be Astoria Complex.
A gym that was the most complete in the area, it had a spinning room, yoga room, cardio, weights, CrossFit area, aerobics classes and most importantly the only indoor pool around here. It was also quite affordable if purchasing a yearly membership.
According to the little that I know, they had try to expand and build an indoor ice skating rink, but got denied by the city. After attempting to keep expanding and being denied they finally closed and sold about a year ago #sigh.
That alone was such a lost, but they sold out to a company that is building a storage space 😖 another industrial building on this part of the neighborhood… and the construction is driving me nuts.
Here comes the rant. I know there’s little one can do for construction and they’re in their on right to build but I am honestly shocked at the amount of noise there is.
First off, this is actively deteriorating my life, the noise level has me on a never ending headache, the dust combine with the allergens of this year have both my roomate and I and everyone else on my building coughing and sneezing.
The beeping starts at 6-7 am and it doesn’t stop until 4-5pm 😖😖 do they have beep all trough their work day? IS A LOT.
They were also blasting music on speakers on the construction site, it went on for almost a month before I had the courage to walk to the site and ask to please stop blasting the music. Which they did, so at least that has stop (for the most part).
Is also affecting my money as I work from home and I can’t do any calls/recording because the noise is that uncomfortable, so I have to constantly move around my apartment (which is small) or just straight up cancel projects and do all my work on weekends when there’s no construction.
Idk I am going crazy. I wanna cry because I have that beeping stuck in my ears. I just wish they would just finish already. But I saw they’re starting to build another floor today 😖
Oh yeah and they’re also blocking all the light from our building.
If you have any info about when this construction ends please let me know so I can rally. 🤎
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2023.06.02 18:14 mjh8212 I’m not sure but here’s my symptoms

I fell Jan of last year. I had a lower lumbar mri in February of this year. This is how long this process is taking. After the mri the pain clinic said nothings wrong with me and they won’t treat me. Radiologist report said bulge with some kind of stenosis. My primary tried to send me to a spine Dr but I was denied.
I went to a neurosurgeon in May and that Dr sat me down and showed me my images for the first time. He says my spine looked good. Neurosurgeon sends me to neurologist who does a nerve test because I have numbness from my knee all the way to the bottom of my foot. Well he hit a nerve in my right flank that made the indication of a interrupted nerve. Neurologist says pinched nerve S1 well the neurosurgeon called me to tell me the nerve test results do not correlate with the mri results.
My symptoms are, tailbone/sacral pain, right flank pain thigh hurts a lot and I’m numb from the knee to the bottom of my foot. I have bones rubbing together in my right knee and have had some nasty falls onto my back and hips. I do not have buttock pain, not at the bottom of my butt or anywhere there. So I’m confused and am hoping to get some help. Neurosurgeon went right into telling me I need pelvic physical therapy but I don’t think there’s anyone in my area who specializes with that and I’ve discussed it with my husband. A lot of specialists are 2 hour drive one way and we don’t think it would work going to therapy that far away once or twice a week. I don’t know how to even get a formal diagnosis of this.
Because I thought I had a back injury and have been in so much pain I’m not very mobile. I can only stand 5 min and that’s pushing it. I was already using a cane and a walker so I use those. The pain is unbelievable and hard to manage. I’ve just gone downhill in the last year really fast. I did go to pool therapy and my therapist had me walking around in the shallow pool sometimes doing exercises like marching or standing at the sides doing little squats. Most days I was just walking at my own pace stopping when I needed to. I was in a lot of pain after then I had the half hour ride home. I’d be down for days and I only went to pool physical therapy once a week.
Anything about signs, symptoms, diagnosing and treatment would be a great help. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 18:13 NoYoureACatLady Need ideas for xeriscaping 100x30 backyard lawn. It's a disaster and we need help

The yard is about 100' x 30' for reference.
So I live on some acreage that's all weeds and whatever weird natural crap grows in my area (Denver), but kid wanted a backyard so like 7 years ago we put in a decent size backyard in, with a nice metal fence, plants around the outside with rocks, and a big lawn. It's been a f@#$ing bear to maintain, expensive, and the local landscape maintenance companies disappear overnight all the time. In 7 years we've had 4 companies and last year, we were kinda mired in depression around here and we didn't even mow once. It's now a massive mess, weeds everywhere in the rocks around the plants, the grass is at least 50% dead (thatched and layed down and killed itself in the sun).
OK, cut to today, nobody goes out there, ever. Kid is old enough to not use the playground anymore, and we're all indoor cats around here. But we can't live like this and want it cleaned up and usable somehow.
I got a quote for $4k (to start, might be more) to get it back to decent shape. And it's all a maybe because they can't really guarantee how many man-hours to pull the weeds, trim the good plants, repair and re-seed the grass, etc. It's a big "if".
What if we xeriscaped! Both companies that gave us quotes suggested it as an option.
What looks good in a backyard rectangular lawn this size (100x30)? Where can I find good ideas and make sure we like the concept?
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2023.06.02 18:12 ifixthingsllc Finally stepped my toes into the pool

Was given an Optiplex 3050 SFF, i3-7100/8gb recently, and since I needed to setup a new storage option because the MyCloud I've been relying on is starting to flag drive failures, I figured it was time to setup a good NAS.
To get started, I ordered a 512gb NVME (overkill, this I know) and an 8tb Seagate BarraCuda 5400rpm storage drive (my MyCloud was 8tb). Got everything installed and setup with TrueNas Core.
Took me some figuring out, but I got the pool setup, got a user share setup, and am currently moving everything off my MyCloud to the NAS.
Still trying to figure out how to make all the media visible to my TV's and the wife's AppleTV, but I'm getting there.
So now we get to the part where I have questions. Obviously a pool of a single drive isn't ideal, but for right now I just needed to make sure I didn't lose anything if/when the MyCloud decides to outright fail on me.
I intend to buy 2 more drives, set those up as mirrored on a separate pool, and use that for long term storage of everything, and keep the single drive setup for media alone (said media will be on the mirror set too) for house use.
My 3050 SFF only has a single drive bay, but has 2 pcix slots. I know the easiest way would be to just upgrade to a tower version with more bays and sata, but I'm wonder what are the options to do an expansion card and external housing?
I see plenty of drive cases that are usb or esata. Would an esata option be good enough for this setup? Or should I just go for simplicity, and step up to a tower model with more bays?
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2023.06.02 18:12 AspiringWriter5526 Batman and The Joker Home Association Drama

Premise: [WP] The world's greatest superhero and his supervillain nemesis have just made a shocking discovery. They're next door neighbors in their secret identities! And now they must join forces against the true evil in this world: The Home Owners Association!

(I'm pretty rusty, but any feedback is appreciated. Please enjoy my little contribution)

Bruce looks down at his collection of pain relief medicine. Advil, IB, Tylenol.
"Eenie, minie moe. " Ever since the whole multiverse and parallel universes and alter ego super heroes came about. He had nothing but headaches. It finally toned down. He'd had enough and just told everyone to call him when they were done figuring out things. Of course they, meaning the entire set of super heroes and villains, all had a big giant battle royal and then disappeared. Now as it turns out that the Joker, aka Jack was living next door.
"Stupid Migrane...." Bruce grumbles taking another advil. They couldn't be happy with the current world order, they had to go fight universal villans and now they all got themselves killed or what not. Leaving him and the Joker as the only super freaks in the world.
"I'm too old for this shit" Bruce pulls out his phone and text jack.
"Hey, our truce still on rigtht? I don't really want to deal with any of your BS this early. Did you get the Home Owners notice?"
Joker: "Yeah, yeah... I got enough headaches from these assholes to plan a heist. Plus, it's kind of pointless when I'm literally the only bad guy left and you're literally living next door. Besides, I'm too busy being robbed by these d-bags. They call ME a crook! They tripped the assement fees. Also, fuck the pool. I've never used one, why the hell are they charging me $400 for a puddle of water nobody uses!"
Bruce: "Didn't Harley that puddle of water?"
Joker: "Yeah, she did, though she's now disagreed with all the goodie two shoes and super villains. Why can't people just rob / torment their neighborhood? Do we really need to invade other universes? All I need is another version of you, you're already a fucking pain in the ass to deal with"

Bruce: "Ha! Right back at you. Alright so what are we going to do about these guys? "

Joker: "Well, I was going to to kidnap the head of the committee till she agrees to lower the prices ....."

Bruce: "Jesus, Why do I even bother! Can you think of anything else that doesn't involve, murder, robbery or mayhem?"

Joker: "Oh come on, we've been chasing each other for 10 years? You didn't get a clue on what my goto toolbox has? "

Bruce: "yeah, yeah. Alright, how about we just get our neighbors together. Anyone around you haven't traumatized yet with your charming personality? "

Joker: "Yeah, there's a few folks around that aren't complete assholes. I could reach out I supposeeee. Though it'd be way less fun...."

Bruce: "Hey, I have 4 bottles of pain killers, can we not go back to this. I'm too old to be chasing your crazy ass all over gothem. Especially now that it's just the two of us. Besides, you end up right next door, what's the point?"

Joker: "Urgh, yeah. I need to move and find a new place to torment. At least the rest of the world is now clear of the rest of your goodie two shoes wanna be. You dress like a bat, but they call ME crazy. Go figure!"

Bruce: "Sigh, okay. Meet you at the community hall tomorrow. I'll recruit some folks and see if we can get a vote of no confidence or something. Oh and for god's sake don't wear your clown outfit! I'm still hearing about the last neighborhood BBQ. You traumatized half the kids there!"

Joker: "Have you met the kids in our neighborhood? They're asshole. They deserved it..."

Bruce: "Well... maybe but still no clown outfits. I don't want to deal with this BS. Rising prices, constructions" Bruce walks to his cabinet, grabbing another pain killer chasing it with a shot of whisky. Yeah life is great. Living next door to Joker, everyone he knows has disappeared and now even the home owner associations is coming after his ass. Urgh.. Just great!
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2023.06.02 18:12 Speedfreakz Is this normal for needle to "shake" when moving the record back and forth. It doesnt skip or anything.

Sry for the shaky video, hopefully you will be able to see it.
It shakes, moves left and right when i scratch or cue the first beat. I cant remember how it was on my texhnics long time ago.
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2023.06.02 18:12 Rude_Move_8995 next weeks planned water worker strike.

There hasn't been much information available on what the water worker strike will entail.
Is it the people who work at the water treatment plants or is it also the people who repair burst water mains.
I'm aware that a boil water notice will be put in place, ut just wondering what will happen i the case that a water mains was to burst.

Its one thing to have to boil water for drinking/cooking.
its another thing If I cant flush the toilet.
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2023.06.02 18:12 tonkaterd I had a very difficult day at work yesterday

I’m a scribe in a very busy metropolitan ED. I’ve worked there for some time, about a year and a half, so I’ve had many difficult and painful days. Yesterday however was one of the worst, and I can’t seem to get over it.
I’m a trainer for new scribes coming in to the ED, and while it can be very difficult maintaining teaching while also scribing on a very busy day, it can be so rewarding. My most recent trainee however provided me with a unique challenge, and I feel like I fell short. My trainee let me know that they are autistic on the second day of training, so they face certain challenges when it comes to change and social cues. I tried my best, I really wanted to provide a way to learn for them that would facilitate them succeeding. However, yesterday was one of those days where we got completely slammed. Everyone from the nurses to the doctors were struggling, and at the end of the day I was very very frustrated. I had to let the trainee know that we would likely have to take a step back and do some extra off floor training on the side to help supplement things so that they could improve in all areas of the chart. We had an extensive conversation where I let them know that they were improving and doing well, but not exactly where they should be at this point in time. (Yesterday was day seven of training.) What I think broke me however is that one of the doctors I look very much up to told me after the training that I sounded frustrated while I was discussing this with the trainee. For some reason, maybe for many, this crushed me. I felt like I failed. I was not frustrated with the trainee, just really at the day and at myself. But now I’m guilt ridden and embarrassed, I’m not sure what I should do, or how I should try to improve going forward.
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2023.06.02 18:11 Greanfreek710 Hoping it's only "up" from here

I'll start by saying I'm not even sure what I'm looking for from this post. It might be motivation, maybe validation, maybe a combination of the two and something else. But I at least want to get my story off my chest, because I feel like I'm at a very pivotal point now.
Like many here, I've (30F) always been overweight. I was 5 when had my first grand mal seizure. I was diagnosed with epilepsy, and the following years was heavily medicated with meds that caused me to gain a lot of weight very quickly because I no longer felt "full". By age 11, when I probably naturally grew out of the epilepsy and my doctor asked me to stop the meds, I was on the borderline between overweight and obese.
By the end of high school (2011), I was 5'5 and about 205lbs. I did lose weight at this time, and around the same time in 2012, I was at 165lbs. Then, in June of that year I found myself in what I now know was a very abusive relationship. I coped as I always had, with food. That relationship went on for several years. By December 2014 I was hovering around 250lbs, and around 275lbs in January of 2018. I had, up to then, always been pretty active. I ate a lot of junk, but I also could walk 3-4 miles without breaking a sweat. In 2019 I developed plantar fasciitis from working at a cafe, but if I stretched and took care not to wear crappy shoes, it wasn't so bad. I could still get around.
When Covid hit in 2020, I caught it very early on when nobody knew what it was yet. It was March 2020, and I was at about 280lbs, but still very active and ate relatively balanced meals. That went out the window with Covid. I'm still now struggling with long-Covid symptoms that are somewhat improving, but at that time, I could barely get out of bed. I slept for hours and hours, for days. I couldn't walk across the street without being out of breath. I also moved flats, and was totally isolated in my new living situation. I became something of a recluse, and things just kept getting worse.
I've had slight back pain my whole life, but with Covid, I gained a lot of weight very quickly, and the pain quickly became debilitating. I was about 300lbs by June of 2020, around the time the intense lower back pain started, and it's only gone up since then. I'm currently hovering at about 365lbs (I probably hit that weight some time in 2021), and the pain is unbearable most days. Some days I can't walk even a few steps because of the back pain. To make matters worse, now my legs retain fluid (probably because of the lack of movement) and often feel like boulders. Most days I can't do basic chores. Even showering is exhausting. I'm miserable all the time.
I guess I just need to know - is there hope? Have I completely fucked up my back beyond repair? Can I even still lose the weight? I've gone to a lot of therapy, and I'm finally, very slowly, learning to love myself. And I do. I want to live. I want to be better. I deserve that. But I also don't want to be disappointed. I want to be realistic. I'm going out with friends again, trying to keep up daily hygiene, even dating again a bit. Last year, as I'm diabetic now, my doctor prescribed me Metformin. I stuck with it for months, diet (monitored by a nutrition specialist) and even a bit of treadmill walking. I only stopped because I wasn't responding well to the medication, both in terms of side-effects and complete lack of weight loss, and that felt really disheartening. I'm now due to start Trulicity soon, and I have a lot of hope. I know I can put in the effort, and it will come from the right place instead of a place of self-hatred and anxiety. I guess I just want a realistic picture of what I can expect from here. If you've read this far, thanks so much.
tl;dr I'm really fat and want to know if it's worth even trying at this point and what I can expect.
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2023.06.02 18:10 purpcam2121 “It’s your fault give us $300”

“It’s your fault give us $300”
So I saved up for months to buy the DJI Avata. Hooray, as a broke college student I took $1,600 of my hard earned money just to be sitting here, droneless, frustrated, and ranting on Reddit. I was very hesitant to get into manual mode but after 10+ hours in the DJI flight simulator I felt ready. Took it for a few test flights in a field in Manual mode and felt really comfortable. After 3 weeks of trying out my skills I was on my vacation and was really excited to get the shots I had been dreaming of, just for the drone to crash itself into the ocean. I mean cmon it’s not like I pushed the sticks up and dove it, I was just turning how I did in the start of the video but on this turn it decided to taste the sand. I immediately sent the drone in when I got home and after 3 fucking weeks I am now being told by DJI support that it was completely my fault and I should’ve been more careful and will need to pay $300 to have it repaired. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a sick fucking joke. If the Avata cannot handle that turn THEN DONT ALLOW IT TO TURN LIKE THAT IN THE SIMULATOR!!!!! “Use the simulator to be prepared for flight so you don’t crash your $800 drone” “oh but be careful because the flight simulator will just build a false confidence that cannot translate to real life flying skills and maneuvers”. I love DJI but this whole situation is so fucked. I DONT HAVE $300 FOR REPAIRS BECAUSE I SPENT IT ALL ON UR SHIT PRODUCT. My advice is save ur mental stability and don’t buy the Avata. $1600 for a few clips of me flying in a field and this video. I will never look at DJI the same. Literally got robbed
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2023.06.02 18:10 voodoo15 Looking for recommendations to get my 2015 Subaru Impreza Hatchback Serviced

Hi folks,
Where do you recommend I get my 2015 Subaru Impreza Hatchback serviced in Austin? Mileage is around the 52500 mark. No major repairs needed. Just needs routine maintenance. I am looking for a place that does good quality work at a decent price.
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2023.06.02 18:09 Slow_Description_655 Deutschlandticket, combo Nah- and Fernverkehr, thoughts on uncertain DB's liability and delay policy

Go down to TLDR for the actual questions. First I'll provide a rather detailed explanation of the cases I'm referring to.
Before the Deutschlandticket arrived I would sometimes book a trip from Bonn to Berlin, as I live in one of those cities and regularly travel to the other. The journey was sometimes direct but sometimes consisted of a regio Bonn-Köln and then an ICE Köln-Ber.
Sometimes the reason for the ICE not going all the way down to Bonn is track repairs or consctruction work between Bonn and Cologne and some ICEs are actually supposed to be Bonn-Berlin.
Regio trains in NRW are oftentimes delayed, so I would occasionally end up missing my ICE from Cologne to Berlin.
This is annoying but was a minor problem, as my ticket was from Bonn to Berlin, so I was entitled to get on the next train from Cologne and even receive 25% back as compensation if my time of arrival was over 60 min later than expected. So I used to book the whole thing and remain somewhat relaxed, since I knew I had these guarantees concerning delays and missed connections throughout the whole journey.
Now that I have the Deutschlandticket this doesn't seem to be so clear-cut. I have realised some possible downsides which I suppose are not new and already applied to Studententickets and other types of regional Abonnements and subscriptions:
It is no longer reasonable to book the whole journey together including regio, since the DB app does not recognize my deutschlandticket and I would be charged for the regio section again, although it is covered by my Deutschlandticket. And as far as I understand this could have consequences that could be detrimental to passengers like me.
So now I can only book the ICE section from Cologne if there isn't a direct train from Bonn to Berlin and I don't want to be charged "twice" for the regio section to Cologne.
And here comes the problem, there doesn't seem to be a straightforward way anymore to bind both sections and keep DB's liability for anything that may happen in between. I only have a time-specific ticket from Cologne to Berlin.
I presume that DB could be or claim to be exempt from responsibility in case my regio from Bonn to Cologne was delayed and made me miss my ICE and that they could refuse to accept my ticket on the next train.
I believe DB staff tend to be understanding but if I missed the ICE due to regio I suppose I would have to actively make screenshots and "collect evidence" of the regio delay and "present my case" to the staff at the counter or the ticket inspector if I decide just to get on the next train, having to first wait in unpleasant uncertainty. And I can imagine that they could actually refuse to accept it, since the Sparpreisticket of my missed train would just include ICE Cologne-Berlin and not whatever I used to get to Cologne.
I just don't like the extra stress and the idea of being somewhat dependent on someone's benevolence in cases that, at least for me, used to be pretty straightforward in terms of what I am entitled to do or receive.
I could offset the uncertainty and the risks of missing my ICE by buying a flexible ticket for the day, but I refuse to buy anything other than the Sparpreis ticket, which, being the cheapest option, is already expensive enough. There are other more expensive tickets that are flexible for the day but I usually plan my trips from A to B to start at a particular time that is convenient for me and is generally not worth it to pay more for some flexibility that I usually don't need. Also I don't think it is acceptable to be incentivized to pay more for flexibility "just in case", as this problem didn't exist before I had a subscription and those kinds of delays I'm referring to are not my responsibility but rather an inconvenience to me.
This problem seems to have an easy fix: make the app recognize the deutschlandticket if I'm booking for myself and let me book the whole journey to keep the same guarantees I used to have. But this supposed easy fix is probably not that easy, since many regional providers offer it in their apps and I suppose other formats.
As I already mentioned I suppose the problem isn't new, as there are other Abonnements and subscriptions such as Studententickets that probably entail the same potentials downsides.
Another example: There are other cases that can also be similarly problematic but I consider less dramatic, as the DB app wouldn't really show those cheaper alternatives. Let's say I want to save some money on a journey from Berlin to Bonn and I decide to do the Berlin-Magdeburg section on a regio, which actually takes only a bit longer than the same on an ICE and renders the ICE cheaper. So I only book the Sparpreis ICE from Magdeburg to Bonn or Cologne. It's a great way to save a few quid but the general unreliability of German trains and the uncertainty of my passenger rights in such cases put me off and discourage me from trying to save some money.
TLDactual questions (I'll try my best to give the gist of the questions):
-Do DB's liability and passengers' rights in cases of delays and missed connections stay the same if part of the journey is Fernverkehr and the rest regio and you didn't book all of it together because the regio section is covered by a subscription such as the Deutschlandticket or, for that matter, a Studententicket?
-Is it a grey area or will they always accept an explanation if you take the next ICE because you missed yours due to regio delays?
-Also how can you then claim your compensation if something like that happens and you end up arriving way later than intended and the regio sections involved in it don't appear in your ticket?
Thanks a lot, I hope I was clear enough. Sorry for the lenght.
Edit: typos, format.
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2023.06.02 18:09 Late_Information_321 How old Iphone can I get away with?

I'm not an IOS person per say, but iPhones build quality and ability to be repaired makes me lean towards buying a refurbished one. But as I don't know anything about iPhones, I'm not sure how old I should buy.
Is the iPhone 8 plus way too old now? And if so, what model should I go towards? I don't play any games on my phone, I scroll reddit, watch Youtube or Netflix and write on discord. I don't really care about crazy display quality either, normal refresh rate works for me.
Thanks for your help! :)
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2023.06.02 18:09 PJammas41 What are songs you would’ve heard on repeat on 101.1 The River circa 2000-2004?

I’m building a playlist for a lifeguard reunion. The pool only played this station…and my days on the stand consisted of hourly renditions of “The Remedy”, “The Middle”, “Soak Up The Sun” sprinkled in with a few others I’m forgetting.


…and while we’re at it…Alice 104.1 was my adult contemporary jam
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2023.06.02 18:09 Electronicks22 Marvel SNAP Physical card game

Hi all.
Big fan of board and card games here. I loved playing SNAP for a good while on mobile too, but I am taking a break as it was sucking too much of my time and attention. In any case, I discovered a game by Arcane Wonders called Air Land & Sea, which is a game SNAP took a lot of inspiration from. There is a free print and play available on PrintAndPlayParadise, so I thought I would do a low effort retheme of the game by pasting on it the SNAP artwork. What more? There was a promo single card expansion for the game called Ultimatum which mimicks the snap mechanic, so I added that into the files too.
This ends up being a Marvel SNAP physical card game in 3 pages printed on both sides. Naturally the gameplay is not identical so do read the rules carefully, but is a very solid 2 player pocket game. Check it out:
F.A.Q. Q: Why didn't you use X character for Y card? A: I tried to match abilities where possible, otherwise I went for popular Starter and Pool 1 cards. I could have gone for matching characters to locations better, but I thought matching abilities where possible is what is going to be more recognizable to SNAP players. Stitching this together was very easy with inkscape, the pnp files and google image search, so feel free to collage your own version with your favorite variants.
Q: Helicarrier is not a location in SNAP. Also you took Hell's Kitchen artwork for New York. A: I know. I made do with what I had. I also tried to have locations that somewhat matched the pool of characters I ended up with. For example, I didn't have any inhumans, so I wouldn't put Attilan. As mentioned previously, feel free to make your own, it's very easy.
Q: Why is the Yankees logo used for New York? A: I needed a logo for New York and that's what came up in google search. I didn't have a better suggestion so I ran with it. :P
Q: What should I use for cubes? A: The Pandemic board game has really cool little blue cubes that would be perfect for this. If you don't already own it, buy the Hotzone version: it's a smaller shorter better game and it's dirt cheap. Also a great gateway game in and of itself. Otherwise, use whatever token you have at hands, like smarties or something.
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2023.06.02 18:08 KnockNok-App Get $40 Off for all our home repair needs

Get your broken items fixed this weekend to start the next week off on the right foot. Use the KnockNok App for your home repair needs and enjoy a $40 discount. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Enter promo code 40240. Have a fantastic weekend!
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2023.06.02 18:07 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Empowerme Wellness Clinic Director - Physical Therapist (PT) *$2,000 Sign on Bonus Leawood
Petco Hospital Veterinary Technician Manhattan
Kansas Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists Respiratory Therapist Overland Park
Mid West Ops Support RCU PACU Registered Nurse Float Pool PRN Overland Park
Empowerme Wellness Physical Therapist (PT) Topeka
Surgicare Wichita PACU Nurse PRN Wichita
Alpha Consulting Corp. Animal Technician Desoto
EMCOR Group HVAC Technician Dodge City
The Hershey Company Production Laborer- Dot's Pretzels- Edgerton, KS Edgerton
The Carlstar Group Llc Warehouse Supervisor Edwardsville
The Hershey Company Territory Sales Lead (Garden City, KS) Garden City
Cargill General Production Hanston
Cargill General Production Jetmore
Cargill Production Worker Jetmore
Cargill Batcher Jetmore
Cargill Utility Worker Kansas City
TriMark USA Regional Sales Manager Kansas City
Cargill Utility Helper Kansas City
Cox Automotive Inside Regional Sales Manager-Upsell Kansas City
Copart Tow Truck 2-Car Driver Yard #369 Kansas City
Stability Healthcare Med-Surg Travel RN La Crosse
The Hershey Company Pretzel Baker - Pretzels - Lawrence, KS Lawrence
Collabera Supply Chain Analyst Lenexa
Custom Eyes Lenexa Patient Care Coordinator Lenexa
Custom Eyes Lenexa Optician Lenexa
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 18:07 meson456 [UK] [H] KBD67 MK II FAULTY, Holy Panda, Cherry MX Blue, Lube Station [W] PayPal


Selling a bunch of stuff i have lying around, Free UK shipping, Will ship worldwide at buyers cost.
KBD67 MKII Hotswap With Lubed Durock v2 Stabalisers FAULTY KEYS. - £150 ONO
Holy Panda Switches, Lubed. w/ Yok Panda Doners - £40 ONO
Cherry MX Blues x 67 - £20
Red Lube Station - £10
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