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[S] Survivor Papa Louie: Season 2: Papa's Burgeria Part 2/2

2022.10.13 04:20 Misfit298 [S] Survivor Papa Louie: Season 2: Papa's Burgeria Part 2/2

If you haven't seen part 1 or just want the Brantsteele link then go ahead and check that out first.
Episode 8:>! Later that night, Mitch gets emotional about seeing his only friend leave the game as Prudence comforts him. Allan once again thanks Cooper about sticking with him and promises Cooper that he'll be safe with him. Sarge talks about wanting Mitch gone next however Tohru admits that they need his vote if they want to maintain their advantage over the Ketchup tribe, commenting on Sarge being a purely emotional player which is a difficult person to play with.!<
At the reward challenge, castaways were tasked with catapulting items in to a tower with a plank. Tohru was the first to get all 9 items in and won the challenge which was a visit to an African village to exchange two goats for whatever she wants. She selects Allan to go with her as they both enjoy their trip away. While on their reward, Tohru comes up with a plan to counter Prudence's power, in that if Cooper and Mitch were on board like Allan said they were, they could have three of them vote one way and the other three vote the other way since her power could only protect one of them. Allan agrees with this plan, thinking that it could work out for them. While they were away, Cooper comments about how popular Allan is getting within the Mustard tribe and that the longer he was in the game, the more powerful he'd get. Cecilia agrees, saying that Allan was getting too cocky for his own good and that they should try and flip Mitch to their side to get him out. Mitch however was hesitant with this plan, saying that he was trying to re-gain trust with the Mustard tribe since he was on the outside of the vote. As they returned from reward, Allan and Tohru got biscuits for the entire tribe with Chuck and Prudence bonding over enjoying these at the beach and Chuck confirming the rumor that he is in fact Taylor's roommate from last season.
At the immunity challenge, it was a test of memory as everyone had to memorise contents in a barrel and solve them. Allan was the first to finish, winning immunity once again. Back at camp, the Ketchup alliance were annoyed that they couldn't vote for Allan now, worried that Cooper and Mitch wasn't going to be with them as a result. Mitch admits to not being able to go through with the Ketchup alliance's plan, further devestating them. Allan then brought up Tohru's plan to Cooper, saying that them and Chuck will vote for Prudence whilst Mitch, Sarge and Tohru will vote for Cecilia, explaining that if Prudence uses her power then Cecilia goes home and if she doesn't then she goes home with it unused. Cooper was excited that their plan worked and that they had an opening but had cold feet over potentially having to turn his back on Allan and showing his cards this early. Allan promises him that if he sticks with the plan then they would target Mitch next to spare them for another round. Cecilia then reminds Cooper that Allan has likely made deals with loads of people and begs them to stick with them.
At tribal council, Tohru and Allan execute their split vote plan however it blows up in their face as Cooper blindsides them by voting out Chuck in a 4-3-2 vote, making him the eighth person voted out as well as the first member of the jury.
Episode 9: Allan congratulates Cooper on managing to play them, saying that he will get his vote if he is on the jury. Cooper then says that he was never with them and plays confused which Allan straight away sees through. The Ketchup alliance celebrates managing to even up the numbers and hopes this means a fresh start for them.
At the reward challenge, the final 8 would compete in pairs and the winning pair would win a movie night out with an all you can eat feast. Cooper and Tohru were the winners with Tohru happy to win her second reward of the season and Allan annoyed that he got paired with Sarge. Mitch was sad he lost as he would've loved to spend more time with Prudence. While enjoying the movie, Cooper explains to Tohru that the move was nothing personal, hoping that she would understand. Tohru was fine with it however admitted to wanting Cooper out since out of the Ketchup four, he is the biggest threat to win the game in her eyes. Back at camp, Mitch and Sarge once again get in to an argument over the fire going out which Sarge grows increasingly annoyed with Mitch for. He then approaches Peggy with an alliance with him and Tohru to vote out Mitch which Peggy agrees to, happy that she has more options in this game.
At the Immunity Challenge, everyone was challenged to build a fire using sticks as well as a magnifying glass. If anything other than the flame touched the cord, that person would be disqualified. Allan accdentally did that when he was chucking sticks at the fire, causing him to be disqualified. Tohru held a comfortable lead through out and managed to win her first immunity and third win overall. Back at camp, with Allan finally vulnerable, the Ketchup alliance did not want to waste the opportunity and decided to target him tonight while Allan recruited the remaining four Mustard tribe players to vote for Cooper. Sarge however admits that he would still prefer Mitch to go but Tohru did her best to convince him that doing that would give him the numbers, so he agreed. Mitch seemed bothered by Sarge's behaviour towards him and hopes to address it later tonight at tribal council.
At tribal council, Sarge and Mitch got in to yet another argument when Mitch questioned Sarge's behavior towards him with Sarge berating him over not taking the game seriously. Once the votes were revealed, it turns out that Sarge went back on his vote and voted for Mitch as a message to not mess with him, allowing the Ketchup four to vote out Allan in a 4-3-1 vote, making him the 9th person voted out and the second member of the jury, leaving Cooper relieved and Allan speechless.
Episode 10: As they got to camp, Tohru was annoyed that Sarge decided to throw his vote away like that and now realised that the two of them were on the bottom with Sarge sighing in defeat that maybe he was not cut out for this game. The Ketchup Squad celebrated managing to get Allan out and maintaining the majority.
At the reward challenge, players were treated to the Survivor Auction where Peggy won a coffee and croissant, Tohru won cheese, crackers and a cold beer, Sarge won a sundae with chocolate syrup, Prudence wins a breakfast meal of pancakes, bacon and eggs as well as a mug of chocolate syrup while Cooper wins a full meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables which he decided to share with Peggy and Cecilia won a meatball sub. Once everyone got back to camp, they all questioned Mitch as to why he didn't spend any of his money to which he answered that he wanted to put it all towards his sister who wasn't doing well, causing a couple people to get emotional for him. Tohru then got in to an argument with Cecilia over the Ketchup Squad all pooling their money to get items for each other to which Cecilia responded that her and Sarge still got all of their items. Meanwhile Cooper continues to work hard around camp, earning Sarge's respect for him, admitting that he was glad not to vote for Cooper.
At the immunity challenge, the players were challenged with questions based off of Burgerburgh. It came down to a close race between Tohru and Sarge however Sarge edged her out for Immunity, keeping him safe from the vote. After the challenge, Mitch was bummed out, saying that he would either have to spend 3 more days with Sarge or that Sarge would make it further in the game than him. Sarge was adimant about voting for Mitch again and Tohru, knowing that no one from the Ketchup Squad will flip, decided to go through with it. The Ketchup Squad knew they had a decision to make between whether to vote out Mitch or Tohru. They admitted that Tohru was the strongest player, winning 3 out of the last 4 challenges and this being her first loss in a while but also looked towards gaining respect from the jury and thought they had a better shot of doing that if Mitch were gone sooner. Prudence had a soft spot for Mitch, admitting that she wanted him to be in the game longer. Peggy on the other hand strongly considered voting Mitch out as it would maintain her alliance with Sarge and Tohru and place her firmly in the middle of both sides that would keep her safe.
At tribal council, Tohru called out Sarge for messing up last tribal and apologising to Mitch for making him feel excluded. In the end, Tohru got voted out in a 5-2 vote, becoming the 10th person voted out and the third member of the jury.
Episode 11: Sarge got in to an argument with Peggy, attempting to call her out for trying to make an alliance with him and Tohru to get Mitch out which Peggy simply denied, stating that they had never talked game. Prudence however seemed skeptical of Peggy and talked to Cooper about this, re-affirming that they had made the right decision just in case.
At the reward challenge, the final 6 were treated with getting to interact with their loved ones online. Cecilia had her best friend and dance partner (And also Season 1 player) Timm, Cooper had his little brother Greg (Also from Season 1), Mitch had his grandfather Wally (Again, Season 1), Peggy had her mother, Prudence had her sister + her dog Pickle and Sarge had his grandmother. They were asked a series of personal questions about themselves and if their family member had a matching answer with them, then they would earn a point. The person with the most points would win a trip to the resort, a chance to sleep in a bed and a feast. Cecilia and Timm had the most matching answers and therefore were the winners. Cecilia also got to pick one more person and she picked Cooper. This bothered Peggy since out of everyone left in the game, Cooper was the only one who had already been on a reward. Her and Sarge talked about the growing threat in the game that was Cooper and that he would have to be voted out soon. Mitch overhears this and is unsure of the plan. While on the reward, Cooper, while enjoying it, questioned why she picked him as he thought everyone else was more deserving, this got the two in a major argument however it was resolved the next morning.
At the immunity challenge, everyone used a slingshot to take out pots of other tribe members, the last person left standing with at least one pot left wins immunity. The competition came down to Cooper and Sarge with Cooper managing to take out Sarge's last pot, winning him his first immunity. Back at camp, since Cooper was now immune, Peggy had decided to go back with the original Ketchup tribe as they had planned to target Sarge for winning the last immunity. When asked about the vote, Mitch said that he would be voting for Peggy since she was looking worn out from the game and she was the only one not to have her name written down and he wanted to be fair to everyone. Cooper and Prudence thought this over and wondered if taking out Peggy would be the right move for them game wise. Sarge meanwhile decides to pitch Mitch's name again since he had nothing to lose after Cooper had already won immunity and he knew that he would be a likely target. He begged the Ketchup Squad to think it over.
At tribal council, Mitch openly said he was voting for Peggy since she was the only one who hadn't had a vote cast against her yet which Peggy admitted was a stupid reason to vote for her. Sarge ended up getting voted out in a 4-1-1 vote, becoming the 11th person voted out and the 4th member of the jury.
Episode 12: Back at camp, Mitch was surprised to have lasted as long as he did and talked about how fun this adventure has been for him. Cooper meanwhile was weighing his options about who he would stand the best shot against in the end since it seemed like the jury as a whole did not respect Mitch or his game.
At the reward challenge, it was a word search to find multiple Burger ingredients and then descramble the hidden word on the intersecting letters. Cooper was the first to finish as he won a brand new car. He joked about giving this to his younger brother when he was old enough. Back at camp, Mitch opens up to Prudence, talking about his rough life at home and that he tried to make the best of this experience as he could. He was comforted by the remaining members of the tribe. He talks about knowing he needs immunity or he's out of the game. Meanwhile Cecilia and Peggy talk about their chances at making it to the end against Cooper and Prudence compared to their chances against Mitch as while Mitch wasn't liked by the jury, they figured that the jury would probably be anti-Ketchup tribe as so far they were all made up of Mustard tribe members. At the same time, they wanted to stick with the alliance as they had been through so much together and to have made it all the way to the final 4 would be such an accomplishment for them.
At the Immunity Challenge, it was an obstacle course of past challenges through out the season and the first to finish will win immunity, Mitch was doing surprisingly well and it seemed like he would be able to win, however Cooper kept a commanding lead and won his second immunity, punching his ticket to the final 4. Back at camp, Mitch announced that he knew his time was up and that he was happy to have made it this far however he wasn't giving up and was hoping that the others would at least hear out his pleas, to which they all agreed on doing so. Mitch had decided to pitch Cecilia's name due to already voting for Peggy and liking Prudence more than her. To which Prudence admitted to Cooper that it would be difficult for her to have to vote Mitch out because of his kindness while also thinking that Cecilia and Peggy would both take each other to the end to which Cooper agreed with those thoughts but also wanted to stay true to what the Ketchup Tribe had agreed with all the way back on Day 13 and finish the job.
At tribal council, Mitch accepted the reality that he was probably going home and was proud of the 4 remaining players for all the work they put in and was proud that one of them would be winning this game and in an emotional vote, Mitch became the 12th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury in a 4-1 vote in which he hugged everyone on the way out.
Episode `13 (Finale): This was a major milestone for the 4 remaining Ketchup members. They all had a familiar story of coming back after losing the first 4 challenges and 7 challenges overall. Cooper voiced conern over his position, not only was he the last guy remaining but he had also won the last two immunities and the last few people to have won immunity were eliminated right after they had lost so he had to make sure his alliances were solid. Peggy knew she was going to need a big move to impress the jury and had to make sure where her vote was going to land at tomorrow's tribal. Cecilia didn't consider herself too big of a threat but knew there were a couple people in particular that needed to be dealt with soon. Prudence was proud of the game she played but grew nervous of who was actually planning on taking her to the end and is counting on her jury management to carry her through. To everyone's surprise, at the next day, they were all instructed to head to tribal council immediately tonight. As they arrived, it was revealed that they would compete in their next immunity challenge right now in front of the jury and vote someone off straight after as with last season. The challenge in addition was fallen comrades where they were quizzed about the members of the jury. The person with the most answers correct, wins immunity. Through out the season, Cooper was taking notes on what he knew about certain people and that helped him majorly as he answered every question right and secured immunity for himself for the third time in a row. It was now straight to the vote and Cecilia voted for Prudence, viewing her as the bigger threat, Prudence voted for Peggy, wanting to eliminate a threat for final immunity while Peggy and Cooper both voted out Cecilia, with Cooper wanting to keep Prudence around as a final 3 shield and Peggy wanting a big move to call her own. Cecilia became the 13th person voted out and the 6th member of the jury.
The final 3 all celebrated getting as far as they did while reflecting on their journeys to get here. On Day 38, they all went through the rites of passage process where they went through the 13 previously voted out castaways and reflected on them all. They then arrived at the final immunity challenge which was hands on an idol where they would all keep their hand on the tribal immunity idol used through out the tribe phase which was placed in the middle. If they had moved their hands or feet from where they were positioned, they were out of the challenge. When it came down to Cooper and Peggy, Peggy tried to strike a deal with Cooper, saying if she lets him win, he'd take her to the end. He accepted and she dropped, winning Cooper his fourth and most important individual immunity, guarenteeing him a spot at the final tribal council where in addition, he would chose who would join the jury and who he would sit next to. Cooper weighed out both options. Personally he liked Prudence more, admitting that it would be nice to see one of the two win but feel like he would stand a better overall shot against Peggy. At tribal council, Prudence and Peggy both made their pitches to Cooper where Peggy claims that Prudence has played a great under the radar game with great moves such as the power lie. Prudence talks about Peggy attending almost every tribal council without some form of immunity and only having her name written down once which was an impressive feat. Cooper in the end decided to vote out Prudence in a tough vote for him for her being such a power player. Prudence became the 14th person voted out and the last member of the jury and Cooper and Peggy were officially deemed the final 2.
Final Tribal Council: Peggy and Cooper both celebrated making it all the way to the end with a special Day 39 breakfast as they got to work on their speeches. As they arrived to final tribal council and faced the jury of seven, Cooper's opening speech contained managing to create multiple relationships, making moves such as the flip at the Olga vote to make the mustard tribe think he was with them and his many immunity wins. Peggy's opening speech contained managing to survive numerous tribals without immunity or having her name written down, always being a vote in the middle and building a relationship with most members of the jury. One at a time, the members of the jury came up to address the finalists.
Chuck was first. He talked about being impressed about the odds the two managed to overcome. He then asked who else is most deserving of sitting at the end to which Cooper responded with Mitch and Prudence due to their character, good nature, gameplay and being able to survive. Peggy responded with Allan and Tohru, claiming they were the biggest power players on the Mustard tribe and would've won the entire game if they weren't taken out.
Allan was next, he asked Cooper if Sarge had not flipped his vote if he thinks he would've been able to beat him in a tiebreaker. Cooper responded with yes, saying that he always kept his mouth closed and his eyes open and knew a lot about the game than everyone thought he did which was his strategy. He then asked Peggy if she tried to make a move at all and if so, when. Peggy answered with wanting to vote Mitch out at 7 as she had already made an alliance with Sarge and Tohru which she managed to cover up when Tohru got voted out.
Tohru was up next. She congratulated the two asking how much of an impact they made on the season as a whole. Peggy said she was a major impact, talking about her being a key player in the Ketchup alliance as well as extending her relationships to protect her and give her options. Cooper responded with his flip at the Olga vote, giving the Mustard tribe a false sense of security and thus making Prudence's idol plan work and allowing them to vote Chuck out and give them an opening.
Sarge was fourth and addressed his grudge with Mitch and asked the two if there was someone they struggled getting along with. Cooper responded with Tohru, saying there was this awkward tension when they were both on reward that they both knew how much of a threat the other was to them. Peggy responded with Mitch, saying that him voting for her for no reason rubbed her the wrong way and made her think their relationship was unsalvagable.
Mitch asks the both of them what they would do with the money. Peggy asks that she would rent and buy more farm animals to expand her business and help her mother while Cooper says he'd help send his brother to college and also one day hopes to take care of another cat so that his cat has a friend to play with.
Cecilia critisized Peggy for voting her out, saying that there was no need in doing so and that Prudence was the bigger threat. Peggy defended herself saying that out of the final 4, she thought the jury would have the least reasons to be mad at her, thus giving her the money out of everyone she was against. She asked Cooper the same question to which Cooper asked that she was the only one who wasn't taking him to the end and felt confident that both Prudence and Peggy were.
Prudence was last up as she asked Peggy who she would've taken to the final 2, she answered that she would've taken Cooper, proving Cooper's point about voting out Cecilia. She asked Cooper if there was anything he would change about his game, to which he answered that he wish he got someone else to flip at the Olga vote so that he wouldn't be targeted come final 8.
Winner Reveal: The votes were revealed and by a vote of 7-0, Cooper was crowned the official winner of Survivor: Papa's Burgeria while Peggy was awarded 2nd place. The Reunion took place where Cooper showed pictures of his cat while also announcing that him and Prudence started dating, Mitch got promoted at the Taco Shop he worked at and Tohru said that she kept a diary of the experience for memories.
Voting Chart: https://i.imgur.com/iHPZsJK.png
My Thoughts: I can definitely see this season being polarizing to some people and that comes down to whether or not you enjoyed the story of the Ketchup Four. I personally found it engaging, while not as fun as Penny's solo underdog run, still great. I also preferred the pre-mergers that went out this season. Olga, Clover, Hugo and Robby were all great in their own rights and are Second Chance material. We had some great characters along the way such as Sarge and Mitch and their amusing feud, solid strategists in Allan, Tohru and Prudence and we had a great dominant win from Cooper, being in danger at only 1 tribal. While there were some noticeable trends from last season that carried over such as the Immunity curse where the people who win immunity lose the game as soon as they lose immunity, the 2-1-1 vote and the winner being a challenge beast, I still liked this season. Was this season as strong as the first? I think it misses the mark personally because of having longer stretches of predictability. The Season definitely started off slow but I feel picks up after the swap where we get two great swap tribals followed by two iconic tribals in the Chuck and Allan boots. After Allan leaves the game, it's pretty much a steamroll from there, and not an engaging one like last season.
Hero: Mitch. Always an upbeat personality and his vote off was really sad for me as I was hoping he'd make it through.
Villain: Allan. Dude was always scheming in the most backstabby way possible.
Underdog: Mitch. Feels weird to call Mitch an underdog when we had a massive underdog alliance power through all the way but he goes through a lot in the merge and it's genuinely impressive to see him hang on and become the last Mustard Member standing.
Best Duo: Cooper and Prudence. I know they weren't necessarily a duo in the Brantsteele but me writing it up in the season summary just felt right. I wanted to give this to Sarge and Tohru but they didn't feel as relevant. Cooper and Prudence worked close together until it was time for one to cut the other.
Best Move: Cooper flipping on Olga + Prudence's Idol Lie (Something I inserted in as a plot point to have consistency and to hint at the Season 3 theme.)
Worst Move: Sarge voting for Mitch at the final 8 and giving control over to the Ketchup Alliance (Literally don't get why Sarge did this still and I don't think I made sense of it in the summary write up. This doomed his and Tohru's game and determined the rest of the season. Speaking of...
Most Robbed: Tohru (Got screwed over by her ally voting for someone he wasn't supposed to and then said ally winning immunity and her being the default target. It's a shame since she actually had potential to win the game. Had my money on her coming in to the merge actually. Just never shaked up. And in case you were wondering, last season I woulda given this to Claire)
Best Moment: Allan's downfall. The buildup, the storyline, the execution, it's all compelling.
Player of the Game: Prudence (Prudence was a great player when it came to navigating situations. She was a very popular target in the pre-merge due to her challenge game not being strong as well as her voting in the minority at the first tribal. But she engineered such a great lie in the power that it gave her alliance control and she came so close to winning the whole thing. Girl deserves props.
Fan Favorite: Cooper (Personally I woulda given this to Mitch but it's nice that the winner also gets an award out of this. Way better than last season's simulation fan favorite decision.)
Potential Returness: Cooper, Prudence, Mitch, Sarge, Tohru, Allan, Mindy, Olga
As always, let me know what you thought of this season. What Brantsteele template should I use next? What cast should I gather for Season 3? Let me know down below. Was busy so writing all this took a WHILE.
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2022.08.02 04:26 IUniven August 1st

100 Words - "Insanity"

Throwing yourself at the same thing over and over an expecting a different outcome, right?
But it is different! One time the rock skips three times, the next it skips four! Then five! Then not at all! Isn’t it fun?!
No matter how much you do the same thing, the world doesn’t give a flying fuck! It just keeps running, all the while giving you nothing!
One pebble, two pebble, three pebble, four,
Who is it that waits by the door?
Surely not my mind, I lost that a long time ago.
Gee, thanks you unpredictable sleazebag piece of shit.

"More than One"

I don’t know who I am anymore.
Yes you do. It’s simple. You’re me.
“No I’m not!”
I keel over and clutch my head as the gravelly voice within returns, even louder than the day before.
Well I’m definitely not you!”
“No shit you aren’t!” I exclaim as I dig my fingers into my scalp. The feeling of my hair being pulled does little to quiet the voice, but manages to soothe the torrent of thoughts that run through my head.
My caretakers come over briefly at the sound of my outburst, and I have to uncurl from my spot to tell them an abridged version of “everything is okay.”
Lying won’t get you the help you need.”
I ignore it as they walk away.
If you didn’t need help, I wouldn’t be here.”
“Would you just shut up?I whisper-cried as I lay back down on my bed. “I just want some sleep.”
Sleep won’t make me disappear. You should know that much by now.”
“At least it will give me some quiet…” I mumbled as I pulled the pillow over my head and around my ears.
...You know that won’t work… right?”
The creaking sound of a door opening fills the room.
“Ah, hello! I take it you’re miss… Letter?”
A sigh. “It’s Lenora,” she said as she sat down across the desk. “Mind descrambler extraordinaire, at your service. You called me here because of a… ‘serious case’?”
They cleared their throat. “Yes that would be correct. This child.. they have some baggage. The longer they’ve stayed here, the more they’ve closed themselves off, and the more times they’ve been heard screaming at someone when nobody is around them.”
“Hmm… alright, I think I know the treatment. Now, before I do anything, how’s about we talk about payment.”
A groan. “Must we?”
“I’ve been stiffed one too many times. Yes, we do.”
“Alright… three Brin.”
“Four, final offer.”
“Four and five Sil.”
“Three Sil.”
“You have yourself a deal,” Lenora nodded with a sly smile. She watched on as the head of the home reluctantly pulled out the light blue-ish and bronze-looking coins. Taking them in hand, she counted them one after another before pocketing them. “Alright, now where is this child?”
The head stood, then walked to the door. “I’ll lead you to them.”
“Perew?” one of the caretakers call from across the room. “Are you doing alright today?”
I furrow my brows, but don’t say another word as they walk over to me.
“Are you sure?”
I hesitate, before trying to speak. As I open my mouth this time, though, nothing comes out.
Just admit it! You need help!”
“Alright… Well, we brought someone here who we think we can help.”
I look up to them with a doubtful gaze, and they stare right back at me. I hate it, seeing my reflection in their eyes, and what they’re trying to do, but I simply nod.
Why do you, though? They’re just trying to help!”
“Shut up!” I exclaim as I hit myself in the head. Immediately, the caretaker in front of me is atop me, keeping my arms restrained as they begin speaking frantically.
“Lenore, please…”
Someone I don’t know comes into view, but before I can react, they place their hand on my head and close their eyes. Weirded out and slightly uncomfortable, I struggle to squirm out of their grip, unsuccessfully.
Would you just stop, kid?” The voice was even louder now.
Wait—“ a third, feminine voice enters my head, but cuts off as the woman who placed her hand on my head stumbles backwards and flutters her eyes open.
“T—there’s… that’s not…”
“What?” the caretaker asks. “Did you help him at all?”
They open and close their mouth like a fish a few times, clearly struggling to find words before they manage to say, “There’s… not just another voice.”
The caretaker’s grip on me loosens, allowing me to wriggle free and back up to the edge of my bed. “What?” I ask.
“What do you mean?” the caretaker asks.
The lady looks to them. “This child has a whole separate mind in their head!”

2022 Total Word Count - 146,544


Possible Improvements

Closing Thoughts

I'm kinda all over the place right now, so this is all I'm doing tonight.
Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed, and if there's any critiques, please leave them in a comment below.
I hope you all have a great day, night, or whatever the case may be, and I will see you all tomorrow.
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2022.05.03 00:30 GoomaDooney Heterogram, isogram

What up wordnerds! Thanks for playing and lurking with us. I’m glad that a little competition has invigorated the sub.
On to more serious matters. The elusive one word answer is out there, taunting us. Through our collective ability, we’ve demonstrated the flexibility of two word solutions. Let’s take things to the next level.
Here is a list of alphabetized words with unique 12 letter composition. I have a feeling we’ve already let some one word solutions slip by unnoticed. Never again.
adsorptively ambidextrous amblygonites amylopectins bankruptcies blastodermic bluestocking cabinetworks centrifugals computerniks configurated considerably counterplays countervails customizable demographics demonstrably descrambling discountable discrepantly disreputably doublethinks drumbeatings earthmovings edulcorating euchromatins exclusionary exculpations expurgations exhaustingly farsightedly flexographic flowcharting Francophiles gourmandizes granulocytes hematoxylins housewarming hydromancies hypnotizable hyponatremic imponderably incomputable incomputably kymographies lexicography Lubavitchers lycanthropes malnourished mendaciously metalworking multipronged neurotypical nightwalkers outpreaching outscreaming outsparkling outspreading overhaulings overmatching overstudying overwatching packinghouse patchworking pelargoniums phagocytized phagocytizes phytoalexins polycentrism preadjusting postcardlike problematics productively questionably recognizably ropewalkings stakeholding stenographic stickhandler subnormality subvocalized thunderclaps unforgivable unforgivably unglamorized unhysterical unprofitable unprofitably upholstering voluntaryism xylographies
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2021.12.21 14:32 AGuyLikeGaston Christmas Present

Christmas Present
So, my younger brother is a big fan of puzzles. He likes playing board games with me, and he's really good at Rubik's cubes. For Christmas two years ago, he wanted Rubik's cubes, so I bought him some normal ones, some easier ones, and also some more advanced ones that had more than just six sides. Last year, he wanted a ghost cube, which is basically an even more advanced cube that has unevenly sized pieces and changes shape as you move it around, where the goal is to get it back into a cube shape. This year, he only wanted 2 things: Black Ops, and Minecraft. I also asked my mom what kind of candy he liked, and he said gummy worms. So, naturally, I bought him three things this year. The first was this:

Now, you might be thinking, "OP, that's terrible! He's allowed to like video games, buying him a dictionary is just pretentious!" And I would agree if this was a real dictionary. But it isn't.
It's a book safe. And on the inside cover, I've written a series of symbols, as well as the phrase, "The cube holds the key" Which brings us to his second present:
A puzzle cube. I don't want to flood this with too many pictures, so for a detailed walkthrough of how to open the cube, check Here. As you can see in the video, the combination to open the box is included with the box, but if you ask me it's in an incredibly unintuitive place, hence why I wrote the symbols down inside the safe and he'll only need to descramble them from there. Inside the box, he'll find a copy of this riddle:

Of course, like all good riddles, it's written in verse. The combination to unlock the safe is written at the top of the page, but it's been put through multiple ciphers. The first, as detailed in the riddle, is a simple number to letter cipher, where a=1 and z=26. The other cipher used is the keyed Caesarian cipher, with three potential keywords being presented in all caps throughout the riddle. For this, he'll need the third present, which is just a notebook and pen so he can work through the ciphers. But the key isn't any one of them. But rather....the key is all three of them. You may have noticed that, in the riddle, there are three numerals, while the other numbers are all written out. And the safe, if you remember, has a three-digit combination. Three digits, 3 numerals, 3 keys. So, a deciphered combination will looks something like this:

And when you put 736, into the safe....


....it opens. Revealing all three of the actual presents. (Plus Black Ops 1, inside the Minecraft case). I don't know if he knows about ciphers, but I intend to teach him and give him any hints he might need in order to get it open.
submitted by AGuyLikeGaston to u/AGuyLikeGaston [link] [comments]

2021.11.16 05:30 Knifeparty103 Strange Facebook Job Post

Hi all. Strange case on my hands. Not sure if my computer has been compromised, but I thought it'd be worth it to come here to hopefully figure this problem out.
About an hour ago, I was looking for careers within Facebook, because I am so keen to join Zuckerburg in the MetaVerse. I stumbled upon a listing that I was interested in and applied. There's a feature where if you import your resume, it auto-fills components of the application questions through the information within your resume.
It gets weird here. Everything looked mostly fine, with all my recent positions transferring over. As I scroll down to the last job experience, which should have been blank because I had no other positions left to be imported, it showed me this message in the "Employer Name" section:
I gOt IcE in My vEinS, bLoOdiN mY EyeS HAtE iN mY hEaRt,LovE iN mY MinD I sEenniGhTs fuLL oF pAiN, dAyS oFthE sAmE YoU kEep thEsuNshinE, sAvE mE thE rAiN IsEaRch buT nEvEr fiNd, huRtbUt nEVeR cRy I woRk aNdfoREver tRy, bUt I’m cUrsEd.eM RaYxxxx
The location for this "Employer"? Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Through my digging, I found that this is an excerpt from a song by Lil Wayne called Drop the World. Not sure of the resemblance here. I also found a Facebook page with this title that has 4 page likes.
I tried to descramble the capital letters, and found these string of letters, per capital letter, per word:
Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks
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2021.08.13 06:50 EliWest721 Ok. The new video on YouTube from GameStop had an Easter Egg. Here is my tin foil take....

TL;DR 1. Easter egg is at the 4:20 mark....420 yall 2. That’s our diamond in the picture 3. There are 41 hashes/marks at the bottom T41 4. The message “There is no escape. This is Canon” includes “Cant Stop” and “R Cohen”
Ok, so I remember the RIP dumbass tweet and everyone descrambling the letters. And I remember thinking that everyone was stretching on it.
So when I saw the Easter egg at 4:20 in the GameStop YouTube vid, I thought it would be fun to decipher this message.
I searched the screen for anything sticking out. I noticed that the bottom of the screen had a lot of dots and hashes. Well if you count all of the dots and hashes there are 41. Made me think of T41. I laughed and chalked it up to an interesting coincidence due to my confirmation bias.
Now I start looking at the letters and words. After about 15 minutes of not finding anything tangible, I found the letters for “can’t” and “stop”. I got excited. Then I found “Cohen” and “R” and I got my Jits Tacked up.
But now I need help:
The best sentences I can come up with are: Eases in. I can’t stop. He is R Cohen
I think there is something there, but I can’t fully crack it and I have to go to bed. Hopefully our collective ape brain can figure this out while I sleep.
here is a link to my post with a picture of the Easter egg
here is the YouTube vid
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2021.06.12 13:59 StarFlower11 Need help deciphering something

I've been trying to decipher the symbols and what they mean. I've translated the script (which is alien language (remember aliens are just extraterrestrial beings)), but 'taliv' isn't any coherent English I know of. I've tried doing the Caesar and Atbash cipher, with no luck. Descrambling does give one solution: 'vital', but "Hello, welcome to Vital" just doesn't sound right.
Any help here?
Credit to YourEverydayTheorist for figuring out what script this is! (If you watch, going past 6:50 isn't necessary)
PS: The cipher in the video link above seems to be encoded as well! I've tried putting in some symbols from that video, and I come with something incoherent (e.g. NT-SK?)(The third letter is unreadable). Figuring this out could maybe give us some story clues!
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2021.04.23 04:47 vlaka_patata AMLEN AGORED

in the latest episode, on the wall of the airplane behind Mike is a no smoking sign that says "AMLEN AGORED". I just spent the last half hour trying to descramble the letters, trying out some substitution cyphers, looking at it upside down, trying to crack it.
Spoilers ahead: if you want to solve it on your own, don't read further.
Couldn't get anything, punched it into Google, and it turns out it's just Welsh for "Open Envelope". Brilliant, bizarre, 100% Taskmaster.
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2021.01.01 20:56 rocksandlsd Sometimes I can read, sometimes I can’t. What’s your experience?

Hey all. I’ve been focusing on a different aspect of my dreams to tell when I’m dreaming or not, and that’s reading.
There are some situations where I can read just fine, and because of that, I can’t correlate that I’m dreaming. I get a text, I’m opening a map, something small that I can comprehend and move on from.
Other situations when there is a lot of words, say a book, I’ll use intense focus to descramble the letters, work out one word, and by time I move to the next the letters are scrambling again and I forget what I just read. This tips me off that I’m dreaming (and the next struggle is trying to keep the lucid state).
What is your experience with attempting to read and understand words while dreaming?
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2020.11.16 03:36 bcmarss Operation Chaos Floppy Disc Code Tutorial

Theres lots of people confused and making posts about this so I figured I’d make a one size fits all tutorial that’ll hopefully reduce the amount of people having to ask separately.
The floppy disc requires two passwords to crack it: a passcode (numbers only) and a passphrase (words only). You get the passcode from the newspaper and the passphrase from the encrypted code.
Newspaper: This is the easier part. Look at the red letters in the newspaper and descramble them to find a city name. Use the broadcast to find the numbers associated with the given city. This will be your passcode.
Encrypted code: This code has a row of numbers that are blue and red with two ? marks, one of each color. Look ONLY at the red numbers and find the pattern between the numbers to deduce the red ? number. Do the same for the blue ? (keep these numbers in that order). Go to the broadcast to find the city associated with your numbers. This city will be your passphrase.
Put the passcode from the newspaper and the passphrase from the encrypted code together into the floppy disk and that’s all there is to it!
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2020.09.17 18:22 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 11, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 3-21-1988
3-28-1988 4-4-1988 * *
  • Dave has results from the poll he put up before March 27. Out of 532 responses, 504 enjoyed Clash more, with only 20 liking Wrestlemania more, and 8 rating them roughly equally. 489 voted for Clash as having the better card, while 39 picked Wrestlemania’s card, and 4 thought the cards were equal in quality. Only two picked a Wrestlemania match for match of the night, with Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Savage and DiBiase vs. Don Muraco each getting a vote. FlaiSting got 245 votes for match of the night while Midnight Express/Fantastics got 242 votes, and the NWA tag title match got 36 votes.
  • Anyway, it’s a really slow news week. So with the complete lack of anything interesting happening, Dave is gonna hit us with a bunch of semi-organized thoughts and such.
  • Hulk Hogan and Sting are the two guys coming out of Sunday with the most buzz. The level of response Sting has been getting cements him as the #2 babyface in the country, jumping past Savage and the Road Warriors quite quickly. Sting’s a guy who never had a big push before a couple months ago, had never gotten a clean pin on a major star, he’s never even won a singles title in NWA. He’s good for his experience level, but he’s very unpolished, and he’s not a good talker. But the man has some kind of charisma and fans have latched onto it, and Sting/Flair is now the most viewed match in modern NWA history and potentially the most viewed match in U.S. cable tv history. Ric Flair deserves a lot of credit for the match turning out and for giving Sting the rub, but you can’t get over off a rub like that if you don’t have something to you. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of options for sustaining his push and keeping his momentum going. He’s worked Flair for four months now, and there’s no other heel he can have a meaningful feud with without cooling off. So Dave worries they’re going to whiff and fail to catch lightning in a bottle with Sting.
  • Wrestlemania’s numbers may be down, but ppv kept it from being a flop financially. Roughly 585,000 homes paid $19.95 to watch Wrestlemania IV, roughly a 6% buyrate (maybe as high as 6.5%), which means a gross of $11.7 million. With closed circuit, live gate, and the site fee Trump paid, the total take is an estimated $16.3 million, with WWF pocketing roughly $7 million. Merch may get them another million. We’ll see the real success or failure when WWF returns in a month, because they’re taking four weeks off. So we’ll have to see if it’s profitable to off-set other losses of income - house show revenue leading to Wrestlemania was down from the same period as last year, and the summer slump is coming.
  • Clash drew an overall 5.8 rating and 12.6 share, being viewed in 2,561,000 homes in an average quarter hour. It’s not quite Royal Rumble ratings, but interestingly the audience grew every quarter hour. You’d never see that in a modern Raw, that’ for sure. FlaiSting topped out at a 7.1 rating/15 share with 3,138,000 homes on average, with the final 15 minutes having just under 3.5 million watching. Quite possibly the most watched slot of wrestling ever on cable tv. No matter how you slice it (ratings services assume a household means 2.2 viewers, based on their averages). Dave figures for wrestling the number may be closer to 3 particularly for ppv, but no matter how you slice it Wrestlemania didn’t have near as many viewers as Clash.
  • Dave thinks there’s a criticism of Wrestlemania that isn’t really just: the card was too long. For what was billed (16-18 matches), it wasn’t too long, and the card only went 3 hours 40 minutes with a 12 minute intermission. Most matches were under 6 minutes, and cutting time would have made them even shorter. The card may not have been good, and it may seem long because of its badness, but any shorter and all the complaints would have been about the lack of wrestling.
  • For Clash, Dave thinks the criticism of there being too many commercials is a bad one. Seeing that quality a show for free? You can live with commercials and let the advertisers foot the bill. And they didn’t break any match up with commercials. Sure, the breaks were longer than usual, but they avoided cutting off the action so it’s all good.
  • For the most just criticisms of both shows, Dave thinks the Wrestlemania crowd and judging for FlaiSting take the cake. The crowd at Wrestlemania was papered with non-fans who didn’t know the characters and stories, and even WWF operates at a level of complexity above the ability to just grab a random off the street and expect them to grasp everything and react appropriately with no background knowledge. As for Clash, they botched the judging completely. Nobody clarified if a judges’ decision could cause a title change. Having one judge be a Penthouse Pet on Ric Flair’s arm the day before on tv strains credulity to the breaking point. They promised a winner and gave a draw. They never made clear that Jason Hervey and Ken Osmond weren’t actually judges and were just sitting at the judges’ table as celebrities. If Flair and Sting had been average or even bad, this judging stuff could have completely ruined the show in Dave’s opinion.
  • Dave thinks the best swerve related to either show happened the week before in Springfield, Illinois. Santana and Martel came out wearing the WWF tag titles for a match scheduled to air after Wrestlemania, which made Dave expect them to keep the belts. Turns out they got into it with Slick and chased him to the back, and the ring attendant brought the belts to the back, then they re-entered without the belts and the cameras didn’t start rolling until the second entrance. Clever work by WWF there.
  • Martel and Santana getting booed at Wrestlemania remains the most puzzling thing about the night for Dave. Even at the closed-circuit sites Dave got reports from, fans there booed them. At first Dave assumed it was because Demolition are kind of Road Warrior knockoffs, but reports Dave got indicate that they got booed a lot too, so Dave has no clue why fans aren’t feeling Strike Force.
  • WWF and NWA each have a candidate for “best case of assuming fans have memory loss” with their shows. WWF gets theirs for the evil twin Hebner angle. A few weeks back it was being hailed as a great angle, but once it became clear the tournament was flopping as an angle, they dropped all mention of it. Never got brought up at Wrestlemania, and Earl Hebner even refereed several matches in the tournament without any mention of his name, Dave Hebner’s name, or any referee even being named. Meanwhile, NWA’s handling of Steve Williams returning gets a mention as well. Not only is he no longer mentioned as UWF champion, they’re acting like the UWF championship has never existed. And we thought McMahon was the worst when it came to ignoring wrestling history. They also forgot his heel turn from before he quit and his feud with Barry Windham, since he and Windham are teaming on the April 17 WTBS Main Event show.
  • WWF still wins the PR game, even if they had less than a third the viewership on Sunday. All news media converge of the weekend in wrestling was about WWF. Even CNN, owned by Ted Turner, gave five minutes coverage to Wrestlemania and ignored the Clash, and several outlets went along with WWF’s claim of having 10 million U.S. viewers. USA today went so far as to claim 50 million. The lesson is obvious - NWA will be ignored in the media unless they start lying, and lying huge, just like WWF. And don’t blame WWF - until the media calls them on it, they’ve got no reason not to lie.
  • So back to USA Today and their claim of 50 million viewers in 38 countries, that’s just not true. 36 of those countries have to be fictitious, because the U.S. was the only country getting Wrestlemania on ppv, Canada was the only other country with closed-circuit, and no other countries had it on free tv. They’ll probably be on free tv in about a year in the Middle East (Dave’s comedian brother toured over there last year and WWF is big there, but they’re about 11 months behind on tapes). For Wrestlemania to have had 50 million viewers would require an average of about 90 people at every home that bought it on ppv.
  • Compared to previous Wrestlemanias, Wrestlemania was pretty bad on all fronts. The card was the worst yet by a large margin. It drew the worst on closed-circuit, only drawing half the numbers of Wrestlemanias 1 and 3. Due to the increased reach of ppv this year, it’s probably similar overall to Wrestlemania 3 in terms of overall money from ppv, but the buyrate was only a little over half the previous buyrates.
  • Most Quickly forgotten major attraction: The Rock and Roll Express.
  • Ric Flair gets spot of the night. At the 43 minute mark, he flipped into the turnbuckle and landed on his feet on the apron before going over to the other corner to come off with a flying body press that Sting reversed for a near fall.
  • Hogan wins the best smartass remark. When asked by a reporter whether him not winning the tournament meant he’d be going to the movies, he said “Yeah, I’m going to see Fatal Attraction.”
  • George Steele getting that green gets a note here for the best ratio of getting paid to doing work. Steele never even got in the ring or laid hands on anyone during the battle royal. Nevertheless, he surely got a handsome check. Get paid, Georgie.
  • Wrestlemania wasn’t supposed to be available on satellite, but was. Dish owners got the show descrambled, just without audio. Honestly, it’s probably an improved experience.
  • Dave poses a question and provides his own analysis: would Crockett and McMahon trade places? Crockett would surely take a $16 million gross for a show that is objectively an artistic failure, no doubt about that. Would McMahon prefer to have a great show that sabotaged his competition, even if he made less money? Very probably.
  • Dave makes a snide remark about what WWF can sell to counter the Four Horsemen vitamins (which he calls a total joke). For $39.95 you’ll get the perfect system you can use to calm “hyperactive children and put them to sleep, and help your own insomnia late at night.” Wrestlemania IV the video tape.
Watch: there's so little this week, so here, watch Wrestling With Wregret's review of Wrestlemania IV
  • Dave gives himself the worst analysis award. His read that Crockett couldn’t hurt WWF and that Wrestlemania would gross $25 million was so wrong it’s laughable, and his only solace is that he didn’t make the most ridiculous projections. That award goes to WWF. What this weekend really proved is that fans pretty much only care about personalities and belts mean nothing.
  • Big props to the Fantastics, because they worked their asses off.
  • Duggan being unable to have a good match with DiBiase is the saddest sight of the two shows for Dave. Especially sad considering the match they had in August that was pretty good, despite Duggn weighing over 300 lbs and blowing out his hamstring and blowing up within two minutes. And that was still a better match.
  • Dave says Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Bam Bam, and the Road Warriors all lost steam on Sunday. Savage is particularly notable, being the first guy to lose steam while winning a world title.
  • For years, Flair has lost a lot while Hogan wins all the time, which would make the average mark think Hogan is better. A mark watching both shows this past Sunday may well come away thinking Flair is a better wrestler.
  • Does this mean the wrestling boom times are over? Well, we’re down from the peak and wrestling is overexposed nationwide. Smaller promotions are not going to survive, and the big ones are drawing smaller crowds. Wrestlemania is probably just a stubbed toe for WWF. It’ll hurt for a short bit, but things will go back to normal soon enough.
  • Finally, Dave looks to the future. Crockett is undoubtedly the big winner on March 27 and they’ve turned momentum around by proving they can present a show right and give quality matches that lead to a show that WWF’s glitz can’t match. They won’t surpass WWF to become number one, but they don’t need to. Their success does not depend on WWF. Their success depends on their audience, and the enthusiasm of their audience has breathed life into them once again. And yet, they’re still making unforced errors. Saturday after the Clash, they have Flair and Sting headlining matches in both Baltimore and Philadelphia, having to rush a match in one city, drive to the other quick, and do it again. It’s a recipe for two bad shows. And as long as they keep doing stuff like that which makes their live shows bad, they’re going to fail to be what they can be and they’ll start to slide again. And they have a lot of potential. Given their ratings for Clash, they may not have as many fans as WWF, but for all WWF’s advantages NWA is far closer to WWF than you’d think they would be. They’re real competition at this stage, and it’s ironic because until Vince decided to pick a fight on Thanksgiving and again in January, they simply were not any kind of competition to WWF. Vince forced Crockett to have to retaliate, and it gave Crockett the motivation to take steps he never would have taken before. Still, we’re back to NWA being the Dusty Rhodes show. Every heel talks about Dusty in their promos and half the faces as well. It’s what hurt them last year, putting all their eggs in Dusty’s basket, and just as they begin having some success, they go right to the poisoned well again. Then again, their most recent main event show was really good, so maybe they are on the right track.
  • Nobody in Hollywood knows anything about any Hulk Hogan movie. So that whole biopic that we’ve been talking about for months? Yeah, that doesn’t seem to be a thing and won’t be for over 30 years when they cast Hulk Hogan properly: as a beautiful Australian man with the body of a Norse god. Anyway, Hogan’s definitely taking time off, what with his child being born soon. As for any momentum lost, WWF will probably mitigate that issue with clever sound editing to make Wrestlemania look like a success. What matters to WWF is image, not substance. If they can make their fans believe the show was a success, it will cease to be a failure. They’ve got some truly magical powers there, but there are problems they need to overcome. And the biggest is that nobody except Hogan is truly over. They spent months building angles that flopped (such as Heenan vs. Matilda) and nothing they’re hyping next has any kind of box office potential. Do you think after what we got at Wrestlemania people are going to want to see Rude vs. Roberts? JYD vs. Ron Bass? Duggan vs. Andre? Savage vs. DiBiase won’t mean anything.
  • In closing, Dave says the moral of the story is that WWF made good short-term moves that came back to bite them big. They destroyed Crockett on Thanksgiving, costing Crockett over $2 million of their potential for Starrcade and keeping them off ppv in a big way. On January 24, they ran a free show against the Bunkhouse Stampede to sabotage the show. Crockett’s retaliation in March, however, showed they have a cable audience nearly as large as WWF’s and they cost Wrestlemania several million dollars in lost revenue. It may be a lucky day for them. Maybe it’s a turning point for wrestling as a whole that we’ll be talking about years from now. But the main takeaway is Vince has nobody to blame but himself. Live by the sword, die by the sword, what goes around comes around.
  • As we all know, WWF ran an ad during Clash of the Champions. Apparently they bought five ad slots under a fake company name. Four of them were caught, but one made it to air.
  • Wrestlemania V is scheduled for March 19, 1989. That's all Dave knows.
  • Financial News Network has begun airing weekly main events from Memphis on Saturday nights. The April 2 show had Eddie Gilbert and Jerry Lawler from March 28, while next week will be Curt Hennig vs. Jerry Lawler in a stretcher match. NWF is scheduled to do a tv taping later this month for FNN which will debut in that timeslot, but for now Memphis will continue airing.
Watch: Eddie Gilbert vs. Jerry Lawler, parking lot brawl
  • This past Sunday NWA debuted their NWA Main Event show and it was good. The show was taped on March 31 and had a super invested crowd and it showed on tv. It really helps matches to have a crowd that’s going crazy for every spot (looking at you, Corpus Christi). Some production issues aside, it’s becoming a lot of fun to watch the NWA. Road Warriors squashed Super Destroyer and Larry Zbyzkso, Dusty beat Ivan Koloff for the U.S. title in a surprisingly good 6 minute match, and FlaiBlanchard/Anderson beat LugeWindham/Sting in an excellent match.
  • [AJW] Chigusa Nagayo and AJW toured Thailand two weeks back and drew big during their visit. Crowds ranged from 8,000-11,000 and the Bangkok newspaper called them “The new craze of Thailand.” Not everybody’s quite so impressed, though, Dave notes. One Thai reporter wrote this: “I didn’t know that women’s wrestlin[g] was drawing so much attention in Thailand. The visit of the Japanese wrestlers has created tremendous interest and according to promoter Sombhop Srisomwongse, a record crowd is expected tonight at the National Stadium. How surprising it is that a few women with about two months of training and especially big framework, a few flying kicks and some TV exposure could be a draw here when traditional Olympic sports like Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling failed to find a foothold.”
  • [All Japan] When Brody won the International Title from Jumbo Tsuruta on March 27, he went into the crowd and started hugging the fans. It got him over huge as a babyface. Brody’s one of the smartest guys in the business, seriously.
  • During an All Japan press conference with Tiger Jeet Singh and Abdullah the Butcher, Singh went nuts and started attacking reporters (?). I think it’s reporters. Dave wrote “reports” but the context of a melee makes me think reporters. Anyway, Butcher did stuff too once things got out of hand and wound up throwing a glass, which hit the head of a Gong Magazine reporter hard enough that he bled and needed two stitches.
  • The Malenko brothers met Mike Tyson when they were in Japan. Tyson’s “all the rage” over in Japan, and he thought they were the British Bulldogs. The Malenkos went along with it and pretended to be the Bulldogs until he asked if he could pet Matilda.
  • WCCW’s financial issues have caused significant cutbacks to tv tapings. They’re running shows in Fort Worth every third week now, a cutback from every other week and a far cry from the weekly shows they used to run dating all the way back to the 40s, and these shows are four hour tv tapings. The regular tv show is also taping only every three weeks.
  • WCCW may move the May 8 Parade of Champions show to the Cotton Bowl from Texas Stadium. Nothing certain yet, but there’s talk of some kind of triple cage gimmick.
  • The Penthouse Von Erich story has been dropped from the July issue. No reschedule has been announced.
  • Fabulous Lance still hasn’t shown up in WCCW because he extended his South Africa tour, where he’s a babyface. He’s even using the Von Erich name down there. There’s legit heat between him and Kevin and Kerry due to all the stuff that went down when he left and Fritz’s burial of him, and Dave just wonders how bad a Lance vs. Kevin match would be in the best of circumstances, never mind if they can’t stand each other enough to cooperate.
  • Not much details about the March 28 Memphis card, but Lawler threw fire in Eddie Gilbert’s face. The Bruise Brothers (Harris brothers) won the Southern Tag titles from Gary Young and Max Pain. The crowd had 5,500.
  • Memphis dropped ticket prices for students to $1 for the April 4 show to ensure good turnout for Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig in a non-title stretcher match. Eddie Gilbert is also putting up a $25,000 bounty for anyone who can break Lawler's leg. Gilbert’s gone from the territory, but he’s supposedly going to keep sending promo tapes in to keep the bounty thing going as part of a working arrangement between Memphis, Continental, Jerry Blackwell’s Georgia promotion, and the Florida promotion Steve Keirn and Jerry Jarrett are talking about starting. Also, Missy Hyatt will be managing Hennig in the Lawler match.
  • WWF has announced a bunch of post-Wrestlemania shows with Savage/DiBiase headlining through the end of May, at the very least. No sign of Hogan anywhere through that period.
  • All of the letters are reactions to Sunday’s shows. Some choice quotes presented without other context:
“If someone had spent millions of dollars on an anti-wrestling propaganda piece, he couldn’t have approached the job that Vince did on himself this weekend.”
“Crockett smashes. Titan crashes.”
“$17 for pay-per-view and $20 for pizzas, pretzels and chips. And what did I get for it? Nothing. Wrestlemania was a bore, plain and simple.”
“Vince has sucked me into my last PPV. Never again.”
”The Crockett wrestlers put on one hell of a show. It was better than Titan’s They had to. They’re number two. But the booking still left a lot to be desired.”
”Titan usually learns from its mistakes.”
”I thought Wrestlemania IV was better because of superior atmosphere and the fact that the guys all tried to work hard.”
”Vince went for flash and name dropping. Crockett went for good wrestling. Crockett succeeded.”
  • Ron Simmons may be headed to New Japan in May.
  • Verne Gagne has started showing lots of pre-1984 tape of WWF main guys like Hogan, Ventura, etc. Why? To build his tv ratings by showing that he used to have the guys who get the ratings now. It’s a clear sign he’s pretty much giving up on house shows and is looking to keep alive through small sold shows enough to keep producing tapes for ESPN. The death of the AWA is a slow, pathetic thing that already feels really drawn out, and there’s still years left.
  • [NWA] The Dusty Rhodes suspension has been delayed and won’t be announced until this weekend’s television, and will go into effect April 16. The reason is to allow him to wrestle April 15 in Boston Gardens. They’ve already got Midnight Rider appearances booked for some shows, though.
  • Nikita Koloff will face Ric Flair on night two of the Crockett Cup. Sting would make the most sense, given how hot he is. Luger or Steve Williams would be hot, since they’ve never had the opportunity. Even Windham would at least guarantee a fantastic match. But Dusty’s giving the match to Koloff. Whatever reasons he has, they have little to do with making sense.
  • Magnum T.A. is being sued by Charlotte Memorial Hospital and Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital for $56,692 in back medical care. His medical expenses have gone over $100,000, and his insurance coverage only covers $25,000. Related, a Toronto spinal cord expert has proposed an operation which he claims will give Magnum full use of his bad limbs and even a slim chance of returning to the ring.
  • Syndicated ratings for the week ending March 13 have WWF in 4th place with a 10.7 on 248 stations. Crockett ranks 6th with a 7.8 on 178 stations, and All-Star Wrestling (AWA, GLOW, etc.) ranks 9th with a 7.2 on 174 stations.
  • There’s a planned wrestling movie with Roddy Piper for a Christmas release. Nothing comes of this. But it’s nice that Piper has so many movie role ideas being thrown at him.
  • [All Japan] The thing with Tenryu and Hansen has made Stan Hansen’s popularity surge in Japan. They worked the shoot all the way to Tenryu’s hotel room, with Tenryu leaving the arena early and Hansen looking for him in the dressing room and later going to Tenryu’s hotel to try and find him, but Tenryu wouldn’t leave the room. Fans in Japan now believe Tenryu, the hottest wrestler in the country, is afraid of Hansen, which puts Hansen in that upper echelon of guys who come off as “real” like Brody and Akira Maeda.
  • Jim Shyman’s 976 wrestling hotline in L.A. was rated top 976 number in an L.A. publication. It’s the first time Dave’s seen anything pro wrestling top any chart in any category.
NEXT WEEK: Akira Maeda announces new UWF, another shoot in New Japan, WWF reveals internal Wrestlemania projections, and more
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2020.06.15 16:40 marshmatter Revisiting the Monolith: Tome page order?

I've been re-visiting some of the monolith-related puzzles the past few days - hoping maybe some fresh eyes will see some new pattern.
A question I had that I've been unable to answer in my search is: was there ever a reasoning established for the tome page order ( 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4, 8 ) or the associated letters (PAEAEB[U/V]B)?
Or, was it only solved by manually descrambling?
Has there been any new revelations or theories around the Monolith, Concentric Circles, Orrery Numbers, the Tri-Skull, or the soundtrack images?
submitted by marshmatter to Fez [link] [comments]

2020.02.27 15:14 DefacedReality [SERIOUS] 1.5 update I believe the new *Classified* icon section on the menu is a controllable Easter Egg

Playing on PS4
Put on your tinfoil hats
All right I know this sounds crazy.... (says the crazy person)
With all the hype of Activision coming down so hard on any leaks about the new Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare there's been all this hype about the new classified section on the menu, and with yesterday's 1.5 update, I didn't pay any attention to it just like any other time I play the game because I know it's something that I can't access. But.... I keep seeing all these threads about messages that are hidden in the screen. Screen caps people have posted to the sub within 24hrs about text or content with the update. Kind of like the hints to Season 2 updates were dropped with faint images of Ghost. Well I decided to go ahead and just hover over to see if there's any way by chance if I press X then I somehow get in and can access it or spectate like a few other lucky ass people have been able to do(sure they didn't just press X) but I didn't notice one thing...
As soon as I touch the button the message slightly jittered even more so than it already is. A cat jumps on my lap and his paw is lands on the right joystick. I notice the coloration of the highlighted area starts to change based on the direction that I move my joystick. So I decided to dig a Little deeper, I asked a friend of mine who just got off work with me to go ahead and try it himself to see if he noticed anything different but I didn't tell him what I just said go to the classified thing on the main menu and move your joystick up and down a few times, he said same thing, it changes it slightly but just for a few frames for that second but just enough for you can make out some words in different lettering that aren't in the original classified combination that is being descrambled. You start to notice other letters from other languages not just Spanish but Russian too.
So playing with the controller I mean you only have a few bunton options (X, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, the D-Pad up and down, and complete control of the right joystick) I believe joystick is a means of confirmation (gut feeling)
I know that players like you out there who have the time and dedication could actually try to see if you can make anything of this. Because I definitely don't, lol this post and about another half-hour of fucking with it will be about all I do on my end.
Let me know if I'm just crazy or if you guys are seeing anything? I have gone back out to the starting menu where it has you press x to go to the 5 available options. That will I guess reset it? It seems to work because when I go right back to it I'm sitting here watching it to see if there's any consistency with how it runs without me touching it verses when I randomly move my joystick or press X and square.
Godspeed you guys!
submitted by DefacedReality to modernwarfare [link] [comments]

2020.01.25 23:14 desertedchicken Do words containing the banned word count? Let's find out.

Edit: Yes, yes they do.
There are 944 words which contain ''
3 letter words containing '':
4 letter words containing '': cram dram gram pram rami ramp rams tram
5 letter words containing '': cramp crams drama drams foram frame grama gramp grams ihram joram prams ramee ramen ramet ramie rammy ramps ramus scram tramp trams ziram
6 letter words containing '': aramid ashram asrama crambe crambo cramps dramas engram forams framed framer frames gramas gramme gramps ihrams jorams marram paramo ramate ramble ramees ramens ramets ramies ramify ramjet rammed rammer ramose ramous ramped ramrod ramson ramtil scrams tarama thiram tramel tramps zirams
7 letter words containing '': anagram aramids ashrams asramas bramble brambly buckram caramba caramel ceramal ceramic crambes crambos crammed crammer cramped crampit crampon diagram diorama dramedy drammed duramen enframe engrams epigram foramen framers framing gourami gramary grammar grammes grampus grogram isogram keramic lockram macrame marrams offramp pangram paramos program pyramid rambled rambler rambles ramekin ramenta ramilie ramjets rammers rammier ramming rammish rampage rampant rampart rampike ramping rampion rampole ramrods ramsons ramtils reframe tangram taramas thirams tramcar tramell tramels trammed trammel tramped tramper trample tramway trigram wolfram
8 letter words containing '': aerogram airframe anagrams barogram bedframe biramose biramous brambled brambles buckrams caramels ceramals ceramics ceramist cramboes crammers cramming cramoisy cramping crampits crampons crampoon decagram decigram dekagram diagrams dioramas dioramic dramatic dramming drammock dramshop duramens echogram enframed enframes engramme epigrams fluidram foramens foramina framable framings gouramis gramarye gramercy grammars grograms hexagram hologram ideogram ignorami isograms keramics kilogram kymogram lockrams logogram macrames marjoram misframe monogram nanogram nomogram offramps ondogram overcram pangrams panorama parament paramour pastrami picloram picogram programs pyramids ramblers rambling rambutan ramekins ramentum ramequin ramified ramifies ramiform ramilies ramillie rammiest ramosely ramosity rampaged rampager rampages rampancy ramparts rampikes rampions rampoles ramshorn ramulose ramulous reframed reframes renogram scramble scramjet scrammed skiagram sonogram stramash stramony subframe tangrams telegram tetramer tiramisu tomogram tramcars trameled tramells tramless tramline trammels tramming trampers tramping trampish trampled trampler tramples tramroad tramways trigrams tyramine unframed venogram wolframs zymogram
9 letter words containing '': aerograms airframes angiogram audiogram barograms bedframes bipyramid bramblier brambling buckramed cablegram cameraman cameramen candygram carambola centigram ceramists cladogram cramoisie crampoons cyclorama decagrams decigrams dekagrams deprogram diagramed dithyramb docudrama dramatics dramatise dramatist dramatize dramaturg dramedies drammocks dramshops echograms enframing engrammes fluidrams foraminal frambesia framboise frameable framework gouramies gramaries gramaryes grampuses hectogram hexagrams histogram holograms ideograms ignoramus kilograms kymograms logograms mainframe mammogram marjorams melodrama microgram milligram misframed misframes monodrama monograms nanograms nomograms ondograms overcrams panoramas panoramic paramecia paramedic paramenta paraments parameter paramount paramours paramylum pastramis pentagram phonogram photogram piclorams picograms pictogram programed programer programme pyramidal pyramided radiogram ramblings rambutans ramequins ramifying ramillies rampagers rampaging rampantly ramparted ramrodded ramshorns reframing renograms reprogram sacrament scalogram scrambled scrambler scrambles scramjets scramming skiagrams sociogram sonograms subframes telegrams tetramers tiramisus tomograms trameling tramelled tramlines trammeled tramplers trampling tramroads tyramines venograms zymograms
10 letter words containing '': aerogramme anagrammed angiograms audiograms barramunda barramundi bipyramids brambliest buckraming cablegrams candygrams carambolas caramelise caramelize cardiogram centigrams ceramicist chloramine chronogram cladograms cramoisies cryptogram cycloramas cycloramic dendrogram deprograms descramble diagraming diagrammed disulfiram dithyrambs docudramas dramatised dramatises dramatists dramatized dramatizes dramaturge dramaturgs dramaturgy extramural foraminous frambesias framboises frameshift frameworks gramercies gramicidin gramineous grammarian gramophone hectograms histograms ideogramic imipramine intramural lymphogram mainframes mammograms melodramas micrograms milligrams misframing misprogram monodramas monogramed nonprogram paramagnet paramecium paramedics parameters parametric paramnesia paramounts paramylums pentagrams phlebogram phonograms photograms pictograms preprogram programers programing programmed programmer programmes pyramiding radiograms ramblingly ramosities rampageous rampancies ramparting ramrodding ramshackle reprograms sacraments scalograms scaramouch scramblers scrambling seismogram sociograms stereogram stramashes stramonies stramonium subprogram tetrameric tetrameter thermogram tramelling trammeling trammelled tramontane trampoline ultramafic ultramicro undramatic unscramble wolframite
11 letter words containing '': aerogrammes anagramming arbitrament arteriogram barramundas barramundis bipyramidal caramelised caramelises caramelized caramelizes cardiograms ceramicists chloramines chronograms cryptograms dendrograms deprogramed descrambled descrambler descrambles desipramine diagramming disulfirams dithyrambic dramatising dramatizing dramaturges dramaturgic electrogram enframement foraminifer frameshifts gramicidins grammarians grammatical gramophones ideogrammic ignoramuses imipramines lymphograms misprograms monograming monogrammed monogrammer nondramatic nonprograms oscillogram overcrammed overprogram paramagnets parameciums paramedical parametrize paramnesias paramountcy paramountly perambulate phlebograms phonogramic preprograms programings programmers programming psychodrama pyramidally pyramidical rambouillet reprogramed sacramental scaramouche scattergram seismograms spectrogram stereograms stramoniums subprograms telegrammed temperament tetramerous tetrameters thermograms trammelling tramontanes trampoliner trampolines ultramarine ultramodern unscrambled unscrambler unscrambles untrammeled wolframites
12 letter words containing '': anagrammatic arbitraments arteriograms barramundies caramelising caramelizing chromatogram deprograming deprogrammed deprogrammer descramblers descrambling desipramines diagrammable diagrammatic dramatically dramatizable dramaturgies electrograms enframements epigrammatic extramarital extramundane extramurally extramusical foraminifera foraminifers hellgrammite intramurally melodramatic microprogram misprogramed monodramatic monogrammers monogramming oscillograms overcramming overdramatic overprograms paramagnetic paramedicals parameterize parametrized parametrizes paramilitary perambulated perambulates perambulator phonogrammic preprogramed programmable programmatic programmings psychodramas rambouillets rambunctious ramification rampageously reprograming reprogrammed sacramentals scaramouches scattergrams spectrograms submicrogram telegramming temperaments trampoliners trampolining trampolinist ultramarines ultramontane undramatized unprogrammed unscramblers unscrambling
13 letter words containing '': anagrammatize autoradiogram cholangiogram chromatograms deprogrammers deprogramming dramatisation dramatization dramaturgical encephalogram epigrammatism epigrammatist epigrammatize foraminiferal foraminiferan graminivorous grammatically hellgrammites ideogrammatic interferogram intramuscular logogrammatic melodramatics melodramatise melodramatist melodramatize microprograms misprograming misprogrammed monogrammatic neuraminidase nonparametric nonprogrammer overambitious overamplified overdramatize overprogramed panoramically parallelogram paramagnetism parameterized parameterizes parametrizing paramountcies paramyxovirus perambulating perambulation perambulators perambulatory plethysmogram preprograming preprogrammed programmables ramifications reprogramming roentgenogram sacramentally temperamental trampolinings trampolinists ultramarathon ultramilitant ultramontanes ungrammatical
14 letter words containing '': anagrammatical anagrammatized anagrammatizes autoradiograms cholangiograms cholestyramine diagrammatical dramatisations dramatizations echocardiogram electromyogram encephalograms epigrammatisms epigrammatists epigrammatized epigrammatizer epigrammatizes extrapyramidal foraminiferans gewurztraminer grammaticality interferograms intramolecular lymphangiogram melodramatised melodramatises melodramatists melodramatized melodramatizes misprogramming multiparameter neuraminidases nongrammatical nonprogrammers overdramatized overdramatizes overprograming overprogrammed parallelograms paramagnetisms parameterizing parametrically perambulations photogrammetry plethysmograms preprogramming psychodramatic rambunctiously rampageousness reprogrammable roentgenograms sacramentalism sacramentalist superambitious supramolecular tetragrammaton ultramarathons ultramasculine ultramicrotome ultramicrotomy ultraminiature ultramodernist ultramontanism undramatically unprogrammable
15 letter words containing '': anagrammatizing chloramphenicol cholestyramines diphenhydramine dithyrambically dramaturgically echocardiograms electromyograms epigrammatizers epigrammatizing gewurztraminers grammaticalness intramuscularly lymphangiograms melodramatising melodramatizing overdramatizing overprogramming parametrization paramyxoviruses phonocardiogram phonogramically photogrammetric programmability sacramentalisms sacramentalists temperamentally tetragrammatons tetramethyllead ultramarathoner ultramicroscope ultramicrotomes ultramodernists ultramontanisms
16 letter words containing '': anagrammatically chloramphenicols diagrammatically diphenhydramines electrooculogram electropherogram epigrammatically grammaticalities intramolecularly melodramatically microprogramming multiprogramming paramagnetically parameterization parametrizations phonocardiograms phonogrammically photogrammetries photogrammetrist programmatically rambunctiousness rampageousnesses spectroheliogram tetramethylleads ultramarathoners ultramicroscopes ultramicroscopic ultramicrotomies ungrammaticality
17 letter words containing '': anagrammatization electrocardiogram electrooculograms electropherograms electroretinogram grammaticalnesses melodramatization microprogrammings multiprogrammings overambitiousness parameterizations photogrammetrists programmabilities radiochromatogram spectroheliograms ultraminiaturized
18 letter words containing '': anagrammatizations counterprogramming electrocardiograms electrocorticogram electrophoretogram electroretinograms melodramatizations radiochromatograms rambunctiousnesses ultramicroscopical ungrammaticalities
19 letter words containing '': counterprogrammings electrocorticograms electrophoretograms overambitiousnesses
20 letter words containing '': electroencephalogram ultramicroscopically
21 letter words containing '': electroencephalograms
22 letter words containing '': hexamethylenetetramine
23 letter words containing '': hexamethylenetetramines
Source: https://www.wordgamehelper.com/
submitted by desertedchicken to OneWordBan [link] [comments]

2019.07.29 16:14 tiduscloud I need help from anyone who is decently smart with computers ASAP

I’ll get into my story later, but I was just sitting here a few hours ago and decided to try and google (used google on purpose )my name and random key words they use with me to see if I could get ANY Sort of hit. 3 links down I see weird random nonsense words until they stuck out. I clicked the link and it’s a HUUIUGE jumbled mess. The top half is some computer code I’m not too smart it seemed like a password cracker. But I scrolled and there is pages upon pages upon pages of words mixed together scrambled up... but PLEASE take a look I just read trying to decide for 2 hours and wasn’t even fucking close to being done. I need help, is there a program or anything I can descramble this with? Because after reading...idk maybe I’m overthinking I could be lol, but I swear there’s a letteconversation etc taking place...[
Edit- I just was going back over the top part and realized there was. Dropbox link. My curiosity might get the best of me and use my old laptop for it. Idk. I’m so intrigued and baffled by this all.
The top code is for a bit then it gets fucking weird ]
submitted by tiduscloud to Gangstalking [link] [comments]

2019.05.09 07:41 saqsham The Bastard Operator From Hell excuses

clock speed
solar flares
electromagnetic radiation from satellite debris
static from nylon underwear
static from plastic slide rules
global warming
poor power conditioning
static buildup
doppler effect
hardware stress fractures
magnetic interference from money/credit cards
dry joints on cable plug
we're waiting for [the phone company] to fix that line
sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft support
temporary routing anomaly
somebody was calculating pi on the server
fat electrons in the lines
excess surge protection
floating point processor overflow
divide-by-zero error
POSIX compliance problem
monitor resolution too high
improperly oriented keyboard
network packets travelling uphill (use a carrier pigeon)
Decreasing electron flux
first Saturday after first full moon in Winter
radiosity depletion
CPU radiator broken
It works the way the Wang did, what's the problem
positron router malfunction
cellular telephone interference
techtonic stress
piezo-electric interference
(l)user error
working as designed
dynamic software linking table corrupted
heavy gravity fluctuation, move computer to floor rapidly
secretary plugged hairdryer into UPS
terrorist activities
not enough memory, go get system upgrade
interrupt configuration error
spaghetti cable cause packet failure
boss forgot system password
bank holiday - system operating credits not recharged
virus attack, luser responsible
waste water tank overflowed onto computer
Complete Transient Lockout
bad ether in the cables
Bogon emissions
Change in Earth's rotational speed
Cosmic ray particles crashed through the hard disk platter
Smell from unhygienic janitorial staff wrecked the tape heads
Little hamster in running wheel had coronary; waiting for replacement to be Fedexed from Wyoming
Evil dogs hypnotised the night shift
Plumber mistook routing panel for decorative wall fixture
Electricians made popcorn in the power supply
Groundskeepers stole the root password
high pressure system failure
failed trials, system needs redesigned
system has been recalled
not approved by the FCC
need to wrap system in aluminum foil to fix problem
not properly grounded, please bury computer
CPU needs recalibration
system needs to be rebooted
bit bucket overflow
descramble code needed from software company
only available on a need to know basis
knot in cables caused data stream to become twisted and kinked
nesting roaches shorted out the ether cable
The file system is full of it
Satan did it
Daemons did it
You're out of memory
There isn't any problem
Unoptimized hard drive
Typo in the code
Yes, yes, its called a design limitation
Look, buddy: Windows 3.1 IS A General Protection Fault.
That's a great computer you have there; have you considered how it would work as a BSD machine?
Please excuse me, I have to circuit an AC line through my head to get this database working.
Yeah, yo mama dresses you funny and you need a mouse to delete files.
Support staff hung over, send aspirin and come back LATER.
Someone is standing on the ethernet cable, causing a kink in the cable
Windows 95 undocumented "feature"
Runt packets
Password is too complex to decrypt
Boss' kid fucked up the machine
Electromagnetic energy loss
Budget cuts
Mouse chewed through power cable
Stale file handle (next time use Tupperware(tm)!)
Feature not yet implemented
Internet outage
Pentium FDIV bug
Vendor no longer supports the product
Small animal kamikaze attack on power supplies
The vendor put the bug there.
SIMM crosstalk.
IRQ dropout
Collapsed Backbone
Power company testing new voltage spike (creation) equipment
operators on strike due to broken coffee machine
backup tape overwritten with copy of system manager's favourite CD
UPS interrupted the server's power
The electrician didn't know what the yellow cable was so he yanked the ethernet out.
The keyboard isn't plugged in
The air conditioning water supply pipe ruptured over the machine room
The electricity substation in the car park blew up.
The rolling stones concert down the road caused a brown out
The salesman drove over the CPU board.
The monitor is plugged into the serial port
Root nameservers are out of sync
electro-magnetic pulses from French above ground nuke testing.
your keyboard's space bar is generating spurious keycodes.
the real ttys became pseudo ttys and vice-versa.
the printer thinks its a router.
the router thinks its a printer.
evil hackers from Serbia.
we just switched to FDDI.
halon system went off and killed the operators.
because Bill Gates is a Jehovah's witness and so nothing can work on St. Swithin's day.
user to computer ratio too high.
user to computer ration too low.
we just switched to Sprint.
it has Intel Inside
Sticky bits on disk.
Power Company having EMP problems with their reactor
The ring needs another token
new management
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
SCSI Chain overterminated
It's not plugged in.
because of network lag due to too many people playing deathmatch
You put the disk in upside down.
Daemons loose in system.
User was distributing pornography on server; system seized by FBI.
BNC (brain not connected)
UBNC (user brain not connected)
LBNC (luser brain not connected)
disks spinning backwards - toggle the hemisphere jumper.
new guy cross-connected phone lines with ac power bus.
had to use hammer to free stuck disk drive heads.
Too few computrons available.
Flat tire on station wagon with tapes. ("Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurling down the highway" Andrew S. Tannenbaum)
Communications satellite used by the military for star wars.
Party-bug in the Aloha protocol.
Insert coin for new game
Dew on the telephone lines.
Arcserve crashed the server again.
Some one needed the powerstrip, so they pulled the switch plug.
My pony-tail hit the on/off switch on the power strip.
Big to little endian conversion error
You can tune a file system, but you can't tune a fish (from most tunefs man pages)
Dumb terminal
Zombie processes haunting the computer
Incorrect time synchronization
Defunct processes
Stubborn processes
non-redundant fan failure
monitor VLF leakage
bugs in the RAID
no "any" key on keyboard
root rot
Backbone Scoliosis
excessive collisions & not enough packet ambulances
le0: no carrier: transceiver cable problem?
broadcast packets on wrong frequency
popper unable to process jumbo kernel
NOTICE: alloc: /dev/null: filesystem full
pseudo-user on a pseudo-terminal
Recursive traversal of loopback mount points
Backbone adjustment
OS swapped to disk
vapors from evaporating sticky-note adhesives
short leg on process table
multicasts on broken packets
ether leak
Atilla the Hub
endothermal recalibration
filesystem not big enough for Jumbo Kernel Patch
loop found in loop in redundant loopback
system consumed all the paper for paging
permission denied
Reformatting Page. Wait...
..disk or the processor is on fire.
SCSI's too wide.
Proprietary Information.
Just type 'mv * /dev/null'.
runaway cat on system.
Did you pay the new Support Fee?
We only support a 1200 bps connection.
We only support a 28000 bps connection.
Me no internet, only janitor, me just wax floors.
I'm sorry a pentium won't do, you need an SGI to connect with us.
Post-it Note Sludge leaked into the monitor.
the curls in your keyboard cord are losing electricity.
The monitor needs another box of pixels.
kernel panic: write-only-memory (/dev/wom0) capacity exceeded.
Write-only-memory subsystem too slow for this machine. Contact your local dealer.
Just pick up the phone and give modem connect sounds. "Well you said we should get more lines so we don't have voice lines."
Quantum dynamics are affecting the transistors
Police are examining all internet packets in the search for a narco-net-trafficker
We are currently trying a new concept of using a live mouse. Unfortunately, one has yet to survive being hooked up to the computer.....please bear with us.
Your mail is being routed through Germany ... and they're censoring us.
Only people with names beginning with 'A' are getting mail this week (a la Microsoft)
We didn't pay the Internet bill and it's been cut off.
Lightning strikes.
Of course it doesn't work. We've performed a software upgrade.
Change your language to Finnish.
Fluorescent lights are generating negative ions. If turning them off doesn't work, take them out and put tin foil on the ends.
High nuclear activity in your area.
What office are you in? Oh, that one. Did you know that your building was built over the universities first nuclear research site? And wow, aren't you the lucky one, your office is right over where the core is buried!
The MGs ran out of gas.
The UPS doesn't have a battery backup.
Recursivity. Call back if it happens again.
Someone thought The Big Red Button was a light switch.
The mainframe needs to rest. It's getting old, you know.
I'm not sure. Try calling the Internet's head office -- it's in the book.
The lines are all busy (busied out, that is -- why let them in to begin with?).
Jan 9 16:41:27 huber su: 'su root' succeeded for .... on /dev/pts/1
It's those computer people in X {city of world}. They keep stuffing things up.
A star wars satellite accidently blew up the WAN.
Fatal error right in front of screen
That function is not currently supported, but Bill Gates assures us it will be featured in the next upgrade.
wrong polarity of neutron flow
Lusers learning curve appears to be fractal
We had to turn off that service to comply with the CDA Bill.
Ionization from the air-conditioning
TCP/IP UDP alarm threshold is set too low.
Someone is broadcasting pygmy packets and the router doesn't know how to deal with them.
The new frame relay network hasn't bedded down the software loop transmitter yet.
Fanout dropping voltage too much, try cutting some of those little traces
Plate voltage too low on demodulator tube
You did wha... oh _dear_....
CPU needs bearings repacked
Too many little pins on CPU confusing it, bend back and forth until 10-20% are neatly removed. Do _not_ leave metal bits visible!
_Rosin_ core solder? But...
Software uses US measurements, but the OS is in metric...
The computer fleetly, mouse and all.
Your cat tried to eat the mouse.
The Borg tried to assimilate your system. Resistance is futile.
It must have been the lightning storm we had (yesterday) (last week) (last month)
Due to Federal Budget problems we have been forced to cut back on the number of users able to access the system at one time. (namely none allowed....)
Too much radiation coming from the soil.
Unfortunately we have run out of bits/bytes/whatever. Don't worry, the next supply will be coming next week.
Program load too heavy for processor to lift.
Processes running slowly due to weak power supply
Our ISP is having {switching,routing,SMDS,frame relay} problems
We've run out of licenses
Interference from lunar radiation
Standing room only on the bus.
You need to install an RTFM interface.
That would be because the software doesn't work.
That's easy to fix, but I can't be bothered.
Someone's tie is caught in the printer, and if anything else gets printed, he'll be in it too.
We're upgrading /dev/null
The Usenet news is out of date
Our POP server was kidnapped by a weasel.
It's stuck in the Web.
Your modem doesn't speak English.
The mouse escaped.
All of the packets are empty.
The UPS is on strike.
Neutrino overload on the nameserver
Melting hard drives
Someone has messed up the kernel pointers
The kernel license has expired
Netscape has crashed
The cord jumped over and hit the power switch.
It was OK before you touched it.
Bit rot
U.S. Postal Service
Your Flux Capacitor has gone bad.
The Dilithium Crystals need to be rotated.
The static electricity routing is acting up...
Traceroute says that there is a routing problem in the backbone. It's not our problem.
The co-locator cannot verify the frame-relay gateway to the ISDN server.
High altitude condensation from U.S.A.F prototype aircraft has contaminated the primary subnet mask. Turn off your computer for 9 days to avoid damaging it.
Lawn mower blade in your fan need sharpening
Electrons on a bender
Telecommunications is upgrading.
Telecommunications is downgrading.
Telecommunications is downshifting.
Hard drive sleeping. Let it wake up on it's own...
Interference between the keyboard and the chair.
The CPU has shifted, and become decentralized.
Due to the CDA, we no longer have a root account.
We ran out of dial tone and we're and waiting for the phone company to deliver another bottle.
You must've hit the wrong any key.
PCMCIA slave driver
The Token fell out of the ring. Call us when you find it.
The hardware bus needs a new token.
Too many interrupts
Not enough interrupts
The data on your hard drive is out of balance.
Digital Manipulator exceeding velocity parameters
appears to be a Slow/Narrow SCSI-0 Interface problem
microelectronic Riemannian curved-space fault in write-only file system
fractal radiation jamming the backbone
routing problems on the neural net
IRQ-problems with the Un-Interruptible-Power-Supply
CPU-angle has to be adjusted because of vibrations coming from the nearby road
emissions from GSM-phones
CD-ROM server needs recalibration
firewall needs cooling
asynchronous inode failure
transient bus protocol violation
incompatible bit-registration operators
your process is not ISO 9000 compliant
You need to upgrade your VESA local bus to a MasterCard local bus.
The recent proliferation of Nuclear Testing
Elves on strike. (Why do they call EMAG Elf Magic)
Internet exceeded Luser level, please wait until a luser logs off before attempting to log back on.
Your EMAIL is now being delivered by the USPS.
Your computer hasn't been returning all the bits it gets from the Internet.
You've been infected by the Telescoping Hubble virus.
Scheduled global CPU outage
Your Pentium has a heating problem - try cooling it with ice cold water.(Do not turn off your computer, you do not want to cool down the Pentium Chip while he isn't working, do you?)
Your processor has processed too many instructions. Turn it off immediately, do not type any commands!!
Your packets were eaten by the terminator
Your processor does not develop enough heat.
We need a licensed electrician to replace the light bulbs in the computer room.
The POP server is out of Coke
Fiber optics caused gas main leak
Server depressed, needs Prozac
quantum decoherence
those damn raccoons!
suboptimal routing experience
A plumber is needed, the network drain is clogged
50% of the manual is in .pdf readme files
the AA battery in the wallclock sends magnetic interference
the xy axis in the trackball is coordinated with the summer solstice
the butane lighter causes the pincushioning
old inkjet cartridges emanate barium-based fumes
manager in the cable duct
We'll fix that in the next (upgrade, update, patch release, service pack).
HTTPD Error 666 : BOFH was here
HTTPD Error 4004 : very old Intel cpu - insufficient processing power
The ATM board has run out of 10 pound notes. We are having a whip round to refill it, care to contribute ?
Network failure - call NBC
Having to manually track the satellite.
Youour computer(s) had suffered a memory leak, and we are waiting for them to be topped up.
The rubber band broke
We're on Token Ring, and it looks like the token got loose.
Stray Alpha Particles from memory packaging caused Hard Memory Error on Server.
paradigm shift...without a clutch
PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)
The cables are not the same length.
Second-system effect.
Chewing gum on /dev/sd3c
Boredom in the Kernel.
the daemons! the daemons! the terrible daemons!
I'd love to help you -- it's just that the Boss won't let me near the computer.
struck by the Good Times virus
YOU HAVE AN I/O ERROR -> Incompetent Operator error
Your parity check is overdrawn and you're out of cache.
Communist revolutionaries taking over the server room and demanding all the computers in the building or they shoot the sysadmin. Poor misguided fools.
Plasma conduit breach
Out of cards on drive D:
Sand fleas eating the Internet cables
parallel processors running perpendicular today
ATM cell has no roaming feature turned on, notebooks can't connect
Webmasters kidnapped by evil cult.
Failure to adjust for daylight savings time.
Virus transmitted from computer to sysadmins.
Virus due to computers having unsafe sex.
Incorrectly configured static routes on the corerouters.
Forced to support NT servers; sysadmins quit.
Suspicious pointer corrupted virtual machine
It's the InterNIC's fault.
Root name servers corrupted.
Budget cuts forced us to sell all the power cords for the servers.
Someone hooked the twisted pair wires into the answering machine.
Operators killed by year 2000 bug bite.
We've picked COBOL as the language of choice.
Operators killed when huge stack of backup tapes fell over.
Robotic tape changer mistook operator's tie for a backup tape.
Someone was smoking in the computer room and set off the halon systems.
Your processor has taken a ride to Heaven's Gate on the UFO behind Hale-Bopp's comet.
it's an ID-10-T error
Dyslexics retyping hosts file on servers
The Internet is being scanned for viruses.
Your computer's union contract is set to expire at midnight.
Bad user karma.
/dev/clue was linked to /dev/null
Increased sunspot activity.
We already sent around a notice about that.
It's union rules. There's nothing we can do about it. Sorry.
Interference from the Van Allen Belt.
Jupiter is aligned with Mars.
Redundant ACLs.
Mail server hit by UniSpammer.
T-1's congested due to porn traffic to the news server.
Data for intranet got routed through the extranet and landed on the internet.
We are a 100% Microsoft Shop.
We are Microsoft. What you are experiencing is not a problem; it is an undocumented feature.
Sales staff sold a product we don't offer.
Secretary sent chain letter to all 5000 employees.
Sysadmin didn't hear pager go off due to loud music from bar-room speakers.
Sysadmin accidentally destroyed pager with a large hammer.
Sysadmins unavailable because they are in a meeting talking about why they are unavailable so much.
Bad cafeteria food landed all the sysadmins in the hospital.
Route flapping at the NAP.
Computers under water due to SYN flooding.
The vulcan-death-grip ping has been applied.
Electrical conduits in machine room are melting.
Traffic jam on the Information Superhighway.
Radial Telemetry Infiltration
Cow-tippers tipped a cow onto the server.
tachyon emissions overloading the system
Maintenance window broken
We're out of slots on the server
Computer room being moved. Our systems are down for the weekend.
Sysadmins busy fighting SPAM.
Repeated reboots of the system failed to solve problem
Feature was not beta tested
Domain controller not responding
Someone else stole your IP address, call the Internet detectives!
It's not RFC-822 compliant.
operation failed because: there is no message for this error (#1014)
stop bit received
internet is needed to catch the etherbunny
network down, IP packets delivered via UPS
Firmware update in the coffee machine
Temporal anomaly
Mouse has out-of-cheese-error
Borg implants are failing
Borg nanites have infested the server
error: one bad user found in front of screen
Please state the nature of the technical emergency
Internet shut down due to maintenance
Daemon escaped from pentagram
crop circles in the corn shell
sticky bit has come loose
Hot Java has gone cold
Cache miss - please take better aim next time
Hash table has woodworm
Trojan horse ran out of hay
Zombie processes detected, machine is haunted.
overflow error in /dev/null
Browser's cookie is corrupted -- someone's been nibbling on it.
Mailer-daemon is busy burning your message in hell.
According to Microsoft, it's by design
vi needs to be upgraded to vii
greenpeace free'd the mallocs
Terrorists crashed an airplane into the server room, have to remove /bin/laden. (rm -rf /bin/laden)
astropneumatic oscillations in the water-cooling
Somebody ran the operating system through a spelling checker.
Rhythmic variations in the voltage reaching the power supply.
Keyboard Actuator Failure. Order and Replace.
Packet held up at customs.
Propagation delay.
High line impedance.
Someone set us up the bomb.
Power surges on the Underground.
Don't worry; it's been deprecated. The new one is worse.
Excess condensation in cloud network
It is a layer 8 problem
The math co-processor had an overflow error that leaked out and shorted the RAM
Leap second overloaded RHEL6 servers
DNS server drank too much and had a hiccup
Your machine had the fuses in backwards.
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2019.04.07 12:43 FFFoolsGold Decoded Words of Forrest Fenn in Jenny Kile's book

Well, I guess, my methodology, as flawed or amateur as it was, helped me decode the words.
Here I am sitting on my birthday at 5 o'clock in the morning, grinning, happy.

I am gratefull to Jenny for the given clue, even though I still don't fully understand it. ("...so is the fifth" part)

The length of the key (52) helped.

I worked backwards from 52nd symbol using 25-letter partial phrases from the Quote that seemed special to me.
When descrambled, I could see some potential words forming among the numbers that were adjacent or close to each other. I made some conjectures and concluded that Vigenere decoding had some potential to be correct. After that I tried to expand the partial key phrase I used by adding more words from the quote to the left. I added a word and then tested the result again. To my surprise, gaps were filling in and after a few trials and errors I have figured out the complete key phrase which was:

Hidden Somewhere In The Mountains North Of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Decrypted Vigenere is (Forrest being Forrest):

"If you are in the right spot something you probably havent thought about should be obvious to you"


PS Using the spotlight I'd like to express my desire to copulate with those who broke the code months ago and kept it to themselves. Forrest's words of wisdom, essentially equating to "Wherever you go - there you are," were simply not worth the frustration and aggravation of all the people who spent hours trying to break the code.
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2019.03.27 01:46 QCanFan The RUIZ Connection

So I'm slowly getting out my research on Feb 23 POTUS Tweets....bear with me as I sift through these in an effort to provide a little 20/20 vision to current events. =)
This post is going to focus on the RUIZ connection that I found buried in the following tweet:
Feb 23 8:12:07
Great new book: "The Case For Trump" by Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Senior Fellow.
For this post, I am going to focus on the Deltas:
Intradelta 21:09 Delta 1st 78min Delta Last 18min
If we convert the Deltas to letters we get this: U I Z R ... descrambled = RUIZ
Raul Ruiz, Dr, is a Dem with the 36th Congressional District - SoCal, who defeated the incumbent after redistricting ((Cali seems to do this quite often--redistricting their electoral regions--which is in dire need of investigation, imo.)) He was adopted by his aunt and uncle in Cali's farmland of Coachella Valley (heavy Dem/Activist area). He was very adament at cleaning the Salton Sea, which now receives govt. funding via the Farm Bill. He made Trevor Loudon's Feb 1 list of Socialists/Communists in US Govt, although he does appear on the surface to have good intentions for the greater good of the world. (key word: appear) [There is actually a movie called the Salton Sea, which is about a couple who stumble onto a meth lab where the wife gets shot in the head while the husband is using the bathroom, and the husband searches for his wife's killer. I think I actually saw this movie as the plot seems quite familiar.] Since he appears at multiple fundraisers with Sean Penn, let's dig a little more....

Sean Penn (el Chapo sympathizer) had contributed $17,600 to Ruiz 2016 Campaign. Penn made headlines during the early days of Haiti's 2010 Earthquake with the newly formed Jenkins-Penn Haiti Relief Organization, and has worked with Ruiz in multiple poor areas of the world on charitable endeavours. Now, whenever I see big names connected with Haiti, I immediately circle to Clinton's role there (which isn't exactly a positive thing, to put it nicely). This led me to do a little digging on the JPHRO connection...

Co-Founder of JPHRO is Sanela Diana Jenkins - a Bosnian socialite ex-wife of UK Barclay's banker and who has been connected to Hollywood's world of child/sex trafficking. She is credited with bringing in rich Arab clients for a crumbling Barclay's..allegedly in exchange for call/party girls. These girls are not just for her Arab clients, but also Wall Street, Hollywood, DC, Athletes, and Royals (Prince Andrew comes to mind with some of Q's more recent tweets on RC). According to someone on CDAN with knowledge of the situation, she is close to Clooney, Clive Davis, Ari Emanuel, Cindy Crawford, as well as Penn. Diana has a book called ROOM23 which is an alleged catalogue of who she has access to for high-rollers. She is also connected to the Clinton Foundation, including raising $1M for the foundation, and is included in a letter from Oversight Cmte looking into Pay-to-Play activity of the CF (that link has since been taking down). I suspect her Qatari connections and CFs Qatari connections are the same people. As any good elite globalist trafficker, she has multiple foundations as fronts, including a music label for young emerging artists. (how convenient) She claimed in one interview that the socialites of London did not like her, and treated her like a mail-order bride....which is an interesting phrase to use since there is a significant age gap between her and her ex-husband (some suspect she married her client, and trafficked girls from Bosnia). She also has a "pet" named Hayden....kinda like Obama has a "pet" named Maggie/Wendy.

NOW, let's circle back and recap. This Ms Jenkins is a trafficker for the elite, who co-founds a Haiti Relief Org with an el Chapo sympathizer...who is connected to RUIZ. People are known by who they socialize with, and with RUIZ, an activist himself, socializing/fundraising/touring with Penn... that makes him an indirect connection to Human Trafficking, deserved or not is information I do not have.
This Trafficking web is so tangled, the FBI/DOJ have a huge task on hand sifting through it all. I do not envy their task at hand, but I greatly appreciate their efforts to stop the pain these children endure.
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2018.02.03 23:41 CwazyStomper [GIVEAWAY] Garlic Gauntlet #2

UPDATE: Congratulations to FPS_Goon for getting the seed! Proof: http://prntscr.com/i9sz8b

Welcome to the weekly Garlic Gauntlet!

The reward is: 3.086 GRLC.

The password to Level 1 is "cwazystomper". Use the Level text below at encipher.it.

Have fun!
Level 1: EnCt2f2436d368aca7a348f624c1ac6f6b09c03eb08d7f2436d368aca7a348f624c1af7Ho9uHOKgF A6DY1dloqfmdSejGi7RZgrS5L+X4uclQ8DpLSXcq6ehVwdRzT8Qf+m2ovLJpn7gNVIHpySvyVcYAoRL9 L2JB3JvpLYgbW3NPUCUGFT5KYI3nGcpKiTreWl3qzY2YKS7PfovWdi8utmIyr61rEo1zighCzVAE=IwE mS
Level 2: EnCt2d2466ba523d0c521fe41ef20f9679e9cd4f4172fd2466ba523d0c521fe41ef20AhhrRGzTXQK Bqkw1dlryXnfLIhw1Mfrm9GtK5q5RBMdA2dV8Qie8Rq1TstKVgZ3kkSAbyxDgkWgP3K8f/RX4WKClRNc =IwEmS
Level 3: EnCt24336b2eaf4a5c6a0d0c6e93d899925b2bf74adb84336b2eaf4a5c6a0d0c6e93dH3WfPqMcagA REGk1dlpymreKrac5jZFVNN02kNRG12Li9K4RFr2eFaaoLCzObKJYDegnzofeehtL3EaZxMjRAIxsBDY 3hmjIjkOyIwEmS
Level 4: EnCt20582e63b2f14e6c7be70ee5e69da7657b3a192160582e63b2f14e6c7be70ee5e+ljyD1E=VQD b5Hc1dloyODB2ovdvM4H04x78iMR0spTCt3PdqeEX5Mb5t19qMfckfPEaaY2M0Y5JaeAhbncVpkEkSiU 155opBLwfHLHeaRqOGLxgAevv1aC1Kw==IwEmS
Level 5: EnCt21b6eaf4e7bfab7016e6ab8dc3877180c108913cf1b6eaf4e7bfab7016e6ab8dc89Fnz2NgWAD O/IU1dlrRSS/T21g/uds1j/fKze8A0n1/IMvqtfpQ28RL4tqTyr8dvjLRXCjxb0nI8K1ittOiSFCeC jDzCxdvXMC5NhzZSUMAqpIwEmS
Level 6: EnCt2ba762b5e03c4bfd2eea5f4f2e77694b3c279f874ba762b5e03c4bfd2eea5f4f24XCYlbocxQL /6qE1dlpuEDITT0HqE50RQjbx3Mq0sctKc/18zGUUCehMSAZIqyW+t0HluXXafuydPxjtOc9DTRcXZ+/ V5eQTt6jA/EcWvwughasmbW20mucyfnss8LD0KIxuZQEpaVQDiJpPIwEmS
Level 7: EnCt25ecb22afac13b0adc9067fcd948a21a6dfaed8125ecb22afac13b0adc9067fcd17TCK6L42gA lQrM1dlpt2OlMU7JaTPgkPp5AwWwiSeNKBfhHfHVYbAiDLpi0rAT/C0xt4niacfRJD0ygACHtalwnl0i APYy9rzvjknUJRw/Orkj4T1u5Nje7Bg==IwEmS
Level 8: EnCt296ebbf096b064c88d0abf13b50c903519869a3f996ebbf096b064c88d0abf13blL07OJMXAgP cc8E1dlqWro0R64Btf+r6BnfBL9fHYVDhxow56nbonUfvx2Fhb5e3kjNToADlwgwe4NxxVSWgJJ+wN1v haDM=IwEmS
Level 9: EnCt21794dfa43cfd3898caedfe961146751463f174941794dfa43cfd3898caedfe96SXSS6tTfTQC c2/k1dlrZfEdO7BrixLjiqjsWVqiPpNU9IDEtTTlj62u7SDw0WYFG679cAh7vok2TZE+lYg7sI7JUJKD Ck7to6xphrixdIwEmS
Level 10: EnCt2bb6c03b456796e69d327f3732c66cdf5a109b0d0bb6c03b456796e69d327f3732i/0drYn4QO YHBU2dlo0D5/9Vv6w2NTV8k6HIFu0djYfXZU9Pk+ulbD32wntfmrzn+zYw65MefT/CxlWlgje0eo=IwE mS
Level 11: EnCt228277ae9ceac670ca4047944cf3d900674f6d63b28277ae9ceac670ca4047944z/b3D48o5QB 6kTE2dlpRoy9toemtc3nt+ecC8rGuCFE91NR1bDni+toNpwwFidhO2qZC+K00GFHf/FK+ICtEpXY91VF fYX7phyZe6ZY70UNWowe2039vnDiyOazg9fO3Slpu5MctKX8=IwEmS
Level 12: EnCt27349f294f34b0dba836846936c8d535809ef9ae97349f294f34b0dba83684693SVFELu0+mQH bIT82dlpGwke7VHsyfKkoMnsOtkU4TxlqUwKGiN5/GGOVa+hRQAo=IwEmS
Level 13: EnCt243e06eae99ca6f041c1c7595ad163c7b0ba4029b43e06eae99ca6f041c1c7595qjlunwhxhAP BWl42dlrfPwBOG2+zIva0mbV6CDgPKqpzBBuKhfHt4zWCeZfxiEeAGBqQ/lNBbwvYusunqLo1gVgyFgw oGuo3lw2E/TgrN0QQ4UsJl1QbK4dh0doSRLp3QfDPpTBKIwEmS
Level 14: EnCt2815859447ed49790f8b605b9f6053755fa1fea1b815859447ed49790f8b605b9SfythpRuYwF QyGw2dlp9KC0XWIZ34fceKpUEiVKZPcc8CywJ0XuMqxys3HRkdMSWOz4WGecETojrAPH3zyG/9xXIz8s oc0jhNoIIoO7eYm5sZImNbEiQSSfYH7lrBEsv+3PQyh2Mxv/cIwEmS
Level 15: EnCt2b5c2e338a83e85123f8cc30304600e4f47f0b735b5c2e338a83e85123f8cc303i6ylKwJUxwJ dk442dlo3jtNV05+ENwz+iosVYvZO9yVJIaUe6VUwjyvgIOxwRMqgwSV9zXsUr0VJpmKlrdIu6Wmgvfe Zz9m+blrguxH1CzWWYRR6V5U+2SKOc2uXyw0Du16bLqfe/emIE8yekoaE6KtWZpAY0VE=IwEmS
Level 16: EnCt2a95826c7240d5f2c5d4dc947d346129d894f1a9aa95826c7240d5f2c5d4dc947BQ+aW3WbwwH IjMg2dlr32fPKxIFQCnTRQAuUcK4FL7qnpI1HIRKqFJd0H391BWfuqgVYHdywr4rt5yLW7MaAjICq98x Zli4aHCQq76J0Ay3cLR9u5C8mlr9h8TEUvQis3y6IUZg94z+XP76hYS9sBWEFmEtj+nTGRGiknPR12WI zCadu3fPvUw==IwEmS
Reward: EnCt2716f0c42240e69aa6751313a372ffa98e9643fec716f0c42240e69aa6751313aPWIY5bG0KwL qc9k2dloB8TiUU2sWIURy7hmaxeZ3VPsGNHBLoaXQLn1+Go7MaCZEm3Hi7dljm+yW/7om6GZnENQw+4q pMmLymTstRkdWC+nBBg3QpWhy4aqkxob0kbFobEnTNF9edcpubeBU8+hvYlhs449D8H94L3QGwfQq1qT jj1Im3POKf/CKNhrzOqXfm+E3JwlkY9TSbAe5IwEmS


START WITH cwazystomper
How many transactions does the GRLC wallet GV7dWYGsw7ddVX7kbP2XsyV4cPhhEW49Tr have? Use numbers only, like _ _. Answer: 27
When was Litecoin released? Use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Answer: 08/07/2011
What hashing algorithm does Litecoin use? Don't use any caps. Answer: scrypt
On what day was the Garlicoin mainnet made public? Use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Answer: 01/21/2018
What is the balance of GRLC wallet GV7dWYGsw7ddVX7kbP2XsyV4cPhhEW49Tr? Answer: 3.08632736
When was "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" released? Use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Answer: 08/31/2008
On what day was the Garlicoin mainnet made public? Use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Answer: 01/21/2018
When was Groestlcoin released? Use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Answer: 03/22/2014
How many flamethrowers did Elon Musk sell? Don't use any commas. Answer: 20000
When was Reddit founded? Use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Answer: 06/23/2005
Who is the creator of Litecoin? Use the [FIRST-NAME]_[LAST-NAME] format, without any caps. Answer: charlie lee
Descramble these letters: ihotass Answer: satoshi
What is the full, four-word non-abbreviated term for ASIC? Don't use any spaces or caps. Answer: applicationspecificintegratedcircuit
Exactly how many Garlicoins are currently in the wallet GLEVEAHD7gExC42tdrft38psGqTJL7nArX? Answer: 7.63334682
Who was the second person to walk on the moon? Use the [FIRST-NAME]_[LAST-NAME] format, without any caps. Answer: buzz aldrin
Congratulations for beating the Gauntlet! Here is the password to the Treasure Chest: 48gnf49b8ith4nb09t98sun3l35oy8b8utn
Congratulations for beating the Gauntlet! Here is your reward: SEED: skull armed diary unhappy sure lazy excite couple joy submit orphan *****
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2017.12.26 18:20 Tankmin Petscop 11 lock number entries.

I realize this post already talks about the lock numbers, but I think I had enough to add to the discussion to warrant a new post. While it is difficult to see where some of the numbers stop, you can view a youtube video frame by frame simply pausing and pressing the ',' and '.' keys. Additionally, keep in mind to enter a number in a lock like this, you not only need to stop on a number, but you must also switch directions. Sometimes the lock stops on a number, but until it switches directions I didn't record it as a number entry. Based on this, I got the following:
Before Tool Moves:
39, 12, 23, 33, 29, 7, 37, 2
After Tool "Takes Control":
18, 8, 14, 8, 13, 7, 12, 8, 13, 8, 12, 2
Speculation: A human seems to be controlling the lock first, often stopping mid turn before continuing. When tool takes over, everything seems to be more robotic/perfect.
Tool seems to move up and down to get out of the way of the numbers so we can see.
There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. There are 40 numbers on the lock (0-39 which seems standard for this lock type). Based on this, I think either there isn't a direct message (the first set has numbers exceeding 25 or 26) OR tool sees the first entries are invalid and responds with a message (after tool takes over, no numbers over 25 or 26 are entered).
Here are some possible translations to letters:
1 indexed (A=1...Z=26)
(Tool takes over)
0 indexed (A=0...Z=25) ?MX??H?C
(Tool takes over)
Please note, I ran SIOIOINHMINIMC through an anagram descrambler and it came up with some partial results, although nothing that uses all the letters as far as I can tell. Perhaps a cipher is needed to decode it as well? Idk, any help figuring this out would be appreciated.
submitted by Tankmin to Petscop [link] [comments]

2017.12.14 19:06 SysExTones Any interest in Zoom G1on pedal settings command line tools for GNU/Linux?

It's possible to read/write G1on patches, and individual patch/effect settings, via USB/MIDI.
After finding the MIDI for turning on edit mode and also the MIDI for current and specific patch data requests, it was pretty easy to figure out which patch bits were what. The data for the five effect slots in each patch are slightly scrambled but edit mode MIDI traffic, when setting values on the pedal by hand, revealed the MIDI for setting parameters for an effect in a slot, so it was easy to send a range of values and see which bits were what. Descrambling data (simple, move bits/bytes) for slots 2, 3, 4, 5, to look like slot 1, made it possible to write a code generator to get/set for all slots. So now I have some command line tools that read/write patch files, or talk to the G1on via MIDI, all the way to individual effect settings.
I would just publish some code but am unsure if there would be legal issues because proprietary MIDI secrets. The code also needs some clean up before it would be fit for public consumption. So I wanted to see if enough people would be interested enough to make it worth the trouble/risk.
Update: not much interest, although more interest than the Yamaha THR10 command line tools. The code is now online, no takedown notices or letters from lawyers, so far... https://github.com/SysExTones/g1on
submitted by SysExTones to linuxaudio [link] [comments]

2017.05.24 16:08 bitter_butterfly Help Creating a Coded Message

I am creating a campaign where the party will find a coded message.
My original idea was to have it written in runes that can be turned into roman letters using a wheel cipher, then descrambled using a scytale, both of which the players can find. Then the players can get their hands on a dictionary so they can translate the words. I want to make all these props to hand them and let them solve the puzzle.
I kind of liked the idea of the dictionary because they could then find messages in an underdark maze that can be translated to find secret stashes, avoid enemies, follow directions, etc.
The problem is I don't want to over do it and slow the game down too much. I think a few quick ciphers that get spread out are fine, but it might take too long to look through a made up dictionary for some made-up words.
Thoughts? Suggestions?
submitted by bitter_butterfly to DnD [link] [comments]