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Presenting our latest feature: AMBOSS AI-rticles powered by AMBOSSGPT4.1

2023.04.01 13:01 AMBOSS_Med Presenting our latest feature: AMBOSS AI-rticles powered by AMBOSSGPT4.1

Wouldn't it be cool to adapt any AMBOSS article to perfectly suit your learning style? To learn any topic as if it’s being taught by your favorite personality?
Well, our latest feature now makes this possible! AMBOSS articles are now enhanced by our own powerful medicine-focused A.I. and language model, developed in-house by our team.
And the results — if we may say so ourselves — look incredible!
Click the link to be the first to try it out.
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2023.04.01 12:44 autotldr Finland, having cleared last NATO hurdle, heads to elections News

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 84%. (I'm a bot)
Will Prime Minister Sanna Marin's Social Democratic Party, which started the membership process last year, take the country of 5.5 million people into the world's largest military alliance?
Four groups tend to dominate elections: the Social Democrats, Centre Party, National Coalition Party and Finns Party.
Marin's government is a coalition made up of her Social Democrats, the Centre Party, Green League, Left Alliance and Swedish People's Party.
According to Theodora Helimäki, a doctoral candidate studying voting behaviour at the University of Helsinki, joining NATO is something all parties agree on.
As for climate change, Purra of the Finns Party said in a recent debate that Finland's 2035 carbon neutrality target - which was a goal set by Marin's government and which the KOK party also agrees with - should be delayed until 2050.
"Sixty percent of the forests in Finland are under private ownership, so they are concerned that such messages from political parties could result in more deforestation and environmental degradation."
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Party#1 vote#2 Marin#3 Finns#4 NATO#5
Post found in /worldnews, /ALJAZEERAauto, /AlJazeera, /worldpolitics and /AutoNewspaper.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.04.01 11:55 AjayKumar_Katharu #Spiritual Debate

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2023.04.01 11:24 theateam_pk 𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝟐𝟎% "𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐚"

𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝟐𝟎% submitted by theateam_pk to u/theateam_pk [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 11:24 vaibhoe 2010 Audi S5 for sale ( GCC , 4.2 V8 driven 166,XXX kms ) AED 39,000 /-

2010 Audi S5 for sale ( GCC , 4.2 V8 driven 166,XXX kms ) AED 39,000 /-
Model : 2010 S5 with 4.2 V8 (Naturally Aspirated) driven 166,xxx kms Region specs: GCC VIN : WAUCVB8T9A021351
Never been in an accident/ Original Paint throughout
Viewing location: DIC/Marina
Details: Hey guys, with a heavy heart I’m planning on selling my car to upgrade soon. I’ve spent a lot of time and money ensuring the car was absolutely amazing to drive as I expected this to remain my daily for the next 2-3 years.
Exhaust: Rear muffler delete with aftermarket forged carbon tips (original available). Some of the guys here can hopefully vouch for the way it sounds. It’s a beautiful sounding V8 that absolutely slaps a smile on my face every time I drive it. Interior: original Red Napa leather with carbon center cover. The driver seat bolster has seen better days but I didn’t replace it cuz it’s not that big of an inconvenience and the original leather is great.
Almost full service history( Al nabooda up to 100k and bills of proof after) Brand new Bridgestone Potenzas worth 4K AED installed less than 1k kms ago.
The oil service was done about a month ago. I always use LiquiMoly oil with OEM oil filters. Oil and coolant flushes done recently as well.
Close to 20k spent personally ensuring the car is in perfect mechanical condition. Full list of maintenance and repairs will be given with all the bills to show original Audi parts were installed. But off the top of my head, here’s some of the stuff I changed in my ownership.
-Brand new Varta battery still in warranty - New front crank seal - New oil pan gasket - the entire front of the engine was rebuilt with all seals and gaskets replaced. - new coolant hoses from the back and front of the engine - all the pulleys including the crank pulley was replaced less than a month ago - front brake pads and rotor skimming - MMI screen was replaced with a used OEM one out of a 2019 Q5 - Bridgestone Potenza for all 4 wheels
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2023.04.01 11:09 Due_Mathematician307 Dr. Zakir Naik Vs Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj रूहानी ईल्मी बहस Trailer Launch Al Kabir Islamic Exclusive. अल कबीर इस्लामिक चैनल की आज की इस खुसुसी पेशकश के जरिये हम सर्वोच्च इलम वाले अज़ीम शख्श उर्फ "बाखबर संत" के बारे में बताएंगे और साथ ही ये भी जानेंगे कि अल्लाह की सच्ची इबादत क्या होती है ?

Dr. Zakir Naik Vs Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj रूहानी ईल्मी बहस Trailer Launch Al Kabir Islamic Exclusive. अल कबीर इस्लामिक चैनल की आज की इस खुसुसी पेशकश के जरिये हम सर्वोच्च इलम वाले अज़ीम शख्श उर्फ submitted by Due_Mathematician307 to u/Due_Mathematician307 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:57 PK_Supehia *Dr. Zakir Naik Vs Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj रूहानी ईल्मी बहस #Trailer Launch।Al Kabir Islamic* पूरी विडियो 2 अप्रैल 2023 को रिलीज होगी l तो देखना ना भूलें l अभी subscribe करें spiritual leader Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube channel #AlKabir #SaintRampalJi

*Dr. Zakir Naik Vs Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj रूहानी ईल्मी बहस #Trailer Launch।Al Kabir Islamic* पूरी विडियो 2 अप्रैल 2023 को रिलीज होगी l तो देखना ना भूलें l अभी subscribe करें spiritual leader Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube channel #AlKabir #SaintRampalJi submitted by PK_Supehia to u/PK_Supehia [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:42 Jason_Tomasi This tornado was on the ground for ~15 minutes just north of Huntsville, AL

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2023.04.01 09:32 AC_the_Panther_007 X-Men Movie Franchise (1970-1990)

What if X-Men Movie Franchise was made 30 Years Earlier?

X-Men (1970):
Alec Guinness as Charles XavieProfessor X
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Vincent Price as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Diahann Carroll as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Julie Newmar as Dr. Jean Grey
Michael Douglas as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Kirk Douglas as Senator Robert Kelly
Ann-Margret as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Dustin Hoffman as Mortimer Toynbee/Toad
David Prowse as Victor Creed/Sabretooth
Sissy Spacek as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

X2 (1973):
Alec Guinness as Charles XavieProfessor X
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Vincent Price as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Diahann Carroll as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Julie Newmar as Jean Grey
Michael Douglas as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Ann-Margret as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Orson Welles as Colonel William Stryker
Michael Caine as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Jeff Bridges as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Kirk Douglas as Senator Robert Kelly
Jeff Bridges as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Gary Busey as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
France Nuyen as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Maureen McCormick as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
Maria Yi as Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Sissy Spacek as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

X-Men: The Last Stand (1976):
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Diahann Carroll as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Vincent Price as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Julie Newmar as Jean Grey/Phoenix
Sissy Spacek as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Henry" Hank" McCoy/Beast
Michael Douglas as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Jeff Bridges as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Gary Busey as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Richard Kiel as Cain Marko/Juggernaut
Maureen McCormick as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
William Katt as Warren Worthington III/Angel
Rosanna DeSoto as Callisto
Burt Lancaster as Warren Worthington II
Lauren Bacall as Dr. Kavita Rao
Henry Fonda as the President of the United States
Woody Strode as Bolivar Trask
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Piotr Rasputin/Colossus
Christopher Walken as Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man
Alec Guinness as Charles XavieProfessor X
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (1979):
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Donald Sutherland as Victor Creed/Sabretooth
Peter O'Toole as William Stryker
Ernie Hudson as John Wraith/Kestrel
Anne Archer as Kayla Silverfox
"Superstar" Billy Graham as Fred Dukes/Blob
James Woods as Chris Bradley/Bolt
Patrick Swayze as Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Sammo Hung as David North/Agent Zero
Sylvester Stallone as Wade Wilson/Weapon XI
Director: Richard Donner

X-Men: First Class (1981):
Gabriel Byrne as Charles XavieProfessor X
Jeremy Irons as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Karen Allen as Moira MacTaggert
Michelle Pfeiffer as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Jessica Lange as Emma Frost
Maxwell Caulfield as Hank McCoy/Beast
William Shatner as Man In Black Suit
Michael Caine as Azazel
Kevin Bacon as Alex Summers/Havok
Carl Weathers as Armando Muñoz/Darwin
Eric Stoltz as Sean Cassidy/Banshee
Rae Dawn Chong as Angel Salvadore
George C. Scott as CIA Director McCone
Steven Bauer as Janos Quested/Riptide
Harry Morgan as Russian General
Max von Sydow as Colonel Hendry
Sean Connery as Sebastian Shaw/Dr. Klaus Schmidt
Director: Ridley Scott

The Wolverine (1983):
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Tomoko Ai as Mariko Yashida
Akiko Wada as as Yukio
Sho Kosugi as Shingen Yashida
Irina Alfyorova as Ophelia Sarkissian/Viper
Katsuhiko Sasaki as Noburo
Minoru Chiaki as Ichirō Yashida/Silver Samurai
-Kazuya Aoyama as Young Ichirō Yashida/Silver Samurai
Sonny Chiba as Kenuichio Harada
Julie Newmar as Jean Grey
Director: Richard Donner

X-Men: Days of Future Past (1984):
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Gabriel Byrne as Charles XavieProfessor X
-Alec Guinness as Older Charles XavieProfessor X
Jeremy Irons as Erik LehnsherMagneto
-Vincent Price as as Older Erik LehnsherMagneto
Michelle Pfeiffer as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Diahann Carroll as Ororo Munroe/Storm
Maxwell Caulfield as Hank McCoy/Beast
Sissy Spacek as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Maureen McCormick as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
Bob Hoskins as Dr. Bolivar Trask
Jeff Bridges as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Danny Glover as Lucas Bishop/Bishop
Val Kilmer as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
Michael Biehn as Major William Stryker
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Piotr Rasputin/Colossus
Nora Miao as Clarice Ferguson/Blink
Erik Estrada as Roberto da Costa/Sunspot
Lou Diamond Phillips as James ProudstaWarpath
Director: Ridley Scott

Deadpool (1986):
Sylvester Stallone as Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Sônia Braga as Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat
Mickey Rourke as Francis Freeman/Ajax
Michael Keaton as Jack HammeWeasel
Lynda Carter as Angel Dust
Rosetta LeNoire as Althea/Blind Al
Mary Stuart Masterson as Ellie PhimisteNegasonic Teenage Warhead
Anil Kapoor as Dopinder
Rene Auberjonois as Recuiter
Dennis Burkley as Buck
Fred Williamson as Boothe
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Piotr Rasputin/Colossus
Director: Tony Scott

X-Men: Apocalypse (1986):
Gabriel Byrne as Charles XavieProfessor X
Jeremy Irons as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Michelle Pfeiffer as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
David Strathairn as En Sabah NuApocalypse
Maxwell Caulfield as Hank McCoy/Beast
Karen Allen as Moira MacTaggert
Michelle Pfeiffer as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Val Kilmer as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
John Cusack as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Robin Wright as Jean Grey
Sylvia Chang as Betsy Braddock/Psylocke
Alan Cumming as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Vanessa L. Williams as Ororo Munroe/Storm
Kevin Bacon as Alex Summers/Havok
Michael Biehn as Colonel William Stryker
Cary Elwes as Warren Worthington III/Angel
Tia Carrere as Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Roger Moore as Pentagon Scientist
Sean Bean as Sam
Director: Ridley Scott

Logan (2017):
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Alec Guinness as Older Charles XavieProfessor X
Gordon "Sting" Sumner as Donald Pierce
Ian McShane as Caliban
Roddy McDowall as Dr. Zander Rice
Melvin Van Peebles as Will Munson
Madge Sinclair as Kathryn Munson
Soleil Moon Frye as Laura Kinney/X-23
Director: Richard Donner

Deadpool 2 (1988):
Sylvester Stallone as Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Brian Dennehy as Nathan Summers/Cable
Sônia Braga as Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat
Neil Patrick Harris as Russell Collins/Firefist
Jasmine Guy as Neena Thurman/Domino
Michael Keaton as Jack HammeWeasel
Rosetta LeNoire as Althea/Blind Al
Anil Kapoor as Dopinder
Mary Stuart Masterson as Ellie PhimisteNegasonic Teenage Warhead
Ron Silver as Black Tom Cassidy
Scott Glenn as The Headmaster
Tamlyn Tomita as Yukio
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Piotr Rasputin/Colossus
Dennis Burkley as Buck
Director: Tony Scott

Dark Phoenix (1989):
Gabriel Byrne as Charles XavieProfessor X
Jeremy Irons as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Michelle Pfeiffer as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Maxwell Caulfield as Hank McCoy/Beast
Robin Wright as Jean Grey/Phoenix
John Cusack as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Vanessa L. Williams as Ororo Munroe/Storm
Val Kilmer as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
Alan Cumming as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Susan Sarandon as D'Bari/Vuk
Robert Redford as John Grey
Georg Stanford Brown as Jones
Ronny Cox as the President of the United States
Bridget Fonda as Alison Blaire/Dazzler
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Ben Hammil/Match
Director: Ridley Scott

The New Mutants (1990):
Miranda Otto as Rahne SinclaiWolfsbane
Nicole Kidman as Illyana Rasputin/Magik
Keanu Reeves as Samuel "Sam" Guthrie/Cannonball
María Conchita Alonso as Dr. Cecilia Reyes
Cree Summer as Danielle "Dani" MoonstaMirage
John Leguizamo as Roberto "Bobby" da Costa/Sunspot
Wes Studi as William Lonestar
Director: Joe Johnston
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2023.04.01 09:14 theateam_pk 𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝟐𝟎% "𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐚"

𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝟐𝟎% submitted by theateam_pk to u/theateam_pk [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:52 West-Profit72rakesh #मुसलमाननहींसमझेज्ञानकुरआन 🍁 ➡️ For more information, read the Pak book "Musalman nahi samjhe Gyan Quran"..! Get free this👆 Book Contact on these numbers for more information Muslim religion! +919812238507, +919992600852

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2023.04.01 07:51 No_Music3270 Made a fancast for a *ton* of Batman characters

Batman/Bruce: Keanu Reeves (I would have cast Chris Hemsworth)
Joker: Willem Dafoe
Mr. Freeze: Giancarlo Esposito
Penguin: Danny Devito
Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie
SuperMan: Jack Whitehall
Bane: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lex Luthor: Brian Cranston
Eobard Thawne: Anthony Starr
The Flash (Barry Allen): Grant Gustin
The Flash (Wally West): Peet Montzingo
Green Lantern (John Stewart): Will Smith
Riddler: Neil Harris
Damian: Aidan Gallagher
Dick: Andrew Garfield
Jason: Paul Rudd
Tim: Tom Holland
Alfred: J.K. Simmons
Poison Ivy: Emma Watson
Lucifer: Al Pacino
Batgirl/Barbara: Anya Taylor Joy
Batwoman/Kate: Scarlett Johansson
Beast Boy: Jack Grazer
Bizarro: Karl Urban
Shazam: Alan Ritchson
Billy: Finn Wolfhard
Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson (But he can’t overtake the entire DC universe)
Catwoman: Jenna Ortega
Cyborg: Aldis Hodge
Darkseid: Andre Braugher
Deathstroke: Hugh Jackman
Dr. Fate: Daniel Craig
Wonder Woman: Adelaide Kane
Plastic Man: John Mulaney
SuperGirl: Elle Fanning
Martian Manhunter: Lance Reddick
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2023.04.01 06:57 LegoFanDX115 They preemptively removed Pedro in preparation for season 2

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2023.04.01 06:04 Lothli M&L April Fool's Special: A Cacophony of Mixed Nuts

Lothli woke up bright and early this Saturday, as always. Then, with a yawn, she checked her phone: April 1st.
Was there something important happening today? I don’t quite remember…
Her thoughts were quickly swept away by the mundanity of her morning routine. Pulling on clothes, brushing her teeth, doing her hair…
And so, she was entirely caught off guard when she arrived in the kitchen.
Her twin sister cackled like a madwoman, stirring a gigantic cauldron smelling burnt iron, cotton candy, and writer’s tears.
“Maishul, what exactly have you done?” Lothli sighed, ambling over to the bubbling cauldron.
“This? Oh, just a little April Fool’s prank!” the other twin giggled before pulling out a miniature figurine of a strange humanoid insect. With a snap of her fingers, the statuette grew to full size, glancing around warily.
“Oh goodness! What’s going on here?” the moth woman exclaimed, seeming more confused than frightened. “What kind of insect are you? I’ve never seen anyone with just four limbs like you two!”
Lothli turned to Maishul, a frown on her face. “Is this Minerva? Did you STEAL her? We’re going to get banned, you know.”
The other twin continued cackling, heedless of Lothli’s wrath. “No, no, I got permission! Look!”
Indeed, the paper Maishul pulled out did have the signatures of one, two… how many authors?!
“Maishul, what the heck have you done?” Lothli huffed. “This is— how do we—”
“Excuse me, but I believe I may be lost?” Minerva asked, her wings fluttering nervously. “While I would love to ask the two of you some questions, I need to return to my lab, if you could point me in the right direction?”
“Oh, I apologize, Dr. Minerva. You’re currently experiencing a dream. Please do forget about this,” Lothli sighed before snapping her fingers and reverting the insectoid woman to her figurine form.
“How exactly are we going to explain this to Polaris?” Lothli deadpanned with her gaze on her happy-go-lucky sibling.
“Oh, I have a good ‘ol industrial barrel of Remove-Yo-Memory. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine!” Maishul grinned back. “Look, look! Let me show you what wonderful scenes I’ve cooked up for everyone!”
Scene One: Art’s Very Bad, No Good Day
I was not having a good day. First, I was thrown into yet another random plane of existence. Dimension hopping was something I wanted to experience no more than one time in my life; thank you very much. And yet, here I was. In yet another random plane of existence with absolutely no say.
Second all, I found myself surrounded by these strange creatures. Four legs, shimmering black pelt, bizarre snake-like neck, flat head, creepy singular eye, and that weirdly human voice. Definitely not a fan.
The three Iklems crept—
Ahem. The plural of Iklem is Iklemli, Art.
And thirdly, that obnoxious voice ringing out in my head. Who was that? Why were they in my head? And why could they read my thoughts?
Fine. The three Iklemli crept closer and closer, predatory intent clear. I backed away slowly before my phone suddenly burst out with the cheery tune of Weird Al singing, “Just eat it (eat it), eat it (eat it)...”
“I’m in the mother of all situations here, Demoness, and you choose a freaking parody song? Can you at least tell me what the hell is happening here?” I snarled into my phone’s mic, watching the approaching monsters closely.
“M’dear, I hate to say it, but I have no clue what’s happening.” The slight strain in the Demoness’s usually sultry voice gave me pause. That Demoness? Confused? I really was in some deep shit, wasn’t I?
“Could you at least tell me what an Iklem is?” I said, imitating those creatures as best I could.
“My love, how do I explain this? As best as I could tell, at least five foreign dimensions have been forced together into one singular mess. And whoever did it had no grace or finesse at all.”
Tell the Demoness that she has no grace or finesse, either! Hmph!
Rolling my eyes, I communicated the feelings of my new head neighbor to the Demoness.
“Well, dear, tell your new friend that they should consider undoing this fiasco,” the Demoness replied with a sigh. “Whatever the case is, those Iklemli you mentioned are from one of those other dimensions. I can’t tell you a thing about them.”
With that good news, I turned back to the advancing beasts. This was going to be a fun one…
“Maishul, you can’t just break the fourth wall and shove your thoughts into the scene,” Lothli huffed, shaking her head.
“Pfffft!” Maishul blew a raspberry before turning back to her abomination of a cauldron.
“Also, you can’t just swap to first-person narration. We’re in third-person narration.”
“Well, Matt writes in first-person. And I respect our fellow author’s intent; thank you very much!”
Lothli raised an eyebrow in response before pointing to the bubbling cauldron of doom. “You call THAT respecting our fellow authors’ intents?”
“They gave permission!” Maishul pouted before turning back to her inglorious creation. “And you won’t complain once you see my next glorious scene!”
Scene Two: Sloth Squared
Pride’s scowl only grew deeper as he dragged his erstwhile companion along. The swampland around them had warped into a blooming forest, with trees looming large overhead. The various fully intact buildings were most concerning, indicating that the pair had passed into a rift.
“Sloth, GET UP!” he hissed, shaking the lazy layabout.
“Huh? Wuzzit? I’m sleepin…” Sloth snored, already back asleep.
“We’ve got a MAJOR problem here. Pretty sure a rift opened around us, so stay on guard!”
Sloth blearily stumbled to his feet before glancing wide-eyed at his surroundings.
“Holy cow, you’re right! I didn’t even notice. But, man, Pride, I’m so tired… I…” Sloth stumbled a bit further before faceplanting directly into a bed of flowers.
“Dammit, Sloth. This is ridiculous, even for your standards.” Pride leaned down to pick Sloth back up, but something strange was afoot. As soon as he leaned down, an overwhelming surge of exhaustion passed through him as well, and he collapsed on top of his companion.
“Dude, you’re sleeping right on top of a good patch. Can you two move?” A voice lazily drifted into Pride’s mind before he rocketed up ramrod straight.
“Hwa— what!? Oh. A rifter.” Pride composed himself as he stared down at the man who awoke him. About five foot six, with short white hair and red eyes.
“Uh, I’m not a rifter or whatever you just called me. I’m Clear, prince of Sloth. And you?” Clear tilted his head.
“Prince… of me? Ehehe, there’s no prince of me…” Sloth murmured in his sleep.
“Typical rifter, spewing nonsense. Come on, you lazy bum. We’re gonna hide before this gets violent.” Pride turned to drag Sloth away but found his legs unwilling to move.
“Hey, man. C’mon now. You haven’t noticed you’re in a dream yet?” Clear said, his hand extended. “Let’s just talk, alright?”
Pride struggled for a few more moments, then back at Clear. “Alright, alright, never seen a rifter do that before. Calm down, yeah? I’ll chat until this rift collapses.”
“So please, introduce yourself properly this time,” Clear responded, freeing Pride with a flick of his hand.
“Right. I’m Pride, that’s Sloth.” Pride pointed at himself, then at his companion. “Can we go?” “No. Please explain what you are doing here and those wings on your back.” Clear yawned. “Also, don’t use our nation’s name as a moniker. It’s probably disrespectful… or something. Eh, we don’t actually care that much.”
“Huh? We’re here because your stupid rift pulled us in,” Pride hissed. “And these wings? We were born with ’em. No story here. Also, pretty sure we were the ones who had those names first.”
“Eh, the kingdom of Pride wouldn’t be very happy to hear about that,” Clear responded. “But whatever, man. Things have been rather chill ever since a random blob named Sparky fell on top of the Demon King and ate him or whatever. So enjoy the nap, I guess. Mind if I join in?”
Pride rolled his eyes before scooting over to allow Clear access to the flowers. Before long, Sloth and Clear were snuggled up together, much to the chagrin of Pride.
“What the hell am I supposed to do now?”
“Aren’t they just the cutest?!” Maishul exclaimed. “We should make that our newest OTP. I bet Haru would approve.”
“Please don’t ship characters across two different SerSuns,” Lothli replied with a shake of her head. “Also what was that about Sparky eating the Demon King—”
Scene Three: Machines, Demons, and The World Tree
There was a rather strange rash of oddly dressed folk in Lugavya lately. Or rather, just odd folk in general.
Rumors flew of a human with bird wings who passed over the town, carried through hurried whispers between the residents. A strange man with fierce red eyes insisting on making ‘deals,’ much to the annoyance of passersby trying to get through their day.
Lena and Veska had met to investigate, unable to keep themselves still while such strange events abounded. No sooner had the two exchanged greetings did two strange men approach, flagrantly discarding any sensibilities on their right to free speech.
“Hello!” the younger one called out before getting his head gently bonked by the older.
“W-what was it? Oh! The greeting we use should have been ‘well met,’ right?” the teenage boy puzzled himself, rubbing his head.
“No. Firstly, as foreign visitors, we do not use that greeting. Secondly, we do not greet them. They greet us,” the older whispered, turning his eyes to Lena and Veska. It seemed at least one of them remembered their manners.
“Peace, strangers. We will not begrudge you for your transgressions. Tell me, what business have you with us?” Lena began.
“We are looking for directions. We have lost our way. Please, would you tell us our current location? Latitude and longitude are preferred, but any notable landmarks will do.” The older man bowed slightly, with the younger following shortly after.
Latitude? Longitude? These words were unfamiliar to Lena and Veska.
“This is Lugavya. Home to Alvedos, the World Tree?” Veska explained, an eyebrow raised. Were these folks raised under a rock or something?
The two men conversed among themselves, their frowns deepening.
“Apologies, but I am unaware of Lugavya. Could you perhaps point us in the direction of the United States?” the older asked, tilting his head slightly.
“Oh, and if you know of any demons, could you put in a word for me? I can’t figure out the ritual to get home without one of them…” the younger added.
The United States? Demons? More unfamiliar terms. Lena and Veska knew these newcomers were oddballs, but this was a bit much.
“I’m sorry—really! But we simply don’t have the knowledge to help the two of you. Perhaps you could head to the Foresters? I’ll give you their location.” Lena rattled off directions to the nearby Foresters’ hall.
“Thank you very much.” The older man stalked off after a stiff bow, and the younger man quickly followed.
“Sticks and stones, what is the world coming to?”
“Was that Megan’s SerSun? All that intricately balanced worldbuilding, and you just shoved random crap in.” Lothli barely held back a sigh. “Also, you didn’t even introduce those two characters. How are our readers supposed to know who they are?”
“This is left as an exercise to the reader,” Maishul tittered into the camera before returning to the glorious mess in her cauldron.
“Next scene!”
Scene Four: The One With No Chill
There wasn’t much that could faze a Huntress.
It was often said that their wills were unshakable. Nothing could cause them to stop them from single-mindedly accomplishing their goal. And yet, Olivia stood dead in her tracks, staring at the abomination across the Dam square.
“I AM OLIVIA. DARK HUNTRESS. SMASHER OF SQUEAKERS. AND THE ONE WITH NO CHILL,” the awful creature that vaguely resembled Olivia boomed.
“That young lass a friend of yours?” Barlow remarked, barely holding back a chuckle.
“Nope.” Olivia chucked one of her daggers at the offending sight, but she deflected the blade with a ripple of its musculature.
“You are weak. You have no strength. Witness me, false Olivia.” The muscle monster took up a ridiculous pose, her muscles overtly flexing.
“I will destroy you. And after that, I will destroy your creator. And I’ll salt your entire bloodline, while I’m at it,” Olivia snarled.
“I would like to see you try, false Olivia. Last time, I was overcome by the power of the Deus Ex Machina. But this time, I will not be struck down.” The monster took a step forward, the cobblestones cracking under her feet.
Olivia flinched. A Huntress does not feel fear. A Huntress does not back down. Yet… in the face of this horrible being… Her mind recalled the near-death experience she had with the Beast. Did she really want to face that again?
She shook her head, clearing it. No. She would finish this. Olivia raced at the mocking facsimile of herself, her onyx daggers at the ready. As she drew closer, she summoned every ounce of strength and struck.
As Olivia flew through the air, the world seemed to slow down.
Ah… this feels… familiar…
“‘Admittedly, Huntress, you are quite the entertainer—”
“No!” Lothli slapped the figurines out of Maishul’s hands, sinking them into the dreadful mire of the cauldron below. “You can’t reuse that line for the third time!”
“But you used it, Lothli. That’s hypocritical!” Maishul harrumphed.
“Yes, because it was the first time we used it. You can’t just reuse jokes like that!” Lothli glared. “And don’t think I forgot about that comment Clear made about Sparky. What. Exactly. Did you do?”
“Uhm, uhh…” Maishul stuttered. “W-Well, I maybe kinda spilled some my Story-Breaking-Plot-Devices into the cauldron on accident…”
“Your WHATS?!” Lothli stared at her twin in disbelief.
“Uhh, it wasn’t a big deal or anything. Just, uh... Scarlet, the Demon King, Sparky, Wan, Pre-Geas Dread Lord Ardus, the plague from , the Deus Ex Machina, the Beast, and the entirety of the United States’ arsenal of nuclear weaponry.”
Lothli shook her head with a sigh. “I’m pretty sure you caused mass human extinction at least three times over.”
“Well! No time to worry about it! Next scene!”
Scene Five: Bea and Ophelia Discover The Wonders of Nuclear Physics
Bea and Ophelia stared at the booklet that had just materialized before them. “Maishul’s Simple Guide to Stealing and Utilizing the Entirety of the United States’ Arsenal of Nuclear Weaponry: For Dummies!” The booklet was decorated with garish stickers of rainbows and glitter, along with cartoonish mushroom clouds.
With a glance at Ophelia, Bea picked up the book. Immediately, her mind was flooded with images and knowledge. Where exactly every nuclear silo in the United States was located. The launch codes and how to bypass the two-key rule. The birth and loving families of each and every nuclear warhead…?
“Bea? Dear? Are you alright?” Ophelia shook Bea gently, concerned. Bea wordlessly handed over the booklet and watched the same information flow through her. The two shared a meaningful glance before turning the manual over. A bright red button sat there, glowing ominously amongst the childish stickers and drawings of shocked faces.
“This is absolutely too dangerous to be left just lying around,” Bea murmured, staring at the booklet intently. Maybe it was a prank some lesser fae put together to induce some concerning but ultimately harmless illusions. But deep down, the two knew this was far more sinister than a simple prank. Plus, there was no fae named “Maishul” that either of them knew of.
“I’m going to have to seal this thing away with the strongest magic I have,” Ophelia declared. With a wave of her hand, ethereal chains weaved around the book. Magical seals whirled through the air, all concentrated on the offending manual. The horrors of nuclear annihilation have been contained with a final clap of her hands.
For around five seconds. Immediately after the ritual was complete, as if to spite Ophelia’s work, a glowing sword descended from the heavens, slicing through the glowing chains and seals like butter. The two barely managed to glimpse the name written on the side: “The Deus Ex Machina,” before the blade landed squarely on the big red button with a satisfying click!
“So what exactly were you saying about ‘not worrying about it’?” Lothli shook her head in dismay. “How are we going to explain this mess to their poor, poor writers? What are we going to say to Bay?”
“It’ll be fine! I’m not breaking any of the rules on shortstories, which means I totally can’t be banned!” Maishul quipped cheerily.
“That is 100% not how it works.” Lothli crossed her arms. “Don’t drag me down with you.”
“I dunno! You’ll bail me out, right?” Maishul shrugged before returning to her appalling project. “Next scene!”
Scene Six: Sanguia Loses a Fight
These were the end times. The world felt… sideways. The government was in shambles. A plague that turned people into fine, yellow dust had apparently appeared, sweeping the continent from east to west. Yet, there was nothing I could do. Right in front of me, I had my own foes to contend with on the roof of Holos Lucidium.
On my right was a shapeless mass, writhing and transforming, throwing vicious barbs my way. It never introduced itself, but I knew its name from within myself: the Beast.
On my left was a much more innocent figure, at least on the surface. He had slicked-back black hair, brown eyes simmering with self-assured pride, and an easy smirk. And to cap it off, he introduced himself promptly and with great gusto; he was Dread Lord Ardus.
I could attempt to flee, but what purpose would that serve? Even if I got away, which my gut told me was highly unlikely, I would be abandoning my guild to die to these two monsters. So no. I stood my ground here.
“Sanguia. Member of Holos Lucidium.” I balanced my stance between my two flanks, watching both. With a smirk from Ardus and a ripple from the Beast, the fight began.
I quickly discarded the idea of even fighting the rippling mass on my right. It had no blood I could control, and impacting it with my blade would make me stuck. But the Dread Lord was no slouch, either.
As I rushed at Ardus, a tingle in my spine screamed at me to duck. I tucked into a combat roll as a great blast of flame roared right where I used to be.
“Fiesty, aren’t you? Well, that’s what makes it fun,” the Dread Lord growled, licking his lips.
I had no time to respond as a raging, shimmering bull attempted to ram its gleaming horns directly through me. I sprung off the ground, landing just behind the writhing bull. There was no time to go on the offensive; it took all I could to stay alive.
“Stop struggling, Interloper,” the Beast snarled. “I have plans I have to attend to. Plans that do not involve you.”
I kept the undulating mass between myself and my second opponent. My only hope was to promote crossfire. The dagger I held in my right hand felt woefully inadequate for this task.
“You heard the fella. I’ll end this, here and now.” Ardus thrust his hand straight up into the air as if grasping something far above him.
“Dread Lord. May I take this as a sign of betrayal?” The Beast rumbled, a dangerous edge to its voice.
“Nah, I never said I was working with you. You’re too… icky for my tastes.” The Dread Lord tapped his chin thoughtfully. “It’s a good thing you’ll be obliterated in an instant. Ta ta!”
I looked up with a heavy heart, knowing how outclassed I was. There was barely time to say goodbye before a massive ball of light enveloped me in its all-consuming shine. The last thing I managed to think was:
That was an utterly unfair fight.
“Well, the protagonist of our SerSun just died. What now?” Lothli looked at the cauldron in dismay.
“Hey, it’s not so bad! Scarlet is still alive, right?” Maishul dug around in the cauldron before pulling out yet another distended scene. “Look! Here she is!”
“What… is that?” Lothli looked at the scene with equal parts awe and disgust.
“Oh! Well, I really liked Fye’s SerSun, so I made my own! Isn’t it great?”
“Maishul, I think you missed the entire point of his SerSun. Where’s the inter-character drama? Where’s the mystery? Where’s the actual HISTORY?” Lothli poked the off-kilter scene with distaste. “This version of the story is just <Murder.>.”
“Well too bad, dear ‘ol sis! Here! We! Go!”
Scene Seven: Murder Without the History
Hi, I’m Benedict Lushon, Ben for short. Somehow, I think I just unlocked the secret to teleportation. I stand in the middle of the mansion’s dining room, feeling my stomach turn violently. One moment, I was chained in front of a cackling Kyle, and the next thing I know, we’re back in this blasted room. I crane my head, checking who else is here.
Teddy, check. His monocle and top hat are still crooked as he looks around the room, just as confused as I.
Cornell, check. Unfortunately, he still seems to be out cold.
Kyle, check. Wait—
I stride up to Kyle and grab onto his lapels. “What exactly have you done?” I say, shaking him back and forth.
Unfortunately, he seems even more confused by the current events than I am, judging by the bulging eyes and frothing at the mouth.
“W-What exactly happened here!? We were just— and then—” my former coworker manages to sputter out before a booming feminine voice rings out from the walls.
“Heya! What’s up, characters! It’s me, ya girl Maishul, back at it again with another fun murdery twist!” The cheery voice that booms out from the walls contrasts with all the horrors we’ve seen thus far. Also, who talks like this? Did we get kidnapped by one of those Instagram influencers? Ugh, I hate those kinds of people.
“Who are you?! What have you done?!” Kyle screams, his voice cracking. “I have waited YEARS to take my revenge on these fools, and you—”
“Oh. You.” The voice seems displeased at the interruption. “Sorry, I didn’t think your Tuffy plotline was interesting, so I retconned it!”
Now, that was the mark of a bad writer. As a future multi-bestselling author, I know that one of the most sinful things a writer can do is randomly retcon the story. I’m confident this random influencer girl will never go anywhere in her writing career.
“YOU! We were known as the Tufforo family, and we—” Kyle rages before being cut off by the voice again.
“Sorry, don’t care.” A piece of duct tape manifests itself directly onto Kyle’s mouth. I would find it funny if it didn’t demonstrate how supernatural this influencer’s power seems.
“Anyways! Here’s the rules. I’m not really good at that being cryptic thing, so it’ll be easy!” the voice announces with glee. “Here’s my super special sparkly OC, do not steal, known as Scarlet, Scourge of the Americas. She’ll try and chase you down! She wins when you’re all dead. You all win when, I don’t know, she dies of old age or something. You can try to kill her; it won’t work!”
‘Super special sparkly OC, do not steal?’ So, what, did I find myself in some hellish parody of Earth? That must be it. This must all be a very terrible dream. I sincerely hope that none of my readers would ever consider making fanfiction like this of my stories.
“By jove, those rules seem downright unfair!” Teddy finally seems to have found his voice. “Please, good madam, could you let us go? We have already suffered at the hands of that accursed man—”
“Lalala, can’t hear you!” the girl’s voice sang out. “Here she comes! Give it up for… Scarlet!”
A hidden panel drops a… rather regular-looking young woman onto the floor. Why, if I were in charge, I would have ensured that my villain would have a spectacular appearance. Someone as fascinating and spellbinding as Jack the Ripper—
Scarlet dashes at Kyle and [REDACTED]
… … Technical Difficulties
“MAISHUL! What the hell was that?! Is that how you talk when I’m not around? And what the hell was that last section?” Lothli furiously slapped the tortured scene back into the accursed project bubbling menacingly below.
“Well, Scarlet’s kinda messy, so I tried to cover it up,” Maishul pouted. “Also, I was just trying to liven up the scene a bit! Kyle’s so BORING. He speaks in RIDDLES and they make my brain HURT.”
“That’s because you don’t have a single brain cell in that head of yours,” Lothli huffed. “Don’t make such sweeping changes to people’s stories!”
“Well… dear sis, could I trouble you for a favor, since I’m so head empty ‘n all?” Maishul smiled her widest, most brilliant smile.
“What.” The other twin glared back, unimpressed.
“Well, if you don’t want the two of us to get banned, can you help me separate these stories back out? Please?” With a fluttering of her eyelashes and a winsome wink, this would undoubtedly win her sister to her side—
“Deal with it yourself. I’m going to hand out apologies.” Lothli had no sympathy for her twin’s plight.
“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Maishul cried. For now, she was burdened with her least favorite task; actual work.
And thus, this tale comes to a close. Nevertheless, its name will ring true throughout the land as the legendary fable known only as “In the Shadow of Machines, Scarlet, and the In Between Geas and the Beginning of the Demon Murder History: Dissonance, also How Did We Get Here?”
Thank you very much for your time. And apologies for my sister.
Lothli, signing off.
Credits: Maishul, Lothli, FTF!Olivia, and the Deus Ex Machina, from u/Lothli’s FTF Serial, Minerva and the plague, from u/PolarisStorm’s Art, Demoness Virtua, Sparky, and Dread Lord Ardus from u/mattswritingaccount’s Iklemli, Lena, and Veska from u/MeganBessel’s Pride and Sloth from u/Helicopterdrifter’s Clear and Alex from u/Carrieka23’s Talix, Sanguia, and Scarlet from u/Lothli’s Olivia, Barlow, and the Beast from u/Not_theScrumPolice’s Wan, Bea, and Ophelia from u/ZachtheLitchKing’s Ben, Theodore, Cornell, and Kyle from u/FyeNite’s The Entirety of the United States Arsenal of Nuclear Weaponry from the United States.
Special thanks to u/OldBayJ, which this fantastic feature would be impossible without.
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2023.04.01 04:42 1000000students Master List of What President Biden Has Done - Year 2

What President Biden has done - Year Two Makes sexual harassment in the military a crime
Economy grows faster than China's for 1st time in 20 years - Strongest economic growth since 1984
Limits the release of mercury from coal-burning power plants
Kills ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi
$5 billion for electric vehicle chargers
Gives $7 billion in frozen Afghanistan funds to compensate 9/11 victims and provide humanitarian aid
Posts $119 billion budget surplus in January; first in over 2 years
Unites world against Russia aggression
Imposes stiff sanctions to stifle Russian economy
Led the Western world in defending Ukraine against Russia's invasion
Ends forced arbitration in sexual assault cases in the workplace
Reinstates California authority to set pollution standards for cars
Ends asylum restrictions for children traveling alone
Clarifies the role of podiatric medicine for Veterans
Reauthorizes and strengthens the Violence Against Women Act
Creates Amache National Historic Site as America’s newest national park
Makes lynching a federal crime
Initiates "use it, or lose it" policy on drilling on public lands to force oil companies to increase production
Releases one million barrels of oil a day for 6 months from strategic reserves to ease gas prices
Rescinds Trump-era policy allowing rapid expulsion of migrants at border and blocks them from seeking asylum
Expunges student loan defaults
Overhauled the US Postal Service's finances to allow the agency to modernize its service
Requires federal dollars spent on infrastructure to use materials made in America
Restores environmental reviews for major infrastructure projects
Launches $6 billion effort to save distressed nuclear plants
Provides $385 million to help families and individuals with home energy costs through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This is in addition to $4.5 billion provided in the American Rescue Plan.
Establishes national registry of police officers who are fired for misconduct
Lifts sanctions on the Rojava and other opposition-held territory in Syria
Tightens restrictions on chokeholds, no-knock warrants, and transfer of military equipment to police departments
Requires all federal Law enforcement officers to wear body cameras
$265 million for South Florida reservoir, key component of Everglades restoration
Major wind farm project off West coast to provide electricity for 1.5 million homes
Continues Obama administration's practice of posting log records of visitors to White House
Devotes $2.1 billion to strengthen US food supply chain
Round 6 student loan debt cancelation: $5.8 billion - This is in addition to $20.7 billion previously cancelled
Invokes Defense Production Act to rapidly expand domestic production of critical clean energy technologies
Enacts two-year pause of anti-circumvention tariffs on solar
Allocates funds to federal agencies to counter 300-plus anti-LGBTQ laws by state lawmakers this year alone
Round 7 of student loan cancellation: $6 billion to 200,000 defrauded borrowers - Bringing total to $31 billion
Relaunches cancer 'moonshot' initiative to help cut death rate
Expands access to emergency contraception and long-acting reversible contraception
Prevents states from banning Mifepristone -- a medication used to end early pregnancy that has FDA approval
Steps to ensure the safety of those seeking and providing abortion care, including by protecting mobile clinics
Protecting privacy, safety and security of patients, providers and clinics
21 executive actions to reduce gun violence
Climate Smart Buildings Initiative: Creates public-private partnerships to modernize Federal buildings to meet agencies’ missions, create good-paying jobs, and cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - Paying for today’s needed renovations with tomorrow’s energy savings without requiring upfront taxpayer funding
Safeguards access to health care, including the right to choose and contraception
Oversees effort to admit Finland and Sweden to NATO
Ends Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy
Operation Fly-Formula bringing needed baby formula – (19 missions to date)
Executive order protecting travel for abortion
Kills Al Qaeda leader and 9/11 architect Al-Zawahiri with no civilian casualties
Invested more in crime control and prevention than any president in history
As of August 2022, unemployment at 3.5% (50 year low)
Gas Prices drop below $4 a gallon
Provides death, disability, and education benefits to public safety officers and survivors who are killed or injured in the line of duty
Round 8 of student loan cancellation: $3.4 Billion dollars of defrauded IT student loans have been cancelled
Reunites 400 migrant families separated under Trump
$1.66 billion in grants to transit agencies, territories, and states to invest in 150 bus fleets and facilities
Brokers joint US/Mexico infrastructure project - Mexico to pay $1.5 billion for US border security and processing source says
Blocked 4 hospital mergers that would've driven up prices and is poised to thwart more anti-competition consolidation attempts
Gets $1.5 billion in new border control security at the border and got Mexico to pay for it
Historic Police Reform
FIRST MAJOR GUN LEGISLATION IN 30 YEARS • $750 million to implement and run crisis intervention programs
• Ended boyfriend loophole – Previously only married people convicted of domestic abuse were banned from owning firearms. The new law extends it to people who are dating
• Requires gun sellers to register as Federally Licensed Firearm Dealers
• More thorough reviews of people ages 18-21 who want to buy guns
• New statutes against gun trafficking and straw trafficking
• Increases funding for mental health programs and school security
THE PACT ACT • Ensures high-quality health care screenings and services to veterans exposed to potential toxic exposure
• Extends period of time veterans have to enroll in VA health care from 5 to 10 years post discharge
• Codifies VA’s new process for evaluating and determining exposure and service connection for various chronic conditions
• Removes need for certain veterans and their survivors to prove service connection if diagnosed with one of 23 specific conditions
• Requires VA to conduct new studies of veterans health trends
• Provides critical resources to VA to ensure delivery of
• Invests in VA health care facilities by authorizing 31 major medical health clinics and research facilities in 19 states
THE CHIPS ACT • Provides $52.7 billion to secure domestic supply of American made semi-conductor chips, create tens of thousands of good-paying, union construction jobs and thousands more high-skilled manufacturing jobs, and catalyze hundreds of billions more in private
• $39 billion in manufacturing incentives
• $2 billion for the legacy chips used in automobiles and defense systems
• $13.2 billion in R&D and workforce development
• $500 million to provide international information communications technology security and semiconductor supply chain activities
• Provides a 25 percent investment tax credit for capital expenses for manufacturing of semiconductors and related equipment
• Largest climate investment in history - Will reduce 40% amount of carbon released into atmosphere by 2030
• Defines greenhouse gases as a pollutant making them subjected to pollution laws
• $370 billion for U.S. energy security and fighting climate change
• Tax incentives for switching to electricity to power homes and vehicles
• $60 billion invested creating millions of new domestic clean manufacturing jobs and 550,000 new clean energy jobs
• Will quadruple the number of solar panels over the next 8 years
• Cuts energy bills by $500 to $1,000 per year
• Doubles battery storage on the grid
• Invests in disadvantaged communities
• $62 billion to extend subsidies for health insurance under the ACA
• Provides free vaccines (2023), $35/month insulin for Medicare patients, (2023) and caps out-of-pocket drug costs to an estimated $4,000 or less in 2024 and settling at $2,000 in 2025
• Lowers health care costs of the average enrollee $800/year in the ACA marketplace
• Allows Medicare to negotiate 100 drugs over the next decade, and requires drug companies to rebate price increases higher than inflation
Inflation Reduction:
• Significantly Lowers energy and health care costs for families
• Reduces Deficit by $313,000,000,000
• Closes tax loopholes used by wealthy: a 15% corporate minimum tax, a 1% fee on stock buybacks and enhanced IRS enforcement
• Protects families and small business making under $400,000 a year
The Cost • $485 billion of new costs would be offset with $790 billion of additional revenue and savings over a decade.
Total Revenue Raised: $737 billion
• 15% Minimum tax on corporations with profits exceeding $1 billion
• Prescription Drug Pricing Reform: $265 billion
• IRS Tax Enforcement: $124 billion
• 1% Stock Buybacks Fee: $74 billion
• Loss Limitation extension: $ 52 billion
Deficit Reduction:
• $313 billion dollars
STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS (Round 8 and by far the largest) • $20,000 for everyone with Pell Grants
• $10,000 for everyone else making less than $125,000 for individuals & $250,000 married couples
• Payments again paused until the end of 2022
• Payments for undergrad loans capped at 5% of your income (previously was 10%)
• This is addition to the 8 previous rounds of debt cancellation totally $35 billion
• 20-40 million people will benefit
• Codifies DACA into law - Allows dreamers (children of immigrants born in US) ability to work and stay in US
Declares Moonshot Style Effort to Cure Cancer • Hires Dr. Renee Wegrzyn as the inaugural Director of ARPA-H, a new agency to drive biomedical innovation
• Launches National Biotechnology and Manufacturing Initiative
• Cancer Cabinet’s progress towards delivering cancer detection tech and support for researchers across US
Infrastructure Projects in Individual States Created by Infrastructure Bill
All-Time Low Uninsured rate
10 million jobs—more than ever created before at this point of a presidency
3.5% unemployment rate—a near record low in the history of this country
Best Economic growth in over two decades (yes that has been adjusted for inflation)
More than 220 million Americans were vaccinated
Record small business creation
Round nine of student loan forgiveness - $1.5 Billion for defrauded college borrowers
Biden created DOJ task force dismantles human smuggling organization near Texas-American border
Intervened to prevent nation-wide rail strike which would have caused national economic disaster
Blocks Chinese investments in US tech
Eliminates statute of limitations for civil suits for people who were sexually abused as minors
Pardons thousands for simple possession of marijuana
Reevaluating how cannabis is classified. Currently it is schedule I like heroin - Meth & coke are schedule II
Reunited over 500 families separated at the border by Trump policies
Puts new limits on drone strikes including requiring the presidential approval
Brokered deal between Israel and Lebanon ending maritime boundary dispute and establish a permanent maritime boundary between them
PAWS Act: Requires zoos, commercial animal dealers, and research facilities to have contingency plans in place to evacuate and care for animals in an emergency or disaster situation
Increases veterans’' life insurance benefit coverage to $500,000. First increase in 17 years
Ensures US is not funding or participating in human trafficking of 3rd world-country workers through our contracts overseas
Enacts aggressive steps to improve quality of nursing homes
Codifies Gay Marriage into law - Protects Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage
Prohibits private possession of big cats and prohibits exhibitors from allowing direct contact with cubs
Electrifies US Postal trucks by 2026
Stops the forcing out of pregnant workers, or denying reasonable accommodations
Extended health care funding for the 9/11 first-responders and survivors
Streamlined Veterans home loans, provided way to transfer GI Bill benefits to new school, and provided support for survivors of military sexual trauma.
Year Two Accomplishments: 4.5 million jobs added in year two - Over 11 million jobs added in first two years
Unemployment rate at 50 year low
Cuts budget deficit in half - $1.4 trillion deficit reduction is the largest single-year reduction in US history
Greatest year in history for new small business applications - (over 10 million new businesses created)
Record number of Americans having health insurance
This Senate has confirmed 97 federal judges
Limit China’s technological development breaking decades of federal policy and represents most aggressive American action yet to curtail Beijing’s economic and military rise
Appointed more black women to the court than any president in history
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2023.04.01 03:35 gods10rules Are There Any Tutorials Or Videos That Could Help Me To Better My Understanding And Antialalising & Feathering And How To Use Them?

Are There Any Tutorials Or Videos That Could Help Me To Better My Understanding And Antialalising & Feathering And How To Use Them? submitted by gods10rules to GIMP [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 02:48 Lolito666 STAY SAFE EVERYONE this system of storms looks very serious

STAY SAFE EVERYONE this system of storms looks very serious submitted by Lolito666 to illinois [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 02:09 Cosmicspider87 Ties to Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein according to Epsteins Black Book

Bill Clinton ( D ) Bill will be getting his own segment. This is the list of people connected to Bill and Epstein.
I am sure there is more to add. This is just from the Black Book

  1. Joe Cashon Joe is a Vice President and helps to manage Northwater’s investments in portfolio companies . Joe comes to Northwater with a diverse background in both private and public sectors, including extensive international business and public affairs experience. Prior to joining Northwater, Joe founded an investment research firm focusing on risk analysisand market development, with a focus on energy, renewables, and financial services. For eight years, Joe worked as a senior aide to President Clinton and in leadership roles at the Clinton Foundation. He is a Graduate of Great Distinction from McGill University.
  2. Mills, Cheryl: Lawyer who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. She served as deputy White House Counsel for Clinton, Senior Adviser and Counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and Counselor and Chief of Staff during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Mills had a key role in Hillary’s email scandal and in Haiti, where the Clintons are heavily involved (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/17/us/hillary-clinton-cheryl-mills.html
  3. Doug Bands was a longtime adviser to Bill Clinton. He had a substantial part in the creation and inner workings of The Clinton Foundation. Purchased David Rockefeller’s old house in New York City for $20 million. Has been called “the key architect in Clinton’s post-presidency”
  4. Lisa Belzberg: Ex-wife of Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman and former sister-in-law of Clare and Sara Bronfman, who were both involved in NXIVM, a cult that focused on sexual slavery. Belzberg reportedly had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton in 2002 while still with Matthew Bronfman.
  5. Ron Burkle: Billionaire founder of Yucaipa, an investment firm that specialized in buying and selling supermarket chains. Had close ties with Bill Clinton. According to Los Angeles Times, “Bill Clinton’s bromance with Burkle invited scandal.” The LA Times describes how “unverified reports of the two men jetting around in a Burkle 757 filled with attractive young women leached from the tabloids to the mainstream media.” This could be the reason for Burkle’s falling out with Hillary, as he had nothing to do with her campaign. He has hosted the Clintons and President Biden at the Beverly Hills estate and has brought together eclectic groups of celebrities and scholars to his dinner parties, from Warren Beatty to former heads of the CIA. He bought Neverland Ranch
  6. Vikram Chatwal: Actomodel/movie producer and hotel owner in New York City and Miami. Bill Clinton, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, Naomi Campbell, and P. Diddy attended his wedding.
  7. Dubin, Louis & Tiffany: Louis Dubin is a real estate developer specializing in upper-middle class condominiums. Has sold luxury condominiums to the likes of Charles Bronfman, who has ties to the Clintons, Wexner, and whose family were in the NXIUM cult. Tiffany Dubin is the stepdaughter of the now deceased billionaire, A. Alfred Taubman, the owner of Sotheby’s, a famous auction house in NYC that often hosts parties for the rich and famous.
  8. Fairweather, Ambassador & Lady: Sir Patrick Fairweather is a retired British diplomat. He worked as Ambassador to Angola (1985-1987), Italy (1992-1996), and Albania (1992-1996). Lady Maria Fairweather was a linguist and professional interpreter who once helped out Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin when the official interpreter disappeared at a crucial moment just before the commencement of the G7 Summit.
  9. Ganero, Mario Jr.: Where do we even begin? Mario Garnero is a Brazilian banker and entrepreneur who has been deemed the “father of the ethanol car” and is the chairman of the board and primary shareholder of Brasilinvest Group, a banking firm worth $700 million. Garnero’s connections run extremely deep. He is/has been personal friends with Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Helmut Schmidt, and many others. The following website makes some startling connections between Garnero, Epstein, and others (source: https://aeltri.com/2019/02/12/john-of-god-mario-garnero-and-epstein/. Quick summary: Record producer Damon Dash (former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z) allegedly raped a supermodel who worked for Naomi Campbell at a party thrown by Garnero source:https://www.standard.co.uk/news/poshs-friend-sued-for-rape-6939248.htmlGarnero has been referred to as a “Rothschild pawn” who tried to help Aecio Neves rise to power. Garnero also appointed “George Soros frontman, Arminio Fraga, who worked in Soros’ Quantum Fund, as Minister of the Economy.”
  10. Ginsberg, Gary: Former Executive VP of Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the fourth-largest media group in the world prior to splitting in 2013. Ginsberg was a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch and Peter Chernin while at News Corp. Ginsberg also served in the Clinton Administration at the White House Counsel’s Office and Department of Justice. Ginsberg has brokered meetings between Rupert Murdoch and the Clintons, as well as Obama. Ginsberg is currently on the Board of Directors of New Visions for Public Schools, which designs course curricula for students in NYC. New Visions supports many schools, impacting 230,000 students(source: https://newyorkschooltalk.org/2019/07/at-new-visions-for-public-schools-its-all-about-continuous-school-improvement-hows-that-going/). Their Networks for School Improvement Initiative is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New Visions also has ties to the Carnegie Foundation, which donates millions of dollars in grants (source: https://www.carnegie.org/grants/grants-database/grantee/new-visions-for-public-schools-inc/#!/grants/grants-database/grant/312395808.0/). Ginsberg is also a friend of and speechwriter for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
  11. Gittis, Howard: Gittis (1934-2007) was an attorney and adviser to billionaire businessman Ron Perelman. He worked at MacAndrews & Forbes, an investment firm owned by Perelman. In 1995, Perelman hosted a dinner with Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton college friend Arnold Paul Prosperi, Don Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Don Fowler, who was the co-chairman of the DNC. More on Perelman later.
  12. Harvey Victoria: Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Hervey is an English model and socialite. Although her relationship with Andrew didn’t work out, she remained in his inner circle. In 2000, she attended a dinner with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein(source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9844083/lady-victoria-hervey-jeffrey-epstein-too-old/Hervey is also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who introduced her to Epstein and “set her up in one of Epstein’s apartments in New York.” Hervey is the daughter of Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, businessman and member of the House of Lords.
  13. Hatkoff, Craig & Jane: Hatkoff is a real estate investor, who, along with his ex-wife, Jane Rosenthal, and Robert De Niro, founded the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Institute. Hatkoff has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.
  14. Johnson, Richard & Nadine: Nadine is a millionaire public relations guru. Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s. Some clients of Nadine Johnson include spirit cooking extraordinaire Marina Abramovic and hotelier Andre Balazs, good friend of Ghislaine. Richard is one of the most well-known gossip columnists and was the editor of Page Six for twenty-five years. There is a great thread detailing the Johnsons’ ties to the Clintons, Balazs, and others here (source: https://threader.app/thread/1162148078981394432). Basically, Richard Johnson is friendly with the Clintons and, as Page Six Editor, purposely did not report or downplayed stories on the Clintons and Nadine’s clients. He also took bribes. Considering Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine, it would not be a stretch to assume that Richard could have buried stories on Maxwell and Epstein.
  15. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: https://www.ft.com/content/46393280-d9f9-11da-b7de-0000779e2340). Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/sarah-ferguson-the-duchess-of-york-sol-kerzner-chairman-and-news-photo/83768272), Naomi Campbell (https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/naomi-campbell-and-sol-kerzner-pose-backstage-during-the-news-photo/82869744), and Bill Clinton (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8144647/As-Sol-Kerzner-dies-aged-84-RICHARD-KAY-looks-riotously-louche-life.html). Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  16. Kissinger, Dr. Henry A: Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Nixon. Kissinger has long been accused of committing war crimes (ex: carpet bombing Cambodia, installing fascist governments in Chile and Argentina, genocide, extending our stay in Vietnam, etc) yet somehow managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Kissinger once said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Kissinger served with Epstein on the Trilateral Commission. Kissinger has also been a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, and Bohemian Grove. Long thought to be an advocate for a globalist New World Order, Kissinger is a scumbag of the highest order. His connections with Gates, the Clintons, Bush Sr. and Jr., the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds are well-documented. If anyone here has ever done any research regarding the NWO, you have undoubtedly seen Kissinger’s name several times.
  17. Levine, Phillip: Ex-Miami Beach mayor and close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He claims that he doesn’t know how Epstein got his contact information… all 13 phone numbers, including those of his driver and housekeepers (https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/ex-miami-beach-mayor-philip-levine-listed-13-times-in-jeffrey-epsteins-black-book-11242116
  18. Magaziner, Ira C: Was the senior advisor of policy development for President Bill Clinton. He now serves in a leadership role for the Clinton Foundation. He is a CEO and Vice Chairman of the Clinton Health Access Initiative which helps people gain access to medicine and health services in low and middle income countries, most notably in Africa. Remember, the Clintons helped bail out their colleague, Laura Silsby, who was caught trying to traffick 33 Haitian children (https://harvardhrj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2009/09/King.pdf). Most importantly, Magaziner traveled on the Lolita Express on several occasions (https://www.golocalprov.com/news/exclusive-sexual-predator-jeffrey-epstein-tied-to-ris-ira-magaziner-father), including the infamous flight that included Epstein, Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, and Chris Tucker. Magaziner also flew with Ghislaine Maxwell, also (https://www.golocalprov.com/news/new-epstein-associate-maxwell-who-flew-with-ira-magaziner-arrested).
  19. Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
submitted by Cosmicspider87 to MisterEinvestigating [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 00:37 EmptySky93 Muhammad may be an E.G.C. saint and A∴A∴ magus, but what is it that Thelema retains from his teachings, given that for all intents and purposes Thelema is extremely different from Islam?

93 sisters, brothers, siblings, and all.
Very long post here, so please bear with me...
So, outside of my focus on the study and practice of Thelema, outside of my focus on being a "good" Thelemite and pursuing the Great Work, I am generally interested in religious studies, comparative religion, spirituality, mysticism, magical traditions, and other cognate topics and areas of study. (As I'm sure many other Thelemites are.) I don't claim to be an expert on any one religion, though perhaps, beyond the scope of Thelema, I am best-acquainted with Buddhist doctrine and philosophy, and I also have a deep interest in Islam, even in spite of the fact that, as a Thelemite, my metaphysical, theological, and ethical views differ considerably from those held by the vast majority of Muslims.
I have read a good number of Crowley's libri, mostly his shorter ones (though also a good chunk of his longer classified works), as well as some of his unclassified, over the years.
By way of my having read Crowley somewhat extensively, I can see clearly that the Master Therion found Islam inspirational to some degree or another, in, e.g.:
All this to say that Islam clearly made a great impression on Crowley, and Muhammad, being the "seal of the prophets" (khatam al-anbiya) or final prophet according to Islamic dogma (the Ahmadiyya, and perhaps the Druze, would disagree—though both Sunni and Shia Muslims often contest whether Ahmadis and Druze can even be considered Muslim due to how divergent their beliefs are from those held by the vast majority of Muslims), was of course the individual who gave Crowley this inspiration by way of the faith he declared and propagated.
ANYWAY—very sorry for the super-long-winded introduction—I suppose my real questions are as follows:
Given the fact that, despite the phenomena I pointed out and listed above, Thelema—both in belief and practice—is extremely different from Islam (one could argue Thelema as a worldview and series of views is diametrically opposed to many Islamic views and doctrines), why is it, and how did it come to be, that Muhammad is a saint of the E.G.C. and a magus of the A∴A∴? Additionally, what are those aspects of Islam, if any (and which I've perhaps failed to mention here), that exist within Thelema, whether in Thelemic tradition, Thelemic practice(s), Thelemic organizations and fraternal or magical orders, Thelemic texts, or Thelemic "doctrines"? (I put "doctrines" in quotes here because I don't want to give the impression that I have any idea what other Thelemites believe, or should believe, about or because of Thelema. That's obviously not up to me to determine.)
In short, what is it that Thelema retains or has gained or carried over from Islam outside of what I've pointed out above, if anything?
(Last thing: I'd love to ask this question the "other way around", as in, I would be intrigued to hear what Muslims think of what Aleister Crowley felt about and borrowed from their faith in his development of Thelema. Unfortunately, I asked that very sort of question in AskMuslims and was merely down-voted to Hell and back without my question being answered. Also unfortunately, I would be interested in asking that question in Islam (I'd likely get more responses there), but I was permanently banned from that subreddit for suggesting—relatively politely, I think—that it's really not Muslims' business what other people do with their bodies; this was in response to a thread posted by a Swedish Muslim who was complaining that Swedish society accepts homosexuality, or some such thing.)
Thanks for coming to my TED Talk, 93s, and all the best!
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414 stollba PAID
415 pandaman33 PAID
416 SirPoofius PAID
417 BobbyBee6969 PAID
418 TeddyLea PAID
419 bigdisneyguy PAID
420 keenanstark9 PAID
421 m_cabss PAID
422 jethro2126 PAID
423 Zunger PAID
424 Cute-Film202 PAID
425 gsa1020 PAID
426 TeddyLea PAID
427 azcpl121314 PAID
428 dillng PAID
430 lovetowel PAID
431 SpiceGod99 PAID
432 rdales4840 PAID
433 Background_Badger942 PAID
434 Zatara26 PAID
435 pendragoncomic PAID
436 jasonmoon20 PAID
437 ShuckleStorm PAID
438 pelicano234 PAID
439 random0reddit0name PAID
440 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
441 rook330 PAID
442 Jman901 PAID
443 jasonmoon20 PAID
444 me2dammit PAID
445 Zunger PAID
446 pma99999 PAID
447 lovetowel PAID
448 bigdisneyguy PAID
449 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
450 meast05 PAID
451 lovetowel PAID
452 toasternudel PAID
453 m_cabss PAID
454 pelicano234 PAID
455 Intrepid-Donkey-8031 PAID
456 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
457 Cute-Film202 PAID
458 hewhobuilds PAID
459 Optimus-Ron-4082 PAID
460 pma99999 PAID
461 Zunger PAID
462 Cute-Film202 PAID
463 Zunger PAID
464 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
465 pma99999 PAID
466 pma99999 PAID
467 themadowl PAID
468 christmasmom PAID
469 pelicano234 PAID
470 LegoTacos PAID
471 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
472 AKindBoat PAID
473 GorillaX PAID
474 Cute-Film202 PAID
475 lovetowel PAID
476 Zatara26 PAID
477 ssj3dvp11 PAID
478 ShuckleStorm PAID
479 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
480 pandaman33 PAID
481 dillng PAID
482 viper84040 PAID
483 azcpl121314 PAID
484 awitsman84 PAID
485 gfy4dsny PAID
486 lovetowel PAID
487 dontgofrank PAID
488 Optimus-Ron-4082 PAID
489 nik0nguy601 PAID
490 UnholyJester PAID
491 damnstraight PAID
492 m_cabss PAID
493 idrinkpisswater PAID
494 UnholyJester PAID
495 LegoTacos PAID
496 legoislifey PAID
497 DrownInBrownTown PAID
498 toasternudel PAID
499 Kindly_Adhesiveness8 PAID
500 idrinkpisswater PAID
501 rdales4840 PAID
502 RachLeigh33 PAID
503 Kindly_Adhesiveness8 PAID
504 lovetowel PAID
505 random0reddit0name PAID
506 damnstraight PAID
507 damnstraight PAID
508 idrinkpisswater PAID
509 nik0nguy601 PAID
510 keenanstark9 PAID
511 stollba PAID
512 Cute-Film202 PAID
513 extradumb PAID
514 extradumb PAID
515 SpiceGod99 PAID
516 Grimjosher PAID
517 Intrepid-Donkey-8031 PAID
519 Grenaed PAID
520 jasonmoon20 PAID
521 pelicano234 PAID
522 lovetowel PAID
523 m_cabss PAID
524 TeddyLea PAID
525 lovetowel PAID
526 Grimjosher PAID
527 nik0nguy601 PAID
528 Zunger PAID
529 azcpl121314 PAID
530 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
531 random0reddit0name PAID
532 BourbonandTattoos PAID
533 azcpl121314 PAID
534 toasternudel PAID
535 lovetowel PAID
537 UnholyJester PAID
538 hippye PAID
539 BobbyBee6969 PAID
540 damnstraight PAID
541 jasonmoon20 PAID
542 ssj3dvp11 PAID
543 Zunger PAID
544 hippye PAID
545 damnstraight PAID
546 Zunger PAID
547 lovetowel PAID
548 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
549 RachLeigh33 PAID
550 damnstraight PAID
551 LegoTacos PAID
552 TeddyLea PAID
553 azcpl121314 PAID
554 m_cabss PAID
555 DrSeussFreak PAID
556 LegoTacos PAID
557 despinos PAID
558 awitsman84 PAID
559 awitsman84 PAID
560 azcpl121314 PAID
561 Zunger PAID
562 christmasmom PAID
563 jasonmoon20 PAID
564 Grenaed PAID
565 AKindBoat PAID
566 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
567 azcpl121314 PAID
568 TeddyLea PAID
569 ShuckleStorm PAID
570 LegoRaffleWinner89 PAID
571 pelicano234 PAID
572 pelicano234 PAID
573 Intrepid-Donkey-8031 PAID
574 azcpl121314 PAID
575 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
576 lovetowel PAID
577 rdales4840 PAID
578 gorillax PAID
579 rook330 PAID
580 themadowl PAID
581 Intrepid-Donkey-8031 PAID
582 dillng PAID
583 Zunger PAID
584 me2dammit PAID
585 pelicano234 PAID
586 legoislifey PAID
587 pelicano234 PAID
588 BobbyBee6969 PAID
589 jasonmoon20 PAID
590 lovetowel PAID
591 Zunger PAID
592 Grimjosher PAID
593 jasonmoon20 PAID
594 lovetowel PAID
595 gsa1020 PAID
596 Zunger PAID
597 DrownInBrownTown PAID
598 themadowl PAID
599 BobbyBee6969 PAID
600 gsa1020 PAID
601 lovetowel PAID
602 LegoRaffleWinner89 PAID
603 jethro2126 PAID
604 hippye PAID
605 nik0nguy601 PAID
606 wacowillie3281 PAID
607 jasonmoon20 PAID
608 jasonmoon20 PAID
609 awitsman84 PAID
610 AKindBoat PAID
611 rook330 PAID
612 Jman901 PAID
613 Jman901 PAID
614 lovetowel PAID
615 Zunger PAID
616 DrownInBrownTown PAID
617 legoislifey PAID
618 dillng PAID
619 LegoTacos PAID
620 pelicano234 PAID
621 legoislifey PAID
622 UnholyJester PAID
623 bties PAID
624 Zunger PAID
625 viper84040 PAID
626 Background_Badger942 PAID
627 mfiumano PAID
628 ssj3dvp11 PAID
629 pelicano234 PAID
630 Intrepid-Donkey-8031 PAID
631 babyporcupines PAID
632 Cute-Film202 PAID
633 dontgofrank PAID
634 azcpl121314 PAID
635 despinos PAID
636 lovetowel PAID
637 toasternudel PAID
638 azcpl121314 PAID
639 bayrat428 PAID
640 AKindBoat PAID
641 lovetowel PAID
642 bigdisneyguy PAID
643 GorillaX PAID
644 babyporcupines PAID
645 stollba PAID
646 damnstraight PAID
647 azcpl121314 PAID
648 bigdisneyguy PAID
649 SpiceGod99 PAID
650 damnstraight PAID
651 Jman901 PAID
652 GorillaX PAID
653 Kindly_Adhesiveness8 PAID
654 christmasmom PAID
655 hewhobuilds PAID
656 pelicano234 PAID
657 rook330 PAID
658 lovetowel PAID
659 Zunger PAID
660 DrSeussFreak PAID
661 lovetowel PAID
662 Zunger PAID
663 lovetowel PAID
664 hewhobuilds PAID
665 Jman901 PAID
666 RachLeigh33 PAID
667 Grenaed PAID
668 DrownInBrownTown PAID
669 hippye PAID
670 christmasmom PAID
671 TeddyLea PAID
672 TeddyLea PAID
673 pma99999 PAID
674 despinos PAID
675 Zunger PAID
676 lovetowel PAID
677 jasonmoon20 PAID
678 pandaman33 PAID
679 themadowl PAID
680 Kindly_Adhesiveness8 PAID
681 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
682 TeddyLea PAID
683 Grimjosher PAID
684 Zunger PAID
685 Background_Badger942 PAID
686 toasternudel PAID
687 RachLeigh33 PAID
688 ssj3dvp11 PAID
689 BobbyBee6969 PAID
690 TeddyLea PAID
691 azcpl121314 PAID
692 Zunger PAID
693 awitsman84 PAID
694 rdales4840 PAID
695 Optimus-Ron-4082 PAID
696 robob280 PAID
697 damnstraight PAID
698 meast05 PAID
699 Zunger PAID
700 pma99999 PAID
701 viper84040 PAID
702 hippye PAID
703 jasonmoon20 PAID
704 lovetowel PAID
705 Zunger PAID
706 viper84040 PAID
707 lovetowel PAID
708 BobbyBee6969 PAID
709 legoislifey PAID
710 themadowl PAID
711 gsa1020 PAID
712 viper84040 PAID
713 stollba PAID
714 SpiceGod99 PAID
715 Quirkykeybored PAID
716 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
717 bayrat428 PAID
718 damnstraight PAID
719 UnholyJester PAID
720 ShuckleStorm PAID
721 extradumb PAID
722 BourbonandTattoos PAID
723 TeddyLea PAID
724 christmasmom PAID
725 mfiumano PAID
726 Zunger PAID
727 pandaman33 PAID
728 lovetowel PAID
729 Jman901 PAID
730 LegoTacos PAID
731 Jman901 PAID
732 jasonmoon20 PAID
733 dillng PAID
734 pelicano234 PAID
735 TeddyLea PAID
736 nik0nguy601 PAID
737 RachLeigh33 PAID
738 SirPoofius PAID
739 christmasmom PAID
740 rook330 PAID
741 Jman901 PAID
742 DrownInBrownTown PAID
743 cdr_warsstar PAID
744 lovetowel PAID
745 bigdisneyguy PAID
746 me2dammit PAID
747 Quirkykeybored PAID
748 LegoRaffleWinner89 PAID
749 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
750 SirPoofius PAID
751 gsa1020 PAID
752 lovetowel PAID
753 GorillaX PAID
754 damnstraight PAID
755 Zunger PAID
756 pelicano234 PAID
757 pelicano234 PAID
758 hewhobuilds PAID
759 nik0nguy601 PAID
761 pandaman33 PAID
762 Zunger PAID
763 hewhobuilds PAID
764 keenanstark9 PAID
765 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
766 mfiumano PAID
767 stollba PAID
768 Background_Badger942 PAID
769 viper84040 PAID
770 damnstraight PAID
771 GorillaX PAID
772 DrSeussFreak PAID
773 Zunger PAID
774 ssj3dvp11 PAID
775 legoislifey PAID
776 Cute-Film202 PAID
777 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
778 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
779 jethro2126 PAID
780 hippye PAID
781 viper84040 PAID
782 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
783 ShuckleStorm PAID
784 Zunger PAID
785 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
786 wacowillie3281 PAID
787 hippye PAID
788 babyporcupines PAID
789 Zunger PAID
790 damnstraight PAID
791 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
792 bties PAID
793 jethro2126 PAID
794 lovetowel PAID
795 pma99999 PAID
796 dazineINK PAID
797 nik0nguy601 PAID
798 gfy4dsny PAID
799 Zatara26 PAID
800 ssj3dvp11 PAID
801 lovetowel PAID
802 Cute-Film202 PAID
803 gsa1020 PAID
804 BourbonandTattoos PAID
805 robob280 PAID
806 robob280 PAID
807 azcpl121314 PAID
808 damnstraight PAID
809 pelicano234 PAID
810 SpiceGod99 PAID
811 Grimjosher PAID
812 pendragoncomic PAID
813 cdr_warsstar PAID
814 cdr_warsstar PAID
815 azcpl121314 PAID
816 damnstraight PAID
817 SirPoofius PAID
818 lovetowel PAID
819 despinos PAID
820 UnholyJester PAID
821 babyporcupines PAID
822 wacowillie3281 PAID
823 jasonmoon20 PAID
824 robob280 PAID
825 dontgofrank PAID
826 bayrat428 PAID
827 viper84040 PAID
828 ShuckleStorm PAID
829 robob280 PAID
830 damnstraight PAID
831 Zunger PAID
832 toasternudel PAID
833 AKindBoat PAID
835 Grimjosher PAID
836 jasonmoon20 PAID
837 rook330 PAID
838 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
839 jethro2126 PAID
840 RachLeigh33 PAID
841 keenanstark9 PAID
842 stollba PAID
843 jasonmoon20 PAID
844 Zunger PAID
845 Grimjosher PAID
846 GorillaX PAID
847 gorillax PAID
848 Jman901 PAID
849 stollba PAID
850 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
851 rdales4840 PAID
852 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
853 DrSeussFreak PAID
854 LegoRaffleWinner89 PAID
855 LegoTacos PAID
856 Zunger PAID
857 TeddyLea PAID
858 lovetowel PAID
859 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
860 Background_Badger942 PAID
861 nik0nguy601 PAID
862 Background_Badger942 PAID
863 meast05 PAID
864 dillng PAID
865 Grenaed PAID
866 Optimus-Ron-4082 PAID
867 hippye PAID
868 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
869 m_cabss PAID
870 pelicano234 PAID
871 pelicano234 PAID
872 lovetowel PAID
873 DrownInBrownTown PAID
874 Zunger PAID
875 despinos PAID
876 azcpl121314 PAID
877 ShuckleStorm PAID
878 mfiumano PAID
879 BourbonandTattoos PAID
880 damnstraight PAID
881 babyporcupines PAID
882 meast05 PAID
883 christmasmom PAID
884 jasonmoon20 PAID
885 LegoRaffleWinner89 PAID
886 Quirkykeybored PAID
887 TeddyLea PAID
888 rdales4840 PAID
889 jasonmoon20 PAID
890 ssj3dvp11 PAID
891 lovetowel PAID
892 Background_Badger942 PAID
893 jasonmoon20 PAID
894 Background_Badger942 PAID
895 BourbonandTattoos PAID
896 dontgofrank PAID
897 SpiceGod99 PAID
898 TeddyLea PAID
899 keenanstark9 PAID
900 Zealous-Emu2020 PAID
901 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
902 nik0nguy601 PAID
903 extradumb PAID
904 wacowillie3281 PAID
905 damnstraight PAID
906 mfiumano PAID
907 azcpl121314 PAID
908 extradumb PAID
909 cdr_warsstar PAID
910 nik0nguy601 PAID
911 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
912 gfy4dsny PAID
913 RachLeigh33 PAID
914 awitsman84 PAID
915 TeddyLea PAID
916 lovetowel PAID
917 pma99999 PAID
918 pendragoncomic PAID
919 jethro2126 PAID
920 dazineINK PAID
921 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
922 East_Excitement_2009 PAID
923 GorillaX PAID
924 nik0nguy601 PAID
925 m_cabss PAID
926 Zunger PAID
927 BobbyBee6969 PAID
928 despinos PAID
929 damnstraight PAID
930 SirPoofius PAID
931 hippye PAID
932 gfy4dsny PAID
933 themadowl PAID
934 nik0nguy601 PAID
935 TeddyLea PAID
936 Zunger PAID
937 dazineINK PAID
938 pelicano234 PAID
939 pelicano234 PAID
940 me2dammit PAID

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2023.03.31 23:00 autotldr Colombia raises threat level for deadly Nevado del Ruiz volcano Volcanoes News

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Authorities in Colombia have warned of an increase in seismic activity around the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, a peak responsible for triggering the country's largest recorded natural disaster, killing 25,000 people in 1985.
On Friday, President Gustavo Petro said the threat of an eruption had increased, amplifying a message the Colombian Geologic Service issued a day earlier.
Only one level is higher on the four-colour alert scale: red, which means an eruption is imminent or under way.
The Nevado del Ruiz volcano, part of the Andes Mountains, is situated in the central part of Colombia, approximately 129km from the capital of Bogota.
The first eruption witnessed and recorded was in 1570, and the current eruption period started in 2014, the programme says on its website.
Its most famous eruption occurred on November 13, 1985, when the volcano spewed ash, gas and magma.
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