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2023.06.02 16:32 bam0815708 Posting this will get you Banned

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2023.06.02 16:31 Acceptable_Bake_9916 I had a dream inside of a dream. It’s a lot.

So the dream inside of the dream starts with me finding out a friend of mine died. I was very distraught and wanted to reach out to her family to ask if they were ok I wanted to talk about it but I didn’t know how many people knew already and I didn’t want to invade the family’s privacy. Then I wake up in the dream, so I’m still dreaming, and I notice I’m in an unfamiliar house looking for my parents who are not there and neither are my dogs. I find out my parents are at the friend’s parents house and I walk over there because apparently we’re neighbors now. I thought they were consoling them but they were having a party this is when I realize I must’ve dreamt about the friend dying. But I realize her parents don’t know where my friend is at and is calling her over and over again. There was a pit in my stomach hoping I was wrong. I take a seat next to my friend’s grandparents (who aren’t actually her grandparents) and they are fighting over a bag of chips. It stresses me out and I’m on the verge of tears. After a very long time the friend finally comes home and I hug her immediately, crying, and explain my dream. She explains that everything is fine she just walked home so she was home later than usual. I also noticed her hair was lighter she’s a brunette but her hair was dyed blonde in my dream. So later my family and I leave and we go to the beach. I am playing in the water with my dogs when I see a shark and it’s coming towards the sand. I distract my dogs by making them run far away and I think surely we’ll be okay once we get away from the shore until I realize after the shark scraped my leg with its teeth that the shark grew 4 little legs and was chasing us. I got on its level and stared throwing sand in its eyes which made the shark go towards the water and swim away. This is when I officially woke up and all I could think was wtf the symbolism??
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2023.06.02 16:31 OptionsProrealestate [Hiring] REMOTE Sales Representatives Needed to Connect Homeowners with Investors for Home Option Sales

Are you a motivated sales professional looking for a remote opportunity to help homeowners gain liquidity from their property while securing a sale that could potentially unlock a greater value of their property? We are seeking experienced sales representatives to join our team and connect homeowners with potential investors for home option sales.
Here's how it works: homeowners who are interested in gaining liquidity from their property while securing a future sale of their home that could potentially unlock a greater value of their home can sell a home option, which allows a potential investor to purchase the property at a predetermined price in the future.
As a sales representative, you will be responsible for identifying and connecting homeowners with potential investors and facilitating the sale of the option. You will receive a commission on each sale.
If you have a proven track record in sales and are excited about the prospect of helping homeowners achieve their financial goals, we want to hear from you! This is a great opportunity to work remotely and join our team of dedicated sales professionals.
We take transparency and legitimacy very seriously, and we work diligently to ensure that all offers and agreements are legitimate and transparent. We want both the homeowner and the buyer to fully understand the risks and benefits involved in a home option sale.
If you are interested in this opportunity, apply now and become a part of our team of sales representatives helping to connect homeowners with potential investors for home option sales. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in the comments below and we will be happy to provide answers.
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2023.06.02 16:31 milkbathfortwo Landlords raising rent by 5 % and making us pay half of their repair bills

Renting in British Columbia, rent is 3900 for a 2300 square foot home, 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath.
In our agreement there is no mention of whether or not AC is provided.
The ac broke down after 1.2 years and is going to cost 25% of the price of a new unit to repair .The landlords claim they let us use it as a courtesy after we denied their proposal of shouldering half the repair bill and adding 200/month for ac maintenance, their proposal also stated that we pay the entire repair bill next time it breaks down, the AC unit is 15 years old.
We reached out May 3rd to notify about the broken AC and since then the house has reached temperatures of 83 degrees F. We could have easily found another place for July but they decided to ignore us after we denied their ludicrous request. They finally got back to us last night at 9pm, June 1st after dozens of attempted phone calls and text messages, emails looking for answers, claiming we are not to use the AC anymore and they aren’t fixing it, nor raising rent but they want us to split the technician bill of 580$. We hired a technician after two weeks of this bullshit no contact for 157 dollars. He told us there’s a leak in the system and it would be 1.5k to repair or 6k to replace, fast forward to last week, 3 weeks after notifying landlords about AC, they sent their own technician and he came to the same conclusion, exactly, only this one costed 380 dollars. The landlords now want us to split both bills, get our own indoor units and move on.
I might add that they also made us pay the water bill for the first six months until I freaked out on them for taking advantage of us. Water is usually paid for by landlords in BC. They kept the bill in their name and asked to be e transferred the exact amount.
Also out of the kindness of our hearts when they received an unexpected strata housing bill to fix the strata water system we paid their 550 dollar bill.
When we moved in the hot water tank couldn’t even support filling the friggen bath tub and we waited almost two months for a new one.
What can we do here in regards to getting our AC fixed ? Are we hooped? Can we give notice to move out in July since they squandered our time and didn’t reply until June 1st? We work nightshift and is basically impossible to sleep once it hits 28+ C .
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2023.06.02 16:30 UndreamedAges Controls reversed. Searched everywhere. Can't find solution.

So, just installed last night to use in my home. And the controls are reversed. I'm using the touchpad on an old Dell Chromebook to remote to an even older PC, Windows 10 of course.
If I move left it goes right, if I move up it goes down and vice versa. In searching for a solution I found that many others had the same issue including several people using Macs.
Also, not sure if it's related, but the instructions state that it's drag for mouse and two finger drag for scroll. Dragging just moves my mouse. And two finger drag moves the remote's mouse(in the opposite direction). To scroll I have to use the arrow keys.
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2023.06.02 16:30 Arrowpestcontrol Free your home from pests now.

Pest control is very important for every residential and commercial place to keep your living space healthy. Through pest control, you can eliminate pests and organisms that are detrimental to human health, the environment, and economic activities. Pests like insects, rodents, birds, and other animals invade homes, agricultural fields, and commercial establishments, causing damage or transmitting diseases.
You may find house lizards as pest control at home, which are commonly small reptiles that are often found around your homes. Lizards are generally harmless and help control insect populations as well. But when you have house lizards at your place, it is not safe either.
Lizards get attracted to places with an abundance of insects and a primary food source. Maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness in your home can help reduce the availability of insects, making your house less attractive to lizards.
Getting pest control from Arrow Pest Control will help you get rid of all insects and lizards from your home. They also have an experienced team of professionals to provide you with quality work and a decent budget when compared to the market.
At Arrow Pest Control, we also provide services for cockroach bite treatment. You will find most of the cockroaches in every kitchen, which will make your home unhygienic, and they also carry lots of germs, which can lead to lots of disease.
Taking pest control services from Arrow Pest Control will help you get rid of cockroaches and insects from your home. Wood boring beetles can cause significant damage to wooden structures, furniture, and other wooden items. If you’re dealing with an infestation of wood-boring beetles.
Arrow Pest Control provides you with treatment for wood boring beetles that cause damage to furniture. Wood borer is also a common part of it whose food is wood. With the help of Arrow Pest Control, we can protect vulnerable wood from future attacks.
Arrow Pest Control has 25 years of experience and a team of professionals and skilled experts in all domestic spheres. We are here to provide pest management with a professional look, with multiple establishments offering different services for pest control.
We offer you a comprehensive range of professional pest management services and quality products and equipment through the company's wide network and dedicated workforce. Contact Arrow Pest Control now at
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2023.06.02 16:30 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading Program (Here)

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2023.06.02 16:29 Mrpewpybutwhole Oklahoma provider

Hello all, I have been using ketamine for TRD for about a year and a half. Started with infusions at lifestance, but switched to Dr. Smith and continued using ketamine @ home for about a year under him.
I am curious if anyone knows of a dr or psychiatrist in the Okc area who would be willing to take over my @ home prescription. I would prefer to not do infusions again if possible.
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2023.06.02 16:29 Due-Association2749 Is this ok, while being a widower’s partner?

Me (43F) & hubby (43M) went out for some work today afternoon (Super hot - Indian summer). I complained that it’s too hot outside and we cud go a lil late. He insisted it’s urgent, so we shud do this asap. I agreed and tried to be a good wife.
My body has become weaker than pre-delivery and while I was ok during running the errands, after coming back my head started spinning. I tried freshening up, drank tea, had some snacks. But still not much of help. Got my blood pressure checked and came bit low.
Finally I had to surrender and decide, let me rest. Paralley my family was getting ready to step out and husband had offered to let my youngest kid (3 mo old) and her nanny stay back. But I felt what help they could be , since I anyways had to rest plus why should they suffer for me. Hence insisted all of them to go.
I bid goodbye to all and decided to sleep.
Woke up 2.5hrs later and realised head is still spinning and home is empty.
Called husband and said , still not feeling well and cud he come back (since they had gone to the park right opposite the road) and take me to doctor at night ? He said not possible since he’s got lot of work at night (works as per US timing). Then asked cud he come back at least home ? He said not possible since kids are there and everyone is enjoying.
My mind is feeling numb. Am home alone and don’t know why just being sick and calling for help is not enough for him to be by my side?
Am I expecting too much?
Note : am putting it in this forum specifically because my widower partner has been saying he’s an emotionally unavailable person and more pronounced after loss of his first wife. Am guessing all this is happening because of his loss / trauma and I want to be understanding wife to him than feeling like a dejected wife, when such things happen.
My partner is 43M now, has two kids from previous wife, one is 7+yo girl and second is 2+yo girl now. He lost "her" in 2020, during childbirth complications / CoVid circumstances. Between 2020 till late 2021, he was single. He took some therapy during that time and had some help from his family for the kids. Later in 2021 he moved out of his parents' place (Indore, India) and back to his place (Mumbai, India) where he's been raising the kids with support from professional helps / nanny + maid.
We started dating in early 2022. However, becoz we got pregnant shortly, we got married, started living and raising the first 2 kids & running the home together and along the way have welcomed our 3rd kid in 2023, Feb. If not for the pregnancy, we would not have got married yet. He was ready for a committed relationship but not ready to make it / any official engagement / announcement about it involving mutual family / friends. Since the time I have met his first two kids, we have hit it off really well. Though I feel am adding a lot of value in their life (non-financially) and I can see the results in their report cards, daily behaviour, social interactions (with family, friends, neighbours) and overall happiness / engagement, he feels they would have done fine anyways without me / any female character in their life with the systems (professional help) he's put in place.
Hope this gives the right / required info / context required.
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2023.06.02 16:29 Plastic_Cake_3557 Question for Realtors

I'm doing some market research for my business that is real estate adjacent (engagement rings) and am looking to validate what I've found: couples are opting to purchase a home together *before* getting engaged and married. Is this a trend that realtors are noticing? Is it consistent across different states? Thanks for you input!
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2023.06.02 16:29 suddenlysara We're the Rescue Team we asked for in M1

I had a bit of a revelation that woke me up from a dream at 3am. I think we're the rescue team we asked for in M1.
In "G4 Sunbathing" we send a distress signal to Earth. Leela tells us it will take 93 years to reach Earth, but she's included everything she knows about the Pfhor in that transmission.
Since the UESC Marathon isn't FTL capable, the trip took 300 years. Assuming the UESC had a second CRIST ready to go the moment they got that distress signal - and we all know the UESC does not have their poop in a group like that - it would take another 300 years to send the rescue party. By that math, it's basically 800 years between when the Marathon left, and when this new rescue ship might arrive.
By then, the colony will be long gone, and I think the UESC and other related parties know this. Hence, why our "runners" are there to fight over the salvage rights for the alien technology. They never intended to rescue the colonists because they knew they couldn't. But, since Leela told them all about the Phfor's alien technology, they could still salvage bits of that to bring home, putting some powerful people in even more powerful positions if they got to the Pfhor tech before anyone else.
Clearly, we aren't going to be alone on the surface, though, due to the S'pht compiler being shown.
I'm not sure if the ship we're seeing in the trailers is the UESC Marathon, or if it's whatever CRIST the Runners show up in... the fact that there are little bits of moon debris scattered around the ship implies maybe this is new construction of the Runners' CRIST being shown, but who knows?
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2023.06.02 16:29 YakariBigFan Rules for my school

  1. Do not ever get sent to the principal’s office. You will not come out.
  2. Do not ever answer a question wrong. You will regret it.
  3. Do not ever go home between 3PM - 5PM.
  4. Do not go to the bathroom during a lesson. They will find you.
  5. ALWAYS fully eat your lunch. If you don’t then good luck
  6. Never bring your own lunch. You will end up in the principal’s office. And you know what happens when you get sent there.
  7. Do not ever make mistakes on your tests. They will teach you the hard way
  8. Do not ever lose your pen or pencil.
  9. Do not ever ask someone for a pen or pencil.
  10. Do not ever talk during a lesson unless your teacher calls you. They will find you.
Those were a few rules if you’re new to my school. DONT EVER BREAK THESE
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2023.06.02 16:29 perceivewithcaution I just made $9 stretch and got every household item on my list!

I start a new job on Monday, but til my first check, I only had $9 to get basic things I needed for my new apartment. I’ve been homeless for 7 years so I moved in with just a twin mattress lol since then I put together furniture, curtains, and my landlords bought me a brand new full sized bed up off the floor. It’s even got a sheet and a blanket now!
Today I got hand soap for my bathroom, dish soap, laundry soap (how do I use Zote though, I’m scared!), three rolls of toilet paper and even a roll of 12 trash bags.
I went to the store with $9 to my name, I was trying to choose which two items I needed the most. But I decided to slow down, use my phones calculator, looked at all my choices, and even though I had to put a roll of toilet paper back (.58 cents lol), I got everything on my list.
I carried it all home in my arms since they are charging for bags now, so I skipped that extra charge and got hand soap instead. I don’t have any guests over ever, but I like the smell of autumn leaves and treated myself to indulge my curiosity lol
I do not care if I looked goofy with my three rolls on the bus, I felt like a rockstar. Because I remember having to use my socks, or a leaf. And folks, no.
I am so happy and grateful today. These items, to me, are finishing touches on a home I struggled so hard to earn.
And guess what? The cherry on top? My Zote is freakin PINK. I am a thrifty goddess. Thank you. :)
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2023.06.02 16:29 twigz927 Looking for roommate and/or room ($700-950)

Hey all,
I’m (22/F) looking for a roommate during my apartment search. I’m a recent grad and working for the City of Austin through the AmeriCorps VISTA. I’m looking for an roommate (preferably female, though am willing to consider male) to split rent with. The apartments at the locations I’m looking at would run at around $1700 or $850/person. Looking to move in sometime during July. I’m still amidst my apartment search and would love to have a roommate to open up options. However, if someone had an open room in this price range contact me!
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2023.06.02 16:28 bagabutts MISSING CAT S6

Last seen 23rd of may in a brown collar. He is 7 years old but small for his age (looks around 1yrs) Top fangs missing He is tabby with white front toe tips, underbelly and white backlegs with a black spot on the left leg. What looks like an M on side and black wings on his shoulders (some of his markings pictured) We have had many cats over the years and we understand they roam, sometimes for weeks, but this is extremely out of character for him. We have looked everywhere, called everyone you can call, posted everywhere, putting up posters, and still no information so im posting here on the off chance anyone can tell us anything. We're worried hes injured and cant get home.
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2023.06.02 16:28 myideasforyou Being Autistic And Growing Up In A Dysfunctional Home

I HATE being as sensitive as I am. I’ve been dissociated most of my life but finally found a therapist to help me build mindfulness and start to learn how to express my feelings. I have felt present in my body for the first time…ever. It’s been necessary to do this to work on my PDA and process past trauma, but holy shit do I feel so sensitive to EVERYTHING. And when I have siblings that are having a really hard time with anger and pain, I feel like I want to run away because I absorb their stress and then spiral myself, but then when I avoid communication to avoid absorbing their stress and spiraling, I feel like a HORRIBLY SELFISH family member! I have always been the sibling to “fix” everyone’s “bad feelings” because I’ve always been so sensitive to their “bad feelings.” I’m just realizing this and need to vent. Can anyone relate to being autistic and growing up in a dysfunctional home?
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2023.06.02 16:28 SilverHoard D7 visa process from Belgium

Boom dia, everyone! My parents would like to retire in Portugal soon. My mother is Belgian and with her EU passport everything seems to be quite easy to arrange. However, my father is English and now needs a D7 visa, which turns out to be less easy. The Portuguese consulate in Brussels refuses to provide information and simply says to google it, which we have already done a lot, but we still have some questions. Hopefully someone here has experience with this or can recommend a service?
My parents want to buy a house there, preferably without renting first. This means that they will not have a domicile address. But for the D7 you apparently have to have a Portuguese domicile during your application. In other words, he still cannot start the D7 application until he has actually moved or rented or bought something? Well? We thought it would be easier just like the NIF and bank account to arrange this in advance before moving to Portugal, so that that was already behind us. But now with the D7 we're not sure how to go about it.
Does he have to move to Portugal to get a place of residence and only then start the D7 application? Then he may have to fly over to Belgium several times in the hope of getting it arranged at the Belgian consulate. Or can he already start the process while in Belgium and then move later, when they are ready? But already have the D7 in his back pocket?
And then the question is, how long does the process from application to release take? And how long will it be valid? We sometimes read 4 months, sometimes a year, and sometimes two years ... All very vague.
Does anyone happen to have experience with this? Or who can point us in the right direction? Are there reliable services that help with this? Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.02 16:28 MariyamShuffles A tribute to Bea and Flower Kazin

A tribute to Bea and Flower Kazin
I was born as Elen Kazin.
I found myself quickly scooped up by my adoptive mother, Bea. My biological mother and her sister never moved once in my lifetime - simply standing around in the nursery and staring at the wall.
Bea told me her story. When she was a child, another girl from the family started killing people. Her own mother was one of the victims. The last time Bea saw her, she had a deep wound in her chest and was spending her dying breaths trying desperately to get to her only child.
I am not sure how long it took for the rest of the family to die off through age or other means. But eventually, Bea was left alone with only two completely unresponsive cousins for company. I wouldn't have blamed her for giving up on the family here - just letting herself join her mother, or running off to explore or find another home. Instead, she decided to stay and feed her cousins.
I don't know how long she was alone. I do know that between the three of them, they birthed eighteen children. But in the end, Bea was left with fifteen little piles of bones and only three healthy girls: myself, my older biological sister Shakira, and her own biological daughter Priella.
With only one adult that already had her hands full in the village, the three of us got to work. Our mom told us that we were doing great, that she was proud of us. Eventually, we had children of our own. Some were more reliable than others, but it let the family last for another dozen generations. I said my goodbyes and thank yous to my Mother as she got old. Her final words were "Thanks for showing up".
So, to Flower Kazin, my Grandmother: I want you to know that your daughter survived. She stayed strong. She kept the family going and gave me a chance at life.
And she did not die alone.
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2023.06.02 16:28 Rebelpunk13 I (34m) need insight on my SO (32f) who needs a break from our relationship out of nowhere, twice in the last month. Beyond depressed

Hello, I’m 34 (m) she is 32 (f), me and my fiancé have been together almost a year. When we met we just clicked and it’s the first time I truly loved someone, not infatuation. Things did move fast from the outside but for us it was at our pace because it felt just right. We always laughed and said only people who are truly in love would understand. I’ve done more with her i than I did in previous relationships combined. I never dreamed of getting married but I knew she was the one and she expressed this too. She’s definitely my priority. I never been open about feelings, displayed public affection, or cared for someone so deeply, and the feelings between us are mutual. The best way to describe love is you would let this person destroy your heart and you’d still love and care for them.
We planned to get married and start a family, she brings out my best qualities and makes me a better person because she deserves that, and she tells me I do the same for her. A few weeks ago she has been kind of short and not her usual self. We planned a vacation to Vegas last Friday and attended Punk Rock Bowling for 4 days. We had a great time. We talked things over, she was scared of the future and about us struggling. She has a good job and I have a solid one and we’d make it just fine I assured her. I agreed to go back to school and work on a near future promotion. I believe change is good when it’s for someone you love and the betterment of your future. We kissed, talked, laughed, and everything in between while on our trip. On the ride home she assured us we are good and that everything is fine. It was a relief.
Yesterday out of the blue she told me she needed space and time alone again because right now she doesn’t feel it. She’s always been mentally stable so it’s a shock to me. I doubt she would cheat on me. I’ve been very depressed not knowing what is going through her mind and I’ve been having depressed thoughts. All of the things we’ve said, done, and experienced and now nothing. We still keep in contact but I feel I am bothering her. She says she still loves me and that I’m special to her. When someone says they need space and a break from their relationship does this mean it’s over? I told her we should work on any insecurities/anxieties/fears that she has. We didn’t see each other for over a week the first time she needed space, when we would usually be with each other 4-6 times a week. She made it seem we wouldn’t go last week on our trip but then we agreed it would be fun and started coming around.
I’m free to answer any questions or elaborate further but do these things work out? I’d be back in a heartbeat but I also don’t want to push her away. Just very random and out of the blue. We rarely fight and we communicate very well. Not to sound misogynistic (I respect her a lot) but she was PMSing the first break and had her period while on vacation, and this situation almost happened a few months ago but we worked it out.
I feel so depressed, I left work yesterday. I just don’t understand how she would let me hurt like this because I know I would never want her to feel this way. I feel she is lacking compassion, respect, and empathy for me right now. That is the part that hurts the most. I feel I can’t function or focus and I’ve never experienced a heartbreak like this. I feel so hopeless and no one’s ever loved me like she did/does. I go above and beyond for her all the time her happiness is my priority. Any insights would be welcomed.
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2023.06.02 16:27 Dry_Adeptness_2217 Retrying Entyvio after severe flare up - any advice?

Hey all. I’m starting to lose my 💩 (literally and figuratively) and could use some positive feedback. I was very well controlled with Entyvio for almost 5 years for my pancolitis and then last year in June suddenly it stopped working after a routine colonoscopy that ended up being clear, just a few polyps like usual. Not sure what happened on the way out or what but I started flaring immediately after that scope 🫤 My GI didn’t tackle the flare as aggressively as he should have and I ended up losing 25 pounds and in the hospital. He ordered labs and I never developed antibodies to the Entyvio and I was in a therapeutic level. He still switched me to Stelara once I got out of the hospital which only helped a tiny bit. I moved back home and reestablished with my old GI 🥳 and he put me back on Entyvio (this is the doc that got me into remission with it the first time) and I’ve had the first 2 loading doses so far. I’m also still on 30-40 mg of prednisone daily until symptoms improve but they just don’t seem to be. He also started me on Uceris foam at night to try and help with the urgency which only seems to help a little bit IF I can even retain it at night. Still with the blood, urgency (I have to wear a diaper), pain, mucus. It’s been going on a year and I’m really struggling 😭 For those of you restarted Entyvio, how long until you saw results? Thank you all so much in advance. I hate how this disease has so much control over our lives 😭
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2023.06.02 16:27 kiolly22 How do you deal with friendship issues (4 boys 11 years old).

My 11yo has three close friends who are also 11. We all live near eachother. I've always had an open door policy and welcome the kids in most the time with my son. Normally only one or two at a time though, rarely all together. However it was his birthday this week and we had them all together, and honestly, they just treated him like rubbish.
They seem to have a group leader (let's call him A) and basically what he says goes. The other two were happy to literally do anything he says, but my son didn't always comply and often got left on his own. His other closer friend (let's say B), would be playing games with my son and as soon as A said he didn't like it B said so too and said the games were rubbish despite asking to play them for ages and also coming round on other occasions to play the games.
I just feel a little gutted for my son, I ended up asking them to go home early as I heard A loudly bitching about my son to the other two. I'm not here to say my son is the best thing ever or without fault, but he genuinely is a wonderful and go with the flow type kid, but as it was his birthday he wanted to choose some of the games they played and as soon as A said no they didn't do it.
I'm annoyed and frustrated about it and feel it's ruined my son's birthday. I'm not sure how to help my son with these issues, he says it happens all the time at school but until I saw it this week I didn't realise how bad it was. So I'd always just recommend playing with someone else/ taking turns with your friends to choose etc, I didn't realise that literally isn't an option with these boys. Does anyone have any advice please?
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2023.06.02 16:27 Good-mood-curiosity How do you as the adult child prevent the family cat going to the shelter when you presenting yourself as a last resort makes it likely you'll get him even when the better options have accepted taking care of the cat for the long haul?

So mom and her bf have a 2 year old who is a complete cowardly teenager to the absolute fullest extent of those terms. He has an attitude, strict petting boundaries and is terrified of literally everything--new person, new noise, a quick movement and he is jumping out of his skin despite having a stable home with mom and bf where nobody ever did a single thing to harm him since he was a kitten. He is not made for shelter life--he'll struggle to be adopted and be traumatized in the process.
The relationship is on the rocks and the question is when, not if, it'll end and it'll end in the cat's lifetime. Mom refuses to take the cat. Bf (currently feeds/cleans the litter box/does vet visits) stayed silent when she informed him of this but idk if he's accepted that he's taking care of the cat for the long haul. I don't expect him to give the cat to the shelter but I wouldn't be surprised if he does and mom doesn't trust him not to. The cat's meows are now being ignored often when they used to make mom and bf immediately stand at attention, idk when the bf last played with the cat--he's lost interest in the cat, basically.
Meanwhile, I'm a med student. Residency is in a year idk where, I'm single as anything with dreams of being married with kids within the next 9 years (relevant because cat lady stereotypes plus having a cat can limit my already limited free time), and I can barely keep myself alive. I'm not a good option for this cat, I don't want this cat but I don't want him going to the shelter more so if he's faced with shelter life, I'm taking him. Issue is, if I mention I'm an option, bf is likely to give me the cat due to growing laziness/an aversion to some responsibilities (he's happy doing the bare minimum to stay alive) even if he's already accepted he'll be caring for the cat for the long haul plus this is a "when they break up" conversation so I can't talk to him about it anyway cause it's their relationship and thus none of my business. I get involved, I may speed up the separation process and I want this cat to have the only home he's known for as long as possible, plus mom expressly forbid me mentioning it to him (she's against my getting the cat, for the record. She won't give it to the shelter if it lands in her lap but she is pushing for the bf to take the cat which is the best thing for the cat (cat comes to me, that's a 1 bdrm apt, me being gone 8-12+hrs a day (automatic feeder so he'll be fed), the cheapest litter and food he tolerates vs bf with a well paying job, the good food, bf works from home so company (he's a "gotta be where the people are but they'd better not touch me" kind of cat), bf knows the vets, any move will be up to an hr away by car vs a plane ride). I also don't have any information about the actual situation cause bf refuses to speak about it to mom (for all I know he's planning to disappear come September or he may hang around for another 7 years) and I can't exactly broach that conversation without adding tension to an already tenuous situation.
The timeline of the break up is unclear, the outcomes are uncertain, I'm physically far away except for breaks and just. Idk how to handle this situation cause the cat cannot go to the shelter--he's innocent, he shouldn't be severely traumatized just because his parents break up.
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