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service center phone number links

2014.05.12 21:15 SocialSoundSystem Burner: Privacy First

A Burner is a privacy layer for your life.

2012.10.16 21:29 drunk_tank MoviePass

moviepass is a place to talk about and ask questions about moviepass 2.0. No affiliation to Moviepass.

2023.06.02 17:48 habitcompanion Looking for new entrepreneurs that need accountability partners

Are you a new entrepreneur that is struggling with holding yourself accountable? Do you feel like you could be doing more and accomplishing your business goals faster? We want to help you! We're currently offering one month of free accountability coaching for new business owners.
In our monthly package, we offer:
Starting a business is tough. Don't go it alone and make sure you get someone to hold you accountable. Once again, it's absolutely free for the first month. Please, be aware we can only service people in the US/Canada with telephone numbers that can reveal calls or texts.
If you're interested in learning more or scheduling a discovery call, please check out our site at, or send me a message to find more information.
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2023.06.02 17:47 GunnaYehYeh 21M amd 21F confused on her behaviour

So I’ve been real close with a girl for 5 years knows everything about me been along side me through the worst lows of my life, few periods where we didn’t speak for months, she blocked me time and time again, but always kept coming back into my life, she originally liked me when we were 16-17, i rejected her advances back then because i was struggling with mental health, but i wasn’t in the right head space to date overall, i believed back then it wouldn’t be fair on her and i still believe that now, but she remained wanting to be in my life, i recently am proud to say i am doing better in regards to my health, took years, but I’m here, so i reached out to her, most the time i would try not to think about her or check up on her other than the occasional check up when she uploaded something on social media.
Now we are 21, i asked her out, she told me she is over me and feelings are gone, she got real defensive and angry at me (first time ever), we exchanged bad words for the first time ever also.. fell out bad and called each other some horrible things, i stopped talking to her, apologised and told her if she is willing to give me a chance that she can message me sometime, she currently has a boyfriend which at the time of asking her out she hid from me and i didn’t know.
However when she rejected me she said she was happy with him, so be it, i was mad as hell for her hiding and talking to me at the same time of her loving someone else, first time i raged at her but i apologised, i stopped talking to her, no contact for 1-2 months, then i uploaded a picture on social media and surprisingly she started messaging me again few days of really good conversation liking all my stories etc, still had me blocked on everything other than instagram though which i found weird, phone number, snapchat, even tiktok, and now she isn’t replying to my last messages for 2 weeks, i am assuming she has deleted instagram, she has these phases, but i just feel confused at this point.
Im not great socially in all honesty, so this has got me real stumped and confused, any ideas?
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2023.06.02 17:47 Educational-Catch571 How Can I Catch My Cheating Spouse Remotely Spy On Text Messages Without The Phone How To Spy On Your Spouse Phone Without Them Knowing Hire A Hacker

I am recommending everyone to a very trusted, reliable and gifted hacker. She is competent, and provides excellent services. She is very affordable and charges way less,
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Contact her legitimatehacker441 AT GMAIL DOT COM
Text +1 (240) 621-0422
Telegram +1 (240) 621-0422
Whatsapp +1 (602) 730-529
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2023.06.02 17:45 QuebecCopWatcher MAY 26, 2023 - CDP

Two SPVM Officers suspended without pay
more details-
2023 QCCDP 46 (CanLII) Police Ethics Commissioner v. Côté CanLII
Agent JÉRÔME CÔTÉ-JONCAS, registration number 7559
Constable DAVID PICARD, registration number 7514
Members of the Service of the City of Montreal Police
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2023.06.02 17:45 bustacheeze New landlord seeking feedback from renting community

To start, I want to state my position that I believe that the ability to rent a home is a valuable and needed service and that buying a home is not always and option or a desirable situation for everyone. In addition to this, I believe firmly that there is a way to run an unsubsidized, reasonably profitable business providing quality homes at fair market rent, as published federally by the Housing and Urban Development administration. For reference, this is published per zip code and represents the 40th percentile price for rent (60% of rentals cost above FMR), and it includes all utilities besides internet.
I am starting down the path to building my first multifamily dwelling. My question for the rental community is, besides price, what amenities and features are important to you and you look for when searching for an apartment?
I have a small list, like in unit washedryer, multi use bathroom (separate water closet and shower room (depending on the number of bedrooms), each room will have its own heating/cooling system, no single point lighting (the "boob" lights), and dedicated parking.
I would really appreciate your feedback, and I hope we can have a successful and respectful dialogue.
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2023.06.02 17:44 Capc30 Finally back on hinge. Here what I did to get my account back live.

So first off I used a differnt iPhone. My mom gave me one a while ago that I was going to sell. I said hey let me try my hinge account on here.
So I downloaded hinge. Made a new number off text app. And just made a new account and it worked. I used same pics I did before on hinge , and my same wifi “home”
Thought I was shadow banned for the first day. Woke up the next day with like 3 match!
Hopefully this helps
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2023.06.02 17:44 Witness_Original Nav Card for 2023 Carbon

1 week with my Carbon and loving it so far!
Although I use Apple CarPlay and Google Maps, I would like to have the factory nav work for times when I don't have service or forget my phone at home.
I'd like to try to find a card on Amazon or something. I did buy one before but it was the wrong one so I returned it.
Oh, another question. If you put the nav card in, where it would show the compass on the MID, would it actually show the upcoming street name there?
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2023.06.02 17:43 CryptographerOk2258 Weekly Pastel Update 6/2/23

Pastel Community Update (June 2, 2023)
The next generation NFT focused blockchain. Certifiable authenticity. Permanent storage. Negligible fees. Build, secure, and scale your Web3 ecosystem with Pastel.
The Pastel Team has been extremely busy with a number of major development updates, partnership rollouts, and product releases. Check back here each week for new developments
Check Pastel channels for:
Weekly community snapshots shared across our various channels.
🐾 Quarterly updates released via our newsletter.
☎️ Weekly community town halls / AMAs directly with the Pastel team. Come prepared with your questions, comments, and feedback!
📣 Monthly Twitter Spaces with u/doodlestone and u/panthony
Key Updates:
Our team has been busy developing, testing & refining innovative network features like the Monet 1.2 release & SmartMint upgrade. To celebrate these milestones, we're launching exciting community events for everyone to enjoy! Check out what's in store for May: More info to come this week. Check our socials!
SmartMint Art Contest
-Are you ready to unleash your artistic talents and make a splash in the world of crypto art? Look no further! We are excited to announce the SmartMint Art Contest.
-By participating in this contest, you stand a chance to win fantastic prizes of up to 150 USDT, free mints, and so much more! To learn more about the contest and how to participate check out this Medium Article. CONTEST EXTENTION: JUNE 7th
Quizzo Discord Referral Campaign
-Exciting news! Introducing our Referral Challenge for our Bi-Weekly Quizzos in our discord! You have the opportunity to invite up to 5 friends to join our Discord and take part in any one of the upcoming 4 Quizzos. Earn additional rewards: $5 USDT for each referred friend, with a maximum of $25!
Check out this Medium article to learn more!
-We're kicking off the month of May by introducing our Bi-Weekly Quiz competitions, Quizzos! Put your Pastel knowledge to the test, covering videos, articles, & tweets. Learn more about our project and show off your expertise. We will be airdropping the top 3 winners PSL!
-Like solving puzzles? Don’t miss our Monet 1.2 NFT Puzzle Event to kickoff the Monet Mainnet Release! We’re giving away exclusive Pastel NFT Puzzle Pieces with corresponding PSL airdrops to those who answer daily Q?s! 🚀 Keep an eye out for additional NFT, PSL, & USDT bonuses.
🚨Twitter Space on the Current State of Web3 and NFTs🚨
Tune in to our Twitter Spacewith @blueznft. We will be diving into all things NFTs, ecosystems, marketplaces, and more. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion! #NFTs #Marketplaces #TwitterSpace
Pastel Network joined WOMENverse to discuss tech features that support empowering men and women in web3
We hosted an incredible conversation about on-chain infrastructure, the current market, and more! Listen to our Twitter Space with @endaomentdotorg
🚨Final phase of Monet 1.2 Testnet Release is now live🚨
Monet 1.2 represents a critical milestone among several other planned releases for 2023. This release brings substantial enhancements to our Supernode infrastructure, major updates to Cascade (our permanent NFT data storage solution), and Sense (our duplicate detection technology).
Specific upgrades include:
-Integration of Supernode Storage Challenges to Cascade -Activation of Cascade’s Self-Healing capability -Activation of Supernode Health and State Challenges -Stabilization of Sense Protocol -Release of the OpenAPI Gateway
More details on the specific features of Monet 1.2 and upcoming plans for the Mainnet release available here
Are you curious about the latest Monet 1.2 Test Net release? We've got you covered! We hosted 2 AMAs, Reddit and Discord where we answered all your burning questions. If you have more, please reach out to us on any of our social media.
In case you missed it, listen to our Twitter Space with BearBrains.eth (@NateBear). We discuss his exciting drop/giveaway, Brightz, and his journey in the Space.
Check out our latest artist spotlight! This amazing piece entitled “Nostalgia” was minted on SmartMint by @thealvinboss
Exciting artist collaborations are on the horizon with: @IanSoi_ @K_JRobotsCo, @Numo_0 @abahassanart
We are always seeking talented artists to collaborate with, so please reach out to us on any social media platform. Let’s create something amazing together!
🚨Pastel Progress🚨
-Reddit AMA- Always excited to answer the community. If yout still have burning questions, please find us on one of our socials
-Partnership with Astar Network: Pastel Network is excited to announce that it will be working with @AstarNetwork, a layer1 parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. Learn more on Medium.
SmartMint on Twitter: It is our great pleasure to announce that SmartMint will now have a Twitter presence. The SmartMint twitter account has officially launched.
-Addition of Status Page: We recently released a Status Page so you can monitor the performance of our infrastructure & services in real time. Check it out here!
-Wrapped PSL:Wrapped PSL or wPSL exists to transfer tokens across platforms. wPSL is available on Uniswap. Watch our video and learn more here
-Pastel Testnet Faucet Release: Our Testnet Faucet is now live. The launch of this independent network enables users to obtain LSP (Pastel Testnet Tokens) to experiment with and develop in the Pastel Testnet environment. This gives users the ability to experiment with Pastel features without having to spend valuable PSL on the mainnet.
Learn more about Pastel's Testnet Faucet.
-Becoming a Supernode Operator: Become a Supernode operator today & gain increased credibility in the validator community & earn exclusive rewards from the foundation, such as PSL or NFT airdrops, in addition to receiving Block & Transactional Rewards.
🚨Cascade Protocol🚨
Cascade has numerous concrete advantages over competing systems such as IPFS & Arweave, particularly when it comes to censorship resistance, data permanence & data accessibility.
Check out our technical paper on Cascade, Pastel's storage layer. Cascade is an extremely powerful & robust storage system for true data permanence that is both completely decentralized & highly scalable. Learn more here.
🚨Sense Protocol🚨
Sense is a Near-Duplicate NFT detection protocol powered by the Pastel Network. Assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata on networks like Ethereum, Solana, etc to prevent prevalent scams or theft. Try it yourself here and watch it work here.
🚨2023 Roadmap and Review of 2022🚨
Pastel released its 2023 roadmap, including a review of 2022. Pastel Network 2022 in review and roadmap for 2023 shows great progress made in the previous year and much promise for the year ahead.
🚨News and Developments🚨
-Pastel in the News
💡Anthony Georgiades joins KitCo News to talk about how Bitcoin benefits as businesses lose trust in the dollar
🥝Check out what Anthony Georgiades has to say about the market in this The Block article.
😁Anthony Georgiades talks about a possible financial crisis in this CoinDesk article
⌨️Co-founder Anthony Georgiades discusses Solana and crypto smartphones in this Fortune article
⚓Check out this Cointelegraph article where Anthony Georgiades discusses the importance of filling a market gap.
-Pastel News-
📱Check out our latest Youtube live video where u/panthony discusses Q1 NFT Trends & Pastel updates!
🖌️ Listen to our Twitter space where we host @Endaoment and discuss chain infrastructures and more
🍧Check out this Twitter Space with the @agoric and @kryha_io teams discussing decentralized systems
🌸Check out this Twitter Space with u/gameofskills discussing Web3 gaming and much more
💡 Check out this Medium article on how Sense is revolutionizing NFT provenance written by Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
-Pastel Archive
🚧We released a Builder’s Guide for ecosystem partners integrating w/ Pastel. Come build with us here.
🌯wPSL or wrapped is explained in this video and
🚧Pastel is completely open-source. Check out what we are working on here.
🌀Testnet tutorial video
🏆Learn more about Sense and Cascade
🔦Want to try out Sense for yourself? Upload your NFT here to obtain the rareness score of your NFT.
📹Check out this youtube demonstration showing what happened when we compared OpenSea’s new duplicate detection system to Sense Sense Comp Analysis
If you have not done so already, please take a moment to join our growing community base:
🐓 Follow Pastel on Twitter
🙉Follow Smartmint on Twitter
👾Join Pastel's Discord Server
👽Join Pastel on Reddit
✈️Join Pastel’s Telegram
🖥️Subscribe to our Youtube channel
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2023.06.02 17:43 Cautious-Ad-2719 Processed Application

I got this email from VFS saying that my visa application is processed and was received at the UK VAC. However, I have yet to receive an email from UKVI regarding the decision. How long would til they send me an email regarding the decision?
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2023.06.02 17:42 Significant-Sir-5626 Dad, I’m worried I’m going to get sued

I used a contractor a month ago and paid them in full. I also had them come back and do an estimate for more work and paid a deposit by check but did not sign anything. Then I decided I did not want them to do more work. I stopped payment on what I’m pretty sure was that check number and told them by email I did that and didn’t want any more work done. I paid on Thursday and stopped payment over the weekend. I’m worried about going to get sued for the check I wrote them and then stopped payment on. Every time I check my bank account I get nervous. When do you think I’ll be in the clear to not get sued?
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2023.06.02 17:42 thinkingstranger June 1, 2023
Late tonight the Senate passed H.R. 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act, suspending the debt ceiling and cutting certain federal spending. President Joe Biden has promised to sign it tomorrow, preventing a government default. Forty-four Democrats and two Independents—Angus King (I-ME) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ)—voted yes, along with 17 Republicans. Four Democrats and Independent Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voted no, along with 31 Republicans. The final tally to pass the measure was 63 to 36.
“Democrats are feeling very good tonight,” Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said. “We’ve saved the country from the scourge of default.”
Republicans brought the nation to the brink of default with their insistence that they opposed runaway government spending, but their demands did not square with that argument. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that the $21 billion cut in funding to the Internal Revenue Service, for example, will result in $40 billion in lost revenue, increasing the deficit by $19 billion.
In other economic news, the Biden administration today announced actions designed to address racial bias in the valuation of homes.
This sounds sort of in the weeds for administration action, I know, but it is actually an important move for addressing the nation’s wealth inequality. In 2019 a study from the Federal Reserve showed that white American families had a median net worth of $188,100, Hispanic or Latino families had a net worth of $36,200, and Black American families had a median net worth of $24,100.
Homeownership is the most important factor in creating generational wealth—that is, wealth that passes from one generation to the next—both because homeownership essentially forces savings as people pay mortgages, and because homes tend to appreciate in value.
But a 2021 study by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, more popularly known as Freddie Mac, showed that real estate appraisers are twice as likely to undervalue minority-owned property relative to contract price for which the home sells, than they are to undervalue homes owned by white Americans.
The story of lower valuation came to popular attention after a Black couple living near San Francisco applied for a loan and received an initial valuation far too low for them to qualify for that loan. Shocked, since the same house had been appraised at almost a half a million dollars higher the year before, the couple removed all traces of their ownership of the house and asked a white friend to stand in as the owner before a new appraiser evaluated the worth of the property. That new appraisal came back a half a million dollars higher than the lowball one.
(The couple sued, and the case was settled in February 2022).
Two years ago, the Biden administration announced a sweeping effort to “root out racial and ethnic bias in home evaluations.” Today it bolstered those efforts to “ensure that every American who buys a home has the same opportunities to build generational wealth through homeownership.” They call for fixing algorithms to ensure that home values are accurately assessed, creating pathways for consumers to challenge low assessments, and increasing the numbers of trained appraisers.
There is a reason that the administration has centered its housing policies on June 1. This is the anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, when in 1921 white gangs destroyed the prosperous Greenwood district of that city, which was home to more than 10,000 Black Americans. It wiped out 35 blocks with more than 1,200 homes and businesses and took hundreds of Black lives, robbing Black families of generational wealth and the opportunities that come with it.
In 1921, Greenwood, known as “Black Wall Street,” was estimated to be the richest Black community in the United States. The destruction of May 31 to June 1, 1921, changed all that. Residents of Greenwood filed $1.8 million in damage claims—more than $27 million in today’s dollars—against the city, but all but one of the claims were denied when the city was found not liable for damages caused by mobs. (A white pawnshop owner was compensated for the guns stolen from his store.) Insurance didn’t help, either: insurance companies claimed that damage caused by “riots” was not covered by their policies.
In a 2018 article in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Chris M. Messer, Thomas E. Shriver, and Alison E. Adams estimated that the destruction in Tulsa might well have amounted to more than $200 million in today’s dollars.
Greenwood’s Black residents nonetheless pooled their resources and rebuilt the district, despite the system of “redlining” by mortgage companies that deemed parts of Greenwood to be credit risks and made it impossible for residents to get mortgages. “Urban renewal” then destroyed the area again in the 1960s through the 1980s as white city planners rezoned the district, built highways through it, and took property through eminent domain.
Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged the destruction of Greenwood today in a call with reporters. Noting that “[h]omeownership is one of the single most powerful engines of wealth-building available to American families,” she explained that ‘[m]illions rely on the equity in their homes to put their children through college, to fund a startup, to retire with dignity, to create intergenerational prosperity and wealth.” But “for generations, many people of color have been prevented from taking full advantage of the benefits of homeownership.”
The inequalities of the past have persisted in the home appraisal system, Harris said. “[B]ecause their homes are undervalued, Black and Latino people often pay more for their mortgage, receive less when they sell, and are less able to get access to home equity lines of credit—all of which widens the racial wealth gap and deepens longstanding financial inequities.”
“Today,” her Twitter account said, “our Administration is announcing new actions to root out racial bias in home valuations to ensure that all hardworking families can realize the true value of their investment and have a fair shot at the American dream.”
Jonathan Lemire, Adam Cancryn, and Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico reported today that White House officials urged allies to downplay their substantial victory on the debt ceiling crisis and the related budget negotiations, afraid of sparking Republican opposition and eager to be seen as the adults in the room.
But they needn’t have worried. Today, President Biden tripped over a sandbag left in his path as he was jogging away from the center stage of the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado after giving the commencement address. He appeared fine after the fall, but it is dominating right-wing social media, the debt ceiling crisis already forgotten.

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2023.06.02 17:41 SnooBeans5570 Recent Information Systems graduate looking for feedback. Applying for entry-level Sys-Admin/Network Engineer positions.

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2023.06.02 17:41 habitcompanion Looking for new business owners who need accountability buddies

If you're a budding business owner looking for more accountability in their life, we want to help you. We're currently giving our professional accountability service for free for a month to the next twenty entrepreneurs who are ready to take the plunge and get more done.
We provide the following accountability coaching services:
We think we've discovered a winning formula to help business owners accomplish more faster. As mentioned before, this is completely free for the first month. Please, be aware that due to the size of our team, we are only able to serve people in the US/Canada with valid numbers that can receive text and calls.
If you're interested in learning more about our services, please check us out or send me a message. We're excited to help as many new entrepreneurs that we can.
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2023.06.02 17:41 1011100100101 I think a lot of people will be happy to see this… I know a lot of people are curious when product is actually harvested vs tested. Expirations are actually 1 year from test date, not harvest.

I think a lot of people will be happy to see this… I know a lot of people are curious when product is actually harvested vs tested. Expirations are actually 1 year from test date, not harvest. submitted by 1011100100101 to MDEnts [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:37 NovaStrict How to get the KFC cosmetic rewards if you live outside of USA

It's really simple:
  1. Use VPN (any VPN, even the free ones work) and select a US server. ProtonVPN is one of the best free VPNs.
  2. Create free KFC account
  3. Link KFC account with BattleNet account
  4. Redeem first reward for free
For the remaining 4 rewards, you do need to place an online order with KFC. Just pick the cheapest item in their menu that is eligible. I found a $4.99 sandwich. Select to pick up the order at a random KFC place in US. Just pick one in a poor state like Puerto Rico, Kentucky, or Louisiana because they have the lowest prices and taxes. You will need to add a phone number, just go on google maps and find a business in the area that has a phone number listed and add it to your order. Pay with your Visa/Mastercard, KFC does not limit purchases to US credit cards or something funky. Never pick the order up.
And that's it. Repeat the above step 4 times and you get all rewards, each order unlocks the next reward. However, for a total of $20 plus tax, I don't think this is worth it, you can get a full set of armor for the same price on the Diablo store.
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2023.06.02 17:36 triptriptricky Young-ish Professional, Wanting to Travel More

Hi, everyone! First off, I want to apologize for posting yet another travel credit card recommendation request... I have been trying to do my research and compare cards, but I still have no idea which one to choose.
Some background:
*30's, single, doesn't currently travel much (maybe 1-2x per year, domestically), but wants to travel more. My goal is to travel at least 2x per year, both domestically and internationally. *I live near BWI, so that will be my main depature airport. *I am open to the higher AF cards, as long as the fee is easily recouped (I already have TSA PreCheck through my employer, but I'd be interested in Global Entry). *I may be purchasing tour packages through tour companies for my international travel, if that makes a difference in what a company consideres a form of travel for points accural. I should be purchasing the airline ticket myself, though.
Thank you for your help!!!
* Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of: Discover It $29,500 limit, 08/2015, $0 balance // Tower Federal Credit Union Gold Mastercard, $6,000 limit, 09/2014. This is my oldest credit card, and it is not currently in use. // Never missed a payment and never carried a balance.
*FICO Score: 820 TransUnion per Discover, 813 TransUnion and 817 Equifax per CreditKarma
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: 0
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: 0
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: 0
* Annual income: $115,000
* OK with category-specific cards?: Yes, if able to transfer in order to maximize travel benefits/points.
* OK with rotating category cards?: Yes
* Estimate average monthly spend in the categories below: * Dining: $125
* Groceries: $300-$400 exclusively via Walmart online grocery delivery/pickup.
* Gas: $25
* Travel: I would say $0 really, but maybe $60 (~$1,450 total over the last 24 months - $1,160 on flights, ~$100 on UbeLyft. No car rentals or hotels.)
* Do you plan on using this card abroad for a significant length of time (study abroad, digital nomad, expat, extended travel)?: No, not a significant amount of time, but would prefer a card that is accepted while traveling abroad in order to maximize travel points. * Any other categories
-Phone: $55
-Car Insurance: $41 (paid semiannually) -Spotify: $14
-Hulu: $16
* Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: No
* Can you pay rent by credit card? No
* Current member of Amazon Prime?: Yes, $140 paid annually
* Current Verizon postpaid customer?: No
* Current member of Costco or Sam's Club? No
* Currently paying $13.99/month or more for Disney Bundle (Disney+ / Hulu / EPSN+) or other Hulu services? Yes, Hulu only
* Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: No
* Active US military?: No
* Are you open to Business Cards?: No
* What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE)?: Travel Rewards
* If you answered "travel rewards", do you have a preferred airline and/or hotel chain? No preferred hotels, and no preferred airline really, but I do exclusively travel out of BWI.
* Do you have any cards you've been looking at? The usual travel cards that are frequently recommended here. Chase Sapphire lines, Capitol One, etc. I'm a bit apprehensive regarding Amex, since I hear they are not widely accepted abroad.
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2023.06.02 17:36 NoPickle3457 Box office phone number?

Does any have or know where to locate a phone number for the box office if there is one?
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2023.06.02 17:35 wyem [N] This week in AI - all the Major AI development in a nutshell

  1. The recently released open-source large language model Falcon LLM, by UAE’s Technology Innovation Institute, is now royalty-free for both commercial and research usage. Falcon 40B, the 40 billion parameters model trained on one trillion tokens, is ranked #1 on Open LLM Leaderboard by Hugging Face.
  2. Neuralangel, a new AI model from Nvidia turns 2D video from any device - cell phone to drone capture - into 3D structures with intricate details using neural networks..
  3. In three months, JPMorgan has advertised 3,651 AI jobs and sought a trademark for IndexGPT, a securities analysis AI product.
  4. Google presents DIDACT (​​Dynamic Integrated Developer ACTivity), the first code LLM trained to model real software developers editing code, fixing builds, and doing code review. DIDACT uses the software development process as training data and not just the final code, leading to a more realistic understanding of the development task.
  5. Researchers from Deepmind have presented ‘LLMs As Tool Makers (LATM)’ - a framework that allows Large Language Models (LLMs) to create and use their own tools, enhancing problem-solving abilities and cost efficiency. With this approach, a sophisticated model (like GPT-4) can make tools (where a tool is implemented as a Python utility function), while a less demanding one (like GPT-3.5) uses them.
  6. Japan's government won't enforce copyrights on data used for AI training regardless of whether it is for non-profit or commercial purposes.
  7. ‘Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.’ - One sentence statement signed by leading AI Scientists as well as many industry experts including CEOs of OpenAI, DeepMind and Anthropic..
  8. Nvidia launched ‘Nvidia Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games’ - a custom AI model foundry service to build non-playable characters (NPCs) that not only engage in dynamic and unscripted conversations, but also possess evolving, persistent personalities and have precise facial animations and expressions.
  9. OpenAI has launched a trust/security portal for OpenAI’s compliance documentation, security practices etc..
  10. Nvidia announced a new AI supercomputer, the DGX GH200, for giant models powering Generative AI, Recommender Systems and Data Processing. It has 500 times more memory than its predecessor, the DGX A100 from 2020.
  11. Researchers from Nvidia presented Voyager, the first ‘LLM-powered embodied lifelong learning agent’ that can explore, learn new skills, and make new discoveries continually without human intervention in the game Minecraft.
  12. The a16z-backed chatbot startup Character.AI launched its mobile AI chatbot app on May 23 for iOS and Android, and succeeded in gaining over 1.7 million new installs within a week.
  13. Microsoft Research presents Gorilla, a fine-tuned LLaMA-based model that surpasses the performance of GPT-4 on writing API calls.
  14. OpenAI has trained a model using process supervision - rewarding the thought process rather than the outcome - to improve mathematical reasoning. Also released the full dataset used.
  15. WPP, the world's largest advertising agency, and Nvidia have teamed up to use generative AI for creating ads. The new platform allows WPP to tailor ads for different locations and digital channels, eliminating the need for costly on-site production.
  16. PerplexityAI’s android app is available now, letting users search with voice input, learn with follow-up questions, and build a library of threads.
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2023.06.02 17:35 Intelligent-Agent440 Time To Dispell the SCHD Is Down Because Of The Bank Stocks Narrative

SCHD is an ETF that tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Dividend 100 Index, which consists of 100 high dividend yielding stocks in the U.S. market¹. According to Yahoo Finance, SCHD has a 3.64% dividend yield and a -5.97% YTD daily total return** as of May 26, 2023.

According to Morningstar, SCHD has a 14.98% allocation to the financial services sector, which includes bank stocks. To remove bank stocks from SCHD, we would need to subtract their performance from the ETF's performance.
One way to do this is to use the Fidelity Stock Screener tool to filter out the bank stocks in the Dow Jones U.S. Dividend 100 Index by selecting the financial services sector and the banks industry. This gives us a list of 11 bank stocks that are part of SCHD's holdings, such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.
Next, we can use the Fidelity Portfolio Analysis tool to create a custom portfolio with these 11 bank stocks and see their performance year to date. According to this tool, the custom portfolio has a -0.76% YTD total return as of May 26, 2023.

To remove this performance from SCHD's performance, we can use a simple formula:
SCHD without bank stocks = SCHD - (SCHD x allocation to bank stocks) + (custom portfolio x allocation to bank stocks)
Plugging in the numbers, we get:
SCHD without bank stocks = -5.97% - (-5.97% x 14.98%) + (-0.76% x 14.98%)
SCHD without bank stocks = -5.97% + 0.89% - 0.11%
SCHD without bank stocks = -5.19%
Therefore, if we remove bank stocks from SCHD, its performance year to date would be -5.19%, which is slightly better than its actual performance of -5.97%.
Please note that this is an approximate calculation and does not account for other factors such as fees, dividends, rebalancing, etc.
SCHD is down year to date because it has been underperforming its category and benchmark. According to Yahoo Finance, SCHD has a -7.03% YTD daily total return as of May 26, 2023, while its category average is **10.90%** and its benchmark, the Dow Jones U.S. Dividend 100 Index, is 11.01%.

Some of the possible reasons for SCHD's underperformance are:

Sector allocation
SCHD has a higher exposure to sectors that have been lagging behind the broader market, such as consumer defensive, utilities, and energy. These sectors tend to be more defensive and less sensitive to economic growth and inflation expectations. On the other hand, SCHD has a lower exposure to sectors that have been outperforming the market, such as technology, communication services, and consumer discretionary. These sectors tend to be more growth-oriented and benefit from innovation and digitalization trends.
Value tilt
SCHD has a value tilt, meaning it invests in stocks that are undervalued based on their fundamentals, such as earnings, dividends, and book value. Value stocks have been underperforming growth stocks for a long time, as growth stocks have been driven by strong earnings growth and high expectations. However, some analysts believe that value stocks may be poised for a comeback, as they offer attractive valuations and dividend yields in a low-interest-rate environment.
Market volatility
SCHD is a dividend-focused ETF that aims to provide income and stability to investors. However, in times of high market volatility and uncertainty, dividend stocks may suffer from dividend cuts or suspensions, which can hurt their returns and attractiveness. Moreover, dividend stocks may also face competition from other income-generating assets, such as bonds or real estate investment trusts (REITs), which may offer higher yields or lower risks.
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2023.06.02 17:35 Bayan_D40 Top 50 Gambling Instagram & TikTok Accounts

Top 50 Gambling Instagram & TikTok Accounts
Social media have become an integral part of our lives, offering not only entertainment and communication, but also new opportunities for businesses. In this context, Instagram and TikTok stand out particularly brightly. Their popularity and influence in the world of social media are steadily growing, and influencers on these platforms are becoming a force capable of shaping public opinion and exerting a significant influence on consumer behavior.
Cooperating with influencers on Instagram and TikTok is an effective marketing tool for gambling projects. Examples of successful collaborations between bloggers and gambling projects on Instagram and TikTok are impressive and demonstrate the potential of this type of marketing. Bloggers often create interesting and appealing content that integrates gambling projects into their regular posts. They can share their winnings, game strategies, or simply talk about their gambling experiences. This allows iGaming projects to reach a wide audience that may be interested in such forms of entertainment.
It is worth noting the presence of a negative audience on social media, especially on TikTok. Encountering hate and negative comments on this platform can be the easiest. That is why selecting the right influencers with a warm and receptive audience who have a positive attitude towards gambling advertising is an important task. In the face of a vast number of influencers on TikTok and Instagram, we have prepared 2 researches:
  1. Gambling/iGaming Instagram Inventory List for Marketing 2023
  2. Gambling/iGaming TikTok Inventory List for Marketing 2023
We have collected 3 438 influencers ready to promote gambling. Based on this data, let's make the top 50 influencers on Instagram and TikTok.
idx Name Platform Followers
1 barstoolsports TikTok 27 300 000
2 bleacherreport Instagram 20 917 830
3 funnyhoodvidz Instagram 17 069 181
4 egorkreed Instagram 14 665 056
5 egorkreed TikTok 12 500 000
6 loud_victor Instagram 11 184 367
7 loud_coringa TikTok 8 800 000
8 evtushenko_dima TikTok 7 900 000
9 mrstiventc1977 TikTok 7 200 000
10 ziilverk TikTok 7 200 000
11 jonvlogs Instagram 6 406 242
12 rodrigofee2 Instagram 4 772 613
13 ivanzolo2004 TikTok 3 800 000
14 bruninzor TikTok 3 700 000
15 elgato TikTok 3 600 000
16 piuzinholl Instagram 3 512 900
17 jonvlogs TikTok 3 300 000
18 lasapaaaaa TikTok 2 800 000
19 Instagram 2 780 613
20 dilbliin TikTok 2 200 000
21 bingojunkiess TikTok 2 200 000
22 evelone1922 TikTok 2 100 000
23 slaterkodish TikTok 2 000 000
24 rachaxp Instagram 1 966 935
25 fluxo_two9 Instagram 1 918 052
26 evtushenko_dima Instagram 1 797 746
27 alanafloresf TikTok 1 700 000
28 tima_maconi TikTok 1 700 000
29 kyivstoner Instagram 1 663 612
30 paradeevich TikTok 1 600 000
31 diegoneira3 TikTok 1 500 000
32 eypiedra TikTok 1 500 000
33 lopezzjoacoo Instagram 1 456 272
34 thenotoriousprankedy Instagram 1 430 137
35 kareykadasha Instagram 1 339 234
36 elranty Instagram 1 301 162
37 westcol Instagram 1 269 735
38 calaaaango Instagram 1 240 844
39 davoobj Instagram 1 184 008
40 gazzettadellosport Instagram 1 130 765
41 fluxo_gorilatv Instagram 1 111 213
42 davooxeneize TikTok 1 100 000
43 gensyxa TikTok 1 100 000
44 sport1news TikTok 1 100 000
45 neekolul TikTok 1 100 000
46 linfnx Instagram 1 052 693
47 nsmartynov Instagram 1 049 458
48 sharkao Instagram 1 047 934
49 dedeof Instagram 1 001 195
50 el_ranty TikTok 1 000 000
According to the selection above, there are:
  • 17 influencers with over than 3 000 000 followers
  • 33 influencers with less than 3 000 000 followers


Collaborating with influencers on these platforms offers several advantages for gambling projects:
  1. Wide audience.
Instagram and TikTok bloggers have a huge subscriber base, allowing for reaching a broad range of users and brand recognition. 214,269,797 people follow the listed 50 accounts.
  1. Influence and trust.
Followers trust influencers and follow their advice and recommendations. Collaborating with bloggers allows gambling projects to leverage this trust and convince users to try their services.
  1. Creative content.
Original content attracts new subscribers and retains existing ones. Through collaboration with influencers, iGaming projects can create content that captures the audience's attention and sparks their curiosity about the product.
  1. Unique advertising formats.
Instagram and TikTok offer diverse advertising formats that can be effectively utilized by gambling businesses, from direct advertising posts to guerrilla marketing. The format of short videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds enables reaching a vast audience, as there is a high likelihood of creating viral videos, which can be viewed by tens or hundreds of millions of people.
All of the above accounts are great for advertising iGaming. Let's look at the most popular accounts on TikTok and Instagram.


Platform: TikTok
Followers: 27 300 000
Optimal for: All thing gambling
Barstool Sports is a popular sports and pop culture media company that was founded by Dave Portnoy in 2003. It started as a print publication in Boston and has since grown into a multi-platform digital media empire with a significant online presence. Barstool Sports has gained a large following due to its unique and often irreverent approach to covering sports and entertainment.
The company covers a wide range of topics including professional and college sports, gambling, viral videos, and celebrity gossip. Barstool Sports push the boundaries of traditional sports journalism and aren't afraid to take risks or tackle sensitive subjects.
They have a strong presence on social media platforms like Tik Tok, where they share a condensed and dynamic version of their content. On their TikTok account, Barstool Sports offers a mix of sports-related videos, humorous skits, and viral clips. There are 27 300 000 potential customers who are positive about advertising gambling products.


Platform: Instagram
Followers: 20 917 830
Optimal for: Projects related to sports
Bleacher Report (BR) is a popular media portal specializing in sports journalism, news, analysis, and entertainment. It was founded in 2007 and has since become one of the leading sports websites in the world. One of the key features of Bleacher Report is its team of authors and journalists. Over 2 000 experts and writers collaborate with BR, offering their unique perspectives and analysis of sports events.
The official Instagram account of Bleacher Report (BR) is one of the most popular and influential sports accounts on social media. Since its creation, it has gathered a huge audience of sports fans and offers engaging content related to sports news, game highlights, interviews, entertainment, and much more.
This account has amassed over 20 000 000 sports enthusiasts. The account can be an excellent tool for promoting a bookmaking company as it averages 3 000 000 views on Reels. And this is not the only advertising method available, you can also buy ads in Stories, posts, or live broadcasts.


Platform: Instagram
Followers: 17 069 181
Optimal for: All thing gambling
The Instagram account u/funnyhoodvidz is a platform dedicated to humorous content. Through it, users can enjoy a wide variety of funny videos, hilarious pictures, and memes.
The account page is highly popular among Instagram users as it offers entertaining content. As for advertising, you may come across advertisements for gambling games on the profile. For example, you can purchase a series of posts and stories, just like Stake did. They regularly appear in the account's stories throughout the year.


Platforms: TikTok, Instagram
Followers: on Instagram -14 665 056; on TikTok - 12 500 000
Optimal for: All thing gambling
egorkreed, whose real name is Yegor Bulatkin, is a popular Russian singer. He has a large number of followers on social media and actively engages with his fans on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. The singer promotes various products, ranging from video games to online casinos.
egorkreed holds an impressive position in our ranking, with a combined total of 27,165,056 followers on both social media.

The power of social media

The power of social media for businesses lies in its ability to significantly increase brand awareness and facilitate direct communication with customers, enabling companies to reach a large audience, engage in real-time conversations, receive feedback, address inquiries or concerns, build trust, enhance customer loyalty, and cultivate a positive brand image.
Instagram and TikTok belong to the best social media to promote gambling. The various formats of influencer advertising available on these platforms provide gambling projects with unique opportunities to engage their audience and increase brand visibility. Sponsored posts, partnership contests and giveaways, video reviews and recommendations, as well as live streams - all these formats allow projects to be presented in a creative and appealing way. Instagram and TikTok influencers have the ability to create original content, interact with their audience, and share their impressions, strategies, and advice with them.
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2023.06.02 17:34 i_lick_phrog_pheet help me find someone

i wanna find an old friend of mine but i have no clue what his surname is. i know his first name, birthday, what city he lives in, possibly his job, i’m pretty sure he has a gun license, and he’s an ex-marine. is there a website or something i can use as all the ones i’ve found need a surname or phone number
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2023.06.02 17:33 habitcompanion [Method] Looking to test our accountability service on new entrepreneurs

Are you a new entrepreneur or business owner who is struggling with meeting their own personal deadlines? Do you have a side hustle that you've started and are ready to take to the next level but you just need a little more accountability to succeed? We're a team of accountability coaches and partners dedicated in supporting you in achieving your business goals.
For the last twelve months, we've been working to create a goal coaching and accountability partner service that will help business owners accomplish more, faster.
How do we do this? We provide a goal map where we support our clients through calls, text messages, and emails. Our monthly package includes:
Right now, we're looking for twenty business owners who want to try the service for free. We want to continue testing and refining the service before fully launching, but we think we've come up with a winning formula that can help any new entrepreneur be more successful.
Please, note because we're a small team, we can only cover timezones in the western hemisphere and can only communicate with US/Canadian based numbers.
Wouldn't it be great to have a team of people who want to see you achieve your business goals just as much as you do? If you're interested in finding out more about our service, please check out our site at Or message me now for more info.
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