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2023.03.22 07:08 Lonely_Inflation1747 I have a Consultative Exam next Monday

As title say it’s on the 27th. For Paranoid Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Adhd but mainly Schizo. They didn’t have my medical records yet so I assume that’s why I’m being sent there. I experienced delusions and hallucinations during my onset and was diagnosed a year ago now in 2021 of October. I don’t work but have been going to school. But in my medical records it shows that I don’t experience delusions or hallucinations often or at all. But I do experience intrusive thoughts and something similar to agrophobia or harmful intrusive thoughts or anxiety when mixed with social settings. My claim is 90% complete what do you think are my chances and what do I wear as a 23 yo male to the exam. Also what do they usually ask and what should I say? That I don’t realize that I am delusional but have fixed false beliefs in spiritual meanings, I have recently been hearing the lowest noise in voices, I smoked weed often and that kinda triggers it. I have a hard time in public and have to restrain myself from lashing out at someone in fear, and I do have a history of drug abuse. I need help I’m trying to beat this in my first go. Also I live in Washington
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2023.03.22 07:07 Pulgy_Wulgy Having a folding phone in school

Would it be a bad idea to have it at school?
I'm 17, private high-school 2nd year and I'm planning to get a Z Fold 4 (from my moms carrier, I'd pay it monthly)
I love everything about the phone, except the fact that it could grab people's attention
What if someone wants to hold it?
Everyone in my school is pretty much all for Apple an barely anything else
But even then, I feel like the Fold will gets some glances, and probably more
Any opinions? Maybe experience with having the Fold phones in public and how people reacted?
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2023.03.22 07:02 Melaninari Is this a good resume for a freshman in college?

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2023.03.22 06:47 seedling-ghostling Healing through reflection bursts

I've become numb to simple pleasures of life as if I have lost my awe and wonder and have forgotten to be grateful. I had an unstable upbringing, always moving around with my mum to reside at her temporary boyfriends houses to stay away from home with dad (who I now feel deeply empathetic towards). I grew up in a third world country, where my mum is from - my dad is a foreigner. My mum knew there wasn't much for me in this small town... (I was the only "white/mixed" kid in school. She has always been free spirited maybe sometimes a bit too much where she isn't really my mum, but more of a friend.. My family were very broke..I remember debt collectors would come knocking on our doors with death threats..She knew I always wanted to live in the country my dad was from..Cleaner environment, public transport, free healthcare and maybe I can make some friends. So we left.. I remember calling my dad on the phone while I was at the airport telling him mum and I weren't coming home.... My mum and I stayed at her sisters tiny unit (my aunt). It was a 2 bedroom, with my aunt and her partner and her two kids. Mum and I would sleep in the same bed on the floor of the kids room until I could get a part-time job and move into a sharehouse (I was 15 at this point) I was enrolled into highscool, would work after work and on weekends just to make ends meet, and was able to get into a sharehouse with my own room. My mum had to go back to her country due to financial and visa issues. And I've been on my own since. I loved making friends, but it was hard for me to accept that the people I met here were born here, or grew up here. And they had family homes, and pets and stable finances and connections. So my friends focus was purely on what they wanted to do and who to be. I never told anyone about how envious I was, it's hard to admit to say I was envious but I was definitely hurt. "Why not me". Friendships became harder to maintain when people wanted to go to the beach or the next party but I was always working just to keep a roof over my head or food on my plate. Or even, send my mum a little bit of money because she couldn't make ends meet back in her country... At 17, I was introduced to drugs. And I lost control. It took away all my stresses, I felt free.. Eventually the escape was all I wanted.. I stopped going to school. I stopped going to work.. I got evicted.. I couch surfed at a few peoples places that did drugs..I started stealing for clothes..and for coins I would find to buy more drugs because I couldn't come to terms with how my life was heading. Then, I took 2CI - a synthetic LSD with a group of people I didn't really know. I went into psychosis.. And couldn't come out of it.. I would get emails from my mum and dad asking whats happening where am I why am I not responding. My aunt must have called the police on me, as they rocked up to my friends place looking for me. I ignored it all. Finally I reached out and said..I need help, I need to come home. And dear god, there must be something out there protecting me or the mind can work in really mysterious ways. I managed to get on a flight back home with borrowed money. I was exteremly underweight and didnt have nice clothes. My mum was horrified. My mind eventually couldn't come to terms with how everything has turned out and I lost it.. I remember waking up in hospital and asking what the date was.. 3 months had passed. I was diagnosed of schizrophrenia, bipolar 2, psychosis
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2023.03.22 06:45 Intelligent-Quiet566 How to get started in the IT industry without any prior job experience?

I’ve been looking at professional IT careers and i’ve noticed a trend. Employers wants to hire those with 3 years experience but nobody wants to put in the resources and efforts to train up the inexperienced.
I’ve gone to an interview where I was told ‘this is not an academy, if you want training, you should go back to a training academy’. But then I thought to myself, who’s responsible for the training? Schools didn’t teach company specific technical skills and companies doesn’t apply what is being taught in school.
This begs the following questions:
How are companies hiring experienced personnels when nobody is willing to train them? This is not sustainable, isn’t it?
Will the IT industry, or specific departments, lose their roles in the next 10, 20, 30 years because of the lack of experienced professionals?
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2023.03.22 06:39 StrategosRisk Alpha Centauri Designer Diaries on GameSpot

Original link here, nicely paginated and in early web dark mode for readability. Live link here.
Four game design entries from Brian Reynolds and one by producer Tim Train (who would go on to produce SMAX). This is a fascinating document with multiple walls of text, which I'll try to summarize with my own wall of text:
04/14/98 - Tweaking AI. Brian discusses the challenges in building convincingly smart AI in strategy games, noting that most players prefer to play multiplayer matches against fellow humans because "the AI is crappy." He goes over a few real-world examples of poor AI while play-testing SMAC: Deirdre selling a frequency for far too low (five energy!), Yang launching a weak invasion, Santiago violating territory too often, and ways he fine-tunes it to play smarter. Not sure what "Alpha Crawlers" are.
06/04/98 - Designing a "future historical" game. This is my favorite entry, so apologies for all of the quotes. You really should just go and read it now.
Depending on the game I'm making, I may get to be a historian, an anthropologist, an archaeologist, or a military officer. These days, with Alpha Centauri, I'm pretending to be a scientist, a science-fiction writer, and perhaps a philosopher.
At the "Sid Meier School For Better Game Design," a successful design presents the player with a series of interesting decisions - decisions where he (or she) feels genuinely torn between choice A and choice B - and allows the player to win by any of several different strategies.
Because SMAC is set in the future, unlike Civ, the team aimed to have the gameplay reinforce the concept of creating human history. Hence, the detailed climatic model and world builder to focus on how terraforming literally reshapes Planet. Brian also lays out their ambitious views of allowing the player to "map out your vision of future utopia."
economics, liberties, religion, health care, military service, education, environment, and information. On each issue, you can choose to take a "ruthless," "moderate," or "idealistic" stance, with a variety of consequences. Choose the ruthless "free market" economy, which promotes efficiency and economic growth at the expense of the environment, or the idealistic "fair market" economy, which encourages citizen loyalty, population expansion, and raw industrial output at the expense of economic growth.
Similarly, you may choose (ruthlessly) to conscript a massive, inexpensive, but ill-trained army, or you can (idealistically) raise an all-volunteer, highly trained, and very expensive force. Ruthlessly, you maintain ironfisted control of your information networks, preventing enemy infiltration, not to mention the corrupting influences of pornography and subversive literature. Or idealistically, you open your networks to the free exchange of ideas and information, reaping the rewards of greater creativity and productivity but running the risks of infiltration, corruption, or even open rebellion. Idealistic public health care keeps your citizens happy and healthy, not to mention loyal; a ruthless health care "for profit" scheme encourages economic efficiency, not to mention advanced medical research.
[...] You can create literally thousands of different societies in Alpha Centauri - an atheistic, polluting police state with a free market economy, universal education, and all-volunteer military. Or perhaps a devoutly religious democracy with a heavily censored information network, conscript army, and cradle-to-grave health care.
Okay, the actual SMAC is very scaled back from this vision, which is probably for the best. Save that level of granular social engineering for Paradox Interactive grand strategy spreadsheet simulators. Having the factions mostly conform to their ideological archetypes helped to keep their characterization strong. But you have to wonder what a modern AC game would be like if it let you actually tackle the issues of "free flow of information" and uh, health care.
08/11/98 - "Factional Strife - Balancing a Masterpiece." First off, that title is bold, ambitious, and prophetic. Tim Train (embarrassingly misspelled as Tim "Trian") discusses how factions should be able to support multiple strategies based on their strengths and weaknesses, while making it fun.
Even when deprived of its optimal strategy, the faction's weaknesses should not be insurmountable.
Specifically cites the University, the Believers, and the Gaians as mini-case studies. Originally Miriam was dependent upon population expansion, but would be crippled if starting on say an island. So they gave her Fanatic attack. Originally Deirdre only had buffs against base pollution, but that was boring so they added early mindworm capture.
[...] I've noticed that when I win using a particular strategy, it gets chalked up to "unbalanced powers" (and a new set of attribute rules soon follows); when designer Brian Reynolds wins, it's "superior gameplay."
12/09/98 - Home stretch, Multiplayer features. Pretty short. Just a preview for multiplayer.
03/15/99 - Final entry, Brian's closing thoughts. Covers Firaxis' prototype-first approach to game development - "we don't start by creating a 50-pound design document" (someone should've told Square Enix Montréal that). That leads to a "feedback loop", which is greatly aided by public beta testers, whom Brian gives a big shout out to.
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2023.03.22 06:39 pottttytraining What kind of questions do you get asked in an interview?

For context, I am applying to jobs via the recent grad pathway program and have been applying to positions such as Contract Specialist, Management specialist, Program Analyst, Human Resources Specialist and so on. Mostly administrative positions.
I don’t have much work experience other than a retail work experience I had during college. Currently I deliver with UBEREats/Doordash while I’m looking for a role in the government, as I recently finished my Bachelors degree in economics and public policy with SAA. Aside from my schooling, my resume only has my couple years of retail experience and my current UBEREats/Doordash experience. Nothing more than that!
I was wondering what kinds of questions do they ask at the interviews? Are the interviews relatively easier for GS-5 and GS-7 positions in the aforementioned positions? I’m relying solely on my education to be hired. I have been referred a couple times now and if I hear back for a potential interview, I just wanted to prepare for it. I’d appreciate any insight from people who’ve interviewed for similar roles in the entry-level GS-5 or GS-7 roles. Much thanks!
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2023.03.22 06:35 D491234 The Vatican/Jesuit connection with radical feminists such as Posie Parker AKA Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull and the anti trans movement

‘Canceled’ radical feminists and the Catholic Church: These unlikely allies believe women are female By Mary Farrow
This article is the first part of a two-part series on the Church, gender-critical feminists, and transgender ideology. Part two will be published on Feb. 12.
Mary Kate Fain doesn't agree with the Catholic Church about anything. Or, nearly anything, at least. But she does agree with the Catholic take on gender and identity. And that's cost her. A lot.
Last July, Fain wrote a piece critiquing non-binary gender identities. She questioned why so many of her female friends felt the need to shed their identities as women and to instead identify as "non-binary" - neither male nor female.
Fain published the piece on Medium, an online social publishing platform.
Not long after the article published, Fain was fired from her job as a software engineer. She claims her viewpoints are the reason she was let go.
"I guess one of my coworkers complained about the article and I was fired. And since then it just started the slew of cancellation," Fain told CNA.
"I was canceled from conferences, and canceled for multiple groups that I was a volunteer in, et cetera. And it just really highlighted to me that they all wanted to shut me up, but what it proved was that there really is a need for a place for women to be able to say this."
Since her firing, Fain, a millennial and freelance writer living just outside of Houston, founded 4W, an online publication that publishes articles analyzing radical feminist issues such as gender, male violence, sex positivity, and the portrayal of women in media. She is also co-founder of the feminist social media platform Spinster.xyz, and a volunteer with the Women's Human Rights Campaign.
And she is just one of many "canceled" women.
Why women are being "canceled"
Fain, along with several other women writers, intellectuals, and activists, have been "canceled" for their conviction that women are adult human females, whose sex-based rights, such as the right to female-only spaces like bathrooms or sports teams or therapy groups, deserve protection.
This view is no longer seen as politically correct by some tastemakers and gatekeepers, because it is "trans-exclusionary" - to hold this view means to hold that a man cannot "become" a woman because he identifies as one, and vice versa.
"...this is not something that you're supposed to say," Fain said. "We're supposed to just blindly accept what anyone says about their own identity, without any critical analysis, without any feminist analysis even. We're supposed to ignore that sex-based oppression exists and just admit, 'Oh yes, we are what we say we are and that defines our reality.'"
"But I think for any feminist, any real feminist, we know that that just simply isn't true," she added.
"Our sex does define certain aspects of our reality, and people are not allowed to say that in today's day and age."
Many women who hold this view refer to themselves as radical feminists, trans-exclusionary radical feminists or gender critical feminists, or even "canceled women."
"Cancel culture" is a relatively new term, used to describe the phenomenon that happens when someone, usually a famous person or one with some kind of platform, experiences a kind of shunning, harassment, or social banishment for doing or saying something with which a lot of people disagree.
Being "canceled" can take many forms: being trolled or doxxed on social media, being banned from Twitter or other platforms, or finding that events featuring the canceled person are quickly, well, canceled.
In January, an event entitled "Evening with Canceled Women" was canceled by the New York Public Library, where the event was to be hosted.
The canceled event was organized by Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), a group that advocates for the "rights, privacy and safety of women and girls, by which we mean human females," Kara Dansky, a board member with WoLF, told CNA.
"We were being told over the course of a week that the contract was being processed (for the event), and then the day before the deposit was due, we were told that we could not proceed with the event and we were not given a reason," Dansky said.
The event would have included the voices of women "who have, in one way or another, been silenced or canceled as a result of their outspoken views on behalf of women and girls," she added.
For example, the event would have featured Canadian feminist Megan Murphy, an advocate against pornography and prostitution whose insistence that women are female got her banned from Twitter, Dansky said.
It would also have included Posie Parker, a UK feminist known "for her insistence that the word woman means adult human female, which is simply the dictionary definition of the word," Dansky said. Parker has also been banned from Twitter for her views.
The event also would have featured Linda Bellows, a Briton "who speaks on behalf of lesbian rights. And she has been told that it is transphobic to insist that lesbians are women who are attracted to women," Dansky said.
These canceled women join a slew of others, with particularly high numbers in the UK, where the 2004 Gender Recognition Act lets adults register their gender as something other than the biological sex with which they were born.
Common ground with the Catholic Church
While trans-exclusionary radical feminist women typically hold many views with which the Catholic Church disagrees, such as approval of abortion and gay marriage, they share common ground in the belief that women are female and men are male - and they are born that way.
"It has been a tremendous plus to have radical feminists speaking out so strongly about the reality of sexual difference and against the new tyranny of gender," Mary Rice Hasson, the Kate O'Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. and director of the Catholic Women's Forum, told CNA.
"Although we disagree about many things – most significantly about abortion-– we agree on some important truths about women," she said, such as opposing violence and exploitation against women, as well as "the importance of acknowledging the reality of sexual difference and the dangers of the transgender agenda."
"Specifically, we agree that sexual difference is real, that males and females are different in significant ways, and that a person's sex cannot change," Hasson said.
"The Church's vision of the human person differs radically from gender ideology," Hasson noted. "Christian anthropology teaches that the person is a unity of body and soul, that we are created male or female, forever."
"Gender ideology, in contrast, imagines the person as a bundle of assorted dimensions," she said, such as gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and biological sex, none of which "needs to align – the person is self-determining. God is really not in the driver's seat."
Fain said she agrees that gender identity, "this idea that we have an internal sense of being male, female or neither, and that this has any effect on our material reality, is nonsense."
Dansky, whose group's primary goals are to fight violence against and exploitation of women in rape, sexual and domestic assault, and pornography and prostitution, said that her work is made nearly impossible in the context of broad social disagreement about what makes someone a woman in the first place.
"It's very difficult to solve all of those problems when we're not permitted to name the category of women," she said.
"It's very interesting to me that when our society talks about domestic violence and rape and sexual assault, and we talk about the rampant rates of these crimes being perpetrated against women and girls, everybody knows what the words 'women' and 'girls' mean."
In light of increasing acceptance of transgender ideology, the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education's issued a document entitled "Male and Female He Created Them" last June, explaining the Church's teaching on transgender issues and encouraging dialogue with those experiencing gender dysphoria.
The document cited the need to reaffirm "the metaphysical roots of sexual difference" to help refute "attempts to negate the male-female duality of human nature, from which the family is generated."
Such a negation "erases the vision of human beings as the fruit of an act of creation" and "creates the idea of the human person as a sort of abstraction who 'chooses for himself what his nature is to be.'"
Theories of gender, whether moderate or radical, agree that "one's gender ends up being viewed as more important than being of male or female sex," according to the document, which also reflects on the role of gender theory in education and speaks of a "crisis" in any alliance between the school and the family.
"Although ideologically-driven approaches to the delicate questions around gender proclaim their respect for diversity, they actually run the risk of viewing such differences as static realities and end up leaving them isolated and disconnected from each other," it said.
The document called for dialogue, and the protection of human and family rights. It also decried unjust discrimination and noted points of unity among people with different perspectives on gender ideology.
"Key allies"
Looking for concrete examples of common ground, Fain told CNA that she thinks that protecting the freedom of speech of those who oppose transgenderism will be one of the most important things that radical feminists and Christians can work together for.
"(W)e need to deal with this freedom of speech issue that's happening and cancel culture, which is making most people terrified to speak out on the issue," she said.
Fain noted that when she wrote the controversial article that got her fired, she had anticipated the backlash and had been saving for months to protect herself from the blow. She recognized that most people cannot afford to lose their jobs for speaking up on this issue.
"Most people can't, and especially women who are already at a financial disadvantage are more likely to be caring for kids," she said.
"And people are terrified to speak out on this issue because of the serious economic consequences that are happening."
"And although I have many issues with the right in general, I will say that I think religious freedom and freedom of speech do go hand in hand," Faid added.
"And so the Church's work on that is probably relevant here."
Hasson identified women like Fain as "key allies" in the fight against transgenderism going forward, and said she looks forward to working with them despite differences on other issues.
"Radical feminists have been fearless in speaking the truth about sexual difference - over social media, at universities, and in public hearings. They have refused to be silenced - even after being ridiculed, 'de-platformed' at public universities, or having their Twitter accounts shut down," Hasson said.
"We differ greatly about abortion and our views of men, but I am hopeful that our work together and personal regard for each other will open up some opportunities in the future for discussions about those areas where we disagree. But for now, I'm grateful for their commitment to speak the truth, even at great personal cost."
Source https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/43530/canceled-radical-feminists-and-the-catholic-church-these-unlikely-allies-believe-women-are-female
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2023.03.22 06:33 Arkiaxe 20 [M4F] EST U.S.

Hey y'all, first time actually putting myself out here but oh well, thought I'd try and do it rather than just waiting on replies.
Some stuff about me is that I go by Danny, I was originally born in Mexico but now reside on the east coast of the US! Completely fluent in both Spanish and English, although I am also learning ASL!
My hobbies and activities include video games, reading books, cooking when I get a chance, learning about random stuff and watching stuff or listening to music. Video games specifically I love on console or PC, stuff like Destiny 2, Overwatch 2, Persona 5, Nier Replicant or Automata, and etc. As for books, I love anything like nonfiction, fiction, or classical books, but loved fantasy when I was younger. I will say however I am such a nerd for the typical stuff (LOTR, Star Wars, Comics, Manga, etc). Oh and I'm also a college student studying Psychology but also plan on attending medical school to be a psychiatrist!
As for what I'm looking for, just anyone that loves any of these things or at least is intrigued by it! I love learning new stuff about people or new perspectives. Just be an honest and genuine person to be quite frank, not a super picky person. I wish y'all a wonderful night!
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2023.03.22 06:26 nicotinethot Pyt caught giving head after class 🤩 text me on my tele or text me on rèddit to get in high school thots or kid pyt / nl private chats 👨🏽‍💻💙‼️ or for mega and dropboxes deals 👀 💕pyt public chat 7 in comments 🤍

Pyt caught giving head after class 🤩 text me on my tele or text me on rèddit to get in high school thots or kid pyt / nl private chats 👨🏽‍💻💙‼️ or for mega and dropboxes deals 👀 💕pyt public chat 7 in comments 🤍 submitted by nicotinethot to u/nicotinethot [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 06:25 Few-Distance156 Niagara Falls dissolves downtown BIA board amid governance issues

Niagara Falls dissolves downtown BIA board amid governance issues
The City of Niagara Falls has dissolved the downtown business improvement area (BIA) board of management after meeting behind closed doors late Tuesday night. The municipality will assume all assets and liabilities of the organization until a new BIA can be formed within two years. The decision was made after receiving advice from outside legal counsel and hearing concerns about the BIA’s activities, constitution, oversight and public confidence. The city will continue to charge a tax levy to downtown properties to address any excess liabilities of the BIA. The city’s staff will consult with members of the BIA and the public to report back with options on reformation of the BIA. The dissolution takes effect immediately, with only Coun. Lori Lococo opposed.
The downtown BIA has been embattled for months, facing criticism from some members, residents and politicians over its governance, finances, transparency and accountability. Several complaints have been filed with the city’s integrity commissioner against members of the BIA board, including Coun. Wayne Campbell, who resigned as a representative on the board last week citing health and family reasons. The city also granted a loan of approximately $100,000 to help the BIA continue to operate until issues could be resolved.
The dissolution of the downtown BIA board follows a similar move by Windsor city council last month, which notified its nine BIAs it will be usurping their roles for about two months to put uniform rules in place.
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2023.03.22 06:23 D491234 The Vatican's connection with the Anti Trans Movement

Two arrested as mob sets upon protesters outside Mark Latham event in Sydney Rainbow rights group says peaceful protesters were set upon outside a Catholic church in Belfield
A gay and LGBTI rights group says a group attacked peaceful protesters outside a Catholic church in south-west Sydney, where One Nation’s Mark Latham was giving a speech.
Community Action for Rainbow Rights said on Twitter that as they were protesting outside St Michael’s church hall in Belfield, a mob set upon the protesters.
“Several people were punched in the face multiple times & hit with rocks and bottles as they were surrounded by a mob 30 times their size,” Community Action for Rainbow Rights said in a post.
Footage posted by the group on Facebook appeared to show a large, mostly male crowd confronting the rights activists and throwing punches as police officers attempt to hold back the group.
One of the organisers of the LGBTI protest, who requested anonymity due to fears for their safety, said they had intended to simply hold signs on the street opposite the church, make their point, and then leave.
“When we got there, we were full-on mobbed,” the protester told Guardian Australia.
“They grabbed one of the protesters by the hair and threw them to the ground, they punched people in the face, they threw bottles, handfuls of gravel.”
“We were just surrounded by these people who were out for our blood, basically. It took a lot for police to push them back and for us to make our escape.”
New South Wales police said two people were arrested following “a public order incident” involving about 500 people.
“During the event, it is alleged a number of glass bottles and other projectiles were thrown at police,” police said, adding that a male constable was hit by missile, which injured his hand and forced him to go to hospital. A 38-year-old man was pushed to the ground and assaulted.
Police reinforcements gained control of the incident, police said.
The protester said police were overwhelmed and struggled to maintain any sort of line between the two groups.
“It was such an extreme situation,” the protester said. “They barely had a handle on it, they barely had enough people to maintain a line between us and them. These … people kept jumping in and throwing their fists at the top of our heads and stuff like that.”
A 34-year-old man was charged with encouraging the commission of crimes and bailed until 11 April. A 41-year-old man was arrested and charged with common assault and ordered to appear at Bankstown local court on 30 May.
Latham, who is an outspoken critic of discussion of gender diversity in schools, said he had been advised by police not to attend the meeting but believed that not doing so was a “denial of democracy”.
Neither he nor One Nation – which is bidding to gain seats in Saturday’s NSW election – organised the event.
He said he had spoken about religious freedom, parental rights, school education and protecting non-government schools from what he called “alphabet activism”, and had not seen any trouble.
However, he said he was told by police that there had been violence “so I thoroughly condemned that and urged everyone to disperse peacefully”.
Source https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/ma21/two-arrested-after-mob-charges-rights-activists-outside-mark-latham-event-in-sydney
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2023.03.22 06:23 Expert-Screen8121 Do I have any hope for the rest of my decisions?

starting to lose hope, especially after SB reject today. do i have a shot at schools like Berkeley coming soon?
Demographics: Male, Asian, Competitive Bay Area Public, no hooks
Intended Major(s): Computer Science (Envi Engineering, Applied math, computer engineering, etc... at reaches)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1560 one attempt (800M, 760R)
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.94/4.45, no ranking but estimate ~top 10%
Coursework: AP CSA, AP Physics 1, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C, AP Stats, AP English Lit, Intro to Programming in C++, Discrete Math, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, A in Berkeley CS61BL
APCSA: 5, AP Physics 1: 5, AP Calc BC: 5, Microecon: 5, Macroecon: 4 (didn't send anywhere)
Awards: USACO Gold, 2x AIME, National merit semifinalist (Finalist pending), regional cultural talent show 1st place, round 1 Google code jam, ACSL Finalist

FoundeCEO of environmental/societal hackathon with 600+ participants and $100k+ prize value
Founder & pres of a technical club at school
researcher at selective program, utilized ML to predict wildfire paths
Job Shadow at a T100 tech company
Paid tutor for math subjects
Cofounder of competitive programming bootcamp
President of cultural club with high participation and events
Officer of STEM tutoring organization, collab with school VP and other leadership
Project Development club officer
Music Content (10k+ views)
Varsity Track Athlete

Essays/LORs/Other: 7.5/10 essays (good writing quality and time investment/effort but not extremely unique)
8.5/10 CS teacher rec, 7/10 english teacher rec, 6.5/10 physics teacher rec

all my earlies + UCs r CS, rest are some variation of other majors
ED UPenn (defer)
EA UIUC CS + Ling (defer -> waitlist)
EA GTech (defer)
EA UMich (defer)
EA Wisconsin Madison (defer)
EA USC with double legacy (defer)
EA UMD (accept)
EA Purdue (accept)
MIT (reject)
Uwash CS (rejected)
UCLA (waitlist)
UCSD (reject)
Johns Hopkins (reject)
UChicago (waitlist)
UCSB (reject)
UCI (accept)
UCD (waitlist)
UCSC (accept)
UCR (accept)
UCM (accept)
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2023.03.22 06:22 Due-Bet3128 Relocating to the Area: Advice on Place to Live??

Hey everyone! I am relocating to the area with my fiance come this summer. We are relocating for work and school and have never been to the area. What are some places to avoid at all costs, apartment-wise, area-wise, etc.? We are currently looking at places like Courtney Park but are concerned about the reviews. Has anyone had experience with them? What about looking at Loveland, Windsor, or Greeley? Honestly, we are just very overwhelmed and we need to be moved by a certain date this summer but don't want to end up somewhere that is absolute crap haha.
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2023.03.22 06:19 HeyGuysHopeAllIsWell Sending Colleges Too Many Updates

I genuinely don’t know if I’m sending my colleges too many updates. I’m on my 7th batch (each batch has 9-21 updates); so far, everything update has been really meaningful (like getting to address the UN Commission on the Status of Women, getting a couple of pretty big publications, and becoming a Coke Scholar), but my counselor said that my colleges would reject me if I continue to send so many updates. (note: this is my scheduling counselor, my school’s college counselor quit, so I have no one to ask at my inner city HS with little funding)
I called a lot of my colleges and they each said that as long as I’m not sending a dozen updates, I’m good, but idk if that was an exaggeration.
I genuinely don’t mean to come off as pretentious or braggy, I know that I might think it’s annoying to send so many updates, but lots of these are really meaningful (e.g. getting the opportunity to address the White House, meeting with a UN ambassador, and meeting with a former country president)
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2023.03.22 06:14 world_break Company acquired, about to be handed a new contract.

The medium sized company I work for was bought out a few months ago. We were a privately held company, our new owner is a major publicly traded company. We've been operating mostly undisturbed since then but they are working towards integrating us into their business, and I think we'll be handed new contracts in the next few weeks.
I think there is a good chance that the new contracts will leave our salary flat or give a token increase, but leave us worse off overall by removing some extras that appeared in our old contracts (think included parking, internet bills as an example).
My layman understanding is that contracts have to be mutually agreed and not imposed - if I'm not happy with the new contract, can I refuse to sign it and remain on my existing contract? Presumably they will be winding up my OG employer, what happens if I try to stay on my original contract is the company gets fully merged in?
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2023.03.22 06:13 stickypooboi Seeking parental guidance!

Considering having children with my partner sometime in the future. Wondering what are strategies parents here have had for getting by with children. Things that I’d like to consider are:
Early childcare expenses
Food expenses
Public school vs private (this is possibly tied to opting to live in a more expensive place but with better public school)
Extracurriculars costs
Vehicle costs (how might this be affected by having more than 3 kids? I’d need to get 2 vehicles or a van)
Mortgages (this is also tied to # of bedrooms, will increase if we have more kids)
Hidden costs of shit like phones, bills etc.
How much are you depositing for college funds? Are these put in stocks or sitting in a savings account? Is anyone familiar with 529 savings?
Total balance for emergency funds (i.e. a child breaks their arm)
Finally if anyone has any insight, how these costs may scale across having multiple children. I understand that there may be some tax benefits for having more children, if so, what would be the optimum age difference to plan for between siblings (I vaguely remember friends who had multiple siblings getting costs for college reduced)?
Appreciate the patience if you read my stream of consciousness word spewing! Any advice or guidance is appreciated!
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2023.03.22 06:12 flytoeducation Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students.

In Germany, "Ausbildung" refers to vocational training programs that provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a specific trade or profession. These programs typically last between two and three and a half years and combine both theoretical instruction and on-the-job training.
Ausbildung programs are typically offered in a wide range of fields, including trades such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work and professions such as nursing, engineering, and IT. To enroll in an Ausbildung program, individuals typically need to have completed at least nine years of formal education and have a basic understanding of the German language.
During an Ausbildung program, individuals are paid a salary by their employer. They receive theoretical instruction at a vocational school and practical training in a real-world work setting. At the end of the program, individuals are typically required to pass a final exam to earn a recognized vocational qualification.
Ausbildung programs are highly valued in Germany, as they provide individuals with the skills and training necessary to pursue a successful career in various fields. They are also seen as an essential component of Germany's highly skilled workforce and are supported by the government through multiple subsidies and funding programs.
Ausbildung in Germany - kcr consultants
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2023.03.22 06:07 anbeegod Middle East cultural tour in Christmas

Hi there!
I'm from Hong Kong, thinking about a trip to Turkey and the Middle East during Christmas period. I would likely spend 2-3 weeks there.
Which countries and cities do you recommend the most for a history nerd and admirer of architecture both ancient and modern?
For my traveling experience, I have only been to the relatively safe and rich countries in Europe before. As for my budget for the whole trip, I'm thinking about US $2500-$3500.
I've done a bit of basic research. For Turkey, I would likely spend 5 days in Istanbul and 2-3 days in Antalya. But I'm not sure about Izmir and Selcuk.
I'm interested in Egypt, but not MUST GO interested, and Reddit is doing its hardest to discourage me from going there. Besides, I'm a solo traveler who isn't used to group travel and having a guide, which is recommended by the people here?
I'm highly interested in Israel, but it seems it can only be reached from Istanbul. I'm also not sure about its safety, particularly in Jerusalem. Google says it's very safe, but online articles have the reputation of painting everything in sunshine and rainbows. Besides, it seems it's not easy to navigate the city and the surrounding region using public transport, as I can't drive.
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2023.03.22 06:06 Wykyyd_B4BY Is it easy to make friends with married moms or is there hostility/untrustworthiness?

I’m 23F with a 12 month old and I wanted to know what are y’all’s experiences with making friends with married moms from your kid’s school? Like is there hostility, shade or passive aggression that comes with it sometimes? For example, when your child gets invited to parties, does the energy ever get weird when they find out you’re a single mom? Or if you’re out at the park, a school sports event or any school event, is the energy weird with some of the moms? Like do they ever hesitate to befriend you because you’re a single mom and there might be a lack of trustworthiness between you and the husbands? In my personal experience, I do get stares in public because I have a baby face and most people assume I’m 16, but I don’t necessarily think it’s shade that some people or parents give me. But I feel like there might be a reluctancy for a lot of these married moms to befriend single moms more than they’re reluctant to befriend other married moms. Obviously for me it’ll be a few years before my daughter is in school but I’m curious
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2023.03.22 06:03 Turbulent_Ad_2572 Does AP scores show up on my cornell transcript

Hi! I am just an incoming freshman at the college of Art & Science. I am wondering is all my AP scores going to show up on my transcript and whether employers will see my AP scores from high school, or it will just show the credits that I will be received from the AP exams I took.
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2023.03.22 05:53 TraditionalAd552 Experienced (but lacking work experience) Programmer, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, looking for work.

Hi guys. I am sick of getting nowhere with my own entrepreneurial endeavours and want to find a decent job so my mother can stop worrying about me. My depression over the past few years with a few major things happening in my life I will spare you the story of, has ended up in me not doing anything but getting enough work to pay the bills and just get by. Having nobody believing in me or rooting for me has completely sapped me dry of any motivation and I am ready to sell out on my dreams of working for myself for now and just get a job and career going before the blank space of time on my resume becomes too alarming.
I have been working for myself taking on moving jobs ( here is my website - www.carefullmoving.ca - have been renting trucks, working with a network of movers I have built over the years to do jobs ), and some websites here and there, graphic design, some programming jobs (a hobby which I excel at as I have been programming since high school, consistently, but just for fun and entrepreneurial endeavours). But I am finding it hard to get anywhere because I can only seem to do enough to get by and pay bills, and when I do get things going well.... I am extremely bad with accounting and finances so that money never seems to get used in the right ways to grow and obtain more business... Yet I am not at a point where I could hire someone to take care of the financial aspects. I feel like I am just wasting years at this point and acting out a sunken cost fallacy where I feel I just keep going because I have already invested time and effort for years into these things so keep on at it and just keep getting nowhere if I am completely honest.
For a couple years around 2018-2019, I was doing quite well but did not save or re-invest properly, and now with this economic crisis, I am getting less business than ever.
I am so done with being stressed, depressed, financially unstable and unsure of the future, I am seeking some stability, so I can take a breath. My personal life is chaos right now with my sister getting cancer for the second time and potentially months to live, my parents getting divorced, older brother going back to jail for the millionth time, and then a million other little things to pile on that. I really just want a job where I can excel, BUT, I am applying and applying and receiving no calls back or emails.
Is anybody hiring?
I just want a decent job doing something I enjoy, which would be tech, IT, programming related jobs, OR business development/sales/marketing positions. It is funny because I am very good with programming, know multiple languages and many different frameworks, databases etc..., but lack experience on my resume and lack the experience of working in a team in the tech space. My resume sucks because I have been trying the entrepreneurial thing all these years, and even though I have been working hard to try make things happen for myself , it looks unimpressive. What would you folks here on Reddit recommend I do?
I unfortunately am so depressed from this situation I have gotten myself into and everything going on that even applying for jobs right now feels tough. It took a lot for me to even get type this, though I want to say if given an opportunity I would be so grateful and give it 200%. Where can I apply that might consider someone in my relatively unique position? Experienced but lacking experience, as paradoxical as it sounds. I am 28 years old for the record.

EDIT: Seriously, if it is tech related I can do it, and if I do not know how to do it I can learn how to do it, properly, correctly, and learn fast. Need a website? I can build it. Whatever framework or platform it is, though I prefer Django or Flask coupled with React or Vue. Need an app? I can build it. Any platform, though I prefer React Native. Need a logo? I am creative and skilled with adobe illustrator and graphic design in general. Need video editing, a videographer, or audio specialist?? I have been to school for that. Need copy for advertising or your website? I can write very well, and have a knack for sales and marketing. Need someone who knows excel/sheets? I am not an excel wizard but I can do some more complex stuff. Need someone who can automate things for your business? I can write some scripts that will potentially save you hundreds of hours over time. Need a custom phone/sms system of any type/kind? I have you covered. Need anything tech related? I can probably do it, and if I cannot I will learn, and do it properly with rapid turnover. I am eager to get out of the rut I have dug myself into career wise (or lack of career should I say) and fill this unsightly gap and lack of on the job experience on my resume. The self employed thing is sadly just not working anymore. I am tired of just getting by. I want to make my mother proud, or at least stop worrying. I am sitting here typing this while my little brother is getting married, has a career, and just bought a house (I am extremely happy for him just feeling inadequate by this I suppose). It is really wearing away at me.
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