Ford f250 rear axle seal replacement

'16 Ford Edge Titanium brake line rupture #3

2023.03.22 04:13 Puzzleheaded-Dog8471 '16 Ford Edge Titanium brake line rupture #3

Last year back to back my rear right and front right brake lines ruptured. The first time it happened my boyfriend replaced the rear right line. The second time (front right) I took my car in to learn that there was a recall. They fixed the line for free and replaced a missing lug nut for free. This was Sept/Oct.
Fast forward to today, now the rear left line is ruptured. Not only that, but there's metal lodged into the rear right tire for a second time. This will be my 3rd tire patch in less than 6 months as well. Also a lug nut is missing. Not sure if it's the same one. Forgot to check after my boyfriend mentioned it.
My 2016 Ford Edge Titanium is going to kill me.
Anyone else having similar issues? It almost seems too coincidental...
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2023.03.22 02:45 Thana-Toast Where does the data go? 2014 RAM truck

So, I've been diagnosing a problem with the transfer case. I pulled up all the diagrams and replaced the first two modules indicated by the scan tool (axle actuator, and transfer case control module). But looking at all the hard signals and the can lines- it all seems good. When I follow the can signals up, it goes to a "star can c dash connector". I cant seem to find where the signals go after this. I woulda thought the powertrain control module would manage everything, but the 4wd seems to bypass it entirely Is it going right to the instrument cluster? Is this where all the decisions get made, like on an older ford?
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2023.03.22 02:11 BadDongOne Looking to downgrade from my 1998 Mazda 626 to a 3

A numerical downgrade only. After 1/4 century in the family it's time to retire the 1998 Mazda 626 2.0 automatic to a junkyard somewhere, rust is eating away at the rear frame near the suspension cradle and around the rear driver side door frame and the rear main seal has sprung a leak...not dropping the trans to fix that at 204,000 miles when the trans has been out once before for a reman unit and the seal was replaced then. Labor is free but it's just time to move onto a car from this century.
I'm eyeballing something around a 2016+ 2.0 Sport sedan with the 6spd auto for a daily driver. I just have a couple questions I hope someone here and help me sort out.
Most importantly, how much of a pain/impossible is it to change the radio and/or get clean line out from the stock radio in the 2016 model years? I've found info about the base system in older model years but I'm not sure if it's applicable going forward. My 626 has a small system (JL 300/2 running 2x 4ohm TangBand 6x9 subs free air in the rear deck wired down to a 2ohm mono and some amp running some Kappa 5x7 coax in the front doors around 120ish watt rms) and I'd like to do something similar in the new car since I'll have it for at least another decade I hope and I really do enjoy appreciating my own handiwork.
How are these holding up to rust? I live near Chicago and we salt like we're trying to turn Lake Michigan into the new Great Salt Lake, seeing that I'm looking to keep it for a decade it's pretty important that it handles this well. It's probably going to be staying parked outside, the garage is reserved for her car because I'm kind and for my summer car because it's only a 2 car garage.
How intrusive is the ABS and traction control? Like on a scale of 1 being ABS comes on after a wheel has locked and you can liberally apply brakes or throttle at the limit of grip and 10 being if you even so much as look at the gas or brake pedal when the road is moist the system is already killed throttle and began massaging your foot. My 626 doesn't have either, my 1st car and summer car have ABS that will let you lock a wheel a little before coming in to help.
FW6A-EL are mostly problem free with some rare instances of issues that may or may not have been owner created problems.
Really appreciate some helpful input and hope that it pans out to get another Mazda I can make my own again. Thanks everyone!
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2023.03.22 00:42 Strobbery_Gestapo Help please : )

Help please : )
Hi there, I'm you're regular run of the mill amateur bike wrench, and been around a few sealed bearings in my time (not tons, but understand the premise of removal and install)
Now I have a FIL in a wheelchair, and I need to replace the rear bearings.. not going so hot.
Percussion isn't working, do I need a puller?
Any tips, insights, advice, links, tools, anything for some help would be greatly appreciated 👍
Thanks my dudes : )
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2023.03.21 22:58 clawhammercycle spacer that goes in rear wheel bearing seal?

what is the spacer called that goes behind the rubber on a rear wheel? unlike a regular axle spacer, it has a small shoulder to keep it behind the rubber seal.
thanks! beed to order a replacement
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2023.03.21 21:28 iguessimtheITguynow Brakes are messed up since service over the weekend

I took my 2005 Ford Ranger into my usual mechanic to have front and rear dif serviced, mostly seals and to have the pinions serviced. They also removed the transmission pan to patch that as well.
They ended up not being able to fix it in time and I had to miss as day of work because half of their mechanics called out the day of my appointment, which wasn't a big deal, it happens.
The issue I'm having is that after picking it up this morning the brakes have been way off. You have to push them almost to the floor to get them engaged and about halfway through the day the brake dash light came on. Tried engaging and disengaging the parking/ebrake and it hasn't worked.
It obviously has to go back, my question is, is this something I should complain about? I've had no issues in the past with this business and their prices are fair.
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2023.03.21 21:01 samfox59 Clutch questions

Does anyone have any experiences with installing a “performance” clutch on a First Gen? I think a leak in my rear main seal got into my clutch, leading to sudden failure. So I’ll be replacing the clutch and rear main seal at the same time. After looking at replacement clutches I saw that you can get a heavier flywheel that would offset some of the power loss that you get with shifting uphill. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is the performance noticeable? Is it worth the extra money? My truck is 22re on 31’s.
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2023.03.21 20:43 GoldConclusion3203 Deep scratch

Okay so a really really stupid chain of events happened yesterday in the parking garage of my job. In my defense this is after a 13 hour shift lmao.
My car a 2009 Honda with 120000 miles on it was scratched very badly. From my rear door panel to my fender. I was coming out from a corner, 100% sure it was clear as I saw no headlights but someone was there. They’re coming up the ramp while I’m attempting to come down it but they’re in the way, driving up the middle. He’s not stopping so I attempt to give him some room, I don’t want to hit him and have to deal with who’s at fault. In moving over I think I’m in the clear but as I pull forward my heart dropped and I heard metal grinding on concrete.
I got out to check and there’s a 2.5 foot long series of scratches some going down to the primer and some to the metal, accompanied by dents from the pressure. Now I have a couple options. The most cost effective for this old beater is to possibly seal the scratch with clear enamel paint and clear coat? Maybe with or without sanding. Because my other option is to pay out of pocket for collision repair which avg to be 2500 and honestly the KBB value of it is 4500 so that wouldn’t be bad…but my interior needs to be reupholstered and the clear coat and paint on the roof needs to be replaced since it’s peeling and oxidized. I’m a student so I can’t afford a new car and the repairs I’d need to reach full value are too high so as long as I prevent rust (since I live in the north east) I’ll be fine until I can scrap this car and get a new one once I graduate.
My question in a more concise manner is, can I seal a scratch away from rust before it rains with clear coat or clear automotive enamel paint from rust-oleum?
Thank you.
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2023.03.21 18:37 FaeKade Wondering Car's Worth

I've owned my car for 6 years now and will be paid off next month, love the absolute hell out of this thing, but I feel I've outgrown it a bit and am looking at an RS3 this weekend to potentially replace it. I'll probably end up selling it, but I honestly have no idea what this car is worth, I see prices all over the place and mine is pretty heavily modified (I know that mods don't mean the car is worth more), was just wondering on your opinions/anyone who's recently sold theirs were seeing in their seller market. Also just writing this out as therapy to see if I really need to sell it to get a car that can easily beat supercars with a few bits done to it.
Here are the specs on the vehicle:
2016 Magnetic with factory Stripes, Nav, Recaro Seats. Tinted 20%, Clear Bra front, 60,000 miles regularly changed with AMSOIL 10w30.
Mods are as follows:
Engine: 2860R Turbo with Pumaspeed Tubular Exhaust Manifold w/ External Wastegate, TurboSmart Wastegate, Turbosmart BOV, Yellow Velossatech Snorkel, CPE Intake, ATP Hot Side Charge Pipe, CPE Intercooler, Cobb Cold Side Charge Pipe, Depo Catless Downpipe, Cobb 2.5" SS Exhaust, Mishimoto Oil Catch Can V2. Tuned by Stratified for 93 Pump Gas on a Cobb Accessport. Also have a Mountune RadiatoMotorcraft Thermostat/Silicone Radiator Piping that might be installed soon as well.
Suspension/Brakes: ST XTA Coilovers (with mountune rear springs), StopTech Front Rotors/Pads (have EBC's as replacements with Hawk Pads as they're running a little lower), EBC Rear Brakes just replaced at 59,000 w/ EBC Yellow Stuff Pads.
Driveline: Whoosh Short Shifter Kit, CPE Rear Transmission mount
InterioExterior bits: Purple Muteki Lug Nuts, Spec D Taillights, Diode Dymanics Yellow Fog Lights, Amazon LED Headlights, Diode Dynamics full interior LED Conversion, Stubby Antenna, Grey/Black Ford Emblem Badges, ISincer Side Mirror Sequential Turn Signals, ProClips USA Accessport Holder and Phone Holder. Also have a Mountune Front Splitter that I've never installed. Might install it soon if I keep it.
Wheels: Factory wheels with almost no miles on tires, Fifteen52 Turbomac's with Firestone Firehawk 215/45R-17, 15" Steelies with General Altimax Snow Tires that have seen their last season
Issues with Car:
ABS Light on because passenger front cable was damaged upon coilvover installation, ABS still works, Traction Control Light on as it's Programmed to be off with tune, Front Driver side Fender is bent inwards, doesn't affect performance, but it sure does look ugly, no rust spots on car, but underneath has the typical rust you'd see daily driving in salted winter Ohio roads.
I love this car a lot, but it'll be hard to justify keeping it in it's current state with an RS3 and the car payment that it comes with. My price in my head is 18.5K Is that reasonable? Is asking more than that crack smoking worth? No idea!! Thanks for reading!
Also LMK if you're in the market for a Big Turbo 1 Owner Fiesta ST Lol, located in Ohio.
A few pics, too lazy to take extensive interioexterior shots before private sale, but they will be done once I know for sure it's time to move on.
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2023.03.21 18:09 fishmilquetoast Toilet wet vent not working. Can I add a new vent?

The toilet in the rear of my house doesn't flush well unless the AAV that is on an adjacent sink is removed. With the AAV removed, I tried the plastic bag test (wrapped a grocery bag around the vent, then flushed the toilet) - when I flushed, the bag inflated, confirming that flushing is creating positive pressure in the pipe. I've done the following to attempt a fix...
  1. jetted the main (no clogs)
  2. jetted the cleanout behind the sink where the vent stack leads (no clogs)
  3. jetted the vent stack from the roof (no clogs, but I can only get about 10' before a bend)
  4. replaced the toilet
  5. replaced all AAVs in the house
Other facts:
If the problem is due to water sitting in the main, is there another way to vent that toilet? It sits right on the other side of an exterior wall. Can a vent run from that toilet directly outside? Or can I add a vent that runs to the stack?
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2023.03.21 16:21 rosemwelch 23 Hybrid Limited - Tire Pressure

The tire pressure keeps going extremely low overnight in cold temps in my rear passenger tire. I have taken it to the dealership and other shops and no one can find any reason for it. When they pop the tire off, there's no leak. They have replaced the valve stem. At one point, they sanded down some paint on the inner rim that might have been keeping the seal from being perfect but that should no longer be an issue. And yet, it keeps happening. Has anyone else had an issue like this?
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2023.03.21 15:12 DontForgt2BringATowl 55k mile maintenance pricing? 2015 A3 2.0T

2015 A3 sedan 2.0T Quattro ~55k miles, still under extended warranty until 02/2025 or 125k miles whichever comes first (lol). I do the oil changes myself (obviously saving receipts) and some other very basic maintenance but in order to maintain the warranty without issues I still have the annual maintenance done at a shop. I gave my local shop the list from Audi’s maintenance schedule of everything they recommend, which is as follows:
“Major maintenance:” - check battery - check cooling system, add if necessary - Drive shafts: check boots - engine compartment: check for leaks - exhaust: check for damage and leaks - front and rear axle: check for excessive play, check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends - horn: check function - check function of all lights - transmission and final drive: check for leaks - road test - sunroof: clean guide rails and lubricate - check spare tire / repair set - underbody: check for damage and leaks - visual check for paint damage and corrosion
Outside of the standard “major Maintenance” above, 55k service includes the following:
Time- based service:
I also asked them to rotate the tires and to write “55k service” on the receipt. I already did the oil change myself. I supplied the genuine Audi Haldex fluid change kit from ECS tuning. The shop is providing the 2 air filters.
I was quoted $606 + tax, + $37 for NY state inspection (annual), which should theoretically have at least some overlap with the “55k major service” (check lights, check horn, etc.). Their posted labor rate is in the neighborhood of $125-$140 an hour last I checked. The shop added some line items to the visual inspection list like “check belts, check wiper blades,” etc.
$606+ tax just seems a bit exorbitant to me for what is largely just visual inspection. Change the 2 air filters, Haldex fluid change, lube sunroof, check plenum panel, rotate tires, road test. Sounds like ~2.5 hours max, right? Also no loaner car.
What would dealerships or your local shops charge for this? I’m in NY about an hour north of NYC.
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2023.03.21 10:11 amywood123 What is a rechargeable car, electric car type introduction

What is a rechargeable car, electric car type introduction
Today, we will introduce you to what rechargeable car and electric car types are.
In this era of rapid technological development, everything is slowly going into technology. Even the cars that are closely related to our lives have also come into the era of advanced technology, and you can find the functions and some artificial intelligence and other elements on the cars now, and even now there are electric cars.

What Are Battery-Charged Cars?

The Main Types Of Electric Cars

Types of electric vehicles.
  • Pure electric vehicles (BEV)
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
  • Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV)

Pure Electric Vehicles

A pure electric vehicle is a vehicle that is powered by an electric motor.
The main difference (dissimilarity) between a pure electric vehicle, relative to a fuel car, lies in four major components,
  • the drive motor
  • the speed controller
  • the power battery
  • the onboard charger
It consists of public ultra-fast charging stations as opposed to gas stations. The quality difference of pure electric vehicles depends on these four major components, and its value also depends on the quality of these four major components. The use of pure electric vehicles is also directly related to the selection and configuration of the four components.
The speed and start-up speed of pure electric vehicles depend on the power and performance of the drive motor, the range of the vehicle depend on the capacity of the on-board power battery, and the weight of the on-board power battery depends on what kind of power battery is used, such as lead-acid, zinc-carbon and lithium batteries. Their volume, specific gravity, specific power, specific energy, and cycle life are different. This depends on the manufacturer’s positioning and use of the vehicle class as well as market definition and market segmentation.
Pure electric vehicle drive motor has DC brush, brushless, permanent magnet, electromagnetic, and then AC stepping motor, etc., their selection is also related to the vehicle configuration, use, and grade. In addition, the speed control of the drive motor is also divided into stepped speed control and step-less speed control, with an electronic speed controller and without a speed controller. The motor has a hub motor, inner rotor motor, single motor drive, multi-motor drive, combined motor drive, etc.


The technology is relatively simple and mature, as long as there is a power supply that can be charged.


The energy stored per unit weight of the battery is too small, but also because the battery of the electric car is more expensive, and has not formed an economic scale, so the purchase price is more expensive, as for the use cost, some use price is more expensive than the car, some price is only 1/3 of the car, which mainly depends on the life of the battery and the local price of oil and electricity.

Hybrid Charging Car

Refers to a car that can be powered by at least two types of onboard stored energy from the following.
  • Consumable fuel
  • rechargeable energy/energy storage devices.
They can be classified into three categories based on the form of powertrain structure as follows.

Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle (SHEV):

A hybrid (electric) vehicle in which the driving force of the vehicle comes from the electric motor only. The structure is characterized by the engine driving the generator to generate electricity, and the electric energy is delivered to the electric motor through the motor controller, which drives the vehicle. In addition, the power battery can also provide electric energy to the electric motor alone to drive the car.

Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV):

A hybrid electric vehicle in which the driving force of the vehicle is supplied by the electric motor and the engine simultaneously or separately. The structure features a parallel drive system that can use the engine or electric motor as the power source alone, or use both the electric motor and engine as the power source to drive the vehicle.

Hybrid Hybrid Electric Vehicle (CHEV):

Hybrid (electric) vehicles with both series and parallel drive modes. The structure is characterized by the fact that it can work in series hybrid mode and also in parallel hybrid mode, taking into account the characteristics of both series and parallel types.
(Note: With the development of hybrid electric vehicle technology, the types are not limited to the above, but can also be divided according to other types.)
Those that usually use conventional fuel, along with electric motors, engines to improve low-speed power output and fuel consumption. In the domestic market, the mainstream of hybrid vehicles are gasoline hybrid, while the international market diesel hybrid models are also developing rapidly.


1, the use of hybrid power can be determined by the average power required to determine the maximum power of the internal combustion engine, which is in the optimal working conditions of low fuel consumption and low pollution. Need a high-powered internal combustion engine power shortage, the battery to supplement; less load, the surplus power can be generated to recharge the battery, because the internal combustion engine can continue to work, the battery can be constantly charged, so its journey and ordinary cars.
2、Because of the battery, it is very convenient to recover the energy when braking, when going downhill and when idling.
3、In busy urban areas, the internal combustion engine can be turned off and driven by the battery alone to achieve “zero” emissions.
4、With the internal combustion engine, it is very convenient to solve the problems encountered by pure electric vehicles, such as air conditioning, heating, and defrosting, which consume a lot of energy.
5、The existing gas station can be used for refueling without further investment.
6、It can keep the battery in good working condition, without over-charging and over-discharging, prolonging its service life and reducing costs.


Long-distance high-speed driving basically can not save fuel.

Fuel Cell

The fuel cell is used as the power source of the car. The chemical reaction process of fuel cells does not produce harmful products, so fuel cell vehicles are pollution-free vehicles. The energy conversion efficiency of fuel cells is 2~3 times higher than that of internal combustion engines, so fuel cell vehicles are an ideal vehicle in terms of energy utilization and environmental protection.
Individual fuel cells must be combined into fuel cell groups in order to obtain the necessary power to meet the requirements of vehicle use.
Fuel cell technology has made significant progress in recent years. The world’s leading automobile manufacturers, such as DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Toyota and General Motors, have announced plans to bring fuel cell vehicles to market by 2004. At the present time, prototype fuel cell cars are being tested and fuel cell-powered transportation buses are undergoing demonstration projects in several North American cities. Technical challenges remain in the development of fuel cell vehicles, such as integration of fuel cell packs, improving fuel processors for commercial electric vehicles and auxiliary department car manufacturers are working toward integrating components and reducing component costs, and have made significant progress.
Compared with conventional vehicles, fuel cell vehicles have the following advantages.
  1. Zero or near-zero emissions.
  2. Reduced water pollution from oil leaks.
  3. reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Improved fuel economy.
  5. Improved engine combustion efficiency.
  6. Smooth and noiseless operation.

What Is A Rechargeable Car: System Structure

Electric Drive

An electric vehicle is a vehicle powered by on-board power and driven by an electric motor with wheels that meets all requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. It uses electricity stored in the battery to start. Sometimes 12 or 24 batteries are used in driving the vehicle, and sometimes more are required.
The components of an electric vehicle [3] include an electric drive and control system, a mechanical system such as a drive force transmission, and a working device to accomplish a given task. The electric drive and control system is the core of an electric vehicle, and is the biggest difference from an internal combustion engine vehicle. The electric drive and control system consists of the drive motor, the power supply and the speed control device of the motor. The other devices of electric vehicles are basically the same as those of internal combustion engine vehicles.

Power Supply

The power supply provides electrical energy for the drive motor of the electric vehicle, and the motor converts the electrical energy from the power supply into mechanical energy. The most widely used power source is the lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, the lead-acid battery is gradually replaced by other batteries due to its low energy, slow charging speed and short life. The main power sources under development are sodium-sulfur batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, fuel cells, etc. The application of these new power sources opens up a broad prospect for the development of electric vehicles.

Drive Motor

The role of the drive motor is to convert the electrical energy from the power supply into mechanical energy to drive the wheels and working devices through the transmission device or directly. However, DC motor has small power, low efficiency and large maintenance workload due to the existence of commutation spark; with the development of motor control technology, it is bound to be gradually replaced by DC brushless motor (BLDCM), switched reluctance motor (SRM) and AC asynchronous motor, such as casingless disk axial field DC series excitation motor.

Speed Control

The motor speed control device is set up for the variable speed and direction change of electric vehicles, etc. Its function is to control the voltage or current of the motor and complete the control of the driving torque and rotation direction of the motor.
In the early electric vehicles, the speed control of DC motor was realized by connecting a series resistor or changing the number of turns of the magnetic field coil of the motor. Because the speed regulation is graded, and will produce additional energy consumption or use the motor structure is complicated, now rarely used. The more widely used is thyristor chopper speed control, which controls the motor current by evenly changing the terminal voltage of the motor to realize the stepless speed control of the motor. In the continuous development of electronic power technology, it is also gradually replaced by other power transistor (such as GTO, MOSFET, BTR and IGBT, etc.) chopper speed control device. From the development of technology, along with the application of new drive motors, the speed control of electric vehicles is transformed into the application of DC inverter technology, which will become an inevitable trend.
In the spin-change control of drive motor, DC motor relies on contactor to change the current direction of armature or magnetic field to realize the spin-change of motor, which makes the circuit complicated and less reliable. When an AC asynchronous motor is used, the change of motor rotation only requires changing the phase sequence of the three-phase current of the magnetic field, which simplifies the control circuit. In addition, the use of AC motor and its variable frequency speed control technology makes it easier to control the braking energy recovery of electric vehicles and simpler control circuits.

Transmission Device

The role of the electric vehicle transmission device is to transmit the driving torque of the electric motor to the drive shaft of the vehicle. When electric wheel drive is used, most of the components of the transmission device can often be ignored. Because the electric motor can be started with a load, the clutch of a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle is not needed in an electric vehicle. Because the direction of rotation of the drive motor can be changed by circuit control, electric vehicles do not need the reverse gear in the transmission of an internal combustion engine vehicle. When the stepless speed control of the electric motor is used, the transmission of a conventional car can be ignored in an electric car. When using electric wheel drive, electric vehicles can also omit the differential in the transmission system of conventional internal combustion engines.

Running Gear

The function of the driving unit is to turn the driving torque of the electric motor into the force on the ground through the wheels and drive the wheels to travel. It is composed of the same components as other cars, including wheels, tires and suspension.

Steering Unit

The steering device is set up to realize the turning of the car and consists of a steering machine, steering wheel, steering mechanism, and steering wheel. The control forces acting on the steering wheel deflect the steering wheel by a certain angle through the steering mechanism and the steering mechanism to realize the steering of the car. Most electric vehicles are front-wheel steering, while electric forklifts used in an industry often adopt rear-wheel steering. There are mechanical steering, hydraulic steering, and hydraulic power steering for electric vehicles.

Braking Device

The braking device of electric vehicles, like other vehicles, is set up for slowing down or stopping the vehicle, and usually consists of a brake and its operating device. In electric vehicles, there is usually an electromagnetic brake device, which can use the control circuit of the driving motor to realize the power generation operation of the motor, so that the energy during deceleration and braking can be converted into the current for charging the battery and thus be recycled. Domestic electric vehicles in high-powered passenger vehicles, to provide air braking equipment have Nelly NAILI sliding vane air compressor, mainly compressed air braking method.

Working Device

The working device is specially set up for the industrial electric vehicle to complete the operation requirements, such as the lifting device of the electric forklift, door frame, fork, etc. The lifting of forks and the tilting of the door frame are usually done by the hydraulic system driven by an electric motor.

What Is A Rechargeable Car: Charging Equipment

The driving electric energy of an electric motor comes from an onboard rechargeable battery or other energy storage device. Most the vehicles are driven directly by electric motors, some of them have electric motors in the engine compartment, and some of them directly use the wheels as the rotors of four electric motors, and the difficulty lies in the electric power storage technology.
Electric motor drive electricity, itself does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere, even if converted to power plant emissions by the electricity consumed, other than sulfur and particulates, other pollutants are significantly reduced.
Electric vehicles can also make full use of the surplus electricity charging in the evening when the electricity consumption is low, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic efficiency. It is these advantages that have made the research and application of electric vehicles a “hot spot” in the automotive industry.
Similar to the cell phone charging ICM step wave six-segment charging, with good desulfuration effect, can first activate the battery, and then maintenance type fast charging, with timing, full alarm, computer fast charging, password control, self-identifying voltage, multiple protection, four-way output, and other functions, supporting universal output interface, can be fast charging of all-electric vehicles. Shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, parking lots, community entrances, roadside kiosks, and other public places.
In car charging network construction mode, in the charging facilities to promote the process, the urgent need to break through the difficult problem is the charging service network distribution. The electric power sector relies on the existing parking facilities to build micro-grid, distributed and integrated charging stations that can be charged and exchanged according to local conditions, which can avoid the two shortcomings of the charging mode: one is the long charging time and the other is the limited parking environment.

STONE Touch Screen For Car Charging

The STONE touch screen is constantly upgraded to provide developers with a better experience, creating solutions that make development easier and less time-consuming.
STONE technology offers a wide range of HMI display solutions for industries such as battery-charged cars, charging cars, industrial control, instrumentation, sensing solutions, and monitoring for IoT applications.
Article Source:
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2023.03.21 04:53 TomFromWestEnd Possible Engine Problem with Ford Ranger 2005 Edge 4x4

Hey there!
Been working on my 4v6 Ford Ranger 2005. Did not notice anything serious right until now. So, based on a gauge it takes a long time(10+ mins) for the truck to warm up(first start only). A lot of white smoke and condensation is coming out of the tailpipe. So, it gave me a suspicion that there is a coolant is mixed with combustion gases. Another thing I looked at was an oil filler cap. There was a white sludge under it. Pulled out a dipstick, and the oil is still clean. No funny smells from the exhaust pipe.
The truck wasn't serviced until I got it. Took the Ranger to the service. Truck had been sitting in a drive way for a long time, and, hence, there is rust. Changed oil, bled brakes, and serviced rear diff myself. Had an error code (P0442). Took the truck to a local mister fix-it, replaced the gas cap, and it seemed to work.
I use the truck as a weekend driver. So, here is my question. Is the truck having those symptoms cause I don't drive it too often or there may be an engine problem? Truck has a low mileage(around 90000 kms).
Any suggestions will be appreciated and considered. Especially if there are professional mechanics.
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2023.03.21 04:24 Bigchoochoo1 Is this utv worth it?

Is this utv worth it?
2013 rzr 570 4x4,efi Repairs done 12/22 Front diff full rebuild,rear diff seals Cv axles and u joints,new belt Air filter,oil filtechange Seat covers replaced,tires POSSIBLE QUAD/CASH TRADES CONSIDERED Upgrades 2" lift kit,1.5 wheel spacers Full aluminum skid ,front/rear windsheilds (1/2 frt included) Led lighting(front,rear,int,frame) 4 pt harness,ctr storage Mostly rd private land in raystown. Runs/looks great. Dont have to sell just looking to go quad .
This was his description. First time buying anything like this. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 04:01 Bigchoochoo1 Is this worth it? UTV

Is this worth it? UTV
2013 rzr 570 4x4,efi Repairs done 12/22 Front diff full rebuild,rear diff seals Cv axles and u joints,new belt Air filter,oil filtechange Seat covers replaced,tires POSSIBLE QUAD/CASH TRADES CONSIDERED Upgrades 2" lift kit,1.5 wheel spacers Full aluminum skid ,front/rear windsheilds (1/2 frt included) Led lighting(front,rear,int,frame) 4 pt harness,ctr storage Mostly rd private land in raystown. Runs/looks great. Dont have to sell just looking to go quad .
This is the description It it with it?
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2023.03.21 02:33 seanissofresh 2005 F-150 transmission issue?

Took a long drive the other night, I usually only drive to work and home which isn't far. Today on the way home, truck won't go into 4th gear I believe. It may have been 3rd, but it was around 40 mph or so it went to shift up a gear and all my truck did was rev. I realized I was in gear...switched to neutral, back into drive, and nothing. It shifted down eventually...I think...I may have first turned off overdrive. Either way got home that way, and also switched into 2 manually...whatever happened was in traffic and didn't really have a chance to hear anything. Got home, went to a shop close by soon after, started to describe it to the owner and he said he pretty much knew what kind of truck I had and what the problem was without me going further. Transmission shop that's been there forever...I figure he knows what he's talking about. Probably gonna cost 2800 to 3800 or more depending on what he sees.
Other suggestions of what I should looked at or done at the same time?
I mentioned the rear main seal simply because the truck is a Ford and it's got like over 160k on it...he said he could do it....seemingly reluctantly but confidently, and noted he doesn't warranty that job. Not sure if I should touch it. Don't really know of it leaking but I guess I can have him look around while he's under there.
He did say he can look at the fly wheel because I have some issues with it randomly when starting sound like it's slipping or grinding out...
And something unrelated, for over a year or more I've had this crazy whistle sound after running the vehicle for a while, and when it is shut down in the drive and I start walking away, sometimes it is like a high pitch whistle that slowly fades away withing 10 seconds or less. People have said a vacuum issue or one person told me it could be heat escaping the transmission...or a vent somewhere releasing heat or steam built up. I have no idea but after hearing it pretty often for a year or more, I'm having this transmission issue today and thinking back I haven't heard the whistle for weeks now.
Any ideas on any of this?
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2023.03.21 01:58 SuperHotUKDeals iTunes Weekly Movie Sale List - 20 March 2023 - from £2.99 @ iTunes Store

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£2.99 - iTunes
Another week of deals on iTunes including the return of the Lord Of The Rings offers.
Deals start on a Monday and are updated during the week. If you spot any new ones feel free to let us know in the comments.
Note that the direct link to the iTunes movie in the deal link doesn't always work, if it sends you to Apple Music you will need to type in the name of the movie manually in iTunes to find it.
As usual, thanks to thanks to DexterMorgan for the script to help this get done a bit faster and save my fingers!
4K - denotes movie in 4K/UHD on devices able to play this back
IE - ITunes Extras
Atmos - Dolby Atmos sound
Updated 20th March
I Blame Society
It Is in Us All
Kill Ben Lyk
Killer Instinct
Last Days In the Desert
Life With Music
Mafia Inc
Making Monsters
Mercy Black
No Looking Back
Space Jam: A New Legacy (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
Arrival (2016) (4K) (IE)
Breaking In (4K) (IE)
King Kong (2005) (4K)
Oblivion (4K) (IE)
On the Basis of Sex (4K) (IE)
Rear Window (1954) (4K)
Shaun of the Dead (4K)
Smokey and the Bandit (4K)
The Post (4K) (IE)
A Day At the Races
A Dog's Journey
A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)
A Scanner Darkly (Best ever price)
American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules (Best ever price)
As Above, So Below (IE)
Bad Lieutenant (1992)
Beethoven's 2nd
Blood Work
Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
Dangerous Liaisons
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds
Drunk Parents
Everything in the End
Grace of Monaco
Hot Fuzz
Laurel & Hardy: Bonnie Scotland
My Own Private Idaho
Operation Daybreak
Out of Africa
Point Break (IE)
Smokey and the Bandit II
Something's Gotta Give
Sweet November (2001)
The Animatrix
The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford
The Book of Henry (IE)
The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
The Deep House
The Devil's Advocate
The Lake House (Best ever price)
The Last Boy Scout
The Little Drummer Girl
The Lord of the Rings (1978)
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
The Replacements
The Secret Garden (2020) (Best ever price)
The Sisters Brothers (IE)
The Theory of Everything (IE)
The Three Musketeers (1948)
The Witch
The World's End
Tremors: Shrieker Island
True Stories
Uncle Buck
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (4K) (Atmos)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (4K) (Atmos)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (4K) (Atmos)
The Matrix Reloaded (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Matrix Revolutions (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
Bill & Ted Face the Music (4K) (IE)
John Wick (IE)
John Wick: Chapter 2 (IE)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Special Extended Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Special Extended Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Extended Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Matrix Resurrections (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Comeback Trail
Monster Hunter (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
French Exit (4K)
Cosplay Universe (Best ever price)
I Carry You With Me (Te Llevo Conmigo) (Best ever price)
Together Together (Best ever price)
The Ultimate Matrix Collection (4K) (Atmos) £9.99
Space Jam 2 Film Collection (4K) (Atmos) £11.98
The Hobbit Trilogy (4K) (Atmos) £12.99
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (4K) (Atmos) £12.99
The Hobbit Extended Edition Trilogy: 3 Movie Collection (4K) (Atmos) £14.99
The Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions Bundle (4K) (Atmos) £14.99
Matrix, The: Déjà Vu- 4 Film Collection (4K) (Atmos) £16.99
The Middle Earth 6-Film Collection (4K) (Atmos) £22.99
Middle-earth Extended Editions 6-Film Collection (4K) (Atmos) £24.99
A Dog's Journey & A Dog's Purpose: 2-Movie Collection £7.98
John Wick: Chapters 1 & 2 £7.99
The Three Flavours Cornetto® Trilogy £11.97
Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) / Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 2 Film Collection £11.98
TV Deals
None yet
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2023.03.21 01:38 PetriHardChor New Rear Axle/Differential

I have a 2021 limited with too many miles already. I had an alignment done at the dealer and when I got it back, they told me that my rear axle may be bent cause the camber was off a bit and no way to perfectly align it. Anywho, let's spend some money!! Can I put an offroad rear axle back there? I had an offroad, I rarely used the locker so I went with the creature comforts and luxury of the limited on my second Tacoma, I'd do it again, fight me. However, if I am gunna replace the rear locker, advantages and/or disadvantages of this? Do I lose anything by sticking the OR axle back there?
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2023.03.21 00:08 Head-Platypus-4773 20k maintenance

Hi all, question is do I have to do this at the dealer to keep my warranty?
Rear axle drive - Replace coolant cartridge (with cover removed) Every 20,000 miles or 2 years, whichever occurs first
Mines AWD as well. Can I do it myself? It's literally removing a bottle where coolant is dripped off to
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2023.03.20 23:39 KeopsJesua Sidestepping when driving

i need an advice working on my ford taurus 2010 FWD, i dont want to just continue changing parts trying to fix the issue.
Work already done:
-both sides front control arm bushing replaced (MEVOTECH) from rockauto.
-rear lateral arms remplaced (MOOG) from rockauto.
-front and rear alignment (local shop).
-4 rotors rectified (local shop).
the steering wheel is straight when I start driving , suddently the steering wheel turn a litte bit counter clock side like 5 degres driving in a straight line , it occur more faster when i accelerate too much, when press the brake pedal the steering wheel come back to the original position.
Im thinking on change the shock strut mount right now,but i didint hear any noise from the suspension.
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2023.03.20 22:07 Ok_Tree6772 a good trade for this typhon?
i mainly run cars in smaller areas so 1:12 or smaller buggies, large scale trucks like stamped, lasernut, drift, cant really do anything with this land rocket
This car was well maintained, no noises, gear slack or pinion pops. just not into a giant basher buggy. Used the esc for smaller car and replaced with a no name 150a 1/8 esc, all rpm arms, rear shocks big bores, aluminum pivots, Sealed bearings throughout. Has radiolink system and i also have the original specktrum. 5k 4s battery with a couple runs, no swelling and willing to part but not ship
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