24 hour liquor store

CityPorn: Beautiful Cityscapes

2011.02.27 15:14 CityPorn: Beautiful Cityscapes

High quality images of cities.

2016.03.24 06:36 mstarrbrannigan The Random Assorted Writing of M. Starr Brannigan

Sometimes I write things. When I do and don't think they're terrible, I'll put them here.

2008.08.27 00:16 News, Shorts, and Everything Else in the World of Animation

News, Shorts, and Everything Else in the World of Animation

2023.06.02 18:16 Jumpy_Target_5024 School List Help/Recommendations!

Hi everyone! I'm in the midst of pre-writing secondaries, and I just want to make sure my school list looks okay before I get too deep into it lol. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!
GPA: 3.76 cGPA, 3.78 sGPA - dual enrollment brought me down :(
MCAT: 519 (130/128/132/129)
State of Residence: CA, ties to NY (went to undergrad and work full time in NYC now)
Undergrad Institution: T5 ivy
ORM: Asian male
SES: Low SES - FAP, EO2 designation on AMCAS primary, born and grew up in two medically underserved counties
Clinical paid (2432 hours total):
Research (1775 hours total):
Clinical (338 hours total):
Non-clinical (712 hours total):
Teaching/Tutoring (1421 hours total):
Work Experience (720 hours total):
Shadowing (74 hours total):
I am planning on only applying to MD's for this cycle. So far, I have pre-written around 15 secondaries but I just want to double check that my school list is fine before I commit to more. I'm pretty happy with the other parts of my application, and I want to make sure that my school list doesn't screw me over since I know my stats are a bit too low for the amount of T20s that I'm applying to. I am planning on shotgunning as many schools as I can since I received FAP and started prewriting early. Please let me know if any of my schools are significantly out of reach or if there are any low to mid tier schools that would fit my stats/mission fit. Thanks so much!
Johns Hopkins
Ohio State
Mt. Sinai
Case Western
Boston University
UC Davis
St. Louis Univ
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2023.06.02 18:15 HitchSimp stop posting tier lists

there have been 11 tierlists posted within the last 24 hours.
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2023.06.02 18:15 DeLaRoka The impact of the "Featured" badge on my extension's statistics - impressions +289.99%

The impact of the
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing the process of obtaining the coveted "Featured" badge in the Chrome Web Store, using my own extension as a real-life example. Now that some time has passed, I'm excited to share my initial findings and conclusions I've drawn from analyzing the impact of this badge on various statistics. While the overall impact might vary from one extension to another, I wanted to offer concrete data and insights based on my own experience.
One of the most remarkable effects of the "Featured" badge has been its impact on impressions. Let's delve into the breakdown of impressions across the Chrome Web Store since the badge's introduction:
Impressions across the Chrome Web Store
As you can see, the impressions count experienced a significant surge following the appearance of the "Featured" badge. Before the badge, the daily impressions remained relatively stable, averaging around 400 per day. However, starting from May 7th, which was two days after the badge first appeared on my extension's page, the impressions skyrocketed, peaking at 2,344 on May 8th. Since then, the impressions have consistently remained higher compared to the pre-featured period, indicating sustained visibility for my extension.
However, I’d like to point out that while impressions are crucial for visibility, they do not guarantee an increase in downloads or user engagement. In my case, the impact on downloads and other metrics was not noticeable at all. The number of downloads remained relatively unchanged, and there was no significant change in user engagement.
Despite the absence of a direct correlation between the "Featured" badge and downloads, I did notice a slight increase of 9.36% in page views, which falls under the broader "Impressions" category but is distinct from "Impressions across the Chrome Web Store". This suggests that the badge caught the attention of users, resulting in more visits to the extension's page. However, this uptick in page views did not translate into a noticeable effect on the number of downloads.
Page views
Weekly users
I hope that sharing my experience and insights will be valuable to fellow developers. Feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments. I'd also love to invite you to explore my extension, Definer - Popup Dictionary & Translator. It provides quick definitions, translations, and search results, all highly configurable to suit your specific needs. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 18:15 Something_yesterday5 I Always Feel depressed

For Last 3 years probably even more i felt depressed cuz i didnt Have a Job and i lived with My strict Father
But Now Work since last Year but im Still trapped in That mindset and i realized How no one cares and That This World is hard and Cold place
So Best is to Take responsibility for Your Own Life and Fight no Matter What
Enemies are Everywhere Maybe Some of Your Family members
It's Just too Much of Everything to me
I even thought About Suicide and i still think About but i probably would Never do It and How . I Just Feel dread and My Energy is low
I Lost Myself and i still Have My Old habits and i Don't Know What to do i Work and It's hard 12 Hours
I Can't Believe i Need to Work for Next 40 Years
Im 24 but i Feel Like im 70 Maybe cause i Lost My Energy cuz of My Father Who was an Istj or Estj
So Everything seems Like Hell to Me i Wasted So Much time
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2023.06.02 18:14 Sudden_Strategy_4416 Tip Baited or nah

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2023.06.02 18:14 throwaway2315769567 Im sure this has been asked PLENTY in the past 24 hours or so but PLEASE someone give me a basic full rundown on the owl, I had a god run with him but i didnt understand why and I feel like id love to actually understand why hes so strong

pls help
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2023.06.02 18:13 HamburglarSans The New Update

Alright, after playing a lot of the game yesterday and this morning, I think it’s time to address the Big Convoy in the room.
The monetization.
I’d like to start by saying I fully understand why TA has been moved from Apple Arcade to the App Store, and that in-app purchases are the only way to keep the game afloat.
I can also see how many of the new changes work on paper, but I believe they all interact in a way that will be vastly detrimental to the game as a whole.
The combination of extremely slow timed chest openings, (15 hours for a single Mega Chest), the inability to earn chests past your first three earned until they open, and the removal of ranking up for beating an AI could be catastrophic.
So far, matchmaking has been quick, which is to be expected, it’s a brand new shiny update after all! But I fear that disincentivizing playing the game could spell the downfall of the game. This game is purely a 1v1 PVP game, with no other modes or challenges. If the playerbase is discouraged to play the game, the ones who want to play the game will be unable to, because AI battles do nothing for them. This could possibly be a severe downward spiral, and I hope Red Games Co. seriously reconsiders their options regarding how this game is setup, and what possible replacements they could make.
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2023.06.02 18:13 vindellama Locked out of our phone after it reseted on it's own

When we turned on the xiaomi phone we use in our store today it asked for a password to log into the account, issue is that we don't remember either the password nor the google email used to make the xiaomi account.
Apparently you can recover the account via text message, but... We changed the number a couple of years ago. I tried contacting whoever has the number, but it seems disconnected, and the phone company can't provide a new chip with the same number.
Since 20% of our sales are via wp we are pretty much screwed unless we spend hours copying all thousands of numbers by hand that are on wp web.
Is there anyway to bypass the account login to have acess to the contacts? If I decide to format, will wp remember all the chats from the last backup using the same phone number or are they saved to the phone, and how do I format?
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2023.06.02 18:12 Substantial_Head7076 Locator 69, 4ish weeks turnaround

DOT: 6/7
Locator: 69
State: NY
Total time: 31 days
I want to preface this by saying I am highly anxious and, unfortunately, didn’t even think to check in on my passport expiration.. (though lesson learned).
5/2 - realized my passport was expiring in July, sent in passport renewal application with expedited everything
5/4 - application received, in process, and cash checked
5/23 - contact NPIC, and they say I can call back when I am 2 weeks out
5/24 - contact NPIC and let me know 2 weeks would be the next day. I candidly ask if they think my passport will come in time, and they reassure me I should be okay since I’m reaching out so early.
I also contact my senator, they immediately respond and have me fill out a couple of forms to open a case
5/25 - contact NPIC & my application is “marked as urgent”
*anxiety starts to spike severely*
5/30 - contact NPIC to ensure it is “marked as urgent,” & express my concern about it coming in time. I ask if there is anything additional I can do, and they tell me when I am 5 days out, I am eligible for an in-person appointment.
I follow up with the Senator’s office via email and leave a voice mail (never received a reply). I also fill out a form on the website of my local congressperson
*I am constantly monitoring the passport thread in travel and here for tips and hope; and obsessively check my status multiple times a day*
5/31 - contact NPIC about in-person appointments; they say none are available. I candidly ask if it is realistic that I’ll receive it in time and when I should start to think about canceling my trip. They say they can’t let me know but that I should look at the flight policy
I directly call the office that has my passport, and they confirm it is marked as urgent
I call the local congressperson’s office and speak directly to someone who sends me forms. She said if I can send them back ASAP, they can send them off the same day
6/1 - Local congressperson’s office emails me back saying my forms had been sent. I check my status later that day; my passport is approved and shipped via UPS!
She follows up via email with tracking information
6/2 - passport in hand at 11 am
Biggest takeaways:
Best of luck to everyone!
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2023.06.02 18:10 LawReaperLB Thinking about changing careers/quitting

So some background I’m 18y/o with Fire 1 cert and EMT-B working (but more like training) at a township department at Ohio with mostly EMS calls. And Firefighting has always been my dream career when I was a kid living at NYC and one day I do want to join the bravest FDNY. But when I got older (age 6-16 1/2) the thought of becoming a Firefighter forgot in my head and has reappeared about a years ago when I decided I will take the Fire 1 class at my community college. I enjoyed the class very much and their were some amazing introductioners. And when I was done with my Fire 1 I joined my township department, but I actually knew very little about public service and all that was in my head was Firefighting and I can’t wait to fight a fire structure. And when I had to do my EMT class I was fine with it and took the class after Fire 1 during summer. Class wasn’t that bad but only 2 pass me and a Nurse. Didn’t complete my NREMT till December 2022 and when I started to do EMS runs I wasn’t excited and it’s like a 95 to 5 ratio and when it came to fire it was ether a false alarm and just some backyard fire but I was still excited about it and getting into the truck ready to fight fire.
And right now I’m still in training or coming in really whenever I want which I just jump in and do a 24 hour shift and these EMS calls are just not fun and it’s awesome that I’m helping people in my community and I’ve been thinking about doing some trade like Ironwork, but when it comes to fire sides I love it but there has been no fire, the most I’ve done for fire is a Overhaul which was pretty cool and I still very much want to join the FDNY but I’m most definitely going to need to do FDNY EMS than get promoted to Firefighting and I don’t know if I can live a life where a wake up in the middle of the night to do a EMS call than going to sleep and waking up again in 30min for another call or not having to eat because of call volume for 2 years or even longer. I want to live a good life where I’m truly proud of myself and not fake or pretend that I like it but I don’t know if I can keep doing this and change my career to ironwork or some other trades which I’m getting very interested in.
Thanks for reading this and I want to hear what you have to say…
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2023.06.02 18:09 SuperBAMF007 This should be illegal tbh

This should be illegal tbh
I know it’s not the Certified Gluten Free icon. But putting “Gluten Free” and “May Contain Wheat” on the same product is ignorant at best, and bordering malicious misdirection at worst.
Some of Tru Fru’s products are indeed labeled Gluten Free, and don’t have the May Contain Wheat label. But the Hyper-Dried Strawberries do have both, not sure about the other fruits. Their frozen chocolate-covered fruits are safe.
Hard to want to support them at this point though.
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2023.06.02 18:09 Leut_Aldo_Raine NTD!

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2023.06.02 18:09 InitiateConscious Feedback on my recovery/spiritual story

I appreciate everyone in this sub Reddit. I haven’t posted anything here yet but I have read a lot. I have been working on a book for the last several months and I have 28,200 words. I would like to share one of my chapters to get feedback.
This is chapter 8
My father was a chief of police and several other members of my family were in law enforcement. I had been raised around and amongst police officers since I was very young and the seeds had been planted in my heart to follow in my father’s footsteps. I dropped out of high school in my junior year because I was utterly failing in my academics and frankly had no interest. I was working at Marvin’s IGA grocery store for most of the time when I was 17. After I turned 18 however, I began to look for a more serious job. My dad had heard that the local jail was hiring and that they would hire at 18 years of age. He explained that the jail was typically the first step on the path on starting a career in law enforcement and that many cops he knew had spent a year or two working at the jail before becoming police officers. In February of 2008 I applied and in early March I began a pre-employment screening process. This consisted of a background check and a polygraph test. I had never been criminally in trouble so the background check went fine. I am sure some of them had heard about my UFO 911 call but it was never mentioned to me if they had. As I walked into the administration side of the Sheriff’s Office, I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. I knew what was waiting for me - a dreaded polygraph test. The room was small, and the only thing between me and the stern-looking lieutenant was a desk. But what caught my attention was the intimidating chair in front of the desk, with various sensors and attachments ready to measure my every physical response. The lieutenant welcomed me, but his tone was stern as he explained that this was a mandatory test for all recruits seeking employment at the facility. The silence in the room was deafening, and the air was thick with tension. I knew that this moment would determine my future, and I could not help but wonder, would I pass the test or fail? I had been previously told what sorts of questions would be on the test. Several of which I knew I would have to lie on. Especially if they asked if I had ever used illegal drugs as I had smoked marijuana with friends by this point. I had been quite a book reader at this point in my life all ready and at one point I had read about how to fool a polygraph test and it essentially went like this. To fool the polygraph sensors, you have to believe your own lies. The sensors are looking for physiological signs of deception, guilt, anticipation anything of that sort. So, you must not view your answers as lies. There has to be an agreement in my mind already that the entire thing is a farce. This man is not really trying to read me, this is simply a round about way of filling out a form in his possession and I am putting the answers as I want them to appear on the form. So, in my heart this is no a question of true or false. It is a question of what I want to appear on the paper. Therefor when a question is asked. I am not lying regardless of what I say, I am simply dictating to him what to put on the paper for me. Another tip I had read was to focus on a particular place on the wall in front of you and concentrate on it. I sat down and said I was ready. He then began by asking my name and what town we were in for a base reading. Next came the questions. Have you ever committed a serious crime that went undetected? A normal response to this question would be to begin to think back over one’s history and to question one’s self to make sure you weren’t missing anything. However, I stared at the wall and decided the answer to that question needed to be no, so I said no. The polygraph examination went on like this until the end. I can’t say I passed with flying colors however. Lieutenant Carter at the end looked at me and told me my lines were strange and did not indicate either deception or truthfulness but were what they would call inconclusive. Which is still passable for I passed my exam although I got a few odd looks from the lieutenant before I left. Not long after this I was being fitted for a jailer uniform and being distributed the equipment I would be using in my new role as Jail Deputy. I had a grand sense of embarking on a noble quest that would lead to untold adventures and a feeling of being a part of something much bigger than myself. Putting on the uniform for the first time went straight to my head as I could almost feel the new powers of authority emanating out from my being. The jail was connected to the main Sheriff's Office by a set of sturdy steel doors, which were operated remotely from a centralized command center. Once inside, there was no way out unless the command center authorized it. Although there were one or two physical keys, they were not kept on the premises and were reserved only for emergency situations where the controls at the command center were inaccessible. As I walked down the corridor towards the "Pod" where I was to begin my work, I couldn't help but notice the thick, grey concrete walls that lined the passageway. The Pod I would be working in for the first few months was known as D Pod. Essentially, a Pod was a hexagonal command center situated on a raised platform, encircled by remotely operated doors that led to various cell blocks. D-Pod comprised of 6 cell blocks and 2 recreational yards. When entering D-Pod, the two largest cell blocks, D-109 and D-130, were situated on the left-hand side. D-109 housed individuals jailed on misdemeanor charges, while D-130 was reserved for those facing felony charges who had not yet gone to trial. Essentially, it was the pre-trial felony block. On the right-hand side, there were four smaller blocks. One of these, D-150, hosted federal inmates who were predominantly Hispanic individuals with immigration-related holds. However, occasionally, unique inmates with charges related to federal crimes, such as crossing state borders to commit a crime, would also be held in D-150. The final two blocks were D-169 which hosted all inmates with sex related crimes and D-170 which held all inmates with Felony charges who had recently been convicted at trial but had not been sent to prison yet. Initially, my job at the jail was titled "Working D-Pod Direct," which involved spending time in the two largest cell blocks, D-109 and D-130, rather than simply standing in the command area of the Pod. As I began to acclimate myself to the environment and interact with the inmates, I noticed a variety of odors that were foreign to me. The persistent scent of sweat and human body odor was particularly revolting. I couldn't help but cringe at the thought of it. As I glanced around at the inmates, I couldn't help but feel a sense of disdain towards them. They had made choices that landed them in jail, and now they were paying the price. While I would be civil and courteous, I didn't feel as though I owed them anything. It was clear that breaking the rules on my watch was not an option. I quickly familiarized myself with the list of inmate infractions and their respective punishments. If an inmate broke certain rules, they could be subjected to lockdown. It became somewhat of a game to try and catch them in the act, and why not? They had committed a crime and their time in jail should not be pleasant or enjoyable. After all, what motivation would they have to not reoffend and come back? Thanks to constantly splitting wood, my arms had become rock-solid. In addition, I had been diligently honing my boxing skills and was eager for a potential altercation. The idea of an inmate attempting to intimidate me was thrilling, and I relished the possibility of a challenge. My father had earned a reputation as a formidable fighter, and now it was time for me to begin carving out my own legacy. As I searched through the bunks in D-109, my eyes caught sight of an inmate's thin, uncomfortable mat resting on top of his metal bunk. I couldn't help but wonder what could be hiding underneath it. My curiosity got the best of me, and I lifted the mat to find small, circular objects made of toothpaste. It was clear to me that the inmate had made these "mints" himself. I immediately located the inmate responsible and demanded an explanation for his actions. He fumbled through a feeble excuse, which did nothing to sway my judgement. As punishment, I stripped him of his privileges to have a mat and associate with other inmates. I then escorted him to E-Pod, on the opposite side of the jail, which served as the lockdown block. While I found the concept of lockdown amusing at the time, it was a truly awful experience for the inmates. They were stripped of all their belongings except for a Bible and confined to an empty cell for 23 hours a day, with only one hour of freedom to take a shower or read the newspaper in the main area of the cell block. I found myself getting a rush from catching inmates breaking the rules. It became a daily goal of mine to ensure that at least one person was placed in lockdown. At the time I thought that the rules were very simple for people who clearly cared little about society, simple dos and don’ts. There were big ones such as “Don’t assault any jail staff”, “No Fighting.”, “Attempts to escape.”, “No sexual activity.” Etc. Then there were the pettier issues, these were the ones I spent my time on. “Leaning on the wall.”, “Storing food after meals have been picked up.”, “Being unsanitary, failing to keep cell clean.”, “Possessing anything not authorized or issued directly to the inmate through jail staff.” The latter rule was very open to interpretation, and was used if inmates had extra of anything. Many an inmate met lockdown due to having an extra roll of toilet paper in those days. A typical portion of my day might go like this. I stride purposefully down the dimly-lit prison block, my boots echoing off the concrete walls. My chest swells with a sense of authority as I approach the inmate's cell. Without a word, I barge in, my hand firmly gripping my baton. "Face the wall!" I bark, my voice carrying the weight of my position. The inmate jumps, fear etched on his face as he turns to comply with my order. I begin to inspect his cell, my eyes scanning every inch for any signs of contraband. My nose wrinkles at the faint smell of sweat and mold, but I push on, determined to maintain control. And then, there it is. An extra roll of toilet paper, sitting innocuously on the shelf. I whirl around to face the inmate, my lip curling in disdain. "What is this?" I demand, my tone dripping with arrogance. The inmate stammers, fear and distress etched on his face. "I-I didn't know," he stutters. "I didn't know we couldn't have more than one roll." I snort in disbelief. "You expect me to believe that? You should have read the handbook more closely." I reach out and snatch the booklet from his hands, flipping through the pages with a sneer. "And here it is," I say triumphantly, jabbing my finger at the relevant section. "One roll per inmate. Did you even bother to read this?" I pull the inmate out of his cell, dragging him along behind me as I stride purposefully down the hallway. "Lockdown for five days," I snap, my tone leaving no room for argument. "Maybe you'll learn to follow the rules next time." I stride out of the prison gates, my uniform crisp and my badge shining in the sun. It's been a hard day, but I've managed to keep the inmates in line, as I always do. The weight of the day's events still heavy on my mind, I pull out a pack of Marlboro reds and light one up. The smoke fills my lungs and I let out a long exhale, feeling a sense of relief wash over me. Driving down the winding country roads, the sun beating down on my face, I can't help but feel a sense of peace. The green pastures and fields stretch out for miles on either side of the road, and I feel like I'm the only one in the world. When I finally get home, I grab a cold beer from the fridge and climb into the driver's seat of my truck. The sounds of the woods and insects fill the air as I crack open the can and start to read a book. The sun slowly begins to set, casting a warm orange glow over the trees. As the night deepens, I feel a restlessness stirring within me. I decide to take my truck out for a spin, driving through the small town I grew up in. The beer has been flowing freely for hours, but it doesn't even occur to me that I might be breaking the law. I revel in the feeling of being an adult, of having power and control over others. It doesn't matter that I've spent the day punishing inmates for petty offenses, because in this moment, I am invincible. The irony of my situation is lost on me, and I continue to drive around, the night stretching out before me like an open road. After I get home and as the night wears on, I continue to drink, the bottles piling up around me. The sounds of the woods outside provide a backdrop to my drunken stupor, and I stumble out into the darkness. The insects hum around me, and the night birds call out in the distance. I feel my stomach churning, and I lurch forward, retching onto the ground. The smell of beer and bile fills my nostrils, and I heave until there's nothing left. As I stumble into the woods, their darkness and isolation seem to envelop me completely. The only witnesses to my weakness are the insects and birds, their chirping and buzzing forming a constant, mocking chorus. No god, no divine presence to judge my actions or offer me solace. I know that I can’t linger here for long. I have to be at work again at 6 in the morning, ready to continue my reign of power.
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2023.06.02 18:09 Particular-Seaweed54 Curious of results

I recently had a 2,3 -Dinor-11 Beta - Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, 24 Hour Urine test and am curious about one result for "2,3 BPG Creatinine Conc, U24" at 61 mg/dL. Is that normal? The other results on there looked ok.
I also had recent testing of urine protein and creatinine ratio, and the Creatinine, Urine was 36.6 mg/dL, and Protein, Total, Urine was 4.8 mg/dL. Are those normal?
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2023.06.02 18:08 Rude_Application_879 Dog Skin/Hair loss issue - Looking for advice/guidance

First time poster, apologies in advance for any faux pas in my post. I am hoping to receive some advice/guidance before scheduling a vet visit for a haiskin related issue with my dog. Thanks in advance for any help (details below).
Link to image: https://imgur.com/a/4KaW99T
Species: Dog Age: 6 Sex/Neuter status: Female (spayed) Breed: Great Pyr Body weight: 95 lbs. History: Generally healthy, besides some ACL issues. She takes an oral flea and tick preventer monthly that I feel is very effective ( if I do ever find a tick that managed to attach to her skin, they are dead, has only happened 3 or 4 times throughout her lifespan). Clinical signs: I recently noticed a small area where her coat is gone near her left eye. It is strange because this hair loss seems to have occured very rapidly, she went to bed on Wednesday night, and her face was completely normal, and then on Thursday afternoon, I noticed she had lost hair in this area. I could have missed it on Tuesday/Wednesday, but we spend a lot of time together so not likeley. There are no cuts or scratch marks on her skin where the hair is missing however, it does look mildly irritated (the skin feels a bit scratchy/rough and looks a bit reddish). She does not seem even to notice this area of her face having an issue and is acting completely normal. Duration: Noticed issue approx. 24-36 hours prior to posting here. General location: Upper midwest, summer heat/humidity just hit. Other Info: Lots of neighbors have been applying pesticides recenlt, I try to keep her off treated areas when walking but she like to sometimes walk through tall grass with her head down so her nose/face contacts the grass as she walks, perhaps she was exposed to a fertilizer or pesticide?
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2023.06.02 18:08 CKangel Free Udemy Certificate Coupon Courses - Limited Time

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  6. Setup LAMP Stack on a Remote Cloud Server + PHP Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/setup-lamp-stack-on-a-remote-cloud-server-php-foundations/
  7. Revit MEP Specialization - Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/revit-mep-specialization/
  8. PowerShell Functions Master Class - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/powershell-functions-master-class/
  9. NGINX, Apache, SSL Encryption - Certification Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/nginx-apache-ssl-encryption-certification-course/
  10. Linode: Foundations of Web Server Security - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/linode-foundations-of-web-server-security/
  11. Learn to Host Multiple Domains on one Virtual Server - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-to-host-multiple-domains-on-one-virtual-serve
  12. Learn PHP - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-php-for-beginners-n/
  13. Learn MySQL - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-mysql-for-beginners/
  14. Learn JavaScript - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-javascript-for-beginners-v/
  15. Learn CSS - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-css-for-beginners/
  16. La méthode qu'il vous faut pour un trading rentable en 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/methode-alpha/
  17. Internet & Cloud Computing Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/internet-cloud-computing-foundations/
  18. Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/install-nginx-php-mysql-ssl-wordpress-on-ubuntu/
  19. Influencer Marketing & Instagram Marketing: Be Famous in 2mo - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-famous/
  20. How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-the-internet-works-the-web-development-process/
  21. Hands on Copywriting The Complete Copywriting Course 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/million-dollar-copywrite
  22. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React - Online Certification Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/html-css-javascript-react-online-certification-course/
  23. HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/html-css-certification-course-for-beginners/
  24. Graphic Design Specialization - 4 in 1 Adobe software - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/graphic-design-specialization-3-in-1-adobe-software/
  25. File & Folder Management Using PowerShell - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/using-powershell-advanced-automated-file-management/
  26. Entrepreneurship - Ft. Matthew Rolnick of Yaymaker, Groupon - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-succeed-as-an-entrepreneur-a-beginners-guide/
  27. Email Marketing: Cold Email Marketing Writing, Lead Gen 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cold-email-cold-emailing/
  28. Digital Marketing Mastery 2023 with Dekker Fraser, MBA - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/digital-marketing-mba/
  29. Create a WordPress website with Hostinger! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/wordpress-and-hosting-for-beginners/
  30. Create a Members Only Blog using PHP, MySQL, & AJAX - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/create-a-members-only-blog-using-php-mysql-ajax/
  31. Complete JavaScript, jQuery and React Bootcamp - Hands-On - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-javascript-jquery-and-react-bootcamp-hands-on/
  32. Complete Bootstrap & React Bootcamp with Hands-On Projects - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-bootstrap-react-bootcamp-with-hands-on-projects/
  33. Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cloud-computing-and-amazon-web-services-aws-fundamentals/
  34. CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/css-javascript-certification-course-for-beginners/
  35. Build an Amazon Affiliate E-Commerce Store from Scratch - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/build-an-amazon-affiliate-e-commerce-store-from-scratch/
  36. Build a full user Web app from scratch with vanilla PHP 8+ - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/create-real-world-php-webapp-from-scratch/
  37. Build a Custom E-Commerce Site in React + JavaScript Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/build-a-custom-e-commerce-site-in-react-javascript-basics/
  38. Build a Connect-4 Clone in React + JavaScript Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/build-a-connect-4-clone-in-react-javascript-foundations/
  39. Branding & Brand Management: Branding Strategy Brand Tactics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/mini-mba-in-branding/
  40. Bootstrap & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/bootstrap-jquery-certification-course-for-beginners/
  41. Become an Instagram Manager and Work with Paying Clients - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-an-instagram-manage
  42. AutoCAD Civil 3D - MEGA course for Civil Works - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/civil-works-expert-civil3d-level-1/
  43. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: The Map & Book Module - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/adobe-lightroom-classic-cc-the-map-book-module/
  44. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Library Module - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/adobe-lightroom-classic-cc-master-the-library-module/
  45. AWS and Linode: The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing [IaaS] - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-and-linode-the-ultimate-guide-to-cloud-computing-iaas/
  46. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-identity-and-access-management-iam-foundations/
  47. AWS Certified Security Specialty Practice Exam [New] 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-certified-security-specialty-practice-exam-new-2023/
  48. AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exams [New] 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-certified-machine-learning-specialty-exams-new-2023/
  49. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exams 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-certified-advanced-networking-specialty-exams-2023/
  50. AWS Beginner to Intermediate: EC2, IAM, ELB, ASG, Route 53 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-beginner-to-intermediate-ec2-iam-elb-asg-route-53/
  51. iPhone Photography Mastery: Unlock Your iPhone's Potential - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/iphone-photography-and-videography/
  52. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2023: Launch Your SMM! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/social-media-marketing-strategy-course/
  53. QuickBooks Desktop vs QBO Multiple Currencies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/quickbooks-desktop-vs-qbo-multiple-currencies/
  54. Pump Sizing & Modeling Piping Systems For Liquids - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pump-sizing-modeling-piping-systems-for-liquids/
  55. Project Management Fundamentals: A Beginner's Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/project-management-fundamentals-guide/
  56. Programming Network Applications in Java - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/programming-network-applications-in-java/
  57. PHP for Beginners 2023: The Complete PHP MySQL PDO Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/php-for-beginners-2021-the-complete-php-mysql-pdo-course/
  58. Kickstarting Client Conversations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/kickstarting-client-conversations/
  59. Instagram Marketing 2023. How to Promote Your Business! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/instagram-marketing-practical-course/
  60. Google My Business. How to Master Powerful Tool for Company - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/google-my-business-how-to-master-powerful-tool-for-company/
  61. Data Storytelling with PowerBI - 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/ai-driven-data-storytelling-with-powerbi-2023/
  62. Corporate Finance #9 Valuation-Bond, Common /Preferred Stock - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-9-valuation-bond-common-preferred-stock/
  63. Corporate Finance #8 Time Value of Money (PV & FV) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-8-time-value-of-money-pv-fv/
  64. Corporate Finance #7 Short Term Financing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-7-short-term-financing/
  65. Corporate Finance #6 Management of Current Assets - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-6-management-of-current-assets/
  66. Corporate Finance #5 Financing Decisions - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-5-financing-decisions/
  67. Corporate Finance #4 Leverage & Break-Even Analysis - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-4-leverage-break-even-analysis/
  68. Corporate Finance #3 Forecasting & Budgeting - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-3-forecasting-budgeting/
  69. Corporate Finance #2 Financial Ratios - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-2-financial-ratios/
  70. Corporate Finance #1 Introduction & Financial Statements - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-1-introduction-financial-statements/
  71. Corp Finance #10 Cost of Capital–Debt & Equity Financing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corp-finance-10-cost-of-capitaldebt-equity-financing/
  72. Content Marketing 2023. Content that Sells! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/content-marketing-strategy-course/
  73. CCIE Security v6.0, by dr Jonas Birch - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/ccie-security/
  74. Amazon SEO Guide: Building Sales Funnels for Amazon - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/amazon-seo-guide-building-sales-funnels-for-amazon-tareq-hajj/
  75. general mycology a brief review - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/general-mycology-a-brief-review/
  76. Uncovering Subconscious Bias While Hiring And Recruiting - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/uncovering-bias/
  77. Trading Strategies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/trading-strategies-m/
  78. Social Media Marketing Advertising 2023: Get More Customers! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/social-media-marketing-b2b/
  79. Sanitation & Wastewater Treatment Explained - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/wastewater-treatment-explained/
  80. Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/reverse-engineering-ida/
  81. Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/real-estate-investing-foreclosures/
  82. Professional Email Writing & Etiquette - Write Better Emails - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/professional-email-writing-etiquette-write-better-emails/
  83. Product Management+Agile Requirements using Product Backlog - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/agile-product-management-scrum/
  84. Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/mastering-portrait-photography/
  85. Personal Trainer Business Boost: Launch your business now. - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-build-your-personal-training-business/
  86. PHP Mock Test Core & Advance 2022 [With FREE E-Book] - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/php-mock-test-core-advance-2022-with-free-e-book/
  87. Open AI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT3) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/open-ais-generative-pre-trained-transformer-3-gpt3/
  88. Master Course in Web Frameworks - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/web-frameworks/
  89. Master Course in ChatGPT - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/chatgpt-openai-chatbot-generative-ai-text-content-generation/
  90. Manage Boundaries: When Personal Training Gets Personal - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/when-personal-training-gets-personal/
  91. Learn JDBC 3.0 in 2.0 hours : Practical Master Class - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-jdbc3-master-class/
  92. Java And PHP Complete Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/java-and-php-complete-course/
  93. Improve English by Movies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/improve-english-by-movies/
  94. Google Cloud Workshop for Semiconductor Workloads - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/google-cloud-workshop-for-semiconductor-workloads/
  95. German Language Practice Test: Level A1 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/german-language-practice-test-level-a1/
  96. Financial Education By Pirate Mike - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/financial-education-by-pirate-mike/
  97. Explode Sales and Client Conversions as a Personal Trainer - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/personal-trainer-client-intake/
  98. Elastic Certified Engineer Exam V8.1 - 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/elastic-certified-engineer-exam/
  99. Effective Communication English - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/effective-communication-english/
  100. Earn More Money As An Expert In-Home Personal Trainer - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/basics-of-in-home-personal-training/
  101. Digital Marketing B2B Ultimate Digital Marketing Course 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/digital-marketing-b2b/
  102. Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-your-brain-to-achieve-your-desired-success/
  103. C++ Programming: Practice Tests Beginner To Advanced Level - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/c-programming-practice-tests-beginner-to-advanced-level/
  104. Belly Dance Level 1 Beginner's Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/belly-dance-beginners-course/
  105. Become A Certified Python Programmer: Python Practice Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-a-certified-python-programmer-python-practice-tests/
  106. Become A Certified Java Developer: Java Practice Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/java-practice-exams/
  107. Become A Certified JS Developer: JavaScript Practice Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-a-certified-js-developer-javascript-practice-tests/
  108. Be a Facebook Ads Pro 2023 with Dekker: Facebook Advertising - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/facebook-ads-b2b/
  109. Apache Spark Project World Development Indicators Analytics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/apache-spark-project-world-development-indicators-analytics/
  110. A1 German Language Practice Test [With FREE E-Book] - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/a1-german-language-practice-test/
  111. 30 Days Of Inspiration - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/30-days-of-inspiration/
  112. Transform your Mid-Career - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/transform-your-mid-caree
  113. Tips for improving Presentation Skills - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/tips-for-improving-presentation-skills/
  114. The Ultimate SQL Practice Bundle : 4 Practice Test 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-ultimate-sql-practice-bundle-4-practice-tests/
  115. The Complete Android Movie App Development Masterclass - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-complete-android-movie-app-development-masterclass/
  116. SEO Guide: Successful Google and Amazon SEO Strategies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/seo-guide-successful-google-and-amazon-seo-strategies-tareq-hajj/
  117. Python Mastery: Ace Your Exams with 4 Comprehensive Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-mastery-ace-your-exams-with-4-comprehensive-tests/
  118. Python Mastery: 4 Proven Practice Tests for Exam Success - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-mastery-4-proven-practice-tests-for-exam-success/
  119. Python Exam Success Unlocked: 4 Test Bundle - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-exam-success-unlocked-4-test-bundle/
  120. Python And Flask Framework Complete Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/flask-framework-complete-course-for-beginners/
  121. Proven Formula For Independent Film Screenwriting That Works - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/independent-film-screenwriting/
  122. Parkinson’s Disease Exercise and Fitness Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/fight-parkinsons-disease-with-a-great-fitness-plan/
  123. Mastering Google Calendar: Mastering Your Day - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/mastering-google-calendar-mastering-your-day/
  124. Learn How to Earn Cryptocurrency Worldwide in 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-earn-cryptocurrency-for-free/
  125. JavaScript And PHP Programming Complete Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/javascript-and-php-programming-complete-course/
  126. Information Security Fundamentals - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/infosec-fundamentals/
  127. IP Addressing and Subnetting - Zero to Hero - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/ip-addressing-zero-to-hero/
  128. How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-build-confidence-and-a-positive-mindset-for-success/
  129. Hand On Guide How To Design Better Film Posters - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-design-a-great-movie-poster-that-works/
  130. 6 Killer Startup Business Ideas In One Masterclass Framework - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/starting-6-businesses-in-2021/
  131. Quantity Surveyor's Guide for Pre-Contracts Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/quantity-surveyors-guide-for-pre-contracts-management/
  132. MAKE MONEY FROM HOME WRITING WORDS (Copywriting Course) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-copywriting/
  133. DIY Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/diy-mindfulness-for-tweens-teens/
  134. 2023 Employee CyberSecurity Awareness First Line of Defense - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-cyber-security-awareness-for-employees-2022/
  135. 12 Bright Ideas Personal Trainers Can Teach Their Clients - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/12-bright-ideas-personal-trainers-can-teach-their-clients/
  136. Primavera P6 Training - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/oracle-primavera-p6-project-planning-and-scheduling-training/
  137. PTE Speaking Prep (+ Extra Tips for Asian Speakers) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pte-speaking-prep/
  138. Master Course : First 90 Days as a New Sales Rep 3.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/first-90-days-as-a-new-sales-rep-sales-skills-sales-jobs/
  139. Master Complete Statistics For Computer Science - I - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-complete-statistics-for-computer-science-i/
  140. Black book for sales - the secrets and tricks of the trade - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/blackbook-for-sales-the-secrets-and-tricks-of-the-trade/
  141. Negotiation A-Z™: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/neuro-negotiation-system-become-number-one-negotiator-and-make-or-save-money/
  142. Master Course of International Business - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-course-of-international-business/
  143. Master Course of Facebook Training - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-course-of-facebook-training/
  144. Master Course of Cloud Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cloud-management/
  145. Master Course of Art Gallery Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-course-of-art-gallery-management/
  146. Master Course in Zero Trust Architecture 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/zero-trust-architecture/
  147. Master Course in Teacher Training and Teaching Online 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/teacher-training-teaching-online-elearning-remote-teaching/
  148. Master Course in Special Education and Adult Education 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/special-education-special-needs-adult-education-teacher-training/
  149. Master Course in Restaurant Business & Restaurant Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/restaurant-business-restaurant-management-catering-hotel-management/
  150. Master Course in Microsoft PL-400 : Power Platform Developer - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-pl-400-power-platform-developer-powerbi-power-apps-automate/
  151. Master Course in Microsoft MS-720 : MS Teams Voice Engineer - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-ms-720-microsoft-teams-voice-engineer-ms-700/
  152. Master Course in Microsoft MB-330 and MB-335 (Supply Chain) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-330-mb-335-dynamics-365-supply-chain-management/
  153. Master Course in Microsoft MB-260 (Customer Data Platform) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-260-customer-data-platform-specialty/
  154. Master Course in Microsoft MB-220 (Marketing Consultant) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-220-dynamics-365-marketing-functional-consultant/
  155. Master Course in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/haccp-hazard-analysis-and-critical-control-points-food-safety-harpc/
  156. Master Course in Data Architecture 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/data-architecture-big-data-architecture-data-mesh-database-management/
  157. Master Course in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cryptocurrency-blockchain-technology-bitcoin-ethereum-crypto/
  158. Master Course in Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cloud-computing-cloud-architecture-cloud-security-cloud-monitoring/
  159. Master Course in Climate Change Impact on Business - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/climate-change-impact-on-business-sustainability-circular-economy/
  160. Master Course in Business Communication 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/business-communication-nonverbal-business-english-communication-skills/
  161. Master Course in Big Picture Thinking (Thinking Like a CEO) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/big-picture-thinking-like-a-ceo-strategic-thinking-detail-oriented/
  162. Master Course in Assertiveness, Confidence, Body Language - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/assertiveness-confidence-body-language-attraction-personal-development/
  163. Master Course in Account Based Marketing (ABM) 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/account-based-marketing-abm-b2b-marketing-b2b-sales-lead-generation/
  164. Master Course: SAP BI, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Business One - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/sap-bi-sap-businessobjects-sap-business-one-sap-bw-erp/
  165. Master Course : Remote Selling & Virtual Sales Presentations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/remote-selling-virtual-sales-presentations-online-meeting-sales-skills/
  166. Master Course :Product Strategy Creation & Product Marketing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/product-strategy-creation-product-marketing-product-management/
  167. Master Course : Microsoft SC-200 Security Operations Analyst - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-sc-200-security-operations-analyst-microsoft-sc-900/
  168. Master Course Microsoft MB-800 Dynamics 365 Business Central - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-800-dynamics-365-business-central-functional-consultant/
  169. Master Course : CPA Marketing, Video & Newsletter Marketing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cpa-marketing-video-marketing-newsletter-marketing-email-marketing/
  170. Master Course : Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service (Deep Dive) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/amazon-s3-simple-storage-service-aws-s3-amazon-lambda-cloud-storage/
  171. Inbound Marketing - Improve Your Skills Today - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/inbound-marketing-improve-your-skills-today/
  172. Git Interview Questions and Answers: MCQs (Practice Tests) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/git-interview-questions-and-answers-mcqs-practice-tests/
  173. Certification in Renko Chart Trading & Taj Mahal Strategy - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/renko-chart/
  174. Understanding Global Economics : A Comprehensive Overview - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/understanding-global-economics-a-comprehensive-overview/
  175. Solar Specialist Certification Interview Practice Test 2022 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/solar-specialist-certification-practice-tests-2022/
  176. Pursue Top 1% Career: Become The No. 1 Success Magnet - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-a-corporate-winne
  177. Presentation Mastery: Build Confidence and Deliver Impactful - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/presentation-mastery-build-confidence-and-deliver-impactful/
  178. Learn 47 Different Ways to Make Money Online! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-to-make-money-online/
  179. Keystone Financial Academy Personal Finance MasterClass - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/keystone-financial-academy-personal-finance-masterclass/
  180. From Concept to Delivery - The Complete Presentation Process - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/from-concept-to-delivery-the-complete-presentatoin-process/
  181. Economics Made Easy: Introduction to Basic Economic Concepts - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/economics-made-easy-introduction-to-basic-economic-concepts/
  182. Complete Stress Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-stress-management/
  183. poultry farming viral diseases threaten poultry industry - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/poultry-farming-viral-diseases-threaten-poultry-industry/
  184. jQuery Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-learn-jquery-course/
  185. jQuery Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-basic-jquery/
  186. Zabbix Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/zabbix-course/
  187. Windows Command Line Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-windows-command-line/
  188. Website Flipping Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/website-flipping-course/
  189. Webpack Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/webpack-v/
  190. WebVR Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/webxr-v
  191. WebGL Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/webgl-course/
  192. Web Hosting Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-web-hosting/
  193. Visual Studio Code Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-visual-studio-code-v/
  194. Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations : MasterClass With Project - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/videoscribe-whiteboard-animations-masterclass-with-project/
  195. Trello Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-basic-trello/
  196. Three.js Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/threejs-course/
  197. Swagger Tools Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/swagger-tools/
  198. Sublime Text 3 Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-sublime-text-3/
  199. Slack Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-slack/
  200. Servlet Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/servlet-course/
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2023.06.02 18:07 fotoflux "A mechanical failure has delayed delivery."

I have seen a couple threads about this. Seems like most packages arrived a day late. But I am currently caught in this status. This package was supposed to take 2 days via Ground service to arrive. It's been sitting for over 24 hours with no status update. Any idea why there would be no more status updates? Is the package sitting in a trailer on the side of the road or does the tracking system tend not to work when this happens because the packages are unloaded and not re-scanned?
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2023.06.02 18:06 umad_cause_ibad Concerned about my drives, can someone take a look at my logs?

Lately I’ve noticed from file loses. Specifically movies have disappeared.
All my drives are smart and healthy. (6 x 6tb array with ssd cache) https://i.imgur.com/MTrVNbx.jpg
I have downloaded my diagnostic data but I don’t really know how to interrupt some of the data.
I also am concerned about a sas drive I have in my array because I bought it from eBay and it looks healthy but there is much less data in the logs on the sas drives.
Here is an excerpt from one of my sata drives that is health. Should I be worried?
Edit: also my parity check time has increased a lot (a day longer than normal) and there is no estimated completion time which I usually always get.
For example:
Error 9 [0] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 17 hours (0 days + 17 hours)
When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle.
After command completion occurred, registers were:
-- -- -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- --
40 -- 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Error: UNC at LBA = 0x00000000 = 0
Commands leading to the command that caused the error were:
CR FEATR COUNT LBA_48 LH LM LL DV DC Powered_Up_Time Command/Feature_Name
-- == -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- -- --------------- --------------------
60 04 00 00 18 00 01 37 03 77 a8 40 00 17:48:38.354 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 30 00 00 e8 ae 07 11 40 00 17:48:37.085 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 30 00 02 ba a0 f4 af 40 00 17:48:37.066 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 20 00 00 a8 55 cb e6 40 00 17:48:37.065 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 00 17:48:37.034 READ FPDMA QUEUED
Error 8 [3] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 17 hours (0 days + 17 hours)
When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle.
After command completion occurred, registers were:
-- -- -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- --
40 -- 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Error: UNC at LBA = 0x00000000 = 0
Commands leading to the command that caused the error were:
CR FEATR COUNT LBA_48 LH LM LL DV DC Powered_Up_Time Command/Feature_Name
-- == -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- -- --------------- --------------------
60 00 01 00 18 00 01 37 02 bd ac 40 00 17:48:24.295 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 30 00 00 00 aa 93 91 40 00 17:48:21.804 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 28 00 00 52 ca 11 4d 40 00 17:48:21.804 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 20 00 00 28 75 d2 9e 40 00 17:48:21.804 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 10 00 01 37 02 bd ae 40 00 17:48:21.804 READ FPDMA QUEUED
Error 7 [2] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 17 hours (0 days + 17 hours)
When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle.
After command completion occurred, registers were:
-- -- -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- --
40 -- 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Error: UNC at LBA = 0x00000000 = 0
Commands leading to the command that caused the error were:
CR FEATR COUNT LBA_48 LH LM LL DV DC Powered_Up_Time Command/Feature_Name
-- == -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- -- --------------- --------------------
60 00 01 00 18 00 01 37 02 bd ab 40 00 17:48:21.803 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 38 00 01 37 02 bd af 40 00 17:48:19.329 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 30 00 01 37 02 bd ad 40 00 17:48:19.329 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 28 00 01 37 02 bd ae 40 00 17:48:19.329 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 20 00 01 37 02 bd ac 40 00 17:48:19.329 READ FPDMA QUEUED
Error 6 [1] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 17 hours (0 days + 17 hours)
When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle.
After command completion occurred, registers were:
-- -- -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- --
40 -- 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Error: UNC at LBA = 0x00000000 = 0
Commands leading to the command that caused the error were:
CR FEATR COUNT LBA_48 LH LM LL DV DC Powered_Up_Time Command/Feature_Name
-- == -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- -- --------------- --------------------
60 00 01 00 18 00 01 37 02 bd aa 40 00 17:48:19.328 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 40 00 01 37 02 bd af 40 00 17:48:16.846 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 38 00 01 37 02 bd ae 40 00 17:48:16.846 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 30 00 01 37 02 bd ad 40 00 17:48:16.846 READ FPDMA QUEUED
60 00 01 00 28 00 01 37 02 bd ac 40 00 17:48:16.846 READ FPDMA QUEUED
SMART Extended Self-test Log Version: 1 (1 sectors)
Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error

1 Short offline Completed without error 00% 20632 -

2 Short offline Completed without error 00% 36 -

submitted by umad_cause_ibad to unRAID [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 18:06 theworkeragency On April 13 Bertha Montes came to work at McDonalds in LA. With Bertha told her manager she was sick and had to go home, she was forced to work 3 more hours. Weeks later, she died. So yesterday her store walked out demanding sick pay with @Fightfor15LA .

On April 13 Bertha Montes came to work at McDonalds in LA. With Bertha told her manager she was sick and had to go home, she was forced to work 3 more hours. Weeks later, she died. So yesterday her store walked out demanding sick pay with @Fightfor15LA . submitted by theworkeragency to WorkersStrikeBack [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 18:05 theworkeragency On April 13 Bertha Montes came to work at McDonalds in LA. With Bertha told her manager she was sick and had to go home, she was forced to work 3 more hours. Weeks later, she died. So yesterday her store walked out demanding sick pay with @Fightfor15LA .

On April 13 Bertha Montes came to work at McDonalds in LA. With Bertha told her manager she was sick and had to go home, she was forced to work 3 more hours. Weeks later, she died. So yesterday her store walked out demanding sick pay with @Fightfor15LA . submitted by theworkeragency to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 18:05 1man2ballsacks Are these authentic or even “rare” or worth paying that much?

Are these authentic or even “rare” or worth paying that much?
I really like the C-3PO But if it’s inauthentic I don’t care to buy it especially don’t care for the price. But I understand why it’d be priced so high if it was real Lego cause I remember those darth Vader figure that were similar to this
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