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2023.04.01 12:33 GeneralCatagory Rapidly going through SIs/Hyperfixations

I find something I am genuinely really interested in, get fixated for a while, gat attached to it and make it apart of myself, and then I stop being as passionate about it. And suddenly it feels like a part of myself has disappeared and feel empty and I hate it!
Anyone else feel like this? I recently got fixated on oceanology, and made a tunblr account just to talk about it but then I kinda stopped caring as much about it. I still like it, I still want to learn, but I'm not as passionate anymore. I wish I could stick to something familiar.
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2023.04.01 12:31 Venugopalhyd Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s Contribution To The Development Of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. The city has witnessed significant development over the past few decades, and this wouldn't have been possible without the contribution of various leaders and politicians. One such leader is Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and the President of Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Naidu played a crucial role in the development of Hyderabad, and his contribution to the city's growth is immense. During his tenure as the Chief Minister, Naidu made significant efforts to turn Hyderabad into a world-class city. He introduced several initiatives and schemes that paved the way for the city's development.
One of the most significant contributions of Naidu to Hyderabad's development was the creation of Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City (HITEC City). HITEC City is a technology hub that houses some of the world's biggest IT companies, including Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. This project created numerous job opportunities for the people of Hyderabad and gave a massive boost to the city's economy. Apart from HITECH City, Naidu initiated several other infrastructure projects that contributed to Hyderabad's development. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) project was one such initiative. The ORR is a 158 km long expressway that connects the suburbs of Hyderabad and reduces traffic congestion in the city. Naidu also initiated the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project, which is one of the most significant public transport infrastructure projects in the country. The project has helped ease traffic congestion in the city and has made commuting more comfortable for the people. Some of the TDP Contributions and Top TDP Achievements towards the development of AP took place under the leadership of Nara Chandrababu Naidu.
Naidu's efforts also resulted in the establishment of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is one of the most modern airports in the country. The airport is equipped with world-class facilities and has helped boost tourism and business in the city. Apart from infrastructure projects, TDP Leaders also focused on improving the standard of living of the people of Hyderabad. He introduced several schemes that benefited the poor and marginalised sections of society. The Rajiv Arogyasri scheme was one such initiative, which provided free medical treatment to the poor. The scheme was later adopted by other states in the country and was hailed as a game-changer in the field of healthcare. Naidu's contribution to Hyderabad's development is not limited to his tenure as the Chief Minister. Even after leaving office, he continued to play an active role in the city's growth. The TDP MLA's in the city have been working tirelessly to ensure that Naidu's vision for Hyderabad is fulfilled. The TDP has been actively participating in debates and discussions on issues related to the city's development.
In conclusion, Nara Chandrababu Naidu played a significant role in the development of Hyderabad. His initiatives and schemes have helped turn Hyderabad into a world-class city. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in creating numerous job opportunities, boosting the economy, and improving the standard of living of the people of Hyderabad. The TDP Live updates show that the party continues to be committed to fulfilling Naidu's vision for the city, and it will be interesting to see how the party contributes to Hyderabad's development in the years to come.
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2023.04.01 12:30 Ok_Proposal_9149 Negative effect on emiway due to beef with raftaar and divine.

no one like even single mainstream artist from delhi and pak follow on insta him raga,yungi,sez....etc
same form Uk scene,he dose not get much support him.
even in mumbai scene apart from BR artist and dino no one show support(gully gang artist).
whereas raftaar dose not follow any one but from anjum,umair to sez abj literally everyone follow him same for divine.
he is having 19 M sub on youtube and people can get support from his fanbase still dose not associate with him.
And emiway might never get that same respect like divine from scene.
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2023.04.01 12:30 Puzzled_Lifeguard_ Shell Sort in C and C++
Shell sort is a highly efficient sorting algorithm and is based on insertion sort algorithm. This algorithm avoids large shifts as in case of insertion sort, if the smaller value is to the far right and has to be moved to the far left. Shell short is an improved and efficient version of Insertion Sort rather while compared with other Sorting Techniques like Merge Sort , Bubble Sort and Selection Sort which we have already discussed earlier. In this algorithm we sort the pair of elements that are far apart by gap h. The process is repeated by reducing h until it becomes 1. This algorithm uses insertion sort on a widely spread elements, first to sort them and then sorts the less widely spaced elements.
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2023.04.01 12:29 jigsaw153 How far apart would the cars (hypothetically) be in Qualifying by distance?

Is it possible to work out the gap in Qualifying by distance instead of time?
I have tried to find a calculator online that goes down to thousands of a second to no avail. I am no mathematician.
I figure the basic formula to roughly determine these distance would be as follows:
  1. Track length is the one true measurement they all achieve (it's just the time that is variable)
  2. Pole Position driver's time over the length of the course is the 'par'
  3. Every other drivers time broken down and calculated to learn each drivers average travelling distance per second over that lap.
  4. Each other driver's distance is measured on where they are on the track at the exact time the Pole position driver crosses the line (how many metres/centimetres they had travelled at the pole position time
  5. subtract that distance from the full track length
  6. all above would give me the distance apart that car would be from the pole sitter

Can anyone here help me work out how many 'metres/centimetres' apart each driver would have been in the last qualifying session? I understand that it would not be NASA scale accurate, but if each car was running like a 'ghost car' on the track I've always wanted know how far apart the whole 20 cars on the track from front to end would physically be apart by distance instead of time.
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2023.04.01 12:27 Catperson_XX I don't want to move in with a friend, but staying with my family doesn't appeal to me either.

A friend (23f) is moving back to a city near me. Mostly as a joke, I (23f) said at the beginning of the year that we could move in together if she didn't move in with her boyfriend after all. Coincidentally, a few weeks after that they broke up and she asked me if I meant it first, which at that moment I said yes, since I've been thinking about moving to that city as well since I work there.
We have been looking for flats for a while now and finally got one and I already signed the papers for the flat as it became clear that this was most likely the only flat we could get as housing market is horrible right now (I honestly don't fully like the flat as we have two bedrooms and a tiny living room that only fits a couch and tv. So the dining table will most likely end up in one of our rooms anyway). My goal was also to have my work desk somewhere else beside my bedroom, which now also does not work. When we got the ok, she was very happy whereas I was not really (we only had a call about the approval before we signed and she assumed my lack of words was out of shock), but I also didn't want to go back on my word as she needs a room from April on in the city.
The main reason why I want to move out is that the living situation with my family. I live with my parents, both siblings (22m, 26f) and my nephew (4m) in my parents' house on 3 floors. Sounds relaxed, but it's not quite. On the top floor is my room and right next to me is where my nephew sleeps, so I hear screaming etc. every night (which can stretch over several hours) when he doesn't want to go to bed. Plus, I can't practice music anywhere after work because he is supposed to go to sleep by then. The last room on this floor belongs to my sister and a cat, who always wants to attack my own cat when he sees her. (We have had my cat for 10 years and he has only been with us a few months).
In the middle floor is "our" kitchen with a small dining room, where the kitchen also serves as a passage to the bathroom. So you don't really have peace and quiet here either, because people walk through especially in the evenings and it is always stressing my out. On this floor is also the bedroom of my brother (which used to be the living room) and the bedroom of my parents.
On the ground floor is my parents' living space, their kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom (which needs to be renovated and is therefore more of a storage room). The living room is purely for my parents and the dining room is all full of kids toys and a pass through to their kitchen and bathroom.
Basically there is no real retreat apart from my own room, and no way to invite friends over. I also don't want to work out of my own bedroom for a lot more years.
But then why don't I want to move in with a friend?
1) It's probably only for a year, since she will be transferred afterwards and living alone (even with my cat), I just don’t want that. I did that in the past for about 6 months during my studies and just felt lonely and miserable. I also don’t want to live with people I don’t really know at this point.
2) My brother wants to start a second apprenticeship next summer, for which he would have to move out and then probably stay there. Then a room would be free that could be used as a living room with a sleeping couch. My sister is also starting an apprenticeship this summer, where she could also be transferred after in two years (and take her son with her). But there is always the risk of either or both not working out or both coming back and wanting their rooms back.
3) Money. I currently earn 3k€ per month (after taxes) and would pay 700€ for rent & utilities. I could afford that, only the question arises for me whether it is not more sensible to save this money and save for an upgrade of our adjoining building or the renovation of the small cottage on the property of my parents. Both are not habitable due to lack of heating, poor insulation, uneven floors and the outdated water pipes.
4) Is it worth it to tear my cat out of her environment for a year? I don't want to leave her with my parents, because there she would have no attachment figure and no real place to rest. She is not allowed to go to the lowest floor because of my parents' birds, on the middle floor there is only my brother and he is rarely at home, and on the top floor she can't go into my nephew's room or my sister's room because of the cat.
5) I am 30min away from my small village. Doesn't sound much, but because of that I can't join the voluntary fire department and after music rehearsals and gigs I have a much longer way home and I can't just have a drink, because I always must get to my apartment somehow...
6) I am most likely the person to get my parents’ house as I currently work rather nearby and am the most financially stable. So I also am saving up for that possibility in parallel.

As of right now, I'll move in and keep the thoughts of resigning the lease mostly to myself (of course, I'll talk with my roommate about it and we would have to pay for 3 months after resigning according to the law). Honestly, I was supposed to start moving smaller things into my room and paint a wall or two today, but I just can't get myself to do it.
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2023.04.01 12:25 uBass Immich: re-adding uploaded photos & videos

I changed from the "old" Docker-compose to the new one that has typesense in it. No change in env variables apart from the typesense key being added. Taking down the old containers & launching the new version has left the images on my drive, but the Immich database doesn't seem to see them. I could move them all, then use cli to import them, I suppose. That will need twice the disk space & a degree of annoyance that I hope could be dealt with by a more slick process... If there is one.
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2023.04.01 12:22 angrycust Chinese capacitors in a "100%" Japanese capacitors PSU

So, I found out that my XPG Core Reactor 650w unit came equipped with dual-ball bearings instead of FDB, but that was not all I found out. I was reading Tom's Hardware review of the unit and I noticed some other differences, including two uTx film capacitors in a supposedly "100% Japanese capacitors" unit, and many of the solid caps were of a different make from the unit that was reviewed (at least the ones I can see without voiding the warranty). Anyone heard of this brand? I was wondering if this would have any effect on the unit's performance or lifespan. Would like to hear the opinion of some PSU experts.
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2023.04.01 12:20 mahindraluminare05 4BHK + SQ, Mahindra Luminare, Sector 59

4BHK + SQ, Mahindra Luminare, Sector 59
Mahindra Luminare, located in Sector 59, Gurgaon, offers luxurious living with its 4BHK+SQ apartments on sale. The apartments are spacious and equipped with modern amenities, providing residents with the ultimate comfort and convenience. And now, you can take advantage of a fantastic sale offer - these beautiful apartments are available for just 7.25 Crore! The apartments are designed with a contemporary style, and the interiors are crafted to perfection, making them a sight to behold. Additionally, the complex has several amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, and clubhouse, providing a comfortable and healthy lifestyle to its residents. So, if you are looking for a luxurious living experience in a prime location, Mahindra Luminare is definitely worth considering. visit:

4BHK + SQ, Mahindra Luminare, Sector 59
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2023.04.01 12:19 Jellybingus11 Apt. complex shuts water off to my building an egregious amount of times

Not going to get super detailed here because I figure I'm SOL but here's the long and short;
-While "water pipe damage / repair" has been an issue for the 3+ years I've lived at this apartment complex, it's gotten steadily worse.
-On average for the last 3 months, the water gets shut off to my building about 5-6 times a month, most the time for 1-3 hours, but sometimes for long lengths (maybe once every 3 months) i.e right now we're going on 13 hours and counting because the main pipe just burst again.
-of these 5-6 times per month average, about 75% of these occurances I have a paper trail because they send emails to communicate the water is out. Go figure, most of these occurances are for my building specifically. I could go as far back as a couple years and probably have a collection of 50-60 emails of my water being shut off, whixh again only accountz for about 75% of actual oxcurances (I have no way to prove the times that no email was sent)
At what point is the water shut off so much to my specfic building that I have a case to sue, if any? I'm moving out in 4 months anyway but its been a nightmare never knowing at what moment I could end up screwed, especially workimg from home. I intend to call the the leasing office to finally tear into them but I want to see if I'm able to leverage the threat of legal action to see what they can do to make it right.
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2023.04.01 12:17 Shot-Damage2904 I tried to take my life using mdma.

Before I’ve taken molly 2 times in my life 6months apart minimum always below 200mg I was safe with the substance. Then idk I’ve been in a bad place mentally and tried to take my life using the substance yesterday and the day before. The first day I consumed 1.5g and the next day I consumed another 1g. I regret it all so much. I knew how to be safe with the substance I just didn’t want to at the time and honestly I regret that so much. I remember all of the trip like honestly for how high the dosage was and reading other people’s trip reports at similar dosages what I felt was honestly quite underwhelming. I feel like I should’ve felt much more negative symptoms maybe my molly was just bunk im praying. I definitely felt all the Molly effects though and the negative effects aswell just a little underwhelming given the dose. But like regardless it hasn’t been easy since I don’t feel any impairment to my cognitive abilities I just feel a constant very mild headache and fever like symptoms, runny nose, sneezing, etc and even in terms of that Today has been feeling much better than yesterday tbh. I don’t plan to ever do this again and it was never long term abuse with any substance nor will I ever go down that path.
I’m just on here looking for maybe some reassurance, tips on how I can recover any damage that I have done to myself as quick as possible aswell as asking if I have done any permanent irreversible damage to myself.
Please Don’t feel sad for me I am doing much better now mentally honestly idk wtf got into me but I am never even doing anything remotely close to that again. Please just answer the questions I have asked.
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2023.04.01 12:14 hidingfromthew0rld Moving soon, seeking advice

I have a 10 gallon fish tank. I am moving into an off-campus apartment next semester, and they don't allow fish. I figure the reason being leaking, etc. I spoke to my landlord, and he is allowing me to keep the tank. I am feeling scared though, because I have seen several times on this sub a tank leaking and ruining someone's house. To put it frankly, I would be absolutely fucked if that happened to me.
My permanent address is only 25 minutes away, and I wanted to upgrade to a 30 gallon. I asked my mom to care for the fish if I couldn't have them, and she said yes. Being that I am now allowed to have the fish as long as I keep the 10 gallon, I want to just keep them in the apartment. But I am absolutely terrified of this happening.
I would also like to add that the reason I want to upgrade my tank is that I have a lonely black skirt tetra, and I want her to have some tank mates. Keeping the 10 gallon would mean that I would have to rehome her. I also have male and female guppies, one which is now pregnant, and I would like to keep a 30 gallon, and then use my 10 to isolate pregnant guppy.
Should I take up my mom's offer to care for my fish? (I would go weekly for tank maintenance, all she would be doing is feeding and turning light on/off) or should I keep the 10 gallon tank in my apartment with me.
Another option is to leave my mom with the larger tank and then have my own 10gallon where I could hopefully keep a betta sorority. But I would still be worried about the tank breaking.
What do you think I should do?
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2023.04.01 12:12 nothingleftanymor Just venting, I guess

Well I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but I’ve finally transitioned from falling apart to totally broken. For years I’ve tried the hardest I’m capable of trying to be the man she deserves so that maybe our intimate life would improve. There were glimmers of hope occasionally, but when they fizzled it just made everything hurt worse.
As hard as I’ve tried to soldier on, this has turned me into an empty, bitter shell of the person I was. Why can something like this just destroy you? Why does this destruction make every little thing in life sting a little more? Why am I complaining that the dishes aren’t done when in the past I would not have cared at all. I feel like a fundamentally different person now and don’t recognize myself.
I recognize the possibility and likelihood that Im just not a good husband. This is probably what I deserve. I want to do better, but i just have absolutely no hope anymore. No amount of effort has ever made a difference. It’s crushed me. It’s like my stupid brain flipped a switch to make me blank to protect me, and now I feel nothing, good or bad, and I can’t find the stupid switch to turn it all back on. I’m watching my life fall apart around me and just can’t bring myself to feel.
Why has this just ruined me? Why can something so trivial just wear you down and turn you into nothing. What the hell do I do from here? I want so bad to be partners and love each other like we used to, but now I’m just a disgusting unlovable slug.
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2023.04.01 12:12 LiteraryLizard8_ Tricycle

The school bell rang, and Damien left with George to the bakery down the road to buy two coconut strawberry cakes, they found Lucy there, buying a Pepsi and chicken vegetable pie, “thank you” she said, moving to leave the shop, giving Damien a deep sideways look tainted with love, “wait” he said, “what,” “we are going into the woods after this,” it was 5.33pm, he and George had left school late after staying back in the library to finish their biology homework for the week, “sure,” she said, one black pant covered leg crossed over the other above cute AF1s with ruffle socks, twirling side to side, they left with the cakes, and walked through the train station to a secret entry on the other side through a small gap in trees down into a wide drainage system protected from sight by trees and apartment buildings, running through a large, graffiti littered pipe they existed the other side and jumped over rocks in a stream to a thick patch of trees and out into the woods, Lucy found her tricycle behind a thick moss-covered log, “when are you going to learn how to ride the bike without those training wheels,” “when you die,” she swung her leg over the bike and pushed it off through the trees, Damien and George in tow, Damien on the bike he left behind the same log, Damien on foot, the other two were soon far ahead of him, “I have to go guys,” George said, “ok, see you tomorrow” Damien said, he watched George’s form fade into the darkness and shifted his attention back to Lucy, she gave him a seductive smile, and pushed onward, she was the baddest girl in their sister school, wing eye-lined green eyes, dark hair falling off her perfectly symmetrical head in curls.
The moon was now full, just below the majority of bottom branches, bright orange eyes peeking out of halloween lanterns, and green light flickering from candles through green-stained hexagonal metal-glass containers hung on branches throughout the woods, casting a green-orange hue through the woods, Lucy’s tricycle squeaked through the night, Damien behind her on his two-wheeled bike, “I like your ass” he said, observing the soft expanse of her ass going up to a thin waist beneath the short black shirt she took out of her bag, she slowed down on her bike, pulling over next to a large tree, “oh yeah” “you wanna see it” “yeah” he said, blushing, she pulled the sides of her pants down, and stepped out of them, leaving an hourglass in a short black shirt and AF1s with ruffle socks alone with him in the dark woods, she walked to him and dragging her hands down his arms, putting his hands on her waist, she moved up to kiss him, he put one hand behind her neck, pulling at a chunk of the skin on the back of her waist with the other, ecstasy beginning to flow heavily through his body, a crack of twigs sounded behind her, she gasped and looked behind, his hands still connected to her, a pair of neutral appearing solid-orange circular eyes grew through the night toward them, they shifted through space up to them, a pair of sharp white teeth streaked with dark purple-black veins slowly coming out of its black face, a sharp black hand nearly imperceptible against the night reaching out and wrapping around her head, slamming it against the tree at a nearly imperceptible speed, leaving a bloody-bony splatter on the tree, and a body from the neck down on the ground.
The demon levitated backwards, “run” it said, Damien’s eyes widened in fear, turning to run directly away, he sprinted between trees with the demon shifting through space behind him, orange eye the only hint of its existence, each shift sending a cold wave of anxiety through him, a large dilapidated, wooden house came into view ahead, hope filled his eyes, he ran up the stairs, slamming his shoulder into the door, knocking it over and stumbling through into the house, he saw a door at the back and ran toward it, seeing a hallway to the right and a kitchen to the left he threw his bag into the kitchen and began to creep through the hallway on the right, going through an open door into a bedroom, he threw himself beneath the large ruffled blanket on the bed, next to a large teddy bear, lying flat, he heard a shift of wind near the door, and felt a darkness fall over the room, animalistic breathing sounded from the demon, Damien opened his eyes and saw two orange circles come over him, horrid breath seeping through the blanket, it took all his mental effort not to move, the eyes shifted up slightly and a sharp pain stung the bottom of his chin and top of his head.
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2023.04.01 12:11 jenbutkostov he broke up with me.

we haven't dated for 7 years. but we loved each other for 7 years. woke up this morning in his bed cuddling. last night i gave him head and we fell asleep cuddling. today we were going back to stay at my place. he carries my stuff in. and tells me 'this is it'. i ask him to come upstairs to talk. he doesn't see a future with me. we were looking at apartments together. i opened up about my past traumas with him. we did everything together. i baked for him, i made him hand crafted gifts, i spent time with him, i supported him. and nothing. he told me on thursday he loved me more than anything. i sobbed, hearing that. its all i wanted to hear for 7 years. today he tells me it was a lie and he thought if he said it he's feel it. it was 9 days ago he started doubting if he saw a future with me. it took him 9 days to throw away 7 years of love. we had a pregnancy scare together, i lost my hamster and he mourned with me, we handled my ex stalking me together. i met his friends both irl ones and online ones. we had tickets for events planned together. and all it took was 9 days to throw it away.
i didn't even feel this heartbroken and betrayed when my ex r*ped me. it made me loose my self-worth. but i've now lost my ability to feel i deserve to be loved. and my insecurities feel at an all time high.
i love you so much, t. i wish you saw that.
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2023.04.01 12:09 Skylleur R1700BT loud beep when changing volume

I've found pletora of beeping r1700BT issues online but in my case it happens across windows AND android devices.Expectations : NO beepings when adjusting volume with the controlling device. Volume change across the entire range of the speaker.What happens : Obnixious beeping that doesn't change the sound except at zero
I believe the issue is related to the speaker itself but weirdly enough there is almost nothing on the internet about it apart from one windows driver that fucked it up back in 2018. Exemple video :
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2023.04.01 12:09 inkysuit Brother isn’t being honest with his care

My brother is currently looking for an ADHD diagnosis but I am worried he isn’t honest about his care and just wants the diagnosis, concerns are
Somethings seem like the could align with the ADHD but it also doesn’t quite make sense. As an example
He struggles to manage his room. We help him, he started to get better at it until he got ADHD into his head. Since then he leaves it for months (despite us offering to go round once a week) then gets my mum or I or both of us to go round, spend a day sorting it, and then there is evidence of 0 attempt to put a single item away and he lets it happen again. What’s curious is he was starting to manage it, and since the last few times we have done it he has refused any help from the support he gets for his autism. Basically, he doesn’t even try and expects my mum and I to do it all for him and when we suggest things he shuts it all down. (This is a common pattern of family quite literally holding his hand through everything throughout his life, despite working full time and sorting out his own mortgage - 28 and let’s his 82 year old grandmother clean up his own spillage and has her running him drinks back and forth)
All these things the GP or psych he’s been referred to for assessment doesn’t know about (apart from the minor OD as I got him check out in hospital) - it’s also weird because I know they ask if a family member will come to aid in the assessment, which hasn’t happened.
Are these things we should be passing on if we are concerned (which we are)? Thanks
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2023.04.01 12:08 Lady0fTheUpsideDown Assaulted by a female friend…

TW: assault.
A female friend assaulted me. I'm straight. And as far as I know, so is she. Has a boyfriend, lives with him around the corner from me. She came over last night, a little tipsy (I was sober, she has a bit of a drinking habit).Out of nowhere, she starts behaving erratically, manically cackling repeatedly saying "goodbye forever" like it was the funniest thing ever. It started to freak me out and I went into fight or flight, wondering if she intended to harm me. I wanted to get her out of my house and on her way home. So I stood up. And she's like sort of going in for a hug, but wraps her arms around my neck and starts kissing the side of my face and my neck aggressively. And I thought she was just being an overly affectionate friend and was like “haha okay okay" but then she lets go and she looks pissed… I go into total fawn mode, trying to be nice and she goes in again, and the third time, I'm actively pushing her away and she's getting pissed and almost saying "let it happen" and she's trying to get closer to my mouth and I'm resisting and she's not happy I'm resisting.
Finally I get her to let go - she'd tightened her grip on my neck and I was telling her I couldn't breathe. Still had to pry her arms off me. Then she's like, standing face to face with me and she puts her hands on my shoulders and just looks at me angrily, like super super angry. And like she was going to try to go in and kiss me again, this time on the mouth. I put my hands on her shoulders as well, smiling and telling her she needed to go because I needed to get ready for bed. I finally got her out of my house and she left very angry.
I locked the door, texted her boyfriend to make sure she made it home safely, and just fell apart. I was assaulted twice in the last year by men I went on dates with and was finally moving on from those in weekly therapy, things this woman knew about, and she did this and set me back. I started crying, called a friend who was so kind to meet me at the beach at 9:30 at night because I just couldn’t be at home. I’ve told my support system and the providers I work with.
She hasn’t reached out to me and I don’t know what to do. I’m not going to be able to just ghost her and I don’t even know if she remembers wtf she did.
Why does this fucking shit keep happening to me. Why do people think this is okay. What the fuck is wrong with people. I just want to feel safe in my relationships and it just doesn’t stop being unsafe. I never in a million years saw this coming.
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2023.04.01 12:07 ThrowRA1135309 I 22F don’t know if I love my 24M husband anymore.

My husband and I have been married for just under a year and we’ve gone through a lot already. Even after some pretty ridiculous tribulations, like cheating, physical fights, and even jail, we always somehow manage to stay together. We’ve both seriously messed up and the blame isn’t on a single person. I really love and care about him, or else I wouldn’t have married him, but I don’t think that i’m in love with him anymore. When we’re apart from each other I miss him, but at the same time after five minutes together I start to wish he never came over. 95% of the time we spend together he just seriously bugs me and acts like a kid. I constantly question why my feelings contradict themselves. I feel like I’ve finally come to a semi-conclusion as to why, and I believe it’s because I’ve been growing up without him. We started dating when I was 18 and still in high school and he was adulting in the real world. Things felt natural because we were on the same wavelength mentally, but now that I’m older and not a brand new adult, i’ve matured and he hasn’t done the same. I don’t want to leave him behind, but it feels like that’s the only solution now especially since I don’t feel like i’m capable of reciprocating the same type of love anymore. He is extremely emotional and I know this would make him very upset. Does anyone have any advice as to how to express how i’ve been feeling? Or if I should be doing something else to fix it? Thank you!
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2023.04.01 12:05 Rich-Juggernaut-6063 What are the benefits of creating a variety of work zones in a coworking office space?

Coworking office spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with a flexible and collaborative workspace. One of the key features of coworking spaces is the ability to create a variety of work zones to cater to different work styles and preferences. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of creating a variety of work zones in a coworking office interior design space.
Firstly, creating a variety of work zones can help to increase productivity and creativity among coworkers. Everyone has different work styles and preferences, and having a range of work zones allows individuals to work in an environment that suits them best. For example, some people may prefer a quiet space with minimal distractions, while others may thrive in a more social and collaborative environment. By creating different work zones, individuals can choose the space that is best for them, which can lead to increased productivity and creativity.
Secondly, having a variety of work zones can also promote a sense of community and collaboration among coworkers. When individuals work near each other, they are more likely to interact and collaborate on projects. By creating communal work zones, such as shared desks or collaborative workspaces, coworkers can work together and share ideas, which can lead to greater innovation and productivity.
Thirdly, creating a variety of work zones can also help to improve the overall aesthetic and functionality of a coworking office interior design space. A skilled coworking office interior designer can help to design and create different work zones that are visually appealing and functional. For example, they may create a designated quiet zone with comfortable seating and good lighting for individuals who need to concentrate on their work, or they may create a social space with comfortable couches and a coffee bar for individuals who want to network and socialize with others.
Another benefit of creating a variety of work zones in a coworking office space is that it can help to attract and retain members. Coworking spaces are often in competition with each other, and having a unique and functional space can help to set them apart from the rest. By creating different work zones that cater to different work styles and preferences, coworking spaces can attract a wider range of members and retain them for longer periods.
Finally, creating a variety of work zones can also help to increase revenue for coworking spaces. By offering different types of work zones, coworking spaces can charge different rates for each space, depending on its location, size, and amenities. For example, they may charge more for a private office space with a window and a view, and less for a communal work zone with shared desks and chairs.
In conclusion, creating a variety of work zones in a coworking office interior design space has many benefits, including increased productivity and creativity, a sense of community and collaboration, improved aesthetics and functionality, attraction and retention of members, and increased revenue. A skilled coworking office interior designer such as Flipspaces can help to design and create different work zones that cater to different work styles and preferences, making the coworking space a more attractive and functional place to work.
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2023.04.01 12:04 hidingfromthew0rld Moving soon, seeking advice.

I have a 10 gallon fish tank. I am moving into an off-campus apartment next semester, and they don't allow fish. I figure the reason being leaking, etc. I spoke to my landlord, and he is allowing me to keep the tank. I am feeling scared though, because I have seen several times on this sub a tank leaking and ruining someone's house. To put it frankly, I would be absolutely fucked if that happened to me.
My permanent address is only 25 minutes away, and I wanted to upgrade to a 30 gallon. I asked my mom to care for the fish if I couldn't have them, and she said yes. Being that I am now allowed to have the fish as long as I keep the 10 gallon, I want to just keep them in the apartment. But I am absolutely terrified of this happening.
I would also like to add that the reason I want to upgrade my tank is that I have a lonely black skirt tetra, and I want her to have some tank mates. Keeping the 10 gallon would mean that I would have to rehome her. I also have male and female guppies, one which is now pregnant, and I would like to keep a 30 gallon, and then use my 10 to isolate pregnant guppy.
Should I take up my mom's offer to care for my fish? (I would go weekly for tank maintenance, all she would be doing is feeding and turning light on/off) or should I keep the 10 gallon tank in my apartment with me.
Another option is to leave my mom with the larger tank and then have my own 10gallon where I could hopefully keep a betta sorority. But I would still be worried about the tank breaking.
What do you think I should do?
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2023.04.01 12:03 AutoModerator What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?

What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?
A successful relationship is determined BEFORE you become exclusive.
Here’s what I mean.
In the modern dating landscape, most people jump into relationships far too quickly.
They go out on one date with one person and then, within a few weeks are exclusive an monogamous.
A few months later, they move in together and, before either party knows it, they’ve spent years in a lackluster relationship that is now falling apart.
They assume that the other person is the problem.
That somehow, the constant conflict, nagging, and bickering is a result of the other persons faults and failings.
In reality, the relationship was doomed before it even started.
Not because either of them were bad people. Because they did not know how to filter out bad matches from the onset.
Here’s the deal.
In a healthy relationship, about 90% of the time you spend together should be fun, easy, and positive.
Only 10% of your time should be spent trying to fix problems and overcome challenges.
In MOST relationships, this ratio is flipped. About 10% of the time you spend together (whether you acknowledge it or not) is spent having fun, being positive, and enjoying one another’s company. And the remainder of their time together is spent trying to solve unnecessary problems and reconcile irreconcilable differences.
But the question remains…
How do you avoid this?
With one word.
Let me show you the three most powerful ways to do this.
1. Slow Down
Most relationships move too quickly.
So let’s simplify things, shall we?
If you want to have a long lasting and successful relationship, it starts by slowing down and cultivating certainty that the partner to whom you are committing is actually the right person for you.
And the ONLY way to do this is to spend more time with them before settling into a relationship.
Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding the timeline of love and attraction, there are a few guidelines I encourage you to follow.
  • Do NOT become exclusive until you’ve been dating someone for at least 3 months
  • Do NOT move in together until you’ve been dating for at least one year.
  • Do NOT get married until you’ve been together for at least two years.
While these numbers might seem random, they’re not.
Recent studies on the science of love and attraction have revealed that the initial phase of lust—the part of your relationship when your brain is dumping pleasure chemicals and literally stopping you from seeing your partner for who they really are—lasts between 18 and 24 months.
Typically, you can expect the “love high” to die down significantly after the first 12 months and dissipate completely after 24—being replaced by either a lasting sense of love and affection or the realization that you are NOT with the right person.
By slowing things down and taking the time to get to know someone better, you will side step problems and avoid mismatched relationships more easily.
You might not want to do this, but if you care about the lasting quality of your relationships, then you MUST do it.
2. Date Multiple People at Once and Achieve Abundance
I’m going to be blunt here…
If you have only been on one date in the past month or are only “seeing” one person…You are not ready to commit.
The most successful relationships come from a place of abundance and options, not scarcity.
When you only have one romantic partner in your life, you don’t have options.
You have an option.
And by having such limited options, you are stripped of your power and immediately put in a place of scarcity and desperation.
However, if you are dating multiple people at the same time, going out with new partners on a regular basis, meeting and experiencing new people on a regular basis, the decision to settle down with ONE person is that much more powerful.
It’s like an employee looking for a new job.
If you only have one offer on the table, you’re going to take it no matter what. Even if the pay sucks, the hours suck, and you hate your boss, you need the money and will take the position whether you like it or not.
However, if you have multiple offers on the table, if you have dozens of employers fighting over you and trying to hire you, your decision will come from a place of abundance and certainty. You can choose the best option instead of the only option.
And it’s the same way with dating.
It’s much more powerful to SELECT one person from a pool of many because they are aligned with your values, add positivity and joy into your life, and because you genuinely love and connect with them than it is to date someone simply because they are available.
As such, I highly encourage you to actively date 3–4 people before settling down and committing to one.
Have more experiences. Discover what you like and what you dislike. Create more abundance in your life so that you have the power to CHOOSE the right person for your life.
This is one of THE most important elements of a long lasting and successful relationship.
3. Create a “Values Test” for Potential Partners
A simple, but wildly effective tactic for filtering potential partners is to put forth what I call a “Values Test”.
The premise is simple.
Assuming you have a strong understanding of your personal values (e.g. growth, learning, honesty, etc) you want to test potential partners to ensure they meet those particular value.
For example, you could go over to a lovers house and “accidentally” leave $40 on their kitchen table—seeing if they take the money for themselves of call to let you know you left it.
Or, you could ask them to attend something unconventional (but personally fulfilling) with you like a meditation class, personal development seminar, or day of volunteering.
The goal here is to give them an opportunity to show their true colors—proving they either align with or don’t align with your personal values.
You’re not being manipulative.
You’re trying to gauge their true character.
Oftentimes, especially during the early stages of a relationship, people glue on a facade of kindness and geniality in an attempt to manipulate another person into a committed relationship.
By creating simple tests (tests that you do not discuss with them one way or another), you will be able to understand who they really are before you’ve invested months or years of your life into a terrible relationship.
4. Create Your Non-negotiables
Another key to long lasting and successful relationships is to create and adhere to a specific list of non-negotiables.
This is a list of habits, behaviors, and characteristics that you WILL NOT tolerate in a partner no matter what.
For example, a few of mine are:
  • I will not date a woman with serious drug addiction
  • I will not date a woman who does not value physical health and longevity
  • I will not date a woman who does not share my commitment to personal growth and development.
  • I will not date a woman who is rude or mean to service staff or other individuals she feels are “beneath” her.
  • I will not date a woman who has been unfaithful to previous partners or has a history of risky sexual behavior (i.e. sleeping with multiple people without protection).
And it goes on and on.
You must remember that YOU, not the other person, are the most important person in your world.
And you have EVERY right to decide what you will and will not allow into your life.
You don’t owe a relationship to someone simply because you had sex once or went out on a few dates.
If there is a fundamental incongruence between what you want from a partner and what they bring to the table, cut your losses and move on.
Or… Enjoy spending the next 5 years in a bitter and toxic relationship.
It’s up to you.
5. Get External Feedback
Finally, and possibly most powerfully, you want to get external feedback on your relationships before committing.
Ask your friends and family what they think about your partner.
Spend time talking with their friends to see what kind of person they really are.
Talk to mentors and coaches about your relationship dynamic to gain insights into how you work together.
Take online quizzes around your personalities and compatibility (e.g. the Five Love Languages quiz).
Get OUTSIDE feedback that is unbiased and (more or less) objective to ensure you are making the right decision.
Hope this helps.
Stay Grounded, Andrew
Want to learn more about my mission and keep the conversation going?
Then click here to check out my Quora profile, get access to my BEST content, and learn how you can get direct access to me and my hand-picked team of coaches.
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