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Discussion of the daily New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle.

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Come here to look for opinions, reviews, complaints, etc. about the NYT crossword. Spoilers will be edited, discussion of the mini-puzzles can be discussed, and we can even talk about our solve times if we want.

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2023.04.01 13:50 versacehvacinc VERSACE HVAC AIR INC.


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2023.04.01 13:45 AdamantAce April 2023 - Brand New Stories Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome back to DC Next! We will be posting our regular announcement for April issues later today, but first we wanted to share some exciting news.
This is the month we celebrate the fourth anniversary of our very first story, which is such an exciting milestone. Thank you for supporting us and we hope you continue to enjoy what we share here every month.
This is also a month where we have some very exciting news to share, announcing the launch of a myriad of new titles starting in the following few months. Do let us know what you think of these exciting new stories!
Justice Legion by Deadislandman1, Geography3 & Voidkiller826
President Cale backs a mercenary with a shadowy past to be her flagship superhero Prometheus, prompting an investigation by Donna Troy; Mal Duncan and Mister Miracle team up to investigate Apokoliptian influence on Earth; and Green Arrow is inducted into the Justice Legion proper after his close shave with the Joker. Meanwhile amidst the Reawakening, Jaime Reyes investigates rumors of a returned Ted Kord, and a Reawakened hero from another Earth helps Terry McGinnis adjust to his new reality after he finally decides to stop running through time.
Kid Flash: Born to Run (6-issue limited series) by JPM11S
With a new writer taking the reins of the Fastest Man Alive, now is the perfect time to bring you an untold story from the previous run! After becoming Kid Flash and moving to Central City, Wally West is ready to leave his old, boring life behind, only to start living with his boring grandparents, being forced to spend time with his boring Uncle Barry, and having to start a boring new high school part way through the year! It turns out superpowers don't make life nearly as easy as Wally thought they would – they probably make it harder.
Deathstroke (5-issue limited series) by Deadislandman1
After years of dealing death, Slade Wilson faces a ticking time bomb. The serum that was originally meant to create a unit of compliant super-soldiers - of which Slade was the only survivor - has landed him with a rapidly deteriorating brain condition that is stripping him of control of his body, slowly and finally turning him into the perfect, mindless mercenary, a killer with no restraint.
Determined to hold onto his faculties long enough to see to unfinished business and get his house in order, Slade searches for any trace of the government group involved in developing the serum decades ago, hoping he can be saved before he is reduced to a snarling animal.
Opal Knights by Fortanono
One night out at the family observatory, Jack Knight was viciously attacked and left in a coma by an unknown assailant. All evidence points to three facts: one, that he was attacked with a Cosmic Rod; two, that he was keeping a secret from the family, something that he was investigating without their knowledge; and three, that the attacker was a member, or an associate, of the Knight family. Meanwhile, Rick and Dee Tyler have returned to Opal City, refusing to answer where they have been, and Jennifer Knight, Darrell Dane and Courtney Whitmore must hold together a city that seems ready to explode while simultaneously questioning their predecessors... and each other.
Action Stories by JPM11S
Spinning out of the events of Superman: House of El, your favorite bimonthly series returns! With Superman unable to be contacted and the deadly Superboy Prime on the loose, it falls to Conner Kent, Guardian of Chicago, to apprehend him! But Conner quickly discovers he’s not the only one after Prime. His competition? Amanda Waller and the… Justice Squad?
Tim Drake: Rook (6-issue limited series) by PatrollinTheMojave
Maxwell Lord was left a shell of his former self after being consumed by the deadly AI Brother Eye. Tim Drake thought he had seen the last of the man who killed his father until a legal loophole tied to the Reawakening sets OMAX free from incarceration. Now, Tim must fight to ensure his father's killer doesn't hurt anyone else while getting to the bottom of the mystery that set him free.
Battlin’ Bug (6-issue limited series) by GemlinTheGremlin
He gave his name and his name was lost. His old identity cast aside and the world as he knows it still recovering from the Dream Crisis, Bug finds himself tackling a new crisis of his own - who are you once you give up your old life, and how do you go about starting a new one? In this 6-issue mini-series, Bug comes to terms with his past and attempts to forge his own future. From investigating those Reawakened thanks in part to his own actions, to acclimatising to a brand new Earth, Bug must learn that with great ability, comes great obligation.
Atom Academy by Dwright5252
Ray Palmer teaches only one class at Ivy University, a class that many students vie for but only four get. Strange qualifications are needed for it, and its true subject matter is shrouded in mystery. Ryan Choi, Jill Athron, Rhonda Pineda and Adam Cray are the lucky students chosen for the class.
One day, Palmer fails to show up, and evidence of a break-in is evident. Led by Karen Beecher, a former colleague and research partner to Palmer, the foursome take a journey into a realm of scientific wonder and horror as they unravel the secrets of the Microverse.
Cyborg and the Outsiders by Deadislandman1
After an electric finale, Victor Stone has found his place and his balance in the world, but now he feels a duty to help others find theirs. Beyond Detroit, Cyborg joins with the Monkey Prince, Capucine, Hack, and Nowhere Man so that they might all fulfill their potential and do true good in the world, first by solving the conspiracy of Basilisk.
Starling by GemlinTheGremlin & Upinthatbuckethead
Two years ago, Mar’i Grayson found herself stranded, sent backwards through time to a world she didn’t recognise, in a time she thought of as her past. Then, just as she had begun to adjust to her new circumstances and prepared to introduce herself to this world’s Dick Grayson as his ‘daughter’, the world was thrown into chaos. Hundreds - thousands - like her, stranded through time and space with little knowledge of how to get home. In this new series, a determined Mar’i strives to set things right and return home under the guidance of her ‘mother’ Koriand’r and her new colleagues in the Teen Titans - but can she do the same to all those just like her?
Zatanna: Mistress of Magic by VoidKiller826
Behold, the great and beautiful Zatanna takes center stage once again! And for tonight's show, the Mistress of Magic receives a mysterious letter telling her to head to New York for an odd case: the murder of a reclusive billionaire known for collecting magical artifacts, and a former friend of Zatanna’s father! Zatanna will have to navigate the billionaire's family who have come to seek his fortune and look over the family's past dealings with demons, ghosts and fairies. Will Zatanna solve this murder mystery? How exactly did he know Giovanni Zatara? The stage is set, and Zatanna will perform her magic show!
Adventures of Captain Marvel by Fortanono & Geography3
Countless ages ago, the wise man Solomon concocted a plan to steal the power of the gods and use them to empower a champion. Asmodeus, his adversary, bound servant and occasional friend, did the same with his demon brethren. Now, Asmodeus' champion has defeated Solomon's champion, but the Wizard has managed to gain the favor of a very different set of gods: the eternal Quintessence.
In the wake of Billy Batson's disappearance, Freddy Freeman just wants to forget about it all, but instead the Wizard has thrust upon him a cosmic power which greatly outclassed that of his friend's. Now, Freddy must struggle to take on the legacy of Captain Marvel, all while the Wizard promises that something big is coming. Meanwhile, Billy struggles to find his way out of the shifting worlds of Hell, but his escape could also mean that of Asmodeus. All in all, Billy and Freddy both have to wonder: do they matter? Or are they simply pawns in a game between old rivals which has played out a thousand times before?
Huntress (9-issue limited series) by ClaraEclair
Time is relative. Helena Wayne knows that all too well. Having jumped back and forth across time and space, through eras afore and yet to come, she expected that reintegrating into her home time would be difficult. It’s not everyday that one has access to technology from the distant future and must give it up when the journey is over, but the knowledge is what sticks to her most.
Helena Wayne knows time, and in order to stop a cataclysm she sees coming, one that threatens her own family, she must tread carefully in order to stop the upcoming tragedy without disturbing the Timestream’s delicate balance. Without access to the tools she once possessed and unable to warn those she wishes to protect, can the Huntress save those closest to her and avert the disastrous consequences of altering what is now the past, or will her actions cause fractures that she herself would have had to deal with as a Legend of Tomorrow?
Sideways by Mr_Wolf_GangF
Teenager Derek James has been working as the live streaming superhero Sideways for months when he discovers a brand new extension of his powers: the ability to open portals between universes. While practicing with this ability, Derek accidentally attracts the attention of Lexiac, a version of Lex Luthor who merged with Brainiac and took over his universe. Looking to use Derek to complete his functional but imperfect dimension travel technology, Lexiac begins to pursue the hero. This forces Derek on the run through the Multiverse, where he's forced to team up with other versions of famous heroes. Meet a broken Thomas Wayne who became the Dark Knight, a vengeful Lois Lane who became the Eradicator after Superman's death, and the happy-go-lucky Mary Maxwell who is the Flash of her world. Can Derek and his allies defeat Lexiac and return to their home dimensions or will the Multiverse swallow them whole?
Aquaman Incorporated by Dwright5252
In this sequel series, the warring rival factions of Atlanteans instead look to unite. Spearheaded by the King and Queen, Aquaman Incorporated is born - an initiative that inducts Aquamen from each of the Seven Seas to defend Earth and defeat evil wherever it surfaces. Follow Kaldur, Garth, Tula, Kwang-Jo, Lorena, A.J., Lagaan, the Sea Devils, and a mysterious new Black Manta as the world is saved one gallon at a time.
L.E.G.I.O.N. by Predaplant
In a far-off future, the Legion of Super-Heroes stands as the paragon of heroism, a force for good known throughout the Alliance of United Planets, inspired by Superman - remembered as history's greatest hero. But everything the Legion believes in is challenged when the Reawakening puts them on a collision course with a woman who claims to know the untold truth of the Man of Steel. In 2023, Jon Kent will fall to the dark forces of Hell and annihilate whole planets before being freed, and the universe will be none the wiser… until now.
Refusing to allow this terrible tale to come true, a team of select Legionnaires is sent back in time to the 21st century, led by Brainiac 5 and the emissary that delivered this warning: Kristin Wells of Earth-Nabla. With time running out, they must search for the truth of Superman’s supposed fall and do all they can to ensure the legacy of Man of Tomorrow - and that of the Legion itself - is protected.
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2023.04.01 13:43 ongodarius 31/m gamer

Hey peeps, I finally bought the ps5 last week. I think the only multiplayer game I have is borderlands 3 lol. I always been a fan of this series. I'm not trying to get 2k since its already mid year, but I plan on getting diablo 4 and if anyone has any suggestions on other games we could play together I would be up for that. I work from home so I pretty much game all the time tbh. I'm from New York. psn is ongodarius. I'm into most games, from re2/4 to horizon forbidden west to apex.
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2023.04.01 13:40 hlonaldinho Master League - Vitesse create history

Master League - Vitesse create history
To keep a long story short, I've helped win Vitesse's first ever titles in 2027/2028 (PES 2020). These were also my first titles in the Netherlands, where I'd been spending my 3rd season.
My journey in the country started after I left Xakoulagos (in the PEU League). I'd spent 6 seasons at the Greek team and won 5 consecutive league titles, 1 Europa League crown, 1 Champions League trophy, 1 European Super Cup, 3 PEU Cups (if I'm not mistaken), and all 4 PEU Super Cups I'd taken part in. We'd basically become a world-renowned force. I'd tried to force a move to Ajax in 2022/2023 after I'd declined them in 2021/2022 (because I was not ready at the time). However, I wound up moving to Feyenoord at the end of 2023/2024. My biggest ambition was to knock Ajax off the top.
That failed. Dismally.
Derby day matches with Sparta, ADO Den Hag & Ajax were typically broken. We briefly worked our way into league contention after a poor start to 2025/2026 but things QUICKLY fell apart at the end of that season. P3 and Europa League football was all we could muster. I had high hopes going into 2026/2027 though, despite starting to feel frustrated at the team and the game.
That proved to be my last half-season at De Kuip. We couldn't score, create chances or even defend. It was SHOCKING! Our keepers forgot how to make saves. Everything transpired against us and even managerial changes constantly failed. Being knocked out of the Europa League and the Cup were certainly not one of my finest moments, plus we were 12th in the league. I'd also already received a sacking warning for our performances. So, when January came, I'd had enough and jumped ship to Vitesse. They were actually battling for the title with GRONINGEN among others.
Things started off slow, but picked up pace rapidly. Groningen, Ajax, PSV and even Utrecht/Twente were part of our amazing tussle for the league. The green and white stripes of Groningen held on for so long and even looked like they'd somehow claim the title on the final matchday. We were 2nd (after losing 3-0 to Fortuna Sittard in our previous game). PSV were 3rd. Ajax were 4th.
PSV ended up with the title. Ajax claimed the other UCL spot in P2 (after also thrashing us in the Cup semis). Groningen and us were left wondering what could've been. It was devastating missing out on the league after doing so much right until the last 2 games.
Fun fact: Turkey beat France to win the 2026 World Cup.
At the start of 202 season, things didn't look much better. We were eliminated in the 1st round of the KNVB cup. Our players struggled to click and we were inconsistent (especially with a few new signings and the promotions of Wijnaldum and Strootman - 16y/o youths). Once the balling got rolling though - & once I tweaked my tactics to perfection - we stormed through our games in style.
We finished 2nd in our Europa group (with Anderlecht comfortably through and Silkeborg/Galatasaray out by just). However, we'd beaten 4 favourites in the form of Liverpool, Trabzonspor, Tottenham & Atletico Madrid on the way to the final. The only game I'd drawn was an entertaining 3-3 draw when we were away at Anfield. Apart from that though, we surprisingly beat every team at home and away. Napoli stood in between us and getting our first European crown. They scored early in the first half, but a goal from Mateo Retegui brought us back into contention. Then... With the VERY last kick of the game, 20y/o Bryan Linssen scored the winning goal to win us our first European trophy in style!
The story did not end there. Last season, I'd been hurt by missing out on the league crown. This season, it was an arm-wrestle between us and (out of all teams) Feyenoord/Ajax. This was personal for me. What was even more personal, though, was the 32nd league match vs Feyenoord. A win would take us 5pts clear of them, but things went south very quickly. My former team scored a very easy early goal against us at De Kuip. They'd move in front of us in the league with this. I simply could not let this happen, so I scored 2 quickfire goals and celebrated like they were World Cup winners. In the 2nd half, we made it 3 to go a step closer to winning the league. It could've so easily been 5 or 6 though.
Ajax (3pts behind) and Feyenoord (5pts behind) played on Matchday 33. We played the bottom team, VVV. All we needed was a win. Ajax drew 2-2 with Feyenoord. Meanwhile, VVV were deadly in every way, shape or form. We were constantly under threat. If we lost, we'd need to beat PSV in the final game to win the league. This was thankfully not necessary though. A first-half goal from Retegui meant that nothing would stop us this season. 1-0. Vitesse won.
So... For the first time ever, Vitesse Arnhem became the kings of the Eredivisie!!
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2023.04.01 13:36 petejoneslaf I asked Google’s wrestling insider BARD to make his/her predictions for tonight’s card.

Here are my predictions for the winners of the matches at WrestleMania tonight:
These are just my predictions, and anything could happen at WrestleMania. It is always exciting to see what happens at the biggest event of the year.
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2023.04.01 13:31 AutoModerator [Get] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab

[Get] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab
Download the course here:
[Get] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab

What You Get:


The Tiny Offer Idea Generation Process

It All Starts With The Right Offer For The Right Audience…
In Module 1, you’ll learn to avoid the mistakes most digital product creators make, that cost them HUGE profits — not to mention months of frustration and wasted time.
We’ll dive in to…
5 reasons you need to be super clear on your WHO before you ever start building out your Tiny Offer Funnel
How to use the 3P Method to easily identify your perfect WHO
The 3 recession-proof niches you must be aware of before you narrow down your options
Simple ways to validate demand and supply for your idea before you create your Tiny Offer
The Stealth Map Method to learn how your ideal client feels, what they know, what they do, and what they buy
Why your competition is irrelevant once you discover your blue ocean

Imagine Your Offer Suite

The Most Crucial Piece Of Your Tiny Offer Success Puzzle Is Your Irresistible Offer…
In Module 2, you’ll set up your 3-part Tiny Offer suite for maximum profits — and maximum results for your buyers.
We’ll dive in to…
The 3 types of problems you need to solve with your Tiny Offer Suite
3 easy questions to ask to generate ideas for your Tiny Offer and a simple system for validating your offer
How to create and name one-of-a-kind frameworks for your offer
Turning your framework into a product and finding the Standout Element of your offer
How to use the Offer Suite Wheel to determine the dollar value of each component of your Tiny Offer

Nail Product Creation

High-Converting Offers Have Pleasing Visuals And Practical Assets…
In Module 3, you’ll create a unique style for your Tiny Offer and get down to brass tacks by building out assets.
We’ll dive in to…
How to brand the Tiny Offer way, including how to select eye-catching colors, fonts, and graphics
The 10-minute logo method that will save you HOURS of head-banging-against-keyboard frustration
The inside scoop on the BEST tools to use for slide creation, video recording, worksheet creation, and other assets
Allie’s Go-to Equipment List with links to everything you need to create a polished Tiny Offer Suite

Your Stellar Sales Pages

You Won’t Get Any Traction Without A Sales Page That Speaks To Your Ideal Buyer…
In Module 4, you’ll learn Allie’s secrets to copy that converts at each step in your funnel.
We’ll dive in to…
A walkthrough of Allie’s Livestream 365 and Client Multiplier Method Sales Pages, so you can understand the flow of the page and use these “swipes” for inspiration
Customizable templates in Google Docs for your main offer sales page, check-out page, one-time offer page, and confirmation page
Customizable video sales scripts in Google Docs for your main offer and one-time offer

Optimize Your E-Mail Sequences

Don’t Downplay The Power Of Emails When You’re Selling Digital Products…
In Module 5, you’ll learn how to circle back and reclaim lost sales and how to deliver exactly what your buyer expects.
We’ll dive in to…
Why potential buyers start buying but don’t finish checking out and how to recoup those “abandoned cart” sales using 3 simple emails
Exactly what to include in your confirmation emails to ensure happy customers
The secret to making sales after the sale by increasing cart value, nurturing your audience, and planting seeds for high-end offers
Customizable templates in Google Docs for all email sequences

Focus On Tech

Tech Doesn’t Have To Be Scary…
In Module 6, you’ll get the step-by-step system for my recommended Tech Stack, learn how to make it work for you, and how to hire someone if you need to.
We’ll dive in to…
How to master creating lists, tags, and automations, so your email back-end flows seamlessly
Setting up your sales page stack using my Clickfunnels template and how to make it your own
The in’s and out’s of uploading and organizing your program assets in a course platform
How to make your tech talk and work together for a smooth customer experience from start to finish

Engineer Your Traffic

Rake In The Sales Before You Ever Spend A Penny On Ads…
In Module 7, you’ll learn the nuances of an organic traffic strategy and pick and choose what works for you from a menu of proven tactics.
We’ll dive in to…
How to get your first 100 buyers without investing in paid ads using the TOL Organic Traffic Strategy
How to make ONE piece of content work 10X harder with a repurposing strategy + Allie’s Content Inspiration Swipe File
The 4-Part High Converting Tiny Offer Webinar + Allie’s webinar slides template
Tactics for a quick cash infusion for your paid ads, and how to create profitable, win-win partnerships

Fund Your Ads

The Paid-Ad Strategy To Put Your Profits On Autopilot…
In Module 8, you’ll walk step-by-step through setting up, creating, launching, and troubleshooting your ad campaign.
We’ll dive in to…
What you need to have in place before you run Facebook Ads to your Tiny Offer and understanding the Ads Manager
How to choose from the 3 types of ad campaigns based on the results you want
How to profile your audience and choose an audience type, plus setting your budget, optimizing your ads, and using retargeting ads
Creating compliant and effective ad copy + creative, and what to do if your ad is rejected or shut down
Bonus: How to advertise your Tiny Offer on other platforms

ROI Multiplier

You’re Building A List Of Buyers — Time To Leverage That…
In Module 9, you’ll learn exactly how to lead buyers of your Tiny Offer down the high-end path.
We’ll dive in to…
How to choose from the 3 types of High-Ticket Offers, map out your framework, and create your assets
Hosting a live webinar to sign high-ticket clients and how to decide on the best webinar call to action
Getting subscribers to register, show up, and buy — it’s all about the emails
Customizable templates in Google Docs for opt-in page, webinar slides, emails, sales page, application page, and more

Recorded Q+A Calls

(Tech, Copywriting, Strategy, FB Ads)
You’ll get to eavesdrop on 12 months worth of expert coaching calls from my high-end Tiny Offer Group Coaching Program. From Tiny Offer strategy, to tech, copywriting, and Facebook Ads, my team and I cover it all. Stuck on a particular point? Search by keyword and you’ll be directed to the exact timestamp in the calls on that topic.

Free VIP Recording of Profit Camp

Profit Camp is a two-day event that is comprised of four value packed sections:
Your 20 Hour Week @ $1k Per Hour
Map Out Your High-Ticket Group Program
Design Your VIP Offer
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A HUGE BUNDLE of Customizable Copy Templates

Skip the overwhelm and frustration of creating everything from scratch by using my proven best-selling templates!

Tiny Offer® Sales Page Builder

Let me write your ENTIRE sales page for you in just a few minutes using my Sales Page Copy Builder Tool. Simply answer a few questions and my algorithm will write your sales page for you!
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2023.04.01 13:30 LiveCommentator Pre-Match Thread: FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami

[Major League Soccer - 2023/2024]

FC Cincinnati - Inter Miami

Match Info
Date: April 01, 2023
Time: 19:30 (America/Detroit)
Venue: TQL Stadium
Bookmaker Home Draw Away
Head to Head
Date Result Competition
31.07.2022 00:00 Inter Miami 4-4 FC Cincinnati Major League Soccer
19.03.2022 17:00 FC Cincinnati 3-1 Inter Miami Major League Soccer
24.10.2021 00:00 Inter Miami 5-1 FC Cincinnati Major League Soccer
05.09.2021 00:00 FC Cincinnati 0-1 Inter Miami Major League Soccer
16.05.2021 20:00 FC Cincinnati 2-3 Inter Miami Major League Soccer
Team Statistics
FC Cincinnati
Games Played 2 2 4
Wins 2 0 2
Draws 0 2 2
Loss 0 0 0
Goals For 3 3 6
Goals Against 1 3 4
Goals For 1.5 1.5 1.5
Goals Against 0.5 1.5 1.0
Inter Miami
Games Played 3 2 5
Wins 2 0 2
Draws 0 0 0
Loss 1 2 3
Goals For 6 0 6
Goals Against 3 3 6
Goals For 2.0 0.0 1.2
Goals Against 1.0 1.5 1.2
Recent form
FC Cincinnati: DWDW
Inter Miami: LLLWW
# Team GP W D L GF GA GD P
1 New England Revolution 5 4 0 1 7 5 +2 12
2 FC Cincinnati 5 3 2 0 7 4 +3 11
3 Atlanta United FC 5 3 1 1 12 9 +3 10
4 Orlando City SC 5 2 2 1 5 4 +1 8
5 Columbus Crew 5 2 1 2 11 8 +3 7
6 Nashville SC 5 2 1 2 4 2 +2 7
7 New York City FC 5 2 1 2 5 6 -1 7
8 Philadelphia Union 5 2 0 3 8 8 0 6
9 Inter Miami 5 2 0 3 6 6 0 6
10 Toronto FC 5 1 3 1 6 5 +1 6
11 New York Red Bulls 5 1 3 1 4 4 0 6
12 Chicago Fire 4 1 2 1 7 7 0 5
13 DC United 5 1 1 3 7 10 -3 4
14 Charlotte 5 1 1 3 4 9 -5 4
15 Montreal Impact 4 1 0 3 3 7 -4 3
All data provided by Matchcaster, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2023.04.01 13:30 LiveCommentator [Pre-Match thread] New England Revolution vs New York City FC

[Major League Soccer - 2023/2024]

New England Revolution - New York City FC

Match Info
Date: April 01, 2023
Time: 19:30 (America/New_York)
Venue: Gillette Stadium
Bookmaker Home Draw Away
Head to Head
Date Result Competition
05.09.2022 00:00 New England Revolution 3-0 New York City FC Major League Soccer
09.07.2022 17:00 New York City FC 4-2 New England Revolution Major League Soccer
25.05.2022 23:30 New York City FC 1-0 New England Revolution US Open Cup
01.12.2021 00:30 New England Revolution 2-2 New York City FC Major League Soccer
11.09.2021 23:00 New England Revolution 2-1 New York City FC Major League Soccer
Team Statistics
New England Revolution
Games Played 2 2 4
Wins 2 1 3
Draws 0 0 0
Loss 0 1 1
Goals For 4 1 5
Goals Against 0 4 4
Goals For 2.0 0.5 1.3
Goals Against 0.0 2.0 1.0
New York City FC
Games Played 2 3 5
Wins 2 0 2
Draws 0 1 1
Loss 0 2 2
Goals For 4 1 5
Goals Against 2 4 6
Goals For 2.0 0.3 1.0
Goals Against 1.0 1.3 1.2
Recent form
New England Revolution: WLWW
New York City FC: LWWDL
# Team GP W D L GF GA GD P
1 New England Revolution 5 4 0 1 7 5 +2 12
2 FC Cincinnati 5 3 2 0 7 4 +3 11
3 Atlanta United FC 5 3 1 1 12 9 +3 10
4 Orlando City SC 5 2 2 1 5 4 +1 8
5 Columbus Crew 5 2 1 2 11 8 +3 7
6 Nashville SC 5 2 1 2 4 2 +2 7
7 New York City FC 5 2 1 2 5 6 -1 7
8 Philadelphia Union 5 2 0 3 8 8 0 6
9 Inter Miami 5 2 0 3 6 6 0 6
10 Toronto FC 5 1 3 1 6 5 +1 6
11 New York Red Bulls 5 1 3 1 4 4 0 6
12 Chicago Fire 4 1 2 1 7 7 0 5
13 DC United 5 1 1 3 7 10 -3 4
14 Charlotte 5 1 1 3 4 9 -5 4
15 Montreal Impact 4 1 0 3 3 7 -4 3
All data provided by Matchcaster, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2023.04.01 13:25 Japesper How did we make this list?

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2023.04.01 13:23 Buurto how to get back into this game after a long break ?

sooo last time I played was around 2017, had a long long break.
I tried to come back serval times like 2019 and 2021 or something but the game just puts you into content you never saw or here about and don't explain any at all, not what was added, now what would be the way to move forward now, the game just puts you in with 2000 new content things and says have fun goodbye.
So I always just dropped out again because of how bad it feels to get back as a returning player.
Is there any way to get back easier in it or is it one of those games where you need to watch 50 hours of youtube tutorials as a returning player ?
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2023.04.01 13:20 aireptac AIRE PTAC SERVICE INC.

AC Installation by a Certified Professional
Having your system installed by the professionals is what makes all the difference. Whether it’s central AC or ductless AC installation, there are various considerations that simply cannot be overlooked. We’ll walk you through the whole process while providing you with options along the way.
Our company and our technicians are NATE-certified, meaning that you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. We’ve developed a reputation in New York for our habit of providing excellent work to homeowners, so you can expect the same from any of our technicians. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning installation.
Call us today: (914)-661-1964 or visit
#newyork #hvac_cooling #heating #air_conditioner #ac_servicing #repair #installation #maintenance #hvac_installation #contractor #new_york_city #commercial_residential #ac #winter_storage #new_york #air_conditioner_removal #disposal_nyc #ac_recycling #queens
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2023.04.01 13:12 SirMike_MT 2 Dublin attractions named amongst biggest tourist traps in the world

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2023.04.01 13:09 WarlikeMicrobe Suck it bitches

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2023.04.01 13:08 Ultra_instinct42 In response to which team is historically the most poverty franchise

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2023.04.01 13:03 WONKedition "Teenagers in New York City were arrested and charged with murder at a rate that grew twice as fast as the rate for adults between 2018 and 2022 ... Violence breaks out more quickly and more often now than it did before the pandemic." Here's more:

Behind NYC’s Surge in Teen Murder: Grief, Anger and Online Grudges - The New York Times (
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2023.04.01 13:00 samacora Official Weekend Free Chat Thread

Good Morning Patriots
Free place to chat and a good place to discuss whatever you like with other sub users

Key dates on the 2023 NFL / Patriots calendar.


New England Patriots News Link Catchup - Patriots already a better team than pre-free agency

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2023.04.01 12:58 rugbykickoff Match Thread: Sharks vs Munster - Champions Cup

Comp: Champions Cup
Venue: Kings Park Stadium
View TV providers, weather info and previous results
London Paris Jo'burg New York Sydney Auckland
12:30 13:30 13:30 07:30 22:30 00:30

Drinking Rules from u/BillHicksFan:

1 finger - Munster lose a line out / Bosch misses a kick.
2 fingers - any mention of the weather.
3 fingers - 'physicality' is mentioned.
Half your drink - there's a scuffle.
3/4 of your drink - Casey belts it to the changing rooms at half time.
Finish your drink - Etzebeth fucks up a caterpillar ruck.
Sharks Pos Munster
Boeta Chamberlain 15 Mike Haley
Werner Kok 14 Calvin Nash
Lukhanyo Am 13 Antoine Frisch
Rohan Janse van Rensburg 12 Malakai Fekitoa
Makazole Mapimpi 11 Shane Daly
Curwin Bosch 10 Jack Crowley
Jaden Hendrikse 9 Craig Casey
Ox Nche 1 Niall Scannell
Bongi Mbonambi 2 Roman Salanoa
Thomas du Toit 3 Jean Kleyn
Eben Etzebeth 4 RG Snyman
Gerbrandt Grobler 5 Peter O Mahony
Siya Kolisi 6 John Hodnett
Vincent Tshituka 7 Gavin Coombes
Sikhumbuzo Notshe 8 Dave Kilcoyne
Kerron van Vuuren 16 Diarmuid Barron
Ntuthuko Mchunu 17 Josh Wycherley
Carlu Sadie 18 Stephen Archer
Emile van Heerden 19 Fineen Wycherley
Phepsi Buthelezi 20 Jack O Donoghue
Grant Williams 21 Conor Murray
Ben Tapuai 22 Joey Carbery
Thaakir Abrahams 23 Alex Kendellen
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2023.04.01 12:52 pdfatoz A Court of Mist and Fury PDF: Everything You Need to Know

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2023.04.01 12:44 rand_throwaway1 I'm at my wits end with this cat

I love cats. I've always had cats, and I don't ever want to be without cats. They're part of the family.
But I have this one cat that I just can't with any more.
I love her, but I just can't stand her and I don't know what to do. She's mean, but loves my husband and tolerates me. She can't stand new cats (will absolutely lose it if she smells a new cat other than the other two, and we have to lock her up for an entire night or she'll try to kill the two in the house). She hates other people and will claw and bite. But you know what? This I can deal with. This, we're willing to work with. We don't have people over often anyway, and I have no issue giving a cat her space. It's everything else.
If the litter box isn't absolutely pristine, she'll pee on the plastic mat outside of it, or the floor if it's gone. And sometimes she'll do it just because. Its not a UTI issue, she's been cleared of it. It's just a habit she formed (from when she did have a uti). She also does the same with carpets. So we got rid of the carpet and put a baby gate up for the bedroom that still has carpet, and got an auto scooper, which has cut down on it drastically but the other two cats refuse to use the auto scooper box and we have no more reasonable space to put a litter box. Plus, thanks to the need for the baby gate, my cuddle bug of an elderly cat won't come to sleep with me because she's afraid of it.
And then there's the puking. She scarfs her food down, sometimes sneaks into the other cats dishes and eats theirs, and then pukes it all back up. Almost every morning. We've tried everything. We've taken her to three different vets, none of which have been able to help at all. We've tried so many different kinds of food, wet, dry, tons of different brands and ingredients. We've tried all the different kinds of bowls. Puzzle, slow, raised, etc. There's a limit to what we can use though, since she only has one front leg. We've tried splitting up feeding times so it's less food at a time for her.
Nothing works. With every change, it'll stop for a few days, maybe a week, then start again.
It might not all seem like much but it's just non stop. I'm so tired of cleaning up cat puke every day, sometimes several times a day. And the pee. She's literally ruined a bedroom floor because hubs thought the smell was coming from the closet the litter box was in, and not all along the carpet before he ripped it up. She's caused us thousands of dollars in vet bills, repairs, and security deposits.
I've never given up an animal before. I've never even wanted to until I got her. And the thought of doing so with her terrifies me. I'm afraid that she won't be taken care of well. That she'll be too mean, too problematic. That they'll let her loose outside because she wants out so bad even though we don't allow them out. But I'm so entirely frustrated with her. I don't know what to do.
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2023.04.01 12:44 verbsnounsandshit [FIGHT THREAD] Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin, Fabio Wardley vs Michael Polite Coffie, Galal Yafai vs Moises Calleros, Campbell Hatton vs Louis Fielding & live round-by-round coverage

DATE Saturday 1st April 2023
LOCATION O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom
TIME 7pm (London), 11am (LA), 2pm (NYC), 5am Saturday (Sydney)
Main Event C. 3.5 hours after times posted above

Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin

12 Rounds

Heavyweight Division

Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin
24(22)-3-0 RECORD 21(4)-1-0
33 AGE 29
6'6" HEIGHT 6'2"
82" REACH 77"
255.25 lbs WEIGHT 234.75 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
Watford, UK HOMETOWN Saginaw, USA
2(1)-3-0 LAST FIVE 4(1)-1-0

Fabio Wardley vs Michael Polite Coffie

10 Rounds

Heavyweight Division

Fabio Wardley vs Michael Polite Coffie
15(14)-0-0 RECORD 13(10)-3-0
28 AGE 36
6'5" HEIGHT 6'5"
78" REACH 83"
242.25 lbs WEIGHT 269.25 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
Ipswich, UK HOMETOWN New York, USA
5(5)-0-0 LAST FIVE 2(2)-3-0

Galal Yafai vs Moises Calleros

10 Rounds

Super Flyweight Division

Galal Yafai vs Moises Calleros
3(2)-0-0 RECORD 36(19)-10-1
30 AGE 33
5'4" HEIGHT 5'4"
68" REACH 68"
113.5 lbs WEIGHT 114.25 lbs
Southpaw STANCE Orthodox
Birmingham, UK HOMETOWN Monclova, Mexico

Campbell Hatton vs Louis Fielding

8 Rounds

Heavyweight Division

Campbell Hatton vs Louis Fielding
10(3)-0-0 RECORD 10(1)-7-0
22 AGE 32
6'5" HEIGHT 6'5"
139.75 lbs WEIGHT 138.5 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
Manchester, UK HOMETOWN Tamworth, UK
5(2)-0-0 LAST FIVE 3(0)-2-0

Other Undercard Fights

  • Austin Williams vs River Wilson-Bent
  • Juergen Uldedaj vs Benoit Huber
  • Jordan Flynn vs Kane Baker
  • John Hedges vs Daniel Bocianski
  • Peter Kadiru vs Alen Lauriolle
  • Ziyad Almaayouf vs Georgi Velichkov
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2023.04.01 12:37 After_Guarantee_8263 Future of Digital Marketing

It's obvious that the digital world is still developing quickly as we approach a new decade. Our business plans must change along with it. In this article, we'll learn about artificial intelligence in digital marketing, dive into the future of digital marketing in Pakistan, explore some of the major trends and technologies reshaping the sector in 2021 and beyond, and discover the future of digital marketing. There is no dearth of exciting developments coming our way, so buckle up, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready for an insightful journey! These developments range from AI-powered chatbots to immersive virtual experiences.
Get to Know About the Future Of Digital Marketing in Pakistan
Digital marketing is developing quickly, and it has a very bright future ahead of it. It's challenging to foresee the precise nature of the future with the constant emergence of new platforms and technologies. But there are some broad patterns about which we can be certain.
Relevance and customization will receive more attention. Businesses will have to work harder to stand out from the crowd as the competition for internet attention grows. This entails modifying messages and content for various users in accordance with their unique requirements and preferences.
Machine learning and artificial intelligence in internet marketing will become more important. By using these tools to automate tasks, businesses can save time and money. They can also be used to better understand consumer behavior and preferences in order to deliver experiences that are more tailored to each individual.
Data will remain crucial to internet marketers. You'll gain knowledge of internet marketing. Businesses can discover what works and what doesn't by gathering statistics on user behavior. Campaigns can then be enhanced and made more successful using the information. Digital marketing in Pakistan appears to have a promising future! These are just a few of the ways that digital marketing will probably alter in the years to come.
How is the Future of Digital Marketing Being Reshaped by Artificial Intelligence?
The field of digital marketing is developing quickly, with new patterns and technologies appearing frequently. One of the most revolutionary technologies to emerge in recent years, artificial intelligence in digital marketing is beginning to have a significant effect on the industry. Future for digital marketing is as follows:
  1. Better customization and targeting
  2. Enhanced effectiveness and productivity
  3. Better customer care and assistance
  4. Better knowledge of consumer behavior and insights
  5. More successful advertising
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2023.04.01 12:34 hazelx123 Payment plans in the UK , can anyone help give me a full understanding?

I’m in a little bit of debt, really small amount but it keeps going in circles because I’m not earning enough to get on top of it (working on that!)
After chatting to stepchange, they’ve explained I can be on a payment plan for my gas and electric to pay towards the couple of hundred I’m in debt to each - I pay £1 a month to them and it means that I’m showing I’m paying what I can, and they can’t keep chasing me etc although my debt will still accumulate. However I’m just curious how this is long term. With my job role, I expect my wage to double or more in the next two/three years so I can just hopefully pay it all off in one go when that happens and pay normally from then, but in theory, does there get to a point where they say no this isn’t enough?
I also wanted to know when/if there’s an expected time I can change gas and electric suppliers? I moved into my home in November of 2021 and wasn’t able to change from what the previous tenants had because of the energy prices skyrocketing etc. I know they’re all expensive at the moment but I just want them to be from the same supplier and to choose a company with better customer service ha!
Thank you so much for your knowledge in advance, this has all happened since energy and food prices increased by so much so having debt etc is all new to me and I’m just trying to paddle my way through until I get more money!
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