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2023.04.01 13:58 gray007nl Devise a Strategy: Orcs (Monster Tactics)

There was some response to my previous post, so I figured I might as well keep going for a bit, I enjoy writing them anyhow.
Alright so the three orcs presented in the bestiary are pretty much the same in terms of stats and skills, high strength, decent Dex, good Con (except for the warchief), bad mental scores (okay charisma for the warchief. Low perception (except again the warchief), great AC on the Warchief and Warrior, middling for the Brute, average hitpoints. All skilled in Athletics and Intimidation plus Survival for the Warrior and Warchief. Last but not least all Orcs have Ferocity, allowing them to use their reaction to avoid being brought to 0 hitpoints and increasing their wounded value, Ferocity can be used 3 times (without medical attention) though they only get 1 reaction per round.
So from this you can already derive a basic strategy, Orcs rush headlong into melee, demoralizing their foe and laying into them, using maneuvers as they see fit, they care little for their personal wellbeing, seeing every scar as a gift, only retreating once brought to the brink of death at least once. Though plenty of orcs would also fight to death either for fear of losing face by retreating, to protect their brethren or to avenge fallen allies. Orcs also all have darkvision, so any orc lair is going to be unlit to give the orcs the advantage, though unlike kobolds, orcs simply prioritize whoever's closest only considering whether the target can see in the dark if they've got multiple options. Lacking Acrobatics proficiency Orcs only flank when the enemy leaves their flank exposed, but prefer to gain flat-footed from tripping or grappling enemies.
The first Orc by level is the Orc Brute armed with 2 Knuckle Daggers, 3 javelins and their fists. So first the optimal way for the orc to equip themselves at most times is Knuckledagger in one hand, other hand empty. There is no reason for the Brute to dual wield and the option of performing maneuvers with the empty hand is far more helpful than inaccurately throwing a javelin.
The ideal turn for the Brute is with it already adjacent to an enemy, it starts by demoralizing and regardless of success or failure, it then attacks twice. The actual attacks it uses will depend, the brute has an Intelligence mod of -1, but that's still enough to figure out the fighter in big bulky armour is likely easier to trip than they are to hit, while a character in leather armour or no armour at all they could be better off grabbing first. Shoving will be attempted if it allows the brute to protect a heavily injured ally or if there's something dangerous to push the enemy into. Disarm is not worth attempting unless you homebrewed it. Just striking twice with its knuckledagger is also a perfectly reasonable way to go and may in fact be the optimal choice. The orc would never use 2 maneuvers in a turn, it's far better off using its agile knuckledagger instead of a second maneuver.
If the enemy is 25 feet away or less, the orc strides and then uses the attacks mentioned above, not bothering with Demoralize. If the enemy is between 50 and 25 feet away, the orc strides twice (or steps once if it's exactly 30 feet) and then does 1 attack of its choice. If the enemy is more than 50 feet away, then the brute will draw its javelin, stride once and throw it at the enemy not worrying about the range, Orcs aren't good at throwing javelins and keeping the open hand is just more important. As mentioned earlier, the Brute will only retreat after its Ferocity has triggered once, though it might very well keep fighting to the death as well even when outnumbered as returning to the tribe after having several of your family members killed and failing to kill the people responsible would leave the orc very low in the social hierarchy.
The Orc Warrior is similar in many ways to the brute but it has a different weapon loadout, rocking a Necksplitter, 2 shortswords and 4 javelins. Unlike with the brute, it isn't quite as easy to pin-point an optimal combination of weapons for the brute and as far as I'm concerned there's 2 contenders for best loadout. Either the Warrior uses its Necksplitter in tandem with one of its shortswords, forgoing maneuvers and javelins entirely or it uses 1 shortsword and keeps it other hand free to use maneuvers or javelins. The Warrior likewise has skill in survival which would imply that it's capable of tracking intruders as well as capturing animals but not training them, this means a warrior's pet/mount might still be completely feral and prone to fleeing or disobeying its masters orders.
Another thing distinguishing the warrior from the brute is that the Warrior has Attack of Opportunity. This further encourages it to get in the thick of melee so it can punish spellcasters and cowards, but this also presents an issue as Ferocity and Attack of Opportunity both require the Warrior's singular reaction. I'd handle this thusly, the orc always uses Attack of Opportunity whenever it comes up except when it's below 50% health, then it saves its reaction for Ferocity.
If the Warrior chooses to wield a single shortsword and nothing else, then its method of attack is identical to the Brute, though with considerations regarding attack of opportunity listed above. If electing to wield the Necksplitter alongside a shortsword things get a little different, it cannot do any maneuvers and it's going to take it an extra action to stow a weapon before it can throw a javelin. So firstly, unless the enemy is really far away (more than 75 feet) it won't bother with the javelins, if the enemy genuinely is that far away, then it'll stow its necksplitter and draw a javelin, probably not drawing the necksplitter again for the rest of the combat. Otherwise it'll likely delay for the enemy to get closer as there is no point striding three times and then just letting the enemy hit you.
When attacking with both weapons drawn, the first attack will always be with the Necksplitter as it deals more damage, the second attack will depend on if there is a second target in reach or not, if it is then the second attack is with the necksplitter as well on that secondary target benefiting from both sweep and forceful. If there isn't then the second attack will be with the shortsword to benefit from the agile property instead. Regardless it would try to demoralize first before attacking, though it might also consider stepping to a location where it would be able to hit 2 different enemies with the necksplitter (if it needs to stride to get in position it likely wouldn't bother). It follows the same principles when it comes to retreating as the brute does.
Finally we have the Orc Warchief similar to the warrior in many respects, but different through using a greatclub and having a special action in Battle Cry, it also has better will saves than typical for orcs. A 2-handed weapon really restricts what the Warchief can do on their turn, they need to change grip for maneuvers (other than Shove) or to draw javelins. This combined with the Warchief wanting to use Battle Cry every single turn means they would probably never want to bother with maneuvers and only reach for a javelin is the enemy is more than 50 feet away.
With the enemy right next to the warchief, the warchief's turn is pretty simple. They use Battle Cry and then they strike with their greatclub twice, if the enemy the warchief is fighting has a high AC and the warchief is struggling to hit they'll replace one of the strikes with a demoralize otherwise the bonus from Battle Cry is too good for the warchief not to swing twice, perhaps shoving if there's an incentive to do so.
The presence of the Warchief is going to change the strategy of the other orcs too, every Orc before the warchief in initiative will spend their first turn delaying until after the warchief's turn to benefit from his battle cry, the only exception to this is if they already have an enemy in melee range, then they probably wouldn't wait for the Warchief's order and just start swinging immediately. Likewise the effect of Battle Cry only works on Attack and Damage Rolls, not on skill checks, so with the Warchief around the other Orcs are less likely to use maneuvers preferring strikes when given the option (So Orc Warriors accompanying a warchief would generally be dual wielding Necksplitter and Shortsword).
When it comes to reactions and retreating, the Warchief functions the same way as the Warrior, half HP is where it saves its reactions for Ferocity and it won't flee until it's triggered Ferocity at least once. The other orcs however might flee as soon as the Warchief falls, though again this might also infuriate them into wanting to take revenge on the killer of the warchief and prompt them all to fight to the death.
Orcs as one would expect, are fairly simple tactically, they get stuck in and start swinging, only ever thinking of retreat once it's too late. Surrender is humiliating and not something most orcs would consider, fleeing to fight another day is always preferable and if it isn't an option then they'll die fighting.
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2023.04.01 13:57 -MarilynMonroe- Bought a “used” Carl Sagan book

Bought a “used” Carl Sagan book
I only saw the cover on the auction, didn’t expect most pages to be cut and scribbled on
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2023.04.01 13:56 7fingersphil I’m not attacking anyone just making an observation

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2023.04.01 13:56 kenna_renaeee Issues evenly marking/drilling 4 corner holes in acrylic?

Hi y’all. So I’ve been working on a project that involves using stand-off screws to attach a piece of acrylic to a wood board. I sorely underestimated how much trouble it would be to get the holes placed/drilled correctly. The acrylic is just an 8x8 square and I need 4 holes about an inch inwards from each of the corners. It sounds simple saying it like that, but boy I’ve been stuck on this for days. No matter what I try, the holes always come out skewed in some way. I thought this would’ve been a fairly common problem with a simple fix, but nobody I’ve asked irl has any ideas, and I’ve tried googling it but nothing comes up for this situation specifically, and most of what does come up involves a drill press, which I clearly don’t have. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA.
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2023.04.01 13:56 austinb62 How to 100% buy yourself some time if you are on a call in color code program (e.g. drug court/bond stipulations)

Want to know how i passed a drug test for meth, fent, and i think heroin in under 10 hours with no bullshit drinks or tricks? Well I didn't pass the test, because I got a pass ON the test so I didn't even have to take it! It's a long read but well-worth it.. I tried my best to make it a pleasurable and entertaining piece to read!
Well last year I was on conditions of bond that stipulated I had to call into the court services office every morning before 9 a.m. to find out if I had to UA that day. In addition to the potential randoms, it was MANDATORY that I checked in EVERY Wednesday before 11 a.m. to test. Well, after several months i noticed a pattern of my randoms being called every other tuesday. I got the notion in my head that I was fine to do drugs from wednsday afternoon after the mandatory test up until Saturday morning, and convinced myself I would be nice and clean come the next Tuesday...
Well after deciding that was my new schedule, it was on. I strutted in the office one Wednesday and did my UA, passed, then walked out the door smiling and waving. As soon as I got in my truck I filled up the meth pipe and started rolling a bowl, then I threw a foxy on a piece of foil and smoked it up at the same time. (Foxy* a pressed blue M30 - called Foxys in my area = Fake Roxy) I continued on one hell if a fentanyl/meth binge all the way through to Thursday night around midnight, and thats when my plan came unraveled. Around midnight thursday i called the color code line out of habit just to see if my color was required to UA for Friday and, lo and behold, she was calling me in to UA. I FUCKIN PANICKED.
I got to googling like crazy how to mask/dilute/fool the fentanyl in my urine. I knew how to handle the meth, but I couldn't find ANYTHING regarding passing a supervised short notice fentanyl drug test. All I could find on reddit as well as all of the recreational drug forums was people saying "only sure way to pass a drug test is don't do drugs".... Yeah? Well fuck you pal. I bet you're fun at parties. Anyways. I ended up hatching a plan to call the phone company that provided landline service to the office. I knew the phone number would be the account number, I knew the address, and I knew the special programs coordinators name, but what I NEEDED to know was the pin number to remotely change the voice-mail greeting. Since the coordinator uses the voice-mail greeting to announce the daily color call, I called the phone company and, using my best snooty coordinators voice, got them to reset the voice-mail log in pin #. After doing that I Googled how to remotely change the voice-mail greeting, and it was super easy. I changed my voice and recorded my own personal greeting to let everyone know the office would be closed that day and there was no reason to come in and to enjoy their weekend..
And that is how I passed a drug test with 10 hours notice without doing anything difficult.
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2023.04.01 13:56 janewhisper Manage Your Qatar Airways Booking Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks for Using the Online System

As a Qatar Airways passenger, managing your booking can be an easy and stress-free process if you know how to use the online system effectively such as Qatar Airlines Manage Booking. The airline’s website offers several features that enable you to change your flight, select your seat, check-in, and add extra services with ease. In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you manage your Qatar Airways booking like a pro.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Managing Your Qatar Airways Booking Online
  3. How to Access Your Booking Online
  4. How to Change Your Flight Online
  5. How to Select Your Seat Online
  6. How to Check-in Online
  7. How to Add Extra Services Online
  8. How to Cancel Your Flight Online
  9. Tips for Managing Your Qatar Airways Booking Online
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs

Benefits of Managing Your Qatar Airways Booking Online

Managing your Qatar Airways booking online offers several benefits, such as:
  1. Time-saving: With the online system, you can make changes to your booking, select your seat, and check-in without leaving your home or office.
  2. Convenience: You can manage your booking at any time of the day or night, which means you do not have to worry about office hours or waiting in line at the airport.
  3. Cost-effective: Some services, such as seat selection and extra baggage, may be cheaper when purchased online.
  4. Customization: You can personalize your travel experience by selecting your preferred seat, adding extra services, and choosing your meal preferences.

How to Access Your Booking Online

To access your Qatar Airways booking online, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Qatar Airways website.
  2. Click on the "Manage Booking" option.
  3. Enter your booking reference and last name.
  4. Click on "Find booking."
You will then be able to see your booking details, including your flight itinerary, passenger information, and payment details.

How to Change Your Flight Online

If you need to change your flight, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Qatar Airways account.
  2. Click on the "Manage Booking" option.
  3. Select the flight you wish to change.
  4. Choose your new flight and pay any difference in fare.
Note that changing your flight online may incur additional fees, depending on the fare rules of your ticket.

How to Select Your Seat Online

To select your seat online, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Qatar Airways account.
  2. Click on the "Manage Booking" option.
  3. Select your flight.
  4. Choose your seat from the available options.
Note that some seats, such as those with extra legroom, may incur additional fees.

How to Check-in Online

To check-in online, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Qatar Airways account.
  2. Click on the "Check-in" option.
  3. Enter your flight details and personal information.
  4. Select your seat and print your boarding pass.
You can also download your boarding pass to your smartphone.

How to Add Extra Services Online

To add extra services, such as extra baggage or special meals, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Qatar Airways account.
  2. Click on the "Manage Booking" option.
  3. Select your flight.
  4. Choose the extra service you wish to add and pay any additional fees.

How to Cancel Your Flight Online

If you need to cancel your flight, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Qatar Airways account.
  2. Click on the "Manage Booking" option.
  3. Select the flight you wish to cancel.
  4. Click on "Cancel flight
  5. Confirm the cancellation and receive a refund, if applicable.
Note that cancellation policies may vary depending on the fare rules of your ticket.

Tips for Managing Your Qatar Airways Booking Online

Here are some tips to help you manage your Qatar Airways booking online like a pro:
  1. Keep your booking reference and last name handy: You will need this information to access your booking online.
  2. Check the fare rules before making changes: Some changes may incur additional fees or may not be allowed, depending on the fare rules of your ticket.
  3. Be aware of deadlines: Some services, such as check-in or seat selection, may have a deadline before the flight departure.
  4. Use the mobile app: Qatar Airways' mobile app allows you to manage your booking on the go, making it easier to make changes or check-in while traveling.
  5. Check for promotions: Qatar Airways often offers promotions and discounts for services purchased online, such as seat selection or extra baggage.


Managing your Qatar Airways booking online can save you time, money, and stress. By following the tips and tricks provided in this article, you can easily make changes to your booking, select your seat, check-in, and add extra services like a pro.


  1. Can I change my flight online for free?
  1. Can I select any seat online?
  1. Can I cancel my flight online and receive a refund?
  1. Is it safe to manage my booking online?
  1. Can I manage my booking using the mobile app?
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2023.04.01 13:56 Anonymous717717 I 15f am being bullied again and I don't know what to do anymore

TW: mention of suicide self harm SA and bullying
Any advice would be so appreciated, but honestly I'm just looking to get it off my chest as I have no where else to go to. This is an anonymous account but if you work put who I am from this YOU DONT KNOW ME.
I 15f have been bullied all my life, every school I have been to I have been bullied most of the time it was just verbally aka name calling or just excluding ect there have been instances where it was physical but it was never too severe (I have 1 or 2 scars from it on my legs). When I left primary I left hoping that I would never be bullied again and would have a bug friend group and no one would be horrible ever again. And I did have that but, it ended in year 9 I had a semi big friend group of around 7 people my best friend at the time (let's call her k) was probably the best person ever she was so kind and helped me through so much but then something happend and we were not friends anymore. But atleast I had the rest of my group and then my next closest friend (let's call her V) was amazing blah blah blah We all stopped being friends and now I have around 3 close friends and I'm okay with that. They are amazing people and I couldn't have asked for more.
Okay so I go to a very small secondary school (less than 700 students) and have been bullied twice there the first time the girl got kicked out a few weeks after (not because I reported her or anything) and now a group of girls who have turned me into an inside joke within their friend group and so on ect.
I am a very sensative person. When I get an instrest into something it gets big and stays for a long time. For example I have a big interest in mushrooms and mycology and plants I currently own 17 I can talk for hours on the knowledge and facts and what I've found in those topics. It's also pretty obvious because I used to post alot of it on my tiktok. Bully 1 also took that to her advantage and bullied me for that aswell. A little backround on the last 2 bullying instances, I belive the first one started when K became friends with bully 1 and I guess she told her some of my secrets for example that I suffered pretty badly with self harm and that I had some physical health problems. Bully 1 took that to her advantage and was relentless with the name calling. She made a groupchat with everyone in her contacts and added me and poster immages and stickers of me and name called and was making fun of me. She also tried to trip me on the stairs multiple times. I never told anyone shout those besides my friends and she eventually got expelled from the school so it all ended there. (There was more to this story but I prefer to keep some things private)
Now I understand it really doesn't seem like a big deal and I know and if you're reading this thinking that I'm overreacting or I'm just sensitive I know and I'm sorry. Some backround why I'm like this is because of all the bullying and insensitive comments ect. I've struggled with self harm since I was 11 and have tried to off myself 7 times thr first time when I was 12. I still haven't recovered fully and I get overwhelmed very very easily and don't do well under stress so that's all been building up and only my closest friends know none of my family and recently some guy tried to SA me I was in town waiting for the bus when he stood behind me very close and walked around and called me a "spicy girl" when I tried to distance myself then he got close and tried to grab my chest area, I ran away and met up with a friend. Which kind of explains why the situation now is very stressful and overwhelming.
Onto whats happening now. A popular group in my year has turned me into an inside joke Girl A has been saying Hi to me and just sometimes being a bit weird and sometimes being nice but too obvious it's sarcasm at first I just believed it to be her being weird because it wouldn't have been the first time that's happend but the other day a friend of mine overheard them talking about how girl A is dating me and she came to tell me and honestly I knew something was up but I never expected that to happen. And then not even like 2 seconds after I was told girl A came up to me and was her usual self of an overly friendly hi then the whole friend group started laughing. Oh and another point is that they will eventually come up to me and say something, but because they are the popular girls I am horrified of what will happen because even if it is a joke and they ask to go out w me or something and I say no they will most likely start some sort of drama and I will be in the centre or worse they will actually bully me. The thought of that caused me to have a panic attack around my friends and now I genuinely have no clue what to do anymore.
I'm really sorry if you're reading this and thinking that I'm overreacting or it's not as bad as I make it out to be and I'm sorry.
also if this for whatever reason goes on tiktok you still don't know me.
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2023.04.01 13:56 heather8401 I’m sick with the stomach virus while my mom is dying…

It started last night after I got home from Spending 9 hours over there. I’m freaking out that I may have spread her the virus now, or the various people that have been visiting…
And she’s got a day or two left with us as she has stopped eating and drinking 3 days ago, and is mostly non responsive… obviously I want to go back over today… is it even safe to go if I wear a mask?
I’m worried my two kids (1 1/2 and 7) are going to wind up coming down with symptoms and I don’t want to just leave my husband to deal with that either.
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2023.04.01 13:56 carlo-no-s 2nd 5 day ProLon cycle completed

38 M. This was my second time doing this. Normally weigh ~175lbs but had gained weight this past year from completely stopping my workouts and not sleeping w a new baby. Generally in good shape and have begun a 5 day gym regiment since December, although I took it easy this week. Went to the gym on day 2 and a run on day 4.
I do IF fairly regularly as I have never really eaten breakfast, so it comes naturally. Day 3 is the hardest for me, but it’s all bearable. The hardest part, both times around has been the social aspect of food. But, this time I was even able to resist a beach trip with friends, beer, and pizza (this is a miracle and my wife was thoroughly impressed!). It becomes more a question of will power as the program shows you that all the food we are always eating really isn’t necessary!
Here are my stats. Feel free to ask any questions!
Day 1 196.8 lbs 40.5” widest part of torso/waist
Day 2 195.2 39.75”
Day 3 193.8 39.5”
Day 4 192.3 before run 190.6 after run 39”
Day 5 188.4 38”
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2023.04.01 13:56 pratigyamehndiartist Top mehndi artist in Nagram Road

Top mehndi artist in Nagram Road
Mehandi has memories of a marriage ceremony, but our specialist team from Mehandi Artists in Lucknow makes it very special. Our excellent style of Heena is always thrilling to make this day memorable for the bride. With the best Mehandi designs in Lucknow, we add more elegance, fun, and glamour to your unique opportunity. We have the most unique, elegant, and delicate style in our best Mehandi design range in Lucknow to decorate your hands for weddings. Our designs welcome the new beginning of your life.Mehndi is the first thing which comes to everyone's mind when anyone thinks of any occasion; many will agree that a wedding is incomplete without a mehndi ceremony.
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2023.04.01 13:55 WarpFactorNin9 The finest idiots of Auckland..

Driving westward on East Tamaki road, at the intersection of Bairds road, the light was green on my side and a steady flow of traffic heading West towards Papatoetoe. These three idiots on pedal bikes crossed the path of oncoming traffic after jumping a red light on the east bound side of East Tamaki road.
Gave a strong toot of the horn and may have missed them by inches. Need to invest in a good webcam WTAF… got a good ear ful from my female partner who was scared they may gang on us and follow us with their mates, because I honked.
These idiots will surely get killed one day going by the manner which they were behaving today..
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2023.04.01 13:55 atlas_traveler99 Me 20M and my girlfriend 21F, advice for next move.

First of all, Ive been with this girl for almost 5 years. Throughout the years, she changed a lot, and I felt that she became narcissistic, or maybe I'm not blind anymore. I mean, it is so suffocating sometimes. Her attitude, the useless arguments, the fact that she hardly accepts mistakes—day by day, she becomes more ungrateful for the things I do for her. It gets worse and worse until I am not really myself anymore. and we had a couple of big fights already. I dunno, guys, like I kinda want to be alone with myself again, not in a relationship. I am tired. But I am scared to leave her, as she became so dependent on me (specially when the pandemic hit), and leaving her alone frightens me. I am guilty of wanting to be alone again, but I am also sick and tired... I want your advice, guys. T_T
Ps. We are 20yrs young now, I am scared that she would not change and from the start, I wanted to marry her, I am the guy who enters a relationship for marriage, IDK if I'm so cheesy but. What I'm scared of is I'm going to endure this the rest of my life. What to do ? =(
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2023.04.01 13:55 Boss452 The atmosphere building of 'The Batman' was superbly done.

Since its release I have seen the film 5-6 times and the thing that keeps pulling me back is the mood, tone, aesthetics and environment of the film. The stunning cinematography combined with the amazing score create a very unique and imposing vibe of Matt's Gotham city. I think both Grieg Fraser and Michael Giacchino both should have gotten nominations at the Oscars. Their work was excellent.
Too often these days big budget blockbusters start to feel all the same in tone and vibe and presentation. So it was refreshing to see a $180M movie feel auteur driven and have a fresh look. The Gotham felt quite different to Burton's Gotham, Nolan's and even Snyder's. So much of the enjoyment and immersion in a film comes from how the art direction sells you in on the world of a film.
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2023.04.01 13:55 AdoptMeTigers Mw proof ty

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2023.04.01 13:55 azwildcat74 Passed over/lied to about promotion. Unsure if I should stick it out here or move on.

I'm 37, been with this company 5.5 years, have an undergrad degree in a related field. In my time here I've dropped employee turnover to basically nil while tripling our size in operational presence, made changes that have netted the company several million dollars in profits per year.
A year and a half ago the company I work for announced they would be hiring a COO, it's a smaller company and this would be the first time they've hired for that role. I expressed interest in the position, that interest was mutual, I interviewed with owners of the company and verbally was told I got the position, others within the company were also told this role was going to be given to me. Part of this role would be traveling to remote locations we operate in pretty frequently to meet with key personnel to understand their roles and what changes they needed/wanted to see. I have a very high understanding of what we do operationally and have been in the trade for 15 years now starting from the bottom and working my way to upper management roles now. I have about 35 direct reports in my current role but it is incredibly taxing. Close to 24/7 service with essentially no other support staff to help me when issues arise.
My company is unbelievably slow moving in making changes and about 2 months after verbally being told by owners that I got this role I was surprised with entering a divorce. I have two young children and made it clear that being a dad to them was going to be my priority and told the owners that I wasn't sure what was going to happen in my personal life and needed to put potential travel for work on hold until it all shook out, they were understanding and said it was no problem for the position to wait for me to be ready for it. Luckily the divorce process went very quickly for me and basically 100 days later it was done and I had clarity with custody and could travel a week at a time when I didn't have the kids. Everything was back "on" again, or so I thought.
Fast forward about six months later and an owner called me and said they felt as though they needed to hire someone local to the HQ office, about 4 hours north of where I live, basically fishing to ask if I was willing to move there. I told him that I understood and respected his decision but would not move there as it would mean giving up time with my kids but would support them doing what they felt like they had to do in respect to the COO position, and I meant it. HQ town is a tiny college town and there are not a lot of professional and experienced people there, they obviously struggled for several months in trying to get a qualified applicant to apply.
The company then somewhat covertly opened the position in the city where I live as well as it's way bigger in population and a hub for the work that we do. I happened to get a notification of the job posting from Indeed with a "We think you're qualified, you should apply!" type marketing email. I was pretty taken aback by seeing this but just kind of thought OK they're going to try and get someone to move up to the HQ town if they find someone.
Two months later I took a vacation starting on a Wednesday and the day I left the office the company announced to folks in leadership roles that they had hired someone for the COO position and attached his resume. The guy had a PhD from online universities and a fair bit of military experience but basically no industry experience whatsoever. His resume was frankly completely filled with buzzwords and fluff with very little substance. The worst part was that he lives ten minutes away from me and it was made clear that he was not going to be moving to the HQ town.
I've tried to give this guy a fair shot but he is a complete jackass in that he has ZERO knowledge of the industry we work in and is already coming in and trying to throw his weight around making changes and implementing things that he has no idea what the ramifications of his actions would be or why we do things the way we do, he's been here for 2 full weeks at this point. I don't fault him for not knowing this stuff but the fact that he's come in and isn't even trying to learn things before changing stuff arbitrarily. I can just tell that we are going to clash while I am essentially going to have to train him in what we do at this company while he actively does dumb shit trying to put his stamp on things.
I am compensated very well and have a lot of freedom here but I just have such a bad taste in my mouth and I don't know if I should wait out what I think is inevitable failure for this guy or just cut my losses and move on. I can get hired in similar roles with any number of other companies in my area but would likely have way less freedom and take a 30%+ pay cut initially to do it. I am admittedly very bitter about the way this all went down but I'm not sure if I am overreacting or should give it more time?
TL;DR: Given promotion, I had to pause changing to new role due to divorce, promotion reneged, person with more education but zero experience hired instead of me, not sure if I should move on.
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2023.04.01 13:55 theonetruekaiser Few passing comments about Day 2 CSS from someone who just finished

  1. There’s too much lag! Especially each time I ordered physical examination, it would be loading for at least 20 seconds.
  2. The patient doesn’t update as soon as you order the appropriate treatment. On csscases, it would update immediately, so you knee you had solved it. On the real thing, they may start showing improvement after a day or 2 real time.
  3. Patients with broad differentials should not be 10 minutes long!… but they might be. I had 2 cases where I never got a diagnosis. 1 of which I was still halfway through ordering my initial investigations.
  4. There’s more than enough break time. All my 20 minute cases ended with 6-12 minutes to spare and one the 10 minute cases refunded me 2 minutes. My break time was 7 minutes before started the CSS tutorial and 27 minutes at the end of the day despite taking 3 or 4 breaks, one of them with a meal. I just wish I could use some of that time on the cases I couldn’t complete…
Good luck everyone!
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2023.04.01 13:55 Consistent-Chart6485 [Letter]

Dear Dr Peterson,
Thank you for helping me understand and articulate my discomfort with the political over correctness I've been witnessing the growth of during my 45 years.
I am a successful person retired at 35 but loving my work so there's no end in sight. My wife and I are both workaholics and over achievers as such continue to expect a lot from ourselves. We have found a deeper meaning from your books and you tube discussions. My wife and I have completed your personality course and learned a lot about each other.
We recently decided to have another child. Your messages and advice about life's meaning helped us reach this decision.
I am moved by how much empathy you appear to have. This must make it even harder to stand up and offer the necessary words of wisdom in the public spotlight given the loud and aggressive minority yelling back at you from behind their shields of anonymity.
This is why I thank you the most. I feel you have suffered deeply so that people like us can have a voice and suffer significantly less for expressing our similar opinions knowing now that there are millions of people who share our views.
Thank you Jordan. I wish you and your family all the best and look forward to seeing you again. Perhaps your next trip to Australia.
Warmest regards
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2023.04.01 13:55 Ambitious-Win-67 When am I in the clear from Paxlovid rebound?

47F, 134lbs, Hashimoto’s (take Armour and Unithroid), inflammatory arthritis (take Otezla), hemochromatosis (monitored and managed, not severe), high pvc burden (~10%), exercise induced asthma (albuterol inhaler, as needed)
Started experiencing loss of taste/smell on 3/20 and tested positive for covid on 3/21 on at-home test. Started Paxlovid antiviral on 3/21, first dose at night. Completed treatment on Sunday morning, 3/26. I was warned that a small percentage of people experience rebound. Tested myself each morning before going to work 3/27 through 3/3, testing negative each time on at-home tests, but still wore a mask at work so that I wouldn’t expose anyone if I managed to rebound. While the Paxlovid helped, I’m still not 100% (headaches, fatigue, breathlessness with up/down stairs, taste/smell ability wanes and waxes, coughing).
How long do I need to keep testing myself? When, in number of days, can I safely consider myself in the clear from the possibility of rebound? Are lingering symptoms just my body healing from the “damage” covid did and not a sign of current infection? Ideally, I know I could just test everyday, but at-home testing can get expensive. Thanks for any input/advice.
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2023.04.01 13:55 autotldr BBC education show in Afghanistan helps children banned from school

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)
The BBC has launched a new education programme for children in Afghanistan who are banned from school.
Each new weekly half-hour episode of Dars will air four times a day, Saturday to Friday, on the newly launched BBC News Afghanistan channel.
The programme will also be available via BBC News Pashto and BBC News Dari Facebook channels, will be part of the BBC Persian TV channel schedule, and will air on radio through the network of BBC FM transmitters in Afghanistan as well as on short-wave and medium-wave radio.
The BBC show is tailored to children aged between 11 and 16 and makes the most of the BBC's existing teaching content, adapting maths, history, science, and Information and Communications Technology modules from BBC Bitesize, the BBC's free online resource for pupils in the UK. Mariam Aman is one of the programme's producers and says that adapting BBC Bitesize content for an Afghan audience went beyond translation.
When BBC Afghan presenter Shazia Haya was growing up, school attendance was a source of tension.
"That's why this new BBC programme means a lot to me," she says.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: BBC#1 girl#2 programme#3 Afghanistan#4 school#5
Post found in /worldnews, /UpliftingNews and /news.
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2023.04.01 13:55 manakins4687 balloonerism tote bag

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