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Frugal Living: Waste Less, Gain More!

2008.03.04 00:47 Frugal Living: Waste Less, Gain More!

Frugality is the mental approach we each take when considering our resource allocations. It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors.

2012.01.22 18:22 Grail216 DC Gaymers

The DC chapter of the Gaymers of Reddit! Generally up to any flavor of gaming, you can imagine; usually involving alcohol and related shenanigans. We're (mostly) harmless and a pretty good time. Join us for game nights, weekly activities of a social nature, and our annual Holiday Party and Pride Festivities. Note: We are a safe space for any and all on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and supportive allies. The more the merrier with a general rule of: *Be kind to one another*.

2016.09.17 22:49 Poppwall Internet for the Spirit

Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet! This community is for those searching for a way to capture virtue on the internet.

2023.04.01 12:08 naidanis21 Holiday Inn Express Ohare Coupon Code

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2023.04.01 12:07 naidanis21 IHG Holiday Inn Club Vacations Coupon Code

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2023.04.01 12:06 Ahrensann How the future fights will go but the matchups are all wrong and I made them up

Round 9 Simö vs Loki
How the fight will go: At the start of the battle, Simö makes a quick attempt to take out his opponent by sniping at his head. However, it turns out to be a decoy created by one of Loki's illusions.
As the fight continues, Loki creates multiple body doubles of himself, making it difficult for Simö to determine which one is the real Loki. Taunting his opponent throughout, Loki challenges Simö to uncover his true location before it's too late.
Result: Simö wins
Round 10 Rasputin vs Adamas
How the fight will go: Adamas reveals something surprising. He is actually the real Satan this entire time, and has been manipulating events, including Beelzebub's tragic past, to serve his own sinister purposes. True enough, Satan's rebellion story in the myths mimic that of Adamas' rebellion with the Greek gods. Rasputin was also a known schemer. He's fighting for humanity because of his selfish reasons as well. As the fight ensues, both Rasputin and Adamas use their cunning and strategic minds to gain an advantage over each other. Despite Rasputin's selfish reasons for fighting on behalf of humanity, he ultimately emerges victorious, leaving the gods in a state of fear and uncertainty about the true capabilities of humankind.
Result: Rasputin wins
Round 11 Okita vs Apollo
How the fight will go: Okita expresses anger and frustration towards Apollo for not aiding him in his struggle with illness, which ultimately led to his untimely death. Apollo is the god of medicine, after all. Why didn't he help him? To Okita, all gods are selfish and only think about themselves.
Despite Okita's fiery temperament, Apollo remains composed and even taunts his opponent by playing a lyre during the fight. Although humanity appears to be winning, Apollo keeps his cool and remains focused on his ultimate goal of avenging the fallen Greek gods.
Throughout the fight, Okita's rash actions and careless mistakes are fueled by his anger, while Apollo's calculated moves and unwavering composure ultimately give the gods a glimmer of hope and "heal" their uncertainties.
Result: Okita loses
Round 12 Leonidas vs Susanoo
How the fight will go: Both are considered honorable warriors from their respective sides. Their match is one of valor vs valor, with both sides playing fair and respecting each other's strengths all the way.
Result: Leonidas loses
Round 13: Nostradamus vs Anubis
How the fight will go: From birth, Nostradamus possessed the ability to see into the future, using his powers to save countless lives. However, his interference with the natural order of things led to an unintended consequence - an imbalance in the world, allowing evil to spread and humanity to spiral out of control.
In response, the unflinching god of death, Anubis, vows to emerge victorious at any cost, believing that humanity has strayed too far from the path of righteousness. However, Nostradamus seems to take the threat of Anubis lightly, seeing his participation in their inevitable showdown as nothing more than a lighthearted game.
Ultimately, Nostradamus meets his demise with laughter, unconcerned with the consequences of his actions.
Result: Tie
Round 14: Kintoki vs Odin
How the fight will go: As a child, Kintoki displayed extraordinary strength, capable of lifting weights almost ten times his own. Unfortunately, his power caused other children to fear and avoid him, leaving Kintoki to befriend only animals in the wilderness. That all changed when he met the samurai Minamoto no Yorimitsu, who recognized Kintoki's potential and put his strength to good use. As they journeyed together, Kintoki gained new friends and a deeper understanding of humanity, learning to empathize and appreciate the world around him.
Kintoki had a deep love for the Earth and all its inhabitants, including the humans, animals, everything. He was determined to protect it at any cost.
However, his resolve is tested when he faces off against Odin, the most powerful of the Norse gods who is plotting a rebellion and seeking to bring an end to humanity. Upon discovering Odin's scheme, Kintoki becomes enraged and is willing to do whatever it takes to emerge victorious.
After a grueling and intense battle, Kintoki manages to emerge triumphant, defeating Odin and saving humanity from its demise. His unwavering determination and love for the Earth prove to be the driving force behind his victory.
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2023.04.01 12:05 DarkoClae Huh...🤔

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2023.04.01 12:04 naidanis21 Holiday Inn Express And Suites Charlotte Airport Coupon Code

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2023.04.01 12:04 Regular-Resort-5062 RECOVER LOST/HACKED SNAPCHAT ACCOUNT HOW TO HACK INTO 'MY EYES ONLY' SNAPCHAT ACCOUNT OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Need a Hacker for Hacking My Exes Partner Phone and Social How to spy on your boyfriend instagram

There are a few things you can try if your Twitter account has been hacked:
If you want to contact reliable profesionals to any service, you can contact:
Website: PEXA[.]ME
Telegram: (@pexame)
  1. Change your password immediately: This is the first and most important step you should take. Go to your Twitter account settings and create a new, strong password.
  2. Check for unauthorized access: Go to your Twitter account settings and check the list of authorized apps and devices that have access to your account. Remove any that you don't recognize or trust.
  3. Check for suspicious activity: Look through your Twitter timeline, direct messages, and mentions to see if there are any suspicious tweets, messages, or interactions. If you find anything, delete it and report it to Twitter.
  4. Contact Twitter support: If you're still having trouble recovering your account, contact Twitter support for assistance.
It's important to act quickly if you suspect your Twitter account has been hacked. By taking these steps, you can increase the chances of recovering your account and preventing any further damage.
I just wanted to express my gratitude for writing such a thought-provoking and insightful post. It was clear that you put a lot of time and effort into it, and I really appreciated the information you provided. Thanks again!
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2023.04.01 12:03 naidanis21 Holiday Inn Corning Coupon Code

You may check the link for Holiday Inn Corning Coupon Code. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.04.01 12:03 AutoModerator What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?

What is your one piece of advice for having a successful lasting relationship?
A successful relationship is determined BEFORE you become exclusive.
Here’s what I mean.
In the modern dating landscape, most people jump into relationships far too quickly.
They go out on one date with one person and then, within a few weeks are exclusive an monogamous.
A few months later, they move in together and, before either party knows it, they’ve spent years in a lackluster relationship that is now falling apart.
They assume that the other person is the problem.
That somehow, the constant conflict, nagging, and bickering is a result of the other persons faults and failings.
In reality, the relationship was doomed before it even started.
Not because either of them were bad people. Because they did not know how to filter out bad matches from the onset.
Here’s the deal.
In a healthy relationship, about 90% of the time you spend together should be fun, easy, and positive.
Only 10% of your time should be spent trying to fix problems and overcome challenges.
In MOST relationships, this ratio is flipped. About 10% of the time you spend together (whether you acknowledge it or not) is spent having fun, being positive, and enjoying one another’s company. And the remainder of their time together is spent trying to solve unnecessary problems and reconcile irreconcilable differences.
But the question remains…
How do you avoid this?
With one word.
Let me show you the three most powerful ways to do this.
1. Slow Down
Most relationships move too quickly.
So let’s simplify things, shall we?
If you want to have a long lasting and successful relationship, it starts by slowing down and cultivating certainty that the partner to whom you are committing is actually the right person for you.
And the ONLY way to do this is to spend more time with them before settling into a relationship.
Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding the timeline of love and attraction, there are a few guidelines I encourage you to follow.
  • Do NOT become exclusive until you’ve been dating someone for at least 3 months
  • Do NOT move in together until you’ve been dating for at least one year.
  • Do NOT get married until you’ve been together for at least two years.
While these numbers might seem random, they’re not.
Recent studies on the science of love and attraction have revealed that the initial phase of lust—the part of your relationship when your brain is dumping pleasure chemicals and literally stopping you from seeing your partner for who they really are—lasts between 18 and 24 months.
Typically, you can expect the “love high” to die down significantly after the first 12 months and dissipate completely after 24—being replaced by either a lasting sense of love and affection or the realization that you are NOT with the right person.
By slowing things down and taking the time to get to know someone better, you will side step problems and avoid mismatched relationships more easily.
You might not want to do this, but if you care about the lasting quality of your relationships, then you MUST do it.
2. Date Multiple People at Once and Achieve Abundance
I’m going to be blunt here…
If you have only been on one date in the past month or are only “seeing” one person…You are not ready to commit.
The most successful relationships come from a place of abundance and options, not scarcity.
When you only have one romantic partner in your life, you don’t have options.
You have an option.
And by having such limited options, you are stripped of your power and immediately put in a place of scarcity and desperation.
However, if you are dating multiple people at the same time, going out with new partners on a regular basis, meeting and experiencing new people on a regular basis, the decision to settle down with ONE person is that much more powerful.
It’s like an employee looking for a new job.
If you only have one offer on the table, you’re going to take it no matter what. Even if the pay sucks, the hours suck, and you hate your boss, you need the money and will take the position whether you like it or not.
However, if you have multiple offers on the table, if you have dozens of employers fighting over you and trying to hire you, your decision will come from a place of abundance and certainty. You can choose the best option instead of the only option.
And it’s the same way with dating.
It’s much more powerful to SELECT one person from a pool of many because they are aligned with your values, add positivity and joy into your life, and because you genuinely love and connect with them than it is to date someone simply because they are available.
As such, I highly encourage you to actively date 3–4 people before settling down and committing to one.
Have more experiences. Discover what you like and what you dislike. Create more abundance in your life so that you have the power to CHOOSE the right person for your life.
This is one of THE most important elements of a long lasting and successful relationship.
3. Create a “Values Test” for Potential Partners
A simple, but wildly effective tactic for filtering potential partners is to put forth what I call a “Values Test”.
The premise is simple.
Assuming you have a strong understanding of your personal values (e.g. growth, learning, honesty, etc) you want to test potential partners to ensure they meet those particular value.
For example, you could go over to a lovers house and “accidentally” leave $40 on their kitchen table—seeing if they take the money for themselves of call to let you know you left it.
Or, you could ask them to attend something unconventional (but personally fulfilling) with you like a meditation class, personal development seminar, or day of volunteering.
The goal here is to give them an opportunity to show their true colors—proving they either align with or don’t align with your personal values.
You’re not being manipulative.
You’re trying to gauge their true character.
Oftentimes, especially during the early stages of a relationship, people glue on a facade of kindness and geniality in an attempt to manipulate another person into a committed relationship.
By creating simple tests (tests that you do not discuss with them one way or another), you will be able to understand who they really are before you’ve invested months or years of your life into a terrible relationship.
4. Create Your Non-negotiables
Another key to long lasting and successful relationships is to create and adhere to a specific list of non-negotiables.
This is a list of habits, behaviors, and characteristics that you WILL NOT tolerate in a partner no matter what.
For example, a few of mine are:
  • I will not date a woman with serious drug addiction
  • I will not date a woman who does not value physical health and longevity
  • I will not date a woman who does not share my commitment to personal growth and development.
  • I will not date a woman who is rude or mean to service staff or other individuals she feels are “beneath” her.
  • I will not date a woman who has been unfaithful to previous partners or has a history of risky sexual behavior (i.e. sleeping with multiple people without protection).
And it goes on and on.
You must remember that YOU, not the other person, are the most important person in your world.
And you have EVERY right to decide what you will and will not allow into your life.
You don’t owe a relationship to someone simply because you had sex once or went out on a few dates.
If there is a fundamental incongruence between what you want from a partner and what they bring to the table, cut your losses and move on.
Or… Enjoy spending the next 5 years in a bitter and toxic relationship.
It’s up to you.
5. Get External Feedback
Finally, and possibly most powerfully, you want to get external feedback on your relationships before committing.
Ask your friends and family what they think about your partner.
Spend time talking with their friends to see what kind of person they really are.
Talk to mentors and coaches about your relationship dynamic to gain insights into how you work together.
Take online quizzes around your personalities and compatibility (e.g. the Five Love Languages quiz).
Get OUTSIDE feedback that is unbiased and (more or less) objective to ensure you are making the right decision.
Hope this helps.
Stay Grounded, Andrew
Want to learn more about my mission and keep the conversation going?
Then click here to check out my Quora profile, get access to my BEST content, and learn how you can get direct access to me and my hand-picked team of coaches.
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2023.04.01 12:02 BerghAnon Klubnacht 1/2 April 2023 - Queue live updates, pre/post event discussion, reviews and reports

Line-up is here.
Please post your live updates from the queue. Don't underestimate the usefulness of your feedback. Queue can be unpredictable; can grow from 0 to past kiosk within 30 mins. Once you're inside, please continue to help our little community by reporting the queue you see from the Pano/Bh toilet windows or looking out from the Garderobe through the entry door.
For many people, knowing which bouncers are working can be just as important as the queue length and movement updates. Please keep those bouncer updates rolling in even if the queue is short and especially if you notice the bouncers have changed since the last update in the thread.
Info that's useful:
- where the queue extends to (snake, concrete blocks, magic cube, kiosk, 20m behind kiosk, Wriezener Karree, Metro sign (bitte nein!!)
- time you started queuing
- speed of queue movement
- total queuing time before reaching the front (start time, end time + reminder of where the queue extended to when you started)
- how many bag check stations are in operation in the security check room
- which bouncers are working. Other than Sven and Mischa, please no real names. Only physical descriptions (Beard, Neck tattoo, Tunnel earring) and references to if they're the regular crew for that time of day/night. Celebrity lookalike nicknames are also acceptable: Norman Nodge, German Vin Diesel, Ryan Gosling in his green bomber jacket, "Slim" James Franco with mustache, Ellen, Slick etc. Try to be more descriptive than "bouncers who I didn't recognize". Its more about describing the person than their clothing, unless you happen to know that they wear the same distinctive item every week.
Watch your drinks and please take care of each other.
Thanks for your help, viel Spaß & Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
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2023.04.01 12:02 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)
Get the course here:
Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

About The Course:
This course outlines the systems and secrets I used to make over $300,000+ in my first year with entrepreneurship
While I was still 17 years old…
And was also a high school dropout…
So what’s your excuse? It’s time to crush it.
I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…
Never worry about money ever again. Build a six figure marketing agency and the best part? it’s a reality that all of my students are living RIGHT NOW.Take care of your family & loved ones. Yeah… this is something close to my heart. My marketing agency finally allowed me to take care of my mom and the people who believed in me when I had nothing.Travel the world, anytime! Yes… that’s right. After this course you will have the location freedom to travel anywhere in the world you want!
Now, who is the genius (kidding… kinda) behind this whole course?
Let me introduce myself, my name is Iman. At the age of Seventeen, I dropped out of high school to commit to the world of online marketing. Within my first year I had made over $300,000+, I had traveled the world working from my computer, I had constructed my dream lifestyle and this was all done through the power of what I teach in Six Figure SMMA. I run my own digital marketing agency based out here in London, although we have clients out in Amsterdam and St. Tropez.
I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.04.01 12:01 naidanis21 Holiday Inn Express Deauville Sud Coupon Code

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2023.04.01 12:01 Embarrassed_Trust313 Is this weird?

Is this weird?
I (M20) went into my girlfriends (F19) snap because I check every so often because she's cheated (4 months) before and I'm not gonna play that again and there's this guy named "Ryan" and he's pinned and they have no saved chats or nothing and I think that's weird and I think I should look into it or should I just block him and see what happens? Like idk it's weird I don't really know how to approach that because I didn't even find out she was cheating on me from her the first time she cheated on me with her ex who I was friends with and she was acting weird and just like she wasn't interested when she was the one who initiated the relationship. This sounds bad but I had his Snapchat log in so I decided to be a snoopy bastard and logged into his account and saw they where talking shit about me and saying just awful shit I'd never do and I was sick i felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach and I changed the password phone number and email to the account. (I warned you it was bad) before all the name calling bullshit he deserved it. But I just need the advice for that stuff
Tldr. I think my girlfriend is cheating but I'm not sure help
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2023.04.01 12:01 dd_phnx That one time my entitled supervisor felt stupid after messing with my name and my salary.

Fake names for privacy reasons.
For context, I've been working at a BPO since June 2021. I was offered to join a new campaign since October 2022 and eventually joined. In addition, I requested vacations last December, as I was going to spend Christmas and New Years' Eve with my family, as per usual, which, of course, they were approved.
On to the main story. I returned from these vacations at the start of January and everything went fine. However, as soon as I returned, I was informed by management that the team I was working with had been shuffled because all work teams are to be shuffled every 4 months as per the client's order. Not a problem. I was assigned new workmates, which would be fine, until I met my new supervisor. The name was Rhonda. Slightly blonde, a bit chubby, and a grin that said that she was friendly. I was so stupid to fall for this.
As soon as Rhonda introduced herself as the new supervisor, she mentioned something along the lines of "If there is something I care a lot, it is about your salary. Anything wrong with your payroll, let me know". Again, there came the boring game of having to introduce ourselves to the entire team. It was my turn and went like, "My name is Eric. Nice to meet ya", before sitting back. But then Rhonda went like, "Nice to meet you, Cedric". I was told by other workmates at the time that Rhonda sucked at remembering names, so I just let it pass at the time.
Days went by and whenever I was called for coachings and whatnot, Rhonda would continue to call me Cedric. I told her that my name is Eric on several times, but she seemed to throw the same "I can't remember your name correctly" card. It was a bit funny at the start, but it eventually became a nuissance and I started to believe she was calling me another name on purpose.
One day, I had a coaching session with Rhonda. This was about the time I had to put a stop to this nuissance. Following the coaching, I asked her why was she constantly calling me another name, because shit was no longer funny. At first, she tried to play dumb and attempted to use the same excuse. I cut her off, looked at her dead in the eye and told her: "I know you're just messing with me. Just stop, because this is not funny anymore". Rhonda dropped her dumbfounded facade and replied: "You got me. It's simply because your face doesn't look like Eric". What the fuck? You're just messing with me because I don't look like my name suits me? I then returned to my workplace after leering at Rhonda because of her ridiculous game.
Enter February, and Rhonda didn't seem to have gotten the hint, because she kept on fucking with me. I have the habit of double-checking my payroll. When I checked it, I noticed that the day I worked was marked as a day-off. Again, I was a bit shocked and was about to ask Rhonda what was happening. Before I could even go to her place, she informs us that there had been an outage with the payroll system, and everyone in the team would appear as day-off for the day. I was a bit relieved. The next day, it seemed that everyone's payroll was eventually fixed. Everyone but me. It was my second day I was being marked as a day-off.
Having a gut feeling that there was something off with my payroll, and much to my frustration, I went to Rhonda and asked why wasn't my payroll fixed. She went like, "Sorry, Cedric, it seems that there were a few other agents that are still having problems with their payroll, but your salary will be fine. Trust me. Oh, and DON'T ever tell another supervisor about this, okay?". That one sentence made me go like, "Hold your horses, there is something off here".
It was the third day, and again, it was marked as a day-off. But this time, I wasn't having it. While Rhonda was out to lunch, I went and asked Jack, my former supervisor, about what was happening with my three missing days of work. Jack revealed that everyone's payroll was already fixed shortly after the first day's shift ended. However, Rhonda not only lied to me. She was stealing my payroll money. The bad news is that, he had to send an email to the shift manager, as he needed authorization from him to modify the payroll from someone that wasn't on his team.
On the next day, fourth day, I checked my payroll once again, finally fixed. In a matter of coincidence, it was Rhonda's day off. It was at this time when Jack approached me and we had another talk. Jack went like, "Got it, we've got yout payroll fixed. But there is a problem. The shift manager also sent a copy of the email to Rhonda. I'm sorry for that". I went like, "Don't worry about it, I'll deal with Rhonda on my own. Thank you".
Came Friday. I was sitting in my workplace doing my thing, when Rhonda approaches me, boiling mad, as if I told her some profanity. She screamed, "I told you NOT to tell anybody about this, you moron!". I stood up and looked at Rhonda dead in the eye, and then said, "Not only you continue to disrespect me, not only you lied to me. You tried to take my salary. What the fuck is wrong with you?". Rhonda goes, "That's it, I'm gonna get you fired for this!". I became already stressed out from the altercation, so I told my TL that "I was gonna take a cigarette break". Following that break, I continued doing my own business and nothing happened.
Two days off later, I came back to work, and then I noticed that Rhonda hadn't come to work. It was at this point when the shift manager called me to his office. As soon as I entered and sat down, I saw Jack already there. It was at this point where I was told that Rhonda had been fired. It turns out that more evidence was found that she had had a lot of escalations over her head, as she had always felt as if she was entitled to bully her own agents. In addition, the company already filed a lawsuit against her for fraudulent activity.
And all because she refused to call me my actual name.
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2023.04.01 12:00 naidanis21 Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn Coupon Code

You may check the link for Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn Coupon Code. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.04.01 12:00 RenegadeISO I don't know what I want.

Asking strangers on the internet for help feels incredibly vulnerable; I’m the type of person who just reads posts and likes the stuff I agree or relate to. But i dont know where else to go, really. Growing up, I hated sex and anything related to it. I hated having physical urges. I had an unhealthy relationship with sexual material and a lot of self-loathing because of it. even before I figured out I was Ace, I knew I didn't like the idea of having sex with anyone.
But I still get urges. I can get aroused by sexual things. that confused me so much. I thought maybe I was demi, or graysexual found out about a year ago that I was aegosexual because it fit me. it felt incredibly validating that it was okay for me to imagine things and have fantasies while not wanting to actually engage in real activities. it helped me become more comfortable with myself and even want to explore kink in a healthier way.
And then I got a boyfriend. And I made it clear from the very start that I was Ace and that I didn't want to engage in anything extremely physical. and he was perfectly fine with that. even now, he's made it clear how much he loves me for me no matter what I look like or what I'm into or how much or little intimacy I want. and I'm honestly so grateful for that - I couldn't ask for a better partner.
But things aren't always that simple. I still struggle with the way I feel. There's a disconnect between my mind and body, and it feels awful. we fool around sometimes. not anything super intense. I like the kind of intimacy we have. But sometimes it overwhelms me and leaves me feeling confused and uncomfortable.
I'm not physically/sexually attracted to my partner. and I really hate admitting that because it feels like a terrible thing to say about the person you're in a relationship with. I love him and he's my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for the world. he tells me all the time about how pretty/cute/beautiful I am and how much he likes me in every way. and he knows it's not the same for me but he doesn't care.
lately, we've been trying more things. And it feels good to experiment with a partner - someone you care about and know they care deeply for you and your wellbeing. but I come away from it feeling incredibly conflicted sometimes. It feels vulgar, and I feel dirty, even if I enjoyed it. and then there's the fact that I know my partner would love to do more if I expressed an interest in it. But I dont want to do that. (but I also don't want them to feel bad for wanting things like that because it's normal?)
But I want some things? Just not...y'know, sex. But it feels selfish of me to want anything at all, cuz I know it would be met with enthusiasm from him, but not the other way around.
And so now I'm just sitting here, wondering if it's fair for me to feel this way, and wondering if I'm being a good partner. we talked about having a poly relationship, among other things - I'm completely fine if he dates me while having a more sexual relationship with someone else we both trust. but that seems like kind of a far-off solution right now.
I don't want to hurt him. But part of me is wondering if we can make this work in the long-term. it's not just an issue of different libidos or like, him being in the mood more than me - even touching my partner sexually or imagining us having sex makes me feel icky. I don't think I've ever explicitly used the term sex-repulsed because that sounds so negative, but that's how I would characterize my asexuality.
I know he wants more. but I also know he would never force, coerce, or even ask me for more. and he's told me multiple times that he doesn't want me to do anything I'm not comfortable with and that he's just happy to be with me. But I just can't stop feeling like I'm eventually going to let him down, or that our incompatibility will cause a rift, no matter how well we get along in all other areas of our lives.
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2023.04.01 12:00 AutoModerator Daily Newbie Thread

Whatever you want to know about flipping, no matter the question, ask here. Even if it's been covered 1,000 times before. Doesn't matter if you're new or old. If you stop learning things, you're probably on your way out.
-If you're completely new to flipping, I highly recommend checking out our Noob Guide for some basic information about flipping to get you started!
-If you're wondering about how to start selling your thrift finds online, check out this Complete Beginner's Guide to Ebay
-If you're wondering about how to start sending and selling books through Amazon check out this Beginner's guide to flipping books with FBA
-If you're wondering about what kind of stuff our members buy & sell, check out our previous Weekly Haul and Flip of The Week threads.
This is an extremely newb-friendly thread. As such, any rudeness is to be reported.
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2023.04.01 12:00 coolnavigator The Masculinity Dialectic


To understand some concepts I'm going to use, I would invite everyone to listen to this video. It's a reading of "Feeling Is The Secret" by Neville Goddard. You can obviously just get the book as well. It's only 44 pages. I think it happens to be something that works well as listening material for a 30 minute walk or drive. This is introductory material for self-initiation into the mysteries of the ancients. It outlines how one develops intent, after which the subconscious turns this intent into reality (internal reality), after which the self more or less acts automatically (still with conscious choice but an inherent limited capacity) to turn the internal reality into external reality. You may recognize its argument as being similar to popular book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, but Goddard's treatment is far more profound and detailed, and it's only getting started!
I also suggest studying archetypes, which is really just symbolic/abstract psychology. A few avenues: Carl Jung, Jordan Peterson, Tarot cards, ancient pantheons from Scandinavia to Rome to Sumer, "tree of life" myths from Scandinavia to the Jewish Kabbalah, and other similar systems. Also useful are the dualistic concepts of the Chinese Yijing (philosophy of change).
I'm going to try to put all of these together and arrive back at the original question of masculinity and the damage currently done.

The Mind

At a very early stage in one's life, the mind is whole. There are no separate archetypes — just one thing. Over time, the mind divides. At a physical level, the more obvious and significant division is the left/right hemisphere divide. At an archetypal level, it is the father / mother (or simply masculine/feminine) figures and the hero / adversary figures. I believe you can keep going with no real end. Every "figure" or archetype in the mind can be divided into two more, allowing for an infinite variety of models that the self is developed from. Within the father, you can develop the good father, the bad father, the strict but fair father, the hippie but wise father, etc. Same with the variations on the mother. I won't list out all of these variations but instead focus on the first level to really illustrate how this works.
What's actually happening here? I believe the fathemother divide isn't truly based on gender, but the genders do have a typical expertise in one or the other. Based on Goddard's description of the process from visualization to physical reality, there are two major steps: the creation of want (deciding what you want and visualizing it before bed) and the realization of want (the dream-state where the subconscious is trained on the feelings produced before bed). The creation step is the "masculine" part, which "impregnates" the subconscious with feelings to be realized. The realization step is the "feminine" part, which "births" a "new mind" (or "new life", if we are using reincarnation terminology) when you wake up. Roughly speaking, this implies the conscious part of the mind is "masculine" and the subconscious part of the mind is "feminine". I'll just say this one last time: the genderization of these parts of the mind are firstly symbolic of their role in the creation of the self, and secondly may or may not contain some truth as to how the two genders' minds work slightly differently.
The other dualistic concept is the hero / adversary. As in the Egyptian Osirian tradition, Horus (the hero) is merely a reincarnation of his father (Osiris, the father figure). Thus, the hero is merely the "newborn" conscious mind upon waking up. Given that the conscious self (the ego) can adhere to its predetermined code (from prior training in the subconscious), or it can go against that code, you naturally have a hero vs adversary contrast within the conscious mind. The adversary is simply the self which denies all assumptions, all ideals, all past truths. This is not strictly "bad", although it could be bad in some situations. More commonly, this is merely depicted as mischievousness in myth, and it is very useful, important for things like creativity.
Now, it's time to discuss where we are at as a society and what the real meaning of the memetic trends are.

The Change

The primary symbolic change in western culture is the "bad father" (or toxic masculinity). This has created a dialectic:
This leads to a diminishing amount of people who:
What all of this really means is our thought processes are fundamentally limited. The "masculine" is the conscious self, the "feminine" is the subconscious. In preferring the subconscious and in turning the conscious into an anti-social beast, we are a ship lost at sea. The conscious self isn't directing the ship towards its rightful destination (truth, virtue, human goodness), and the subconscious isn't able to steer the ship alone. A full human needs both of these parts. Without both, were are in some way inhumane. Barbaric, partial humans.

Historical Origins

It's beyond the scope of this to fully describe the origins of such a cultural shift. However, I will outline a few places to look and draw a loose connection through time. This isn't meant to be a proof, but a roadmap to guide the reader for further research (with personal verification).
There were two distinct types of attacks on authority in the past 500 years.
These two groups claim to have a common enemy, an authoritarian elite, but their actual philosophies differ greatly.
As you can see, these two views are diametrically opposed. One views the creative power of humanity as essentially good, albeit flawed. The other views the creative power of humanity as essentially bad. You can see this thoroughly in modern and post-modern art, which acts as a parody to the human condition. It is consumed as the contrived, vain laugh by the very bourgeois that it claims to oppose. This self-hating (or completely out of touch, if they don't realize their own hypocrisy) class of people rules our current society as "the establishment", "the cathedral", "the regime". They are more directly left wing, but they are thoroughly within the right wing and thus represent both choices in our false dialectic of not only our political process, but the morals of our society as a whole.
To return to our cultural shift, the "bad father" arises from an attack by the collectivist schools of thought on all of society for the sins of a small minority. One way of elucidating this is: a few men at the top did some bad things, so all men are bad. It wasn't immediately like this, however. It started with the idea of: "if some Catholic leaders are bad, then all Catholic leaders are" (Reformation). Then, "if some men are unfairly attaining higher status after birth than other men, then all men are essentially cheating themselves from this theoretical 'blank slate' of existence" (Lockean philosophy). Then, "if some corporations (or owners of capital) are out of control, then all of them are" (Marxism). On and on, into the 20th century where we saw arguments by people such as Marcuse to return to a state of primitive sexuality and by feminists to return to a state without even a concept of gender to the latest thoughts, which outright make the claim that men are the enemy of all people, particularly any men which cling to any of the older modalities.
This is a war on human reason, which is a war on human nature itself. Nietzsche saw this as a fusion of the Apollonian and the Dionysian. There are two equivalent ways of breaking down that terminology, but the intent is the same. Perhaps the Dionysian is the good and pure masculine figure, whereas the Apollonian is the adversary figure, thus making the preference for the Apollonian a sort of highly masculine, bad father-esque philosophy. Perhaps the Apollonian is masculinity as a whole, and Dionysian is the femininity as a whole (albeit depicted as a male Dionysus because, ya know, Greeks). Either way, the point is that you need a balance of these figures. And so, to return to the original quote I used as theme "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.", the gist is that an imbalance was created, either by killing a holistic concept of a unified "god" in the self (creating the male vs female dialectic), or by assigning this "god" concept to either the conscious or subconscious part of the mind. As stated above, the clear meaning of Nietzsche's arguments is the creation of the dialectic, the splitting of the whole, and the imbalancing of the the bicameral mind in everyone.
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2023.04.01 12:00 AutoModerator [Weekly Discussion Thread] General Community Discussion: April 01, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly discussion thread!. This is the place where you can talk about anything. Got a new job? Found some cool stamps? Want to ask the best place to get cards? Just became an uncle? Share it all here! Everything is welcome.
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~The Mod Team
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2023.04.01 12:00 WalkScaper DevUpdate #9: New Playable Race & Friendship Mechanic!

DevUpdate #9: New Playable Race & Friendship Mechanic!

New Playable Race & Friendship Mechanic

Attention all WalkScapers! We have a slimy new update that's sure to leave a trail of excitement in its wake - introducing the newest playable race in WalkScape: Snails! Yes, you heard that right, Snails! These slimy creatures may not be the fastest or the most agile, but they sure know how to bring the hilarious factor to the game.
Now, we know what you're thinking - why on earth would we introduce Snails as a playable race? Well, let's just say we're feeling a little adventurous and a lot slimy today. Plus, we figured why should dwarves, elves, and halflings have all the fun? It's time for Snails to have their moment in the spotlight, or rather, in the slimelight.

Snailon Escar-Goon

The Real Slime Shady

So what makes playing as a Snail so special? For starters, they move at a snail's pace (pun totally intended), so you'll gain -50% steps. But don't let their sluggish speed fool you - these slimy creatures come equipped with a tough shell that gives them +100% melee defense. And let's not forget about the random slime material you'll find in your inventory - it's both a blessing and a curse. But hey, if you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and use it to slime your opponents into submission. Or leave a slimy trail to confuse your enemies.
Now, we won't sugarcoat it - playing as a Snail is not for the faint of heart. It requires twice the effort to level up compared to other races. But that just makes it all the more rewarding when you finally do make it to the top. And with their slow and steady approach, Snails are able to carefully assess every situation and plan their moves with precision. Think of it like a game of chess, but instead of knights and rooks, you've got slimy snails and their trusty shells.
But enough about gameplay - let's talk about the real reason you'll want to play as a Snail. It's unexpected, it's unique, and it's downright fun. Who wouldn't want to take on the role of a slimy creature with a shell and crawl their way to victory? It's a refreshing change from the typical fantasy races. It's time to embrace your inner Snail.

Dating/Friendship Mechanic

Now that we have added snails as a playable race in WalkScape, it's time to address the most important question on everyone's minds - can you romance them? The answer is a resounding yes! We have worked hard to create a range of snail NPCs that you can befriend and potentially even date. But be warned, snails are notoriously picky when it comes to love interests.
Each snail NPC has their own unique likes and dislikes, so you'll need to pay attention to what they enjoy in order to win their hearts. And don't worry, we've made it easy for you to keep track of this - just check out their profile in the game, which includes a handy list of their favorite things. Some like long walks in the garden, while others prefer a cozy night in, snuggled up with a good book. And if you've ever wondered how snails wear hats, well, now you know - it's all part of their charm:

Friendship Mechanic
To tie in the friendship and dating mechanic into the game better, we wanted to do something thematic. And what's more thematic than walking with snails? Yes, you read that right. You can take a stroll with your snail sweetheart, and if you walk long enough, you might even earn some Agility XP. But be careful not to tire out your snail date, or you'll lose some of the affection you've gained. During these walks, the snails will have unique dialogue that reveals more about their personality and backstory. This of course requires you to actually walk IRL, and the dialogue is revealed one part after another while you are walking. You can also read the whole thing after your walk, so you are not disturbed while walking.
And when you reach certain affection thresholds (full hearts), you might unlock unique quests, dialogue, or even items. Plus, if the snail NPC belongs to a certain faction, romancing them can increase your reputation in that faction. So not only are you finding love, but you're also building alliances and strengthening your position in the game world. Talk about a win-win!
But that's not all - you can also give gifts to your snail sweetheart. Just like in real life, some snails might like flowers and others might prefer a tasty leaf. Just be careful not to accidentally give them a salt shaker, unless you're looking for a snail breakup.
And if you're lucky enough to reach full affection level with your snail partner, they might even come to live with you on your farm. Not only will they keep you company while you tend to your crops, but they'll also provide you with some high-quality compost. Talk about a match made in gardening heaven!
So, don't be afraid to take a chance on love with a snail. Who knows, you might just find your soulmate (or should we say, shellmate?) in WalkScape.

Wrap Up

We hope you're as excited about this snail-tastic update as we are! We've had a great time designing the snail NPCs and their unique personalities and preferences. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to romance a cute little snail with a tiny hat on their head?
Let us know in the comments if you think you'll be romancing some snails in the game! We're always interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions seriously though, would a mechanic like this be cool?. And as usual, our next development blog will be published on Monday. Thanks for reading!
and happy April's Fools' Day!
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