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Call of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision. CODZombies is a developer-recognized community focused on the franchise.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It is the twelfth entry in the Call of Duty series and the sequel to the 2012 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This is the Subreddit for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

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2023.03.22 05:49 Effe991 Gorod Krovi dragon breath. Help needed

I’ve been trying to speedrun GK for a while now and cannot seem to get how the dragon spits fire on the map. Is someone able to explain it to me cause i cannot find any info online. Is it only RNG? Does it have a trigger like the rocket test from Der Eisendrache? Can it be manipulated somehow? Please help (im losing my mind on this speedrun)
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2023.03.22 05:48 Effe991 Gorod Krovi dragon breath. Help needed

I’ve been trying to speedrun GK for a while now and cannot seem to get how the dragon spits fire on the map. Is someone able to explain it to me cause i cannot find any info online. Is it only RNG? Does it have a trigger like the rocket test from Der Eisendrache? Can it be manipulated somehow? Please help (im losing my mind on this speedrun)
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2023.03.22 05:48 Effe991 Gorod Krovi dragon breath. Help needed

I’ve been trying to speedrun GK for a while now and cannot seem to get how the dragon spits fire on the map. Is someone able to explain it to me cause i cannot find any info online. Is it only RNG? Does it have a trigger like the rocket test from Der Eisendrache? Can it be manipulated somehow? Please help (im losing my mind on this speedrun)
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2023.03.22 05:47 Effe991 Gorod Krovi dragon breath. Help needed

I’ve been trying to speedrun GK for a while now and cannot seem to get how the dragon spits fire on the map. Is someone able to explain it to me cause i cannot find any info online. Is it only RNG? Does it have a trigger like the rocket test from Der Eisendrache? Can it be manipulated somehow? Please help (im losing my mind on this speedrun)
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2023.03.21 16:08 DynamicGamee Tips on BO3 DE?

So me and my friend are revisiting bo3 zombies and doing Easter eggs, never done the EE's before. On der eisendrache, we have the whole ee down and we both get the lightning and fire bow, but the boss fight, the panzer always fucks us and we don't do as much damage. My friend is also insists we get mule kick and pap starting pistols for boss, which for me doesn't seem like a good strat unless speed running, we normally get to boss around round 17+ so just asking for tips.
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2023.03.20 09:18 Jack-O-Bot9000 Best Double Tap Location Part 1

Hello Zombies Slayers Time for another poll, Best Speed Cola spot has been decided and now it's Double Tap time, This is for a custom map idea. As of the Other spots have been eliminated (Buried and Der Eisendrache) I'm Excluding those maps, we'll see which map will be eliminated next for Double Tap. Rules are no Random Perk locations and No map reapeats
View Poll
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2023.03.20 05:52 mrkillermemestar Fan Made Chapter 29: Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Collapsing Paradise

New Killer, The Warden: The Warden was once a well respected guard who worked up his way in the ranks, thanks to a shadowy figure whispering to him. He began going crazy, drawing symbols and speaking an ancient language to his new savior known only as "The Shadow Man". One day he electrocuted himself, and became a beast only known as "Brutus", he now spends his days roaming a hellish reimagining of Alcatraz, controlling an endless horde of undead inmates until one day, 4 saviors came to end his plans once and for all, but just before the final blow was dealt, he was drawn into a new world that felt familiar, and the powerful voice he once heard, was changed by another, more ancient voice. But he knew what he had to do, and for his new inmates… it was about to be lights out.
Power: Trapped With Me The Warden is capable of locking down up to 10 different interactable objects 1 token to block windows 3 tokens to block pallets 5 tokens to block generators for 30 seconds (blocked generators cannot regress by any means even with Jolt, The Warden cannot block generators that survivors are currently working on) Each token takes 10 seconds to recharge after use Windows and pallets can be blocked for the entire match unless all tokens have been consumed, in which the last token used will be replaced with whatever is blocked next (much like The Nightmares dream pallets and snares)
Smoke Bomb: Whenever The Warden is stunned by any means, he explodes in a cloud of smoke, disorienting himself and survivors around him. This has a 15 second cooldown
The wardens stats: 4.6 m/s 32 meter Terror Radius Tall Weapon: Spiked Police Baton
Scourge Hook: Total Lockdown: Your influence has garnered the favor of the entity, he grants you limitless power of the trial At the start of the match, 4 random hooks are turned into Scourge Hooks Whenever a survivor is hooked on a scourge Hook the following effect takes place A random generator on the map will be blocked for 35/40/45 seconds.
"Why did you have to hurt me?"- Brutus
Hex: Relentless Pursuer A hex rooting it's power on the false hope of possibly escaping the killer, his power grows as the trial progresses
For every interactable action a survivor does(repairing generators, healing themselves or others, breaking totems), this perk gains 1 token up to a maximum of 20. Each token increases the speed of the killer's breaking speed by 1/2/3% a token. When this perk is broken, the perks effect is eliminated.
"You cannot escape your sins!"- Brutus
Cell 14D The raw power that dwells within this cell has granted you great power, allowing you to turn the tide of the trial
Your lunge attacks are capable of breaking dropped pallets and breakable walls. This perk goes on a 45/40/35 second cool down
"I'm trapped here, just like you!"- Brutus
New Killer, The Panzer Soldat: Once a German soldier meant for excavating a dig site in northern France during the great war. But all of a sudden an ancient evil was unleashed that wreaked havoc upon the German soldiers and caused the zombie outbreak, these soldiers were fitted in state of the art equipment but even that couldn't protect them from the horde. He now roams the realm after being summoned by the entity as his new directive is nothing more than to destroy anything in his wake
Killer Power: Flammenwerfer The Panzersoldat is capable of firing out a concentrated stream of fire that can be used to burn down pallets and breakable walls, as well as burning survivors. The range of the Flammenwerfer is 10 meters and the duration of the Flammenwerfer can affect the environment. If the Flammenwerfer is blasted for less than 3 seconds on a pallet or breakable wall then it will be weakened, making it capable of breaking with a single strike or if a survivor fast vaults the dropped pallets. If the Flammenwerfer is used on a survivor for more than 3 seconds, they take a health state. The Panzersoldat is slowed down to 3.8 m/s while using the Flammenwerfer, and has a total duration of 10 seconds.
Reposition: After a duration of 60 seconds or after downing a survivor, the Panzersoldat is capable of traversing anywhere in the trial, creating a global sound effect and when the Panzersoldat lands down, he is incapable of moving for 3 seconds but he can look around as he recharges his power. The Panzersoldat cannot damage or down a survivor with this ability.
The Panzer Soldats Stats: 4.6 m/s 32 meter Terror Radius Tall Weapon: Excavation Claw
Perks: German Might: Your pride of the Fatherland imbues you with great strength in the coming trial. Upon kicking a generator, increase your movement speed by 5%, basic attack cooldown by 20% and missed attack cooldown by 50% for 20/25/30 seconds "Repel the monsters!"- Nikolai Belenski
Agarthan Influence: The raw power of Element 115 has caused you to sever your your connection with the entity for a brief period of time After breaking a breakable wall or dropped pallets, you become undetectable for 30/35/40 seconds.
"I am not ready NOR willing to die!"- Dr. Edward Richthofen
Superior Weaponry: The weapons granted to you in your past have amplified in power and even the Entity has a tough time controlling it Your basic attacks will apply a random status effect ranging from Exhaustion, Mangled, Haemorrhage, Blindness, Deep Wound, Broken, Hindered and Oblivious These status effects aside from Deep WOund, Haemorrhage and Mangled will last for 30/35/40
“What have I done?”- Dr. Edward Richtofen
Al “The Weasel” Arlington
The one thing Al was always good at, was surviving, no matter the cost. He managed to find his way in with a local gang ran by Sal Deluca, there he served as a con artist and did many things on behalf of Sal, until they got caught and were all sent to Alcatraz prison. The Weasel had concocted a plan for Sal, Finn, Billy and himself to escape the island via a makeshift aircraft. Unfortunately the plan had went south and Sal, Finn and Billy all ganged up on Al and killed him on the rooftop.Their execution came on the morning of January 19th, 1934, With no memory of the escape plan's failure and the murder of Arlington, Billy, Sal and Finn awoke in Alcatraz again, and once again attempted to escape. Stuck in a purgatory of their own creation, the 4 men were destined to finish what they had started from the beginning, only this time Al Arlington would break the cycle once and for all and kill the three men instead of him suffering. With the cycle finally broken, he eventually passed on but was reincarnated into the Entities realm, he knew deep down that he needed to use his survival skills more than ever to help others stuck in the same fate as him.
Boon: Broken Hope: Upon blessing a dull or hex totem, a boon totem is created with an infinite vertical cylinder and a 24 meter radius around you, all other boon perks are applied once this boon is active and any other Boons are in your perk slots. Despite your despair and overall loss of hope, you push on for your team to make sure they all survive. While inside the boons radius, the following effects applies: All survivors in the boons radius recover from all negative status effects 45%/45%/50% faster Exhaustion can be recovered via running but with a 75% penalty “Get up! I'm not done with you!”- Albert Arlington
Sneaky Survivalist: Your skills on the streets have allowed you to do many incredible things in the heat of the chase After hiding in the killers terror radius for 30 seconds, Press active ability button 1 to activate this perk: Gain the ability to leave no scratch marks or pools of blood for 20/25/30 seconds “Ha this is fun, he's crawlin’ around lookin’ for his legs!”- Albert Arlington
Con Artist: You can deceive anything and everything, even the chests granted to you in the trial Spawn in 2 extra chests in the trial. Gain the ability to rummage through a chest and have a 25/50/75% chance to pull out Rare or better items with 2 uncommon or better addons “You still here? I thought you would’ve died by now”- Albert Arlington
Dr. Edward Richtofen: A German scientist who spent his life working alongside his colleague and mentor Dr. Maxis. He aspired to be like him and was sent on a mission in Northern France as they found a possible source to help Germany win The Great War. This had eventually backfired and caused a zombie outbreak throughout the digsite, his mentor had succumbed to the attack but not before Edward harvested his brain before he was too far gone. Feeling guilty of what he had done, he eventually had to team up with Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki and Nikolai Belenski in order to fend off the wretched horde of the undead. After their mission in France, the unlikely team had traveled about to try and right the wrongs committed by the Germans. However on one of Edwards solo missions, he would never return as the Aether portal had sent him to a realm he was unfamiliar with, in this realm he heard screams from other people, something he hasn't heard in a long time, and soon he was determined to find a way out for all of his new colleagues and save the day for not just these new survivors, but for the entire world as we know it.
The Power of the Aether: During your many travels, you gained interesting powers from lots of exposure to the Aether and element 115 Press active ability button 1 to shoulder bash into a breakable wall and break it This perk then goes on a 30/25/20 second cooldown
“So it begins:- Dr. Edward Richtofen
Element 115: The element that started the apocalypse, this element has unforeseeable power beyond mortal comprehension, yet somehow it aids you this time around
At the start of the trial, a meteor containing element 115 will spawn randomly, upon interacting with this, gain a personal speed boost to Healing, Repairing generators and sabotaging hooks by 10%/15%/20%. However this will only apply to you, the meteor cannot be interacted with by any other survivor and this will deactivate if you are injured or working with another teammate, in which case a new meteor will spawn in the trial. The meteor will emit a humming sound and cannot be interacted with by the killer or seen.
“Why wont you just STAY AWAY?!”- Dr. Edward Richtofen
The Kronorium: An ancient book capable of reading into the future, but can also change at a moments notice After repairing a maximum of 50%/45%/40% of a generator, go into a locker empty handed and press Active Ability Button 1 to receive the Kronorium, reading the Kronorium will grant you the ability to see everything in the trial in real time (totem spawns, generators, the hatch, exit gates etc.)
“The Kronorium? But I've already read it!”- Dr. Edward Richtofen
New Map: Alcatraz Island
Skins: Panzer Soldat (Der Eisendrache) (Epic)
Krasy Soldat (Black Ops Cold War) (Epic)
Legendary Skins for Albert Arlington:
Sal Deluca
Billy Handsome:
Finn O’ Leary:
Legendary Skins for Dr. Edward Richtofen:
Tank Dempsey (Primus and Ultimus)
Nikolai Belenski (Primus and Ultimus)
Takeo Masaki (Primus and Ultimus)
Ultimus Richtofen:
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2023.03.19 16:46 Lego-Medic New to BO3 and slowly playing all the maps, which one should i get next?

I’ve beaten shadows, the giant, and der eisendrache easter eggs and was ready to get either zetsibo, gk, or revelations and don’t know which one to get first. any recommendations? Thank you
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2023.03.18 17:55 Odd_Wrangler_4332 shadows is F tier garbage🗿

Has the same map flow of shino numa (L). The down town is the only place that truly feels like it has swag or cool setting but the rest of the map feel kind like a one way ally with no open training or camping spots. Imo the older games like bo1, waw (for respect and der reise) and some bo2 maps were the best but bo3 always seemed overly complex. Der eisendrach is cool af and so is gorod but shadows is the worst way they could have represented this new complexity they found in the end of bo2. The cast is neat and the premise was new at the time and on paper welcomed but due to execution and over complication of the formula shadows is mid to every other map in bo3, bo2 and bo1.
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2023.03.18 05:17 COD4life40 EE partner wanted

I'm a decent player, I've completed Der Eisendrache EE solo... but I'm looking for one or more other guys on PC/steam to link up with... Gorod Krovi is my next venture, and I'm so close!!!!
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2023.03.17 16:22 Infectedtoe32 What is included with the zombie deluxe edition on steam?

I want to play zombies with my friends and we found bo3 is on sale right now on steam. We want the chronicles dlc is what we mostly care about, so is that included in the deluxe edition? I would also enjoy playing der eisendrache and the giant is the reason I am looking at the deluxe version, so I am hoping all the chronicles maps, and all of the dlc maps like the giant, and der eisendrache come with it.
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2023.03.16 14:41 EastereggsJoselito EasterEgg Der Eisendrache

Paso 1 - Preparativos básicos: El primer paso se resume en conseguir el Ragnarok DG-4, una versión del arco Ira de los antiguos y tener como mínimo el Perk Juggernaut. Todo esto es recomendable tenerlo más o menos en la ronda 12-14 si no quieres que los siguientes pasos se compliquen demasiado.
Paso 2 - Viajar al pasado: Este paso lo puedes ir adelantando cuando hayas conseguido el primer arco mejorado. (Cuando vayas a iniciar este paso tendrás que ir en busca de una electricidad que aparecerá de forma aleatoria en ocho puntos diferentes del mapa. Tambien es muy importante asegurarte de que quedan zombis vivos antes de completar este paso)
Localización 1: En el telefono que ves en la mesa de enfrente del Perk Quick Revive. Localización 2: En el coche accidentado cerca del Perk Double Tap. Localización 3: En la sala de arriba del Perk Double Tap. Localización 4: En el globo terraqueo que ves en el pasillo junto al cuarto de Samanta. Localización 5: En el telefono de la sala de la palanca de electricidad. Localización 6: En el salón principal, en el reloj que ves encima de la cabeza del dragón. Localización 7: En una lampara del salón princupal, encima de una terminal de la derecha. Localización 8: En el pasillo de los soldados ahorcados, en un reloj de la pared derecha.
Paso 3 - Abrir la caja fuerte: Es muy importante tener en cuenta que este paso debe realizarse en la misma ronda que el viaje al pasado o sino habrá que repetir el paso de las chispas eléctricas.
En esta sala es muy importante recoger el Cilindro que se ve en el lado izquierdo y una especie de tubos que se encuentran encima de una caja en el lado derecho, encima de una caja. Tambien se deben apuntar los tres símbolos que se verán en la pantalla de la derecha de la caja fuerte cuando los introduzca el doctor. Cuando lo haga solo tendrás unos segundos antes de ser teletransportado de nuevo a la zona del cohete.
Apuntar el código del pasado
Paso 4 - Coseguir la vara dorada: Si completaste correctamente el anterior paso cualquier jugador tendrá que bajar hasta la caja fuerte para recoger tres objetos, dos con forma de cilindros y una tarjeta.
Vuelve a subir a la maquina eléctrica y coloca los cilindros en el hueco que ves en cada una de las estructuras de los lados de la maquina eléctrica.
En esta máquina cualquiera de los jugadores tendrá que completar una partida del conocido juego de Simon dice. Examina la parte central de la máquina y anota rápidamente los cuatro símbolos que aparecen en los monitores para luego ir pulsando el que te indiquen en el monitor central. Cuando hayas completado todas las rondas escucharás un ruido y verás que una de las bolas de la maquina eléctrica se ha cargado de electricidad.
El siguiente paso es ir a la zona del cohete y completar de nuevo el juego de Simon dice en la terminal que ves en la plataforma de lanzamiento. Cuando lo completes correctamente verás que se enciende la otra bola de la maquina eléctrica.
Vuelve a la maquina eléctrica y comprueba la parte trasera. Si ves que el botón verde aparece iluminado es que habrás completado este paso correctamente.
Paso 5 - Coseguir la Piedra del ritual El siguiente paso es volver al pasado y para ello se debe repetir el paso de las chispas electricas y volver a usar el teletransportador cuando se ponga de color morado. Esta vez en el pasado no aparecerá el doctor y antes de ser llevados a la zona del cohete se debe examinar un libro de la mesa de la derecha y luego abrir una caja del fondo para encontrar una Piedra del ritual
Cuando vuelvas al presente debes ir a la zona del Perk Double tap y colocar la Piedra de ritual que acabas de recoger bajo la farola para que este zona de ritual quede activada. El resto de zonas ya vienen activadas por defecto.
Paso 6 - Completar los rituales: Una vez que los jugadores vuelvan al presente tendrán que ir a la cripta donde se consigue el arco e introducir la Vara dorada en la tumba para que aparezca un fantasma. Tu objetivo es la de seguir al fantasma hasta alguna de las zonas de ritual y acabar con los zombis mienstras estás dentro del circulo de ritual, los perros que aparecen durante el ritual son infinitos y no valen para rellenar la Piedra del ritual. Si lo haces correctamente verás como se llena el circulo de ritual de la pared y una vez que se llene tendrás que seguir al fantasma hasta otra zona.
Paso 8 - Derrotar al jefe final: Antes de iniciar el combate final es obligatorio tener el Ragnarok DG-4, los perks de Juggernaut, Quick Revive y Stamina y si puede ser el arma BRM o el Arma de rayos mejoradas. Quizas las armas no sean tan necesarias pero será mucho más facil completar este paso si las tienes.
Una vez que estes listo vuelve a la piramide y usa el Ragnarok DG-4 en cualquiera de las baldosas que rodean la piramide para ser teletransportado a la zona donde tendrá lugar el combate final.
El jefe se divide en varias fases distintas. Nada más llegar a la zona asegurate de que tienes el Ragnarok DG-4 cargado y no lo uses todavia. Centrate solo en dar vueltas por la zona mientras esquivas los golpes enemigos hasta que veas unas bola eletrica en la parte central de la zona.
Bola electrica
Una vez que aparezca la bola electrica debes ir corriendo hacia ella y clavar el Ragnarok DG-4 en ese punto antes de volver a esconderte tras una columna. A los pocos segundos el jefe quedará aturdido y será el momento de atacarle en el pecho con el Arma de rayos mejorada. Si le golpeas lo suficiente verás como emite un rugido y desaparece.
Disparar al pecho
Cuando veas que el jefe desaparece debes correr para volver a coger el Ragnarok DG-4 y la caja de munición que habrá aparecido. A los pocos segundos aparecerán varios Panzer-zombis en la zona con los que tendrás que acabar para que vuelva a aparecer el jefe. Repite el mismo proceso desde el principio dos veces más para derrotarle
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2023.03.16 11:59 TreeTheWolf Der Eisendrache help

My buddy and I have been trying for days and we keep getting to the second to last step with the keepers and they won’t charge.
I’m so tired of this map and am finally calling for help, we’re on playstation
My psn is treethewolf feel free to message me if you can help
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2023.03.16 02:05 GoodtimesGoodmansYT EE help, shadows of evil, Der Eisendrache, or gorod krovi. I have one person with me. Ps5/ps4

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2023.03.15 23:41 Antonio43007 Der eisendrach issue

Me and my friends keep getting to the boss fight on de and every time the boss has endless phases. We just run around for the first phase he spawns we place ragnaroks shoot the keeper chest. Good. Second phase easy kill panzers place rag shoot chest. We keep repeating that over and over but the boss doesn’t die. Why?
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2023.03.15 07:33 Afitreefer Blursed AI Presidents

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2023.03.15 04:40 Full_Lab_7641 Anyone have the model's and textures for the der eisendrache bows?

Im creating mods for bonelab and i need the textures and models for the weapons.
i've already created the wrath of the ancients (Wrath of the Ancients (CoD: Zombies) - but i want the other bows to recreate them.
Edit: Grammar.
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2023.03.15 01:46 RevolutionaryPlan989 What we should I do next

I just beat der eisendrache and need to know what easter egg to start doing
View Poll
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2023.03.14 17:51 Content_Magician6817 Looking for people to do Der Eisendrache ee in xbox

Know what your doing and tell me what bow your going to take
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2023.03.14 01:41 WorkingSpecialist149 Ps der eisendrache

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2023.03.14 00:18 Old_Mathematician_44 Gonna do der Eisendrache EE in about an hour, anyone wanna join?

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2023.03.12 16:17 MalformedKraken How did Primis Richtofen know about Der Eisendrache?

Before all the time travel, the most recent thing Primis Richtofen experienced in his regular life was World War 1.
Der Eisendrache takes place in a fracture of the Ultimis universe, during WW2. But Primis Richtofen has a bunch of voice lines talking about how he used to spend time there, and talking about his work, and he knows about Groph and the Moon base (which again wasn’t being built until WW2). It’s treated like he’s a copy of Ultimis, who lived this experience in his own dimension.
Shouldn’t this all be 20 years in this Richtofen’s future? How can he remember things that haven’t happened yet? It isn’t treated like the 115/dimensional travel messing with memories like in the Blood intro or things like that, it’s presented like Richtofen genuinely used to work there, but he didn’t, right?
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