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Every few months, a bag of Doritos, or some other product from the Frito Lay company makes it to the front page. Often on /gaming or /pics, these submissions are usually pretty obvious attempts at stealth marketing. This page is just to keep track of how often this happens.

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A community for singers to meet music makers and engage in collaboration.

2023.04.01 11:48 Happy-Run8277 Alright, someone please explain it!

I dabbed 50mg but since I use a quartz banger and carb cap with timer (30 seconds on low hand held torch THEN 25-30 seconds cool down), but with all the variables I assume it’s at least a 35-40mg trip.
What I would love some clarity on is how I make the initial DMT ‘Flash’ last longer or at least have better memory of it because I’ve been exploring hyperspace in all different sorts of ways I.e. big doses (70mg), multiple back to back ‘smaller’ doses (30-40mg), waiting multiple days, weeks, fuck, even months sometimes between sessions AND it seems to start being a pattern.
  1. Take hit and hold in as I get comfy (quickly!)
  2. Famous ringing in your ears begins
  3. Reality melts and becomes pixelated as I close my eyes and buzzing continues, regardless, if I have my ear phones in listening to music or not.
  4. Body paralysis sets in (thank goodness I always am laying comfortably!)
  5. Ego death - my last internal ego-centric monologue tries everything to hold on i.e. it will tell me I’m dying, I’m not breathing etc, (But I’ve traveled enough to know that our body’s autonomous processes take over). I’d be lying if I said I still don’t get nervous though before EVERY experience!
Conclusion, I sadly, regardless of the dose, time between doses, different temp levels etc. I ALWAYS cannot grasp or map out or I am just forgetting that initial beautiful DMT flash right after you go through: ears buzzing, body paralysis, reality completely melted and then that last ego-centric thought before completely dissolving into hyperspace but I come back too and I just can’t remember or grasp or hell maybe even comprehend the experience?!?!?
What the fuck is going on? I want to come back with something!!!!
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2023.04.01 11:47 Alarming-Ad-4677 Commercial Photography: Your Brand's Best Asset!

Commercial Photography: Your Brand's Best Asset!

Commercial Photography
Commercial photography to capturing your business in a flash. Showcase your brand's unique personality and products with our professional commercial photography services. From headshots to product shots, we've got you covered. Contact us today to schedule your next shoot! Visit Or call us at 9193496512.
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2023.04.01 11:46 CP4-Throwaway My OFFICIAL NEW Generation Definitions!!!

My OFFICIAL NEW Generation Definitions!!!
Alright, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give out my new definitions and have an explanation for each one. Here we go.
GI Generation: born circa 1901 to 1924
The generation obviously starts in 1901 because this is the first cohort to not legally be able to fight in WWI since they had come of age right after the war had ended in 1918. They would be the typical Roaring Twenties young adults. 1898-1900 borns kind of cusp with this generation, since their war efforts weren't that recognized, barely having much time in the war.
Interbellum Wave: born circa 1901 to 1913
This wave would end in 1913, not only because of the "Interbellum Generation" cohort officiall yending in 1913, but also because of the fact that 1913 borns were likely the last to have a memory of WWI at all. Memory happened later than usual because of the lack of technology and whatnot.
Greatest Generation: born circa 1914 to 1924
This wave is the cohort that does not remember WWI but has memory of the immediate postWWI aftermath that was the Roaring Twenties, right before the Crash of 1929. Plus, 1924ers were some of the last truly recognized for their WWII efforts, and were higher in the ranks than their 1925-1927 born peers.
Silent Generation: born circa 1925 to 1942
This generation should start in 1925 since they were the first to be sort of blue chippers in the WWII ranks, and not recognized as much for their war efforts. Plus, they have no memory of the 1929 Stock Market Crash, let alone any memory prior to it. 1925-1927 would sort of cusp with the GIs because they did fight in the war though.
Traditional Generation: born circa 1925 to 1933
This was the wave that truly experienced the hardship of the Great Depression as children, while also having to grow up in WWII. They thankfully had come of age in the Renaissance period of America during the 1950s and had very traditional values. They sort of were the "Leave it Beaver" generation, if you will. This ends with 1933 borns because they were the born during the hardest period of the Great Depression, and most likely would've been the last to fight in the Korean War, give or take.
Conformist Generation: born circa 1934 to 1942
This was the cohort that were children during WWII and had experienced some of their formative years already during the post-WWII Expansion period, before coming of age in the peak of it. They immediately conformed to the beliefs and norms of those days, and had since been a part of the societal norms. However, they would be too young to truly partake in the youthful acts of the "Sixties Generation". It ends with 1942 since they were likely the last to remember WWII. And like S&H mentioned in his Generations book, were in the Class of 1964, and were not a part of the protests.
Boom Generation: born circa 1943 to 1960
This generation starts in 1943 due to the lack of any memory for WWII and were the first youthful activists during the 60s. They were born before the post-war boom, so there might be a bit of a cusp around 1943-1945 borns.
Sixties Generation: born circa 1943 to 1952
They were the generation that were children in the 50s and were directly fed the 50s beliefs onto them. They were the generation that were given everything and promised the world. They came of age in the 60s and were the stereotypical "Flower Children", and continued their activism well into the 70s. This wave changed an entire era of early 20th century traditionalism and birthed the modern era of today. This ends with 1952 since they were noticeably the last that really got to fight in the Vietnam War. The draft ended in 1971, so the cohort right after them (1953) might have likely not been drafted.
Generation Jones: born circa 1953 to 1960
This generation were children during the 60s, and were given the same promises as the Sixties Generation, however experienced a lot of hardship compared to them. They are the last cohort to remember JFK, they were still very young when society had started becoming more adult-centered and focused less on the children, experienced many assassinations, White House scandals (Watergate), the US dollar separating away from the Gold standard, the Oil Crisis of 1973, Stagflation and the 70s economic malaise, Kent State, and much more. It made them more jaded and grounded in reality. They at least had disco and punk to enjoy. And were at the forefront of "Yuppiedom".
Generation Xers: born circa 1961 to 1976
This starts in 1961 since they have no memory of the JFK assassination, and were immediately overlooked from the beginning. Many of them had likely not been even born because of the introduction of the birth pill in 1960. But there is sort of a cusp with 61-64 babies for being during the baby boom period.
Baby Busters: born circa 1961 to 1967
This group is considered to be the most self-destructive youth cohort in the 20th century, according to S&H's studies in his book "Generations". They had a less-than-stellar childhood. They had come of age during the 80s so they were likely the most Conservative young adult cohort in a long time. Were the original "Generation Xers" talked about by fellow Buster Douglas Coupland (1961 born). This cohort more than likely defined Generation X culture more than any other cohort, only rivaled by the Jonesers.
MTV Generation: born circa 1968 to 1976
This group didn't have it as bad as the Jonesers and the Busters. Sure, they grew up in the 70s but they were still young enough to experience the 80s in their formative years when things were getting better. And many of them had come of age in the 1990s, the most prosperous decade in recent history. This is the most stereotypical Xer cohort, but based off of the traits given to them that they thought they had to follow. It wasn't as genuine as the Busters, who actually grew up pretty hard. This ends with 1976 since they were some of the last to inhibit some of the hardships growing up. Especially since there was a huge baby bust from 1971 to 1976, where many of them would have gotten aborted, unfortunately.
Generation Y: born circa 1977 to 1992
This group starts in 1977 because they were the first group to come of age alongside Windows 95, which started the commercializing of the Internet. They were basically the guinea pigs of it. They likely have little to no memory of the 70s and weren't fully conscious until things already had gotten good by around 1983-1984. Late 70s borns are NOT Xers. They're Yers. Look at the celebrities born in 1977.

Tom Brady was born in 1977. His prime was in the 2000s and 2010s. He's Gen Y. NOT an Xer.
Definitely not Xers, I will tell you that. They were in their early 20s at the turn of the millennium, so they were definitely the start of something new. This is also at the point where relation to the 60s Xers is just not there. There is too much of a gap. There is sort of a cusp around 1974-1976 tho, since even the mid 70s babies barely inhibit that many X traits tbh.
Xennials: born circa 1977 to 1983
You could also call this group "Anadigitals" since they grew up with analog technology and no internet but were still youthful and coming of age alongside the internet boom. The stereotypical 90s cohort that were into grunge and alternative, but the members of this generation were at the forefront of the late 90s teen pop era. The last to experience an adult life pre-9/11.
Millennials: born circa 1984 to 1992
This is the group that legit came of age in the new millennium and are completely of a different mold to the Xers, compared to the Xennials. The "90s kid" generation that you see online. This is also sort of the "Peter Pan Generation" that doesn't seem to truly want to grow up, having come into maturity after the events of Columbine, Y2K, 9/11, War on Terror, Hurricane Katrina, and the Great Recession. This group had it the hardest during 2008 and were the most Democratic young adult group in a long time. They would've experienced many of their adolescence on the internet in chatrooms or social media (AOL, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Google Video, etc.). They influenced the 2010s pop culture more than anyone else.
Generation Z: born circa 1993 to 2008
This group starts in 1993 because there's sort of a huge gap that can't be ignored between 1992 and 1993 babies. 1993 borns were the first born after the power dynamics changed in politics from the GIs to the Booms, with a Boom president. They likely have no memory of many of the critical events of the 90s like OKC, OJ Simpson, Princess Diana's death, Monica Lewinsky, or even Columbine. They entered grade school after the event anyway, so it wouldn't have had much impact to them. They are also the first that likely did understand the impact of 9/11 at the time. They were still acting like it was "the 90s" until like 2004 when their pop culture had changed. 1991-1992 borns are sort of on a cusp here because they were a bit too young to act on the 2008 election votes and had been merely high school students and not come of age until after the GFC crash, so they would have been a little better off compared to the 80s babies.
Zillennials: born circa 1993 to 2000
This is the wave that is still pop culturally connected to the Millennial wave of Gen Y, with a lot of leftover kids shows from the 90s still running during their childhoods, but were a bit socially different. Their voices weren't heard politically until like around the 2016 or 2020 elections, which were more divided compared to 2008 (2012 doesn't really count here tho). They are the Clinton babies. They were still around during the 20th century, pre-9/11, but were merely children who still saw the 2000s as a magical period, when older people saw it as a very pessimistic and dark decade to be alive.
Zoomers: born circa 2001 to 2008
This group is totally removed from anything involving the 20th century and mainly grew up in the 2010s decade, post-GFC. They likely have no memory of a world prior to Katrina and the technological explosion during the 2000s. They didn't form a real political opinion until Trump was in office (2016 at the earliest for them). They were most effected by Parkland/MFOL, the death of mumble rappers, COVID-19, and the rise of Andrew Tate, than anything going on during the 2000s. They did not inherently grow up with smart technology but they were easily integrated into it as they were cognizant. This ends with 2008 since they were the last Bush babies, the last to be born right before the worst of the recession hit, and were the last to likely remember a world prior to the smartphone domination.
Generation Alpha: born circa 2009 to present
A lot of people say that this definitely starts in 2010, like many late 00s born gatekeepers love to say on GenZ, but I hate to break it to you 09ers, but y'all are the same as 10ers. Sorry not sorry. 2009 babies were the first born during the Obama administration and after the change that was 2008. They have no memory of a world prior to the smartphone takeover of the early 2010s. Most of their childhood happened during the political turmoil and polarization of the post-2014 era. Their entire life has been turbulent, filled with crazy disasters after crazy disasters (although the Zoomers can also relate to this as well). They had inherently adopted smartphones and iPads very, very, VERY young.
iGeneration: born circa 2009 to 2016
Basically just the Obama babies. First that inherently grew up with Apple technology and whatnot. The stereotypical "Victory Royale" generation, doing the Orange Justice and Fortnite dances. Their influencers would've been mainly along the lines of MrBeast, iShowSpeed, KSI, Paul brothers, Ricegum, and many many more. Lil Tay would be in their cohort. They are some of the last to remember a pre-COVID world, so they are the last to be somewhat grounded in reality and that can relate to "SNOW DAYS".
Post-COVID Generation: born circa 2017 to present
Basically the Trump/Biden babies that have no memory of a world prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be growing up in the aftermath of COVID. Their main influence so far is Cocomelon and surprisingly Tiktok, just like the Zoomers and the iGen. They will never know what it's like to live in a normal world, frankly. Zoom and online school is all they know.
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2023.04.01 11:46 SJBurns28804 Interesting use of Polaroid 'Iconography'--Elevator, Moxy Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

I stayed in the Moxy Hotel recently and was taken by the 'wall art' in the elevators. They're decorated with a 'Polaroid' motif. These are NOT actual Polaroid photos--they are the wrong size and actually rectangular (not the iconic square), but the use of the iconic white border and larger bottom border made for a pretty arresting display. You couldn't NOT look at the images...but, I'm a Polaroid guy.
It was nice; I'd never seen the Polaroid motif used as a decoration in a commercial building.--S
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2023.04.01 11:45 Kalithemaskgirl New artist asking for advice

I am a new rap artist/singer and I am kinda lost in why to do in the process of making music. I have been singing a lot but I am still learning my software (Logic Pro), but, after I make my song, what do I do with it? I know how to post to SoundCloud but I don’t know how to post to any other platform, I also don’t know how to advertise my music either. So, basically, I am just asking for all around advice for a newbie.
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2023.04.01 11:44 jbxnez0 17M strange disturbances when trying to sleep

I’ll be laying in bed tired when I’m suddenly waken and I feel very anxious, sometimes like I’m gonna throw up. No stomach pain but just a feeling of nausea in my throat. This is really disturbing my sleep and I don’t really know what to do. This has been going on for at least a week now
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2023.04.01 11:42 SolarUpdraft Problem: Every line starts with a straight segment [windows surface pro 8]

Edit: it looks like GIMP doesn't recognize I'm using a pen on a touch screen, and is treating my inputs as mouse inputs.
When I try to draw lines in GIMP (and only GIMP) the line does not start drawing until I drag the pen a short distance from where I set it down. This results in every shape I draw having a straight segment of line before it starts to follow the path I lay down.
I had something similar happen with a wacom tablet years back, but can't remember how to fix it. Any help?
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2023.04.01 11:41 Odds_Monkey Top Matched Betting Offers 01/04/23

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2023.04.01 11:41 TruckBazi used trucks for sell in Pune

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    2. Bike-borne men throw acid at minor girl in Delhi, one detained. (35 points, 5 comments)
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    4. On this day, in 1600, a Queen of a western empire granted her charter to a group of prominent merchants n explorers. That charter allowed for the formation of an organisation that shook the destiny of the subcontinent n changed its future forever. It was called the East India company. (25 points, 1 comment)
    5. On this day, in 1911 calcutta session of INC, 'Jana Gana mana' was sung for the first time. Tagore's niece Sarala Devi Chowdhurani and a few other students sung the song. (24 points, 1 comment)
    6. 🥲 (24 points, 2 comments)
    7. On this day, 1992, India established full fledged diplomatic relationship with one of its key partners, Israel. Both the nations’ ties have only grown closer and have been a trusted ally of each other. (21 points, 1 comment)
    8. Sale of single cigarettes to be banned by parliament to reduce consumption. (19 points, 14 comments)
    9. On this day, 1931, India’s IVF architect was born. He made world’s 2nd and Asia’s 1st test tube baby in 1978. He didn’t get ‘nobel’ like his foreign counterpart. He was harassed by the West Bengal government n called a fraud. He committed suicide in 1981. Decades later his findings were uncovered. (16 points, 1 comment)
    10. On this day, 1957, Asia’s oldest nuclear reactor was inaugurated and dedicated to the nation. It was designed by Bhabha and named “Apsara” by Nehru. It paved the way for India’s nuclear program. It was shut down in 2009, upgraded and turned on again as “Apsara-U” in 2018. (16 points, 1 comment)

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[Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize📷 Download Full course – Instant Delivery What’s Inside? 01 Getting started Laying the foundation
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2023.04.01 11:39 dfc1619 Group project idea

Hi, I am a 4 year Diploma in Engineering (Electrical Technology) student. At 7th semester right now and we have to submit a group project at the end of semester, which is about 3 months away. Each project group consists of 7 people. For our project we want something that is, 1. Related to Electrical or Electronics technology
  1. If possible Arduino based
  2. Has potential to be commercially profitable.
If you have ideas for such a project please share it here.
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2023.04.01 11:39 Beargamers5780 My Explanation of why I love the x factor so much.

Here's my reason explanation for why I have been saying that the x factor is my number 1 favorite iron maiden album, it's because it's something different from the bruce dickinson era iron maiden albums.
The X Factor I love the dark slow atmosphere this album has and I enjoy hearing blaze bayley singing the songs in this album he isn't a bad singer at least give credit for this album having some songs that survived after 1999 when Bruce Dickinson & Adrian Smith returned to iron maiden.
I don't mind the production mixing engineering for the x factor it's fits well with the way blaze sings in this album the x factor has it's own unique that is not like the number of the beast or powerslave including seventh son of a seventh son.
I'm glad that Steve Harris decided to make the x factor completely separate from Bruce Dickinson iron maiden era albums I am okay with the x factor being a long album all the songs on here aren't bad.
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2023.04.01 11:39 __Big-Shaqq__ [TOMT] Pop-Rock Music Video From The 2000's.

It was a young male band and the main singer had a blonde mop and wide jeans. I forgot what the rest look like. I think the drummer had long hair?
They were playing in a desert somewhere and people were jumping motorcycles behind them while they play.
The blond mop guy sang something like:
Every time I see you, I start to feel this way. I really wonder if i'm ever gonna feel that away again.
Any guesses?
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2023.04.01 11:39 Kamen-Rider-Artif [Help and Question Thread] - April 1st, 2023

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2023.04.01 11:38 dfc1619 Group project idea

Hi, I am a 4 year Diploma in Engineering (Electrical Technology) student. At 7th semester right now and we have to submit a group project at the end of semester, which is about 3 months away. Each project group consists of 7 people. For our project we want something that is, 1. Related to Electrical or Electronics technology
  1. If possible Arduino based
  2. Has potential to be commercially profitable.
If you have ideas for such a project please share it here.
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2023.04.01 11:37 GamePodio The right Mindset for Indie Games Development: Tackling Hobby as Business

The right Mindset for Indie Games Development: Tackling Hobby as Business
In the realm of indie games, so vibrant and free,Creativity blossoms, ideas flowing like the sea.Creators, so daring, with ambition burning bright,Forge worlds where imagination takes flight.
Each pixel dances, forming landscapes, faces too,Crafting works of art that touch the hearts of those they debut.Through freedom and passion, away from the studios’ gaze,Indie creators discover their visions, a creative blaze.
Game development is like poetry, an art that unleashes infinite creativity, and each of us is driven by the desire for others to discover, enjoy, and fully engage with the feeling we put into our games – whether the game is distributed commercially or as a free work.
How nice it would be if the end of my statement was here, if the creative side was the only one we had to consider in our development. But reality, as so often, is more complex. Game development is a craft with many facets, and that includes marketing and distribution.
Writing the poetry is the first step, but sharing that poetry with the world is another. Just as indie creators use their creative skills to create memorable game experiences, it’s equally important to focus on marketing and distribution to ensure the rewards of their work. It’s about getting the work of art, the game, into the hands of those who can appreciate and enjoy it.

Think different about indie game development

Game development may be a creative and passionate activity, but it’s important to treat it like a business. Yes, I mean it – treat game development like a business, even if you don’t want to do it commercially, but only as a hobby. As with the development of any other product or service, developing and distributing games requires strong business sense and strategic thinking to achieve the goal of having many people hold your game in their hands and enjoy it.
It’s a common misconception that marketing and distribution in the indie game market manages itself. The assumption that uploading your game to platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, or similar big sites is enough to benefit from thousands of downloads is a delusion. While it may be true that traffic on Steam, Epic Games Store, and other platforms is gigantic, indie games are competing with AAA titles and other blockbusters to attract the most attention and movement on the platforms. Their money simply shapes the flow of user traffic.
Another misstep indie creators make is to focus only on the development of the game at first and only think about marketing and distribution afterwards. Understandable, because we intend to think it’s primarily all about the game itself and the whole creative process around it. This can prove to be more expensive and less effective than a well thought out strategy from the beginning.
No, no, no – as I mentioned at the beginning, you should treat game development like a business. Every startup company has clearly defined processes, such as ideation, analysis, planning, funding, development, and finally marketing and sales. Game development is no different. It’s not only the creative process you have strongly to consider.

Business considerations in the development, marketing and distribution of indie games.

You want your efforts and commitment to your game to be noticed, right? And if you’ve even decided to go for the commercial strategy, then you expect sales success, don’t you? So hear me out and consider three important areas:

You will benefit from market analysis

New startups and established companies develop their products and services to solve a specific problem or serve a need. Spotify, for example, has addressed the problem of music lovers wanting easy access to a huge selection of songs and artists without having to buy countless albums.
Netflix has solved the problem of viewers wanting a convenient way to watch movies and series without having to rely on linear television programming or physical media.
In the gaming industry, engines such as RPG Maker or Unity solve the problem of game developers looking for user-friendly and powerful tools to turn their creative ideas into games. These engines facilitate the development process and allow less experienced developers to realize complex projects.
Unlike the products and services mentioned above, games do not solve a specific problem, but serve to satisfy the demand for entertainment. Therefore, they may be subject to certain trends and demands. Big game studios and publishers are always scanning the market and keeping an eye on rising trends. When a game like The Witcher, with its open world and RPG elements, is well received, other developers jump on the bandwagon and create similar games (looking to you Assassin’s Creed). The same goes for pirate adventures with sea battles or genres like post-apocalypse and cyberpunk.
With this in mind, it is important for you to focus not only on the creative side of your projects, but also to pay attention to what trends and needs exist in the market in order to maximize the success of your games.
This may relate to the game world or a particular game mechanic. As a indie game creator, you can use the artistic freedom to combine these trends with your own fresh ideas to stand out from the current trends.

Plan your marketing budget early

The fine art of game development is in skillful use of the available budget. The end comes fast when the entire budget for game development is used up and there are no more funds available for marketing and distribution.
Marketing can be very expensive. Sooner or later you will realize that only a lot of money can increase your chances of visibility. Social media platforms charge a lot of money to keep your post visible for a long time. Without the financial boost, reachability is very poor – on purpose, of course, to make advertisers pay more. Influencers also charge for their efforts and successes. Even for a nano-influencer (1000 – 10,000 followers) the price is between $10 – $100 per post. Up to mega-influencers (1,000,000+ followers) the price becomes 6 figures.
When it comes to these costs, the question arises about what percentage of the budget should be reserved for this? This is difficult to answer in a definitive way. Presumably, the more funds allocated to marketing, the better.
However, the correct answer, regardless of the exact budget allocation, is to balance product development with marketing. A great game that no one knows about will not succeed, nor will a poorly developed game that is heavily promoted. To find the best balance for a particular project, you should carefully analyze your goals, resources, market competition, and trends, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Only in this way, you can ensure that your game has the best possible chance of success.

Be non-stop visible

Visibility is a crucial factor for the success of an indie game. As mentioned before, a lot of money can help, but if you strive for visibility very early on, you can reduce the investment.

Social networks:

Start with social media early. Even during the development phase of the game, it can be a great advantage to be present on social media platforms and introduce the project. There are several reasons for this:
First, you can build your follower-following relationship, or let’s call it networking, slowly. So there is no need to promote the interaction with money.
Second, it allows you to build a dedicated community early on that will remain loyal to the project and serve as a loyal player base when the game is released. These loyal fans can not only provide valuable feedback during the development phase, but also help spread the word about the game through word of mouth.
Third, by sharing content such as screenshots, developer logs, or backstories early on, you can capture players’ interest and create an emotional connection to the game. This creates a desire to play the finished game as soon as it is available.

Online stores:

So, away from the social channels, you should also make sure that you are present in many online stores.
Many think that being on the leading platform is enough. Remember when I said that you should treat game development like a business? So think like a businessman/businesswoman and place your game on multiple shelves of many stores. A few sales here, a few sales there – the bottom line is that the total of your sales is relevant. Of course, being in many stores and maintaining and updating your product is time-consuming, but no one said that the gaming industry is easy – unless you have a publisher and are willing to pay for it.
These are some of the online stores that you should give a go:
Steam: The largest and most well-known platform for PC games, offering both big AAA titles and indie games. A platform focused on indie games and experimental projects, offering creators a high degree of flexibility in pricing.
Epic Games Store: A relatively new platform run by the creators of Fortnite that offers both big and small games, often with exclusive deals.
Humble Bundle: Known for its game bundles, Humble Bundle also offers a store where indie creators can sell their games.
Game Jolt: A community-based platform that helps indie game creators publish and market their games.
Aaaaaaaaand on a personal note:
GamePodio: A new marketplace focused exclusively on indie games. So there is no competition with AAA titles to get better visibility and save the marketing budget. In addition, GamePodio has a manual review process to separate good games from bad, ensuring a positive user experience for indie creators and buyers/players. For more info about selling on GamePodio: Become a Creator


In summary, game development is joyful because it allows you to be creative in many directions, such as storytelling, character development, developing game mechanics, art, and music. But you should by no means reduce game development to the creative process. It is a project and needs to be aligned with marketing and sales at an early stage. Game development is more of a business than just art. That is the core message of our statement.
There are quite a few other aspects to shape our mindset regarding game development. However, we could only mention a few in this post and would be happy to consolidate and explain more aspects in further posts. So stay tuned..
Original Post:
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2023.04.01 11:37 AmericanMonsterCock Did i green out?

Hey! I just had my third time trying jazz tobacco and I experienced something really strange last night, completely different from my previous experiences. Usually, I'd just smoke half a J, chill out, and listen to some tunes. But last night, my friend and I decided to go all in and smoke an entire J each. Let's just say, things got intense.
We were hanging out in his backyard, and when it hit me, it hit HARD. I felt like I had to drag my legs up the stairs to his house with my hands just to make it back to his apartment. Once inside, I plopped down in a gaming chair and suddenly my hands and feet felt so heavy I couldn't move them, though I could still wiggle my fingers and toes with some effort.
My friend, concerned by my unresponsiveness, tried to talk to me and touched my shoulder. I understood everything he said, but I couldn't manage to speak. Every word he uttered made me feel increasingly nauseous.
Before I knew it, I couldn't open my eyes and I had to lay completely still. I felt like I had to manually control my heartbeat and breathing. My mind was flooded with altered memories from my past, with random details that never happened. It was a bizarre mix of lucidity and thought loops. I had bought some Burger King to munch on like the previous times, but I was powerless to even reach for it.
The music we were listening to suddenly seemed like it was coming from surround sound speakers, with instruments and drums coming from different parts of the room. I started sweating profusely, feeling like marbles were forming on my forehead in some insane pattern. All I could think was, "Just hold on for 2 more hours and it'll pass." I stayed still in one position until eventually, my legs and arms loosened up, and I could move again.
So, is this what people mean when they talk about "greening out"? Anyone else had a similar experience? I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!
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2023.04.01 11:35 LucioIsMineBitches Marinette is not a normal girl with a normal life...

Marinette room is big for a Parisian appartement. If you want to have some informations on prices in Paris, here's this article : https://realadvisor.fen/property-prices/city-paris

Her wiki page says the 21th but there is only 20 arrondissements. If it's was in real life, Marinette would live in the 5th arrondissement of Paris which is an expensive one.

The average salary in the 5th arrondissement is around 36 083 euros per year which is 39224,03 dollars. The national average salary is about 20 590 euros per year which is about 22382,36 dollars.

So to begin with, Marinette's family is very comfortable, they earn way more than an average french people.

Plus you also have to look at the hobbies. Marinette is a designer, she likes to sew. Sewing is probably one of the most expensive hobby.

I know it, because I'm sewing too (I'm not living in Paris) and I can tell you that it's everything but not cheap.

Fabric is expensive. Meters and meters of good and nice quality fabric are expensive outside of the Capital, so in Paris, it's can only be more expensive.

A good starting sewing machine is almost 100-200 euros (107-218 dollars). Then you also need needles, thread, pins, ruler, markers...

Oh and I forgot, Marinette has a dummy in her room. It's around 130-150 euros for a very basic one.

Not to mention, you have to have space for sewing. To cut fabric, you need place. Square meters are very expensive in Paris, if she have the entire sewing materials and sew with no problems, she is probably not "average" girl.

Think about it, the girl has a freaking dummy in her bedroom. I'm living in countryside and even in my room who is nice, I can't fit one.

She has a place to do makeup in her own bedroom, a sort of sofa (this kind of things are very expensive), multiples carpets... And with all of this, not even a closet for clothes. She doesn't have a closet in her bedroom when she is supposed to be a stylist...

There isn't a single delinquent in her school. Everyone is nice and kind except for Chloé and Lila who are the mean girls but otherwise, everything is perfect... The school is always proper and clean... There's isn't a single teenager smoking or trying to sell drugs...

Her best friend have a very popular blog around Paris who is watched by thousands of people, so she is an influencer who doesn't even need to show her boobs to have views which is very very rare. (Because let's be honest, most famous females influencer tend to show some cleavage or attributes to gain some followers.)

Nino is a DJ at a very young age who already have a DJ set... But at least a DJ set is still less expensive than Marinette's sewing hobby. I would even argue that Nino is the most normal dude of the entire class, which is probably why he isn't appreciated.

Chloe is the daughter of the mayor, she's rich and spoiled...
Sabrina is the daughter of the police "chief" because Roger is the main police officer in the episode, so he isn't a simple policeman. And she hangs out with a rich chick (although we can argue that she is being abused by Chloe).
Adrien is the son of one of the most famous fashion designer of Paris. Also rich and privileged.
Juleka is the daughter of a famous rockstar...
Alix's dad owns the Louvre Museum, just that...
Max created a smart IA robot who can move and thinks on it owns to the point of being able to become akumatized like a real senti-being. If he isn't the son of a couple of robotics engineers, I no longer understand anything.
Kim is friend with a nerd like Max... Usually, jocks doesn't give a fck about nerds and if this school is an elitist one, that's mean Kim parents are rich enough to enroll him in this institution, because Kim is a monkey brain and it's probably not his grades who helped him to get inside the school.
Rose had a date with a Prince from another country. Oh and she is also the rock singer of their band, very normal for sure...
Zoe lived in New york and speaks french perfectly... Half daughter of a rich model celebrity (Audrey)... Very normal...
Nathaniel is a mangaka at already such a young age... But okay, at least it's not too unbelievable.
Lila is a liar for sure, but for some reason, she has 3 moms, have been in different schools under different identities and she has a basements with wigs and costumes... Very normal indeed...

I would say that Nino, Mylene, Ivan and Nathaniel are the most "normal" persons in their class, which may be the reason of why they are underrated. They are "too normal" compared to the rest.

Not to mention that they can somehow privatize an entire football field to play there as in the Penalteam episode... Like how is that supposed to be "average" and "normal"?

It's like Emily in Paris, I'm amazed at how these kind of shows are portraying an "average" representation of the french society.

People in these shows, never have money problems, live in perfectly clean areas, never have daily life problems such as late common transports or bad weather...

Everyone is handsome, every place is amazing... There are almost no strikes.

I thought that my country was known for it's strikes and protests but in this show, the only protests we have is Mega leech for some trees and a park.

In both show, the Paris who is described is the rich Paris, the one for the rich people and the elitist. Marinette is definitely not a normal girl, she is a rich parisian girl who is lucky to live in the best places of Paris which is not the case for lot of parisians.
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2023.04.01 11:35 healthyfoodsforpets Tired Of Pesky Fleas?

If you have pets, you probably know all too well how difficult it is to control a flea problem. Those pesky fleas cause discomfort for your pet and “camp out” in different areas of your home. How do you get rid of these pests? Since commercial flea killers are probably unsafe for your dog or cat, try natural approaches instead. Read this blog and check out our herbal and natural products for flea prevention.
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2023.04.01 11:35 BluButterfly95 Best thing I did for myself before I even got a diagnosis was get a giant memory foam bean bag

A few years ago I got this amazing oversized memory foam bean bag which lets me sit in whatever position in feeling comfortable in on any given day and it just moulds around my body. Makes such a big difference when I can't get comfortable sitting on the couch or laying in bed. I have hEDS so in any given day something hurts and being able to sit/lounge about comfortably does surprisingly good things to my mental health too. Getting me to get out of it and get stuff done is another story though, it's just too comfy!
Currently dealing with mid back pain (no idea what I've done, seeing my physio on Tuesday) and this is the only way I can actually relax and work around the pain.
submitted by BluButterfly95 to ehlersdanlos [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 11:33 Professional-Lie6106 Top 10 Schools in Noida Extension including pacific world school

Noida Extension, also known as Greater Noida West, is a rapidly developing area located in the NCR region of India. The area has seen a massive influx of residential and commercial development in recent years, and it is now home to some of the top educational institutions in the region. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 10 schools in Noida Extension, including the Pacific World School.
  1. Pacific World School: The Pacific World School is a premier educational institution located in Noida Extension, and is the Best School in Noida Extension. It is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class faculty, and comprehensive curriculum. The school offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12 and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
  2. Delhi Public School, Noida Extension: The Delhi Public School, Noida Extension, is a branch of the prestigious DPS society. The school is known for its academic excellence, co-curricular activities, and focus on overall development. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  3. Ryan International School, Greater Noida West: The Ryan International School, Greater Noida West, is a part of the Ryan International Group of Institutions. The school is known for its innovative teaching methods, world-class infrastructure, and emphasis on holistic development. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  4. Sarvottam International School, Noida Extension: The Sarvottam International School is a leading educational institution in Noida Extension. The school is known for its modern infrastructure, experienced faculty, and emphasis on quality education. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  5. Aster Public School, Greater Noida West: The Aster Public School, Greater Noida West, is a renowned educational institution that is known for its excellent academic record, experienced faculty, and modern infrastructure. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  6. Lotus Valley International School, Noida Extension: The Lotus Valley International School, Noida Extension, is a part of the Lotus Valley International Group of Schools. The school is known for its innovative teaching methods, focus on overall development, and modern infrastructure. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  7. Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension: The Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension, is a part of the Delhi World Public School Society. The school is known for its academic excellence, experienced faculty, and comprehensive curriculum. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  8. Gaur International School, Greater Noida West: The Gaur International School, Greater Noida West, is a leading educational institution that is known for its world-class infrastructure, experienced faculty, and emphasis on holistic development. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  9. Global Indian International School, Greater Noida West: The Global Indian International School, Greater Noida West, is a part of the Global Indian International School network. The school is known for its innovative teaching methods, focus on overall development, and emphasis on quality education. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
  10. The Manthan School, Noida Extension: The Manthan School, Noida Extension, is a renowned educational institution that is known for its experienced faculty, innovative teaching methods, and emphasis on overall development. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12.
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