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2023.04.01 14:04 Average_CarLover Finally got my hands on some of JJ’S juices

Finally got my hands on some of JJ’S juices
I live in a town full of old people so when I walked into sainsbury’s at half 12 there was still plenty on the shelf lol. Tropical punch 8/10, ice pop 6/10 and blue raspberry 7/10.
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2023.04.01 14:03 BaskootAltatota Is there anything you would change In my deck?

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2023.04.01 13:57 ClassicArm279 Cheesy but I kinda like it.

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2023.04.01 13:52 bluboltz333 APRIL FOOLSSS

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2023.04.01 13:51 3WheelMotion64 Check out my YouTube channel, I've got heaps concert footage; Snoop, Ice Cube, Eminem and more!

Check out my concert vids; Snoop, Ice Cube, Eminem, and a heap more
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2023.04.01 13:43 66mpamies Η αποστολή για το ματς με τον ΠΑΟΚ.

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2023.04.01 13:42 WW_Bricks_Studio Which alternate Formula E Gen3 is better? 42153 vs 42137 MOC

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2023.04.01 13:38 swguy7 I got three team kills this match had best stats but my other dps was trash and we lost also our Moira c9d overtime

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2023.04.01 13:35 InTheSkyCity 3/31/23

“Pardon me, excusez-moi. Yeah, I coulda made a better choice, I mean, what the fuck? I'm sorry. I'm fucking sorry!”
“I'm sorry, I'm sorry I don't see you more. I'm sorry that the four minutes where you see your son could feel like a chore. Sis', I'm sorry I'm your kin. Sorry we ain't close as we should've been. Sorry to my old friends. The stories we coulda wrote if our egos didn't take the pen. Sorry to the freaks I led on. Who thought their life was gonna change 'cause I gave 'em head on, but instead, I sped off, yeah, I know I'm dead wrong. Sorry to the guys I had to hide. Sorry to the girls I had to lie to. Who ain't need to know if I was by the lake switchin' tides, too. Anyway, I don't wanna talk. Sorry if you gotta dig for info I don't wanna give. So you stalk, make up fibs, just to talk about my private life 'cause you're weird. Met that girl this year, that's none ya biz. Give enough with my art, know your place. My personal space, y'all don't need to to be a part. I'm sorry I don't wanna link and small talk over dinner. I don't even drink, can't guilt trip me, I'm ice cold, roller rink. N!gga-n!gga-n!gga, read the room. Don't assume n!ggas is cool. Stay in your pocket, this is pool. Blah, blah, blah, blah 'bout trauma. You ain't special, everybody got problems, uh. Sorry I'm not empathetic. Sorry you think I'm pathetic. Sorry I don't wanna bro down. Sorry I don't know your pronouns. I don't mean no disrespect, but, damn, we just met, calm the fuck down. Oh, I'm out of touch and I'm a jerk? A bank account could never match my worth. Sorry, Mother Earth. Polluted air with chemicals and dirt. These cars ain't gonna buy and drive themselves. What the hell you think I work for? Not to not explore and stay the same. Sorry to the fans who say I changed, 'cause I did. Sorry you don't know me on a personal level to pinpoint what it is. I'm sorry to my ancestors, I know I'm supposed to fight, but this ice shinin' brighter than a black man's plight, I'ma make it right. In the meantime, I'll give some advice while these blood diamonds gettin' cleaned off. N!gga, fuck the price, spend it then, then again, I can't save n!ggas. I'm not Superman, but I could try. I'm sorry I'm pretentious. Sorry that the talent, knowledge, passion isn't missin'. Sorry when I talk my shit and I could back it up with confidence, it get you n!ggas trippin', man. Fuck the numbers, fuck a hook. You put me on a stage and I'll show you the difference. Let me see y'all hit a stage. Let me see y'all write a page. Let me see you make a decision I made, and claim that I don't know about minimum wage or Section 8. Water in the ketchup bottle to stretch when niggas ate. Gettin' pressed by n!ggas hoppin' gates. Thinkin' it's normal 'cause you ain't supposed to make it past eighteen or escape the Figure 8 cycle, and I promise this is like a diet, I'ma make a way and I did, did. Feel good, work paid off, now we gon' celebrate, but niggas claim you arrogant when they can't relate to moments of feelin' great. So they aim, duck-duck-duck 'em. Shot right back, buck-buck-buck 'em. Sorry, not sorry. I got two words, fuck 'em.”
“Okay, cool.”
Today was more of an idea of what I planned yesterday to be. I babysat my sister for a few hours, she mostly wanted to use her iPad tho. I made sure to have one of our hide and seek matches tho. Nor did she cry when I caught her this time, she’s starting to be more humble it seems.
My mom went out with me for a bit, shit, now I got a haircut. It was actually somewhat decent. I’m happy. Then told my family that lll be visiting soon.
Returned home, and the rest of the day went by instantly. Did a good amount of my homework. Spent a lot of time on this one Lego painting thing I got yesterday, it was pretty calming working on it tbh. Listened to music. Got high.
It was a chill ass day.
Song Of The Day: Tyler The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY
I love this song so fucking much, it’s got to be one of Tyler’s best songs. And I’m not saying that because of recency bias.
I already it was going to be perfect from the jump with the way DJ Drama yelled in the intro.
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2023.04.01 13:33 JakeCBJ Streaking Sharks do do, do do dodoo (News from the tank 4/1)

Sharks have been so kind to us and now have a perfect scenario to pick up a 3rd win in a row against Arizona! Everyone else has a playoff team matchup so it could be rough.
News from the western front
Blues 5, Blackhawks 3 ❌
Ducks 1, Kraken 4❌
Golden Knights 3, Sharks 4 (OT)✅
News from the Home Front
Jackets 1, Bruins 2 (OT) ❌
Presidents trophy winning bruins couldn’t muster up an ounce of energy. Actually a fun game but killed the cushion
*3/30 Tank Grade: B- *
CBJ Tank Cushion: Tied with Chicago. We would lose the tiebreaker if we both lost out so I’m keeping the odds the same.
Current Bedard Odds: 25.5%

Notable Battles Tonight

Panthers@ Jackets 7PM
Devils @ Blackhawks 8:00PM
Ducks @ Oilers 10PM
Sharks @ Coyotes 10:00PM
Here’s why you should be optimistic for each game!
Florida has beaten Columbus 9 out of the last 11 times they’ve met. Keep it up.
Toews is back in the lineup for Chicago tonight and looking to put a cap on his career.
The pressure is on Edmonton tonight to clinch a playoff spot on home ice. They have folded under pressure before.
Sharks have won two in a row and bring that momentum to a matchup against a terrible Arizona team.

Remaining schedule for the top 4 Bedard Contenders.

Team Games (Home/Away) Games vs Playoff Teams # of B2Bs
54 Columbus 8 (5/3) 4 2
54 Chicago 7 (3/4) 4 1
56 Anaheim 7 (3/4) 5 2
57 San Jose 7 (3/4) 4 1
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2023.04.01 13:32 RyanzRetroReviewz The Thing From Another World - 1951 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz


The thing from another world i 1951 horrosci-fi movie starring Kenneth Tobey Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer and James Arness as "The Thing". Directed by Christian Nyby, or by Howard Hawks himself depending on which version of the story you believe, and produced by Hawks' own "Winchester Pictures Corporation", this movie is one of the early and perfect examples of when Hollywood films began to turn away from the classical horror movie monsters (i.e. Dracula and Frankenstein) that reigned in the 1930s and '40s, and into the realm of more science fiction based monsters.
The movie follows a group of U.S. air force personnel and a team of civilian scientists, who find a frozen humanoid alien buried under the ice in the remote reaches of northern Alaska. When the creature thaws out and comes back to life, with it's only goal being the multiplying of it's species and taking over the planet, the military men and scientist must band together to put a stop to this threat to all humanity.
We start it all off with army journalist Ned "Scotty" arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska to meet his old friend air force pilot Captain Pat Hendry, and his loyal but wise cracking flight crew. Some quick witted dialogue brings the audience to a familiar level with our characters, as they together all fly further north to a remote scientific research station, which has recently detected on radar, a large unknown aircraft crashing down into the ice in the near area.
Upon arrival at "Polar Expedition 6", Cpt. Hendry is first treated to a comically-romantic reunion with base secretary Nicki Nicholson, who's past (and possible future) history together has become the brunt of a joke amongst Hendry's men. After a quick rundown of the situation from base leader Dr. Carrington, a group of both the scientists and airmen fly out to the crash zone to investigate.
The team first finds a giant skid trail along the ice, further leading to a full on "flying saucer" at the end of the path, now buried down a few feet below the ice. When they try to thaw it out with thermite charges, the ship reacts and self destructs, leaving no evidence behind for the team to document and study, until they find a humanoid figure just a little further away, also frozen a few feet beneath the ice. Now very carefully, the group hacks out the frozen figure and hauls it back on the plane to the research station.
Back at Polar Expedition 6, the movie's themes begin to come to surface when the age old debate kicks off between brawn and brain, with Dr. Carrington wishing to thaw out the creature for further scientific research, and Cpt. Hendry insisting that this is now a military issue, requiring official military authority before carrying on with anything in regards to "the thing from another world".
"The thing" slowly starts to thaw out on it's own, finally coming back to life and attacking one of the airmen from behind, before fleeing off into the storm, and having his arm chewed off by the sled dogs just outside of the base.
Hendry and his men then form an armed search party of the perimeter and keep constant guard, giving film audiences some of the greatest jump out and scare you scenes of it's day, this being elevated by the bursting loud and terrifying theme that comes along anytime the creature appears on screen.
Dr. Carrington continuingly argues that the creature is not dangerous and must not be harmed, all while he and his team of scientist attempt to further study the creature's severed limb, finally coming to learn that this "Thing from another world" has a similar biological structure as to that of vegetable, only requiring blood other than water as the main source of nourishment for it's growth and reproduction cycle.
A secret experiment is then put into motion with Carrington actually growing these creatures from scratch in the greenhouse room closet.
But when "The Thing" then begins killing off members of the research team, most of the scientist come to agree with Cpt. Hendry and his assessment that this creature defenetely means humanity harm. A further search of the grounds unveils Dr. Carrington's mad scientist experiment, with Hendry ordering it all to be destroyed, as well as confining Carrington to limited quarters around the base.
Some practical thinking from Mrs. Nicholson helps the airmen come to realize the best way of killing this thing is by cooking it, as you do with all vegetables. This gives the special effects department their chance to shine and raise up the audiences pulses as Cpt. Hendry and his crew fight the monster, first with fire (lighting up an entire set and a record holding stuntman for it in the process), then with electricity, but not before Dr. Carrington throws himself in the middle of the "angry mob" and the creature, only to find out first hand that the creature has no interest in a mutual understanding.
But will the combined brains and brawn of the air force men and scientist, be enough to defeat The Thing from Another World? And if so, are there more out there? "Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies".
To sum it all up, The Thing from Another World (1951) is a great piece of everlasting cinema, taking us through a great storyline, with great actors, giving great performances the entire way. With such a definitive setting and great all around special effects, all rounded together by director Christian Nyby, and producer Howard Hawks, this movie remains an instant classic to any who tune into it for years to come, rivaling many of today's horror movies by far. While being remade on not 1, but 2 occasions, also helps this movie survive on through the era, but none will ever truly rival the classic.
And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley.
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2023.04.01 13:32 silverstone1903 Yet another MLS-C01 passed post ✔

Hi all,
Little Background: I'm working as a data scientist, and I have prior cloud engineer experience (1.5 years). In my daily job, I don't use cloud-related services (due to data privacy regulations). Last August, I passed SAA-C02.

I had free access to CloudAcademy AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification Preparation and followed it partially (1.5x speed 🤣). The course contains many fundamentals, so I skipped most of them. I watched service related videos and did the labs. I also took some notes about services, the key concepts, service a vs. service b (i.e. data stream vs. kinesis or Comprehend vs. BlazingText), etc. Last summer, I prepared for SAA, so I had an idea of how to study. I started to do the TD practice tests. This time I do the tests and study in parallel. TD's practice tests are really teachful, so I extended my notes. I created a "summary of summary" note (more compact). Basically, these notes contain what I couldn't learn (i.e. I know where to use FM but the tricky point is that FM uses recordIO with float32).

I had no idea when I felt 100% ready for the SAA exam. Also this time I had no idea as well 😅 On 24th March, I decided to book an exam for the 30th March (which is less than one week and an excellent opportunity to push myself). In the meantime, I started to recap using A Cloud Guru MLS course for the specific topics (Kinesis, Glue, Deployment). Also I looked for additional resources such as course notes, blog posts and quizzes.

On Thursday (30th March) I took the exam at the exam center at 13.30. I used ESL (+30 minutes) and finished the exam in 100 minutes (With ESL it was 220 minutes!). Ultimately, I had ~20 flagged questions and reviewed them. 12 of them were incomplete, and I wasn't sure about the remaining questions. I felt flagging 20 questions upset me, but I tried to focus on it. I reviewed 15 of them but the remaining 5 were so tricky and I had no idea. At that time I couldn't think but after the exam I thought they could be unscored questions. Finally I finished reviewing and finished the exam.

On the next day in the morning, I periodically refreshed AWS Certification page and at 12.05 I saw my certificate (I got the official AWS certificate mail at 22, almost midnight). I scored 842, which I didn't expect (I expected something around 770-780).

Topics/keywords: Glue, StepFunctions, Kinesis, Feature engineering, Personalize, Security (IAM or S3 bucket policy), lot of how to prevent overfitting questions.

Here are the some useful materials:
Github Repos (One trick: I convert markdowns to PDFs using VSCode Markdown Preview extension)


Quizes & Free Exams:

Reddit posts:
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2023.04.01 13:29 hpvdog HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY WOLF 🐺🥳🥳

Personally my favourite album by Tyler, maybe even my favourite OAT. Something about the contrast in feel between songs sort of sews it together for me. E.G. Tamale and Domo23, both high energy and an experience live, vs something like Lone or Answer, two songs that never fail to make me feel sad lmao. I also think that this album has some great transitions into songs (specifically 48 into Colossus, like where do they change??) and is pretty nostalgic as this pretty much was the end of the OFWGKTA era. - sources of album covers
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2023.04.01 13:27 newmusicrls Beatport Top 100 Downloads April 2023
  1. Four Tet, Skrillex, Fred again.. – Baby again.. (Original Mix) 05:20 127bpm G
  2. GENESI (ITA) – Everything You Have Done (Meduza Edit Extended) 05:39 125bpm Gm
  3. Westend, Noizu, No/Me – Push To Start (feat. No/Me) (Original Mix) 05:31 128bpm Ebm
  4. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Extended) 05:30 128bpm G
  5. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side (Original Mix) 05:32 128bpm C
  6. John Summit, Hayla – Where You Are (Extended Mix) 05:10 126bpm Am
  7. Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix) (Original Mix) 05:12 126bpm B
  8. Joshwa – Bass Go Boom (Original Mix) 06:28 129bpm Am
  9. Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. – Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) [Anyma Remix] (Extended) 05:01 126bpm Gbm
  10. Anyma (ofc) – Explore Your Future (Extended Version) 05:09 124bpm E
  11. Jamie Jones – Lose My Mind (Extended Mix) 07:00 124bpm Eb
  12. Larse – A Part Of (Riva Starr Extended Saturn Mix) 05:47 126bpm Dm
  13. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Original Mix) 04:55 143bpm Dbm
  14. Bart Skils – Roll the Dice (Original Mix) 06:08 132bpm F
  15. Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) – Eternity (Extended Mix) 05:20 125bpm Cm
  16. Andrew Meller – Born Slippy (Luca Morris Extended Remix) 06:40 130bpm Gb
  17. Adriatique, Eynka – Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version) 05:23 126bpm Fm
  18. Joshwa – Magalenha (Extended Mix) 06:30 128bpm Am
  19. Claptone – Euphoria (Extended Mix) 05:24 125bpm Am
  20. Enrico Sangiuliano, Charlotte de Witte – Reflection (Original Mix) 06:46 134bpm Em
  21. Vintage Culture, Meca, Bhaskar, The Vic – Tina (Extended) 05:34 128bpm F
  22. Green Velvet, Chris Lake – Deceiver (VIP) (Extended Mix) 06:28 124bpm Em
  23. Solar State, Dualities – Crazy In Love feat. Gia Koka (Extended Mix) 03:31 127bpm D min
  24. Adam Port, Monolink – Point Of No Return (Extended Mix) 06:34 122bpm Am
  25. Joshwa – Supersonic (Original Mix) 06:35 129bpm A
  26. Fideles, CamelPhat, Be No Rain – Night After Night (CamelPhat Remix) 06:58 124bpm A
  27. Mau P – Gimme That Bounce (Original Mix) 05:21 126bpm Eb
  28. Layo & Bushwacka!, Paul Woolford – Love Story (vs Finally) (Paul Woolford 2023 Extended Remix) 05:41 132bpm Am
  29. Toxinate – Nope (Original Mix) 03:43 88bpm Em
  30. ACRAZE – Take Me Away (Extended Mix) 05:22 126bpm Ab
  31. Stereo Express – Rise Of The 2nd Sun (Original Mix) 07:06 124bpm C
  32. David Guetta, Coi Leray – Players (David Guetta Remix – Extended) 04:09 125bpm Ab
  33. Space 92 – Gravity (Original Mix) 06:05 132bpm G
  34. Anyma (ofc) – The Answer (Extended Version) 06:27 125bpm Gm
  35. El Chuape, Hugel, Ryan Arnold – Pa Lante (Extended Mix) 04:21 126bpm Am
  36. Odd Mob – LEFT TO RIGHT (Subsonic Remix) 04:05 87bpm F
  37. Mr. Oizo, Skrillex, Missy Elliott – RATATA (Original Mix) 02:06 124bpm D
  38. Polina, A’studio – SOS feat. Polina (Skylark Remix – Nic Fanciulli Extended Edit) 06:40 125bpm F
  39. Volen Sentir, Makebo – Alchemist (Original Mix) 08:35 123bpm C
  40. ANOTR, Abel Balder – Relax My Eyes (Original Mix) 06:36 132bpm Bbm
  41. Block & Crown, Lissat – Gimme A Bloody Mary (Original Mix) 05:24 125bpm Dbm
  42. Bruno Furlan – Bongoloco (Original Mix) 04:48 128bpm Gbm
  43. Kim English, Schak – Moving All Around (Jumpin’) (John Summit Remix) 05:33 128bpm Bbm
  44. Mha Iri – Never Go Back to Sleep (Original Mix) 05:50 135bpm Cm
  45. Eats Everything, Shezar – Get Up (Extended Mix) 06:36 127bpm F
  46. Turno – Killer (Original Mix) 03:40 88bpm Gbm
  47. Pickle – Crank That (Extended Mix) 04:40 130bpm C
  48. Argy, Goom Gum – Pantheon (Extended Mix) 06:22 120bpm D
  49. Latmun – Just Play (Original Mix) 05:44 129bpm G
  50. Todd Edwards, MANT – Provenance (Original Mix) 06:41 128bpm Dbm
  51. DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (T>I & D*Minds ‘Run In The Jungle’ Remix) 04:02 88bpm Abm
  52. Creeds – Push Up (Original Mix) 04:00 160bpm G
  53. Eli & Fur, Meduza – Pegasus (Extended Mix) 06:06 125bpm Cm
  54. Wax Motif, Riordan – La Samba (Original Mix) 04:27 130bpm Gm
  55. Nfasis, Hugel – Como Shakira (Extended Mix) 04:53 125bpm C
  56. Jerome Robins, Sinner & James – You’re Not Alone (Sinner & James Remix) 06:09 130bpm Gm
  57. Supermode, 1991 – Tell Me Why (1991 Remix) 04:04 87bpm Cm
  58. Denney – Lies (Gorge & Nick Curly Extended Remix) 06:10 125bpm Am
  59. Supermode – Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Extended Remix) 08:28 126bpm B
  60. David Guetta, MARTEN HØRGER – The Freaks (Extended Mix) 06:09 125bpm Em
  61. Nari, Steve Tosi – Stayin’ Da Club (Original Mix) 04:39 121bpm Fm
  62. D.O.D – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) 04:41 130bpm B
  63. Dateless – Geekin (Original Mix) 07:04 128bpm Gm
  64. Joyhauser – Wasted (Original Mix) 06:05 69bpm Am
  65. Layton Giordani – Life Moves Fast (Original Mix) 06:27 130bpm G
  66. Basstripper – Ricochet (Original Mix) 03:45 88bpm Am
  67. HI-LO – PURA VIDA (Wehbba Remix) 05:31 135bpm Gm
  68. Low Steppa – The Feeling (Original Mix) 06:52 126bpm Bb
  69. Oscar Barila – Miles (Original Mix) 05:04 125bpm Cm
  70. Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended) 06:03 127bpm Em
  71. Gorgon City – Voodoo (Extended Mix) 06:16 129bpm Bm
  72. Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon – Work (Extended Mix) 05:48 128bpm Ebm
  73. Sota – Wait For Me (Original Mix) 03:07 87bpm Gbm
  74. Volac – Energy (Extended Mix) 05:04 127bpm A
  75. Dombresky – IRLY (I Really Love You) (Extended Mix) 05:23 127bpm Cm
  76. Martin Ikin – Oscill8 (Extended Mix) 05:16 128bpm Gb
  77. Darmon, Eran Hersh, BLOND:ISH, Madonna – Sorry (with Madonna) (Original Mix) 02:41 124bpm C
  78. Robbie Doherty – It’s My Beat (Extended Mix) 06:33 130bpm Ebm
  79. Yotto, Something Good – Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix) 06:36 122bpm Fm
  80. Benny Page, Dope Ammo, Cat Mctigue – I Need Your Loving (Bladerunner Remix) 05:36 88bpm Dbm
  81. TC – Tap Ho (Formula Remix) 04:18 90bpm Gb
  82. Eden Shalev – Papi (Bhabi) (Original Mix) 05:46 119bpm Cm
  83. TECH IT DEEP – Maria Maria (Extended Mix) 06:09 128bpm Dm
  84. Volen Sentir, Makebo – Into The Stars (Original Mix) 07:00 120bpm G
  85. Hannah Laing – Get Busy (Extended) 05:57 140bpm Gb
  86. Ryan Nichols – Insane (Extended Mix) 05:27 127bpm G
  87. Sub Focus, ACO – Vibration (One More Time) (Original Mix) 04:02 87bpm Cm
  88. Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Damian Lazarus Re Shape) 06:12 124bpm G
  89. Space 92 – Cooper (Original Mix) 05:56 132bpm Ab
  90. Kevin de Vries – Pegasus (Original Mix) 06:52 125bpm Gm
  91. Yet More – Erotic Trip (Original Mix) 05:32 124bpm Em
  92. Jamek Ortega, JUNO (DE) – Ojos Verdes (Original Mix) 05:27 121bpm Cm
  93. Kanine – Take Me Up (Original Mix) 03:35 87bpm Bbm
  94. Ragie Ban – My Bank (Original Mix) 06:16 128bpm Gbm
  95. The Blessed Madonna, Fred again.. – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (Original Mix) 04:45 123bpm Fm
  96. Lil Wayne, SIDEPIECE – A Milli (SIDEPIECE Extended Mix) 03:30 128bpm Ab
  97. Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam (Original Mix) 05:23 125bpm Eb
  98. Paluma – Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended ViP) 06:07 126bpm Bbm
  99. Borai & Denham Audio – Make Me (Extended) 04:59 130bpm Bbm
  100. Francis Mercier, Idd Aziz, Nitefreak – Kamili (Extended) 06:26 120bpm Am
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2023.04.01 13:24 RyanzRetroReviewz The Mountain - 1956 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz

The Mountain - 1956

The Mountain is a 1956 adventure/drama movie, starring the great (and sober for this role) Spencer Tracy, just coming off his success in "Bad Day at Black Rock" the year before (as well as over 30 other film roles under his belt), and the younger, but fairly recognizable up and comer at this point in his career, Robert Wagner (known to more modern movie fans as "Number 2" in the "Austin Powers" film series). Having acted alongside each other in multiple roles already, the chemistry between our two lead actors is evident and believable enough as they portray two brothers (although separated by what seems like 10-20 years in age, though this is more common in the real world than people want in film). The plotline follows these two brothers as they make a deathly high-alpine climb to the top of a nearby Mountain (Mount Blanc, France) where an airplane has recently crashed with plans on looting the dead. The movie is directed by Edward Dmytryk, recently back from being blacklisted from the film industry, as well as serving a short stint in prison with the other "Hollywood Ten" who refused to testify to the House of Un-American Acitivities Committe in their investigations during the Cold War\McCarthy-era "Red scare". Previously known for his 1940s noir films, particularly "Crossfire" from 1947 (one of the earliest films to deal with the subject of anti-semitism), upon Dmytryk's return to Hollywood, he solidified himself yet again with "The Caine Mutiny" in 1954 before bringing together our two leads for their first time in the same year with "Broken Lance", then going on to direct 3 more films before coming across French novelist's Henri Troyat's recent novel "La Neige en Deuil" (inspired by the true airplane crash of Air Indian Flight 245 in 1950) and deciding to bring it alive on screen, acting as both producer and directer for his first time.
We start the movie off with a bang, when a commercial plane crashes atop a snow filled mountain peak, leaving what seems like no survivors. Down below at the nearest village, Zachary Teller leads a simple life of a sheep-herder on his longtime family farm, while currently constantly dodging out a lovestruck neighboring widow who desperately needs a new husband. His younger brother however, Christopher Teller, is angry and envious with his position in life, working as a server\porter boy, waiting on rich skier and mountaineer guests at the village's local mountain resort, as well as sharing the family home with his more respected big brother Zach.
When word arrives of the downed airplane atop the mountain, a rescue party is put together to retrieve any possible survivors and their worldly possessions. Once having been the most experienced mountaineer in the area (and one of the only people to have ever even made the climb), Zachary is asked to lead to climbing expedition, to which he denies on the count of having lost a man over the edge on his last climb years ago.
Later that night at home, the two brothers argue over the ownership of the house, with Christopher wishing to sell it and Zachary wanting to keep it in the family for as long as possible.
The next morning, the unsuccessful expedition returns having lost their main guide (and Zachary's old mountaineering friend) Tsavos, in the midst of the climb.
Again at home that night, the brother's get into another argument, with Christopher this time trying to push Zachary to lead him up the mountain so as to loot the apparent rich, and now dead passengers. This would give Chris the means to leave the village and put to rest his hopes of selling the family farm. But Zachary shoots down the idea for the sake of both his brother's safety and soul, even offering to renounce his claim over the family farm. Already having the idea stuck in his head though, Christopher likewise denies Zachary's offer and stands firm on making the climb alone, forcing his brother to relent in leading him up the mountain. The two brothers pack their gear and start their way up to the base of the mountain at first light.
The next portion of the movie takes us on a spectacular scenic journey, using a combination of stock shots, matte paintings, and practical built rock walls to showcase not only the mountain and landscape itself, but also emphasizing on the physical capabilities of the plus 50 year old Zachary Teller. As the lead climber, Zach makes his way up and along frozen rock walls and narrow ledges, using the strength of his hands and feet alone, all while using hammer and stakes to fix a line of ropes for his less experienced brother to follow.
We're treated to a quick scare when Christopher takes a slip and goes falling down some way before Zachary finally gets hold of the rope and pulling his brother back up to safety, ripping his palms into a bloody mess in the process.
By now the tables have turned in the brothers' mindsets, Christopher now wishing to turn back out of fear, and Zachary now too far into his goal of conquering the mountain yet again, clear forgetting the reason why they started the climb in the first place. Zach convinces his brother to continue on and up to the summit, and that the worst of it is now over.
Together, now using their ice axes and crampon shoes, the brothers hike up the snowy (now on location) summit without problem, finally arriving at the top of the mountain and the plane wreckage in which they came for. While Zachary is full of pride and achievement at what they've accomplished together as brothers, Chris has no care for their triumphs, and shows his true colors as a man by immediately looting treasures from the dead, as well as breaking a cross which Zach puts together from wreckage to hide the evidence of anybody having even been there.
The underlying theme of this movie now finally surfaces in full (the massive feat of scaling the mountain acting as a metaphor for how difficult it is for Zach to accept how horrible his brother truly is, and to finally turn his back on him) when the brothers discover an Indian woman still alive in the back of the plane. Zach cares for her over night and hitches her up to a sled in the morning to drag her down the mountain, but Chris seeing this as a clear obstacle now in the way of him and his riches, throws his older brother down to the ground and tries to strangle the woman to death. Zachary now rises up and strikes his younger brother down to the ground with some good old classic Spencer Tracy style (starting onscreen and ending offscreen, complete with sound effects) punches to the face, before turning around and leaving Chris to get down the mountain on his own.
Zachary single handedly drags and hoists the surviving Indian woman down the side of the mountain, forcing him to use a different route from before, he comes to a pair of untrustworthy looking snow bridges. He inspects the first and decides against it, but still almost looses the woman while crossing over the second. An angry and frantic Christopher finally catches up to the pair and decides not to listen to his own brother's warnings about the remaining bridge, attempting and failing to cross it when the weight gives out, sending him falling to his death into an unknown depth of crevasse.
Zachary Teller, although completely heartbroken now from having lost his brother both in spirit and in body, wastes no time on mourning and continues on down the mountain with the injured Indian woman in tow.
Upon arrival back to the village, Zachary shoots down all claims that he is a hero of any sorts, and lies about his brother's inhuman actions on the mountain, telling instead the opposite story; that it was he, Zach Teller, who came up with the idea and continued on with his obsession of looting the dead, and that his brother Christopher Teller had only went along solely to aid in the safety of his Zach.
Though nobody believes it, they all give Zachary the benefit of not calling him out as a liar, and his brother as a bad man (all save for the village priest that is). He gets into the widowed neighbor lady's carriage with her and together they head "home" to live happily ever after. A final glance back at the mountain for old Zach Teller finally puts all his stored up inner strife's to bed for good, bringing us from the image of one mountain to another with the classic closing of all the Paramount Pictures movies.
To sum it all up, The Mountain (1956) is a truly amazing piece of retro cinema. Starting with a simple plotline on the surface, and changing into a more complicated family dynamic as the film goes on. This movie set the bar for the man vs. nature genre in film, as well as the common underlying theme in which these plotlines usually emphasize on, with the conquering and/or survival of certain physical hardships (in this case, the scaling of the mountain) simply acting as a metaphor for the deeper internal struggles in which our main charactes must finally come to face. Our two leads actors handle this all with extreme authenticity and sincirety, particularly Spencer in one of his most memorable and suitable roles of his entire career. The combination of both on location shots and special effect built sets make the setting for this movie more than believable enough (as long as you have an imagination enough for movies of both this time and this genre). All this being brought together and guided over by Dmytryk as both director and producer, making this (in my personal opinion that is), one of the greatest film achievements of his career as well. A classic film for all fans of the man vs. nature genre, and all around awesome retro movies in general.

And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley
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2023.04.01 13:24 Healthinspiration Keto Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Ketogenic Diet

Keto Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Ketogenic Diet
Do you need to be more interested in attempting fad diets that promise short weight reduction but fail to deliver? Have you heard about the ketogenic eating regimen and need to offer it an attempt but realize where to start? Look no similar to this beginner's manual to beginning the ketogenic eating regimen! In this article, we will cowl everything you want to realize to start the course to a healthier, happier you.
Keto Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Ketogenic Diet

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic eating regimen is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate eating regimen that places your frame right into a kingdom of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic kingdom wherein your structure burns fats for power instead of carbohydrates. This results in speedy weight reduction stepped, forward power levels, and several fitness advantages.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Some of the advantages of the ketogenic eating regimen include the following:
  • Rapid weight reduction
  • Improved power levels
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Improved LDL cholesterol levels
  • Better intellectual readability and focus

Foods to Eat at the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic eating regimen consumes high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate ingredients. Some of the elements you could drink during the ketogenic eating regimen include:
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Low-carb vegetables (e.g., spinach, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • High-fat dairy products (e.g., butter, cream, cheese)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy fats (e.g., olive oil, coconut oil, avocado)

Foods to Avoid at the Ketogenic Diet

To live in a kingdom of ketosis, you will want to avoid certain ingredients. Some of the elements to keep away from in the ketogenic eating regimen include:
  • Grains (e.g., bread, pasta, rice)
  • Sugar (e.g., candy, soda, baked goods)
  • Starchy vegetables (e.g., potatoes, corn, peas)
  • Fruit (e.g., bananas, apples, oranges)
  • Processed ingredients (e.g., chips, crackers, snack bars)

Getting Started at the Ketogenic Diet

If you are new to the ketogenic eating regimen, it is critical to ease into it gradually. Start by lowering your carbohydrate consumption and growing your fat consumption over a few weeks. Here are a few pointers for buying began out at the ketogenic eating regimen:
  1. Calculate your macronutrient ratios. Use a macronutrient calculator to decide your daily consumption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  2. Stock up on keto-pleasant ingredients. List elements that match the ketogenic eating regimen and inventory them.
  3. Plan your food. Plan out your food earlier to ensure you are getting the proper stability of macronutrients.
  4. Track your progress. Keep the song of your weight, power levels, and different metrics to screen your progress.

Potential Side Effects of the Ketogenic Diet

Like any eating regimen, the ketogenic one may also have a few capability aspect outcomes. These can include:
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Bad breath
These aspect outcomes are generally brief and could leave as your frame adjusts to the ketogenic eating regimen.

Staying Motivated at the Ketogenic Diet

Staying stimulated on any eating regimen may be a challenge. However, there are a few matters you could do to make it easier. Here are a few pointers for staying stimulated in the ketogenic eating regimen:
  • Set sensible desires. Set small, workable desires for yourself and have a good time with your successes.
  • Stay accountable. Join an aid organization or discover a buddy to assist in holding you accountable.
  • Keep matters interesting. Try new recipes and test with distinctive ingredients to hold matters interesting.
  • Remember why you began out.

Remember Why You Started

When you feel discouraged, consider why you began the ketogenic eating regimen withinside the first place. You may need to lose weight, enhance your power levels or experience higher overall. Whatever your reasons, retaining them in your thoughts will let you live stimulated and on the song.

Now it's your turn to take a steps for live healthy life and looks confidence.
Must See: Weird Alpine Ice Method Chews Up 1.5 lbs Daily
Wishing you health and happiness,😍😎🌿
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2023.04.01 13:23 -theaycarambakid- Looking for night owl friends to chat with !

24/f/california some of my interests are
video games (silent hill, fallout, apex legends, 7 days to die, gta san andreas, dead island, dark alliance…i love ps2/xbox 360 and xbox 1 games mostly), taking photos of nature/liminal spaces, american dad, the simpsons, eazy e, flatbush zombies, sublime, joji, system of a down, pokémon go, drinking beesmoking for fun, learning instruments
feel free to hmu ! all are welcome 🤗
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2023.04.01 13:21 bakerjor01 Now this is deadlock

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2023.04.01 13:19 mistaCrackPot just got back home from ice cube damnn what a night

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2023.04.01 13:12 JakeCBJ Streaking Sharks do do, do do dodoo (News from the tank 4/1)

Sharks have been so kind to us and now have a perfect scenario to pick up a 3rd win in a row against Arizona! Everyone else has a playoff team matchup so it could be rough.
News from the western front
Blues 5, Blackhawks 3 ❌
Ducks 1, Kraken 4❌
Golden Knights 3, Sharks 4 (OT)✅
News from the Home Front
Jackets 1, Bruins 2 (OT) ❌
Presidents trophy winning bruins couldn’t muster up an ounce of energy. Actually a fun game but killed the cushion
*3/30 Tank Grade: B- *
CBJ Tank Cushion: Tied with Chicago. We would lose the tiebreaker if we both lost out so I’m keeping the odds the same.
Current Bedard Odds: 25.5%

Notable Battles Tonight

Panthers@ Jackets 7PM
Devils @ Blackhawks 8:00PM
Ducks @ Oilers 10PM
Sharks @ Coyotes 10:00PM
Here’s why you should be optimistic for each game!
Florida has beaten Columbus 9 out of the last 11 times they’ve met. Keep it up.
Toews is back in the lineup for Chicago tonight and looking to put a cap on his career.
The pressure is on Edmonton tonight to clinch a playoff spot on home ice. They have folded under pressure before.
Sharks have won two in a row and bring that momentum to a matchup against a terrible Arizona team.

Remaining schedule for the top 4 Bedard Contenders.

Team Games (Home/Away) Games vs Playoff Teams # of B2Bs
54 Columbus 8 (5/3) 4 2
54 Chicago 7 (3/4) 4 1
56 Anaheim 7 (3/4) 5 2
57 San Jose 7 (3/4) 4 1
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Stupid Panthers...
How many points with be recorded by new members of the Leafs?

gaudymcfuckstick was the only one!
How many total goals will the Leafs score in April??
Link to this month's bonus question


1. Will the total number of goals scored by both teams be oveunder 6.5? Under
2. Which option will result in the highest number? Total penalty minutes (20)
3. Will a goal be scored in the first 5 minutes of the game? IT STARTS QUICK
4. How many players will be -2 or worse? (2 points) 0 or 1 (ONLY Nylander!)

PERFECT: only 3 people got 4!

ZEROS: 18 zeros! average score of 1.08. We are doing awful the past few games


MAPLE LEAF LUCKY GUESS- DOUBLE DOWN SATURDAY- GAME #75- Ottawa Senators at Toronto Maple Leafs
April 1st, 2023: Form Closes at 7:00pm

--------Link to this game’s questions!<----------

1. Will the total number of goals scored by both teams be oveunder 6.5? Over / Under
2. Will each team score a powerplay goal? Sure will / Nope nope nope
3. Will Auston Matthews have oveunder 21:30 of ice-time?? Over / Under
4. Which group will have more shots on net? Giroux + Bunting + Brannstrom / Nylander + Pinto + Rielly

Q2 Notes:

Q3 Notes:

Q4 Notes: (tie breaker is most goals, then points)


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2023.04.01 12:56 bullettears Stuck in a contract with a nightmare live-in landlord, help!

Hi everyone,
I (24F) need help ASAP. Two weeks ago I moved into my landlord's (38F) home as a lodger. I'd paid four months rent upfront as the housing market is crazy right now and she'd said she had a lot of interest in the room. The rental agreement was such that any remaining amount paid upfront would be returned to me should either party terminate the agreement, with one month's notice.
Four days after I'd moved into the property, she served me notice. This was after I'd spent hours securing a second-hand wardrobe off Facebook marketplace to match the furniture she already had in the room (I'm not joking, it is literally the exact same as the wardrobes already in the room), and paying a 100 quid for it. I was obviously shocked as I had just started to settle in.
Her reasoning was that she needed money urgently for her aunt's surgery, and her ex-husband had offered to pay the full amount in return for his friend living there. Tearfully, she cried to me that she wanted to live with me, a lodger she had picked over many others, and not her ex-husband’s friend who she knew nothing about. I felt badly for her and offered to pay the remainder of the year’s rent upfront so she could use it for her aunt’s surgery. At this point, she had been super sweet so I asked for a fixed term contract of one year, but she agreed to a 4 months notice period instead.
After paying the years rent of 6000 pounds, on top of the 3000 pounds I had already paid, her demeanour completely changed the next day. So far, she has: - Restricted me to using the kitchen only for 10 minutes at a time - Has come in multiple times within those short periods of time to wipe water droplets on the sink from the utensils I’d washed, making me feel extremely uncomfortable even just making a smoothie - Shouted and screamed at me repeatedly. One of these instances was for a time at 2 am where I had been startled by her cat as I had gone to the washroom without my spectacles, and I couldn’t see clearly. She screamed at me not to mistreat her pets when all I had done was let out a startled “Aah”, to which she screamed “OI”, came running out of her room, and screamed at me for apparently screaming at her pets. - Left her dog’s poop in the kitchen (I have pictures), along with uncovered bowls of cat food that stunk up the whole property – she'd not told me she would be doing this when I came to view the property. - Has thrown an ice cube at me. I was making a smoothie and an ice cube had fallen on the floor. She threw the ice cube at me. - Has physically pushed me out of the kitchen - Has called me an ‘idiot’ and a ’silly silly little girl’ - Has threatened me multiple times over using the common facilities by using the terms “I am the landlord” and “I own this house” - Has told me to clear out a kitchen cupboard she previously said I could use
She has served me notice for being antisocial towards her today (I had told her to stop shouting at me). I had given her verbal notice earlier this morning because of the cat incident at 2 am but she emailed me saying I'd breached the contract for being antisocial and that was the reason she was evicting me.
Either way I want to move out, but I want to move out earlier than the 4 months notice period, in fact as soon as possible, and recover the rent paid for the 4 month notice period. I really think she is trying to drive me out of the house earlier than the 4 months notice period because her behaviour changed so suddenly after I transferred her the year’s rent. I have asked her to reduce the notice period length as she clearly does not want me in the house, but she insists that the notice period is 4 months. I have even been crashing with friends because being here makes me so uncomfortable. Does anyone have any advice?
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